Apr 04 20:03

FLASHBACK - Accused Nazi guard says he's no war criminal

An 85-year-old Gwinnett County man accused of guarding people in concentration camps in Nazi Germany said Monday that the U.S. should not deport him.

Paul Henss addressed a throng of reporters at his home near Lawrenceville just hours after the federal government announced plans to expel him from the United States. The government says Henss trained attack dogs to kill people who tried to escape from two concentration camps during World War II.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FEED A DOG, GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 04 19:42

New Malaysia PM frees detainees

Malaysia's new prime minister has freed 13 men held under security laws and pledged to review the statutes under which they were held, seeking to allay fears of a crackdown against political dissent.

Apr 04 13:21

The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.

You've heard this shocking "fact" before -- on TV and radio, in newspapers, on the Internet and from the highest politicians in the land: 90 percent of the weapons used to commit crimes in Mexico come from the United States.

-- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it to reporters on a flight to Mexico City.

-- CBS newsman Bob Schieffer referred to it while interviewing President Obama.

-- California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said at a Senate hearing: "It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors ... come from the United States."

Apr 04 11:56

The Smooth Criminal Transition from Bush/Cheney to Obama

To sober, clear-eyed observers of history and political deception, the ascension of Barack Obama held the promise for unprecedented new dangers: a revitalized New World Order, led by the Anglo-American empire’s neoliberal criminal faction and an iconic, deceptive new facilitator; and a continuation of Bush/Cheney criminality and war, under smarter and much more effective management.

Now, just months into their tenure, the Barack Obama administration has more than fulfilled the promises he made to his elite constituency, deepening the mass destruction of Bush/Cheney, while charming its victims all over the world into enjoying their own demise.

Apr 04 11:20

Nazi camp guard wins right to stay in US

A Nazi death camp guard accused of helping to kill some 29,000 Jews during World War II has won the right to remain in the United States for now, an immigration judge has ruled.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

He fed the camp guard dogs.

Apr 04 09:59

Diana Palin, Sarah Palin's Sister-In-Law, Arrested For Breaking Into Home

Police say Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's sister-in-law is accused of breaking into the same home twice to steal money.

Apr 04 09:50

'Sexting' Hysteria Falsely Brands Educator as Child Pornographer

The investigation was inconclusive, but led to a stunning aftermath: Oei himself was charged with possession of child pornography and related crimes -- charges that threatened to brand him a sex offender and land him in prison for up to seven years. Transferred from his school and isolated from colleagues, Oei spent $150,000 and a year of his life defending himself in a Kafkaesque legal nightmare triggered by a determined county prosecutor and nurtured by a growing hysteria over technology-enabled child porn at America's schools.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 04 09:27

DNA going untested in cases throughout L.A. County

Dozens of police departments throughout Los Angeles County routinely have not tested DNA evidence collected in rape and sexual assault cases, and are unable to accurately account for thousands of pieces of evidence that could potentially help solve crimes, according to a report to be released today.

Apr 04 09:26

Jury awards $2.3 million in LAPD harassment case

Officer Melissa Borck, 45, said she suffered discrimination and abuse while she was at the Los Angeles Police Department's Valley Traffic Division in 1996, and was retaliated against for reporting the harassment to Internal Affairs. The unanimous jury verdict comes a decade after Borck first filed the lawsuit in April, 1999. A mistrial was declared after her first trial in 2007 because of juror misconduct.

Apr 04 09:26

LAPD officer is accused of torching his car and lying about his shooting

A Los Angeles police officer who said he was shot in an off-duty incident early this year lied to investigators about the attack and, weeks earlier, intentionally set fire to his own luxury sports car in a scheme to collect an insurance payment, according to charges filed by prosecutors late Wednesday.

Apr 04 08:53

The Modern Art of Cluelessness.

I supposed we could chicken and egg it to death, whether the leaders or the people themselves are responsible for the state of the world. We know that the majority of the leaders are self-aggrandizing scum who line their pockets and the pockets of the ones who own them with the fruits of the industry of common labor. We know they have no shame. These days they do it right in front of their victims and then laugh about it. The people play their part in this vicious cycle as you can see here. This has been done before by others and Jay Leno used to have it as a part of his show in the feature called “Jaywalk”. I honestly don’t know what to make of something like this but the leaders certainly do.

Apr 04 05:26

BBC Reports: Pakistani Taleban claim responsibility for the attack in Binghamton NY

BBC - Pakistani Taleban leader Baitullah Mehsud called the BBC in Islamabad to claim responsibility for the attack.
[This is the only line in the story referencing this claim]

Apr 03 17:59

Gunman barricaded back door before rampage, police say

Apr 03 17:35

Why isn't the media talking about Charles Freeman?

Apr 03 16:01

Is This The Year That Congress Finally Says The Word “Hemp?”

Texas Republican Ron Paul, along with ten co-sponsors, is seeking once again to allow for the commercial farming of industrial hemp.

Apr 03 15:34

Republican warns of 'gay marriage Mecca'

Iowa Rep. Steve King condemned his state Supreme Court's Friday decision to lift a decade-long ban on same-sex marriage, saying it puts the state in danger of becoming a "gay marriage Mecca."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shut up and enjoy the tourism dollars!

Apr 03 14:59

Video - Journalist Robert Fisk describes his deja vue over US invasion of Iraq.

Points out the many similarities and parallels between what the British experienced after they invaded Iraq in 1917 and what the US experiences in Iraq today.

Apr 03 14:51

Hawaii Wants Navy to Pay for Reef Damage

Hawaii officials said Wednesday they plan to seek money from the U.S. Navy for environmental damage to a coral reef caused by a warship that ran aground in February.

The state said it would file a claim in Admiralty Court for the damage and cost of emergency restoration for the reef, which dates back hundreds of years. Hawaii would also seek money for other coral habitat restoration projects. Officials did not specify a dollar amount, which would be decided by the court.

Apr 03 12:57

Video - Indian Ecologist Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food and Seed

Dr. Shiva asks why regulate natural seeds that have evolved for thousands of years and which cause no harm. "Since it has no harm, it has no need for state regulation." What should be regulated are the genetically modified seeds which do cause harm, including genetic contamination.

She likens the seed wars to India's salt wars when the British empire tried to regulate salt. "Seed doesn't belong to the humans; it belongs to all the species that are nourished by it." And she asserts on behalf of all farmers:

"We will not obey a law that makes it illegal for us to perform our highest ecological duty on earth, which is to save seeds for the future."

Direct link to video:

Apr 03 12:13

Gunman takes hostages during shooting spree in New York state

At least 13 people were reported to have been killed and up to 40 thought to have been taken hostage on Friday when a gunman stormed an immigration services centre in western New York state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the lesson to be learned from today's shooting,. and please spread this far and wide.

The shooting in Binghamton proves once again that the police cannot and will not arrive in time to prevent crimes, including mass shootings. Had just one person inside the building been carrying a legal firearm, they could have stopped this shooter dead (literally) in his tracks.


Apr 03 11:38

Reports: At least four people shot, 40 taken hostage in Binghamton, New York

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is starting to reek of a staged event. Or maybe the perps were on anti-depressents.

Get ready for the flood of "GUNS ARE BAD!"

Apr 03 10:36


Amid bravos he couldn’t actually hear, George Galloway, the British MP who was controversially barred from Canada for his ties to Hamas, told an Ottawa crowd Thursday he is no terrorist.

“I have instructed my lawyers in Canada to bring an action for defamation against Bernie Farber, the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and CTV, for comments he made that they allowed him to make,” he said via an Internet connection. “I am not a terrorist. I am not a threat to Canada’s national security.”

Apr 03 07:49

Squirrel leaves Navy base incommunicado

A senior official at the weapons station, who asked not to be identified, said the problem began when a squirrel came in contact with an electrical transformer. The rodent was electrocuted and the transformer exploded, knocking out power for a time, and seriously damaging a key component of the base phone system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



Actually, many years ago (mid 70s) when I was working at JPL, the entire facility (except SFOF, which has its own generators) was blacked out when a raccoon made the same mistake.

C'mon evolution! We need animals smart enough to understand not to touch the hot wire!

Apr 03 06:24

G20 summit – leaders' statement

Gordon Brown has unveiled a $1.1 trillion rescue fund for the global economy at the end of the G20 summit in London. Here’s the text of the final statement.

Apr 03 05:56

G20: When Gordon met Barack

We now know the form with these events: British PM pays deferential homage to the American president, who repays the compliment with warm words for the special ties the US feels for Britain. The dynamic is usually clear: the Brit is grateful simply to be standing next to the most powerful man in the world. He is yapping spaniel; the American is top dog.

Wednesday's joint press conference of Gordon Brown and Barack Obama had no such dynamic at work:

Apr 03 05:36

Cornell University Expert on The "Scolding" The U.S.

"This might be one of the most eventful global economic summits since the breakdown of the original Bretton Woods system in the early 1970s. The Europeans and others are in no mood to take orders from the U.S. to print more money or incur more debt to "stimulate" their economies, for at least three reasons:

Apr 03 02:28

Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?

Government Decides Who Protests At G20: Violent anarchists allowed to smash up buildings despite announcing target in advance, yet anti-poverty group barred from protesting.

Apr 02 19:53

Mexico Doesn't Have a Drug Problem

Mexico has a United States problem.

Apr 02 18:22

Video- Author Jeremy Scahill on Obama's "Blackwater" ( Democracy Now)

The Obama administration has confirmed the hiring of mercenary firm Triple Canopy to take over Blackwaters contract to protect US diplomats in Iraq. Part of the firms job will be to protect the monstrous US embassy in Baghdad. We speak to independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, who has also just revealed that the administration is using Triple Canopy to protect US diplomats in Israel.

Apr 02 13:01

"Fine Tuning" Mark To Market: The Two Cows Version

The Financial Accounting Standards Board is meeting on today to discuss proposals to give banks more flexibility in valuing toxic legacy assets in illiquid markets.

We explored what this would mean a few months ago. It sounds like it is time to bring back our illustration, with a couple of adjustments to reflect recent developments

Apr 02 12:41

Top Down

What went wrong at AIG? Since the uproar over the firm's bonuses, it's become fashionable to distinguish between the masters of the universe at AIG Financial Products, the subsidiary that nearly torched the global economy, and the working stiffs at the rest of the company. So compelling is this dichotomy, in fact, that even the AIG basher-in-chief has invoked it. "You've got a company, AIG, which used to be just a regular old insurance company," President Obama explained during his recent "Tonight Show" appearance. "Then they decided--some smart person decided--let's put a hedge fund on top of the insurance company and let's sell these derivative products to banks all around the world."

Apr 02 12:23

Gorbachev blasts NATO eastward expansion

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has criticized NATO's eastward expansion and the failure by Western powers to keep their promise not to deploy military bases near Russia's borders.

Gorbachev said in an interview with Germany's Bild newspaper

Apr 02 10:24

Thefts From Luggage: Yup, Still Happening

I have not yet had anything stolen from my luggage, but this may just be a testament to the poor quality of my belongings. I have had my bag come off the conveyer belt unzipped and with the contents disarranged and spilling out. (The airline blamed it on the TSA, and nothing was missing, so I dropped it.)

Apr 02 10:13

Water wars leave northern Colo. farmers dry

Many farmers in this northern Colorado plains region are struggling to keep their crops irrigated and stay afloat as they find themselves on the wrong side of state water rules dating back to the 19th century.

Apr 02 09:59

Analysis: Crisis may lead to new world order

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here comes the pitch...

Apr 02 09:47

PM in mudbath heaven

Well, Obama was thrilled to be here too. Nobody has poured praise over us quite so thickly since Nicolas Sarkozy was here last year - before the French president decided to disagree with Gordon on everything.

Apr 02 09:19

Give Obama a Chance to Do What?

The populist anger across America is refreshing. People are angry and getting into it over issues that need to be deliberated over.

For all the problems America faces, its citizens do not have the time to give Obama a chance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama has had his chance.

The honeymoon is over.

We got fucked.

Apr 02 06:20

U-20: Will the Global Economy Resurface?

The Group of 20 (G20) is making a big show of getting together to come to grips with the global economic crisis. But here's the problem with the upcoming summit in London on April 2: It's all show. What the show masks is a very deep worry and fear among the global elite that it really doesn't know the direction in which the world economy is heading and the measures needed to stabilize it.

The latest statistics are exceeding even the gloomiest projections made earlier. Establishment analysts are beginning to mention the dreaded "D" word and there is a spreading sense that a tidal wave just now gathering momentum will simply overwhelm the trillions of dollars allocated for stimulus spending.

Apr 02 05:57

Quest for artificial nose to sniff out terrorists’ fear

LAW enforcement agencies are seeking scientists to develop an artificial nose that can detect the smell of fear as terrorists pass through security at airports.

The US Department of Homeland Security is advertising for specialists to devise airport scanners that will sniff out “deceptive individuals”.

The technology builds on recent breakthroughs in finding human scent-prints which, many researchers believe, may be as unique to individuals as fingerprints.

Apr 02 05:46

The Manically Depressed, Pedophiles, Psychopaths, Chonically Homeless, YES, It's Your PUBLIC LIBRARY!

The New York Times - S. Saulny and K. A. Cullotta - People in Need Are Filling and Taxing Libraries ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — The public library here had just closed its doors one evening in December when two homeless men who had been using the stacks as shelter from the cold got into a fight on the outside steps.

What began as bickering took a violent turn when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other six times, leaving him bleeding beside the book drop.

Apr 01 22:01

10 stories that could be April Fools... but aren't

8. Miss Universe says Guantanamo Bay is a "relaxing place, so calm and beautiful", after a five-day trip there. Dayana Mendoza, a model from Venezuela, visited the US base in Cuba as a morale-booster for troops and blogged about the experience.

Apr 01 21:27

10 stories that could be April Fools... but aren't

8. Miss Universe says Guantanamo Bay is a "relaxing place, so calm and beautiful", after a five-day trip there. Dayana Mendoza, a model from Venezuela, visited the US base in Cuba as a morale-booster for troops and blogged about the experience.

Apr 01 11:37

Global Reboot / Who Wins

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

Apr 01 11:15

Medvedev Takes On 'The Beast'

President Dmitry Medvedev is to arrive in London for the G20 summit on Wednesday in a specially designed ZiL limousine that one Kremlin official said dwarfs U.S. President Barack Obama's $300,000 armor-plated limousine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't @#%ing believe this! Our nations are being led by teenage boys competing to see who has the coolest car!!!!!

Apr 01 09:36

Living the Thug Life in Armani

You can also rightly assume that government has nothing to do with the principles behind it. That business has nothing to do with fair exchanges and able dealing …and that religion has nothing to do with God. What we have are thugs in Armani.

Apr 01 09:34

Prime Minister is ‘struggling with angry people’

Lord Malloch-Brown, the Foreign Office minister, declared that "incumbency is hell nowadays", noting how every government was "struggling with terrible opinion polls and very angry people".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every day we get angrier, and there are more of us!

Apr 01 08:47

The 'United Condom': How Jacqui Smith porn scandal made Britain the laughing stock of the world

The Jacqui Smith affair has made Britain a laughing stock around the globe for mistakenly paying for her husband’s porn films with her Commons expenses.

Apr 01 07:05

Commentary: War on drugs is insane

What do you suppose the total price tag is for this failed war on drugs? One senior Harvard economist estimates we spend $44 billion a year fighting the war on drugs. He says if they were legal, governments would realize about $33 billion a year in tax revenue. Net swing of $77 billion. Could we use that money today for something else? You bet your ass we could. Plus the cartels would be out of business. Instantly. Goodbye crime and violence.

If drugs were legalized, we could empty out a lot of our prison cells. People will use this stuff whether it's legal or not. Just like they do booze. And you could make the argument that in some cases alcohol is just as dangerous as some drugs.

Apr 01 06:37

U.S.A to Help Deflect Human Rights Abuse Accusations

The US will run for a seat in the UN Human Rights Council in order to "change" it. Translation=No more criticizing of Israel will be allowed.

Well, this really makes me sick. here comes the USA to defend Israel once again. So much for "hope and change" And notice how it comes after the Gaza genocide? I wonder if this move is so that when the human rights abuses being to come hard and fast at Israel, the US will deflect them for Israel. What a disgrace this move is and totally transparent.

Mar 31 16:33

The New Neocon Alliance with Obama

This morning leading neoconservatives such as William Kristol and Robert Kagan held a meeting at the Mayflower Hotel -- in support of President Obama's Afghanistan policy. Kristol and Kagan, as Foreign Policy's Laura Rozen has reported, have formed a successor organization to the Project for the New American Century, which came into disrepute for its advocacy of the Iraq War. The new one is called the Foreign Policy Initiative. Its contention is that America remains, in the words of Madeleine Albright, the "indispensable nation"and, furthermore, that neocons can play a valuable role in coming years in ensuring that it remains one.

At the Mayflower, the neocon pilgrims huddled around John McCain and other conservative stalwarts who spoke at the conference. But California congressman Jane Harman was also a speaker. It's clear that that neoconservatives are staking out a new course and want to retain an influential voice in foreign policy. Their latest strategy is to move closer to Obama. Kagan has already expressed his admiration for what he sees as Obama's determination to ensure that America remains No. 1 around the globe.

Mar 31 10:34

Drug violence pushes Mexico to top of U.S. security concerns

An epidemic of drug-related violence that has claimed thousands of lives in northern Mexico and begun to spill over into U.S. border cities has thrust Mexico into the first tier of President Barack Obama's security concerns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it "drug violence" or are we looking at a civil war where the people of Mexico are trying to get rid of their country's drug corruption?

And if the Mexican people are trying to get rid of the drug criminals who have taken over their government, why is the US trying to prevent the Mexican people from getting guns?

I mean, the druggies already HAVE guns, so this claim that guns are being smuggled from the US into Mexico means the people are trying to arm themselves to drive the druggies out.

So, whose side is the US Government on?

Mar 31 09:12

Commentary: War on drugs is insane

So how's this war on drugs going?

Someone described insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. That's a perfect description of the war on drugs.

Mar 30 16:54

Kucinich questions $3.6 billion in bonuses to Merrill Lynch executives

Merrill Lynch's bonuses were 22 times larger than the $165 million bonuses AIG paid its executives"...In contrast to the bonuses awarded by AIG, the Merrill bonuses constituted a significant proportion of allocated TARP funds, which were not locked into place by preexisting contract and were performance, not retention, in nature," Kucinich said in the letter which mentioned the House Oversight subcommittee he chairs is probing the issue.

Mar 30 12:53

The Quiet Coup

The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government—a state of affairs that more typically describes emerging markets, and is at the center of many emerging-market crises. If the IMF’s staff could speak freely about the U.S., it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform. And if we are to prevent a true depression, we’re running out of time.

Mar 30 12:26

Marijuana is illegal because, uh, uh...

One member of the press corps, however, brought up the fact that marijuana legalization is a serious subject to many people, particularly with Mexico right now, and when Gibbs didn't really respond, the reporter asked him to explain "Why?" "Why he feels that way about legalizing marijuana?"

Here was Gibbs' response:

"Uh, he, he does not think that, uh, uh, that that is uh, uh, [pause] he opposes it, he doesn't think that that's the, the right plan for America."

Apparently that is the new U.S. Government position on why marijuana should be illegal.


It's fascinating that he couldn't come up with anything other than the equivalent of... "because."

Mar 30 10:04

Earth-lover Gore doesn't love 'Earth Hour'

Do as I say, not as I do? Seems like former Vice-President Al Gore may be embracing that motto as evidenced Saturday night by his failure to turn off the lights of his Nashville home for “Earth Hour.”

Drew Johnson, president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research —the same organization that also found Gore's home consumes 20 times more electricity than the average household — told Yeas & Nays that Gore’s Belle Meade-section mansion did not go dark during the global campaign’s designated hour between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Imagine my shock.

Mar 30 09:34

PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008

Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published documents online showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed 95 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2008. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the animal rights group kills an average of 5.8 pets every day at its Norfolk, VA headquarters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So when you hear talk about ethical treatment of humans, you'll know what they really mean!

Mar 30 09:20

Evidence mounts of deadly antibiotic-resistant pathogen MRSA in pigs, will the FDA and the USDA act?

Despite mounting evidence of the link from Canada and Europe, U.S. public-health officials had never formally studied the issue, even though MRSA kills something close to 20,000 Americans every year -- more than AIDS*.(*and the 9/11 terrorist attacks)

Mar 30 07:16

Realizing Real Estate is Just a Liability - Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures

The New York Times - Susan Saulny - City officials and housing advocates here and in cities as varied as Buffalo, Kansas City, Mo., and Jacksonville, Fla., say they are seeing an unsettling development: Banks are quietly declining to take possession of properties at the end of the foreclosure process, most often because the cost of the ordeal — from legal fees to maintenance — [and elevated property taxes] exceeds the diminishing value of the real estate.

Mar 29 16:26

Fined for illegal clearing, family now feel vindicated

They were labelled law breakers, fined $50,000 and left emotionally and financially drained.

But seven years after the Sheahans bulldozed trees to make a fire break — an act that got them dragged before a magistrate and penalised — they feel vindicated. Their house is one of the few in Reedy Creek, Victoria, still standing.

Mar 29 12:59

NC Nursing Home Shooting Kills 6, Hurts 3

A gunman opened fire at a North Carolina nursing home Sunday, killing six and wounding at least two others, police said.

McKenzie said the man wasn't a patient at the nursing home but didn't offer further details on what the gunman's motive might have been.

Mar 29 12:21

Obama Commits Himself To War

Under pressure from U.S. drones many Pashtuns in Pakistan will move from the areas in the tribal lands into the cities and will eventually fight the Pakistani government there. Recent days already saw deadly clashes between internally displaced persons and the police. With the fighting brought into major cities, the Pakistani government will lose even more legitimation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just where the adults who are supposed to be guiding US foreign policy were when Obama and his advisors came up with this mound of steaming excrement, and dubbed it "an intelligent foreign policy decision".

Mar 29 12:16

Freedom Rider: Opposing Obama

This weekend's pitifully small peace demonstration in the nation's capitol reveals a near-totally demobilized U.S. Left mired in such timidity and delusion, activists fear to mention Barack Obama's name when denouncing the wars he so aggressively prosecutes. "The new president, who makes no secret of his intention to continue the previous administration's war of terror, escaped serious scrutiny and the condemnation he deserves." Forgetting that power concedes nothing without a demand, the Left shrinks from making real demands of the actual president in power.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is just a very bright, very attractively packaged warmonger, no different from his predecessor in terms of the kind of geopolitical outcome he has promised to achieve for those to whom he holds himself accountable (and I can assure you, these folks are NOT "We the People".

But I would also observe that true conservatives (like Ron Paul, for whom I have an enormous amount of respect) also find this consistent "wars without end" approach to geopolitics truly abhorrent. They know that this kind of behavior on the part of any country puts that country in both moral, and economic, peril.

Paul had two main problems in the 2008 campaign; he wasn't any where near telegenic enough to be elected, and he was telling the American people the truth about what was going to happen if we continued on the road the previous president had this country traveling.

His assessment, unfortunately, has become prophetic.

Mar 29 11:45

Obama will face a defiant world on foreign trip

Despite his immense popularity around the world, Mr. Obama will confront resentment over American-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit meeting of industrial and emerging market nations plus the European Union.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What Obama appears to not realize - or perhaps he doesn't care - that the US's strident assurances about how Western finance, based on the concept of fractional banking, will save the world's economy, has brought world economy to a standstill.

He appears not to realize - or to care - that every time a US- piloted drone somewhere kills women, kids, and the elderly, this country is creating another generation of young radicals are righteously and rightfully angry. That anger will have only one way to express itself, and that doesn't at all augur well for the future of peace on this planet.

He appears not to realize - or to care - that US military misadventures around the world to steal resources - rather than acquire them through treaties, as Russia has done - make us look as though we have a "psychotic thug" class of juveniles running this country.

He appears not to realize - or care - that the billions of dollars sent to Israel - a country doing its level best to ethnically cleanse every Palestinian from any part of its territory, does not make us look like an honest broker to the rest of the Middle East, or the world.

And unfortunately for this President, those intellectual capabilities with which he is remarkably endowed, mean nothing if the only guiding emotion in his life is hubris.

Hubris, like ignorance, should be painful.

Mar 29 11:26

Republicans run from, not on, Schwarzenegger's record

Reporting from Sacramento -- For years, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has treated fellow Republicans with a combination of indifference and thinly veiled contempt.

Now, as they vie to succeed him in 2010, the party's two leading candidates for governor are responding in similar fashion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Amid all this bickering and backbiting, it appears that the current crop of legislators have really forgotten who they work for: the citizens of the state of California. The only goal is winning - and holding - a position in state government, period, end of discussion, with these people. And people are voting with their feet to "get the heck out of Dodge", before the situation gets worse.

As reported on Dec 23, 2008 at:

"From 2007 to 2008, California had the biggest net loss of people moving to other states — more than 144,000 people. It was followed by New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Illinois."

This is the first time in a long time we've looked at numbers like that from California.

And they may well get worse.

Mar 29 10:29

Response to 'U.S. Perpetuates Mass Killings In Iraq by Peter Phillips'

Hello, thank you for your efforts towards bringing monumental criminals to justice. However I noted that in your editorial, you focussed on Mr. G. W. Bush and other front-men in the White House. That was also the focus of the courageous Congressman Dennis Kucinich. And while you concluded with “We owe our children and ourselves a future without the shame of mass murder on our collective conscience.”, there is no mention of the real criminals who continually replace new faces in the White House. How to bring those monumental criminals to justice? They remain largely unidentified and the blame is taken by the “effects”, not the cause.

Mar 29 05:22

Does the suicide rope belong in a bag of personal belongings returned to relatives?

BBC News Police apology over suicide rope Police have apologised to a widow for giving her the rope her husband had used to kill himself.

Mar 29 04:57

Spain court mulls US torture case - The American Six for Torture at Guantanamo Bay

BBC News Spanish judges have agreed to consider charging six former US officials with providing legal justification for alleged torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Mar 28 17:01

Sailor, 32, is fatally shot on destroyer, Navy says

Gregory R. Egan, 32, of Ridgefield, Conn., died Sunday afternoon at a local hospital, Lt. Cmdr. Brad Fagan said. The shooting occurred aboard the ship while it was undergoing maintenance at BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair.

Egan's mother, Mary Corriveau, told the Danbury News-Times that her son died of a gunshot wound to the head when another sailor's weapon misfired. Fagan said he could not confirm those details, pending the completion of an investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The ship is in the repair ship, not at sea, not in combat, not even in port, but in a repair facility, and a sailor not only is carrying a loaded weapon but is handling it in such a way that it misfires????

I don't think so.

Mar 28 10:59


The photo of the Israeli apartheid wall with "Whatreallyhappened" painted on it is at upper left.

Mar 27 13:16

Using the family car as a piggy bank - Torching it for the insurance money appeals to many

Yahoo! Finance - The Wall Street Journal - Douglas Belkin - More Vehicles Burned, Ditched in Apparent Schemes by Owners to Get Insurance Payout Years of no-money-down car loans followed by sinking home values and rising unemployment has made many people desperate over car payments they can no longer afford. For some, the answer is to ditch the car, report it stolen and collect the insurance money to pay it off without hurting their credit.

Mar 27 12:58

Farmers Lead a Bid to Create 2 Californias

“Those Hollywood types don’t have any idea what’s going on out here on the farms,” said Mr. Rogers, a retired dairyman from Visalia, the county seat in a Central Valley region where cows far outnumber people.

So it is that in recent weeks Mr. Rogers, whose previous political involvement amounted to little more than writing a check to a favored candidate — has suddenly become a leader in a secessionist movement bent on cleaving California in two.

Mar 27 12:48

Cracks in levee forces evacuations in Fargo, ND

Officials in North Dakota have ordered a mandatory evacuation of one Fargo neighborhood and a nursing home after authorities found cracks in an earthen levee built around the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Money for war, money for Wall Street, money for Israel, and once again the American people, the SOURCE for all that money, are not being taken care of. Once again, the infrastructure to protect us shows signs of neglect.

Mar 27 09:43

Pledge to Break Up the Banks

To stop the banks, Americans are planning creative actions all over the country for April 11. Spread the word. Actions are announced in:

Phoenix, AZ at AIG Building, 24th Street and Camelback Road

los angeles, CA at Griffith Park

San Diego, CA at Embarcadero

Hartford, CT at Courthouse, BOA, Dodd Office

Washington , DC at Lafayette Park

Chicago, IL at 231 LaSalle Street, 230 S. Dearborn
Boston, MA at Boston Common

Augusta, ME at State House

Detroit, MI at City County Building

Marquette , MI at UP Post Office 12 Noon

Saint Louis, MO at Under the Arch

Raleigh, NC at Bicentennial Plaza

Albuquerque, NM at First Plaza Galeria

New York, NY at Citigroup Headquarters more

Columbus, OH at Ohio Statehouse more

Mar 27 09:07

Townhall Talk and a New Way Forward

Obama's Thursday "town hall" featuring questions submitted online produced some interesting comments from our president.

Mar 27 09:05

We The People Stimulus Package

Mar 27 08:49

Ryan Dawson on WRH Radio (recording of the show)

Get all the liberty radio shows for just 99 cents a month!

Mar 27 02:37

Who Is Arming the Mexican Drug Cartels?

The state, Mexican authorities and their US propaganda arm, known in most circles as the Mainstream Media, have recently embarked on a huge disinformation campaign to demonize the American gun owner as the supplier of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Everyone in the media, with the possible exception of Lou Dobbs, has joined in the campaign of lies.

Shown here, on a CBS special, is video proof of the lies and disinformation by CBS, US and Mexican authorities. Anderson Cooper and Janet Napolitano are either ignorant or complicit in the myth that M-203s, RPGs and hand grenades are readily available to the American gun consumer. Most intelligent folks, and those without a state sponsored agenda, realize these weapons are usually only available to the military.

Mar 26 22:11

Obama says single-payer is off because taxes would be too high to pay for it!

I now pay $6000 a year in premiums and get nothing paid until I pay $6000 out of pocket.

Obama: "The problem is, is that we have what's called a legacy, a set of institutions that aren't that easily transformed....And so what evolved in America was an employer-based system. It may not be the best system if we were designing it from scratch. But that's what everybody is accustomed to. That's what everybody is used to. It works for a lot of Americans."

Mar 26 22:01

Single-payer health reform bill introduced in Senate

Would save $400 billion on bureaucracy, enough to cover all 46 million uninsured Americans

"We are confident that Sen. Sanders' bill will accelerate the national drive for the only reform that we know will work," Young said. "A majority of physicians endorse such an approach. Fifty-nine percent of U.S. physicians support national health insurance. Two-thirds of the public also supports such a remedy. We remember well that President Obama once acknowledged that single-payer national health insurance was the best way to go. It still is."

Mar 26 20:59

US aircraft parts fall on Brazil

Sections of a US plane have fallen from the sky onto a residential area in the city of Manaus in northern Brazil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Finest American workmanship!

Mar 26 20:47

States Rebellion Pending

Our Colonial ancestors petitioned and pleaded with King George III to get his boot off their necks. He ignored their pleas, and in 1776, they rightfully declared unilateral independence and went to war.

Today it’s the same story except Congress is the one usurping the rights of the people and the states, making King George’s actions look mild in comparison. Our constitutional ignorance—perhaps contempt, coupled with the fact that we’ve become a nation of wimps, sissies and supplicants—has made us easy prey for Washington’s tyrannical forces. But that might be changing a bit. There are rumblings of a long overdue re-emergence of Americans’ characteristic spirit of rebellion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 26 20:42

We're All Terrorists Now

Mar 26 17:00

Dallas police chief apologizes for conduct of officer who drew gun on NFL player

Dallas police chief apologizes for conduct of officer who drew gun on NFL player

05:38 PM CDT on Thursday, March 26, 2009
By STEVE THOMPSON and TANYA EISERER / The Dallas Morning News

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle stood in front of a dozen news cameras this afternoon at police headquarters to apologize for the behavior of an officer who stopped a family outside a hospital emergency room.

Kunkle said Officer Robert Powell has been placed on paid administrative leave in connection with an incident last week in which he stopped a family rushing to visit a dying mother, detaining them for 13 minutes to write a traffic ticket.

Mar 26 12:33

Satnav leads driver to 100ft drop

A careless driver is facing charges after nearly driving his BMW off a cliff at the behest of his satnav.

According to reports in the Halifax Evening Courier, Robert Jones was on his way to visit friends in Yorkshire on a Sunday morning.

His satnav directed him up a "steep, narrow footpath" which led to a fence, beyond which lay a cliff and a 100ft drop.


Mar 26 11:05

Why Gold Prices Didn't Really Rise Last Week

Last Wednesday afternoon, after the FOMC announcement, the price of gold (in dollars) went up. On Thursday gold ETF GLD (GLD) closed at its highest level since February 25th. But what actually happened? The FOMC announced that it would begin buying U.S. treasuries on the open market, this at the same time that U.S. treasury auctions are tripling and quadrupling their bond sales in order to pay for the massive increase in the U.S. budget deficit.

Mar 26 09:56

Anti-teenager “pink lights to show up acne”

Mar 26 09:43

Millville police officer cut wife's hands to fake self-defense in killing, prosecutor says

The prosecutor arguing the state’s murder case against a suspended Millville police officer revealed in court Wednesday that evidence suggests Sgt. Robert Vanaman cut his wife’s hands in the moments after he shot her.

Mar 26 09:12

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren't flying

In January, after less than 10 months of operation, the cascade of mechanical problems forced the DEA to ground the planes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work.

Mar 26 01:31

The New California Gold Rush

"I'm here to find gold," said Kevin Brown. "I'm a studio lighting technician in Hollywood, between the writers strike that happened last year, and the Screen Actors Guild, whatever they want to call it. Lately I've had to turn to having to do it for extra cash."

Geologists estimate that during the gold rush of 1849 in California, about 80 percent of the gold was never found. Today, with the price of gold soaring and the economy falling, the idea of panning, digging or diving for precious metal has become serious business.

"There's definitely gold nuggets down in the bottom here," Brown said. "Just a matter of getting 30 feet down lower than any old timer or modern prospector has

Mar 25 11:29

Coping: With Med Shortages

“According to a Deputy Sheriff, ammunition will no longer be supplied to retail outlets for the public. What outlets have on the shelves and in stock now, is all they will be getting. Ammunition will be directed to the Military and Police Forces, ONLY.

Mar 25 08:50

60,000 civilian spies to get three-hour lesson in how to spot terrorists

An army of 60,000 security guards trained to watch for terrorists and deal with attacks have had just three hours training - including a coffee break.

It emerged yesterday that staff at businesses taking part in ' Project Argus' are shown a multimedia presentation describing a simulated terrorist attack, followed by a question-and-answer session and group discussion.

The project's website states: 'The whole event including a coffee break will last three hours.'

Mar 25 08:49

Harvard economist: Prohibition creates violence, legalize all drugs

"Violence is the norm in illicit gambling markets but not in legal ones. Violence is routine when prostitution is banned but not when it's permitted," he wrote. "Violence results from policies that create black markets, not from the characteristics of the good or activity in question.

"The only way to reduce violence, therefore, is to legalize drugs."

Mar 24 18:31

Veterans For Peace YouTube Channel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YouTube channel of tonight's radio guest.

Mar 24 18:30

The War Crimes Times - In America We’re locking up mothers While the war criminals walk free

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Website of tonight's radio show guest.

Mar 24 18:18

Man on murder charge after alleged burglar stabbed to death

A MAN is facing murder charges after allegedly stabbing a would-be burglar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kind of tells you whose side the government is on!

Mar 24 16:52

All These Many Alexanders

The Christian Science Monitor - Robert Marquand - 2,300 years later, 'Alexander-mania' grips Macedonia SKOPJE, Macedonia - As part of a stunning new homegrown ideology of history and identity based on Alexander the Great, this capital city's main square may soon boast a huge new statue of the ancient conqueror.

Alexander is considered one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Born in the Greek city of Pella in 356 BC, his conquests extended to most of his known world by the time of his death at age 32. He opened up Greek civilization from the Mediterranean to India, and is regarded as the first to link Europe, Asia, and Africa.