Oct 18 19:40

China warns US it may detain Americans over prosecutions of Chinese scholars: report

The Chinese government has warned the United States that it may begin to detain Americans in response to the U.S. Justice Department's prosecution of Chinese military-affiliated scholars, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Oct 18 19:39

DOJ: Rapper arrested for alleged $1.2M unemployment fraud, made whole song, music video about crime

The Department of Justice announced last week that federal authorities have arrested a rapper they claim defrauded the government of coronavirus-related unemployment benefits, then boasted about the fraud in an entire song and music video.

What are the details?

Oct 18 19:37

WNBA Star Says Players Judged More Than Women’s Soccer Players Due To Race, Height, Sexuality

WNBA has less support from the public than women’s soccer because society doesn’t perceive women basketball player’s as favorably as women soccer players, according to Seattle Storm player Sue Bird.

Oct 18 19:28

CNN’s First Poll Since Trump Was Hospitalized Shows Biden Opening 16-Point National Lead With Likely Voters

Former Vice President Joe Biden has extended his lead over President Donald Trump to 16 points among likely voters, a new poll released Tuesday by CNN finds.

Oct 18 19:27

Twice As Safe: Biden Wears TWO Masks On Campaign Stop In North Carolina

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wore two masks when he traveled to North Carolina for a campaign stop, a cloth one overtop a paper medical mask.

Oct 18 19:26

GOP Candidate Kim Klacik Raises Over $6 Million In Third Quarter

Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik, 38, raked in over $6 million in the third quarter of 2020, outraising Democratic incumbent Congressman Kweisi Mfume (D-MD) by nearly 35 times in the final, full fundraising cycle before the general election.

Oct 18 19:25

San Francisco Archbishop Exorcises Site Where Rioters Toppled Junipero Serra Statue

The archbishop of San Francisco performed an exorcism Saturday at the site where rioters ripped down a statue of Father Junipero Serra last week.

Oct 18 19:15

Man Dangling From Trump Tower Chicago Threatens to Cut His Rope Unless He Gets to Speak with President Trump (VIDEO)

A man on Sunday evening dangling from Trump Tower in Chicago threatened to cut his rope unless he got to speak to President Trump.

Oct 18 19:12

Oh Boy: Hunter Biden’s Computer Camera Roll Turned Over to Bannon and Giuliani Contains 25,000 Images With Sexually Explicit Selfies and Porn

Earlier this week The New York Post released shocking emails that prove Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at the Burisma Ukrainian energy firm. This was a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

Oct 18 17:56

How star reporter’s Syria podcast sent New York Times into crisis

Caliphate, an insider’s story of Isis, caused a sensation. But with its credibility in doubt, questions are raised about the mediaAt the centre of the controversy is Caliphate, a high-profile 2018 podcast.

Hosted and reported by Callimachi it purported to tell the inside story of Isis, much of it through a solitary source, who claimed to have travelled to Syria, joined Isis, and personally carried out executions.

But last month that source was arrested by Canadian police for perpetrating a “terrorism hoax” in his lurid depiction of his participation in Isis violence in Syria. The arrest has sent reverberations through the paper, prompting serious questions about other aspects of Callimachi’s reporting and the editors who managed her.

Oct 18 13:54

Sweden is moving away from its no-lockdown strategy and preparing strict new rules amid rising coronavirus cases

Sweden's health officials are set to unveil strict new coronavirus rules for local regions to impose. The country opted against lockdown measures in response to the first wave of the pandemic.

However, growing case numbers in areas like the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala have prompted a rethink.

Authorities in the worst-affected areas are set to have the power to strongly recommend people to avoid public transport, busy public places, and contact with the vulnerable and elderly.

Oct 18 13:40

Report: Damage From August Wind Storm in Midwest at $7.5B

DES MOINES, IOWA (AP) — Damage estimates from a rare wind storm that slammed Iowa and some other parts of the Midwest in August are growing, with the total now at $7.5 billion, according to a new report.

The Aug. 10 storm hit Iowa hard but also caused damage in Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota and Indiana. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it's currently the second-costliest U.S. disaster so far in 2020, although cost estimates for widespread wildfires along the West Coast aren't yet available.

Oct 18 13:22

Can Frozen Food Packaging Spread Covid-19? China CDC Finds Live Coronavirus

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should quit frozen foods cold turkey. But apparently the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has detected and isolated live Covid-19 coronavirus from the outer packaging of imported frozen cod while contact tracing an outbreak in Qingdao, China.

According to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, the China CDC has indicated that this “has proved that contact with packaging contaminated by living novel coronavirus could lead to infection.” Keep in mind that the China CDC also said that “the risk of cold-chain food circulating in China's market being contaminated by the novel coronavirus is very low,” according to the Xinhua report. So far, only 22 of the 670,000 samples from cold-chain food or food packaging have tested positive for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2).

Oct 18 13:17

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against two people that accuses them of defrauding people out of $1.6 million in debt collection scams. The scammers are accused of using fake phone numbers to pose as lawyers and law e

A married couple in Phoenix, Arizona, is being sued by the state's attorney general in a consumer fraud case where they are accused of defrauding potentially thousands of people out of more than $1.6 million.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich said Mark Anthony Smith and Deborah Ann Butler of impersonating authorities and using fake phone numbers that appeared to come from courthouses, jails, and sheriff's offices for debts they weren't authorized to collect on.

Smith and Butler threatened to freeze bank accounts, suspend driver's licenses, garnish wages, take away tax returns for possibly thousands of unpaid debts, according to a criminal complaint. They have also been accused of masking their real phone numbers with those of courthouses and sheriff's offices more than 65,800 times to convince people that the calls were legitimate.

Oct 18 13:13

The return of “lock her up”: Trump won’t stop attacking Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has called on President Donald Trump to stop “inspiring and incentivizing and inciting” domestic terrorism against her, in a plea that came just 10 days after the FBI revealed a right-wing plot to abduct her.

Her statement, made Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, comes after Trump told supporters at a Saturday rally in Muskegon, Michigan, to “be careful of” the governor and their state’s attorney general, and after he criticized Whitmer’s attempts to stem the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Michigan. Each time the president attacked the governor, his supporters took up a “lock her up” chant.

Oct 18 11:49

WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Ends Interview With Lara Trump After She Mentions Biden’s ‘Cognitive Decline’

CNN’s Jake Tapper ended an interview with Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump on Sunday after she brought up Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s alleged “cognitive decline” in response to what appeared to be a setup question.

Oct 18 11:48

Leather game balls found buried with ancient Chinese warriors were used 3,000 years ago as a way to 'stay fit' and prepare for the battlefield

A trio of leather game balls were found buried with ancient Chinese warriors
The balls are made of sheepskin and leather, all of which are 3,000 years old
Experts believe they were used to play games similar to hockey or polo

Oct 18 11:47

Trove of artifacts dating back 9,500 years is uncovered in Alpine glaciers as climate change causes ice to melt

Climate change is melting Alpine glaciers and revealing hidden treasures
Experts have found items dating back as far as 9,500 years ago

Oct 18 11:46

So is THAT what all the fuss was about? More than 100 birdwatchers descend on Norfolk salt marsh to catch glimpse of a rufous bush chat that has not been seen in UK for 40 years

The rare species was last observed in UK at Prawle Point in Devon, in 1980
Rufous bush chat is more used to spending its winters in Africa and Asia
Bird expert Dick Filby believes the bird may have 'gone the wrong way'

Oct 18 11:26

‘Hostage Diplomacy’: China Threatens To Arrest Americans Over US Prosecution Of Alleged Chinese Spies

Chinese officials are warning the U.S. government that continuing to prosecute immigrant scholars over illicit ties to the Chinese military will place Americans in China at risk of retribution.

Oct 18 11:24

Biden Uses Giant Teleprompter At Yet Another Sparsely Attended Rally

national polls all say Democrat Joe Biden holds a significant lead over President Trump, but you can’t tell that from the crowds that are coming out to see the two presidential candidates.

Oct 18 11:18

DHS, protesters face off near ICE building in SW Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. — Protesters faced off with DHS officers near the ICE building in Southwest Portland on Saturday night.

Oct 18 11:15

Cat in the hat! Owner creates VERY fetching headpieces using her moggy's leftover hair in TikTok video viewed 46 million times

Creative pet owner, from Russia, shared hilarious video of their cat Sonya
Brushed their feline friend before transforming excess hair into hat shapes
TikTok users were left in hysterics over clip which has amassed 46 million views

Oct 18 11:14

Britons are being sentenced to a slow, agonising death... by No 10's panic squad, writes PETER HITCHENS

One of the filthiest tactics of the Panic Merchants is to claim that anyone who opposes their strangling of the country is callous and cares only about money, not life.

Dissenters have been pelted with slime of this kind by Johnson, the man who ruined Britain, and by his dense sidekick, Hancock – perhaps the first Health Secretary in history who does not know that malaria is spread by mosquitoes. They tell us we wish to ‘let the virus rip’.

Oct 18 11:04

Harry Dunn's mother urges presidential candidate Joe Biden to 'reconsider' US decision not to extradite suspect Anne Sacoolas if he wins election

The mother of Harry Dunn, the British teen killed in a car crash last year, has urged presidential candidate Joe Biden to reconsider the US's position on her son's alleged killer if he wins the election on November 3.

Oct 18 10:56

China warns it will take Americans hostage if US doesn't release Chinese research scientists who 'lied about working for People's Liberation Army', say sources

China has warned the US it will take Americans hostage if the Department of Justice doesn't release Chinese research scientists accused of lying about working for the People's Liberation Army, according to sources.

Oct 18 10:55

Escape from a Nazi firing squad: Handcuffed and led into the woods at dawn, two SAS men prepared to die... What followed was one of the most breathtaking episodes of the entire war, writes LORD ASHCROFT

It was approaching dawn on August 9, 1944 and the seven prisoners of war caught operating behind enemy lines in German-occupied France thought they knew their fate.

After weeks of imprisonment, including brutal interrogation at the hands of the Gestapo, their end was near.

Oct 18 10:47

Triggered (Picture)

Oct 18 10:46

Gov. Cuomo bans huge 10,000-person wedding planned for Brooklyn on Monday for the grandchild of grand rabbi of Hasidic sect

A huge 10,000-person wedding planned for Brooklyn Monday and now banned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was for a grandchild of a notable Hasidic leader, it has been revealed.

Oct 18 10:44

ABC Refuses To Comment After Two Questioners At Joe Biden's ABC Town Hall Are Revealed To Have Democratic Party Ties - Standing By Claim That Questions Also Came From Trump Supporters And Independent Voters

ABC News has refused to comment after it was revealed that two questioners at their town hall with Joe Biden had ties to the Democratic Party.

Oct 18 10:42

People Of Color Are Sharing The Meaning Behind Their Names After A GOP Senator Mocked Kamala Harris's Name

Georgia senator David Perdue is facing backlash for mockingly mispronouncing Sen. Kamala Harris's name at a Trump campaign rally on Friday, with many calling his remarks racist.

Oct 18 10:39

Meghan Markle fans speculate she is wearing Princess Diana's £75,000 emerald cut aquamarine ring alongside her £17,800 Cartier watch in new photo with Prince Harry to promote talk about 'building a better digital world'

Meghan Markle fans speculate she is wearing Princess Diana's £75,000 emerald cut aquamarine ring alongside her £17,800 Cartier watch in new photo with Prince Harry to promote talk about 'building a better digital world'

Oct 18 10:39

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer blasts Trump for putting her and her family 'in danger' after his supporters chanted 'lock her up' at Michigan rally one week after botched kidnapping plot

Gretchen Whitmer has criticized Michigan's MAGA fans and President Trump for a chorus of 'lock her up' chants, saying that rhetoric has endangered her family.

Oct 18 10:37

Race, climate change and COVID: Topics are revealed for the final presidential debate as moderator's ties to the Democrats come under scrutiny

The topics for the final presidential debate have been officially decided, with President Trump and Joe Biden set to spar over race relations, climate change and COVID-19.

Oct 18 10:36

Trump berates Ben Sasse as being the 'least effective of our 53 Republican Senators' who has gone back to his 'stupid and obnoxious ways' after politician said the president 'kisses dictator's butts' in leaked audio

President Donald Trump slammed Sen. Ben Sasse as being one of the 'least effective' Republican Senators after the Nebraska politician asserted that the president 'kisses dictators' butts' in a recently released audio recording.

Oct 18 10:25

Emirati minister of tolerance is accused of 'serious sexual assault' by the organiser of the Hay literary festival in Abu Dhabi who says Sheikh 'assaulted her on Valentine's Day'

Caitlin McNamara, 32, claims Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan assaulted her
She was in Abu Dhabi working on the launch of the Hay literary festival in the city
McNamara claims the Sheikh called her to a meeting at his home in February

Oct 18 10:22

Jilly Cooper reveals she's never cried over her husband's death and got 'closure' for his six-year affair after sending her condolences to his ex-mistress

Author, 83, who lives in the Cotswolds, has barely left her home since lockdown
Lost husband Leo in 2013 aged 79 following long battle with Parkinson's disease
Says she has never cried about Leo's death and hasn't cried generally for ages

Oct 18 10:21

Britain's youngest victim of gun crime, 15, who was shot in the chest aged 5 leaving her prone to respiratory infections is being forced to return to school despite risks of Covid-19 after parents were threatened with a fine

Thusha Kamaleswaran, now 15, shot in the chest in Stockwell, London in 2011
Bullet shattered seventh vertebra of her spine and she went into cardiac arrest
GP says lung function is 'not optimal' and she is 'prone to respiratory infection'

Oct 18 10:12

Mexican restaurant takes political stand with sign declaring 'No Love, No Tacos'

No Love, No Tacos" is the accidental slogan of a Mexican restaurant in Iowa after a social media post by its owner went viral.

Oct 18 10:01

Twitter Refuses To Unlock New York Post Account Until Outlet Deletes Hunter Biden Coverage Tweets

The New York Post’s Twitter account has been suspended since Wednesday and now, Fox Business reports, Twitter has told the outlet that access will not be restored until the Post deletes certain Tweets referencing their Hunter Biden coverage.

Oct 18 09:59

Evidence shows Denver shooter was likely ABOVE Antifa in the Neo-Marxist ranks

Matthew Robert Dolloff has been conspicuously separated by media and even law enforcement from ties to Antifa.

Oct 18 09:37

Pelosi Gives Trump Administration 48-Hour Deadline To Compromise On Coronavirus Relief

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has given the Trump administration 48 hours to address differences between what Democrats and Republicans want in a second coronavirus relief bill.

Oct 18 09:36

Kristen Welker, moderator of the final debate, has deep ties to the Democratic Party

With a little more than two weeks until the 2020 presidential election, we are heading into the stretch run. The second presidential debate was canceled after President Donald Trump

Oct 18 09:35

Top Democrats construct narrative to explain away explosive Biden stories: 'Russian propaganda'

As scrutiny around Hunter Biden intensifies following bombshell stories stemming from a hard drive that allegedly belonged to former Vice President Joe Biden's son, top Democratic leaders are coalescing around a narrative to explain away the explosive stories.

Oct 18 09:32

‘Future Oatmeal Spokesman’: SNL Cold Open Surprisingly Mocks Biden

Biden, played by Jim Carrey, takes the stage at his town hall in Philadelphia, then almost immediately walks off toward the audience, saying, “Hey, is that Bobby Clark of the 1974-75 Flyers,” a reference to the city’s hockey team.

Oct 18 09:31

Militiamen Planned To Hit Michigan Governor With 800,000-Volt Taser And Blow Up A Bridge To Slow Cops Down As Video Emerges Of Them Practicing Tactical Training Exercises With Semi-Automatic Weapons

Among the evidence that the US Attorney's Office has compiled against the people suspected of plotting to kidnap and kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are chilling training videos and text messages sent between the alleged conspirators.

Oct 18 09:31

‘Incredibly Ignorant’: Law Enforcement Respond To Biden’s Suggestion They Shoot Dangerous Criminals In The Leg

During his Thursday night town hall on ABC, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden again said law enforcement should just shoot violent suspects in the leg to avoid fatalities.

Oct 18 09:31

Dr. Fauci Says COVID-19 Numbers Would Have To 'Get Really, Really Bad' Before He Advocates Another National Lockdown As He Admits Americans Are 'Fatigued' By Shutdowns

Dr Anthony Fauci admits Americans are 'fatigued' by COVID-19 restrictions and says numbers would have to 'get really, really bad' before he advocates another national lockdown.

Oct 18 09:26

'Kamala-mala-mala, I Don’t Know, Whatever': GOP Senator Mocks Kamala Harris’ Name Because...Honestly, Do I Even Need to Say It?

For people who have the hissiest of fits anytime anyone even suggests that they might be racist, Republicans sure do appear to have a rough time not demonstrating clear bigotry, especially when they get around their constituents. Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) spoke at a Trump rally in Macon, Ga., Friday and decided to put some racism on vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-Calif.) name instead of respect.

Oct 18 09:26

President Trump to Hold Town Hall Wednesday with a Pro-Trump Moderator and Not an Ass-clown Like Chris Wallace

President Donald Trump will hold a town hall on Wednesday with former FOX News host Eric Bolling.

Oct 18 09:26

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is accused of breaking two-week quarantine rules after being photographed at a London club 10 days after returning from a White House event in the US

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been accused of breaking the two-week quarantine rules after he was photographed at a London club 10 days after a trip to the US.

Oct 18 09:25

Driver sues NYPD after he was cuffed to his hospital bed for a WEEK with a broken leg when two off-duty cops he collided with found out he had unpaid parking tickets

A man from the Bronx is suing the NYPD for $10 million claiming he was handcuffed to his hospital bed for a full week following a car accident in which he nearly 'lost his life.'

Oct 18 09:25

US reports 69,000 new COVID infections in just 24 hours - the highest daily increase since JULY - leaving hospitals across the Midwest struggling to handle the surge

The United States has recorded its highest daily number of COVID-19 cases in almost three months, with infection numbers soaring across the Midwest.

Oct 18 09:24

Family outraged after New York art dealer Andre Zarre changed his will just NINE days before he died to leave his multi-million dollar fortune to Queens deli worker who became his companion and carer in his final months

The family of a wealthy New York City art dealer have been left stunned after learning he has left his fortune to a Queens deli worker who became his companion and 'caretaker' during his dying months.

Oct 18 09:21

New York families who lost loved ones in nursing home crisis to hold 'mock funeral for Gov. Cuomo

New York families, who lost elderly loved ones during the state's coronavirus crisis this spring, plan to hold a "mock funeral" targeting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "leadership and integrity," the New York Post reported.

Oct 18 08:18

$6,551,872,000,000: Federal Spending Smashes Record in FY20

The federal government spent a record $6,551,872,000,000 in fiscal 2020, which was an increase of $2,044,283,520,000—or 45.4 percent—from the previous record of $4,507,588,480,000 in constant September 2020 dollars that it spent last year.

Oct 18 07:51

Biden Campaign Manager Tells Supporters Not to Be Complacent as Joe Biden Takes the Day Off to Rest

Joe Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon warned media and supporters that the polling numbers are inflated.

Oct 18 07:50

Lafayette police fire new officer 24 hours after he is exposed for 'making racist comments in a neo-Nazi forum'

The Lafayette, Indiana police department has fired a rookie officer 24 hours after he was found to have participated in a Neo-Nazi web forum known as Iron March.

Oct 18 07:48

Archbishop of San Francisco performs exorcism to 'cleanse protest site of evil' where a statue of a saint had been toppled on Columbus Day

The archbishop of San Francisco performed a short exorcism ceremony Saturday outside a Catholic church where protesters had earlier toppled a statue of Father Junipero Serra, saying the ceremony was intended to drive out evil and defend the image of Serra.

Oct 18 07:46

Home Improvement star Zachery Ty Bryan, 39, is arrested 'for strangling his girlfriend and taking her phone away' - just two weeks after he separated from his wife of 14 years

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan, who played the oldest son on the 1990s sitcom Home Improvement, has been arrested after allegedly strangling his girlfriend following a night out at a club - just weeks after separating from his wife of 14 years.

Oct 18 07:46

Scientists worry whether COVID-19 vaccine will make a difference as roughly half of Americans say they won't take one amid fears a shot is just part of an 'ineffective PR facade'

Scientists in the U.S. are concerned that the battle to control the coronavirus has become so politicized that many people may decide not to take a vaccine when one becomes available.

Oct 18 07:28

About Those ‘Peaceful’ Protests: Michelle Obama and the Devious Left

Michelle Obama’s statement constitutes a complete denial of reality. The riots she describes as “overwhelmingly peaceful” have been anything but. Here are some facts: Thousands upon thousands of businesses have been destroyed and dozens of inner cities turned into virtual war zones. Anarchy prevailed in a number of places across the land. In Minnesota alone three hundred and sixty businesses were wrecked in the first week of the riots. By the end of the second week, the damage across the United States would reach nearly two billion dollars, dwarfing the previous record set by the Los Angeles riots in 1994 ($1.42 billion in 2020 dollars). The destruction has been so extensive and widespread that the insurance industry has declared it a “property catastrophe” in multiple states.

Oct 18 06:57

Full Story Behind Hunter's Laptop Debunks Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory

As the Hunter Biden laptop scandal threatens to throw the 2020 election into chaos with what appears to be solid, undisputed evidence of high-level corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the same crowd which peddled the Trump-Russia hoax is now suggesting that Russia is behind it all.

To wit, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who swore on National television that he had evidence Trump was colluding with Russia - now says that President Trump is handing the Kremlin a "propaganda coup from Vladimir Putin."


Yet, if one looks at the actual facts of the case - in particular, that Hunter Biden appears to have dropped his own laptops off at a computer repair shop, signed a service ticket, and the shop owner approached the FBI first and Rudy Giuliani last after Biden failed to pick them up, the left's latest Russia conspiracy theory is quickly debunked.

Oct 18 06:56

The American Revolution - The Sequel

The US is the most observed country in the world. Since it’s the world’s current empire (and since it is beginning its death throes as an empire), it’s fascinating to watch.

Those of us outside of the US watch it like Americans watch TV. It’s like a slow-motion car wreck that we observe almost daily, eager to see what’s going to happen next. We criticise the madness of it all, yet we can’t take our eyes off the unfolding drama. It has all the excitement of a blockbuster movie.

Oct 18 06:53

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Sticks to Her Guns in Confirmation Hearing

Judge Barrett is a gun owner. She exercises her right to keep and bear arms. She also confirmed to Sen. Graham that Heller affirmed an individual’s right to keep and bear and that if a state or local government passed a law contrary to that finding, the Supreme Court would be required to hear that case if the appeals made it all the way up.

Oct 18 06:50

The Illusion Is Failing

Sometimes the magic fails.

The secret to the trick is accidentally revealed. The woman was always in the box. The eye is no longer deceived. And there’s no getting the audience’s sense of awe back.

Just like a bungled illusion, once trust is broken, it’s gone.

For many during 2020, the loss of their jobs and businesses — in many cases due to incompetent government management of the pandemic — has been both a blessing and a curse.

Of course nobody likes being laid off or losing a business they’d carefully built up over the years.

But for a significant number of those people, however, they’ve now been given time (against their will, admittedly) to reflect and realize how much they hated their work in the first place. For them, the illusion has been broken.

Oct 18 06:47

The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession As The Election Nears

It’s becoming increasingly clear to even mainstream media outlets that things are unlikely to return to “normal” after the 2020 election.

No matter who wins, it is likely the losing side will regard the winning side as having obtained its win using dirty tricks, foreign meddling, or through relentless propaganda offered up by a heavily biased and one-sided news media.

And if about half the country regards the winning president as illegitimate, where does one go from there?

The survey data isn’t exactly calming on this issue. As reported by Politico last week, the percentage of Americans who believe it is justified to use violence to “advance political goals” has quadrupled since 2017, for both Republicans and Democrats.

Oct 18 06:43

Now the left wants you to “reimagine” your Second Amendment rights in order to eliminate them

If Harvard wants to reimagine something, then perhaps it needs to reflect on its own founding, from which there has been a substantial departure. What was once a respected university has become an indoctrination center for far-left dogmas that aim to overthrow our nation and replace it with tyranny.

Oct 18 06:30

Families Who Lost Elderly Loved Ones To COVID-19 Plan Mock Funeral For Governor Andrew Cuomo's 'Leadership And Integrity' In Front Of Virus-Hit Nursing Home

Relatives who lost loved ones infected with COVID-19 in New York State nursing homes plan to stage a mock funeral on Sunday to mark the death of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ‘leadership and integrity.’

Oct 18 06:30

Eight MILLION Americans Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May As Pandemic Wreaks Havoc On Livelihoods In The US With More Than 55 Million Now Earning Less Than $26,500 A Year

Some eight million Americans have fallen below the poverty level since May after federal stimulus money dried up and Congress did not follow up with more relief legislation, according to a new study.

Oct 18 06:29

Affection is Evil (1984 Style) : Couple Fined Hundreds for Kissing Outside

The only exceptions are given to people living together but as the couple’s identification showed different addresses the exception was not granted to them, despite the man showing photographic evidence the couple had been engaged for over two years. The 40-year-old Italian man has launched an appeal against the fine.

Oct 18 06:27

GOP Senator Ron Johnson Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Answers on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Government Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Saturday sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Oct 18 06:27

“We Are NOT Ahead by Double-Digits” – Biden Campaign Manager Drops a Bomb on Supporters During Friday Call

A new poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll this past week shows Joe Biden with an 11 point lead over President Donald Trump.

Oct 18 06:26


As TFTP reported, dash cam footage was released that shows police shooting and killing an unarmed man they claimed was responsible for a hit-and-run. However, the man was actually the victim of a traffic accident and the video shows that he then became the victim of murder by police.

It’s been nearly three years since the shooting death of Bijan Ghaisar and the FBI, the Justice Department and Park Police have not given a single reason for the use of deadly force — until now. The two officers involved in the death of Ghaisar have finally been brought to justice. It will now be up to a jury to see them through it.

Officers Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard have been indicted on manslaughter charges in the 2017 shooting death of Ghaisar, an unarmed accountant who had reportedly been the victim of a hit and run.

Oct 18 06:21

Trafalgar Group Chief Pollster has EXCELLENT NEWS for Trump Campaign in Battlegrounds — Says “Silent Trump Voter” is TWICE AS LARGE This Year! (VIDEO)

Robert Cahaly, the chief pollster at Trafalgar Group, joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night.

Oct 18 06:20

Exclusive: Larry C. Johnson Interviews John Paul Mac Isaac — The American Patriot Who Was Hired to Fix Hunter Biden’s Computers and the Rest Is History

This is the story of an American patriot, an honorable man, John Paul Mac Isaac, who tried to do the right thing and is now being unfairly and maliciously slandered as an agent of foreign intelligence, specifically Russia.

Oct 18 06:16

Cops Stand Down as ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Trump Supporters at Rally in Ithaca, NY

“We gathered to have our Trump 2020 Rally, and at 4 PM were immediately met by a large group of counter protestors. After about a half hour went by and the counter protestors saw that they had a large numerical advantage, they began crossing the street,” organizer Rocco Lucente wrote in a Facebook post.

“At that point they began pushing, shoving, kicking, punching, stealing peoples signs and flags, taking peoples hats, and attempting to physically intimidate the crowd into surrender. It got to the point where the mob was attacking anyone who still had Trump gear on. We called Ithaca Police Department to let them know what was happening, but they didn’t show up for a half hour and merely directed traffic away from the riot once they did show up. Mayor Svante Myrick enabled this thuggish display of violence by mobs of his voters by telling IPD to stand down,” he added.

Oct 18 06:14

‘Still think Antifa is just an idea?’ Black conservative activist gets tooth knocked in clashes during free speech rally (VIDEOS)

Conservative protesters in San Francisco accuse Antifa activists of violently attacking their rally. Police officers were injured at the event as well.

A “free speech rally” was held at the United Nations Plaza on Saturday. Some demonstrators wore red ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump campaign hats and carried pro-police ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags, as well as US flags. The activists came to decry what they call censorship of conservative views and stories by social media giants, like San Francisco-based Twitter.

Counter-protesters rushed to the scene as well, quickly outnumbering their rivals. Carrying makeshift shields and ‘Smash fascism’ banners, they threw plastic and glass bottles, and heckled the conservative rally organizer, Philip Anderson, as he was trying to make a speech.

Oct 18 06:13

Trump supporters protesting Twitter censorship clash with Antifa and BLM activists in violent scenes in San Francisco

Violence erupted at San Francisco's United Nations Plaza on Saturday as Trump supporters protesting Twitter censorship clashed with activists from Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The free speech rally was organized by right-wing group Team Save America after Twitter blocked circulation of a New York Post story about Hunter Biden's emails and locked the Trump campaign account this week.

Hundreds of counter-protesters turned up holding Black Lives Matter signs while others were dressed in black clothing with their faces covered and waving flags for violent left-wing group Antifa. Others wore t-shirts claiming membership of the anti-fascist action group 161 Crew.

Oct 18 06:06

GOP Senator David Perdue is labeled 'racist' for mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name just hours after Joe Biden did exactly the SAME thing

Senator David Perdue was condemned as a racist for mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name even though former Vice President Joe Biden did the same hours earlier.