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April 17, 2019

Apr 17 09:50

Watch: Bernie Sanders’ Refusal To Call Out Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism Should Have Supporters Worried

There were a lot of takeaways from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Monday contretemps-fest before a mostly simpatico audience in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Most of them were fun periods where the Vermont independent tried to explain away his wealth and why he’s not willing to follow his own tax prescriptions.

Apr 17 09:37

Left Eat Their Own as Pelosi Takes Down Ocasio-Cortez and the District That Elected Her

Are you a liberal? Are you more sentient than a glass of water?
Congratulations — Nancy Pelosi believes you’re a fit candidate to win Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district.

Apr 17 09:36

Legal Immigrant Proudly Rocks His MAGA Hat, Gets Assaulted by Anti-Trump Punks

A legal immigrant from West Africa and proud supporter of President Donald Trump was assaulted over the weekend, apparently for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.


Apr 17 09:28

The Ecuadorean Authorities Have No Reason to Detain Free Software Developer Ola Bini

By Danny O’Brien

Hours after the ejection of Julian Assange from the London Ecuadorean embassy last week, police officers in Ecuador detained the Swedish citizen and open source developer Ola Bini. They seized him as he prepared to travel from his home in Quito to Japan, claiming that he was attempting to flee the country in the wake of Assange’s arrest. Bini had, in fact, booked the vacation long ago, and had publicly mentioned it on his Twitter account before Assange was arrested.

Apr 17 09:19

Julian Assange’s Prosecution is about Much More Than Attempting to Hack a Password

By Cindy Cohn

The recent arrest of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange surprised many by hinging on one charge: a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) charge for a single, unsuccessful attempt to reverse engineer a password. This might not be the only charge Assange ultimately faces. The government can add more before the extradition decision and possibly even after that if it gets a waiver from the UK or otherwise. Yet some have claimed that as the indictment sits now, the single CFAA charge is a sign that the government is not aiming at journalists. We disagree...

Apr 17 08:31

Ana Navarro Misspells Simple Word Twice During Attempt To Insult Trump’s Intelligence

A general rule of thumb that applies to everyone, but especially political pundits, is to be certain you haven’t made any stupid or critical errors when criticizing somebody else’s supposed lack of intelligence.

Apr 17 08:30

Bernie Proudly Releases Taxes, Immediately Gets Called Out for 1 Glaring Issue

Bernie Sanders has a consistency problem, and he seems to be hoping that nobody notices.
The 77-year-old socialist, the Vermont senator who rocketed to the national stage in 2016 after nearly defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, has tried desperately to paint himself as an anti-establishment outsider.

Apr 17 07:40

India's ASAT could escalate rivalry with China, warns US expert Ashley J Tellis

India's anti-satellite missile test carried out last month was clearly targeted towards China and could exacerbate New Delhi's rivalry with Beijing, a top US expert has said, underlining that India now must brace itself for a long-term space competition.
On March 27, India achieved a historic feat by shooting down its own low-orbit satellite with a ground-to-space missile, making the country a space power. The test made India the fourth country in the world after the US, Russia and China to have the ASAT capabilities.

Apr 17 07:39

Tech Censorship: Instagram Bans Pro-Trump Cartoonist Ben Garrison

Apr 17 07:39

Satellite images may show reprocessing activity at North Korea nuclear site: US researchers

Satellite images from last week show movement at North Korea's main nuclear site that could be associated with the reprocessing of radioactive material into bomb fuel, a US think tank said on Tuesday.
Any new reprocessing activity would underscore the failure of a second summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi in late February to make progress toward North Korea`s denuclearisation

Apr 17 07:38

Turkey eyes Donald Trump protection from any sanctions for Russian defence purchase

Turkey expects President Donald Trump to use a waiver to protect it if the US Congress decides to sanction Ankara over a planned purchase of a Russian missile defence system, a Turkish presidential spokesman said on Tuesday.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last week that Washington had told Ankara it could face retribution for buying the S-400s under a sanctions law known as Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CATSAA).

Apr 17 07:22

Well That Escalated Quickly: Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Proposed During His CNN Torn Hall to Create a New Federal News & Information Agency To Punish Those Seeking to Misinform the Public, Giving the Bird to The Bill of Rights.

Apr 17 07:07

What Trump And His Religious Supporters Can Learn From Cyrus The Great

Many of Trumps’ supporters who delve into their Bible from time to time have managed to see the likeness of Cyrus the Great in President Trump.

Cyrus was the founder of the world’s first major empire and “is mentioned 23 times by name and alluded to several times more” in the Bible. And a few of his titles include, “shepherd”, “anointed” and “smoothing the way,” which meant Jews’ trouble free return from captivity. However, Trump’s religious supporters refer to Cyrus as a ‘pagan’ king, only used by God for his purposes as Trump is today. Freeing the Jews was only one of King Cyrus’s great deeds. A byproduct of his vision for a new world
Trump is looked upon as the liberator. But who is Trump liberating? King Cyrus freed the Jews from slavery in Babylon that’s why he was hailed as the liberator. He was equally welcomed by other nations who were being oppressed by their rulers. But where are the enslaved people now?>>>

Apr 17 06:50

It’s Only April, And U.S. Retailers Have Already Closed More Stores Than They Did ALL Of Last Year

Apr 17 06:44

Ankara Deeply Concerned over US Arms Shipments to Syrian Kurds

A prominent Turkish political analyst underlined Ankara's concerns about Washington's continued arms shipments to the Kurdish militia, warning of the US plans against Syria's territorial integrity by setting the stage for Kurdish

The Arabic-language service of Sputnik quoted Turki Mahmoud Othman as saying on Tuesday that the US has supplied the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with a large amount of weapons and military equipment.
Othman claimed that the US intends to protect and support the SDF with the help of the European forces as it promises Turkey to create a demilitarized zone in Northern Syria to buy time, and warned that the demilitarized zone is likely a trap for Turkey by Washington.


US To Increase Pressure On Defiant Turkey Over S-400 Deal

Apr 17 05:59


Congress had earlier voted to invoke the War Powers Resolution to try and stop US involvement in a foreign conflict.

President Donald Trump has vetoed a bill Congress passed to end the United State's military assistance in the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen.>>>

This is a MOVEMENT.

Apr 17 03:00

After Riots, Denmark Obstructs Quran-Burning, Doubles Penalties in Ghettos

Apr 16 20:04

(Extinction Rebellion AotearoaNZ )Protesters halt traffic at busy central Auckland intersection in 'rebellion' against climate change

Protesters briefly brought a central city Auckland intersection to a halt today rallying in support of urgent action against climate change.

The group gathered at the busy intersection of Victoria St West and Queen St in the CBD close to midday.

About 40 people stood in the intersection with a banner that boasts the words "Rebel for Life".

Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa New Zealand spokeswoman Lynne Dempsey said the Auckland protest went well with the group only briefly holding up traffic.

No governments had listened when they had held peaceful protests, she said.

*Once Labour came to power, the loonies started showing up. Sad really*

Apr 16 19:46

Christchurch shootings: Police release updated timeline of response

Police have confirmed it took them 18 minutes to make an arrest after first being called to shootings at two Christchurch mosques.

The shooting saw 50 people killed and a further 39 injured after the terror attacks at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque on March 15.

While reducing the country's threat level from high to medium, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said he wanted the public to have as much information as possible about their response to the two incidents.

However, given the matter was now before the court there were certain details that couldn't be released.

*Third time the timeline has changed*
I keep wondering why he was driving with his hazard lights on. Who does that after a mass shooting?

Apr 16 19:16

Notre Dame Fire: Woman Tries To Track Down Man And Child Pictured Hours Before Blaze

Just hours before a fire ripped through Notre Dame cathedral, one tourist captured a gorgeous photo of two strangers – a man and a young girl – playing in front of the building in the evening light.

Apr 16 19:15

Police try to shut down a man giving homeless people haircuts in viral video

A Philadelphia barber who has been providing free haircuts for the homeless in his community since 2017 was almost shut down by a local police officer on Wednesday in an encounter that was caught on camera.

Apr 16 18:49

Should Gold Investors Root for Deflation?

Apr 16 16:23

CIA Director Used Fake Skripal Incident Photos To Manipulate Trump

Apr 16 15:28

Could more have been saved? Toll to Notre Dame's treasure trove is revealed as the great organ and priceless paintings were damaged by inferno that took 23 minutes to be found AFTER alarms sounded

Paris public prosecutor Rémy Heitz announced on Tuesday that firefighters were called to the world-famous cathedral at 6.20pm CET, almost half an hour before the roof caught fire after a fire alarm was triggered.

But after an initial inspection they said they were unable to find any evidence of fire.

Firefighters remained inside Notre Dame until a second alarm went off at 6.43pm and eventually discovered a fire in the network of wooden beams under the cathedral's roof - but were unable to put it out.

Apr 16 15:25

Almost every adult in Britain could receive a £300 windfall from Mastercard after 'landmark' court ruling paves the way for a £14billion damages claim

Nearly every adult in the UK could be in line for a payout from Mastercard after a £14billion damages claim against the payment provider was revived by the Court of Appeal today.

The legal action is being brought against the card giant by Former financial ombudsman Walter Merricks.

He said the maximum payout from the proposed 'opt-out' claim will be around £300 for anyone over the age of 16 and who was a resident in the UK for three months or more between 1992 and 2008.

Around 46.2million people could qualify for the payout - including those who have never had a Mastercard, according to Merricks.

Apr 16 14:24

1,600-Year-Old Coin found in northern Israel