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Sep 28 22:22

The Time Has Arrived for Rebellion

Greg Evensen

The countdown clock and the last chance for “The Founder’s Legacy” of patriotic Americans willing to lay it all on the line for a new Republic, has hit 0:00. Rebellion is no longer an option, a late night “what if” discussion around a bottle of good wine and snacks. It is now the mandated response of oath keeping citizens and Constitutional defending men and women who have heard Paul Revere in 2010.

Sep 28 21:57

Obama Argues for Continuation of Afghan War

Insists War Not Technically a Failure Since It's Still Going On

If there are any psychiatrists browsing this site is it possible to diagnose President O-bomb-us clinically insane (or brain dead)? He's making Dubya look like Nikola Tesla

Sep 28 21:52

Clinton Demands Pakistan Tax Hikes

In comments made earlier today Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated long-standing US demands for major tax increases in Pakistan, insisting that the US might withdraw foreign aid to the Zardari government if they don’t comply.

Sep 28 21:51

Reports: US Drone Strike Killed ‘Al-CIA-Duh Leader’

If the story sounds familiar it is because the killing of al-Qaeda’s third-in-command has been a several time a year occurance during the global war on terror.

Sep 28 21:48

Antiwar activists raided by FBI could face prison

The antiwar activists issued grand jury subpoenas after last week’s FBI raids in Minneapolis and Chicago could face jail time for their political support for third world movements the US declares to be “terrorist,” an attorney familiar with the defense case told the World Socialist Web Site.

Sep 28 20:57

Noted Analyst Meredith Whitney:State Budgets Next Big Crisis?

Financial challenges facing states could be next systemic risk with US financial markets. Feds will have to do 3rd Trillion $$ bailout?

Sep 28 20:33

Recession rips at US marriages, expands income gap

The recession seems to be socking Americans in the heart as well as the wallet: Marriages have hit an all-time low while pleas for food stamps have reached a record high and the gap between rich and poor has grown to its widest ever.

Sep 28 20:19

Nobel Laureate Maguire Blocked from Israel

A Nobel Peace Prize winner seized on an aid flotilla to Gaza earlier this year was stopped from entering Israel today.
Campaigner Mairead Maguire was detained in Tel Aviv airport after arriving in the country as part of a women’s peace delegation.

Sep 28 19:59

Peace might upend wealth of Israelis - Jonathan Cook

Hundreds of businesses serving the settlers are booming in the 60 per cent of the West Bank, the so-called Area C, which falls under Israel’s full control. The real estate and construction industries, in particular, benefit from cut-price land – and increased profits – made available by theft from Palestinian owners.

Sep 28 19:52

MAIDHC Ó CATHAILl: The Truth Will Set U.S. Free — Breaking Israel’s Stranglehold over American Foreign Policy

“We will know that accountability is underway when we see federal grand juries convened to consider charges against Israel’s agents, assets and sayanim (volunteers). When a jury brings in the first verdict for treason, Americans will know that the rule of law is being restored. We will know that a solution is within sight when the many appendages of its lobby are required to register as foreign agents.”


Sep 28 19:37

Depression climbs among Gulf Coast residents after BP oil spill

Gulf Coast residents reported a 25.6 % increase in depression after the massive BP oil spill spewed an estimated 172 million gallons of crude into the water, a Gallup poll released Tuesday finds.

A clinical diagnosis of depression among those surveyed was up four points--25.6%-- in the 15 weeks after the April 20 Deepwater Horizon explosion compared to the 15 weeks before the oil spill.


What this article does not mention is the lost way of life that this Gulf Oil Disaster has created, compound that with this current economic depression and the many health issues with being in close proximity to government allowed toxic corexit poison fallout in the rain; I am surprised the numbers in this poll are so low. -- kdtroxel

Sep 28 19:29

Jewish Gaza-bound activists: IDF used excessive force in naval raid

Israel Defense Forces soldiers used excessive force while taking over a Gaza-bound aid ship organized by Jewish and Israeli activists, the boat's passengers said Tuesday, countering the military's official version claiming that the takeover had been uneventful.

Testimonies by passengers who were released from police questioning later in the day seemed to counter the IDF's claims, with Israeli activist and former Israel Air Force pilot Yonatan Shapira saying that there were "no words to describe what we went through during the takeover."

Sep 28 19:21

Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill

Senator Patrick Leahy yesterday introduced the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act" (COICA). This flawed bill would allow the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to break the Internet one domain at a time — by requiring domain registrars/registries, ISPs, DNS providers, and others to block Internet users from reaching certain websites. The bill would also create two Internet blacklists. The first is a list of all the websites hit with a censorship court order from the Attorney General. The second, more worrying, blacklist is a list of domain names that the Department of Justice determines — without judicial review — are "dedicated to infringing activities." The bill only requires blocking for domains in the first list, but strongly suggests that domains on the second list should be blocked as well by providing legal immunity for Internet intermediaries and DNS operators who decide to block domains on the second blacklist as well. (It's easy to predict that there will be tremendous pressure for Internet intermediaries of all stripes to block these "deemed infringing" sites on the second blacklist.)

And it's not clear what a user would see in this situation — would it look like a "404 message," that simply says a site or page could not be found, without explaining why? Would users receive some kind of notice clarifying that the site they were seeking was made inaccessible at the behest of the government? Generally speaking, the bill forces all the Internet "middlemen" to act as if a part of the Internet doesn't exist, even though that page may otherwise be completely available and accessible.

Sep 28 18:47

Minister Of Defense Peter MacKay Squanders Taxpayer Dollars In Hard Times

As Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires so too is it the graveyard of a hopelessly discredited NATO. So too is it the graveyard of defense ministers who are courtesans to the empire and who buy oversold war toys such as the F 35 that are totally inappropriate to our needs and hideously expensive in a time of economic austerity where economies are sagging and too many thousands are jobless.

Minister MacKay treats the Canadian electorate like local mushroom farmers treat their mushrooms; keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit. Nor is our national media doing Canadians any favors as the Globe and Mail publishes any number of inane reasons for the acquisition of this multi- billion dollar dinosaur that will be still-born seven years from now.

Sep 28 17:55

Video of Israel Defense Force (IDF) troops board Gaza-bound boat

September 28, 2010

A boat carrying Jewish activists attempting to reach blockaded Gaza was forced to divert to the port of Ashdod in Israel by ten Israeli warships. Among those on the aid boat is a Holocaust survivor and an Israeli man who lost his daughter in a Palestinian suicide bombing.

Sep 28 17:28

Israel put Nuclear Uranium into orange juice

Juice laced with uranium is just one of many clinical trials allegedly conducted at Israel's Negev nuclear plant, claims investigative journalist Yossi Melman. Melman has accused the plant's management of forcing its workers to take part in life-threatening experiments for the sake of nuclear developments. They also claim the government and the military are involved in a cover-up of the tests. It's taken a decade for them to speak out, but workers at Israel's nuclear reactor facility claim their managers gave them uranium to drink -- as part of an experiment. With no medical supervision or explanation of the risks, the workers now want compensation.

"They told me that the managers of the laboratory approached a few workers within the laboratory and asked them if they are ready to volunteer for a research that they are doing and when the said 'yes' they were asked to drink juices -- grapefruit and orange juice with uranium," Investigative Journalist Yossi Melman says.


“1976 Symington Amendment to the 1961 Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act forbids the US government from giving financial aid to any nation with nuclear weapons technology that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) and allow IAEA inspections.” Aid to Israel is ILLEGAL by US law.-- kdtroxel

Sep 28 17:19

Israeli coalition government wants all Palestinians WIPED OFF THE MAP

Reminder- He said it on national radio !!! "God should strike them and these Palestinians -- evil haters of Israel -- with a plague," the 89-year-old rabbi said in his weekly address to the faithful, excerpts of which were broadcast on Israeli radio.

"Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this earth," Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the religious Shas party in Israel's government, said in a sermon late Saturday, using Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's popular name.

Sep 28 16:49

This is a news website article about a scientific paper

In this paragraph I will state the main claim that the research makes, making appropriate use of "scare quotes" to ensure that it's clear that I have no opinion about this research whatsoever.

In this paragraph I will briefly (because no paragraph should be more than one line) state which existing scientific ideas this new research "challenges".

Sep 28 16:40

Top 10 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay

UPDATE: In light of prominent anti-gay activist Pastor Eddie Long recently being caught having sexual relations with men, and proving once again that conservative voters have little to no Gaydar, here's a list of 10 conservative anti-gay activists who turned out to be gay themselves. NOTE: This list is now 14 items long and will continue to grow as new anti-gay activists come out of the closet, albeit against their will (most of the time.)

Sep 28 16:39

Study Finds USPS Overpaid Pension Fund by $75B

The U.S. Postal Service was overcharged by $75 billion for payments to Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) retirees from 1972-2009, according to a study released by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

The current system of funding the Postal Service’s CSRS pension coffers is inequitable and has resulted in the USPS overpaying, the study says. The OIG estimates that if the overcharge were used to prepay the Postal Service’s health benefits fund, it would fully meet all of the USPS’s accrued retiree health care liabilities and eliminate the need for the required annual payments of more than $5 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is only one small problem. The payments into CSRS come from payroll deductions, which means it is not the USPS that was overcharged by the USPS EMPLOYEES! That $75B is not owed to the post office but to the postal workers! And they want it back!

Sep 28 15:59

Mizzou scientists: BPA exposure much higher than previously thought

BPA can be found in a wide variety of consumer products, including hard plastic items such as baby bottles, food storage containers, the epoxy lining of canned foods, and dental sealants.

Despite decades of research, questions about BPA have lingered. The chemical has been under the microscope for possible links to diabetes, cancer, sexual dysfunction, obesity and heart disease, along with brain and development problems in babies and young children.

Back in July, vom Saal and University of Missouri colleague Julia Taylor partnered with the Environmental Working Group for a study that found high amounts of BPA in cash register receipts.

Sep 28 15:51

Ramadan Goes Down Under Rubble

In the last war on Gaza, more than 6,400 homes were destroyed or severely damaged by the Israeli army. In Johr al-Dik alone roughly 140 houses were demolished. Using bits of rubble and broken asbestos, the family created a small room from the rubble.

But the problems extend beyond targeted demolitions a year and a half ago.

“We live just a few hundred metres from the Green Line border between Gaza and Israel. Israeli military vehicles are always at the border, as well as the remotely-controlled machine gun tower. The Israelis randomly open fire on us.”

Sep 28 15:38

Thoughts on Tolerance

What is important to human beings -is that we recognize our intolerance as a survival mechanism. Intolerance is no less a survival mechanism than the feudal walls that should surround any proper town

Sep 28 15:19

Flashback: FBI Boss Robert Mueller, America's new GESTAPO CHIEF

Another Look At
FBI Boss Robert Mueller
The New Chief Of The Secret Politicial Police Force
By Sherman H. Skolnick
First Posted 7-8-01
A unit of America's secret political police has a new Chief Terrorist. Robert Swan Mueller 3rd is the perfect choice to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When you realize what THEY and HE have been into, calling him the new head of a sinister entity will be an acceptable description....The established FBI pattern of covering up political assassinations, falsely blaming bombings onto domestic dissidents, and such, will no doubt continue with America's new GESTAPO CHIEF, Robert Swan Mueller 3rd.

Sep 28 15:16

Age of Censorship and Internet Trade Wars

Francis Anthony Govia
Activist Post

Sep 28 15:01

UN panel: Israel suppressing footage of Gaza flotilla raid

An expert panel investigating Israel's boarding of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla four months ago said Tuesday that Israel is suppressing footage of the incident it seized from the passengers.

The three independent, UN-appointed experts said Israeli soldiers confiscated photos and video material from more than two dozen journalists and others aboard the flotilla during the raid, which killed nine pro-Palestinian activists.

"When the military took over the ships, they scrupulously confiscated all photographic material," said Karl T. Hudson-Phillips, a former judge at the International Criminal Court who chaired the panel. "All cameras were seized, all cell phones were seized, all laptops were confiscated."

Sep 28 15:00

Settlement freeze? It was barely a slowdown

What took place in the past few months is, in the best case scenario, not more than a negligible decrease in the number of housing units that were built in settlements.

Sep 28 14:58

Tapes describe U.S. servicemen killing for sport in Afghanistan

Tapes obtained by CNN of interrogations of a group of U.S. servicemen charged with unprovoked killings of Afghan civilians describe gruesome scenes of cold-blooded murder.

Sep 28 14:56

Dozens of Arab families may be evicted from East Jerusalem neighborhood under court ruling

A Supreme Court ruling Sunday may allow settler groups to move into dozens more homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Justices Yoram Danziger, Esther Hayut and Miriam Naor unanimously rejected an appeal by Palestinians claiming to own a large plot in the western portion of the neighborhood. The court ruled that the custodian general, and other owners, including settler representatives, succeeded in proving they owned the property.

The decision means the properties' owners will be able to initiate proceedings for the eviction of dozens of Palestinian families living on the property.

Sep 28 14:52

UN denies appointing alien ambassador

The United Nations has denied speculation that it is to appoint an astrophysicist as Earth's representative to extraterrestrial life-forms.

Rumours had been circulating regarding the appointment of Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman - director of the UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs - to the role of 'first contact point for aliens'.

The story, which first appeared in The Sunday Times, suggested that Othman would be the "nearest thing we have to a 'take me to your leader' [person]".

However, in an email to The Guardian, Othman responded to the claims, saying: "It sounds really cool but I have to deny it."

Sep 28 14:44

Cosmic Deception: The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

Flashback to 2002

By commingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that can look terrifying, the Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy. And who will be the wiser?
You will. Because now you know that after 60 years, trillions of dollars and the best scientific minds in the world pressed into action, a secretive, shadowy group - a government within the government and at once fully outside the government as we know it - has mastered the technologies, the art of deception and the capability to launch an attack on Earth, and make it look like ET s did it.

Sep 28 14:37

Feds want backdoors built into VoIP and email

Developers of email, instant-messaging and voice-over-internet-protocol applications would be forced to redesign their services so their contents can be intercepted by law enforcement agents armed with legal wiretap orders under federal legislation reported on Monday by The New York Times.

The legislation would, among other things, require cellphone carriers, websites and other types of service providers to have a way to unscramble encrypted communications traveling over their networks, the report said. It specifically mentions companies such as Research in Motion and Skype, which are popular in part because their cellular communications and VoIP services respectively are widely regarded as offering robust encryption that's impractical if not impossible for government agents to crack.

Sep 28 14:35

Predictions of oil on Atlantic beaches off

Predictions this summer of oil-fouled beaches across Florida and all the way up the East Coast from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill got it wrong, scientists say.

National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist Synte Peacock said that as of Friday there have been no reports of oil or residue from the spill anywhere along the East Coast, USA Today reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh really?

Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Up On New Jersey Beaches

More Evidence BP Gulf Oil Spill Has Reached NJ Emerges

Fairhaven, MA: Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Thousands

Thousands of dead fish discovered

"It was lack of Oxygen! It was a commercial fish spill! It was global warming! It was the UFOs!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 28 14:18

"We need an excuse to bomb the crap out of Pakistan..."

Intelligence agencies have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on Britain and other European countries, according to Sky News sources.

Sky's foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said militants based in Pakistan had been planning simultaneous strikes on London and major cities in France and Germany.

He said the plan was in the "advanced but not imminent stage" and the plotters had been tracked by spy agencies "for some time".

"Bombs away!"

Sep 28 14:09

Israel Burying Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories

...They stated that the Israeli soldiers who declared the area as a military zone were wearing white overalls over their military uniforms during the burial. The farmers said that they live in Al-Masafer with their animals.

Devices to Detect Radiation Pollution Under Embargo

Sep 28 14:03

Has the West declared cyber war on Iran?

Computers can go wrong, and everyone is used to it. But that's at home. We assume that the machines controlling the infrastructure that makes everything tick – power stations, chemical works, water purification plants – have rock-solid defences in place to deal with unexplained crashes or virus attacks by malicious strangers.

Now, though, a new kind of online sabotage has reached its zenith with a self-replicating "worm" that started on a single USB drive and has spread rapidly through industrial computer systems around the world.

Sep 28 13:44

Americans living in a police state? - The Next FBI Raids will be on 911 Truthers

The FBI raided the homes of a number of anti-war activists in Chicago and Minneapolis. The Activists are planning demonstrations against the FBI. Is this a sign of a growing American police state? Former Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts argued that the US government is establishing in the mind of the public that anyone who criticizes the War on Terror is aligned with terrorists. He further argued that under the rubric of terror the government has stripped American's of their civil liberties.

Sep 28 13:34

Despite Safety Concerns at Texas Refinery, U.S. Decides Not to Revoke BP Probation

The Justice Department has decided not to revoke probation that the government had imposed on BP as part of an agreement to address safety violations at the company’s Texas City refinery, site of a deadly 2005 explosion. The decision comes despite a government warning earlier this year that it might revoke the company’s probation if BP failed to address the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s continuing concerns about safety at the refinery.

Since a blast at the refinery in 2005 killed 15 workers, BP has faced both criminal and civil actions for violations identified in investigations after the accident. As part of its plea agreement to resolve the criminal charges it faced after the 2005 blast, BP was given three years’ probation.

Sep 28 12:05

Feds funding study of oil spill’s effect on FLESH-EATING bacteria — Blamed for multiple recent Gulf-area deaths after water/seafood contact

Some bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico love eating oil as much as they like infecting humans. … One of the more pressing questions involves Vibrio… vulnificus… this year there is a likely possibility, scientists say, that Vibrio growth could be further spurred, directly or indirectly, in response to the oil and the organic flotsam it has left behind.

Sep 28 11:49

FBI Raids Activists’ Homes in Sinister COINTELPRO Replay

In a replay of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s infamous COINTELPRO operations targeting the left during the 1960s and ’70s, America’s political police launched raids on the homes of antiwar and solidarity activists.

Heavily-armed SWAT teams smashed down doors and agents armed with search warrants carried out simultaneous raids in Minneapolis and Chicago early morning on September 24.

Rummaging through personal belongings, agents carted off boxes of files, documents, books, letters, photographs, computers and cell phones from Minneapolis antiwar activists Mick Kelly, Jessica Sundin, Meredith Aby, two others, as well as the office of that city’s Anti-War Committee.

Sep 28 11:47

UT campus given all-clear after Tuesday morning shooting

During a press conference, police officials said the shooter appears to have been a UT student, but positive identification will come from the medical examiner’s office.

Sep 28 11:37

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan

The report of the fact-finding mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla released last week shows conclusively, for the first time, that US citizen Furkan Dogan and five Turkish citizens were murdered execution-style by Israeli commandos.

The report reveals that Dogan, the 19-year-old US citizen of Turkish descent, was filming with a small video camera on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara when he was shot twice in the head, once in the back and in the left leg and foot and that he was shot in the face at point blank range while lying on the ground.

The report says Dogan had apparently been "lying on the deck in a conscious or semi-conscious, state for some time" before being shot in his face.

Sep 28 11:35

Reaping terror's reward

If it wasn't for the "war on terror" America and Israel wouldn't be enjoying such military fun and games and reaping such fat rewards. Whole new industries are flourishing thanks to the considerable effort they've devoted to sowing the seeds of terror.

ITRR recently staged a Mass Casualty and Terrorism Workshop in Jerusalem attended by students from Philadelphia University. Topics included mass casualty management, security and counter-terrorism, forensic medicine as it relates to terrorism and visits to suicide bomber sites. "These site visits include actual video footage of the events… One student was amazed with the resiliency of the Israeli people and how quickly they are able to return a site 'back to normal'."

Sep 28 11:32

Obama's Inner Eisenhower

America finds itself torn between two competing narratives. The first remains loyal to our founding principles in defense of our core freedoms. The second group now grasps that those who induced us to war with phony intelligence misused those freedoms to advance their agenda. How does our commander in chief expose those who befriended us in order to betray us?

With the all-pervasive Congressional influence wielded by Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, what is a commander-in-chief to do? Is that why Barack Obama turned to television to make an appeal for help from the international community? Or is that just my wishful thinking?

Sep 28 11:28

Charges dismissed against Md. man who taped traffic stop

A Harford County Circuit Court judge Monday dismissed wiretapping charges against Anthony Graber, a motorcyclist who was jailed briefly after he taped a Maryland state trooper who stopped him for speeding on I-95. Graber used a camera mounted on his helmet, then posted the video on YouTube.

In April, a few weeks after the traffic stop, Harford County state’s attorney Joseph I. Cassilly charged Graber, a staff sergeant in the Maryland Air National Guard and a computer systems engineer, with violating the state’s wiretapping law. That law dates back to the 1970s and was originally intended to protect citizens from government intrusions into their privacy. If convicted on all charges, Graber faced up to 16 years in prison.

Sep 28 11:23

TYT: Shocking Facts On US Poverty

15 Shocking Facts Show That the Middle Class is Being Wiped Out: http://www.alternet.org/economy/148236/15_shocking_facts_show_that_the...

Sep 28 11:22

Concealed Carry Event Coincides With University of Texas Shooting

Update: UT Law has canceled John Lott’s talk.

On Tuesday, September 28 at 6:00pm, a coalition of student organizations on the University of Texas Austin campus, including the Libertarian Longhorns, the UT Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the UT Objectivism Society and the UT Federalist Society, will be hosting John Lott, famed defender of gun rights and author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime”.

Sep 28 11:21


Israel attacked foreign flagged ships in international waters (the very activity the 6th fleet is killing Somali coastal patrol crews for), hijacked a US-flagged ship, and kidnapped 12 Americans, shooting one of them in the head 4 times.

A real President, who remembers that his job is to take care of America and Americans, would not rush to the UN to protect the nation that just attacked Americans.

A real Congress, who remembers that their job is to take care of America and Americans, would not hand Israel a license to murder more Americans anywhere in the world Israel decides they are an inconvenience!

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.

A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

Sep 28 11:17

FBI Raids Seen as Political Retribution

Recent raids by federal agents on the homes and offices of peace activists are being viewed by civil libertarians and civil society groups as further proof that the U.S. is morphing into a “surveillance state” where the right to privacy and other constitutional protections are being quietly whittled away.

Sep 28 11:16

Apparent execution by Israeli soldiers on board Mavi Marmara

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This video captures the moment when according to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, 19-year old Furkhan Dogan, a native of New York and carrying a US passport, already shot by the IDF while holding a camcorder and lying helpless on the deck, is shot point-blank in the face!

And President Pussy does nothing, on his expressed theory that the best way to Mideast peace is to pretend we don't see anything unpeaceful, no matter who it happens to.

Sep 28 11:10

UN experts accuse Israel of suppressing flotilla footage

Former International Criminal Court judge says Israel appeared to try and "have monopoly on versions as to what existed."

Sep 28 10:48

Shut Down the Fed (Part II)

I apologise to readers around the world for having defended the emergency stimulus policies of the US Federal Reserve, and for arguing like an imbecile naif that the Fed would not succumb to drug addiction, political abuse, and mad intoxicated debauchery, once it began taking its first shots of quantitative easing.

My pathetic assumption was that Ben Bernanke would deploy further QE only to stave off DEFLATION, not to create INFLATION. If the Federal Open Market Committee cannot see the difference, God help America.

We now learn from last week’s minutes that the Fed is willing “to provide additional accommodation if needed to … return inflation, over time, to levels consistent with its mandate.”

NO, NO, NO, this cannot possibly be true.

Sep 28 10:41

Kingdom slams UN double standard

Saudi Arabia has urged the United Nations to implement the principles of its charter effectively without adopting double standard. It also criticized the use of veto power by some permanent members to block the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Addressing the 65th session of the UN General Assembly, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal emphasized the need to implement the Arab Peace Initiative, which offers normal Arab-Israeli relations if the Jewish state withdraws from Arab territories occupied in 1967.

Sep 28 10:37


I presented the view that Dr. Akleh’s opinions were anti-Semitic. His response was I would like, first, to point out to dear Mr. Amsel that my Palestinian Arab roots go back thousands of years ago to the Semitic speaking tribes indigenous to Palestine. Thus I could never be anti-Semite (anti-self) compared to self-hating Jew. Despite the Jewish attempts to monopolize the term people understand that Jews are not the only Semitic-speaking tribe. Many of the Hebrew words are the same Arabic words with a little semantic twist. I can respond as well by pointing out that my Jewish roots go back thousands of years as well, to the bloodline of Aaron, the brother of Moses. My views in no way challenge you as a Palestinian, merely your views on the Jewish people.

Sep 28 10:36

PressTV - 'Americans seek probe into 9/11'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not need a new probe into 9011. I am satisfied that I have come to the correct conclusions about what happened on that day and I do not cede to the government already proven a liar the authority to tell me whether I am right or wrong. Another government investigation will yield another delay followed by another government cover-up. It's just another chance for them to get their lies sorted out and cover up the earlier holes in the official story.

We know the US Government lied to us about 9-11 just as they lied about Saddam's nuclear weapons. More investigation will not change that. The time has come to quit re-capitulating the fine details about 9-11 and face up to the fact that the US Government lied to us about 9-11 just as they lied about Saddam's nuclear weapons, and to decide what We The People are going to do about it. another investigation is just a stalling tactic to keep us from dealing with the real problem, which is a government that rules us by lie and deception and hoax.

No more investigations. It is time to fire the liars!

Sep 28 10:31

Under investigation, Ted Stevens’ prosecutor commits suicide

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Awful lot of "suicides" starting to happen at the same time Obama declares his assassination program a "state secret!"

Sep 28 10:28

Barack Obama under fire for grossly underestimating Gulf oil spill

White House commission finds that administration lost public trust...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No; you think?!?

Sep 28 10:27

Protests arise nationwide over FBI raids

A slew of speakers from local protest groups including the Anti-War Committee, the Twin Cities Peace Campaign and Women Against Military Madness rallied against a string of FBI raids performed Friday on six Twin Cities addresses.

Two other raids were carried out on Chicago addresses Friday, and about 120 protesters rallied outside the Chicago FBI office Monday afternoon.

Sep 28 10:22

UN experts accuse Israel of suppressing flotilla footage

Former International Criminal Court judge says Israel appeared to try and "have monopoly on versions as to what existed."

Sep 28 10:20

US Government abases itself before Israel yet again; Proves it is Israel's whore!

The United States on Tuesday criticised a UN probe into Israel's storming of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, urging the Human Rights Council to prevent the report from being used to torpedo peace talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because, you know, like Israel has a right to kill Americans anywhere in the world, and if I, the President of the United States, am cool with it, then you should not make a fuss out of it! Besides, how are we ever going to arrive at peace if you guys make a big stink ever time Israel blows somebody to bloody bits!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 28 10:12

Fresh ACS:Law file-sharing lists expose thousands more

The personal details of a further 8,000 people alleged to have shared music or films illegally have appeared online.

A list of more than 8,000 Sky broadband subscribers and a second of 400 PlusNet users surfaced following a security breach of legal firm ACS:Law.

It comes after a database of more than 5,000 people suspected of downloading adult films emerged on Monday.

The UK's Information Commissioner said ACS:Law could be fined up to half a million pounds for the breaches.

Sep 28 10:10

Fisherman's 'inseparable relationship' with crocodile

A fisherman in Costa Rica has been explaining his unusual relationship with a crocodile called "Pocho", who he plays with like a pet dog.

Chito says he found the reptile with a gunshot wound 20 years ago on the banks of the Parismina river and nursed him back to health at his home.

He says he released Pocho into the wild but he followed him back, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Sep 28 10:07

Local Official: Reports that BP SPRAYING DISPERSANT “from an airplane with no lights” and that “BOATS are covertly DUMPING it into the water”

Councilman Jeff Silvers receives phone calls in the middle of the night. The citizens on the line tell him that BP is spraying oil dispersant over Perdido Pass “from an airplane with no lights,” he said, or that workers on boats are covertly dumping it into the water. …

Sep 28 10:05

Pharmacist: Something is “making people behave differently” — more and more with “thick throats” and headaches, nausea

Councilwoman Pattisue Carranza, a pharmacist, said that she had seen more and more people seeking prescriptions and medications this summer for “thick throats.”

There’s something, she said, that’s “making people behave differently” and “making people cough and giving people headaches and nausea.

Sep 28 10:02

Study: Atheists Know the Most About Religion

A new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that most religious Americans don't know shit about their own religions. Sample fun finding: "A majority of Protestants, for instance, couldn't identify Martin Luther as the driving force behind the Protestant Reformation."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course we know more about religion. We studied it. That's why we are atheists!

When I was a small boy living in New Hampshire farming country, I attended the local congregational church and sang in the choir. As a gift for singing in the choir I was given a bible. That was their big mistake, because I read the thing, cover to cover. And I started asking questions. And that was when I was asked to leave!

Sep 28 10:00

Astronomers spot 'potentially hazardous' asteroid just ONE month before it is due to pass close to Earth

Astronomers have spotted a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid less than one month before it is due to pass close to Earth.

The object, given the name '2010 ST3', is 150 metres in diameter and will pass within four million miles of Earth in mid-October.

Sep 28 09:51

UFOs and the United Nations. A Last Ditch Desperate Measure To Make the People Afraid to accept World Government.

If you look at what many globalist like Henry Kissinger to H.G. Wells. Even the report from Iron Mountain. They all talked about the American people accepting troops on the streets from the UN to defend us against an Alien Threat. We hear about Project Blue Beam putting holographic images in the sky of an illusion of other life from outer space. Now the news is reporting UFOs tampering with nuclear weapons on Air Force bases. Something sounds very fishy. I see they are trying to make the people of the world afraid so we will accept a one world government as a solution against threat out of this world. Trying to play in the hands of the globalist as a recreation of the 1950s movie"The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "War of the Worlds".

Sep 28 09:41

First snowmen of the season spotted as surprise cold snap sweeps across Britain

Britain has received its first autumn snowfalls for the year as a surprise cold snap sent millions reaching for the central heating controls this weekend.

Summer made a particularly swift exit from the Highlands as the first sprinklings of snow paid an early visit to the north of Scotland.

The last time Britain saw a September cold snap as severe as this current one was in 2003, when much of northern England was below freezing.

Sep 28 09:38

Pedophile Priests - This vileness has been going on for a long, long time

Yep, they'd been raping children, nuns made complaints to the Catholic hierarchy (apparently not to the secular authorities), and the church responded as it always does…by transferring the offending priests to a new diocese, a fresh hunting ground.

This was all in 1871.

It's as if child-rape is a hallowed tradition within Catholicism.

Sep 28 09:28

Israel Used 'Incredible Violence' Against Gaza Aid Flotilla, Says UN Human Rights Council

The sharply critical report found there was "clear evidence to support prosecutions" against Israel for "wilful killing" and torture committed in the raid on the flotilla on May 31. Nine activists on a Turkish ship were killed as they attempted to breach the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.

However, Israel brushed aside the findings of the UN Human Rights Council, which it has consistently denounced as biased against the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My letter to the localnewspaper, the Star-Advertiser.

Dear Advertiser

This letter is being posted to the world wide web and will be mentioned on today’s radio show.

Yesterday the United Nations Human Rights Council released their report on Israel’s attack on the International Aid Flotilla, concluding that the Gaza blockade is a violation of international law and that Israeli soldiers willfully murdered aid workers, during the illegal seizure of ships.

Given that one of the members of that flotilla was Hawaii’s own Ann Wright, I presumed that the Star-Advertiser, which does bill itself as a news provider, would have a story on the United Nations report, and some local perspective on how Ann Wright felt about the UN Report. But I searched your website in vain for a single mention of this story. It is not on the front page and your website search engine cannot find any mention of the story.

With the release of the United Nations report, Israel is guilty of crimes under international law, including the illegal seizure of a US flagged ship and the murder of a US citizen and the wrongful imprisonment of Hawaii resident Ann Wright. But a fireworks ban seems far more important and newsworthy to you.

I understand why.

Right now the world views every newspaper, every TV program, every magazine and every politician who stood up to defend Israel’s attack on the aid flotilla, including an American ships and American citizens, as an accessory after-the-fact. The same UN Report that tarnishes Israel tarnishes you.

Shame on you for your disloyalty to your fellow Americans. If you want a reason your readership is in decline, you need look no further than a mirror.

Sep 28 09:16

Israel’s Gaza flotilla raid “illegal”

The activists on board the ship were trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. The UN investigators say the blockade itself was unlawful as a “humanitarian crisis” existed in Gaza.

Sep 28 09:14

FLASHBACK - UN High Commissioner: Gaza blockade is illegal

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has said Israel's blockade of Gaza is illegal and should be lifted, and reiterated calls for an investigation into Israel's raid on aid supply ships this week.

Sep 28 09:10


“IDF naval forces recently boarded the yacht ‘Irene’, and it is currently being led to the Ashdod seaport along with its passengers,” the military said in statement that branded the boat a “provocation yacht”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reminder that the United Nations Human Rights Council has declared Israel's blockade of Gaza a violation of international law.

Sep 28 09:08


Judges reject appeal by Palestinians claiming to own a large plot in the western portion of Sheikh Jarrah, enabling settlers to move ahead with plans to build in the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reminder to us all that just because some weirdo in a black robe says something is the law doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. After all, everything Hitler did was legal under the laws of Nazi Germany!

Sep 28 09:03

Pentagon Accused Of Launching Supervirus Attack On Iran

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whether it is Israel or the US or both that committed this act of industrial sabotage, the question the mainstream media is refusing to ask is what would have happened if these bozos made a mistake and instead of shutting down the power station they triggered a Chernobyl-style melt down and showered the Mideast with radiation, poisoning the cities, poisoning the people, and poisoning the oil fields on which we are still dependent? Is anyone actually thinking these things through? Or are we ruled by leaders who do not care if they blow up the world as long as those gosh-darned Muslims get it first?

One thing is clear. Since this computer weapon has to be inserted using an infected USB flash drive, there is a foreign spy on the staff at the power station.

Sep 28 09:01

Income Gap Widens: Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich And Poor

Hope Yen
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The recession took a dramatic toll on marriage in America, new figures show, with those 18 and over who decided to wed in 2009 at the lowest ebb since the government began tracking the data over 100 years ago.

Sep 28 08:59

Riots Grip East Jerusalem

A Palestinian man was killed by an Israeli settlement security guard in disputed circumstances, a Palestinian toddler asphyxiated on teargas, and dozens of Palestinians were injured by beatings, rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas inhalation.

Sep 28 08:55

Household income plunged in 2009

Household incomes plunged for the second year in a row in 2009, as fewer families earned over $100,000 a year and the ranks of the poor rose, according to census statistics released Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The economy is better! The economy is better! The economy is better! Repeat it after me! The economy is better! The economy is better! The economy is better! If you admit the economy is crap, the terrorists will have won! If you vote GOP November, the terrorists will have won!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 28 08:53

US to spy on Internet messaging

The Obama White House is backing new regulations that would compel popular Internet messaging services like Facebook, Skype and Blackberry to open up their systems to FBI surveillance, the New York Times reported Monday, citing federal law enforcement and national security officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wouldn't worry about it. Odigo received an advanced warning of the 9-11 attacks and gave the FBI the IP address of the message sender and even with the message and the IP the FBI couldn't figure out where the message came from, so how will they handle half a billion text messages about my BFF!

Sep 28 08:43

Savers told to stop moaning and start spending

Savers should stop complaining about poor returns and start spending to help the economy, a senior Bank of England official warned today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The bad economy is all YOUR fault because you won't give us that last half-penny hidden in the tea-cozy!"

Sep 28 08:41

War on Dissent: FBI Agents Raiding Peaceful Anti-War Activists

FBI counter-terrorism agents are offered perverse career incentives that pressure them to conduct actions against groups that pose no danger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't you FBI bozos have real crimes to investigate, like rapists and hackers and stuff? Or does actually doing your job for the people have a lower priority than protecting the war profiteers?

Sep 28 08:39

Jewish Boat to Gaza boarded by Israeli forces and taken toward Ashdod port

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We do not allow the children of Gaza to have cookies. God wants us to have all the cookies. You don't want to go against God, do you? Huh? DO YOU! Then shut the @#% up!" -- Israel

Sep 28 08:36

Israel Suspected in Worm Sabotage of Iran's First Nuclear Plant

The New York Times quotes a former U.S. intelligence office as saying that the attack was the work of Israel’s equivalent of America’s National Security Agency, known as Unit 8200. According to IEEE Spectrum's December issue, Israel had previously used a cyber-attack to shut off radar systems in Syria, allowing it to evaluate what it believed to be an under-construction nuclear reactor.

Sep 28 08:19

Global Cooling and the New World Order By James Delingpole

The next few years are going to be very interesting. Watch the global power elite squirming to reposition itself as it slowly distances itself from Anthropogenic Global Warming (”Who? Us? No. We never thought of it as more than a quaint theory…”), and tries to find new ways of justifying green taxation and control. (Ocean acidification; biodiversity; et al). You’ll notice sly shifts in policy spin.

Sep 28 06:54

NRA Supports Frivolous Microstamping,Evaluation Study Act

The NRA has a long history of supporting statutes that violate the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights like the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Sep 28 06:45

9/11 Related Quotes Ready for Email - Version 1

In looking for a way to write down facts that I can use to educate people I know about 9/11, I pretty much gave up trying to use my own words. Instead, this is what I've come up with. From 'experiments' I've run on friends and engineering co-workers, using quotes seems to be a good way to go.

Feel free to use as you see fit. I encourage everyone to email to everyone they have any influence over.

Sep 28 06:42

Fighting Foreclosure Fraud

Sep 28 06:37

Killing For Sport: U.S. Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Support the troops.

Sep 28 05:51

Cancel all your European travel and vacation plans – carbon trading extortion is here

This is idiotic. The EU carbon trading cabal has decided to extort the rest of the air travel world starting in 2012. In a nutshell, they’ll ban flights from landing if the airlines don’t engage in carbon trading.

Sep 28 05:43

Revealed: Wind farm power twice as costly as gas or coal

The true cost of Britain’s massive expansion of wind farms has been revealed.

It costs nearly twice as much to generate electricity from an offshore wind farm as it does from a conventional power station, a scientific report has concluded.

And while the price of wind power is expected to fall in the coming decade, the researchers admit there is a slight chance it could rise even further.

Sep 28 05:40

U.S. Troops Humiliate Iraqi Man

This old man is being sexually abused by U.S. troops. Support the troops. Thank you for your service.

Sep 28 05:35

Veterans Speak Out

Some of our troops have consciences. Unfortunately too many of them are killing themselves.

Sep 28 05:31

Shock and Awe: The Face of Occupation

Support the troops!

Sep 28 05:23

U.S. Soldiers Trained in Torture Methods

Sep 28 05:23


Get in there first – that’s the secret
If it wasn’t for the “war on terror” America and Israel wouldn’t be enjoying such military fun and games and reaping such fat rewards. Whole new industries are flourishing thanks to the considerable effort they’ve devoted to sowing the seeds of terror.

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR), for example, is an American-Israeli corporation “created to help organizations succeed and prosper in a world threatened by terrorism.” Institute of Terrorism Research and Response in Israel (http://www.terrorresponse.org/)

Sep 28 05:20

Mass Rape of Women and Children by American Soldiers

This is how much of the world sees us.

Sep 28 05:17

U.S. Troops Charged With Rape and Murder

I'm supposed to support these "men" and thank them for their service!

Sep 28 05:13

U.S. Pilots Killing Civilians and Loving It!

The real face the world sees of our "boys"!

Sep 28 05:06

Ahead of the Bell: China imposes tariff on chicken

Associated Press

Shares of the nation's chicken producers could tumble on Monday after China said it will slap a hefty tariff on U.S. chicken imports to combat what it says are unfairly low prices.

The Chinese government said Sunday that its investigation found that U.S. chicken products are being sold at low prices which undermine the local market. New import duties ranging from 50.3 percent to as much as 105.4 percent will take effect Monday and last for five years.

Sep 28 04:28

Palin and Beck Don’t Support the Troops

Again, the American soldier (Marine, sailor, airman) is exploited through a suffocating mix of hero worship and zealotry, long employed by Republican war hawks to demand loyalty to the state and to expand and protract our occupation overseas. But on that day, at the Restore Honor rally for which she delivered her remarks, Palin and Beck managed to take it to staggering new heights: they proclaimed the American soldier to be the unspoiled, suggesting everyone else be reborn in his image. The military, in effect, are gods.

But they are not gods. They are not only flawed like us, but we learn everyday that the war and the war culture fosters the very worst in some people, while it chews up and spits out others so they become mere shadows of what they were before.

Sep 28 04:24

Weeping Karzai laments Afghan woes

President Hamid Karzai has broken down in tears during a speech at a high school as he lamented the problems plaguing Afghanistan.

"I swear to God I'm worried, I'm worried, oh people, I'm worried." TV coverage of the speech to hundreds of teachers, students and officials showed some members of the audience were also crying.

Sep 28 00:58

MD$ on the Take: My Career-Ending Expose

Whistles blowers aren't always celebrated.
Sometimes they're crushed.

"There is a pathologically intimate relationship between corporations and the U.S. government- their collusion is expressed in the revolving door. "