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"We must have a political state powerful enough to deal with corporate wealth, but how are we going to keep that state with its augmenting power from being captured by the force we want it to control?" -- Vernon Louis Parrington


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Oct 21 05:13

Massive protests HONG KONG

Oct 21 05:11

Betsy DeVos uses AOC's words against her, says she is promoting traditionally conservative value

Oct 20 20:42

'Stop erasing women': Consumers pledge to BOYCOTT Always sanitary towels after brand ditched Venus logo from their products in response to pressure from Trans-rights campaigners

Feminists have slammed sanitary towel-maker Always after their decision to remove the ‘Venus’ symbol, the female sexual identity mark, from their wrapping.

The brand made the decision after pressure from trans activists, who claim that the female symbol is inappropriate as not all people who menstruate identify as female.

The decision, prompted by 18-year-old trans activist Ben Saunders, has been slammed by women, who fear the choice is 'erasing' females and one has deemed the decision 'nonsense'.

Oct 20 20:40

How dare they take us for fools: DANIEL HANNAN blasts MPs who claim they only want to avoid No Deal and then dodge a vote on one

It is not their dishonesty that rankles. It is the insult to our intelligence.

For three years, Labour and Lib Dem MPs have twisted and turned, seeking to wriggle out of the promises they had given in advance to accept the referendum result.

In the process, they have smashed up our constitution. They have ignored the norms on which our democracy rests. They have torn precedent to shreds.

They have politicised the Speaker’s chair. They have turned us against one another. They have made our country a laughing stock abroad.

Yet still they carry on, telling us their unconstitutional schemes are somehow all about upholding our constitution, claiming that their contempt for democracy is about trusting the people.

On Saturday, they reached their lowest point yet. Having gone to court to demand that MPs have a ‘meaningful vote’ on the Brexit terms, they chose, when the moment came, to avoid that vote.

Oct 20 18:02

Why the State Can’t Claim Our “Implied Consent”

By Andrew Kern

One of the ways states are said to gain the rightful authority to rule is through implied consent. There are no explicit contracts signed with the government which grant it all of the power it exercises. Thus, it is claimed that in some way or another, the citizenry implicitly agrees to follow laws. Do we implicitly consent to be ruled? Is there some action we take that could reasonably be construed as voluntarily agreeing to follow any and all laws which are put forth by the state? How accurate is it to say that “consent of the governed” is upheld?...

Oct 20 15:03

Stake-out at the Steakhouse: Outback Says They Are Installing A.I. Tech to Improve Customer Service

By B.N. Frank

According to one survey, 82% of Americans think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more harmful than helpful. The company that owns the Outback Steakhouse chain either doesn’t know this or doesn’t care...

Oct 20 13:43

A New Middle East Thanks to Putin

If The Nobel Peace Prize Committee wants to restore it's credibility,The Nobel Peace Prize should go to President Vladimir Putin of The Russian Federation!

Peace in the Middle East is coming at us fast and we’re going to have Russian President Vladimir Putin to thank for it.

From the moment Putin began his intervention into Syria the U.S.’s punditocracy said he would get bogged down in a quagmire. That he couldn’t afford the coming war with entrenched ISIS fighters.

Within days of Russian air operations beginning the Syrian Arab Army began taking large chunks of territory from U.S. and Turkish-backed rebels and from ISIS.

The efficiency of the Russian air crews was off the charts and the results on the ground spoke for themselves........

Oct 20 12:52

China Is Now Largest Land Owner In Canada

Oct 20 12:40

Gas Prices Expected to Rise in 2020—Thanks to an Obscure UN Regulator

By Ross Marchand

With gasoline prices in California eclipsing $4/gallon, Americans have taken to nervously glancing at their gas gauges. Oil prices appear to only be going in one direction (up), with dramatic disruptions such as a drone attack on Saudi refineries disrupting fuel supplies. But things may soon get far worse if the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a sub-agency of the United Nations, implements onerous worldwide restrictions on fuel content...

Oct 20 12:08

Just a compilation of CNN doctoring videos. Nothing to see here folks.

Oct 20 11:57

The Flight of Wrong Way Corrigan: Navigational Error or Publicity Stunt?

In 1938, an American pilot named Douglas Corrigan made a cross-country flight from Long Beach, California, to New York City. That flight was uneventful but when Corrigan climbed back into his airplane to make the return flight to California, things didn’t go as planned. Corrigan took a wrong turn and ended up in Ireland. For his aviation blunder, Corrigan earned the nickname ‘Wrong Way Corrigan’ and capitalized on the notoriety from his error. But was it really an error? Or did Wrong Way Corrigan intend to make a trans-Atlantic flight? Let’s look at the evidence.

Oct 20 11:52

How Telling Ghost Stories Around A Fire Used To Be A Christmas Tradition, Until Halloween Took Over

With the nights growing longer and a chill filling the air, is there a better way to stay warm than curling up around the hearth to tell a ghost story? Halloween may hold our horrid hearts in its ghoulish hands, but long before trick-or-treaters were banging on our doors, people were telling stories of ghosts and goblins on another holiday: Christmas.

Oct 20 11:48

Flashback - Pictured: Prince Andrew surrounded by topless women on Thai holiday with paedophile billionaire Epstein as friend says Duke 'has always been a t**s and bums man'

It is known Epstein and Andrew regularly holidayed together - from weekends at Balmoral and Sandringham, to trips to New York.

Epstein was, the source told The Times, 'a big part of [Andrew's] life' - and pictures of the Duke surrounded by women thanks to the financier seem to have been par for the course.

'It would always be, "Epstein is in town with the girls", and everyone would raise their eyes to heaven and move on,' the source said.

Oct 20 11:43

The Fed Is Lying To Us

Oct 20 11:31

Did NASA even exist then? Clinton lampooned for claiming space agency ENDED her childhood dreams of becoming astronaut

Twitter users have launched dozens of snarky memes into digital orbit after Hillary Clinton recounted how NASA had crushed her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Marking the first all-woman spacewalk, Clinton illustrated just how far gender equality has come in the last 60 years.

“When I was a little girl, I wrote to NASA and told them I dreamed of being an astronaut. They wrote back and said they weren’t taking girls,” the former presidential candidate tweeted, because apparently everything has to be about her. She then expressed hope that a “new generation of little girls” will be able to reach for the stars.

One top reply correctly noted that Clinton was born in 1947, more than 10 years before NASA was founded. Furthermore, it wasn’t until 1962 that the US put an astronaut in space – making her story hard to believe.

Oct 20 11:23

US troops will NOT be pulling out of Middle East, says Pentagon chief who admits soldiers will simply be redeployed to Iraq to continue fighting ISIS

Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that under the current plan all US troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq and the military will continue to conduct operations against the Islamic State group to prevent its resurgence.

Speaking to reporters traveling with him to the Middle East, Esper did not rule out the idea that US forces would conduct counterterrorism missions from Iraq into Syria.

Oct 20 11:07

Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein 'had 13 contact numbers for Prince Andrew' as investigator says 'If you were around Jeffrey, you were around young girls'

Private investigator Mr Fisten was one of the first to interview Virginia Roberts, who has made claims that Prince Andrew had sex with her when she was 17.

During an interview with the Channel 4 programme, Mr Fitsen makes clear that vulnerable girls were targeted and that there had been no way you could have been around Epstein and not have been around such people.

He added: 'When people tell me, I didn't know what Jeffrey was about, I don't want to say BS. I'll just say hogwash. Because if you were around Jeffrey you were around underage girls. He has no children. He has no nieces… Come on. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something was going on there.'

Oct 20 11:05

How Jeffrey Epstein 'set up meeting between 'Petie' Mandelson and US billionaire banker from his prison cell'

As de facto Deputy Prime Minister to Gordon Brown in 2009, Lord Mandelson asked Epstein – who was then on day release – to arrange a meeting with a billionaire New York banker.

Channel 4's Dispatches allege Epstein agreed instantly. A friend of Epstein said the financier 'sorted' a meeting between Lord Mandelson – whom he called 'Petie' – and Jamie Dimon, the billionaire chairman of US investment bank JP Morgan.

At the time, Epstein, who killed himself in August, was serving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to procuring a 14-year-old girl for prostitution.

The financier's friend, who requested anonymity, said: 'I was astonished that a British Cabinet Minister... probably the most powerful man other than the Prime Minister, was calling Jeffrey in jail to make an appointment... with a very powerful banker in New York.'

Oct 20 10:56

Prince Andrew’s other pedophile friend: Prep school priest who came to his 1986 wedding to Sarah Ferguson

“You’re such a puritan,” Andrew told a friend who urged him to cut ties with Epstein, according to a 2011 Vanity Fair report. “Leave me alone. Jeffrey’s my friend. Being loyal to your friends is a virtue. And I’m going to be loyal to him.”

It turns out that registered sex offender Epstein is not Andrew’s only longtime friend who was accused of sex crimes against minors. A 2017 investigative report by the Canadian magazine Maclean’s showed that the Duke of York also stayed loyal to an Anglican priest who was the chaplain at the elite prep school he attended as a teenaged exchange student 40 years earlier.

That priest, Keith Gleed, was later accused by at least five former students of sexually abusing them when he worked at Lakefield College School in Ontario from 1974 to 1980, when the school was an all-boys academy and when Andrew attended the school.

Oct 20 09:07

Liberal Think Tank Projects Jaw-Dropping Number For Cost Of Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-For-All Plan

Elizabeth Warren has been dodging questions about raising taxes on the middle class to pay for her healthcare plan.

Oct 20 09:07

Trump Hits “Slippery, Slick, Stealthy” Mitt Romney – Labels Him A “Democrat Secret Asset” Posing As Republican (VIDEO)

President Trump was in a mood Friday night and slammed RINO of all RINOs Senator Mitt Romney.
On Thursday Turkey agreed to a 5-day ceasefire in Northern Syria to allow the Kurds retreat to a ‘safe zone.’

Oct 20 09:04

“Hell of an Outcome!” – Stunning. Trump-Basher Lindsey Graham Now Says President’s Plan for Syria is Working

Oct 20 07:58

Dramatic video shows tractor-trailer knocked over by tornado on Florida interstate as Nestor batters the Southeast bringing heavy rain, strong winds and power outages for 10,000 people

Dramatic video showed a semi-trailer overturn on a Florida interstate as Tropical Storm Nestor swept across the Southeast flooding street, damaging homes, overturning vehicles and leaving nearly 10,000 customers without power.

Oct 20 07:21

Lindsey Graham: If We Pull Troops from Northern Syria Then We Will Have Another 9-11 Attack

Lindsey Graham joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday Night on Justice with Judge Jeanine to discuss the situation in northeastern Syria.

Oct 20 07:04

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Comparing Trump to 16 Years of Obama/Bush

There is so much controversy in the news. And controversy is exciting. But for today’s column, I’m going to stick to plain old-fashioned facts.

Oct 20 07:04

What We've Lost

Oct 20 07:03

President Trump BLASTS Susan Rice, the Genocide Queen, over Her Disastrous Foreign Policy During the Obama Years

Former Obama Official Susan Rice left a trail of genocide and lies when she retired from office in 2017.