Oct 19 19:23

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker after allegedly masturbating on Zoom call

The New Yorker told The Washington Post, "Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter," but did not elaborate further. A spokesperson for CNN issued a statement saying, "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted."

Oct 19 19:23

Rapper 50 Cent endorses Trump after finding out how much he would be taxed by Joe Biden

Rapper 50 Cent called on his followers to vote for President Donald Trump on Monday after finding out what his tax rate would be under Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's plan, while throwing out some F-bombs to emphasize his feelings.

Oct 19 19:22

Court rules against Ghislaine Maxwell, orders testimony to be unsealed in Jeffrey Epstein case

The former girlfriend and longtime aide of the late sexual predator billionaire Jeffrey Epstein lost her bid in court to keep her testimony sealed.

Oct 19 19:19

SCOTUS Allows Pennsylvania to Accept Absentee Ballots 3 Days After Election, Even If Not Postmarked

Trump-bashing Supreme Court Justice John Roberts on Monday sided with the Democrats in a 4-4 Supreme Court decision to allow Pennsylvania to accept absentee ballots a full three days after Election Day, even if they're not postmarked!

Oct 19 18:39

BREAKING NEWS: Here’s Why the Mayor of Moscow’s Wife Paid Hunter Biden $3.5 Million… And Likely More!

According to US treasury documents provided by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees, Hunter Biden was paid $3.5 million from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife.

Oct 19 14:51

'This Is What They Call A Mic Drop': Trump Flattens Reporter Who Asked Why He Called Biden A Criminal

President Trump is absolutely on fire in the final stretch of the election while Joe Biden is hiding in his basement.

Oct 19 14:37

REVEALED: Facebook Exec On 'Election Integrity' Was VP Joe Biden's Advisor On Ukraine

This may give us a clue as to why Facebook is censoring the bombshell stories on Hunter Biden's shady dealings in Ukraine and China.

It was revealed late last week that the head of Facebook's election integrity program, Anna Makanju, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, received a fellowship from George Soros' brother's Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans and previously worked as Vice President Joe Biden's senior policy advisor on Ukraine.

Oct 19 14:25

74% of families with children making less than $100,000 have “experienced serious financial problems” during this crisis

As you will see below, millions of Americans missed their rent or mortgage payments last month, millions missed their student loan payments, and millions are falling into poverty.  The economic downturn that was sparked by the coronavirus pandemic has stretched on far longer than most people originally anticipated, and many Americans are simply running out of money at this point.  In fact, one survey that was conducted not too long ago found that 40 percent of all households have “used up all or most of their savings” and 74 percent of families with children that make less than $100,000 a year have “experienced serious financial problems” during this crisis…

Oct 19 13:47

Gun Control May be Wasting Away, But Not Because of COVID

A more plausible explanation is that now, with gun sales continuing to break records and an unprecedented number of first-time gun owners, Americans are less interested than ever in ineffectual restrictions on rights and freedoms.

Oct 19 13:37

Black Leaders Call on NYPD to Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit as Shootings Spike

Leaders in the black community are calling on the New York Police Department to bring back the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit that was eliminated last month as shootings and murders spike across the city.

About 600 undercover officers from the unit were set to be transferred to other assignments including detective work and policing neighborhoods, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said a month ago. The anti-crime unit, which was responsible for getting guns off the streets, had been criticized as stoking distrust in law enforcement in minority communities.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, one of the African-American voices calling for action on gun violence, criticized the police force’s decision to completely disband the unit. He deplored the recent deadly shooting of a one-year-old, one of the victims of New York City’s recent spike in gun violence.

Oct 19 13:35

More Blacks Randomly Attacking Whites & Asians

Oct 19 13:35

RACIST Attacks On White People – USA “Peaceful Protest” Edition

Here’s something that the left-wing media won’t show you.
*Note that there are A LOT more than this.

Oct 19 13:34

Jeffrey Toobin Suspended From The New Yorker For Exposing Penis to Colleagues During Zoom Call

Anti-Trump zealot and CNN's chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, was suspended from his job at The New Yorker on Monday after exposing his penis to colleagues during a zoom call.

Oct 19 13:06

Fund The Police? Portland Unrest Leads To Record Overtime For More Than A Dozen Cops

Portland protesters’ efforts to defund the Portland Police Department may have inadvertently pushed salaries for at least a dozen Portland cops over $200,000 according to a report for Oregon Live.

Oct 19 13:06

Rubio Nails Dems ‘Dirty Little Secret’: They’ve Been Planning To ‘Pack The Supreme Court’ For Years

Monday, Senator Marco Rubio (D-FL) published an opinion column for Fox News in which he asserted that the Democratic Party, which has been making noise about packing the Supreme Court with additional justices if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed for the Court, has a “dirty little secret”: they’ve been planning to pack the Court for a long time.

Oct 19 13:04

NASA prepares to touch down and take a rock sample from the asteroid Bennu TOMORROW

NASA has pencilled in October 20 as the date it will land on asteroid Bennu
A 4.5 hour descent consisting of three maneuvers will result in touchdown
Robotic arm of OSIRIS-REx will contact the surface for a matter of seconds

Oct 19 13:00

PICTURED: 'Devastated' Jack Fincham and his ex-girlfriend clamber out of his damaged £35K Mercedes following 'almighty smash'

Imagesar crashed into an oncoming car as he turned into a pub car park while out for Sunday lunch.

In a candid Instagram video, Jack, 29, explained: 'The day I've had... pulling into a car park to have something to eat, a Caesar salad in case anyone is interested... a car ploughed straight into my car as I indicated to go in there.'

Oct 19 12:59

Biggest mass extinction in history 250 million years ago was triggered by an enormous volcanic eruption in Siberia which spewed huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Life on Earth was almost totally wiped out by CO2 around 252 million years ago
The huge eruption in Siberia ejected massive quantities of the greenhouse gas
It killed of around 90 per cent of the world's creatures by making the seas acidic

Oct 19 12:47

National Intel Director: No Evidence Hunter Biden's Email Release Part of 'Russian Disinfo Campaign'

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Monday that there is no evidence the release of Hunter Biden's emails were part of a "Russian disinformation campaign" as Democrats have tried to claim.

Oct 19 12:46

Holey cow! Greedy beast sends man flying down a hole in the ground before gobbling up his vegetables in southern India

A man strolling down a street got a nasty surprise when a cow attacked him
The beast sent him flying into the air and down a hole in the ground in seconds
The hungry animal appeared to be after the vegetables the man was carrying

Oct 19 12:42

Girl, six, and her baby brother somersault down escalator after the big sister tried to push pram onto moving stairs while their mother was shopping at Russian mall

A young girl and her baby brother somersaulted down an escalator in a horror Russian shopping mall accident while their mother was trying on clothes in a nearby shop.

The woman told her daughter Mudina, six, and one of her friends to stand outside the Moscow fashion shop and look after son Mukhammadali, one, who was in a pushchair.

Oct 19 12:36

'Spend all your money and have some cheek!' Elderly care home residents share their VERY honest advice for younger generations

Elderly care home residents shared their advice for the younger generations, with pearls of wisdom including 'keep your legs together' and 'spend all your money.'

Oct 19 12:30

Cyclops baby albino shark shocks fishermen after they find it inside the gut of an adult

The cyclops shark was found in the belly of an adult shark that died in a net
Fishermen in Indonesia cut open the belly of the adult and found the rare fish
The milky-white creature was already dead but had one large eye on its head

Oct 19 12:27

Baby bump! Incredible moment a playful humpback calf nudges a kayaker as it breached off Hawaii

Marcy Koltun-Crilley was kayaking in Hawaii when she spotted two whales and started filming them
Amazing underwater footage from the 63-year-old's GoPro shows a humpback whale mother and calf

Oct 19 12:19

Dramatic moment police chased drug dealer chased into family's back garden and forced him to cough up bags of crack cocaine he had swallowed in front of father and his young son

Lokman Ali was playing with his young son in Reading when the drama unfolded
Mr Ali, 33, watched as Lewis Szewczyk was surrounded by officers in his garden
Szewczyk dodged washing and vaulted two garden fences before he was caught

Oct 19 12:08

MIT: Twitter Ban ‘Nearly Doubled’ The Visibility Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Twitter’s crackdown on a controversial New York Post story that “purported to show new emails from Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden,

Oct 19 11:57

Ranting actress claims Trump supporters 'f***ing boxed me in' on freeway, cries that they were 'pointing at me and laughing at a Mexican'

Actress Francia Raisa claimed Sunday, without evidence, that supporters of President Donald Trump traveling to a rally boxed her in while she was driving on Interstate 405 in southern California, wouldn't let her go around, and ridiculed her in the process.

Oct 19 11:55

Study: New Gun Ownership Is Soaring In One Of The Bluest States In The U.S.

Nearly half of the more than 100,000 Californians who have bought a gun since mid-March are first-time gun owners, according to a study released earlier this month.

Oct 19 11:51

NY Times circulates false claim about woman fired over viral Central Park racism video

Amy Cooper's world was turned upside down in May when she, a white woman, called the police on Christian Cooper, a black man, in Central Park. Amy Cooper was walking her dog without a leash in a section of the park that requires animals to be leashed. Amy Cooper told police that her life was being threatened, but video evidence proved that was not true.

The story was immediately thrust into the national spotlight as yet another instance of blatant racism. Amy Cooper was eventually fired from her job.

Oct 19 11:50

DNI shoots back at Schiff: 'No intelligence' that Hunter Biden laptop story is 'part of some Russian disinformation campaign’

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe fired back at Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and other top Democrats Monday by clarifying that the bombshell reports on a laptop allegedly tied to Hunter Biden are "not part of some Russian disinformation campaign."

Oct 19 11:47

Robert Reich proposes post-election commission to censor and blacklist Trump supporters — and leftists on Twitter salivate over the idea

University of California-Berkeley professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich proposed the radical idea for a post-election commission to censor speech and name and shame every public figure who supported President Donald Trump's rise to power.

Oct 19 11:29

Director Of National Intelligence Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Not Part Of Some Russian Disinformation Campaign’

University of California-Berkeley professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich proposed the radical idea for a post-election commission to censor speech and name and shame every public figure who supported President Donald Trump's rise to power.

Oct 19 11:27

With a handful of days until the election, press asks Biden: 'What flavor milkshake did you get?'

The media is softer than that milkshake when it comes to asking Joe Biden tough questions

With 16 days until the election, and so many unanswered questions surrounding Joe Biden's

Oct 19 11:20

Oh no you fools (Picture)

Oct 19 11:19

The irony... (Picture)

Oct 19 11:19

British anti-maskers behaved 'like spoilt brats' when they refused to wear face-coverings on a flight home from anti-lockdown meeting in Berlin and 'began coughing when they got on the aircraft'

A group of British anti-maskers behaved 'like spoiled brats' when they refused to wear face coverings on a flight home from Berlin, a source claimed today.

Oct 19 11:16

China warns it will take Americans hostage if US doesn't release Chinese research scientists who 'lied about working for People's Liberation Army', say sources

China has warned the US it will take Americans hostage if the Department of Justice doesn't release Chinese research scientists accused of lying about working for the People's Liberation Army, according to sources.

Oct 19 11:09

Buy fewer yachts (Picture)

Oct 19 11:08

CVS To Hire 15,000 Employees In Preparation For Flu Season, COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

CVS Health announced that it would bring on approximately 15,000 additional workers in preparation for the upcoming flu season and an expected rise in coronavirus cases before the distribution of an eventual vaccine.

The hirings will take place before the year’s end, the company said Monday in a statement. Though most of the positions are temporary, many could transition into full-time positions, CVS said.

Oct 19 11:07

It is the law (Meme)

Oct 19 11:04

No comments (Picture)

Oct 19 10:37

Escape from a Nazi firing squad: Handcuffed and led into the woods at dawn, two SAS men prepared to die... What followed was one of the most breathtaking episodes of the entire war, writes LORD ASHCROFT

It was approaching dawn on August 9, 1944 and the seven prisoners of war caught operating behind enemy lines in German-occupied France thought they knew their fate.

Oct 19 10:26

Emirati minister of tolerance is accused of 'serious sexual assault' by the organiser of the Hay literary festival in Abu Dhabi who says Sheikh 'assaulted her on Valentine's Day'

The Emirati minister of tolerance has been accused of 'serious sexual assault' by the organiser of the Hay literary festival in Abu Dhabi.

Oct 19 10:21

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp (Picture)

Oct 19 10:21

Covid vaccines roll off the Pfizer production line in thousands as professor claims Oxford-Astra Zeneca shot will be rolled out by DECEMBER

Whizzing off the production line in thousands of tiny bottles – new footage shows the vaccine that could end the Covid misery engulfing the planet.

Oct 19 10:19

Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F.

After months of seeing its shelves repeatedly cleaned out by brazen shoplifters, the Walgreens at Van Ness and Eddy in San Francisco is getting ready to close.

“The last day is Nov. 11,” Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso said.

Oct 19 10:18

That sounds right (Picture)

Oct 19 09:46

Nancy Pelosi sets 48-hour DEADLINE for the White House to resolve next round of coronavirus funding

Nancy Pelosi gave the White House a 48-hour deadline to resolve the contentious COVID-19 relief negotiations, which have become increasingly rooted in partisanship.

Oct 19 09:15

Cold water swimming may help defend from dementia by stimulating latent hibernation protein, scientists say

Taking a dip in cold water could help defend the brain against dementia and other degenerative diseases, research suggests.

Oct 19 09:15

China's economy grows 4.9% as industrial production surges, retail sales rise and unemployment sinks - while the rest of the world is crippled by coronavirus

China’s economy has grown 4.9 percent in the third quarter from last year proving the country is back to its pre-pandemic trajectory with consumer spending and industrial production going back to normal levels.

Oct 19 09:13

Donald Trump calls Joe Biden a 'criminal mastermind' and says Hunter is a 'human vacuum cleaner' sucking up foreign dollars at Nevada rally

President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for being 'boring' and not together, while also characterizing him as a criminal mastermind worse than 'crooked' Hillary Clinton as he slammed the Democrat Sunday night at his Carson City, Nevada rally.

Oct 19 09:13

Democrat Governor of Nevada accuses Donald Trump of 'reckless and dangerous' behavior after two days of rallies and events in his state

Donald Trump was told on Sunday night that he was not welcome in the state of Nevada, after the Democrat governor described his guest as indulging in 'reckless and dangerous' behavior during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oct 19 09:11

Donald Trump Jr complains that Twitter and Instagram are 'throttling' his retweets and engagement in bid to cover up 'the truth about the Biden crime family'

Donald Trump Jr is venting his frustration about his declining retweets and likes on social media, accusing Twitter and Instagram of trying to hide 'the truth about the Biden crime family'.

Oct 19 09:10

Another Republican distances himself from Trump: Texas Sen. John Cornyn, 68, slams president for reckless spending and China rhetoric - as he faces tough race with Air Force pilot, 44, whose shrapnel wounds are covered up with tattoos

Yet another Republican senator has attempted to downplay their allegiance to Donald Trump, as the election edges closer and the president's prospects look increasingly worrying.

Oct 19 09:03

Kirstie Alley sets Twitter alight and immediately comes under attack from liberal celebrities for declaring: 'I'm voting for Trump because he's NOT a politician'

Kirstie Alley came under attack on Twitter Saturday night after declaring: 'I’m voting for Donald Trump because he’s NOT a politician.'

Oct 19 09:01

Rep. Ilhan Omar says she loves the US 'way more than the president' and that Trump's campaign trail attacks have led to threats against her life

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar hit back at Donald Trump saying she 'loves this country' more than the president does after he accused her of entering the US illegally and of 'hating' America, adding his words lead to death threats.

Oct 19 08:33

Jake Tapper accuses Lara Trump of 'mocking Joe Biden's stutter' and saying he's in 'cognitive decline'

CNN's Jake Tapper scolded Lara Trump during an interview on Sunday after the daughter-in-law of the president claimed Joe Biden is in ‘cognitive decline’ and appeared to mock his stutter.

Oct 19 08:33

Senator Ron Johnson demands FBI Director Christopher Wray confirm details surrounding Hunter Biden laptop scandal because Joe's response to the story was 'pretty odd'

Senator Ron Johnson demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray reveal details surrounding Hunter Biden's hard drive as he claimed the Biden campaign's response to the scandal was 'pretty odd.'

Oct 19 08:27

Sweeping transformation! Six people spend 50 hours scrubbing layers of mould and piles of rubbish from filthy Cumbria semi where widower in his 80s had not cleaned for years after his wife died

Every surface of the two-bedroom semi-detached property in Dalton, Cumbria was covered in dirt and mould
A team of six cleaners in protective suits worked for a total of 50 hours to leave the house squeaky clean

Oct 19 08:26

More trouble for Joe Biden as Ukrainian lawmaker claims second laptop belonging to Hunter's business contacts in the country has been seized by law enforcement

A Ukrainian lawmaker has claimed a second laptop belonging to Hunter Biden's business contacts in the country has been seized by law enforcement there.

Oct 19 08:26

'Party foul!': Jared Kushner is caught tapping his foot to YMCA at MAGA rally in Nevada after Ivanka called him a party pooper for not joining in the night before Michigan

Ivanka Trump poked fun at husband Jared Kushner's 'party foul' on Sunday after he opted out of performing the 'YMCA' dance with a crowd of MAGA supporters.

Oct 19 08:23

At least 15 Portland police officers earned more than $200,000 last year due to overtime amid mass protests, figures reveal

At least 15 Portland police officers were paid more than $200,000 last fiscal year due to overtime amid mass protests, according to a new report.

Oct 19 08:23

Kayleigh McEnany tweets footage of 'thousands upon thousands' of Donald Trump supporters lining the streets as his motorcade passed in California

'Thousands upon thousands' of flag-waving Trump supporters lined the streets in Orange County, California as the president arrived for a fundraiser on Sunday.

Oct 19 08:20

Mother, 30, admits killing church warden, 88, in Co-op during stabbing spree after she was released from mental health treatment at start of lockdown

Mother-of-one Zara Anne Radcliffe stabbed John Rees, 88, in Peygraig Co-op
He was attacked while his dementia-suffering wife Eunice, 87, waited in their car
Radcliffe was suffering from schizophrenia at time, Merthyr Crown Court heard

Oct 19 08:17

Andrew Cuomo: Americans ‘Should’ Be ‘Very Skeptical’ About Taking A COVID-19 Vaccine Approved By FDA

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during an interview on Monday morning that Americans “should” be “very skeptical” about taking any COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
“How confident are you in the approval process of the FDA right now?” ABC News host George Stephanopoulos asked.

Oct 19 08:07

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit - taking the total to almost 800 - as CEO Elon Musk reveals a test of the internet-beaming constellation is imminent

At least 800 satellites are needed for SpaceX to start introducing moderate internet coverage, Musk has said, and a test of the internet-beaming constellation is now imminent.

The firm aims to have more than 1,000 satellites in orbit by the end of the year and has also been approved by the FCC to launch over 12,000 in total.

Collectively they will form a constellation of thousands of satellites, designed to provide low-cost broadband internet service from low-Earth orbit.

Oct 19 08:06

Top White House Counterterrorism Official Traveled To Syria For Secret Talks To Obtain Release Of Two American Hostages, Report Reveals

A White House official traveled to Damascus earlier this year for secret meetings with the Syrian government seeking the release of at least two U.S. citizens thought to be held there, a Trump administration official said on Sunday.

Oct 19 08:05

Trump Reads List Of Statues Commission Wants Removed From Washington — Then Throws Away Letter

President Donald Trump read a list of statues and monuments that the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission wants removed or relocated then threw the letter away at a Saturday rally in Muskegon, Michigan.

Oct 19 08:04

Boy, 13, is shot dead by a masked gunman who opened fire while the teenager was fixing a lawnmower with his brother and father in the front yard of his Georgia home

A young teenage boy was shot and killed by a masked gunman in front of his family while working outside his home in Georgia.

Oct 19 08:03

Historians will excavate a cemetery in the search for victims of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in which an estimated 300 black people were killed and buried in unknown locations

A second excavation begins Monday at a cemetery in an effort to find and identify victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and shed light on violence that left hundreds dead and decimated an area that was once a cultural and economic mecca for African Americans.

Oct 19 08:03

Texas doctor who succumbed to COVID-19 was wearing same N95 mask for weeks

A young doctor in Texas who passed away from COVID-19 contracted the virus after wearing the same N95 mask for weeks, if not months – according to her family. Twenty-eight-year-old physician Adeline Fagan died in September due to a “massive” brain hemorrhage after testing positive for the coronavirus in July.

Oct 19 08:00

Atomic Bombshell: We Have Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests In 2015

It’s not disputable, since the information comes from official patent registries in the Netherlands and US. And we have all the documentation.