Jan 18 08:27

$20 an hour (Picture)

Jan 18 08:26

'I thought I was following my President': Texas real estate broker who flew to DC riot in private jet begs Trump for a PARDON and says she doesn't deserve prison time because she was 'following what she was called to do'

The Texas real estate broker who bragged about taking a private jet to storm the US Capitol earlier this month is now demanding President Donald Trump pardon her from charges.

Jan 18 08:24

Inspirational (Picture)

Jan 18 08:23

Spokesman for gun-toting Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert quits less than two weeks after she was sworn into office after MAGA mob stormed Capitol

The spokesman for Republican US Rep Lauren Boebert has quit less than two weeks after she was sworn into office, saying he was prompted to by the insurrection at the nation's Capitol.

Jan 18 08:15

Adam Schiff says Trump should be barred from post-presidency intelligence briefings because 'he cannot be trusted' with nation's secrets

Adam Schiff said Sunday that Donald Trump should no longer receive intelligence briefing whether before or after his term ends as he cites national security concerns.

Jan 18 08:15

Matthew Ehret Interview with Robert David Steele: On the Ongoing Color Revolution and Empire

Jan 18 08:14

Major Flights into DC. Why the Over Load?

Jan 18 08:14

Is this your idea of walkies? Dog owner is stunned to find his beloved pet on the ROOF after pooch climbed step ladder

Vince Matteson, from Portland, Oregon, had been taking down Christmas lights
His two-year-old golden retriever Ace followed him onto the roof of the house

Jan 18 08:13

Ring camera captures terrifying moment killers armed with a rifle and handgun shoot dead entrepreneur, 23, as he opened the door to his Staten Island rap studio

Jahade Chancey, 23, was shot and killed at his Staten Island recording studio
Two killers were caught on camera, one carrying a rifle and the other a handgun
Chancey was hit several times in the back and later died from his injuries

Jan 18 08:13

Stunning 3D laser scans show the internal structure of Brazil's famous Christ the Redeemer statue for the first time

A team of specialists took more than 180 million points of data using the scanner
This allowed them to create an internal and external recreation of the statue

Jan 18 08:12

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says his 'hope' is for Trump to stage military COUP to stop Biden and says he 'delivered evidence to the President that he won election 79m to 68m' during Friday meeting

Deluded MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who refuses to accept Donald Trump has lost the election, has called for a military coup following his meeting at the White House, where he was seen holding notes about martial law and the Insurrection Act.

Jan 18 08:10

Beavers (Picture)

Jan 18 08:10

REVEALED: Missouri woman who waved Pelosi's broken name plate during Capitol siege is charged after tip-offs from high school friends who recognized her Snapchat riot video

The young woman pictured holding the broken name plate belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the MAGA riots at the US Capitol was identified by her high school friends after she posted video of the mayhem on Snapchat, the FBI said.

Jan 18 08:07

He’s gotta a point (Picture)

Jan 18 08:07

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford - "The other America" 1967

Jan 18 08:07

Joe Biden will lead memorial for the COVID dead on eve of his inauguration then go to church before being sworn as he tries to take spotlight off Trump

Joe Biden will try to turn the page on the Donald Trump era by focusing on the human toll of coronavirus before and after his inauguration, it emerged Sunday.

Jan 18 08:06

The storm is upon us - Military at capitol hill

Jan 18 08:01

US Prepares for One of the Most Unusual Inaugurations in History

President-elect Joe Biden is set to be sworn in on Jan. 20 amid unparalleled security measures and the pandemic lockdown, making it one of the most untraditional inaugurations in U.S. history.

Like many predecessors, Biden is going to be sworn in on the steps of the Capitol building. But the traditional parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, which normally draws hundreds of thousands of Americans, has been canceled, to be replaced by a virtual parade. Inaugural balls have been canceled as well.

The viewing stand near the White House has been dismantled, making this event likely the smallest inauguration in history, in terms of physical attendance. While a low turnout is expected, the event will be unusually tight in security and law enforcement.

Jan 18 07:55

Optics & Timing Are Extremely Important, Insurgency Is Real The News Is Fake

The [CB]/[DS] economic plan failed before it began. The plan they are pushing is the same old garbage, it’s about destroying jobs while making it look like people are making more money, this will make more people dependent on the government. Trump has done the complete opposite and he is showing the people. The direction is clear. The [DS]/[MSM] are now trapped in the largest sting operation. Everything that is being implemented is not for their protection. Optics are very important. Trump will act like he is not involved in the operation. While the events happen Trump will be flying on AF1. The [MSM] will be none the wiser because this is tradition. The insurgency is real, the news is fake. It’s time to take back the country.

Jan 18 07:53


America is an occupied territory. The invaders aren’t foreign but rather an enemy from within: Americans fighting to push extreme ideologies into the mainstream. This resulting chaos is reflected in divisive rhetoric and burning cities, in militarized citizenry and dictatorial echo chambers. These are the American Fringes. The roots go back decades, but the past few months are instructive.

Amid a pandemic that has ravaged lives and decimated the economy while also fueling conspiracy theories, Black Lives Matter protests broke out following a series of police killings — and garnered large bipartisan support for a racial reckoning in America. But the fringes have come to dominate both the street theater and discussions around the issues, with meaningful consequences. Over the next two days (see part two here), we will explore how the fringes are threatening to become the America of tomorrow … if we don’t confront them today.

Jan 18 07:51

'Covid doesn't treat you differently. Neither do we': Novak Djokovic's demands for 72 quarantined Australian Open players are rejected - as Britain's Heather Watson runs three miles in hotel room to keep active

72 Australian Open players are staying in hotels after flying with infected people
Djokovic demanded they get a shorter quarantine and access to tennis courts
But Victoria state premier Daniel Andrews said there would be no special rules

Jan 18 07:50

Grandmother who found bodies of her stabbed daughter, 31, and strangled grandchildren, eight and seven, after triple-murder at hands of her 'evil' son-in-law calls for him to remain in jail as his parole is reviewed after 20 years

Phillip Austin killed wife Claire, 31, and children Kieren, eight, and Jade, seven
Carol Quinn begged Austin to face her in prison after he was jailed for 20 years

Jan 18 07:47

Accurate (Picture)

Jan 18 07:46

US COVID Hospitalizations Reach Their LOWEST Point Since January 2 And New Cases Drop In 10 States - But Biden's Incoming Administration Fears Another 100,000 Americans Will Die In Five Weeks

COVID-19 hospitalizations across the United States reached their lowest point since January 2 on Sunday with a state-by-state breakdown showing a drop in cases across the Midwest.

Jan 18 07:43

Incoming CDC director says new COVID-19 strains show 'possible resistance' to antibodies but not vaccines - as she warns US will reach 500k deaths by mid-February

The incoming director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that at least one new strain of COVID-19 has shown resistance to antibodies, but assured vaccines are still effective against new variants.

Jan 18 07:40

Fauci warns of 'more ominous' COVID-19 strains from Brazil and South Africa and says US is looking very closely at whether 'the mutations lessen impact of vaccine' - as he reveals Johnson & Johnson and Oxford shots are 'weeks away from approval'

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that public health officials are taking contagious mutations of the coronavirus ‘very seriously’ including ‘more ominous’ strains seen in Brazil and South Africa, though help could be on the way in the form of two new vaccines.

Jan 18 07:38

'Are you good, sir? Do you need medical attention?' New Capitol siege footage shows cop trying to help MAGA rioters, saying he 'can't stop them' because he's outnumbered and urging the QAnon Shaman to 'respect' the Senate

The video was captured by Luke Mogelson on the day hundreds of rioters, including 'QAnon Shaman' Jake Angeli, stormed the legislature in DC
Jake Angeli is seen walking into the Senate wing with an officer following closely behind, who asks a rioter 'do you need help, sir?'

Jan 18 07:38

My God, my boy... my beautiful boy: Joe Biden's life had already been touched by tragedy when, in 2015, he lost his son Beau to cancer. In this moving extract from his memoir, the next U.S. President recalls the emotional turmoil of Beau's final weeks

A week before Christmas 1972, when I was a newly elected 30-year-old United States senator, excited to be down in Washington DC interviewing staff, I got a call.

Jan 18 07:37

Eurostar 'could fold by April': High speed cross-Channel train service could go bust within months without a rescue package, experts warn

MPs and business leaders have warned Eurostar could go bust without help
Passengers have fallen 95 per cent since March and two services now run daily

Jan 18 07:36

Rugby star Maro Itoje launches laptop drive for children in lockdown in bid to tackle 'digital divide'

Rugby star Maro Itoje has been tackling the 'digital divide' exposed in lockdown
Itoje says should be 'absolute priority' for every pupil to have laptop for classes

Jan 18 07:35

Heart-stopping moment avalanche sweeps away 25-year-old man as he snowboards down a Colorado mountain

Maurice Kervin, 25, was snowboarding down a Colorado mountain near Denver
Cracks appeared in the snow and within moments an avalanche occurred
The drama was caught on camera as Kervin came down the slope

Jan 18 07:17

25,000 Covid-19 victims were infected in hospital: One in six patients on wards caught coronavirus while being treated for other illnesses, figures show

More than 25,000 patients caught coronavirus in hospital since second wave
One in six Covid-19 patients in NHS hospitals in England were infected while being treated for other conditions since September

Jan 18 07:17

Nearly 30,000 are fined for flouting: Cops eject Sainsbury's shopper for refusing to wear mask while officers find four friends in crashed car after 50-mile trip to beauty spot... among latest rule-breachers snared in Covid crackdown

Footage shows the unnamed shopper arguing with officers from Kent Police
In another example of rule-breaking, friends drove 50-miles to 'look at snow'
Police in England have now handed out 28,744 fines since start of lockdown

Jan 18 07:16

Nine Eritrean migrants including three women are found hidden inside shipping container from Belgium when it arrived in Yorkshire

Tees Harbour Police and Border Force intercepted container in Teesport, Yorks
Six men and three woman claiming to be Eritrean nationals were found inside
The migrants had come in onboard a ship from Zeebrugge in Belgium

Jan 18 07:07

Horrifying moment ‘relentless’ Irish setter fatally mauls terrified deer in Richmond Park as his £200,000-a-year marketing boss owner, 44, is fined £600

Richmond Park deer had to be put down after it was chased and attacked by dog
Irish setter Alfie was off lead when it was spooked by grazing deer and attacked

Jan 18 07:05

Immunity for you (Picture)

Jan 18 07:05

Rishi Sunak is warned not to hit Tory shires with a new property levy as critics blast plan for raid on homes as 'wealth tax in all but name'

Treasury officials have modelled a plan to scrap council tax and stamp duty
It would be replaced with a property tax based on a percentage of a home's value

Jan 18 07:05

'QAnon will make us the party of Alex Jones!' GOP senator Ben Sasse calls on Republicans to 'reject' far-right conspiracy theory or be 'consumed' by it as he slams 'cuckoo' follower and rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican senator Ben Sasse launched a broadside at his own party Sunday, warning its embrace of QAnon conspiracy theorists risks it becoming 'the part of Alex Jones.'

Jan 18 07:03

Every single time (Picture)

Jan 18 07:03

Kansas City Chiefs survive concussion scare to star man Patrick Mahomes to beat Cleveland Browns and set up AFC Championship game with Buffalo Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs survived an almighty scare after losing quarterback Patrick Mahomes to concussion, but managed to beat the Cleveland Browns 22-17.

Jan 18 07:01

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo leads world condemnation of Kremlin for arresting Alexei Navalny - but Moscow hits back telling Americans: 'Deal with problems in your own country'

Leading politicians and diplomats called for the immediate release of Alexei Navalny last night after the Russian opposition figure was detained by security forces minutes after landing back in Moscow.

Jan 18 06:59

'I am not afraid, I know that I'm in the right': Defiance of Putin's fiercest critic Alexei Navalny minutes before he was arrested as he landed back in Moscow five months after surviving Novichok assassination attempt

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said he was 'not afraid' minutes before he was arrested by Russian authorities in Moscow on Sunday, it emerged last night.

Jan 18 06:46

Can’t help boasting about your forest bathing and wild swimming...Fess up – you are just a smug health signaller!

Claudia Connell says ‘health signalling’ is the latest smug trend on social media
Explains most important part of living a wholesome and mindful life is bragging

Jan 18 06:44

Mum wows with her genius THREE WAY slow cooker that allows her to meal prep multiple dinners at once

A home cook has proudly shown off her new three-pot slow cooker
The mum says having three pots cooking at once saves her heaps of time

Jan 18 06:39

Ring camera captures terrifying moment killers armed with a rifle and handgun shoot dead entrepreneur, 23, as he opened the door to his Staten Island rap studio

The young owner of a New York recording studio was shot dead on Saturday night by two armed assassins at his door.

Jan 18 06:38

Donald Trump leaves office on all-time low approval rating - but Republicans do NOT blame him for MAGA riot or accept Joe Biden as legitimate, new polls reveal

Two polls Sunday showed Donald Trump leaving office on his lowest approval ratings from Americans but still with the overwhelming backing of his base for his actions in the wake of the MAGA riot.

Jan 18 06:37

Archaeologists announce treasure trove including 50 sarcophogi and Book of the Dead scroll found in temple dedicated to ancient Egyptian queen

Funerary temple dedicated to Queen Neit among the new treasures uncovered by archaeologists in Egypt
The discovery in Cairo was made by a team headed by Egypt's former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass
Also discovered 52 sarcophagi found in burial shafts at depths of 40 feet, the ministry said in a statement

Jan 18 06:35

Gab owns CBS like a boss!

Jan 18 06:35

Taliban gunmen assassinate two Afghan women judges in Kabul ambush two days after US cuts troop level to 2,500

Two Afghan women judges have been assassinated in the country's capital in an attack that has been blamed on the Taliban.

Jan 18 06:34

State-by-state breakdown of COVID cases, deaths and vaccine rollout: 100,000 Americans are expected to die in next month but cases and hospitalizations ARE slowing across some states - as Fauci says plan to vaccinate 100m in 100 days 'will work'

Several Midwest states have reported dramatic decreases in new COVID-19 infections while cases spike in places like Washington, DC, as Dr Anthony Fauci on Sunday backed President-elect Joe Biden's plan to vaccinate 100 million in 100 days.

Jan 18 06:31

Horrific moment naked man shoves commuter onto Harlem subway tracks then jumps down himself to fight off a Good Samaritan - before DYING when he touches the electric third rail

A naked man who shoved a New Yorker off a subway platform Saturday afternoon died after making contact with the third rail when he jumped onto the tracks to fight a good Samaritan who tried to help the victim.

Jan 18 06:30

'There's going to be hell to pay': Church of Satan threatens to 'hex' arsonist who burned down their famous 'Halloween House' owned by 'dark Martha Stewart' who performed NY state's first same-sex, Satanic wedding

The Church of Satan has threatened to 'hex' the arsonist who burned down New York's famous 'Halloween House' in Poughkeepsie.

Jan 18 06:27

Archaeologists announce treasure trove including 50 sarcophogi and Book of the Dead scroll found in temple dedicated to ancient Egyptian queen

An ancient funerary temple is among a new trove of treasures that have been unearthed by archaeologists at a site in Egypt.

Jan 18 06:16

BBC producer-turned vegan entrepreneur plunges into planning row with neighbours after applying to build swimming pool at 17th Century second home her family has rented out to large groups

Ophelia and Jolyon Froud submitted plans to build pool at home in Dorset
Villagers say the swimming pool is being built too close to their own gardens

Jan 18 03:10

‘Kids These Days’: Russell Crowe Knocks Critics Of 2003’s ‘Master And Commander’

Actor Russell Crowe called out Millennials and Generation Z for their short attention spans this weekend when a social media troll criticized his 2003 Oscar-nominated film “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” for being too slow.

Jan 18 03:09

Alec Baldwin dreamed President Trump was tried for 'sedition' with a makeshift noose outside courthouse

Alec Baldwin revealed on Friday that he had a macabre vision involving President Donald Trump. The actor, who has played Trump on "Saturday Night Live" since October 2016 and even won a Primetime Emmy Award for his over-the-top portrayal, dreamed about the president being on trial for sedition.

Jan 18 03:08

Former top Facebook official argues conservative content should be deplatformed: 'Extremely radical'

A former top official at Facebook openly declared Sunday that television service providers should stop airing conservative content, citing TV networks like One America News and Newsmax.

Jan 18 03:07

Twitter suspends Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's account

Twitter suspended the account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). The social media company temporarily banned the Republican congresswoman for allegedly spreading misinformation. Greene was temporarily suspended for 12 hours on Sunday.

Jan 18 03:03

Selena Gomez Calls Out Big Tech Heads, Says They Have ‘Failed The American People’

Following the purging of President Trump from all major platforms, singer Selena Gomez severely criticized Big Tech for not censoring more, accusing them of “cashing in from evil.”

Jan 18 03:01

Report: Kamala Harris To Resign As California’s Junior Senator On Monday

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will reportedly resign as the junior senator from California on Monday, only four years after joining the U.S. Senate for the first time and a mere two days before she assumes office as President-elect Joe Biden’s vice president.

Jan 18 03:00

West Virginia Leads Pack In Vaccine Administration; GOP Governor: ‘We Didn’t Sit On Our Hands’

West Virginia leads the nation in COVID-19 vaccine administration and distribution, even more so than other states that have gained attention for their vaccine rollout strategies, according to federal data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jan 17 20:18

"This Issue Must Be SOLVED"

Jan 17 19:39

Exclusive: ‘Boogaloo Boi’ Leader Who Aligns with Black Lives Matter Boasted About Organizing Armed Insurrection On US Capitol

Contrary to allegations leveled by the political left and their allies in the mainstream media, anti-Trump groups primarily perpetrated insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Jan 17 19:39

BREAKING: DNI Ratcliffe Releases Report Showing China Interfered with the 2020 Election and CIA Management Pressured Analysts Not to Report It

China interfered with the 2020 election based on a report by DNI Ratcliff.

Jan 17 17:09

Rumors abuzz on the Internet claiming Nancy Pelosi is in the custody of U.S. Marshalls

Unsubstantiated rumors circulating on the innerweb claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have been taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls following the impeachment hearing after a photograph surfaced showing what appears to be U.S. Marshalls escorting Pelosi out of the House chambers.

However, further analysis of the photo reveals that the Democrat speaker from California may have been returning to her leadership office at the time.

Are those U.S. Marshalls or Secret Service agents? It’s hard to tell. Whoever they are they do not appear to be in a typical bodyguard formation as one YouTuber pointed out in a recent video.

Jan 17 14:06

Security Theater? National Guard 'Protecting' U.S. Capitol Pictured Without Magazines In Their Rifles

Photographs and video from Washington, DC over the weekend show National Guard troops allegedly tasked with protecting the Capitol do not have magazines in their rifles.

Jan 17 12:23

Clucking marvellous! Chicken owners reveal their VERY creative homemade coops - from a UFO to a castle with a turret

In a collection of photos collated by Pupperish, animal lovers showed off designs
From UFOs to castles, owners made an effort to create a unique coop

Jan 17 12:13

Phil Spector dead at 81: Jailed Wall of Sound producer dies of COVID after relapsing four weeks after diagnosis

Music producer Phil Spector died from COVID-19 related complications on Saturday at the age of 81
He was diagnosed with COVID four weeks ago and went to a hospital but recovered enough to return to jail

Jan 17 12:12

House Dems Launch Probe Into Capitol Attack, Pelosi Suggests Republican Lawmakers Could Face ‘Criminal Charges’

Four prominent Democrats announced Saturday that they plan to launch a joint investigation into intelligence and planning failures that may have led to an attack on the United States Capitol that took place on January 6th.

Jan 17 12:04

Return of the Ice Age: Hikers freak out at sight of 'caveman' encased in block of ice on Minneapolis trail

A sculpture of a caveman encased in plastic that looks like ice appeared along a trails in a Minneapolis park

Jan 17 12:03

NASA scraps test of its most powerful rocket ever after one minute: Agency investigates 'major component failure' on $18.6billion Space Launch System that's been built to take Americans to the moon

The Space Launch System was scheduled to have its eighth and final 'Green Run' test at a NASA facility in Mississippi early on Saturday evening

Jan 17 12:02

Let us in, Joe! Caravan of 1,000 Honduran migrants marches towards US border and asks Biden to 'honor his commitments' to asylum seekers

The caravan was originally at least twice the size when it left Honduras early on Friday morning
It's not clear what the intended final destination of the caravan is, or if they'll be able to make it there

Jan 17 11:57

While Deaths From Virus Spiral To Record Highs, CA Has Nearly 2 Million Vaccines Lying Unused, Report Says

]While Californians are dying at a record rate from the coronavirus, with the number now reaching 525 per day, according to ABC News, while the concomitant demand for vaccines to fight the virus soars, nearly two million doses of vaccines for the coronavirus are lying unused, “locked up in cold storage,” as the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Jan 17 11:56

Biden To Reverse Trump Policies During Flurry Of Executive Orders In First Days In Office

President Donald Trump spent much of his four years in office undoing his predecessor’s policies, and president-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to do the same.

Jan 17 11:54

Rand Paul has dire warning about future of Republican Party if GOP supports Trump impeachment

Republican Sen. Rand Paul warned the Republican Party on Friday that there will be a mass exodus of supporters if some Republican lawmakers continue to support the second Democrat-led effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

Jan 17 11:45

Ocasio-Cortez demands taxpayer dollars to 'deradicalize' white supremacists: 'Their world will never exist'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) says that taxpayer funds should be used to "deradicalize" white supremacists.

What did AOC say?

Jan 17 11:44

Biden to sign a dozen executive orders on day one in office — reverse Trump's travel ban, rejoin Paris Agreement

President-elect Joe Biden will sign about a dozen executive orders on his first day in the White House, reversing several key policies enacted by the Trump administration.Biden's transition team revealed on Saturday that the incoming administration would

Jan 17 11:43

Death toll in Sudan Darfur clashes rises to 48

Ongoing clashes in Sudan's restive Darfur have killed at least 48 people in two days, state media said Sunday, just over two weeks after a long-running peacekeeping mission ended operations.

Jan 17 11:42

ITV News identifies pro-Trump protester who stormed US Capitol

A woman who stormed the US Capitol last week wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an alt-right slogan has been identified by ITV News as a 22-year-old care worker from Pennsylvania.