Apr 24 12:09

Czech police arrest former Ku Klux Klan leader Duke

The Czech police arrested David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan racist movement, in Prague today on suspicion of promotion of movements seeking suppression of human rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Odd how they do not mention he is also a former legislator!

Apr 24 06:50

Bernanke put you on the hook for 2 trillion and counting. You are an involuntary investor -The public is an “involuntary investor” in the nation’s banks, according to an April 15 court filing by Bloomberg.

In the report, the Fed detailed its assets in three limited liability corporations, all called Maiden Lane for a street in Lower Manhattan that runs past the New York Fed.

The losses become real if the principal isn’t returned.

Apr 24 06:30

Tony Blair calls on world to wage war on militant Islam

Tony Blair has said he does not regret leading Britain to war in Iraq when he was Prime Minister and has called on the world to take on and defeat Islamic extremists. He believes that, without intervention, the problem will continue to grow in countries such as Afghanistan.

He called for a battle to be waged against militant Islam similar to that fought against revolutionary communism.

In an address last night to a forum on religion and politics in Chicago, Mr Blair said that the world today faced a struggle posed by "an extreme and misguided form of Islam", which threatened the majority of Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Apr 24 05:36

Smokers 'need anger help to quit' - Or even better - A big smoking gun and a free ride to Washington D.C.

BBC -Smokers should be given anger management lessons to help them give up smoking, a study suggests.

Researchers hypothesised smokers were more likely to be people prone to anger and said tackling this could be a vital part of smoking cessation services.

[Oh bullshit! Just give them a gun. That's what guns are for!]

Apr 24 05:20

Finally! An Alternative to Murder/Suiciding - German parents 'ran out of money' - Abandoned Children

BBC A German couple who abandoned three young children in an Italian pizzeria on Sunday have told police they fled because they had no money, reports say.

Ina Caterina Remhof, the 26-year-old mother, and her partner Sascha Schmidt, 24, said they had to eat scraps of food from bins, the Ansa news agency said.

[There's a photo of the couple -unlike when economic casualties commit murder/suicide to remedy their fate. So, go ahead satisfy your sick voyeuristic human nature and go see how fat she keeps herself on dumpster diving. I do hope someone keeps a file for posterity and when the kids grow up. Has someone died yet -for diving into someone else's dumpster? No doubt!]

Apr 24 05:01

Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities - Indicating it is near bankruptcy

BBC News -Yahoo is to close its personal web hosting site GeoCities later this year.

In a statement, the firm says it will no longer be accepting new customers and will focus on helping "customers build new relationships online".

Yahoo bought GeoCities for $3.57bn at the height of the dotcom boom in 1999.

[This is an astonishing admission of just how broke Yahoo! really is. They are saying they cannot afford to operate the servers and pay the modest staff dedicated to Geocities web hosting, which does charge a range of fees for its premium services. The admission is tantamount to saying, We are imploding!]

Apr 24 04:49


And, once Barack Obama was elected, I called for us to come together in support of America's new president. I never imagined that anybody could be worse than George W. Bush. It begins to appear that I may have been wrong about that, too.

I want to like Obama. In fact, I still do ... personally. After all, he is just so ... likeable. Problem is, things are happening on his watch that continue to fracture America and, in fact, seem to be accelerating her plunge into the political, social and economic abyss.

Apr 23 16:29

Frog eats Christmas light, gets illuminated

This is a Cuban tree frog on a tree in my backyard in southern Florida. How and why he ate this light is a mystery. It should be noted that at the time I was taking this photo, I thought this frog was dead having cooked himself from the inside. I’m happy to say I was wrong. After a few shots he adjusted his position. So after I was finished shooting him, I pulled the light out of his mouth and he was fine. Actually, I might be crazy but I don’t think he was very happy when I took his light away.

Apr 23 16:25

Bullet bounces off US woman's bra

A US woman had a lucky escape when a burglar's bullet bounced off the metal underwire in her bra.

Police in the city of Detroit said one of three intruders fired a shot when the woman looked out of her window and saw them raiding the house next door.

The bullet smashed the window and hit her, but instead of causing serious injury - or worse - it was deflected off the wiring in her bra.

Apr 23 14:12

U.S. Is Said to Prepare Filing for Chrysler Bankruptcy

The Treasury has an agreement in principle with the U.A.W. to protect pensions and retiree health benefits as part of the filing, people with knowledge of the action said.

Apr 23 13:27


Ayers to speak at Brandeis despite dispute over his past

Apr 23 08:50

Praise G-d: Muslim Spy Ring Smashed

Apr 23 08:48

Insurance Industry Point Man for Bailout Cash

Well, Neal is a very well qualified guy right… sure, he even helped write the bill that deregulated the banking industry that led to this mess!

Apr 23 08:47

Only in America can you...

Tell 1,000 lies or more to scare Americans into invading a country that was NO harm to the USA and had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and your reward is a cushy retirement, with the best medical care in the world, living in a multimillion dollar home you bought with "campaign" donations, get protected 24/7 by SS agents and stand to make around 20 million for speaking fees.

Apr 22 21:29

When Doctors Opt Out

Health insurance doesn't automatically lead to health care. And with more and more doctors dropping out of one insurance plan or another, especially government plans, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see a physician no matter what coverage you have.

Apr 22 18:05

FLASHBACK - Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant

Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator.

One of those allegedly asleep-at-the-switch board members was Chicago's Rahm Emanuel—now chief of staff to President Barack Obama—who made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that required little effort.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 22 18:03

FLASHBACK - Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

President-elect Barack Obama's newly appointed chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac at a time when scandal was brewing at the troubled agency and the board failed to spot "red flags," according to government reports reviewed by

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then David Kellerman steps in and starts to go over the books.

... and now David Kellerman has been "suicided!"

Apr 22 14:10


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dog catches the guy who shot at him!

Apr 22 12:22

John Harris - It's an illusion

Filmed at the "Lawful Rebellion" Conference, The British Constiution Group, Stoke-on-Trent, 24th January 2009 by

Apr 22 11:17

Harlem Police Chief resigns after shoplifting accusation

A report from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office shows Harlem's Police Chief stole less than $13 worth of items from the Wal-Mart in Evans.

Charles Gerry Baldwin resigned Friday.

Apr 22 11:16

Police Chief's wife convicted

Christine Reiss moved to the Miami Valley with her husband last year when he took over as Riverside police chief. She was arrested for shoplifting in Beavercreek in February.

Apr 22 11:16

Edison police detective is charged with shoplifting from local supermarket

An Edison police detective with 22 years on the force faces a charge of shoplifting from a township supermarket, but his lawyer called the allegation baseless.

David Yanvary, 54, is accused of taking $42 worth of items from a store on March 17, Edison Police Director Bryan Collier confirmed today.

Apr 22 10:57

Even Greater Disbelief of Alarmists

So in the space of just three months, the percentage of those polled who believe humans drive climate change dropped seven percentage points from an already low 41 percent, while those who are confident that natural causes influence climate more increased by four percentage points.

If this represented an actual election it would be called a landslide of historic proportions. I mean really — only one-third of people believe humans are the chief cause of climate change?

Anyone ready to cave in to EPA, Waxman or the president on this issue ought to have his head examined.

Apr 22 10:54

Coca-Cola Crisis in India

Communities across India are under assault from Coca-Cola practices in the country. A pattern has emerged as a result of Coca-Cola’s bottling operations in India.

Apr 22 10:00

Meet Israeli Influence Peddler Haim Saban

Saban decided to buy himself a foreign policy. He has personally paid more money to politicians than any other American—$13 million since 1999, according to Portfolio—all with the avowed intent of insuring that the U.S. will support Israel no matter what Israel does.

Apr 22 09:08

Is Jane Harman Telling the Truth? And Why It's Important To Know

She also said: " No. I can't recall with any specificity a conversation I may have had four years ago."

Yet later in the interview, she said, "The person I was talking to was an American citizen."

Apr 22 08:32


Earlier today, Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family were shot at by fugitive Hoang Nguyen in Colorado Springs, as they approached him. No one was injured.

Apr 21 19:14

Silence Is The LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH worldwide

Apr 21 12:45

UN summit approves anti-racism declaration

It also warns against stereotyping people because of their religion, a key demand of Islamic states who say Muslims have been unfairly targeted for their beliefs since the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Apr 21 07:58

Sri Lanka rebels: 1,000 civilians die in govt raid

Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels said Tuesday that 1,000 civilians died in a government raid on their territory that the military says freed thousands of noncombatants from the war zone. The military denied the accusation.

Apr 21 07:04

Who sat on Harman's wiretap for four years and why is it just now being exposed?

California Rep. and Democrat Jane Harman is apparently guilty of treason, it was reported last night. The story is reported by Jeff Stein of Congressional Quarterly here.

Knowing that all high ranking political players are kept in line by bribes and blackmail, I can only assume that Harman has now in some way disobeyed her handlers, and voila! this incriminating tape from October 2005 suddenly surfaces.


This should consume the front pages of the MSM for weeks to come -- but with AIPAC's firm grip on American newsrooms and editors' testicles, it won't.

Apr 21 05:13

Kettling: another special relationship

Since London and New York share so much affinity, it will probably come as no surprise to Britons that "kettling"- the practice by police of cordoning off city blocks at both ends and containing protestors for hours before arresting them for all intents and purposes, had its US debut five years ago during the 2004 Republican National Convention. It was there that I and over 1000 other people were mass-arrested and interned in a makeshift prison camp set up on Pier 57, a filthy and hazardous decommissioned bus depot on the West Side Highway that came to be known as "Guantanamo on the Hudson."

Apr 21 04:34

Funding the new global currency - Obama Proposes $100 Billion Loan for I.M.F.

The New York Times - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama Monday proposed a $100 billion U.S. loan to the International Monetary Fund to boost the IMF's war chest and urged a bigger stake in the IMF for emerging powers like China and India.

In a letter sent to Democrat and Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress, Obama said the U.S. funding "does not represent a budgetary expenditure or any increase in the deficit since it effectively represents an exchange of assets."

[This is such gross propaganda, no self-respecting journalist would claim the piece as his own.]

Apr 21 04:23

The Harman-AIPAC Story: A Timeline

The Harman-AIPAC Story: A Timeline

CQ's blockbuster story, about a wiretap that picked up Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) discussing the AIPAC spying case with a "suspected Israeli agent", picks up on a sequence of complex events from several years ago, and involves several moving pieces.

So we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a timeline of events laying out the major reported developments in this sprawling story.

Apr 21 03:41

Obama tries to boost CIA morale after torture memos release

The Apologies Keep On Coming !

Apr 21 03:17

Cheney Calls for Release of Memos Showing Results of Interrogation Efforts

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says the Obama administration should release all the CIA interrogation memos and documents—to demonstrate the “success” of the harsh methods.

"One of the things that I find a little bit disturbing about this recent disclosure is they put out the legal memos, the memos that the CIA got from the Office of Legal Counsel, but they didn’t put out the memos that showed the success of the effort.”

Apr 21 03:07


Civilian workers who suffered devastating injuries while supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home to a grinding battle for basic medical care, artificial limbs, psychological counseling and other services.

The insurance companies responsible for their treatment under taxpayer-funded policies have routinely denied the most serious medical claims. Those insurers -- primarily American International Group -- recorded hundreds of millions of dollars in profits on this business. . .

Apr 21 01:09

Conyers Buckles - Will Hold Hate Bill Hearing

Responding to what the offices of both Republican and Democrat House Judiciary members called "a ton of calls" early this morning, Rep. John Conyers now says he will allow a hearing on his Orwellian hate bill HR 1913!

According to the office of Rep. Chaffetz, a memo was sent to all Judiciary members at about 10 a.m. EST today. It announced a televised hearing on Wednesday, April 22; the time is yet to be announced.

Apr 20 22:44

They are trying to bury this story about Harman, Gonzales, wiretaps, blackmail and treason

I have seen it come up on the Google News page several times only to see it disappear shortly afterward.
Now is a good time to check your favorite progressive news sites...Are they helping the cause or burying the story?

Apr 20 21:43

History Repeats: A Manufactured Crisis to Loot and Consolidate

Amazing how this “Bailout” parallels the “Banking Crisis” in 1907. JP Morgan caused a run on banks, which then allowed him to scoop up lots of other banks at bargain prices… and 100 years later we have:

* JP Morgan buys Washington Mutual for Pennies
* Get ready for a wave of bank failures
* JP Morgan buys Bear Stearns for almost nothing

Apr 20 21:06

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has asked the OCE to investigate Rep. Jane Harman IMMEDIATELY!

Rep. Harman may have committed bribery and may have violated House rules prohibiting members from engaging in ex parte communications with executive or independent agency officials on the merits of matters under their formal consideration; failure to uphold the Code of Ethics for Government Service, and acting in a manner that does not reflect creditably on the House....Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, said today, “If Rep. Harman agreed to try to influence an ongoing criminal investigation in return for help securing a committee chairmanship, her conduct not only violates federal law and House rules, but also her oath to uphold the Constitution.

Apr 20 18:53

RIGHTS: U.N. Chief Deplores Iranian Statement on Racism

What'd he say ?

Ahmadinejad said that "following World War II, they [powerful countries] resorted to military aggressions to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering and the ambiguous and dubious question of holocaust."

Apr 20 12:42

Welcome to the website of Professor S.W. Hawking

Due to very high demand, the website has been simplified to keep the server online. We apologise for the lack of in-depth content, which would normally be available here.

Professor Hawking is comfortable, but will be spending the night in hospital. The Cambridge University Press Office have a statement to this effect, and do not expect to have any further updates until mid-morning tomorrow.

Apr 20 09:44

Professor Stephen Hawking 'very ill' in Cambridge hospital

Professor Stephen Hawking, Britain's most famous scientist, is “very ill” in hospital, Cambridge University said today.

Professor Hawking, who works at the university, was undergoing tests at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

A university spokesman said the 67-year-old physicist, who is best known for his book A Brief History of Time, was taken to Addenbrooke’s by ambulance. “Professor Hawking is very ill,” he added.

Professor Hawking suffers from motor neurone disease and is wheelchair bound. He speaks with the help of a voice synthesiser.

Apr 20 09:33

Did Jane Harman Help Persuade NY Times To Hold Wiretapping Story Until After 2004 Election?

Gonzo reportedly said he knew he could count on Harman’s support for warrantless wiretapping because she had helped persuade the paper to hold the story on the eve of the 2004 election. If you recall, the paper’s decision to hold the story until after the election was quite controversial, with some saying it changed the election’s outcome.

Apr 20 08:53

Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC

Jane Harman, in the wake of the NSA scandal, became probably the most crucial defender of the Bush warrantless eavesdropping program, using her status as "the ranking Democratic on the House intelligence committee" to repeatedly praise the NSA program as "essential to U.S. national security" and "both necessary and legal."

Apr 20 07:40

People are insanely pissed off! - Arizona Police Photo Radar Operator Gunned Down

FOXNews -PHOENIX — The operator of a state police photo radar unit was shot to death in his vehicle, which was parked on a north Phoenix freeway to nab speeders.

The shooting occurred just before 9 p.m. Sunday on the Loop 101 and 7th Avenue.

Apr 20 07:31

Radical cheap: $1,000 homes NOT SO FAST! You are going to get stuck with a HUGE liability the banks are off-loading!

CNN Money - Les Christie The real estate market is so awful that buyers are now scooping up homes for as little as $1,000.

[Yes -they are, but these sucker-buyers are quickly finding out their huge mistake when city officials come after them immediately with fines, fees, often-enough criminal charges, and demands the new buyer have the buildings demolished and torn down at terrific expense (to the $1000 buyer). The banks are simply dumping their liability onto you when they sell you a $1000 home they left vacant oftentimes for 5 years. BUYER BEWARE OF THE PITFALLS!]

Apr 20 07:06

Rubber to Decline 35% as Tire Sales Signal Slump - BUT OIL HAS GONE UP 50% SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE!

Bloomberg - Rattaphol Onsanit -- The 42 percent, four-month rebound in rubber prices may be coming to an end as global tire demand plunges the most in three decades.


Apr 20 03:26

American militancy rising - Are would-be revolutionaries again choosing symbols of societal excess with which to marshall revolutionary fervor?

Portland Independent Media Center - April 19. Early morning, after the workers went home. Five windows smashed with rocks at McDonald's on Ocean St. An act of insurrection against work, capital, and the colonization of daily life.

From Alaska to Argentina, warriors unite! Don't wait for 2010, riot now!
Attack and destroy slavery and colonization everywhere!

[What's going on here? This seemingly innocuous bit of hooliganism is being portrayed and even encouraged in this Internet article as a new revolutionary zeal. Is there enough angry sentiment for this sort of protest to catch on? Stay tuned -is likely the best bet for what is possible in the coming months. Summer looks to be long and hot all across this vastly impoverished new America.]

Apr 19 23:18

Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC

Rep. Jane Harman , the California Democrat with a longtime involvement in intelligence issues, was overheard on an NSA wiretap telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department reduce espionage-related charges against two officials of the AIPAC...In exchange for Harman’s help, the sources said, the suspected Israeli agent pledged to help lobby Nancy Pelosi to appoint Harman chair of the Intelligence Committee after the 2006 elections

Apr 19 15:37

Saying the IPO money TOTALLY ran out months ago, Yahoo plans to eliminate up to 600 jobs

The San Francisco Chronicle Verne Kopytoff -In an effort to jump-start its business, Yahoo Inc. is planning to cut up to 600 jobs, a person familiar with the matter said.

Apr 19 10:16

IPCC chief slams tactics of G20 police at demo

Senior police officers face serious questions over the "unacceptable" trend of officers disguising their identity during clashes with protesters, the chair of the independent police watchdog warned yesterday, as it began formally investigating a third alleged assault on a G20 protester.

Nick Hardwick, chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), called for a national debate over how police maintain public order and demanded much tougher political accountability, warning that police should remember they were "the servants not the masters" of the people.

Apr 19 10:15

Defending the Second Amendment: List of Self Defense Incidents

Businessman Fired Shots

Alleged robber was free on bond. Omaha Police say that one of the owners of the Benson Jewelry and Loan fired a weapon that killed a would-be robber and critically injured his alleged accomplice...

Apr 19 09:45

Gerald Celente Violent Revolution will start soon

Apr 19 09:39

Live Broadcast from the Rally at Lexington Green!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 19 07:36

Venezuela's Chavez to restore ambassador in US

The fiery president of Venezuela, who has compared the U.S. to Satan on numerous occasions, pledged to restore his ambassador to the U.S. after meeting and shaking hands with
President Obama .

Apr 18 21:03

US boycotts UN racism conference

Washington has confirmed it will boycott a UN forum on racism in Geneva next week because of differences over Israel and the right to free speech.

Apr 18 19:56

"On 9/11, I think they hit the wrong building"

Another seemingly sedate protester, Brian Smith, a marketer from Greenville, S.C., who was in Washington on business and came by the rally, wandered equally off message. "I love my country and I don't like what's going on," Smith said. "Government -- to be honest with you, and this will probably be misquoted, but on 9/11, I think they hit the wrong building. They should have gone into the Capitol building, hit out, knocked out both sides of the aisle, we'd start from scratch, we'd be better off today." I pointed out that "they" did try to hit the Capitol. "Yeah, I know, they missed," he said. "The wrong sequence. If someone had to go, it should have been the Capitol building. On that day I felt differently, but today that's the way I feel."

Apr 18 15:53

SEC to Prudential Securities - Give us $68 million and we'll make your little Wall Street stealing problem go away

Reuters - NEW YORK, April 17 - A unit of Prudential Financial Inc (PRU.N) has agreed to pay $68 million to settle two regulatory probes into improper market-timing involving variable annuities, but the insurer said it is entitled to be reimbursed for the costs.

[Done on the weekend.]

Apr 18 15:45

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along!

The Department of Homeland Security is warning "law enforcement officials" (jackbooted criminal types) about a rise in "rightwing extremist activity," but a footnote in this report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines rightwing extremism as "including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that (don’t miss this part) reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority." If I’m interpreting this correctly, this report is going after anyone who dares to question federal authority.

Apr 18 15:11

CIA Agents Were Not Following "Orders"

The CIA is a civilian agency, and that means its employees are not subject to prosecution for refusing to obey instructions (not "orders") from superiors in the agency. They can quit, like anyone of conscience when asked to do something in conflict with their personal ethics.

Apr 18 09:17

Now is the Time: DEMAND Not-For-Profit Health Care!

House Ways and Means Chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) announced that the Committee will hold another hearing in a series on reforming the health insurance market. The hearing will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 22

Help us make sure that Chairman Rangel hears us loud and clear. Call his office now (toll free at 866-338-1015) to request they invite expert single-payer witnesses to testify.
If you can't call, you can easily email him here.

Apr 18 08:27

War Is Boring: U.S. Struggles to Adapt to China's Economic Strategy

The tiny desert town of Abeche, in eastern Chad, offers a curious sight: Sandwiched between the mud huts that most people call home and the compounds belonging to international aid workers is a humble Chinese restaurant catering to Chad's growing population of Chinese engineers and managers. Significantly, no equivalent American-style restaurant is to be found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China is expanding through aid and trade.

Russia has not become an energy giant by war; it has become an energy giant through trade agreements, and without firing a single shot at anyone.

Call me silly, but perhaps the US may just have something to learn from this.

IF the US can ever learn from its mistakes, which appears to be only a distant dream right now.

Apr 18 08:23

Political Correctness in the Court of Byzantium.

There’s a whole lot of hypocrisy combined with those who have the gold making the rules and we see it in things like alcohol and tobacco being legal while marijuana is not. Marijuana is illegal because of the alcohol and tobacco lobbies. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people in one year than all the illegal drugs in the world across a century or more and… when it comes to manufacturing violence and guilt; alcohol has no equal. If we could package and sell violence we could make a fortune, come to think of it… we do. I’m not just talking about movies and videogames and sporting events, I’m talking arms and the money for the causes for the wars from which the bankers rake in the profit from both sides of the conflict.

Apr 18 08:12

America's World Apology Tour


Apr 18 07:29

Viagra treatment for footballers

A Bolivian football team's former physiotherapist says he gave players the sex drug Viagra to help them play at high altitude in the main city.

Rodrigo Figueroa told La Prensa newspaper he had prescribed Viagra, which oxygenates the blood, to at least nine players in his team, Blooming.

The celebrations when they scored a goal were X rated.

Apr 18 05:43

The Tax Day Tea Parties -- A Great Day for America

n the aftermath of the Tax Day Tea Parties, which were attended by hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans yesterday, here’s one man’s warning about the most prominent threats facing our nation:

Apr 18 03:14

Their owners, desperate and broke - Abandoned pets overwhelm Metro Detroit

The Detroit News - Kimberly Hayes Taylor - Animals increasingly abandoned as owners lose jobs, face foreclosure -Behind boarded doors of foreclosed homes, in Dumpsters and in parking lots are an unprecedented number of abandoned dogs and cats. Their owners, desperate and broke, have left the animals to die without food or water. Real estate agents and landlords are finding the once-beloved family pets in vacated houses all over Metro Detroit.

Meanwhile, more people who take their animals to shelters are telling workers they have lost their jobs and can't afford to take care of their pets, or aren't allowed to take them to the apartment they've leased after losing their house.

Apr 17 18:00

Predatory paedophile jailed indefinitely

David Ernest Bye, 43, pleaded guilty to the rape and sexual assault of a girl under 13, and possessing more than 17,000 indecent images of children, some of which he had taken himself, at an earlier hearing at Merthyr Crown Court.

Apr 17 17:45

GM readies all-equity offer for debt: sources

An equity-based debt exchange would make the union, the U.S. government and GM's existing bondholders all major stockholders in the recapitalized automaker.

Apr 17 08:20

General Electric net off 35%; Goomba Immelt sounds terrifically upbeat -almost giddy!

MarketWatch Christopher Hinton -- NEW YORK -- General Electric Co. said Friday its first-quarter earnings fell 35% on a sharp drop in financial-services related profit and revenue.

Cancellations in the quarter totaled about $500 million.

[...] the company stressed it can absorb nearly $40 billion in cumulative losses over the next three years [...]

Apr 17 05:56

Obama Adviser Said to Be Tied to Pension Deal - Fox found inside hen house sitting on eggs trying to hatch them

The New York Times - D Hakim - L Story - The man leading the Obama administration’s efforts to restructure the auto industry has been described in Securities and Exchange Commission documents as having arranged for his investment firm to pay more than $1 million to obtain New York State pension business.

Apr 17 05:09

Gunman kills 2 and takes own life at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

A pharmacy technician showed up for work at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center on Thursday brandishing two handguns, killed his boss and another manager and then fatally shot himself, witnesses said.

Apr 17 04:48

In China Crooked Financiers Get the Death Penalty - Chinese woman in $57m fraud trial

BBC - Chris Hogg - Shanghai - A Chinese woman who turned her beauty business into a multi-million dollar property empire could be executed after being put on trial for financial fraud.

Wu Ying, 28, who comes from a family of poor farmers, has pleaded not guilty to charges that she ran a pyramid scheme.

She is accused of defrauding investors of $57m (£38m) by promising returns of up to 10% but failing to invest their money properly, state media reports.

Apr 17 04:34

Obama's reality check

Clearly President Obama could use some better advice on Latin America. It was a mistake to initiate verbal hostilities with Venezuela at the beginning of his presidency; a mistake to continue the Bush administration's policies toward Bolivia; a mistake to think that he can ignore the call of President Lula da Silva of Brazil and other presidents for an end to the embargo on Cuba. Nothing would be easier than for this administration to break with the past and establish normal relations with the entire hemisphere, which was excited about his election and expected no less. But Obama's advisors show little interest in doing this.

Apr 17 03:40

Obama pledges solidarity with Mexico in drug cartel fight

Obama's rhetorical endorsement of Mexican policy is the culmination of a series of similarly supportive visits from high-level members of his administration, beginning with secretary of state Hillary Clinton last month.

The trips were hastily organised after Calderón began to react angrily in public at the growing number of voices in Washington that had started comparing the situation in Mexico to instability in Pakistan.

Apr 16 21:30

Low-Path Bird Flu Confirmed in Kentucky

Low-pathogenic avian influenza has been found on a broiler breeder farm in western Kentucky belonging to Perdue Farms.

Apr 16 20:41

Illinois jobless rate rises to 9.1% Under Squirming Quinn as The Taxing Governor

The Chicago Tribune James P. Miller | Tribune reporter A worsening U.S. economy pushed Illinois joblessness half a percentage point higher in March, to 9.1 percent—a rate the state hasn't seen since November 1985.

The state's unemployment rate surpasses the nation's 8.5 percent , but Illinois remains below the levels of Michigan (at 12.0 percent) and a handful of others.

Apr 16 10:13

Navy Takes Next Step Towards Laser 'Holy Grail'

U.S. Navy ships could one day knock down incoming missiles with energy weapons that never run out of shots, and tune themselves to slice through the ocean air.

Apr 16 09:55

Screwed. Blued and Tattooed under the Hairline.

Well, if King and Gandhi were both assets financed by the omnipresent, Illuminati/Elite, Communist and or Capitalist or… pick anything really… guys in black sunglasses ...then it stands to reason that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were too. They didn’t even try to hide it with Santa Claus; red suit and all, come to think of it. There’s a guy who’s got a white beard AND works to dispense presents among the masses. He might be the real heavyweight we’ve all been looking to identify.

Apr 16 09:50

Wells Fargo’s Profit Looks Too Good to Be True: Jonathan Weil

Dig below the surface of Wells’s numbers, though, and there are reasons to be wary. Here are four gimmicks to look out for when the company releases its first-quarter results on April 22:

Apr 16 09:41

Vanishing Employment Map

The economic crisis, which has claimed more than 5 million jobs since the recession began, did not strike the entire country at once. A map of employment gains or losses by county tells the story of how those job losses first struck in the most vulnerable regions and then spread rapidly to the rest of the country

Apr 16 09:27

IAEA inspectors start leaving North Korea - Japanese media

North Korea announced on Tuesday it was ceasing all cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog and pledged to restart work at its Yongbyon reactor. The move, and Pyongyang's withdrawal from six-party talks on its nuclear program, came in response to UN condemnation of its launch of a rocket on April 5.

Apr 16 09:07

Texas could bid for independence, says Governor as fury over Obama's spending rises

The governor of Texas has suggested that his state could secede from the Union after accusing the federal government of strangling Americans with taxation and debt.

Governor Rick Perry whipped his 'patriotic' supporters into a frenzy during tax protests yesterday, with many waving flags and shouting 'Secede!'

Apr 16 08:38

Splitting The Sky vs War Criminal George W. Bush et al

Apr 16 05:29

Video Prank at Domino’s Pizza Taints Brand - Draws Felony Charges - "Defaming a Pizza Franchise"

The New York Times - Stephanie Clifford -When two Domino’s Pizza employees [Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer] filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen, they decided to post it online. In a few days, thanks to the power of social media, they ended up with felony charges [...]

[Expressing their solidarity with Hammonds and Setzer, Domino's Pizza employees nationwide promised to defecate in every pizza they make for the next five weeks, or until the two young pop-culture Youtube celebrities are exonerated of the spurious felony charge of defaming a pizza franchise. BOYCOTT DOMINO PIZZA! FREE HAMMOND AND SETZER!]

Apr 16 04:28

What is really happening - Human Beings Are Like a Plague of Locusts

BBC - Richard Black - Pet trade puts orangutans at risk The trade in Sumatran orangutans for pets -shows little sign of decline and is taking the species to the brink of extinction, a report concludes.

Apr 16 00:58

Economic survivalists take root

When the economy started to squeeze the Wojtowicz family, they gave up vacation cruises, restaurant meals, new clothes and high-tech toys to become 21st-century homesteaders.

Now Patrick Wojtowicz, 36, his wife Melissa, 37, and daughter Gabrielle, 15, raise pigs and chickens for food on 40 acres near Alma, Mich. They're planning a garden and installing a wood furnace. They disconnected the satellite TV and radio, ditched their dishwasher and a big truck and started buying clothes at resale shops.

Apr 15 20:45

State Sovereignty Movement Keeps Growing

As more governors declare their opposition to the Stimulus Bill — which is now estimated to include more than $1 trillion in unfunded mandates for the states above and beyond the initial $800 billion cost — more and more state legislators across the nation have been introducing bills to assert state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment in an effort to assert the rights of their citizens and the authoirity of state governments against unwarranted interference by the federal government.

Apr 15 20:29

Current Economic And Political Climate Fueling Resurgence In Radicalization And Recruitment

I've said time and time again that the government (think Eric Holder's hate speech) is trying to fan the flames of a race war in this country. And they are trying to set it up so that they can blame peoples' rebellion on the fact that Obama is (half) black and not the fact that the government, under Bush and now Obama, has stepped up its totalitarian, Communist, Fascist, Socialist agenda faster than ever.

Apr 15 15:59

The police should take note: little brother's watching you

The assault on Tomlinson will not spark off a riot, but nobody should underestimate the outrage it has generated. And from the instant the video footage - shot by an American bystander using his digital still camera - appeared on the Guardian website, it was clear that we had reached a pivotal moment. Consumer technology had given citizens a serious tool for recording how policemen behave.

See also: Taking photos of police officers could be considered a crime

Apr 15 14:07

Oklahoma Senate Passes 10th Amendment Resolution

Apr 15 14:05


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Apr 15 10:58

Song of the Somali Pirate

Four Somalis on a cargo freight

Yo ho ho and a tanker of scum

Overfishing and dumping brought 'em their fate

Yo ho ho and a tanker of scum

Apr 15 10:18

It's Always Darkest just before it goes Black.

I’ve been noticing signs of revolt at all levels of the social spectrum and it’s surprising me. I realize that I’ve been pretty tough on the mainstream fish caught in the nets and not giving enough credit to what looks like a revolution catching fire all around the world. I’m starting to think that some indefinable force is moving through the people of the world and they are starting to react as if they really were capable of independent thought and then I ponder what I hear from so many sources which tell me that the mysterious elite have all of the situations and circumstances programmed and that no matter what I see it is all part of ‘their plan’. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Apr 15 10:13

Obama and the Pirates

The administration of President Barack Obama is certainly owning the successful rescue of Americans held hostage by pirates in the seas off Somalia, holding it up as the epitome of what our rulers would like us to believe is a pragmatic, tough-minded, and decisive administration, and touting it as the Obamaites first overseas military success. Yet, barely a few hours after the dramatic rescue was made – complete with a display of sharp-shooting skills surpassed by none, and a tale of derring-do that featured a self-sacrificial captain and a crew determined to see him safely home – the problem with this sort of grandstanding was and is all too clear: the pirates are back, and with a vengeance, hijacking four more ships in 24 hours.

Apr 15 08:59

The True Haters

On Good Friday, John Demjanjuk, 89 and gravely ill, was ordered deported to Germany to stand trial as an accessory to the murder of 29,000 Jews — at Sobibor camp in Poland.

Sound familiar? It should. It is a re-enactment of the 1986 extradition of John Demjanjuk to Israel to be tried for the murder of 870,000 Jews — at Treblinka camp in Poland.

How many men in the history of this country have been so relentlessly pursued and remorselessly persecuted?

The ordeal of this American Dreyfus began 30 years ago.