Oct 19 07:46

ADAIRING & SHARING Daughter of ex-loyalist terrorist Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair quits £18,000 office job to become Instagram influencer

THE daughter of ex-loyalist terror boss Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair has quit her £18,000-a-year office job — to be a flashy Instagram influencer.

Oct 19 07:44

The American Revolution - The Sequel

The US is the most observed country in the world. Since it’s the world’s current empire (and since it is beginning its death throes as an empire), it’s fascinating to watch.

Those of us outside of the US watch it like Americans watch TV. It’s like a slow-motion car wreck that we observe almost daily, eager to see what’s going to happen next. We criticise the madness of it all, yet we can’t take our eyes off the unfolding drama. It has all the excitement of a blockbuster movie.

The national debt is, by far, the highest of any country in history.

The economic system is a house of cards, getting shakier every day.

The government has become mired in progress-numbing fascism and increasing collectivism.

The government is aggressively creating the world’s most organized police state.

The majority of the population have become wasteful, spendthrift consumers who apathetically hope that their government will somehow solve their problems.

Oct 19 07:41

With a handful of days until the election, press asks Biden: 'What flavor milkshake did you get?'

The media is softer than that milkshake when it comes to asking Joe Biden tough questions

With 16 days until the election, and so many unanswered questions surrounding Joe Biden's campaign, the media asked the Democratic presidential nominee the critical question of: "What flavor milkshake did you get?" That was the pivotal query that the press decided to ask the possible next president with a little over two weeks until the election.

Oct 19 07:41

US judge mulls competency of Mexican man who shot American woman Kate Steinhle after two doctors diagnose him with schizophrenia and say he's unfit to stand trial

A federal judge in San Francisco is mulling the competency to stand trial of a Mexican man who shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle, a shooting that figured prominently in President Donald Trump's run for the White House four years ago.

Oct 19 07:40

Man hangs from 16th floor of Trump Tower in Chicago and threatens to CUT his rope unless he is allowed to speak to the president

A man was seen dangling from a rope reportedly off the 16th floor balcony of Trump Tower in Chicago threatening to kill himself if he couldn't talk to the president on Sunday evening.

Oct 19 07:39

The nuclear option: Fleet of B-52s - that carry the country's airborne nuclear deterrent - line the runway before taking off within minutes of each other in show of force

A fleet of B-52 bombers based at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana lined the runway ready for takeoff in a display of air power and American military might.

Oct 19 07:38

Chinese government hands out £1million in FREE digital money to boost its ailing economy post-Covid - could Britain ever try the same thing?

In the same week the British Treasury announced new proposals to help maintain access to physical cash, around 50,000 people in China were handed 200 digital yuan, around £23, each.

Oct 19 07:37

Women's March, BLM activists reportedly pummel female Trump supporter, who ends up hospitalized for head, neck injuries

Female Trump supporter Isabella Maria DeLuca says Women's March and Black Lives Matter activists assaulted her in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, during a pro-Trump rally.

What are the details?

Oct 19 07:35

Leftists blast Trump over viral video showing him give money at church: 'Cheap bastard'

President Donald Trump was excoriated on social media Sunday after a viral video showed him placing a wad of $20 dollar bills into the collection bucket at a Las Vegas church

Oct 19 07:20

Shreveport Times Admits Record Gun Violence in City and Across America Is by Blacks (Still Tries to Blame Whites for the Violence)

Kansas City. Atlanta. Birmingham. Charlotte. Indianapolis. New York City. Baltimore. Philadelphia. Washington D.C. Chicago. Nashville. Memphis. Milwaukee. Minneapolis. Buffalo. Cleveland. Cincinnati. St. Louis. Richmond (VA).

It doesn’t matter the city. The variable is always the same.

It’s not systemic racism. It’s not implicit bias. It’s not structural inequality.

Gun violence is (nearly) monochromatic. It’s almost exclusively a problem courtesy of black individuals, collectively responsible for making our major cities uninhabitable for civilized people of any race. [Plague of Black on Black crime devastates neighborhoods, must be addressed holistically, Shreveport Times, October 17, 2020]:

Oct 19 07:18

China 'equips its army with its most advanced hypersonic missile to prepare for a possible invasion of Taiwan', report claims

China has deployed its most advanced hypersonic missile to its coastal areas near Taiwan to 'prepare for a possible invasion' of the island, a report has revealed.

Oct 19 07:17

Selena Gomez kidney donor Francia Raisa says she 'almost crashed' after she was boxed in by Trump supporters on the freeway in Southern California

Actress Francia Raisa said her life was threatened by supporters of President Donald Trump amid their caravan on the 405 freeway Sunday as the president touched down in Southern California for a fundraiser.

Oct 19 07:16

Kanye West 'praying for' Issa Rae as he accuses SNL of pitting black people against each other after she calls him out for unqualified presidential bid: 'F him'

Kanye West has faced an uphill battle since announcing his last-minute presidential bid back in July.

Oct 19 07:15

Elon Musk claims SpaceX's Starship has a 'fighting chance' of launching a mission to Mars in just FOUR YEARS

SpaceX's Starship has a 'fighting chance' of launching on its first un-crewed mission to Mars in just four year's time, founder and CEO Elon Musk has claimed.

Oct 19 07:11

Outraged parent and Islamic preacher 'issued fatwa' against beheaded teacher for showing pupils Prophet Mohammed cartoons, minister says as police raid dozens of 'extremists' homes'

The French school teacher beheaded in an Islamist terror attack on Friday had a 'fatwa' launched against him before he was killed, France's interior minister said today.

Oct 19 07:11

Dutch man unable to walk, talk or eat for eight years regains abilities just 20 MINUTES after taking Ambien sleeping pill

A man whose brain injury left him unable to walk or talk for eight years regained full consciousness 20 minutes after taking the sleeping pill Ambien.

Oct 19 07:09

'The city will be on fire': New Yorkers prep to flee homes to avoid post-election rioting

New Yorkers are purportedly making plans to escape the city ahead of potential election day violence and protests, according to the New York Post.

Paulo Wei, 25, is planning on avoiding unrest by leaving his luxury building on the Upper West Side for his family’s 60-acre farm two hours north of the city, the Post reported Saturday.

“I felt trapped in the apartment — the protests were overwhelming,” Wei said, the Post reported. “It could happen again and I don’t want to be caught up in that. No matter who wins, someone is going to get upset.”

Oct 19 07:08

Swimming instructor throws one-year-old toddler into a pool fully clothed as part of 'swimming survival' lessons

Video has emerged on TikTok of a woman deliberately throwing a toddler into a swimming pool while fully clothed.

Oct 19 07:08

North Koreans are systematically raped and tortured in jail before trial, with some forced to sit cross legged for 16 hours without moving, former captives say

Torture, humiliation and coerced confessions are rampant in North Korea's pretrial detention system which treats people as worth 'less than an animal', a rights group said on Monday in a report on the country's opaque legal processes.

Oct 19 07:06

Michael Cohen Claims Trump's Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Is '100% Susceptible To Being Used By The Russians Because He's Drunk All The Time And Behaves Crazy'

Donald Trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen, has claimed that the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, can likely be manipulated by Russia because he is 'drunk all the time'.

Oct 19 07:06

Zookeeper Dies After Being Mauled By A Group Of Black Bears In Front Of Horrified Visitors At A Chinese Wild Animal Park

A zookeeper in China has died after being mauled by a group of black bears in front of tourists.

Oct 19 07:04

ADAIRING & SHARING Daughter of ex-loyalist terrorist Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair quits £18,000 office job to become Instagram influencer

THE daughter of ex-loyalist terror boss Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair has quit her £18,000-a-year office job — to be a flashy Instagram influencer.

Oct 19 07:03

Man, 18, is charged with sexually assaulting his female relative, 7, after the 'abuse was livestreamed to the girl's teacher and classmates during a remote learning session'

A Chicago man has been charged with sexually assaulting a seven-year-old female relative in an act witnessed in an online forum used for remote teaching, authorities said.

Oct 19 07:02

14-year-old boy charged with hate crime after ‘punching a rabbi on the head, mentioning white power and yelling slurs near a synagogue in San Diego’

A 14-year-old boy was charged with a hate crime after allegedly punching a rabbi near his San Diego synagogue last week.

Oct 19 06:59

'The hostility always goes to the woman': Juan Carlos I's ex-mistress, 56, compares herself to Wallis Simpson as she questions why she was blamed for the 82-year-old Spanish king's downfall

The ex-mistress of Spain's scandal hit former King Juan Carlos I has compared herself to Wallis Simpson as she says she was blamed for a man's downfall.

Oct 19 06:59

Woman is praised for her VERY effective response to a man who sent her a nude picture which tricked him into thinking it had been passed to the police

A woman has been commended for her ingenious comeback after a man sent her a nude photo via text message.

Oct 19 06:56

Trump says US would be in 'massive depression' if he'd listened to the scientists as Fauci says he's not surprised the President caught Covid after ACB's super-spreader Rose Garden nomination

Donald Trump has said the US would be in a 'massive depression' if he had listened to the scientists on coronavirus while Dr Anthony Fauci told an interviewer he was 'absolutely not' surprised Trump had fallen ill from the virus.

Oct 19 06:56

Top infectious disease expert warns the next 6 to 12 weeks will be the ‘darkest of the entire pandemic’ as he blasts Scott Atlas’ herd immunity claims as ‘pixie dust’

Michael Osterholm, a renowned infectious disease expert, warned that the next several months will be the 'darkest of the entire pandemic.'

Oct 19 06:54

Cold water swimming may help defend from dementia by stimulating latent hibernation protein, scientists say

Taking a dip in cold water could help defend the brain against dementia and other degenerative diseases, research suggests.

Oct 19 06:54

China's economy grows 4.9% as industrial production surges, retail sales rise and unemployment sinks - while the rest of the world is crippled by coronavirus

China’s economy has grown 4.9 percent in the third quarter from last year proving the country is back to its pre-pandemic trajectory with consumer spending and industrial production going back to normal levels.

Oct 19 06:51

Infamous NYC 'Black Widow' who ordered hitman to kill her millionaire estranged husband in 1990 makes parole after 12 years in jail as victim's furious lover slams decision to release 'the animal'

The infamous NYC 'Black Widow' who ordered a hitman to kill her estranged husband has made parole after 12 years in jail as the victim's furious lover slammed the decision to release her.

Oct 19 06:50

Bad vibrations: Brian Wilson and Al Jardine had 'nothing to do' with Beach Boys' California benefit for Donald Trump headed by Mike Love

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys has disavowed a concert staged at a Donald Trump fundraiser in California on Sunday, insisting that neither he nor Al Jardine support the president in any way.

Oct 19 06:47

BACK TO THE FUTURE Astrologer who predicted coronavirus shares what the next six months will bring – & it’s a big year for Meghan and Harry

In February 2019 Jessica Adams shared her extraordinary insight that a virus would “disrupt the world” in 2020, and even mentioned the date the first victim died in Wuhan - January 10.

Oct 19 06:47

Steve Bannon says media sh*tstorm over Hunter Biden emails about to hit

Intellihub editor’s note: The following report out of Zero Hedge reveals the depth of the Hunter Biden email scandal.

From Zero Hedge:

In a recent interview with Revolver, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon admitted that he’s the architect of a coordinated roll-out of the Hunter Biden laptop contents and that there’s much, much more to come.

To review, last month the New York Post set off a nuclear bomb when they released evidence from the younger Biden’s hard drive obtained by Rudy Giuliani, after a computer repair shop owner initially approached the FBI, which appears to have concealed evidence of Biden family corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere while President Trump was being impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate exactly that.

And Steve Bannon is master of ceremonies for this October surprise.

Oct 19 06:46

Oracle CEO donated $250k to Lindsey Graham's re-election campaign just hours before the company announced lucrative deal to become TikTok's US tech provider - which the senator was 'pivotal' in brokering

A top executive at one of the nation’s leading tech companies donated $250,000 to a super Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election campaign, as his company closed in on a coveted deal to become TikTok’s US technology partner.

Oct 19 06:46

'Straight, happily married father' who's been wearing a skirt and high heels in public for four years says he wants to prove clothes have no gender - and reveals his wife supports his choices

A married father-of-three who started wearing women's clothes four years ago and hasn't looked back says he's determined to challenge gender stereotypes when it comes to fashion.

Oct 19 06:44

NATIONAL SHUTDOWN Wales to be plunged into two-week ‘fire break’ lockdown with all pubs & shops shut from Friday

WALES will be thrown into a two-week "circuit breaker" lockdown with all pubs and shops to be forced to shut from 6pm on Friday.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced the country will be plunged into a "fire-break" lockdown and told to stay at home until November 9.

Oct 19 06:43

Thousands of boys are kept in chains, tortured and abused in Islamic schools across Sudan - with younger children raped by older students, investigation reveals

Thousands of boys have been tortured, abused and kept in chains in Islamic schools across Sudan, a new documentary has revealed.

Oct 19 06:42

Girl, six, and her baby brother somersault down escalator after the big sister tried to push pram onto moving stairs while their mother was shopping at Russian mall

A young girl and her baby brother somersaulted down an escalator in a horror Russian shopping mall accident while their mother was trying on clothes in a nearby shop.

Oct 19 06:29

International News China India Asia Pacific India army apprehends Chinese soldier amid military standoff

SRINAGAR, India (AP) — The Indian army said it apprehended a Chinese soldier Monday in the remote Ladakh region, where the two countries are locked in a monthslong military standoff along their disputed mountain border.

Oct 19 06:29

China's economy accelerates as virus recovery gains strength

BEIJING - China's economic growth accelerated to 4.9% over a year earlier in the latest quarter as a shaky recovery from the coronavirus pandemic gathered strength.

Oct 19 06:27

Japan, Vietnam agree to boost defense ties, resume flights

HANOI, Vietnam. -- Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, in his first overseas summit since taking office last month, agreed with his Vietnamese counterpart to step up defense and security cooperation in the face of China's expanding influence in the region.

Oct 19 06:15

The Year Of Disguises

2020 is a year of disguises. Some examples include computer models/modelers disguised as “science/scientists,” Tyrants/Dictators/Totalitarians disguised as “elected officials,” propaganda machines disguised as “news sources,” brainwashing disguised as “information,” censorship disguised as “public health safeguard,” panic and fear disguised as “social responsibility.”

Even the virus itself has been disguised by humans as an “apocalypse.” But, the last part is not the doing of the virus, but the doings of a select number of humans who are responsible for many of the other disguises as well. And if you look at the totality of events in 2020, it is clear that the average citizen has been treated generally less than human, certainly not as adults in any case.

Oct 19 06:10

Spy plane sent to monitor George Floyd protests near home of California National Guard chief

In early June, four spy planes took to the skies over several cities to monitor street protests following the killing of George Floyd, triggering concerns that the military was improperly gathering intelligence on U.S. citizens.

Three of the reconnaissance planes kept watch on demonstrations in Minneapolis, Phoenix and Washington, D.C, that drew hundreds or thousands of protesters and were marred by violence.

But the target of the fourth plane was far more surprising: the affluent Sacramento suburb of El Dorado Hills, the scene of much smaller and entirely peaceful protests.

Oct 19 05:49

800 Compton residents to get guaranteed income in two-year pilot program

Jacqueline Andrade and her husband both lost their jobs in March, at a point during the pandemic when grocery store shelves were being ransacked and government aid seemed far off.

Oct 19 05:37

Rapper Who Bragged About Unemployment Fraud In Music Video Arrested For Alleged Unemployment Fraud

A Los Angeles-based rapper who dropped a music video in which he bragged about getting rich off jobless benefits has been arrested for allegedly applying for $1.2 million in a fraudulent scheme that targeted a federal pandemic assistance program.

Oct 19 05:37

China warns US it may detain Americans over prosecutions of Chinese scholars: report

The Chinese government has warned the United States that it may begin to detain Americans in response to the U.S.

Oct 19 05:35

Kentucky Postal Worker Terminated, May Face Federal Charges After Allegedly Tossing Dozens Of Ballots

A United States Postal Service worker allegedly threw away over 100 absentee ballots meant for the Jeffersontown area of Jefferson County. Federal agents from the Postal Service Office of Inspector General found the ballots on Thursday morning after receiving a tip, according to the Courier-Journal.

Oct 19 05:34

Biden Runs From Question About FBI, ‘Will Not Be Seen Again’ Until Debate Night: Report

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden ran from a question on Sunday about the FBI, which comes after he snapped at a reporter late last week for asking him about the growing scandal involving a laptop that may have belonged to his son, Hunter.

Oct 19 05:34

North Carolina Congressional Race Smashes Fundraising Records

battle for western North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District has drawn both national attention and record fundraising, according to local reports.

Oct 19 05:25

With a handful of days until the election, press asks Biden: 'What flavor milkshake did you get?'

With 16 days until the election, and so many unanswered questions surrounding Joe Biden's campaign, the media asked the Democratic presidential nominee the critical question of: "What flavor milkshake did you get?" That was the pivotal query that the press decided to ask the possible next president with a little over two weeks until the election.

Oct 19 05:19

HE'S BANNED (Picture)

Oct 19 05:10

Dr. Richard Urso: COVID-19 “was a lie from the very beginning. We had treatment from day one!”

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Urso who is also one of America’s Frontline Doctors has been speaking out about successful treatments for COVID-19 and says that the lockdowns and all of it are a bunch of B.S.

The Houston-based doctor who has a background in drug development and has repurposed eight drugs for use on the eye says the recommended treatment for COVID-positive patients made absolutely no sense from the very beginning.

“It never made sense,” he said. “It was clear that we had treatment.”

Oct 19 02:40

Ukrainian fitness Instagram influencer, 33, 'who thought Covid didn't exist' dies of coronavirus after contracting infection on trip to Turkey

A fitness influencer who thought Covid didn't exist has died aged just 33 after contracting the virus on a trip to Turkey.

Dmitriy Stuzhuk had been discharged from hospital in his native Ukraine - but was rushed back and rapidly deteriorated.

To his one million subscribers, he appeared super-fit as he promoted sports and healthy living.

But his ex-wife and mother of his three children, Sofia Stuzhuk, 25, who announced his death said coronavirus had triggered heart complications.

After becoming ill, he had posted to his fans: 'I want to share how I got sick and to strongly warn everyone.

'I was one who thought that Covid does not exist… Until I got sick.'

He told them: 'COVID-19 IS NOT A SHORT-LIVED DISEASE! And it is heavy.'

He had woken in Turkey with a swollen neck and breathing difficulties, he said.

Back in Ukraine, he was tested positive and hospitalised.

'The hospital is completely filled with people, some of them being treated in corridors,' he posted.

Oct 18 21:17

Twitter defeated!

Oct 18 21:14

Defense Minister says Iran will sell weapons to countries despised by US

"...Iran’s defense minister says the country is going to support the countries that seek to defend their existence now that the UN Security Council’s restrictions on Tehran’s arms trade are lifted.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Iran will sell arms to the countries despised by the Americans if they ask for it..."

Oct 18 19:40

China warns US it may detain Americans over prosecutions of Chinese scholars: report

The Chinese government has warned the United States that it may begin to detain Americans in response to the U.S. Justice Department's prosecution of Chinese military-affiliated scholars, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.