Oct 18 10:35

'Dad Stop The Burning, I Beg You': Horrifying Footage Reveals Badly-Burned Kurdish Children In Syria Amid Claims Turkey Is Using Banned Weapons Such As Napalm And White Phosphorus

Horrifying images have emerged showing badly burned children in Syria - amid claims that Turkey is using banned chemical weapons against the Kurds.

Oct 18 10:34

Scientists 'Discover Two More' Of The Seven Warships Lost In The Battle Of Midway Using Deep Sea Robots In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

Deep-sea explorers scouring the world's oceans for sunken World War II ships are investigating what they believe could be the third ship of seven lost to the Pacific during the Battle of Midway.

Oct 18 10:05

13-Year-Old Is The Youngest Of 33 Americans Killed By Vaping As The Number Suffering The Mysterious E-Cigarette Lung Illness Nears 1,500

Nearly 15,000 Americans have developed a life-threatening lung illnesses now called 'EVALI,' the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported Thursday.

Oct 18 10:05

'Go Back To Your Country!': Horrifying Moment A White Female Driver Hurls Racist Abuse At Two Teens - And Then Gets Out Of Her Car To Attack Them

A white female driver from Texas was caught on video hurling racist abuse at a group of teens who overtook her on the highway.
The woman from Richmond was travelling at almost 60mph when she was passed by the teenagers who were apparently going much faster.

Oct 18 09:47

Mumia Abu-Jamal Just One Step from Freedom

In 2020, a new hearing in Philadelphia Common Pleas could be, and should be, free from bias. Everyone knows that Mumia’s trial judge in 1981-1982 was s stone cold racist. A current sitting homicide judge on the Common Pleas Court bench has commented that Albert Sabo was “the most racist and sexist judge I have ever met.”

Here is information that has been suppressed and buried for decades and now could be available for the first time during a new trial.

Oct 18 09:45

Cartel Gunmen Terrorize Mexican City, Free El Chapo’s Son

Heavily armed fighters surrounded security forces in a Mexican city on Thursday and made them free one of drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s sons, after his capture triggered gunbattles and a prison break that sent civilians scurrying for cover.

Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said a patrol by National Guard militarized police first came under attack from within a house in the city of Culiacan, 1,235 km (770 miles) northwest of Mexico City.

After entering the house, they found four men, including Ovidio Guzman, who is accused of drug trafficking in the United States.

Oct 18 09:31

Horrifying Moment Utah Man, 61, 'Punches Two Children, Aged Six And Nine, In The Head For Riding Noisy Dirt Bikes Before Shooting At Their Father And Barricading Himself Inside His Home As SWAT Arrived'

A Utah man had a hours-long stand-off with a SWAT team after allegedly hitting two children in the face and shooting at their father three times, authorities say.

Oct 18 09:30

Mother's fury as primary school bans BOTH her sons from the playground because their 'extreme haircuts' break strict uniform code

A mother-of-four has become the latest parent infuriated by what she sees as over-zealous school rules on children's haircuts.
Claire Mitchell is angry that her two sons, Alfiee-Joe, nine, and Declan, eight, are banned from the playground at break times after Silver End Academy in Witham, Essex ruled the styles 'extreme'.

Oct 18 08:59

How FAST was the SR-71…Official VS. the Real Answer (34 Photos)

How fast was the SR-71?
Let’s answer the question with some one who actually knows.

Oct 18 08:51

Trump goes after 'very dumb' Beto O'Rourke at Dallas rally over policies against guns and religion

President Donald Trump singled out one of the Democratic presidential candidates for ridicule at his rally on Thursday in Dallas, Texas.

Oct 18 08:29

Chelsea millionaire describes single mother's flat as 'hell on earth', struggles to use a tin opener and is horrified by having to drink tap water as they swap lives on Rich House, Poor House

Two women who live a pampered lifestyle in Chelsea experienced a culture shock when they swapped their opulent surroundings for a TV experiment.

Oct 18 08:29

Intergalactic wrestling match is caught on camera in digitally enhanced Hubble telescope photo of two galaxies which collided 200million years ago

An award winning image shows an ongoing galactic battle - an entire galaxy being torn apart because it drifted too close to its neighbour around 200 million years ago.

Oct 18 08:10

Man with a gun arrested near protesters outside Trump's Dallas rally

A man with a gun was arrested near anti-Trump protesters at the president's rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday.

Oct 18 08:10

Black high school security guard fired for using a racial slur — after telling a student to stop calling him the N-word

The Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin has terminated an African-American security guard for using a racial slur, because the 11-year employee ordered a black student to stop calling him the N-word.

Oct 18 08:01

Mad Dog unleashed: James Mattis rips into Donald Trump and says he's honored to be the 'greatest overrated general' - as he jokingly compares himself to Meryl Streep and roasts the President for 'earning his spurs from the doctor'

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis roasted his old boss President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying that he is not just an overrated general but the greatest overrated general.

Oct 18 07:54

Taco Bell recalls millions of pounds of beef after metal shavings found

More than 2.3 million pounds of seasoned ground beef manufactured for Taco Bell has been recalled after a customer reportedly found metal shavings in an order.

As a precautionary measure, the Yum Brands fast food chain issued a voluntary recall that affects every Taco Bell store in 21 states across the eastern Midwest, northern Southwest, and Northeast regions, and all of these stores have since removed and thrown away the potentially contaminated beef.

Oct 18 07:50

The Cult of Feminism & Its Fabrication of History

The majority of women pre-feminism were in loving relationships where they were taken care of by men who worked very hard. These men were vetted rigorously by the young woman’s mother and father to ensure he was of noble character and worldly means. Their fathers were not spousally raping their mothers on a whim and nor were they selling off their daughters to the nearest salacious man for a goat and three oxen. Women were not the sex objects they have become today: the sluts of marketing, the prostitutes of job promotion and the eager cum buckets of wealthy male harems. Instead they were respectable people: mothers, wives and supportive members of their local community.

Oct 18 07:08

The army hoists national flag on public institutions in Ayn al-Arab

The most combat hardened army in The Middle East.

Oct 18 07:04

Kurdish forces block Syrian Army, Russian military from entering Raqqa: video

The Kurds are dumber than a box of rocks. This wont last long.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reportedly blocked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian military from entering the city of Raqqa in northern Syria this week.

Oct 18 07:00

Syrian Army, SDF deploy missiles to Turkish border region: video

Trump's tough talk to the would be Caliph of a revived Ottoman Empire has given the Syrians 5 days to liberate large parts of northeastern Syria and to surround the Turkish Salient(Cauldron) with massive amounts of armor,artllery,men and material.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:40 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were filmed transporting grad missiles and military equipment to the Syrian-Turkish border on Thursday.

Oct 18 06:55

Russian naval ship heads to Syrian waters for new deployment

A nice reminder to Greece as to how Russia has had their back against Turkey and a slap in Erdogan's face.

The Black Sea Fleet’s patrol ship Vasily Bykov is passing through the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits in its long-distance deployment to the Mediterranean Sea, the Fleet’s press office reported on Wednesday.

During its visit, the Russian ship’s crew will take part in the festivities devoted to the 192nd anniversary of the Naval Battle of Navarino. The united squadrons of Russia, Britain and France fought the Ottoman fleet in the Navarino Bay (now Pylos) on October 20, 1827. The allied forces’ victory in the naval battle played a decisive role in the rise of the Greek people’s national struggle for its independence.

Oct 18 06:54

United States imposes record $7.5 billion in tariffs on European goods

With the blessing from the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Trump administration imposed punitive tariffs on EU goods on Friday in retaliation for the European plane maker Airbus receiving illegal subsidies.

The US measures include duties of 10 percent on Airbus planes and 25 percent on agricultural products like French wine, Italian cheese and Scotch whisky.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire criticized the move hours before the tariffs were due to come into effect. "We, Europeans, will take similar sanctions in a few months, maybe even harsher ones — within the framework of the WTO — to retaliate to these US sanctions," he said.

Oct 18 06:28

30 Airport And Travel Memes For Everyone Who Has Traveled At Least Once

Traveling by plane can be a real adventure. Or it can be a real pain in the behind. Your perspective probably depends on a lot of things that you can’t control, from the staff to the weather. But most people can agree on one thing: that flying can be a good source of inspiration for jokes, memes, and comical incidents.

Oct 18 06:28

This Fake Doctor In The Early 20th Century Used Premature Babies For People’s Entertainment And Saved 6,500 Lives

“When you see these babies (there may be as many as twenty-five at one time) you will wonder how such strange little creatures will ever be human. They look more like tiny monkeys than the sturdy men and women they eventually will become,” an article from the World’s Fair weekly about incubator babies read. This article named “Saving Babies” was published back in 1933.