Jan 17 06:18

NASA scraps test of its most powerful rocket ever after one minute: Agency investigates 'major component failure' on $18.6billion Space Launch System that's been built to take Americans to the moon

A scheduled test of NASA's Space Launch System rocket on Saturday quickly went off the rails, casting doubt on the next steps of sending Americans to space and the moon.

Jan 17 06:18

'You're violating my personhood!' Anti-masker, 61, in leopard-print captured on video accusing a black sheriff of KIDNAPPING her and stealing her purse after being arrested in Palm Beach for COVID-19 violations

An anti-masker in leopard-print was captured on video making bizarre claims after she was arrested in Florida for COVID-19 violations.

Jan 17 06:17

WRATH Vader! Furious villagers slam Star Wars bosses as massive film set for Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off TV series starring Ewan McGregor arrives at disused quarry… and could stay there for THREE YEARS

Furious villagers have slammed Star Wars bosses after a massive film set for a new spin-off series starring Ewan McGregor arrived at an abandoned quarry - and could stay there for three years.

Jan 17 06:16

Chemical stockpile that caused Beirut explosion 'was shipped by business with ties to figures linked to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad'

An investigation into the blast that laid waste to Beirut has uncovered links between Bashar al-Assad and the firm which shipped the chemicals that exploded.

Jan 17 06:16

China threatens Australia with a 'counterstrike' after government condemned Beijing's assault on democracy in Hong Kong

China has threatened a 'counterstrike' against Australia after Canberra condemned Beijing's mass arrest of 55 politicians and activists in Hong Kong.

Jan 17 06:02

Woman, 21, goes on mile-long joyride in unattended USPS truck before plowing it into more than a dozen parked cars in NYC

A 21-year-woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing a USPS truck and taking it on a mile-long joyride before plowing it into more than a dozen cars in Brooklyn.

Jan 16 22:32

Thousands marching in migrant caravan to US demand Biden administration 'honor its commitments'

Thousands of migrants from Central America are on their way to the United States, and a migrant activist group representing the caravan is calling for the Biden administration to honor its "commitment."

Jan 16 22:01

"Your Mao is showing"

Jan 16 17:40

MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell says, “martial law” was suggested by an attorney in White House meeting notes

MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell was spotted walking into a White House meeting Friday carrying a cup of coffee along with four pages of notes which suggest options and actions that the president could take to thwart the Biden-Harris transition.

Images posted to Twitter by Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford reveal suggestions presumably made by attorney Sidney Powell to President Donald Trump on how to legally deal with the current crisis in America regarding claims of widespread voter fraud before the 20 January inauguration.

One excerpt from the paper clearly reads: “Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting.”

Jan 16 14:03

Screenshots From ‘Insurrection USA’ BLM Activist John Sullivan’s Discord Claim Police Let Him In

A series of leaked screenshots purportedly from BLM activist and Insurrection USA founder John Sullivan’s Discord server have been leaked. In the screenshots, the radically far left activists admit they wore Trump hats and other MAGA gear as subterfuge, and admit that the police willingly let them enter the deified halls of the U.S. Capitol.

The screenshots, found and compiled by a conservative Twitter user, show the leftist rioters planning their invasion of the sanctified grounds of the Capitol, discussing how they will wear pro-Trump camouflage, and most strikingly, admitting how the police enthusiastically let them proceed past barrier after barrier until they were inside the consecrated halls of the U.S. Capitol.

In the days immediately following the January 6 protest, one user in Sullivan’s Discord server wrote, “I had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm [sic]” to be able to infiltrate the crowd unnoticed.

Jan 16 12:43

A message to anyone who feels like ‘Winston’ in Orwell’s 1984

This is not about violence. It’s about ideology. If you hold different beliefs than the ‘Party’, then you risk being canceled or ‘de-platformed’ by Big Tech. -- The message is clear: behave and think exactly as we tell you, or you will lose everything you have worked for, in the blink of an eye.

Jan 16 11:59

Bus driver who veered off bridge, refused test is suspended

The 55-year-old driver has been “withheld from service without pay” following the dramatic crash, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Saturday. His name has not been made public.

Jan 16 11:55

Judge drops charges against 28 Black Lives Matter protesters in Detroit

Judge Larry Williams Jr. tossed the cases after the city of Detroit failed to provide discovery of information, including the identities of arresting officers and body cam footage, that could be used during a trial.

Jan 16 11:50

Left-Wing ‘Known Agitator’ Released Conditionally Without Bail

Sullivan was charged Thursday for his role in the breach on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The 26-year-old was charged with entering a restricted building or grounds, “civil disorders,” and violent entry or disorderly conduct, reported KUTV 2 News.The agitator told Fox News last week he was at the Capitol to “document” the rally.

Jan 16 11:48

Katie Couric wants to know how we will 'deprogram people who signed up for the cult of Trump'

During her appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher," Katie Couric attacked Republican members of Congress and President Donald Trump. Couric went so far as to ask, "How are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?"

Jan 16 11:47

Report: Georgia prosecutor 'increasingly likely' to open criminal investigation into President Trump

A top Georgia prosecutor is reportedly considering whether to open a criminal investigation into President Donald Trump's alleged "attempts to

Jan 16 11:42

He'll r-egret standing there! Unlucky egret gets blasted with rhino urine after standing in the wrong place at the wrong time

A snowy white egret received a surprise soaking from a large male rhino at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya
The amusing moment was captured by photographer Nagaraj Tilakraj, 40, who was visiting with his family

Jan 16 11:40

Harvard Students Petition For Trump-Allied Graduates To Lose Degrees

A group of students at Harvard University are demanding that the degrees earned by Trump allies be revoked as punishment for their political opinions.

Jan 16 11:06

Easy tiger! Moment massive Bengal big cat tries to rip the bumper off Indian safari Jeep and even drags the 1.8 tonne vehicle backwards

Huge Bengal tiger was filmed gnawing at safari car's bumper in southern India
After clamping its teeth around the bumper, it appears to pull the vehicle back
Four passengers were inside the vehicle, while others filmed from beside the car

Jan 16 11:05

Can YOU spot the mountain lion lurking among the rocks? Nevada wildlife scientist captures big cat's 'Where's Waldo' moment

The US Fish and Wildlife Service posted a scene shot asking people to see if they could spot a mountain lion
The lion was caught resting in the wilderness in Washoe County, Nevada, by a conservation scientist

Jan 16 11:04

Stay and still (Cartoon)

Jan 16 11:03

'Take this country back. Load your guns and take to the streets!' Trump supporter who died at Capitol riots was once an Obama fan and attended his inauguration

A Trump supporter who had encouraged violence against Democrats in his last social media posts before his death at the Capitol riots, was once a fan of President Obama and even attended his inauguration.

Jan 16 11:01

Hello??? (Picture)

Jan 16 11:00

Pro-Trump evangelical preacher Franklin Graham says the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach the president were like Judas who received 'thirty pieces of silver from Pelosi'

Franklin Graham, the evangelical preacher, son of the Rev. Billy Graham and ardent supporter of President Trump, compared the 10 Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of impeachment on Wednesday to Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ.

Jan 16 10:58

Capitol cop told rioter 'it's your house now' and gave him a HUG, FBI affidavit reveals as members of law enforcement are investigated

A man who is suspected of joining the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week told authorities a Capitol Police officer shook his hand as he entered the building and said: 'It's your house now.'

Jan 16 10:50

Romania (Picture)

Jan 16 10:49

BLM activist who was armed with a knife and egged on mob during siege of the Capitol is freed on bail despite prosecution pleading for him to remain behind bars arguing he 'thrives on chaos'

A left-wing activist charged over his role in the siege of the U.S. Capitol Building has made his first appearance in court.

Jan 16 10:45

CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN : Hundreds of violent left-wing rioters smashed windows, set limousine on fire in Washington DC during President Trump’s inauguration in 2017; government later dropped ALL CHARGES against the rioters

The liberal media doesn’t want you to remember this story. -- They want you to believe that the only violent protest in the history of Washington, DC was the one that just took place at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. -- On the morning of President Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017, hundreds of radical left-wing Antifa terrorists ascended upon Washington, DC to violently protest against the duly elected President, Donald Trump.

Jan 16 10:25

Don’t Fall For The Establishment’s Tall Tales. There Was No “Violent Assault on the Capitol” and There is Abundant Evidence of Electoral Fraud

Why was this show orchestrated?  The answer is obvious. The last thing the Establishment can allow is a challenger to the Establishment being kicked out of office in the face of what might be the largest demonstration of support for a political figure in American history.  The very last thing that the American Establishment wants is a leader of that half of the American population who understand that the Establishment’s agendas are inimical to their own. -- So Trump and his supporters had to be blackened and discredited with an orchestrated event that stopped the presentation of the evidence of electoral fraud  and replaced it with an “insurrection against democracy by MAGA terrorists.” In one fell swoop, this got rid of the evidence of electoral fraud and Trump and his supporters.  The massive rally of support for Trump was turned into a liability for Trump, his supporters, and Republicans. 

Jan 16 09:52

Faces of 'Siberian Tutankhamun' and his sacrificed concubine are reconstructed using their 2,600-year-old rotting skulls uncovered from a 262-foot wide burial mound

The reconstructed faces are of a king and concubine that died 2,600 years ago
The remains were discovered in a massive burial mound in 1997

Jan 16 09:46

Totalitarian Takeover in Progress: The Left’s Coup Against America

The American Left has spent the better part of last year laying waste to America. Beginning in May of 2020, they unleashed and conducted the most extensive and violent riots in this nation’s history. -- The United States is in the midst of a totalitarian takeover. If the Left is not stopped, we will be almost certainly plunged into despotism.

Jan 16 09:43

Not the Mustang you used to know: Mach-E is Ford's first purpose-build electric SUV that uses the iconic muscle car's name - is it worthy of the fabled badge?

Mess with an icon at your peril.

Taking a legendary car and recreating it for the changing needs, fashions, technology and environmental demands of the 21st century is no mean challenge, not least when you're completely altering the one feature it was most famed for.

Jan 16 09:42

How a postmaster's daughter snared the Serpent: Hippie trail killer from gripping BBC drama was only brought to justice thanks to a very brave grammar schoolgirl

Barbara Smith was just 22 years old when she left Hampshire behind and set off for India on what was meant to be the trip of a lifetime.

Jan 16 09:42

Police Release Images Of Suspect Who Used Plastic Shield To Crush DC Officer Against Glass Doors During Capitol Riot As He Claims The Only Reason Cops Didn't Shoot Protesters Was Because They'd Have Lost The Firefight

Police in Washington D.C. have released images of a suspect they believe to be responsible for deliberately crushing an officer in the doors of the Capitol.

Jan 16 09:41

UK records 904 new daily Covid deaths in hospitals, preliminary figures show, taking total to 90,147

Hospitals in the UK recorded 904 coronavirus deaths today as the number of fatalities continue to rise
It's a 15 per cent increase on the same figure last Saturday, when 789 deaths were recorded in UK hospitals

Jan 16 09:40

A former White supremacist store and Ku Klux Klan meeting space is being turned into a community center to promote healing

A South Carolina preacher and local resident are turning what once was a Ku Klux Klan meeting place into a community center dedicated to educating and fighting against racial injustice.

Jan 16 09:37

Pelosi chokes up as she calls Capitol riot an 'assault on our Democracy' then threatens GOP lawmakers if they are found to have 'aided and abetted' MAGA attack with prosecution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the possibility Friday of criminal prosecutions of Republican lawmakers if they are found to have provided Capitol tours to people who took part in the Capitol riots.

Jan 16 09:35

EXCLUSIVE: 'What time are we meeting?' Wife of Trump fanatic who killed himself after being arrested at Capitol riots tweeted about flying into DC to attend president's ill-fated rally and posted anti-Biden propaganda

The wife of the Trump fanatic who killed himself after being arrested at the Capitol riots appears to share his conviction that the 2020 Presidential Election was 'stolen' by Democrats.

Jan 16 09:32

MAGA mob was only 100 feet from the office where Mike Pence, his wife and his daughter were hiding when hero Capitol cop led rioters in the wrong direction after the violent crowd missed by him by just one minute in hallway

The rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 were just 100 feet from the officer where Vice President Mike Pence and his family were hiding, according to a report.

Jan 16 09:22

Falsely claiming someone is gay is no longer defamation per se, N.Y. court rules

Falsely accusing someone of being gay is no longer considered defamation per se, a New York appeals court ruled recently.

Defamation is a false statement that damages someone’s reputation. To win a defamation suit in most cases, plaintiffs must be able to show that the statement against them is false and that it caused them to suffer damages or harm, such as losing their job. Defamation per se is a false accusation that is so damaging that plaintiffs don’t have to prove that they suffered damages.

Jan 16 09:16

Former Cleveland school therapist charged in Capitol riot

Christine Priola resigned "to expose the global evil of human trafficking and pedophilia" allegedly supported by government agencies.

Jan 16 09:11

GRAHAM: Media Boost Biden As ‘Above The Fray’

Pardon me if I laugh when reporters tout that some politician they like is posing as being “above the fray.” This fray is something reporters usually force politicians to confront. If politicians are effortlessly floating above it, reporters are allowing it.

Jan 16 09:09

Woman Recognized As Oldest Living U.S. Marine Dies At 107

Dorothy Schmidt Cole, who was recognized as the oldest living U.S. Marine back in September 2020, died of a heart attack at her daughter’s home Thursday. She was 107.

Jan 16 09:08

Twitter won't let Joe Biden inherit Trump's millions of followers and his team is very upset about it

As part of the transition process from President Donald Trump to President-elect Joe Biden, Twitter said that the new president will not be allowed to inherit the president's millions of followers and his team is upset at their decision.

Jan 16 09:04

Joe Manchin says Senate should consider removing Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz under 14th Amendment

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) said in an interview this week that he believes the Senate should consider removing

Jan 16 09:03

FBI arrests 'hardcore leftist' plotting to violently attack pro-Trump protesters at Florida Capitol over rioting at US Capitol

The FBI arrested a man in Florida who was allegedly planning to recruit people to violently attack pro-Trump protesters who might show up at the Florida State Capitol to continue the effort to overthrow the election.

Jan 16 08:59

FBI arrests former U.S. soldier in alleged plot to carry out violence at Florida Capitol

A former U.S. Army soldier from Tallahassee angered over the siege of the U.S. Capitol was arrested by the FBI after issuing a call to arms for a violent attack on protesters Sunday at Florida’s Capitol.

Jan 16 08:58

Capitol rioter known as "QAnon Shaman" will be jailed until trial

A Capitol rioter known as the "QAnon Shaman" has been ordered detained until trial, after federal prosecutors in Arizona initially said his words and actions during the January 6 siege show that the intent of the rioters was to "capture and assassinate" lawmakers. Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin later said there is no "direct evidence" of kill and capture teams, and a prosecutor later stuck that line from the memorandum urging a judge to keep him detained, according to The Associated Press.

Jan 16 08:53

New poll says three-quarters of people believe Donald Trump bears at least partial responsibility for MAGA violence and another says majority want him banned from running again

A majority of Americans say President Donald Trump bears at least partial responsibility for last week's attack on Capitol Hill and that they don't want him to run for office again.

Jan 16 08:49

Virginia’s New Transgender Rules For Public Schools: Use Preferred Pronouns, Don’t Question Bathroom Choices

Virginia’s Department of Education was required by law to create model policies for school boards regarding treatment of transgender students no later than December 31, 2020. The draft model policies are now public, and require schools to use students’ preferred pronouns and to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice without question.

Jan 16 08:49

Donald Trump is regularly talking to indicted former aide Steven Bannon in dying days of his White House - even though Bannon publicly called Rudy Giuliani 'crazy'

Amid the departure of several longtime confidants and friction with his longtime lawyer Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump has gotten back into regular contact with former advisor Steve Bannon.

Jan 16 08:46

EXCLUSIVE: Trump loyalist who 'threatened to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi' is QAnon fanatic who said 'we won't go on offense - unless somebody very high up tells us to' and has been obsessed with president since 1992

A QAnon fanatic who threatened to put 'a bullet in Nancy Pelosi's noggin' as he headed to Donald Trump's MAGA rally previously boasted he was part of a 'very well armed majority' who would go on offense when given the orders from 'somebody very high up,' can reveal.

Jan 16 08:44

Wholesomememes (Picture)

Jan 16 08:43

More than 4,800 boxes of ice cream are found to be contaminated with Covid in China as authorities scramble to contact people who could be affected

Ice cream has tested positive for coronavirus in China and left health authorities scrambling to trace people at risk of infection.

Jan 16 08:42

March For Life Cancels In-Person Rally, Announces Virtual Events

The March for Life will not be accommodating a massive in-person rally in Washington, D.C., this year, and organizers plan to hold virtual events on January 29 instead, organizers announced on Friday.

Jan 16 08:41

Even Whitty and Vallance sound half-way cheery as Boris says mass compliance with third lockdown has brought COVID outbreak under control and vaccine drive reaches 3.3million people

The government is facing calls to double its target for vaccinations as the rollout speeds up dramatically
The current commitment from Boris Johnson is to give jabs to 14million most vulnerable by mid-February
Ministers shelved idea of lockdown amid signs current curbs are easing surge caused by mutant Covid strain

Jan 16 08:41

WhatsApp Delays Privacy Update That Would Share Data With Facebook After The Messaging App Loses MILLIONS Of Users To Signal And Telegram

Millions of WhatsApp users abandoned the messaging app ahead of a privacy update that would share their data with Facebook, but due to such a great loss, WhatsApp is now postponing the data-sharing change.

Jan 16 08:36

Build This Wall (Picture)

Jan 16 08:36

Woman lifts the lid on her 'internship from hell' at Goldman Sachs, detailing 16-hour days and a 'cutthroat' environment that left her sleep-deprived, stressed, and 'traumatized'

A former Goldeman Sachs intern has shared details from her 'internship from hell' with the finance firm, describing 16-hour work days, a 'cutthroat' environment, and the humiliation of not having her own desk.

Jan 16 08:34

Be like Jesus! (Picture)

Jan 16 08:33

REVEALED: Moment 'killer' Texas couple in MAGA hats get married in Las Vegas chapel as husband says 'Let's do right by each other and right by Father God' - before 'going on Thanksgiving Day gun rampage that left one man dead

A video has emerged this week showing a Texas couple accused of carrying out a deadly shooting spree in November getting married in a Las Vegas chapel while sporting 'Make America Great Again' baseball caps.

Jan 16 08:25

D.C. protester: ‘They’re are trying to burn down our capitol… it ain’t patriots… it’s Antifa’

man who appears to be a Trump supporter was captured on video on Friday warning those in attendance outside the U.S. Capitol building that “Antifa” were among those attempting to burn down the capitol.

“They’re trying to burn down our capitol and I did not come here for that shit,” the man told the crowd as flash-bangs and explosions could be seen and heard detonating in the backdrop. “It ain’t patriots up there anymore — if you go look they look like Antifa — they don’t look like me — they don’t look like you guys.”

The man-made it clear that law enforcement and or the military will be “hunting the families down that are trying to go home” after dark.

Jan 16 08:07

Or a private jet (Picture)

Jan 16 08:06

Joe Biden will tell states to give vaccines to essential workers and over 65s IMMEDIATELY to stop 'doses sitting in freezers un-used' calling current system 'rigid and confusing'

President-elect Joe Biden instructed states to give COVID-19 vaccines to all essential workers and Americans over 65 immediately, to stop doses from lingering on shelves.

Jan 16 08:04

Norway adjusts Covid vaccine advice for doctors after admitting they 'cannot rule out' side effects from the jab were behind 23 deaths in 'elderly, frail' patients

Norwegian health chiefs have said that side effects of the Covid-19 jab may have caused the deaths of 23 elderly people.

Jan 16 08:02

$1400 ? $2000 (Cartoon)