Jan 15 08:18

It was 400,000 shades of grey for car buyers in 2020: Most popular colour for new motors is an appropriate reflection of a relatively glum year

Of the 1.63million cars registered last year, almost a quarter were grey in colour
It's the third consecutive year that grey has topped the popularity charts
Industry bosses said grey 'probably reflects the atmosphere' of 2020

Jan 15 08:18

Mother-of-three who was kicked off a fairground ride for being too big when she tipped scales at 274lbs sheds 154lbs after ditching fast food lunches for overnight oats

Sarah Knowles, 28, from Georgia, tipped the scales at 274lbs at her heaviest
Decided to change her life and get healthy after being kicked off fairground ride

Jan 15 08:16

A furry good babysitter! Golden Retriever who initially thought new arrival was a toy now watches over him constantly and even carries away his used burp cloth after feeding time

Whitney, 37, from Boston, brought Theodore Parks home in October 2020
Hinckley, a one-year-old Golden Retriever took an immediate shine to the baby

Jan 15 08:07

Biden Inaugural: National Guard Troops Authorized to Use Lethal Force as D.C. Turns Into Police State

National Guard troops deployed in Washington, D.C. for the Biden inaugural in the wake of the storming of the Capitol last week have been authorized to use lethal force, according to a report by U.S. News that cited a Defense Department official. The D.C. National Guard had issued a statement Wednesday that troops under its command had been authorized to carry weapons.

A reported 20,000 troops are being deployed in the nation’s capital. Checkpoints have been established. Razor wire topped fencing has been erected around the Capitol and Supreme Court, large swaths of official Washington have been blocked to vehicular traffic. Many Metro stations in downtown D.C. are completely closed. The Washington Monument is closed and the National Mall is set to be closed. Airbnb cancelled all reservations in the D.C. area for the period of the inauguration. Hotels are being pressured to do the same. The message to Americans is stay away from D.C.

Jan 15 08:06


1/6/21 Video of what really happened in D.C. HERE. With a complicit lying media, treasonous Republicans and Democrats, Big Tech thugs and multi-national corporate greed mongers, Trump supporters and Trump didn’t have a chance. The Chicoms formally take over 1/20/21.

Jan 15 07:59

Airbnb, HotelTonight cancel all Washington, DC, metro reservations ahead of Inauguration

Airbnb and subsidiary HotelTonight are canceling all booked reservations in the Washington, D.C., metro area during President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, the company announced in a statement shared by Airbnb spokesman Ben Breit.

All reservations during inauguration week will be canceled. Biden's inauguration is next Wednesday.

"Today, in response to various local, state and federal officials asking people not to travel to Washington, D.C., we are announcing that Airbnb will cancel reservations in the Washington, D.C. metro area during the inauguration week," Airbnb said in the statement. "Additionally, we will prevent any new reservations in the Washington, D.C., area from being booked during that time by blocking such reservations."

Jan 15 07:55

Oh The Irony (Picture)

Jan 15 07:54

Dozens Of White Supremacists And Racist Extremists On The FBI's Terror Database Were In Washington DC The Day Of The Capitol Riots

The FBI's investigation into the US Capitol siege has found that dozens of people on a terrorist watch list were among those in Washington DC at the time.

Jan 15 07:51

EXCLUSIVE: Dead MAGA rioter Ashli Babbitt and her Marine husband were in a THROUPLE with live-in 29-year-old bartender who is sticking by the widower's side as he mourns his wife's Capitol shooting death

The female Trump supporter shot dead storming the Capitol last week was in a throuple with her husband and a live-in girlfriend.

Jan 15 07:50

Found at my ICU (Picture)

Jan 15 07:49

Backstreet's back, ALT-RIGHT! Kevin Richardson retweets 'interesting read' about someone losing a friend to QAnon in thinly-veiled snipe at bandmate Brian Littrell who revealed he had a Parler account

Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson sparked rumors of a rift between himself and Brian Littrell when he posted a cryptic tweet about losing a friend to QAnon, shortly after his pro-Trump bandmate revealed he'd created a Parler account.

Jan 15 07:41

Rudi Giuliani Lays Out the Growing Video Evidence of the January 6th Capital False Flag! - Must Video

The steal of the election, mounds of evidence never got presented or debated? President Trump will serve four more years. He likes to go BIG!

They just steamroll over the truth.

That’s why I call them Black Lies Matter. Disgusting.

Jan 15 07:40

New poll says two-thirds of Republicans approve of Donald Trump's behavior even after MAGA riot - and supporters of both parties say the country is tearing itself apart

He has been impeached in the House and condemned by some of his own former top officials – but President Donald Trump maintains strong Republican support since his supporters rioted in the Capitol.

Jan 15 07:40

"Capitol Offense" - What Led to the Destruction at the Capitol? - 1/11/21

Jan 15 07:35

Twitter insider leaks tape of CEO Jack Dorsey telling staff Trump ban is 'bigger than just one account' and will 'go on beyond the inauguration'

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, held a virtual forum with their 5,400 employees
The meeting on Thursday was leaked to Project Veritas
Dorsey says their recent moves were 'bigger than just one account'

Jan 15 07:34

How busy is YOUR hospital? Interactive tool reveals trust-by-trust breakdown of Covid patients and ICU occupancy as data shows a FIFTH of NHS sites had NO free critical care beds last week

Some 27 of 140 acute NHS trusts have no space left for patients in critical care units, official figures show
Six were in the North East, which mostly dodged Tier 4, while five were in the South East and the Midlands

Jan 15 07:34

Capitol Siege Shines Light On Vast Underground Tunnel Network

Even before this week's unprecedented siege of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, which you can read about in the War Zone's rolling coverage of the events as they unfolded, there were ominous indicators of what was to come. This included the discovery of pipe bombs in the vicinity of nearby Congressional office buildings earlier in the day, which had prompted evacuations, at least in part through underground tunnels. When the Capitol itself was breached, members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, among others, were also ushered to safety via subterranean passageways.

Jan 15 07:22

The Great Debate About America’s Future

Are you surprised by America’s sudden meltdown? Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed the greatest public health crisis in 100 years, the lockdowns that were instituted to control the pandemic resulted in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, widespread civil unrest erupted in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and has not stopped since, and now we are witnessing the greatest political turmoil since the Civil War. Despite all of this chaos, many Americans remain absolutely convinced that the greatest days of the United States are still ahead of us. To them, the current problems we are facing are just minor bumps in the road that will soon be resolved as we continue to steamroll toward an incredibly glorious future.

Jan 15 07:21

How The State Will Strip You Of Your Rights When SHTF

Dealing with this subject has been quite difficult for me. Both the concept of the state stripping you of everything and the SHTF concept have as many backgrounds as diverse interpretations, so trying to approach this from a single point of view is a complicated task.

In my country, Venezuela, after 20 years of “revolution,” we have bottomed out and learned to live in situations we never imagined (so much so that I was able to write an article on survival techniques I never imagined myself using on daily basis).

Jan 15 07:02

Victory for businesses that had Covid insurance claims rejected: Supreme Court backs firms that lost cash during first outbreak in landmark £1.2bn ruling after six insurers refused to pay

Cafes, pubs, beauty parlours and wedding planners will now receive payouts
Insurers had insisted they weren't liable to pay for losses during first lockdown
But Supreme Court today rejected their arguments in a wide-ranging ruling

Jan 15 06:59

BREAKING: Russia declassification, and Liberal activist charged with participating in capitol riot

Jan 15 06:55


In what many are saying is a forewarning against an imminent Iranian strike, a rather ominous video was published on Wednesday by the IDF’S Homefront Command. The Army’s clip instructs Israeli civilians to keep a radio in their bomb shelters in case of massive power or internet outage.

In the video, the presenter explains that if there is a power cut, the only way to get information or warnings is via a radio.

Jan 15 06:53

In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech

Jan 15 06:53

New York City residents owe more than $1BILLION in missed rent with 185,000 apartments at least two months behind on payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic

New York City residents currently owe more than $1 billion in missed rent, with around 185,000 apartments at least two months behind on payments.

Jan 15 06:52

Pressure grows on America to ban 40 flights a day coming from Brazil after UK stops travel from the country because of its surging mutant Super-COVID

Pressure is growing for the US to completely ban flights from Brazil after the UK stopped all travel from the South American country amid fears over a new coronavirus super-strain.

Jan 15 06:52

Snow will hit London TOMORROW: Warning as up to four inches of the white stuff will fall over South East from 3am - after England woke to COLDEST morning of winter at -11.8C with widespread travel chaos

Ice and freezing fog bring further hazards today after temperatures fall to -11.8C (10.8F) in North Yorkshire
Snow warning from 3am to 8pm tomorrow covers London and South East, with 1in (3cm) expected widely

Jan 15 06:50

Health and tech leaders including Microsoft and Mayo Clinic are developing digital COVID vaccination passports - but privacy groups say they are 'unfair' until jabs are more widely distributed

A coalition of health organizations and technology companies, including Microsoft and Oracle, are working on a project that verifies who has received the coronavirus vaccination and prevent others from making false claims they have.

Jan 15 06:50

Joe the pigeon who 'flew 13,000km from the US to Australia' and was due to be put down over Covid fears is SPARED the death penalty as his ID tag is declared a fake

Joe the pigeon who faced the death sentence over Covid fears has been saved after a leg tag identifying it as belonging to a U.S. bird organisation was declared a fake.

Jan 15 06:47

Drones will soon deliver take-out and prescription drugs as FAA loosens rules amid lockdowns - and experts claims it could help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives

Skies across America will soon look very different with drones delivering prescriptions, parcels and takeout to customers in the coming months.

Jan 15 06:45

Lawyer slams Gov. Cuomo for 'disgraceful' vaccine roll-out and says he can't get his 88-year-old grandma an appointment because state-run sites are booked until APRIL

A lawyer has slammed Governor Andrew Cuomo for New York's 'disgraceful' vaccine roll-out saying he can't get an appointment for his 88-year-old grandma because the state-run sites are booked up until April.

Jan 15 06:45

How Brazilians are OBLIVIOUS to Super-COVID sparking explosive second-wave sweeping through the Amazon and causing global alarm - as 'Trump of the Tropics' President Bolsonaro dismisses threat

Most Brazilians are oblivious to the highly contagious new coronavirus strain which has sparked an explosive second wave sweeping through their country and causing alarm around the world.

Jan 15 06:41

NYC bus is left suspended in MID-AIR after plunging off an overpass and almost snapping in half - leaving at least seven injured

At least seven people have been hospitalized after a tandem MTA bus veered off the road and plunged over an overpass in the Bronx.

Jan 15 06:40

Lisa Murkowski becomes first Republican senator to break silence on Donald Trump's impeachment and says 'he incited violence which led to injury and deaths' but stops short of saying she will vote to convict

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Thursday that President Donald Trump 'incited violence' with his speech to supporters before the Capitol riots – but stopped short of saying whether she would vote to convict him.

Jan 15 06:38

Democrat rep. Adriano Espaillat is FOURTH to test positive for COVID after being stuck in safe room with mask-refusing Republicans - and he has already had both doses of vaccine

Representative Adriano Espaillat on Thursday said he had tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the fourth member of Congress to announce they had contracted the coronavirus following a mob attack on the U.S. Capitol last week.

Jan 15 06:37

That's a big 'un: Kim Jong un unveils massive 'submarine-launched ballistic missiles' during military parade to mark the closing of rare Workers' Party congress

Nuclear-armed North Korea unveiled a new submarine-launched ballistic missile at a military parade in Pyongyang, state media reported Friday, in a show of strength days before Joe Biden's inauguration as US president.

Jan 15 06:35

PICTURED: Female assassin gang member who shot dead a former Mexican governor in the back of the head inside a restaurant bathroom as cops offer $50,000 reward for her arrest

Cops are hunting for a female assassin who gunned down a former Mexican governor inside a restaurant bathroom.

Jan 15 06:35

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin aims to launch humans into orbit in just 'a few months' following New Shepard's 14th test flight that carried 'Mannequin Skywalker' 300,000 feet into the air

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin launched New Shepard rocket for the 14th time with 'Mannequin Skywalker' strapped inside the updated space capsule.

Jan 15 06:34

'We WILL find a way!': Brazilians are bypassing UK travel ban by flying via Amsterdam and Madrid - as Britons are stuck in Portugal and South America after all flights are cancelled amid growing fears of mutant Covid strain

Britons in Portugal and South America after all flights to the UK were cancelled
Portugal on banned list due to travel links with Brazil amid fears over new strain
Ban came into force at 4am this morning with some Britons now stuck abroad

Jan 15 06:34

Brazilian COVID strain is in the UK: Variant that is feared could reinfect Covid survivors IS already in the country, top scientist confirms - as she reveals there are TWO types of it

Prof Wendy Barclay said variant already in UK revealed two types of Brazil strains
She said only one had been spotted in Britain so far, but did not say which one

Jan 15 06:33

Asthmatic Bangladeshi refugee cannot be deported from France because of air pollution in his homeland, court rules

A Bangladeshi refugee with asthma has avoided deportation from France after a court ruled that pollution in his native country would aggravate his condition and potentially kill him.

Jan 15 06:32

Shocking moment trans woman is deliberately run down after motorist mounts sidewalk

This is terrifying moment a trans woman was 'deliberately' run down by a motorist in southern Brazil.

Jan 15 06:30

How IBM influences policy without spending big money on election campaigns

Corporate money has flooded U.S. elections ever since 2010, when the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that business donations amounted to protected free speech under the First Amendment.

But the steady stream of cash slowed earlier this week when several businesses announced they would suspend donations from their political action committees (PACs) after the Jan. 6 riots on the U.S. Capitol. The businesses spanned industries, from Facebook to JPMorgan Chase to Walmart.

The promises were relatively narrow and did not suggest a permanent retreat from election spending. Some businesses only promised to cut spending from politicians who objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, while others said they would reassess all PAC contributions.

But as employees, consumers and shareholders step up pressure on businesses to address their social impact, the announcements represented a significant departure from the status quo.

Jan 15 06:11

PICTURED: Female assassin gang member who shot dead a former Mexican governor in the back of the head inside a restaurant bathroom as cops offer $50,000 reward for her arrest

The Jalisco State Attorney General's Office on Wednesday released photos of two suspects wanted for the murder of former governor Aristoteles Sandoval
Sandoval was visiting a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, on December 18 when he was gunned down inside a bathroom

Jan 15 06:10

SAS Nazi hunters proud to be known as Bigots: Extraordinary story of top-secret unit acting around Europe during the Second World War

Major Eric Barkworth and his men became known as the Secret Hunters
Damien Lewis's gripping book, SAS Band Of Brothers, tells the story of the unit

Jan 15 06:09

MORE 'super-covid' variants are coming, scientists warn: Global surge of nearly 230,000 cases a DAY is fueling more chances for the virus to mutate to beat the immune system in people with chronic infections, expert claims

Scientists say that the more coronavirus infections there are around the world, the more variants will emerge
With more cases, more will become chronic, long infections that give the virus an opportunity to mutate in ways that help it infect human cells and beat the immune system

Jan 15 06:09

New poll says two-thirds of Republicans approve of Donald Trump's behavior even after MAGA riot - and supporters of both parties say the country is tearing itself apart

64 per cent of Republicans support Trump's recent behavior
House voted to impeach him Wednesday on 'incitement of insurrection'
Trump claimed the election was rigged despite 50 states certifying results

Jan 15 06:05

Pence Visits National Guard Troops At Capitol To Thank Them

Vice President Mike Pence paid an unscheduled visit to the National Guard troops stationed outside the Capitol on Thursday evening to thank them for guarding the seat of Congress amid the unrest in Washington, D.C.

Jan 15 06:04

Rudy Giuliani explains calling for 'trial by combat' to rally crowd ahead of Capitol attack

Rudy Giuliani has spoken out to explain what he meant when he suggested "let's have trial by combat" during a massive rally of Trump supporters before some in the crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol building in a deadly attack on Jan. 6, as Congress met to certify the Electoral College count for President-elect Joe Biden

Jan 15 06:03

Secret Service refutes WaPo story claiming that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner denied agents restroom access in their home

The Washington Post reported Thursday that U.S. Secret Service agents assigned to protect Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been forced to go to great lengths to use the bathroom because the couple forbids their protectors from using the facilities in their home.But a spokesperson for the Secret Service says The Post's claims were not true.

What are the details?

Jan 15 06:02

John Sullivan trained for Olympics and appeared in an Uber commercial before becoming a left-wing activist and rioting at the Capitol

Sullivan appeared in the commercial as a speed skater and aspiring Olympian. It aired in August 2016 on national television according to PT News.

Here's the commercial from the Uber YouTube account:

Jan 15 06:01

China releases footage of its troops conducting live-fire drill near Taiwan after President Xi ordered his soldiers to be prepared for war 'at all times'

Footage shows the army launching attacks during training at sea in China
Troops are seen blowing up targets and making a snap landing on an islet
President Xi last week ordered his two million soldiers to get ready for war

Jan 15 06:00

Left-Wing ‘Known Agitator’ Charged For Alleged Role In Capitol Breach

John Earle Sullivan has been charged with entering a restricted building or grounds, “civil disorders,” and violent entry or disorderly conduct, reported to KUTV 2 News.The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Chuck Ross noted that Sullivan appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” following the breach, claiming he witnessed the fatal shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police officer. He also appeared alongside MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Ross noted.

Jan 15 06:00

Wyoming Republican Party Slams Liz Cheney Over Recent Vote, Remarks On Trump Impeachment

The Wyoming Republican Party slammed Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in a statement on Thursday over her recent remarks and vote to impeach President Donald Trump following a riot that broke out at the U.S. Capitol Building last week.

Jan 15 05:58

Mexico’s Left-Wing President Mounts International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans

Left-wing Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reportedly vowed to take on tech companies on Thursday in response to the bans that President Donald Trump has faced on social media.

Jan 15 01:24

Amazon hit with class action antitrust lawsuit claiming it colluded with major publishers to illegally drive up ebook prices by 30%

Amazon is facing fresh antitrust scrutiny after consumers filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing the company of illegally colluding with major book publishers to drive up prices for ebooks.
Amazon, which controlled nearly 90% of the ebook market as of 2018, was able to benefit immensely from the higher prices by charging consumers more, according to the lawsuit.
Apple was found guilty in 2013 of colluding with the same five publishers — using a similar pricing practice — to illegally fix ebook prices, and lawmakers in the US and EU have previously criticized Amazon's alleged use of the so-called "most favored nations" clauses.
Several ebook customers on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Amazon accusing it of violating antitrust laws by illegally colluding with the "big five" publishing houses to drive up the prices of ebooks.

Jan 14 19:26

BREAKING: In FOIA Request FBI Says It Never Looked at Seth Rich’s Laptop in Their Possession for Years – Does Anyone Believe This?

In response to queries related to the Seth Rich case, the CIA has now refused to say whether it framed Russia in the Trump – Russia collusion scam. In addition, the FBI says it never looked at Seth Rich’s laptop in their possession.

Jan 14 16:47

Totalitarianism Is Upon Us

Staying alive is, indeed, of paramount importance, but being the most important thing does not mean to the exclusion of everything else.  If there is nothing else to life but trying to stay alive, then life has no meaning.  The refusal to accept the reality that risks are an integral part of life is what leads people to naively believe that an all-powerful central government can keep them safe and well fed, and it is this naïve belief that leads to totalitarianism.

Jan 14 15:52

OBEY: Cumulus Media orders all “conservative” talk show hosts to embrace Biden as “president”

George Orwell was certainly right in writing that the dystopian future, which is now the present, would look like this: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.”

We have arrived. The year 2021 has become 1984.

Jan 14 15:46

Corporations now at war with America, will help bury evidence of election fraud by paying off reps who hide it

In the aftermath, the voices that felt unheard were ultimately silenced overnight. In this environment of concealment (where the Vice President himself refused to point out the fraud to his colleagues), America and the rest of the world will never fully understand the scope of the election fraud. Not only did activist courts refuse to hear cases based on the merits, but Congress also pushed forward with no debate. Now, as corporations withhold campaign contributions from representatives who dare talk about election fraud, the election process will be even more rigged. Now it is weaponized.

Jan 14 15:41

Democrats are now moving quickly to reclassify conservative dissent as “domestic terrorism”

So — how do we know that this legislation is going to be directed solely at Trump supporters and conservative patriots? Simple; it’s because Democrats are pushing for it, and we know from their past attempts to quash conservative talk radio, censor people online, and attack Fox News they don’t much care for dissent from the other side. -- And who seriously believes that this legislation will be applied to the Democrat left’s shock troops — Antifa and BLM?

Jan 14 14:05

Long Island to boost security ahead of Inauguration Day

Authorities across Long Island and New York state are boosting security ahead of Inauguration Day.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says she's working with police and federal agencies to ensure residents will be safe.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says the Nassau Police Department has been on high alert since the riots at the Capitol building last week. Now with word of possible violent protest coming to capital cities in all 50 states on Inauguration Day, Ryder says patrols have intensified and increased even more.

"The intelligence community is working around the clock, and has been working around the clock," says Ryder.

In Suffolk, police tell News 12 they are also gathering intelligence and coordinating with federal agencies to prevent political violence.

Police say they are not aware of any credible threats on Long Island.

Jan 14 14:01

No One Is Listening: A Country Divided Against Itself

The U.S. may morph into two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors.

In a recent article Catholic University professor Claes G. Ryn wrote “Few people are really open to persuasion in any case—not just on political subjects but on any subject about which they care and on which they have adopted certain views. Diehard partisans for a certain outlook will refuse to have their beliefs questioned, and so will many others. They will be no less dismissive of a document challenging their opinions if it is full of footnotes and appendixes. Such a document will, indeed, make them resist it even more. As for the relatively few people who are truly open-minded, they will not find another person’s observations dispositive. They will, as they should, want to consider the evidence on a contested matter for themselves.”

Jan 14 13:16

One mask good, two masks better: Nearly a year into the pandemic, is advocating double masking really the way to reassure people?

Despite some studies questioning the value of face coverings in halting the spread of Covid-19, those who have recently made it their life’s work to obey the rules anyway are running scared… and suggesting we double up on masks.

To watch the New York Times’ coronavirus coverage over the last few months has been to witness cognitive dissonance in the extreme. Back in August, it admitted that as many as 90 percent of PCR (‘gold standard’) tests might be false positives, but now it clings to those ‘false’ numbers as justification for wearing not one, but two masks.

Jan 14 11:58

Amazon Prime cancels new series The Pack hosted by Lindsey Vonn after PETA slammed leaked unaired footage showing dogs slamming into rocks while strapped to people rappelling down a cliff face

Amazon Prime has reportedly cancelled The Pack after PETA slammed the show
Editing room floor videos show pups slamming into cliff faces while repelling

Jan 14 11:56

Zebra’s eye view! Moment hungry lioness mauls remote-control camera giving a chilling taste of what it’s like to be savaged by a big cat

A hungry lioness stole a GoPro on safari in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
Scary footage shows lioness baring her sharp teeth before grabbing the camera

Jan 14 11:52

Johnson & Johnson's one-shot COVID-19 vaccine triggered antibodies that last at least 71 days ALL trial volunteers, early data reveals - amid fears the firm will NOT have 12 million doses for the US by February

Johnson & Johnson's one-dose COVID-19 vaccine triggered antibodies safely
it works in 100% of people 18-55 and 65 or older, according to an NEJM study

Jan 14 11:43

Mass trial of repurposed MS drug that 'cuts number of Covid patients suffering serious illness by 80 per cent' begins at hospital in Hull

Earlier trials produced promising results with just 13 per cent of patients given it going on to need intensive care treatment compared to 22 per cent who received a placebo.

Jan 14 11:40

Sexual abuse by aid workers in poorer countries is STILL going on three years after the Oxfam Haiti scandal, MPs are told

Exploiters may still be rehired in the aid sector as investigations are lacSexual abuse of women in poorer countries by aid workers has got worse during the coronavirus pandemic, MPs have suggested in a damning report.
Three-quarters of those surveyed by the Commons international development committee believe abuse of aid recipients is still going on – three years after the Oxfam Haiti abuse scandal emerged.

Jan 14 11:35

That feels grrreat! Adorable moment golden retriever rolls around in delight while his owner VACUUMS his fur

Mrs Brumley, a veterinarian, discovered Hopper's predilection for vacuums while she was cleaning the family's vacation home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Footage shows Hopper going up to Mrs Brumley and nudging her until she runs the handheld vacuum over his fur.

Jan 14 11:31

Trump 'orders aides not to pay Rudy Giuliani's $20K-a-day fee' as he turns on his closest allies in fury at being impeached for a second time and wallows in 'self-pity' at the White House

Newly-impeached President Donald Trump is turning on some of his most trusted allies, and has reportedly ordered aides not to pay the legal fees of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, as mounting legal threats and isolation close in on the president from all sides.

Jan 14 11:30

Fired FBI director James Comey says Biden should consider pardoning Trump for the Capitol riot to 'heal the country' even though he believes the President 'belongs in jail'

Fired FBI director James Comey has said Joe Biden should consider pardoning Donald Trump for the Capitol riot even though the president 'belongs in jail.'

Jan 14 11:30

Sen. Josh Hawley moans about 'media and members of the Washington establishment' labeling him an 'insurrectionist' following Capitol riot as he defends decision to object to Electoral College count

Josh Hawley has defended himself in a newspaper op-ed after he was accused of inciting last week's siege of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of MAGA supporters.

Jan 14 11:28

Heart-stopping moment dance teacher's neck snaps back in horror fall as she tries to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift with her boyfriend

Millie Slennett, 25, challenged her sister Rosie to see who could do the iconic dance move better during a family lunch at their parents' Sydney home on Christmas Day.

Jan 14 11:28

Panic buttons inside Rep. Ayanna Pressley's office were 'torn out' before Capitol protest and her staffers barricaded the door with furniture and water jugs as MAGA rioters stormed the building, chief of staff says

The panic buttons in Rep. Ayanna Pressley's office were inexplicably 'torn out' before last week's Capitol Riot, sending staff into a panic as they tried to barricade themselves inside amid the protest.

Jan 14 11:25

Heart-stopping moment dance teacher's neck snaps back in horror fall as she tries to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift with her boyfriend

Millie Slennett, 25, challenged her sister Rosie to see who could do the iconic dance move better during a family lunch at their parents' Sydney home on Christmas Day.

Jan 14 11:24

Previous coronavirus infection gives people immunity for five months - MORE than the Oxford vaccine, PHE study finds

People previously infected with the coronavirus have more protection against reinfection five months later than people getting the Oxford vaccine, and the same level of immunity that is provided by the Pfizer jab, a Public Health England (PHE) study has found.

Jan 14 11:23

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Trump was banned after 'threats to physical safety both on and off the social media platform' but admits it sets a 'dangerous precedent' - as Snapchat also permanently suspends him

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that banning President Donald Trump from Twitter was the 'right decision' but added the ban sets a dangerous precedent.