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Jan 07 23:50

Many Americans do love their police state

by J.D. Tuccille,

Scattered through the comments to yesterday's column about a Customs and Border Patrol stop of a passenger train that never crossed the boundaries of the United States are little gems of the sort that I've come to dread and anticipate in equal parts: praise for the government for behaving in an arbitrary and heavy-handed manner. Unfortunately, all too many of our friends, neighbors and relations have come to relish acting like bit players in a bad Cold War film. They're more than happy to bow down to the nearest uniform so long as somebody assures them it will "keep us safe" -- from whom, it doesn't matter, though it's certainly not from overbearing authorities.

From a single day's tally of comments, I count four of ten favoring the train stop. There's one "the law is the law" -- as if that's not the case in every country where the authorities step beyond decent bounds.

Jan 07 21:10

Unintended Consequences 20th Century & Beyond

Unintended Consequences of the Last 100 Years

Jan 07 21:07

Bayer Knowingly Sold HIV-Contaminated Vaccines, Say Internal Documents

In order to cover its tracks, say the journalists in this video (below), Bayer pulled the vaccines off the market and sold them to consumers in Japan, France, Spain and other countries, where hemophiliacs were then contaminated with HIV due to the vaccine.

Jan 07 20:42

Israel Created Hamas to Split Palestine

So, the Mossad starts Hamas, with the original “intention” of being a charitable organization to the Palestinian people. And charity they did. Slowly, of course, it turned into a political and military organization, which was the true original intention. It challenged Fatah and the PLO as it does to this day. Divide and conquer: the oldest military tactic in the book…

Jan 07 15:51


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Jan 07 14:16

Saudis reject oil embargo on Israel

OPEC's top producer says oil-producing states in the Middle East will not respond to Iran's call to halt crude supplies to Israeli supporters.

"The oil producers who need their income ... are not going to do that," Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said at a Wednesday news conference.

"The use of oil, especially at this time, is an idea that is at least past its worth," he said. "The important thing, oil is not a weapon. You can't reverse a conflict by using oil."

Jan 07 13:41

Trans Texas Corridor Not Dead - Just Renamed

The announcement by TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz at the Texas Transportation Forum that the "Trans Texas Corridor, as it was originally envisioned, is no more," is just another in a series of comments to lead opponents into believing the Trans Texas Corridor is indeed dead. TURF believes this is a deliberate move to dupe opponents into complacency, and we expect iron-clad action before we begin celebrating victory.

Jan 07 13:25

Israeli terror in Gaza overshadows US-Gulf forum

Israeli terrorism and the blindly biased US policy in the Middle East overshadowed deliberations at a high-profile forum on US-Gulf relations.

“The US, which is the largest trade and investment partner of the Gulf bloc, has adopted policies full of flaws against the Gulf nations and the Middle East, while it has been extending all-out support to Israel.”

Jan 07 12:01

The Great Dragon Awakens: China Challenges American Hegemony

If China replaces the United States as the world's dominant super-power, it will only be because the leadership of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney allowed them to: the failed, treasonous strategy to use 911 to insinuate the Bush/Likud/neocon/Texas oil cabal into central asia (great game) and the middle east; the creation of a police state that will eventually be used to allow a zionist cabal to take over the United States, percipitating a revolution; the looting of the American economy by way de-regulation, tax-cuts for the wealthy, cronyism, and massive deficit war spending; the inability to broker a just peace with the muslim world and, instead, allowing Israel to run rough-shod over everyone, destroying any possible reproachment with the muslim world; and finally, the Republican, Grover Norquist fascination with destroying the government; and its ability to help its own people.

Jan 07 11:40

Black holes 'preceded galaxies'

Staff Writer | BBC Science & Environment

A cosmic chicken-and-egg question has been solved by astronomers, who now say that black holes came before galaxies.

The findings were presented at a major astronomy meeting in California.

Jan 07 09:58

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

Jan 07 06:37

Russia stops gas transit through Ukraine

Gazprom says all transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine has been stopped. The move was proposed by the company CEO, Aleksey Miller, and agreed to by Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Gazprom says that Ukraine has shut all four pipelines which send gas to Europe, causing several countries to run out of fuel. But Ukraine claims that Russia stopped delivering all gas to Europe through its territory on Wednesday morning.

Jan 07 04:52

Video: Former Israeli Air Force captain speaks out against Israel's attack on Gaza

Yonotan Shapira, former Israeli Air Force captain, interviewed Jan 6 on BBC speaks out against the Israeli military's attack on Gaza. Also says Obama "acts like a slave" by staying silent on this and not using his influence to try to stop it.


Jan 07 03:51

Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza!

To find the real reasons behind conflicts and wars in this world, you need to follow some or all of four things: Money, blood, power or natural resources (usually oil or natural gas but it can be cobalt like in the Congo).

Oil is behind the conflicts in Darfur, Somalia and other similar places.

The war in Afghanistan was never about finding bin Laden. It was about uniting Afghanistan into a single government so a pipeline could be constructed to bring a million barrels a day from areas north of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia to markets (http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/sardi7.html).

We need to stop listening to what the "official" media tells us when it comes to conflicts and wars because the official media is corporate and government owned and/or controlled by government. Less than one percent of the "news" in the world today is reported and what is reported is usually heavily edited and slanted for propaganda purposes.

Jan 07 03:47

The Gaza Slaughter Is Premeditated Genocide

It is time to call a spade a spade. Israel is a nation of terrorists. The US has become a nation of terrorists.

For those readers who do not know what 'anti-Semitism' looks and smells like, they should pay close attention to the Israeli butchery in Gaza.

Since 9-11, and even before then through the auspices of US, UK, NATO sponsored terrorism in Operation Gladio, the US, UK and Israel have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world's preeminent terrorists are those three nations.

I see the constant brainwashing mantra of "terror" spewing out of the criminals in DC and from the MSM, knowing full well that my nation is, directly or indirectly, now the leading cause and support mechanism of global terrorism.

The slaughter of 1.5 million Iraqis was terrorism. The annihilation of 2-3 million Afghanis is terrorism. This latest Israeli massacre in Palestine with US weapons and support is terrorism.

Jan 07 00:04

More children killed as war on Gaza continues - 05 Jan 08

The assault on Gaza is now into its tenth day. As the death and injury toll continues to rise hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Israel however insists there is not a humanitarian crisis.