Jan 16 08:02

$1400 ? $2000 (Cartoon)

Jan 16 08:01

Proud Boys member called 'Spaz' who lit up cigar for a 'victory smoke' inside the Capitol after he was 'seen leading hordes of MAGA mob rioters and smashing window' is arrested

A Proud Boys member called 'Spaz' who lit up cigar for a 'victory smoke' inside the Capitol after he was 'seen leading hordes of MAGA mob rioters and smashing window' has been arrested after turning himself in.

Jan 16 08:00

Popemobile (Picture)

Jan 16 07:58

'Green Zone' in the heart of DC: Secret Service sets up lockdown perimeter days out from Biden's inauguration as 20,000 National Guard troops mobilize, razor wire is installed and the National Mall is shut down to fortify Washington

Washington DC is in lockdown with a Baghdad-style 'Green Zone' perimeter set up days out from Joe Biden's inauguration as more than 20,000 armed National Guard troops are mobilized, razor wire is installed on fences and road blocks are put in place amid 'major security threats' in the capital.

Jan 16 07:55

DoJ is investigating 275 people over MAGA riot but has only charged 98 so far out of the mob of 15,000

The Department of Justice has opened 275 case files and 98 people have been charged over the MAGA mob riot last week.

Jan 16 07:54

If It Was Stolen, Good. (It Wasn’t)

Jan 16 07:53

Republican Senator James Lankford Apologizes To Black Voters For Trying To Overturn The Election Saying He Did Not Realize They Would Be Upset About Challenging African-American Communities' Votes

Republican Sen. James Lankford apologized to his black constituents after joining onto an effort spearheaded by Sen. Ted Cruz to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election, and told them he had a 'blind spot' about how it looked.

Jan 16 07:51

'What the hell's the matter with you?' Joe Biden blames GOP reps who refused to wear masks in Capitol safe room for giving COVID to four Democrats including a cancer survivor

President-elect Joe Biden tore into the group of Republican lawmakers who refused to wear masks as the Capitol was being mobbed last week.

Jan 16 07:48

US Olympic gold medalist swimmer Klete Keller is ordered to stay away from Washington, DC, until after Biden's inauguration after he was charged with participating in Capitol riots

A five-time Olympic swimming medalist charged with participating in a deadly riot at the US Capitol was released from federal custody on Thursday but ordered to stay away from Washington, DC until after next week's inauguration.

Jan 16 07:43

NRA files for bankruptcy and announces it's 'dumping' New York to reincorporate in Texas where it has 400k members after NY AG sued to dissolve the group

The National Rifle Association has filed for bankruptcy and announced it is 'dumping' New York in favor of Texas where they have some 400,000 members, just months after the NY Attorney General filed a bombshell lawsuit trying to dissolve the group.

Jan 16 07:27

Wearing TWO masks like Joe Biden could help in the fight against coronavirus by blocking more than 90% of infectious particles, research suggests

Two masks may be better than one for preventing the spread of COVID-19, some scientists say.

Jan 16 07:24

Exposure of evil: How a barbaric photograph of the moment a Jewish mother and two children were executed above a mass grave condemned two of the firing squad... and inspired a historian to tell their story

The raw horror you are seeing in the photograph below — if you can bear to look — is the very last moment on earth of a Jewish family, teetering on the edge of a death pit as Nazi executioners with rifles fire from behind at point-blank range.

Jan 16 07:22

President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida threatened with $15,000-per-violation coronavirus fines after New Year's Eve party videos show unmasked crowd on dance floor as rapper Vanilla Ice performs

President Donald Trump's luxury Mar-a-Lago resort has been slapped with a warning from Palm Beach County after a viral New Year's Eve video showed a mostly unmasked crowd partying on the dance-floor.

Jan 16 07:20

Got that protest merch (Picture)

Jan 16 07:20

'It happens in just 20 seconds': Former paramedic warns parents of the unexpected places where young children can DROWN around the house, from doggy bowls to TOILETS

A mother-of-two and former paramedic is warning parents of all the surprising ways that children can drown around the home.

Jan 16 07:18

Trump Blindsides Democrats! Sends Shocking Letter To Pelosi & Authorizes Self-Destruct Disclosure!

Jan 16 07:12

'Do you need help?' Hero waitress saves 11-year-old boy from his 'abusive' parents by passing him a note during meal

A Florida waitress has been hailed as a hero for saving an abused 11-year-old boy from his parents by passing him a note asking 'do you need help?'

Jan 16 07:10

Where's the lie? (Picture)

Jan 16 07:10

Mother assisted Colombia authorities in arresting four gang members who kidnapped and killed her 15-year-old daughter by disguising herself as a homeless person

A woman whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia disguised herself as a homeless person to help authorities find the alleged killers of her oldest child.

Jan 16 07:08

Now do we get both? (Picture)

Jan 16 07:08

EXCLUSIVE: 'Mr. Trump always got a kick out of me.' Pamela Anderson is now appealing to the outgoing president for a face-to-face meeting to secure a last minute pardon for her friend Julian Assange who faces 175 years behind bars

Pamela Anderson wants an 11th hour face-to-face meeting with President Donald Trump in a last ditch bid to grab a presidential pardon for friend and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Jan 16 07:04

Extreme Karen ‘Do (Picture)

Jan 16 07:03

Black Lives Matter demonstrators hit independent journalist over the head with an egg and a soiled diaper, calling her a 'Trump supporter' and a 'Nazi' after she won't stop filming protest in NYC's Madison Square Park

Black Lives Matter protesters set upon a 33-year-old woman in a New York park when she wouldn't stop filming them, calling her a 'Nazi', and hitting her over the head with an egg and a dirty diaper, police said.

Jan 16 07:01

Earth is overdue a mass extinction event by 30MILLION years… after the last apocalyptic catastrophe killed the dinosaurs

Doomsday scenarios are usually the subject of Hollywood blockbusters.

But experts believe they are more scientific fact than science fiction – with Earth overdue a mass extinction event for more than 30million years.

Jan 16 06:58

Caravan of at least 3,000 Hondurans is marching to the US-Mexico border in time for Biden to take over as president

As many as 3,000 Hondurans set off on foot Thursday for the Guatemalan border in hopes of reaching the United States, setting up a possible test of the incoming Biden administration's immigration policies just as a tough-on-migrants Donald Trump is set to leave office.

Jan 16 06:53

How kind of them (Picture)

Jan 16 06:53

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews fail to wear masks or socially distance as they watch a raccoon stuck in window grate in Brooklyn

A large group of unmasked ultra-Orthodox Jewish people convened in front of a Brooklyn store to watch an angry raccoon that was stuck in the window grate in the apartment above.

Jan 16 04:21

Some 6,500 Honduran Migrants in Caravans Traveling North to Guatemala, Officials Estimate

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Small skirmishes broke out between Honduran security forces and migrants trying to cross the border into Guatemala on Friday night, with Guatemalan officials estimating around 6,500 people to be heading north to the United States.

Groups of Hondurans continued to trickle past the border, even as the Guatemalan military detained hundreds of migrants, including many families with young children.

The spokeswoman for Guatemala's immigration authority, Alejandra Mena, estimated that there were some 6,500 Hondurans making their way north, with 3,000 to 3,500 of them already in Guatemalan territory. A Honduran police officer told local television that "more or less 5,000 people" had walked past a checkpoint along a highway as they formed a caravan.

Honduras' Security Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

Jan 16 03:59

Xi Jinping Asks Starbucks’ Howard Schultz for Help with US Relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a letter Friday to former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to ask for help with US-China relations.

The letter was announced by the Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua, according to a report by the Associated Press (AP). Direct communication between the Chinese leader and an American corporate executive is a rare event.

Xinhua reportedly said Xi wrote to Schultz “to encourage him and Starbucks to continue to play an active role in promoting Chinese-U.S. economic and trade cooperation and the development of bilateral relations.”

Schultz said in a statement Friday that it was “a great honor” to receive the letter and that Xi was replying to a letter Schultz recently sent him alongside a Chinese-translated copy of the former CEO’s book, according to the Associated Press. The Starbucks Corporation, which Schultz retired from in 2018, said it had no comment for the AP.

Jan 16 03:50

NRA declares bankruptcy, plans to incorporate in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — The National Rifle Association announced Friday it has filed for bankruptcy protection and will seek to incorporate the nation’s most politically influential gun-rights group in Texas instead of New York.

The announcement came months after New York’s attorney general sued the organization over claims that top executives illegally diverted tens of millions of dollars for lavish personal trips, no-show contracts for associates and other questionable expenditures.

The coronavirus pandemic has also upended the NRA, which last year laid off dozens of employees. The group canceled its national convention and scuttled fundraising. The NRA's bankruptcy filing listed between $100 million and $500 million in assets and between $100 million and $500 million in liabilities. Still, the NRA claimed in announcing the move that the organization was “in its strongest financial condition in years.”

Jan 15 20:14

HUGE! Brother of Arrested Antifa-BLM Activist John Sullivan Turned Him In! — Says His Brother Was “Somehow in Charge” of US Capitol Riots (VIDEO)

Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday.

Jan 15 20:13

More Double Standards: Antifa-BLM Organizer Who Stormed US Capitol Is Released from Jail Without Bail

Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday.

Jan 15 19:48

America’s Slide Into Economic Oblivion Is Already Starting To Accelerate Here In 2021

Isn’t it fun to live in a rotting, decaying society that is coming apart at the seams all around us? The latest economic numbers are extremely depressing, but now that free speech is being abolished and the elite are consolidating control over every aspect of our society, we are being assured that better days are right around the corner. We have just got to be willing to accept the “new normal” which includes living in “tiny homes”, snacking on worms, and never expressing any independent thoughts which diverge from official mainstream narratives. So with that in mind, I will try to share the horrible economic news that we have been getting in the most positive light possible.

Jan 15 16:42

Big Tech’s Purge is Only Beginning… For Them

Now more than at any other point in history is there the opportunity for a real, properly-built and decentralized social media platform owned by those that hold the governance tokens and not a corporation or organization which is corruptible.

Because we’ve seen how that story ends.

Jan 15 16:33

Welcome to the Gulag of 2021 (The Aftermath of the January 6th Stop the Steal Rally)

The coordinated and nearly universal cabal of Big Tech now asserts not only a total ban of hundreds of conservative groups AND individuals, but collaborates with the incoming Biden team, just as they collaborated with the Democratic National Committee to help steal the November election. Their minions will populate the incoming administration, and soon you will not be able to tell the difference. As in Orwell’s Animal Farm, the dominant pigs will become indistinguishable from the humans…and Big Tech and Big Government will effectively merge and control our lives.

Jan 15 16:23

Is the Establishment Planning a False Flag “Insurrection” for Inauguration Day?

It is easy for the Establishment to dress up Antifa and BLM in MAGA hats and send them on a rampage that the presstitutes with script ready in hand can declare an insurrection. Or the FBI can use its provocateurs to create a situation. Remember the aftermath of 9/11 and the advent of the domestic war on terror when the FBI organized homeless people and meth addicts in schemes to blow up buildings and then arrested them. It was all done to prove to Americans that there was a terrorist threat justifying the PATRIOT Act and other police state measures.

Jan 15 15:53

Lt.General McInerney drops Shocking infor..

Jan 15 15:46

Biden Pledges to “Beat the NRA…” But He Can Not Beat the Citizen Gun Lobby ~ VIDEO

Here’s the question for Mr. Biden and his supporters: How many innocent, patriotic gun owners are you willing to kill or incarcerate, in a futile effort to slightly reduce the use of firearms by violent criminals?

Jan 15 15:35

Armed Defense After Dark – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jan 15 15:29

Blue State Economies Will Soon Crumble – But Will They Take Red States With Them?

The most likely reaction among blue states or the federal government under Biden will be to try to “redistribute” the wealth and stability from red states to blue states. This could happen in the form of stimulus measures that unfairly benefit blue states. The resulting dollar devaluation and price inflation might hit red states harder because they would not be receiving bailouts to offset the higher costs. In the worst-case scenario, in which a full spectrum financial collapse occurs, we may even see the federal government attempt to redistribute production and manufacturing from red states to blue states in the name of “national emergency.”

Jan 15 15:16

DOJ Official Admits No 'Direct Evidence' Of Plot to Kidnap And Kill Lawmakers in Capitol Protests

The acting US attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, admitted on Friday that "we don't have any direct evidence" of a plot to kidnap and kill lawmakers by Capitol protesters -- just hours after federal prosecutors claimed in court they believe that was the "intent" of "Capitol rioters."

Jan 15 13:08

RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change

Preppers shouldn't just amass supplies and expect that to save them. Instead, we should focus on building the resilience to withstand the unexpected. The future looks to be anything but predictable.

Jan 15 13:07

Amazingly clear sonogram video shows an unborn beluga whale calf moving around in its mother's womb

Luna, 20, was born at SeaWorld San Antonio and is currently pregnant
A recent sonogram shows an 'amazingly clear' footage of the unborn calf
The fetus' head, eye, mouth and upper body are visible in the sonogram
The gestation period for beluga whales is typically 14 to 16 months

Jan 15 13:01

Urgent recall issued on hand sanitiser being sold in the UK as analysis reveals gel contains 'highly toxic banned substance' that can lead to BLINDNESS if ingested

Since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off last year, hand sanitisers have become staple items in most people's bags.
But a new report has warned that some hand sanitiser products available to purchase online may be unsafe to use.

Jan 15 13:01

Feds Say Capitol Protesters Aimed 'To Capture And Assassinate Elected Officials'

Just imagine what would have happened if they weren't stopped by those damn velvet ropes!

Jan 15 12:59

Talk about a power pack! Electric eels are spotted hunting in a GROUP for the first time, delivering a deadly combined zap to unsuspecting prey

Now, the terrifying fish have been spotted hunting in groups for the first time, delivering a deadly combined zap of up to 8,600 volts to unsuspecting prey.

Jan 15 12:53

Hunter-gatherer humans mirror the reproductive behaviours and social structures of mammals and birds living in the same areas, study finds

Human hunter-gatherers find food, reproduce, share parenting responsibilities and organise social groups in ways that mirror local birds and mammals, a study found.

Jan 15 12:51

Nasa finds there are far fewer galaxies than first thought, with numbers in the billions rather than trillions

Nasa has revealed that there are far fewer galaxies in the universe than previously thought.

Jan 15 12:41

Nature's little kelpers: UK firm reveals plans for seaweed farms off the Welsh coast to grow eco-friendly cattle feed while offsetting CO2 emissions

Carbon Kapture aims to establish 58 on-shore kelp farms in the UK by late 2021

Jan 15 12:39

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue: The Left ‘Weaponized’ Pandemic To ‘Shutdown Economy’ For ‘Political Gain’

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue came out swinging at the political Left during a Friday interview on Fox News, saying that the political Left “weaponized” the pandemic to shutdown the economy for political reasons.

Jan 15 12:37

ACLU Lawyer: Beliefs That Men Are Better Athletes And Sex Is Binary Come From ‘Misogny And White Supremacy’

Thursday, a staff attorney who works for the American Civil Liberties Union in New York and identifies as transgender issued a Twitter thread in which the argument was made that people who believe that men are naturally better athletes than women and that sex categories are binary and fixed get those ideas from “misogyny and white supremacy.”

Jan 15 12:36

EXCLUSIVE: Actress Isabel May Talks Controversial New Film ‘Run Hide Fight’

Run Hide Fight, the first feature length film co-produced and distributed by The Daily Wire, is not for the faint of heart. The film, written and directed

Jan 15 12:30

Aaron Rodgers blasts politicians for violating own COVID-19 mandates, says government is not doing much to help small businesses

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has spoken out against lawmakers who break their own COVID-19 mandates.

Jan 15 12:29

Israel leads the world in administering COVID vaccines — and it's not even close. Here are the countries with the best vax rates so far.

As countries race to get vaccinations into the arms of their people, one country is dominating the rest of the field: Israel.

Jan 15 12:23

Atilis Gym says NJ 'emptied out every single dollar that we have' from bank account amid COVID-19 lockdown battle with state

The co-owner of lockdown-defying Atilis Gym said the state of New Jersey "emptied out every single dollar that we have" from gym's bank account amid a legal battle with the state over fines for breaking coronavirus-related rules for businesses.

Jan 15 12:08

Can YOU spot the mountain lion lurking among the rocks? Nevada wildlife scientist captures big cat's 'Where's Waldo' moment

The US Fish and Wildlife Service posted a scene shot asking people to see if they could spot a mountain lion
The lion was caught resting in the wilderness in Washoe County, Nevada, by a conservation scientist

Jan 15 11:51

Britain shuts its borders: Boris reveals ALL travel corridors will be suspended from 4am Monday and EVERYONE needs negative COVID test for entry as he warns new strains are being detected and scientists confirm 11 Brits have had Brazil variant

The government is facing calls to double its target for vaccinations as the rollout speeds up dramatically
The current commitment from Boris Johnson is to give jabs to 14million most vulnerable by mid-February

Jan 15 11:50

Experts say number of people in Britain could have shrunk by 1.3million - the biggest decline since WWII - amid exodus of foreign-born workers as COVID wreaks havoc on jobs

Statistics experts said UK population may have fallen 1.3million amid pandemic
The 'illustrative' estimate would represent biggest fall since Second World War

Jan 15 11:49

Woman reveals note she received from mysterious neighbour shaming her for 'screaming like a pig during sex' - but others joke she should deliver them a Kama Sutra book to 'spice up their lives'

Woman, from UK, took to Twitter to share the note she received from neighbour
Mysterious person said were 'sick' of hearing her 'screaming like pig' during sex

Jan 15 11:41

'He meant to kidnap....perhaps execute': Retired Lt. Col charged over Capitol MAGA siege wanted to take hostages, say prosecutors who also claim QAnon Shaman planned to 'assassinate officials'

Prosecutors believe the MAGA mob rioters who stormed the US Capitol last week planned to 'assassinate elected officials' - as it's alleged that a retired Air Force officer carried plastic zip-tie handcuffs because he intended 'to take hostages'.

Jan 15 11:37

Republicans line up to oppose Joe Biden's $1.9tn COVID stimulus plan with Marco Rubio saying it will not pass and demanding $1,400 checks as a standalone bill

Republicans are already lining up to oppose President-elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue plan that he debuted in Wilmington, Delaware Thursday night.

Jan 15 11:35

Police hunt hooded 'child snatcher' who grabbed boy, five, and ran away before child's mother fended him off

Detectives are hunting for a man after boy, five, was taken in front of his mother
Boy approached by man in Northolt, West London, who picked him up and ran off
Man was then confronted by boy's mother at Northala Fields and put him down

Jan 15 11:35

Not one for the wedding album! Hilarious moment groomsmen slip over on marble floor as they try to achieve the perfect snap

Footage shows nine groomsmen outside the wedding venue in Little Elm, Texas
They run towards groom Josh Williams, 29, to get candid mid-action photograph

Jan 15 11:34

Boy, 11, has both legs sliced off in 'train surfing' horror: Russian child falls under the wheels of speeding carriage he was standing on in bid for YouTube fame

Arkady Aksenov fell onto the track while riding on a moving goods train in Russia
Both legs were torn off but he survived after a driver called for emergency help

Jan 15 11:31

Serial killer who attempted to stop his execution because he caught COVID apologizes for murdering seven men as he is put to death (but complains he didn't get jelly donuts with his last meal of pizza)

The death sentence of convicted murderer Corey Johnson has been carried out, in what is set to the penultimate federal execution of President Donald Trump's term.

Jan 15 11:26

'Do You Need Help?' Hero Waitress Saves 11-Year-Old Boy From His 'Abusive' Parents By Passing Him A Note During Meal

A Florida waitress has been hailed as a hero for saving an abused 11-year-old boy from his parents by passing him a note asking 'do you need help?'