Oct 20 08:30

Photo of Hunter Biden’s Signature on Paperwork For the Computer Repair Shop Surfaces

Fox News has obtained a photo of Hunter Biden’s alleged signature on paperwork for the Delaware computer repair shop.

Oct 20 08:29

Hunter Biden's Business Partner FLIPPED, Now Providing Access To 26,000 Emails to Investigative Reporters (Cartoon)

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, Bevan Cooney, flipped on the alleged criminal enterprise working within the Biden family. President Trump prefers to refer to it as the “Biden Crime family.”

Oct 20 08:29

This “Be Our Guest” Parody Calls Out Covid-19 Deniers And Reminds People To Wear A Mask (20 Pics)

The outbreak of the coronavirus was declared a pandemic in March 2020 so you’d think by now we wouldn’t have to ask people to wear face masks. After all, the entire health community says it is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of the disease. But that’s not the case. People continue to go to public spaces with their mouths so mask-free, they even spit out loud complaints about it violating their freedom.

Oct 20 07:44

California Senator and Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris Held Secret Meeting with Planned Parenthood to Target Reporter Who Uncovered Their Harvesting of Late Term Abortion Body Parts

In 2016 Kamala Harris met with senior leaders of Planned Parenthood in California and targeted the man who outed Planned Parenthood for harvesting and trafficking late term abortion body parts.

Oct 20 07:44

Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s In a Depression Over Trump And The Election (VIDEO)

Something strange is going on. People in the media are convinced that Joe Biden is going to win the election. They point to all the polls that were wrong in 2016 and cling to the belief that Trump will lose.

Oct 20 07:43

Oomf!… DEMOCRATS IN PANIC After Early Numbers for China Joe Whimper and Fizzle

The America-last party was supposed to be WAY UP at this point from their early voting efforts.

Oct 20 07:42

DOJ Announces Charges Against 6 Russian GRU Hackers Who Will Never See the Inside of a US Courtroom

The DOJ on Monday announced charges against 6 Russian GRU hackers who will never see the inside of an American courtroom.

Oct 20 07:41

EXCLUSIVE: New Photo Shows Hunter Biden’s Indicted Business Partner Devon Archer Meeting with Joe Biden in His VP Office – Hunter’s Lawyers Later told Burisma to Take Photo Down

A new photo of Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer meeting with Vice President Joe Biden in his office in 2014 was released today.

Oct 20 07:41

Brutal Cartoon Shows Evolution of Media Bias and Dishonesty in Our Big Tech Era

We all know that the media has shifted from being merely biased to being completely dishonest, especially when it comes to anything Trump or election related.

Oct 20 07:26


Senator Dennis Linthicum (SD26, Klamath Falls), Rep. Mike Nearman (HD23, Independence), Rep. Werner Reschke (HD56, Klamath Falls), and Neil Ruggles sued the Governor and State of Oregon in the Circuit Court for the County of Multnomah, challenging the Governor’s power to maintain a continuing state of emergency under ORS Chapter 401. The lawsuit claims that the Legislature’s attempt to delegate “all police powers vested in the state by the Oregon constitution” is in fact prohibited by several sections of the Oregon Constitution which provide for a separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Oct 20 07:25

Will Your FBI Entrap You?

The FBI-generated indictment of six men on charges of terrorism for planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has all the earmarks of what has become that corrupt agency’s standard operating procedure.

Their lawyers are sure to claim they were victims of entrapment. If the case comes to trial, I doubt a jury will convict them.

Oct 20 07:23

Silence Trump: WaPo Op-Ed by Ex-Twitter, Google Exec Calls for Banning President Trump from Social Media Until After Election Winner Declared

The Washington Post published an op-ed Monday by a former political advertising executive for Twitter and Google that calls for President Trump to be banned by social media companies from posting until after a winner is declared in the November presidential election.

Oct 20 07:23

John Roberts Sides with Liberal Justices – Allows Pennsylvania to Count Non-Postmarked Ballots Three Days After Election Day

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the three liberal justices on the court to allow Pennsylvania to count non-postmarked ballots three days after Election Day.

Oct 20 07:22

He Wasn’t Just Exposing Himself — CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Suspended After Masturbating on Zoom Call

CNN legal analyst and writer Jeffrey Toobin was suspended by The New Yorker for exposing his penis during a Zoom call with his fellow magazine colleagues.

Oct 20 07:19

Court Rules Deposition About Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Life Must Be Made Public

Monday, the Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the 418-page deposition in which Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and alleged madam of Jeffrey Epstein, was interrogated about her sex life, should be released to the public.

Oct 20 07:18

Alleged Hunter Biden Signature Found On Documents For Work On Three MacBook Pro Laptops At Repair Shop

Monday night, Fox News reported that it had obtained documents purportedly showing Hunter Biden’s signature on paperwork from the Delaware computer repair shop where he allegedly left a laptop computer, the same computer that held emails related to his dealings with China and Ukraine.

Oct 20 07:18

AT&T chief says tech giants hold too much power over streaming as the company's HBO Max is still not available on Amazon or Roku

AT&T’s Chief Executive John Stankey says tech giants hold too much power over online streaming amid HBO Max’s struggle to get their service on Amazon and Roku.

Oct 20 07:17

Teacher calls 911 when intruder breaks into students' home during remote-learning class

A California teacher is being hailed a hero after she called 911 in response to a home invasion that took place during a remote class on Thursday.

Oct 20 07:15

Eight black former Iowa football players demand $20 million and the firing of head coach Kirk Ferentz 'after enduring racist discrimination' - but the school refuses to comply

Eight black former University of Iowa football players are demanding $20 million and the firing of head coach Kirk Ferentz over alleged racial discrimination they encountered while playing for the Hawkeyes, but the school is refusing to acquiesce.

Oct 20 07:14

Danish submarine killer Madsen caught in prison escape

Police said they had arrested a man near the jail and later confirmed it was Madsen.

Pictures from the scene showed armed police surrounding him near the prison west of Copenhagen.

Oct 20 07:13

“I Won’t Be Intimidated. I Can’t Wait to Fill the Seat” – Lindsey Graham Confronted by Hostile, Unhinged Women as He Lands at DC Airport (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham seems to do his best work during Supreme Court nominations for some reason.

Oct 20 07:13

WATCH: Mayor Leaves Council Meeting Before Atheist’s Controversial Prayer (VIDEO)

During a Lake Worth, FL city council meeting, atheist Preston Smith gave an invocation and prayed to ‘mother earth’, ‘satan’, ‘allah’, ‘buddha’, and ‘Zeus.’

Oct 20 07:12

NC Gov. Roy Cooper Caught on Hot Mic Talking to Biden About Dem Sen. Candidate and Philanderer Cal Cunningham, “I Know That’s Frustrating, But We’ll Get Him Across” (VIDEO)

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) was caught on a hot mic talking to Joe Biden about Democrat Senate candidate and disgraced philanderer Cal Cunningham.

Oct 20 07:12

O’Keefe Strikes Again! Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference in Favor of Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Monday evening released undercover video of a Google program manager confirming election interference in favor of Joe Biden.

Oct 20 07:12

AWFUL! Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Mock Military Flyover Before NFL Monday Night Game (VIDEO)

These millionaires really hate our country.

Oct 20 07:11

Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal

New York (CNN Business)Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show radio host, is battling stage 4 lung cancer and said Monday he's had a setback in his prognosis.

"The scans did show some progression of cancer," he told listeners of his radio show. He later added: "It's not dramatic, but it is the wrong direction."

Oct 20 07:10

This is what they call a mic drop.

Oct 20 07:10

Fotis Dulos told his wife Jennifer he wanted his mistress to move into their family home with her daughter so they could all live together before she went missing and he killed himself

Fotis Dulos told his wife Jennifer that he wanted to move his mistress, Michelle Troconis, into their marital home and for them all to live together with their kids, friends of Jennifer have claimed.

Oct 20 07:10

Trump calls Fauci 'an idiot' who 'gets more airtime than anybody since Bob Hope' - as he claims people are 'tired of COVID' and calls CNN 'dumb b*****ds' for covering the pandemic

President Donald Trump disparaged infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on a call with campaign staff Monday as a 'disaster,' tearing into experts as 'idiots' and saying Americans are 'tired of COVID' in comments which leaked almost instantly.

Oct 20 07:07

Ghislaine Maxwell loses fight to keep her Jeffrey Epstein testimony sealed

A federal appeals court dealt Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, twin blows late Monday by declining to consolidate her appeals in numerous overlapping cases and striking down her effort to thwart release of a controversial deposition she gave in a now-settled civil lawsuit.

The three-judge Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held more than two hours of oral arguments last week, and issued a succinct Monday afternoon order holding that a lower court judge did not err in ordering the release of a 418-page deposition from April 2016 that could shed new light on the Epstein empire.

“We have reviewed all of the arguments raised by Defendant-Appellant Maxwell on appeal and find them to be without merit,” the judges wrote, also turning away a request for consolidation with Maxwell’s criminal case in the Southern District of New York. “We DENY the motion to consolidate this appeal with the pending appeal in United States v. Maxwell.”

Oct 20 07:07

All 62 residents at Kansas nursing home have COVID, 10 have died

A coronavirus outbreak has killed 10 residents in a Kansas nursing home, and the local health department said every one of the residents had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Monday, along with an unspecified number of staff. The affected home is in northwest Kansas' Norton County, which has seen one of the largest proportional increases in confirmed coronavirus cases over two weeks in the country.

Oct 20 07:00

Proof That Michigan Governor Whitmer Deliberately Displayed ‘Kill Trump’ Symbolism in Background During Sunday Interview

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in an interview on national TV yesterday portrayed symbols in the background that can be interpreted as ‘Kill Trump’.

Oct 20 06:59

Bystanders Mock and Livestream Brutal Beating of Police Officer Who Was Injured So Badly He Needed to Be Airlifted to Hospital (VIDEO)

Bystanders in North Carolina mocked and livestreamed the brutal beating of a Rowland police officer on Saturday.

Oct 20 06:46

How Real Men (And A Woman) Respond to Systemic Anti-Whiteness

How is it possible to debate Critical Race Theory yet fail to mention its salient characteristic—that it is exclusively and ethnocidally anti-white?

Easily, if one is a Beltway conservative. They complain a lot about Critical Race Theory, and construct elaborate theories around its crass cornerstone, yet seem constitutionally or congenitally incapable of calling it what it is: anti-white agitprop.

One Federalist piece, “Critical Race Theory Is A Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic,” brings it back to communism. Quite how this adds up is unclear, but the author decries a way of thinking that exploits the amorphous “tragedy of racial divisions in America.” In essence, some bad people with a communistic manual and mindset aren’t interested in healing us. Boohoo.

Really? Did communism, an equal-opportunity oppressor, revolve around the exclusive blackening of whites?

Oct 20 06:45

Support bubble bath! Traffic-stopping moment Dubliner strips off and jumps in a foam-filled city centre fountain chanting 'wash your hands'

Comedian Fabu-D took a bubble bath in a fountain in Dublin City Centre
Public fountains in Dublin have regularly been targeted with pranksters
The comedian stripped off and said he was having a 'free bubble bath in Dublin'

Oct 20 06:42

Shoplifting, Risky Behavior Ramp Up at SF Walgreens During Pandemic: Workers

Employees and customers at a San Francisco Walgreens are calling for additional staff, security, and protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying shoplifting and dangerous behavior inside the store have reached new heights during the city’s weeks-long stay at home order.

A series of videos taken by customers and provided to NBC Bay Area appear to show shoplifters cleaning out store shelves, undeterred by employees and customers yelling at them to stop. One video shows a customer pushing an apparent shoplifter out of the store.

“They come and then take all the merchandise, the food – especially the food” said a Walgreens employee who NBC Bay Area is not identifying. “And then they say, ‘We have the virus. We got tested positive. We have the virus.”

Oct 20 06:41

'It's an absolute joke': Seattle officers leave scathing responses in exit interviews

Seattle Police officers who are leaving the department gave scathing responses during their exit interviews.

KOMO obtained the exit interviews — which blamed city leadership, to riots and low morale for leaving the department.

Brutal and blunt — in their own words, SPD officers did not hold back their reasons for leaving the force.

Oct 20 06:32

Biden-Harris Team Wants to Repeal Protective Laws, Destroy Gun Industry

Biden attacks the industry that produces firearms for the U.S. military, federal, state, and local police agencies. It’s the same industry that more than 15.4 million people turned to in order to obtain firearms this year to protect themselves and their families. Nearly 6.2 million have done so for the first time in 2020. Under a Biden administration, the industry that provides the means for tens of millions of law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and their loved ones would be at risk.

Oct 20 06:32

Portland protesters leave ‘Kill the president’ message on police union building & set fire to pro-cop billboard (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Demonstrators in Portland vandalized the office of the local police union and torched a billboard that expressed support for law enforcement, amid ongoing unrest in the Oregon city that has stretched for months.

Protesters marched to the Portland Police Association (PPA) building on Monday night as they chanted “No justice, no peace.” The building, which had been boarded up after being repeatedly attacked by rioters during previous demonstrations, was then defaced with graffiti. Messages spray-painted on the wood panels included: “Burn this,”“Cops are murderers,” and “Kill the president.”

Oct 20 06:31

First federal execution of woman in 70 years should kill illusion of American moral superiority, no matter how ‘heinous’ the crime

The US' growing embrace of the death penalty, now openly supported by the federal government, should end its pretense of moral superiority over the rest of the world. And can we stop calling the prison system “corrections,” too?

Despite having the largest prison population – both per capita and by sheer numbers – in the world, the US still unironically calls itself the “land of the free,” habitually lectures other nations about human rights, and holds itself up as a moral authority on the treatment of incarcerated human beings. This has held true even as the federal government has returned to executing prisoners with a vigor that suggests it’s making up for lost time.

Oct 20 06:30

Documents acquired by Fox News appear to show Hunter Biden's signature on $85 receipt for repair of laptops left at Delaware store at center of email scandal - while other paperwork reveals FBI's contact with owner

Documents appear to show Hunter Biden's signature on a receipt for $85 at a Delaware computer shop where he dropped off laptops that included details of his international business deals.

Last week a New York Post report claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was abandoned at the computer shop in April 2019 for months and was found to contain e-mails that purportedly implicate Joe Biden in his son's international business dealings during his time as Vice President.

The laptop's hard drive was later obtained by the FBI and Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who shared its contents with the Post.

Oct 20 06:22

'If I am alive, the exam will be moved': Professor's shocking email explaining that he has to cancel class because he has been SHOT, has COVID-19, and is going through a divorce goes viral

A professor's alleged email claiming he had to cancel class because he got shot, has COVID-19, and is going through a 'messy' divorce has gone viral — and people have a lot of questions.

Oct 20 06:22

Incredible historical photographs show men - workers, soldiers and the upper crust - in love from the 1850s to 1950s when documenting their relationship left them at risk of being jailed

There is something that transcends time periods, nationalities and social standing: the look of love.

Oct 20 06:19

'Loved supporting my dad': Tiffany Trump models a neon green floral dress with a plunging neckline while stumping for her father in her home state of California

Tiffany Trump showed off her West Coast style in a neon green dress while stumping for her father in her home state of California, where she was raised by her mother Marla Maples.

Oct 20 06:19

SUPERCOP! Moment Florida police officer takes flying leap at biker after ramming him with patrol car as breast cancer charity 'ride out' turns into high-speed chase

The moment police in Florida swerved to knock a biker off of his motorcycle during a high-speed pursuit before tackling him to the ground has been captured on camera.

Oct 20 06:17

Rapper 50 Cent joins Trump train after seeing Biden’s 62% NYC tax plan

RAPPER 50 CENT, a.k.a. Curtis James Jackson III, bailed on the Joe Biden campaign on Monday after seeing the reality of Biden’s 62% New York City tax plan air on a major network which apparently then forced the controversial performer to Tweet out a screenshot of the broadcast showing the combined tax rate under Biden’s rule.

“WHAT THE F*CK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT,” the famed entrepreneur Tweeted. “F*CK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya fucking mind.”

Oct 20 06:16

Will it ever be safe to go back in the water? It's been nearly 100 years since they claimed as many victims... no wonder Australia is terrified of a frenzied new rampage of killer great white sharks

Chantelle Doyle never saw the great white shark that attacked her on that fateful morning two months ago. But its bullet-shaped head and dead, black eyes were clearly visible to her partner, Mark Rapley, who was surfing near her in the clear blue waters off Port Macquarie.

Oct 20 06:11

Treason In America: An Overview Of The FBI, CIA, And Matters Of "National Security"

As Shakespeare would state in his play Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” like a fish that rots from head to tail, so do corrupt government systems rot from top to bottom.

This is a reference to the ruling system of Denmark and not just the foul murder that King Claudius has committed against his brother, Hamlet’s father. This is showcased in the play by reference to the economy of Denmark being in a state of shambles and that the Danish people are ready to revolt since they are on the verge of starving. King Claudius has only been king for a couple of months, and thus this state of affairs, though he inflames, did not originate with him.

Thus, during our time of great upheaval we should ask ourselves; what constitutes the persisting “ruling system,” of the United States, and where do the injustices in its state of affairs truly originate from?

Oct 20 06:09

Woman in her 30s who died on flight from Arizona to Texas in July after 'falling ill and having difficulty breathing' was suffering from COVID-19, officials confirm

A woman who died on a flight from Arizona to Texas after having difficulty breathing three months ago was suffering from COVID-19, officials have now said.

Oct 20 05:57

While Maintaining Allegiance to Black Lives Matter, Black Durham (North Carolina) Sheriff Admits Violent Crime in His City Is Almost Always Black-on-Black

Again, the same pattern is emerging nationwide. It doesn’t matter the city. Only one variable matters. Only one (hint: blacks).

And the true culprit behind this pervasive problem from sea to shining sea is simply… white people and white racism as a “public health crisis” ultimately compelling black people to gun one another down.

Oct 20 05:51

New book claims Prince Andrew 'laughed as teen sex trafficking victim took part in a topless photoshoot with eight Russian models at Epstein's Virgin Islands hideaway' – but royal source denies the 'lurid' accusations

Prince Andrew has been accused of watching and laughing as an alleged teen sex trafficking victim took part in a topless photoshoot with eight Russian models, in an explosive new book.

Jeffrey Epstein's accuser Virginia Giuffre, 37, claimed that she and seven or eight Russian girls were told to pose in 'sexual positions' while the Duke of York sat watching at Epstein's Virgin Islands hideaway in 2002.

The new allegations - denied as 'unsubstantiated and lurid' by a source close to Prince Andrew - are made in The Spider, a new book by investigative journalist Barry Levine, set to be released tomorrow and seen in advance by The Sun.

Oct 20 05:50

Australia goes full COVID vaccine tard

Oct 20 05:50

University told student groups not to gather, but allowed Black Lives Matter protest

A free-speech group has repeatedly warned the University of South Florida about the unfairness and unconstitutionality of its coronavirus guidelines.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation has now sent three letters to the public university in Florida, warning it about problems with both its approaches to student gatherings and coronavirus tracking and reporting.

The university does allow sports teams to practice, but told student organizations they could not meet.

Its concerns about vagueness of the policies that were first raised in its August 26 first letter came true when the university allowed the campus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society to host an off-campus protest on August 28 against racism and in support of Jacob Blake, who was shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer on August 23. Blake’s shooting has become a focus of Black Lives Matter activism.

Oct 20 05:43

Antifa violently attacks conservatives during protest against Big Tech censorship

A rally against online censorship that took place in San Francisco over the weekend quickly went south the moment that Antifa counterprotesters showed up and started violently assaulting people.

Far-left agitators donned with anti-fascist flags and other regalia reportedly bashed in the tooth of Philip Anderson, one of the rally’s organizers, as well as toppled a man wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt who had to be taken to the hospital for his injuries – all of this to supposedly make a statement against fascism.

An Associated Press (AP) photographer also early on witnessed a San Francisco police officer sustain injuries in United Nations Plaza upon attempting to stop Antifa from committing violence against the pro-free speech crowd. This officer was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Oct 20 05:32

Primary school bus driver, 51, is accused of blindfolding and raping a girl

Cleve Maynard Pain allegedly blindfolded and raped a 14-year-old girl twice
The 51-year-old allegedly drove the teen to an unknown location in their meeting
Pain drives the school bus at two primary schools in Western Australia

Oct 20 05:25

'Enjoy my boobies': Gym staffer shared a nude snap of her female colleague after it was accidentally sent to her with a very racy caption

A former gym boss inadvertently received topless photo of her female coworker
The victim had accidentally sent the intimate shower image to the 37-year-old
Nadia Coratella pleaded guilty to sharing the photo with another male colleague

Oct 20 05:16

Father, 42, who was told his stiff neck was down to bad posture while working from home discovers he has inoperable brain tumour

Gary Nelson, from Chester, began suffering aches and pains during lockdown
Tests revealed he had an aggressive brain tumour after his vision deteriorated
He will now undergo chemotherapy as an operation would leave him paralysed
Brain tumour is likely to have been caused by radiotherapy he received as a child

Oct 20 05:13

Is this the tallest teenage boy in the world? Chinese pupil, 14, is already SEVEN FOOT THREE

Ren Keyu, a ninth-grade pupil, stands nearly two feet taller than his peers
He grows so quickly his desk, chair and uniform need to be tailor-made
He applied to be the tallest male teenager in the world on his 14th birthday
The Guinness World Records is reviewing his measurements and application

Oct 20 04:34

Tiers for beers! Two pubs in village on the Essex and Suffolk border are split by Covid lockdown rules - with drinkers on one side banned from meeting friends in the bar, while on the other locals are free to socialise

Two pubs in the same village have been hit with different Covid rules - meaning locals are free to socialise with friends in one but banned in the other.

A mere 350 yards separates the The Eight Bells and Three Horseshoes, both of which are in the small English village of Bures.

Oct 20 04:34

Moment a Easyjet passenger is slapped by his WIFE after going on an anti-mask tirade and causing a mass bust-up with other holidaymakers

EXCLUSIVE: Footage shows man ranting on a flight from Manchester last month
The passenger is heard saying: 'The longer you wear those masks, God help you'
He calls his wife an 'imbecile' before being slapped, and is said to have retaliated

Oct 20 04:33

Two pubs in the same village have been hit with different Covid rules - meaning locals are free to socialise with friends in one but banned in the other. A mere 350 yards separates the The Eight Bells and Three Horseshoes, both of which are in the small

A 418-page deposition in which Ghislaine Maxwell is interrogated about her sex life must be made public, a federal appeal court ruled today.

The Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit in New York found that the British socialite's argument against its release was 'meritless'

Oct 20 04:22

POLL: Likely Catholic Voters Favor Barrett’s Nomination

President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court may actually help him win the Catholic vote, given that likely Catholic voters favor her confirmation.

Oct 20 04:21

Kirstie Alley defends voting for President Trump despite backlash

Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley went on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Monday to stand firm on her decision to vote for President Donald Trump, despite the torrent of backlash she received from announcing her decision over the weekend.

Oct 20 04:16

‘I Am Disgusted’: Northwestern University President Slams Anti-Police Protesters For Intimidation Tactics

Northwestern University President Morty Schapiro delivered a strong condemnation of recent anti-police demonstrations from students and alleged agitators in Evanston, Illinois, over the weekend, marking a rare instance of a college president condemning left-wing unrest.

Oct 20 04:13

PIERS MORGAN: Despite the best, biased efforts of Facebook, Twitter and the overwhelmingly Trump-hating media to kill the story, Biden now has serious questions to answer about Hunter's dodgy deals and he can't duck them forever

Four days ago, the New York Post published a bombshell report raising serious new questions about presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter's relationship with Ukranian energy company Burisma.

Oct 20 04:13

Sex Scandal Rocks L.A. Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, Laughed After Witnessing Misconduct, Failed To Take Action: Report

new report released on Monday alleges that Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti routinely witnessed one of his top aides allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct and not only failed to stop it but even laughed about it during one alleged incident.

Oct 20 04:13

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says that Hunter Biden's laptop is NOT part of a Russian disinformation campaign but says it IS in the hands of the FBI

Donald Trump's Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Monday that Hunter Biden's laptop 'is not part of some Russia disinformation campaign' as he blasted Rep. Adam Schiff for saying dirt on Trump's rival came from the Kremlin.

Oct 20 04:09

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Campaign Releases Devastating New Ads Ahead Of Final Presidential Debate

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is set to air a new line up of advertisements at midnight tonight targeting Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden on a variety of issues ranging from policy to the growing controversy that he is facing regarding his son.

Oct 20 04:02

Arkansas farmer, 28, accused of murdering a 25-year-old female jogger 'hit her with his truck, raped her and then buried her in a shallow grave' before joining the search party when she was reported missing

An Arkansas farmer arrested for murdering a female jogger is accused of hitting her with his truck, raping her and then burying her body in a shallow grave before joining the search party when she was reported missing.

Oct 20 04:01

'Safe' levels of pollution could cause Parkinson's or Alzheimer's: Poor air quality may be linked to dementia, new study suggests

Living in a polluted area significantly raises the risk of dementia, according to the world's largest study on the issue.

Oct 20 03:58

Police hunt 'armed and dangerous' woman who stabbed Los Angeles Metro worker to death during an argument

Police in Los Angeles are hunting for a woman who is suspected of stabbing to death a Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker after an argument at a busy downtown train station.

Oct 20 03:58

Florida couple in their 30s are found dead in suspected murder-suicide described by one cop as the 'most gruesome' crime scene he's seen in his 37-year career

The bodies of a Florida couple were found in their home after a suspected murder-suicide that was described by one investigator as the most 'gruesome' crime scene he's seen in his 37-year career.

Oct 20 03:52

Uttar pradesh Mother of 2 Exposes Her Secret To ?9.37 Lakh Per Month Working From Home


Reading time: 5 minutes

Oct 20 03:30

Rush Limbaugh provides somber update on cancer progression, speaks of his faith

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh gave a somber update on his fight against lung cancer on Monday, but also spoke of the "immense value, strength," and confidence he has received from his faith throughout his treatment.

Oct 20 03:29

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman caught in hot mic moment ridiculing the military flyover before NFL game

NFL announcers were caught ridiculing a military flyover before a game Sunday and they are facing the angry backlash online.

Oct 19 21:56

Joe Biden Calls A 'Lid' Until Thursday, Pres. Trump Plans 5 Rallies A Day

On Sunday, Joe Biden called it a lid until the presidential debate on Thursday, meanwhile President Donald Trump announced Monday he's planning to do five rallies a day in the final stretch of the election.

Oct 19 19:36

Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump After Seeing Biden’s Tax Plan

Rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, endorsed President Donald Trump in an Instagram post published Monday, screenshooting nonpartisan analysis of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax plan.

Oct 19 19:35

Connecticut Newspaper: A Vote For Donald Trump Is A Vote For Racism

Hartford Courant, a newspaper in Connecticut, claimed that voters could not support President Trump without also supporting racism and bigotry against black people.

Oct 19 19:33

Roberts Sides With Liberals: SCOTUS Allows PA To Accept Ballots Three Days Late

The lower court had ruled that if the ballots were postmarked by Election Day, they still had three days to be counted.

Oct 19 19:31

BREAKING: Commission On Presidential Debates Announces Changes For Upcoming Debate

Commission on Presidential Debates announced late on Monday evening that it is making changes for the upcoming debate later this week, which will be the second and final debate.

Oct 19 19:23

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker after allegedly masturbating on Zoom call

The New Yorker told The Washington Post, "Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter," but did not elaborate further. A spokesperson for CNN issued a statement saying, "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted."