US Crimes against Humanity. The People of Nicaragua | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Crimes against Humanity. The People of Nicaragua

I am writing to request that both the 1) member states of the UN General Assembly and 2) member states of the Security Council hold hearings, debate and vote on an effective plan of action against various crimes that have been committed by people working for the government of the US that are of significance to the global community.

These crimes include:

The US government’s current (2018) attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua

US government interventionist policies and practices into the internal affairs of most of the member states of the UN (i.e. the US governments long history of being the #1 global bully on Earth)

The US government’s ascendancy to having become the #1 violator of human rights globally and

The Global Surveillance State program of the US secret police (e.g. NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA, etc.).