Oct 17 12:12

For the first time in 25 years New York City didn't have a single shooting over the weekend

For the first time in at least a quarter-century, New York City made it through a weekend without anyone getting shot.

Oct 17 12:09

Phillip Cross: The Mystery Wikipedia Editor Targeting Anti-War Sites

133,612 edits to Wikipedia have been made in the name of “Philip Cross” over 14 years, most of them targeting left-leaning anti-war websites and activists.

(*I take exception with the usage of language;left-leaning in describing the anti war websites Cross has been screwing with .
WRH isn't left leaning , but it is anti war , and it's been victimised in much the same way , over there !)

Oct 17 11:46

Walmart is aggressively shifting away from its most legendary shopping format

Walmart (WMT) continues to kill off the American shopping creation it’s most known for, the massive supercenter that sells everything under one roof.

Oct 17 11:45

Murder charge for grandmother after toddler found in oven

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The death of a 20-month-old girl found stabbed and burned inside an oven of a Mississippi Delta home led to a murder charge Tuesday against the child's grandmother, authorities said.

Oct 17 11:43

Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation

Despite numerous reports claiming that the communications of Julian Assange have been restored, they are not yet — and there will be a severe regime of penalties and sanctions on his speech and writing when they are.

The team at WikiLeaks was informed on Friday that his communications would be restored on Monday, October 15, but so far there has not been any change. In a grave violation of free speech, Assange was also presented with a nine page document that includes outlining limitations and restrictions on what he will be able to do and say online.

The new rules also promise to potentially use the UK police against visitors or to sieze communications equipment.

Oct 17 11:38


A woman who lost a world-championship cycling race to a biological male who identified as a transgender woman criticized the result as unfair.

Jennifer Wagner said it was “definitely NOT fair” that she was forced to compete against Rachel McKinnon, the male cyclist, in the women’s event.

McKinnon, representing Canada, won the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Wagner, a Houston-area doctor, took third place behind McKinnon and Dutch cyclist Carolien van Herrikhuyzen.

“I was the 3rd place rider. It’s definitely NOT fair,” Wagner wrote on Twitter Monday in response to a comment about the race.

Oct 17 11:21

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Native American

Massachusetts senator (and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful) Elizabeth Warren is not Native American.

Native American identity is about belonging to a community. It is a specific political, legal and social formation akin to a form of citizenship that is particular to each tribe, nation, confederacy or otherwise sovereign and self-determining Indigenous government—numbering 567 federally recognized tribes and hundreds of Alaska Native, Hawaiian and state-recognized entities across the country.

It is also racial. Not in the biological sense, but in a more ephemeral cultural and social understanding of that word—an identity lived by Native Americans across tribal affiliations and policed by the shifting structures of discrimination, opportunity and the many mundane and extraordinary life experiences in between.

Oct 17 10:59

Roberts: Hurricanes Give Americans Taste of Disaster Washington’s Wars Bring to Others

Florida residents from the eastern part of Panama City Beach to Apalachicola now know what a war zone is like. 750,000 people are without power and without water. Thousands of homes and commercial structures no longer exist. Mexico Beach has been more or less wiped off the face of the earth. Many areas are still inaccessible. Many people are still trapped in place because of debris and downed trees across roads.


Oct 17 10:45

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extends it appreciation to all, including the US administration, for refraining from jumping to conclusions


on the ongoing investigation.

how dare they want due process, just like kavanaugh

Oct 17 10:44

Institutional Investors Attempt To Oust Zuckerberg From Facebook, There's Just One Thing...

Four powerful institutional Facebook investors have co-filed a shareholder proposal to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of Facebook following his "mishandling" of several scandals this year.

As Business Insider reports, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs, Rhode Island State Treasurer Seth Magaziner, and Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella are joining forces to pile the pressure on Zuckerberg, holding over a billion dollars between them.

They have put their names to a proposal, originally filed by activist investor Trillium Asset Management, demanding that Facebook appoint an independent chairman above Zuckerberg

Oct 17 10:31

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio files libel suit against NYT

Joe Arpaio, the controversial former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, has filed a libel suit against The New York Times and a member of its editorial board.

In a complaint filed Tuesday evening with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the ex-lawman takes issue with a Times opinion piece published just after Arpaio’s loss in the state’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate. The article — “Well, at Least Sheriff Joe Isn’t Going to Congress: Arpaio’s loss in Arizona’s Senate Republican primary is a fitting end to the public life of a truly sadistic man" — was written by Michelle Cottle.

Oct 17 10:12

Twitter has barred hundreds of accounts for posing as soulless, “nonplayable” liberal activists. #triggered #Npc #blueflush

Pathetic: the NYT considers the NPC meme and other satire and humor that they dislike "voter suppression" and "intentionally misleading election-related content"

Oct 17 09:33

This Is CNN: Network Triggered by Trump Mocking Stormy’s Look But Were Okay with Segments Focusing on Trump’s Penis (6 Pics)

Jake Tapper joined several other CNN personalities in showing how concerned they were about President Trump mocking Stormy Daniels’ looks, despite the fact that CNN ran two segments about the details of Trump’s penis.

Oct 17 09:16

Facts are Racist

Oct 17 09:12

'Like a concrete block on your chest': Astronauts reveal what they went through during miraculous escape during failed Soyuz space launch

Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin said the G-force during last week's emergency landing of the Soyuz spacecraft felt like a concrete block on his chest but he and NASA astronaut Nick Hague are now in 'great' health.

Oct 17 09:08

Elon Musk and Tesla must pay a $20million fine each after a judge approved an SEC settlement against them over his tweets promising to take the company private

A judge has approved a settlement between a federal regulator, Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, over his tweets promising to take the company private, signaling an end to a tumultuous period for investors.

On Tuesday, Tesla shares rose as much as 5.5 per cent to $273.88 before easing to $271.63 in early-afternoon trade on Nasdaq.

Despite the gains, the stock is still down more than 20 per cent since August 6, the day before Musk said on Twitter he would take the company private and claimed he had secured funding to do so.

Oct 17 08:59

Former NFL Player Justin Crawford Arrested for Having Sex with a 12-Year-Old Girl

Justin Crawford, a former Georgia high school and college football star and NFL flameout, has been arrested and accused of having sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl, police say.

Oct 17 08:59

Facebook Deletes Disabled Veteran’s Page Without Warning — After Taking $300,000 for Ads (2 Pics)

Facebook blacklisted the conservative news page run by disabled Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage with no warning or explanation — after he reportedly spent more than $300,000 on Facebook advertising.

Oct 17 08:58

Allegations about Khashoggi's death --- The whole scenario looks like a poorly written B-movie script

Could it have happened as reported in the press so far, as improbable as it may appear? Yes, of course.  Does it appear highly unlikely? Yes to that, also.

Oct 17 08:48

Man Puts Up Girlfriend On eBay and It Backfires When She Gets Bids of $92,100

Dale Leeks, from Essex, England, decided to list his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, on eBay in an act of revenge, after she whipped him across the bum in a riding shop.
He posted an advert on the site in which he listed her condition as "for parts or not working" and said there was a "constant whining noise".

Oct 17 08:05

'Children's bodies are everywhere': EIGHTEEN people are killed in Crimean school massacre after student walks into canteen and opens fire - as video shows teenagers screaming and fleeing gunshots (18 Pics)

A student killed eighteen people and injured at least 40 in a gun rampage at his school in Crimea today.
Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, stalked his college halls with a rifle, shooting 17 dead and then killing himself in the school library.
It is thought the teenager also set off a homemade nail-bomb in the canteen which blew out the windows but did not kill anyone.
Video showed terrified students running and screaming during the attack on Kerch Polytechnic College where the shooter was a fourth-year pupil, according to the Crimean Prime Minister.

Oct 17 08:04

Could This Be The Most Savage Anti-Elizabeth Warren Illustration EVER?

Warren has identified herself as Cherokee in the past and on Monday released the results of a DNA test that shows she very likely had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago.

Warren was identified as Harvard Law School’s one Native American professor in the 1996 article.
Warren cannot become a citizen of the Cherokee Nation because she is not related to anyone listed on the Dawes Final Rolls, “a federal census of those living in the Cherokee Nation that was used to allot Cherokee land to individual citizens in preparation for Oklahoma statehood in 1907.”
Warren’s decision to release the results as a precursor to a 2020 run for president — CNN moved her up to No. 1 on its list of Democratic contenders after she made her DNA test results public.

Oct 17 08:03

Tire shop owner fights back after suspects attempt robbery: ‘I wrapped him up in an extension cord’

A Pennsylvania business owner reportedly thwarted the efforts of a would-be robber at his tire shop in Derry Township, according to KDKA-TV.
What are the details?
Shop owner Greg Beaver recalled to KDKA his experience with what he believed was a young man who’d fallen on hard times.
Beaver said that the young man — later identified as 27-year-old Josh Onusko — entered the store with a male companion on Thursday morning. The male companion was later identified as 28-year-old Jeff Reese.
“A gentleman comes in, told me that he was on hard times,” Beaver explained. “His wife threw him out, he was living in his car, he had a flat tire, and he was on the way to work.”

Oct 17 07:53

Woman accuses police officer of rape — and the officer is charged with several offenses as a result

Ryan Macklin, a six-year veteran of Maryland’s Prince George’s County Police Department, was arrested and charged on Monday with a variety of crimes, including rape, after an unnamed woman accused the officer of sexual assault.
The victim said that the incident occurred during a Thursday traffic stop.
What are the details of the alleged incident?
Macklin, 29, reportedly pulled over the female driver around 1 a.m. on Thursday while on duty.
Macklin was driving his marked police cruiser, and was in uniform, according to law enforcement.

Oct 17 07:49

Women Say Heitkamp Campaign Identified Them as Sexual Assault Survivors Without Their Permission (8 Pics)

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) meets with farmers and ranchers at the Cavalier County Library in Langdon, N.D., July 14, 2018. During the 2018 midterm elections, Heitkamp is grappling with a Supreme Court pick, a trade war, a hostile president and a well-known Republican challenger.

Recently Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign ran an ad (see below) formulated as an open letter sent to Congressman Kevin Cramer by survivors of sexual assault.
The letter purports that some of Cramer’s recent comments about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were insensitive, but at least four of the women named in the ad feel like they got the raw end of the deal.

Oct 17 07:15

School investigating after student 'made cookies with grandmother's ashes and handed them out in class'

A school has launched an investigation and called in the police amid claims a student made cookies with her dead grandmother's ashes.
Shocked staff and fellow students were horrified when the female student told them what they had been eating at the school in California.

Fox40 reports the inquiries started when one student arrived home in the town of Davis and told his parents about the worrying claims the girl made.

Oct 17 07:02

Melania Trump's Plane Goes Up In Smoke, Forced To Turn Around After 'Mechanical Issue'

Melania Trump’s Plane Forced To Turn Around After Billowing Smoke

Oct 17 06:51

The 'human waste' mountains: Photos expose shocking scale of NHS rubbish that caused 'unbearable' stench while piled up at plant run by firm at centre of body parts scandal (6 Pics)

Towering piles of clinical waste almost touch the ceiling at a plant run by the company at the centre of the NHS body parts scandal.
A whistleblower took the disturbing images of the bags at Healthcare Environmental Services’ Tyneside plant over a period of 20 months.

He described an “unbearable” stench coming from the waste, which had been taken away from hospitals for incineration.

Oct 17 06:47

Couple who have brought colour to their village for 30 years by tending beautiful flower beds are given a week to remove them by council after ONE anonymous neighbour complained they were a danger to drivers

Sally Williams, 69, and her husband Brian, 80, planted the dahlias on Hollin House Lane in Loxley, near Sheffield, over three decades ago to encourage wildlife and bring colour to the quiet, rural lane.

Oct 17 05:36

Global Insect Decline Now ‘Hyperalarming’ According to Latest Research

For the last 8 years we have been receiving warnings about the loss of honey bees and other pollinator insects, but yet so far have been wholly unable to comprehend what this means to our future, and therefore have been unable and unwilling to react with any seriousness.

Oct 17 05:25

A Gun, a Suspect, a Manhunt Shut Down Kenmore Square

(*buc buc buc Blue State cockle doodle doo Civil War !
Sounds like a Blue State Civil War Election Year Special went south over in the Animal Farm Barnyard out in the Greater Boston acreage )

Oct 17 04:54

Trump’s Alliance with Body-Choppers, Death Squads and Child Killers: Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Israel

The White House warmly greeted the electoral success of Brazilian Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, ardent champion of torturers, military dictators, death squads and free marketers.
President Trump grovels, grunts and glories before Israel, as his spiritual guide Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates the Sabbath with the weekly murders and maiming of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians, especially youngsters.

Oct 17 04:43

Video: oan Rivers -- GOES OFF on Epic Israel/Palestine Rant

Joan Rivers dropped jettisoned comedy for politics ... unleashing an impassioned defense of Israel that included an awesome New York/New Jersey analogy.
Note: I think we have found a big part of the problem!

Oct 16 18:01

Threat of US Coup Hangs Over South Korean Efforts to Reconcile With North

Though South Korea is able to lift sanctions against North Korea and work with its neighbor to reconnect railways and roads, it must proceed with caution, since US authorities could stage a coup if things don't go their way, author Tim Beal told Sputnik.

Both North and South Korea on Monday agreed to begin reconnecting rail and road links, stating that joint on-site surveys of the South's Gyeongui and Donghae railway lines would begin in late October and early November, respectively. The move is one more step to improving bilateral relations between to two countries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any attempt to scuttle this evolving rapprochement by the US government would be stupid, short-sighted, and should be the US's cue for beginning to withdraw its troops from South Korea; unfortunately, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government can do, is utterly no guarantee that it won't try to do it.

Oct 16 17:55

Khashoggi Family Had Deep Connections to Lockheed Martin, Saudi Power Struggles

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who is feared murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, was much more than just a Washington Post columnist: he was a figure connected to some of the highest echelons of power in the US and Saudi Arabia.

Whitney Webb, staff writer at MintPress News and author of a recent piece on the disappeared Saudi journalist, joined Radio Sputnik's Fault Lines on Tuesday to flesh out Khashoggi's personal and family history and his deep connections to the military-industrial complex in the United States, as well as the highest levels of the Saudi state, in an effort to understand why the US is reacting so strongly to his presumed death at Saudi hands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this info proves true (and it is going to take a lot of effort, to reconstruct this forensically, if even possible), with no body, then it is possible that Khashoggi was a spook.... for someone, and it is hard for whom at this point.

The evidence is now being managed by the Turkish authorities, and one has to wonder of the hold-up on its release, almost as some kind of blackmail against the Saudi Royal Family, to be "sprung" at the most damaging time.

Or, was his assassination ordered by other members of the House of Saud who felt that Ben Salman had been thrust into power at far too young an age?

But regardless of the motivations driving this abduction/assassination, this has happened at one of the most critical junctures possible for the House of Saud, and the potential for its continued leadership either waxing...or waning, if the outcome was to engineer an unceremonious dumping of Prince Salman under the proverbial bus.

We will see, shortly, where the Saudi military are placing their bets in this poisoned environment of claims, and counterclaims, and this support (or lack thereof) may show us where Saudi Arabia is ultimately headed.

Oct 16 16:36

Digital Free Speech Zones are Here

An empire of lies requires popular devotion to its founding illusions, lest it will collapse under the weight of its own hubris.

Oct 16 15:44

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dissident Voices PURGED From Facebook & Twitter!

Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight) makes a 10min SERIOUS video about the PURGE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

Oct 16 15:31

Ex-Mellencamp pianist busted for child porn in Montana

The first-ever child pornography suspect named to the FBI's Most Wanted list cashed out his life savings and was fleeing law enforcement on a bus traveling across Montana last year when another passenger noticed child pornography on his laptop screen.

When the bus stopped in Billings, the passenger confronted Eric Franklin Rosser. Rosser, a former keyboardist for John Mellencamp, was arrested. He pleaded guilty last week to accessing the internet to view child pornography.

Oct 16 14:53

Saving the Holy Land – a "dead end in the tragedy of the Palestinians”… and now "a land in which human beings kill each other”

Stuart Littlewood highlights the “cry of hope in the absence of all hope” of Palestinian Christians living under the jackboot of the Israeli occupiers to help campaigners and civil society keep focus on some of the essential issues in the big struggle ahead. >>

Oct 16 13:54

Retired Feminist Professsor in WashPo: I ‘Wish All Men Were Dead’

A retired history professor from Grinnell College and feminist announced that she wishes that “all men were dead” in a column for the Washington Post over the weekend.

Retired history professor Victoria Bissell Brown published a bizarre column in the Washington Post on Friday in which she detailed an outburst she had at her husband that included her wishing for the death of all men.

Oct 16 13:41

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

Cradling an AK-47 and sucking a lollipop, the former American Green Beret bumped along in the back of an armored SUV as it wound through the darkened streets of Aden. Two other commandos on the mission were former Navy SEALs. As elite US special operations fighters, they had years of specialized training by the US military to protect America. But now they were working for a different master: a private US company that had been hired by the United Arab Emirates, a tiny desert monarchy on the Persian Gulf.

On that night, December 29, 2015, their job was to carry out an assassination.

When they arrived at 9:57 at night, all seemed quiet. The men crept out of the SUV, guns at the ready. One carried the explosive charge toward the building. But just as he was about to reach the door, another member of the team opened fire, shooting back along the dimly lit street, and their carefully designed plan went haywire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Extrajudicial assassinations are non-Constitutional. I don't care how much the legal eagles around President Obama wanted to spin these as legally justifiable in US law, but these hits are not.

The country of Yemen has not attacked us; they have done nothing to cause any distress to the American people. But because President Obama was so close to the Saudi royal family, which wants to see every man woman and child in Yemen dead, he ordered the hit, and ordered it in precisely this manner.

And having these mercs hired by a private firm, so that "plausible deniability" can be created, covering the US and it's military, does not make this right, either.

Targeted assassinations, ultimately ordered by a foreign government, to be carried out by private mercs, consisting of former US military?!?

That was the way Obama loved to do this things; as covertly as possible, and "discouraging" news outlets from covering them at all.

The "cool factor" in his persona, was purely manufactured; and the damage he did, both to this country's reputation, and his personal reputation, will continue to linger and fester for a long time to come.

That, my friends, was the reality under the "Obama Years" in the White House; extrajudicial assassinations overseas, all wrapped up in a pretty American flag.

Oct 16 13:33

Susan Collins' husband and dog were quarantined until hazmat team gave the all clear after a letter said to contain ricin arrived at her home in 'the latest in a series of threats'

Sen. Susan Collins' husband and dog were quarantined on Monday until the hazmat team cleared her home after a letter arrived that was said to contain ricin, a highly toxic poison.

Her office called it 'the latest in a series of threats' against the senator, who was the target of multiple protests during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process.

After the all clear was given, the Collins were allowed to spend Monday night at their Bangor, Maine, home.

Oct 16 13:22


Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page told Fox News's Sean Hannity on Monday that he is suing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Perkins Coie - the law firm used by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to funnel money to Fusion GPS.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

GOOD! This could really get....interesting, between now and the 2020 Elections!!

Oct 16 13:19


Israel and the US sent secret military delegations to Ukraine to train against the Russian S-300 missile defence system which was shipped to Syria last

The Israeli and US delegations arrived in Ukraine, where members of the Ukrainian military allegedly instructed them on “the capabilities of the [S-300] system, as well as running through various possible scenarios,” the Times of Israel reported.

The claim was first reported by Israel’s Hadashot TV yesterday, which cited Syrian and Russian news outlets as its source. The Times of Israel added that “one Russian report said F-15 planes are training in Ukraine against the S-300 as part of an international exercise that includes Israeli pilots.” Neither Israel nor the US were willing to comment on the reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, this actually happened, then the war for Syria is by no means over for the US and Israel

Oct 16 12:55

Journalist Murdered, Midterms, and Voter Fraud. Michael Rivero - October 15, 2018

Oct 16 12:32

U.S. Responsible for 3,300 Civilian Deaths in Syria, Supporting Genocide in Yemen

A new report finds that the U.S is responsible for more than 3,300 civilian deaths in Syria since 2014. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to back Saudi caused genocide in Yemen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And by not standing up against this genocide, and simply accepting it as "the cost of doing business, because of the huge profits US weapons sales the military industrial complex is making from their sales to the Saudis", every single one of our alleged Congressional representatives are telling us that We the People do not matter; it's only the huge corporations, which "purchase" them though contributions to their campaigns, which do.

I have to wonder what a forensic audit of all of our Congressional Representatives would reveal, as to who has pocketed the most from the military industrial complex; if that were allowed to happen, I think we'd all be collectively gobsmacked by the numbers.

Oct 16 11:11

Meghan Markle Just Debuted Her Baby Bump for the First Time and It's so Adorable

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced this week that they're expecting their first child, and ever since, the world has been aggressively on #bumpwatch. Meghan just stepped out during their royal tour in an outfit that definitely shows it off.

Oct 16 11:10

Gruesome injury can't sideline Demarcus Ware on 'Dancing With the Stars'

“Trio Night” on Dancing With the Stars didn’t start off well for contestant Demarcus Ware. The former NFL great suffered a nasty dislocated finger while greeting fellow former NFL player Rashad Jennings.

Oct 16 11:05

Desperate search for missing girl Jayme Closs after abduction from home where her parents were found dead

Desperate search for missing girl Jayme Closs after abduction from home where her parents were found dead originally appeared on
Authorities are desperate to find a 13-year-old girl who they say was taken from her Wisconsin home where her parents were found dead.

Oct 16 10:46

Cherokee Nation: Warren's use of DNA test 'inappropriate,' 'wrong'

The Cherokee Nation on Monday afternoon called out Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for attempting to claim Native American heritage by releasing the results of a DNA test.

The test, conducted by a Stanford University professor Carlos Bustamante, showed that Warren has a Native American ancestor going back six to 10 generations ago, making her somewhere between 1/32nd and 1/1,024th American Indian.

The Cherokee Nation in a statement said using a DNA test to claim connection with a tribal nation is “inappropriate” and “wrong.”

“Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong,” said Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. “It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven.”

Oct 16 10:04

Suspect in Florida sex sting says "he only came to the meeting place because... wait for it

he believed it was an undercover sting and he thought it would be cool to see it in action"