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"What, sir, is the use of militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty... Whenever Government means to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise a standing army upon its ruins." -- Debate, U.S. House of Rep., Aug 17, 1789 -- E. Gerry


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Jun 11 13:12

The Daily Kos Does it Again

Not unlike Glenn Beck’s idiotic attempt to equate white supremacists with 911 Truth, Daily Kos joins the bandwagon by falsely suggesting that Von Brunn was a supporter of Ron Paul and his political beliefs.

Conveniently, the Daily Kos contributor, using the pseudonym ‘Lefty Coaster’, notes that the alleged gunman posted an anti-Semitic tirade on the Yahoo Message Board ‘Ron Paul for President’.

Besides the obvious fact that the politics of Ron Paul has nothing whatsoever to do with Von Brunn’s obsessive preoccupation with Jews, Daily Kos suggests a kinship with no basis in reality. After the quoted tirade, Von Brunn signs off with an explicit ‘Heil Hitler’- which doesn’t really sound like somebody endorsing the views of the anti-tyranny, individual liberty-promoting Ron Paul.

Jun 11 13:12

Gordon Brown puts Israel lobbyist in charge of Britain's Middle East policy

Britain’s prime minister has put a notorious pro-Israel lobbyist in charge of policy in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran, reaffirming his determination to continue with his Zionist policies even as his administration approaches the end of its life.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed an Israeli agent of influence and proponent of genocide in Gaza to a key position at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Britain’s foreign ministry.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 11 12:59


It is laudable to see the Obama Administration making a real effort to mend relations with Muslims, and trying to refurbish America’s tarnished image throughout the Muslim world.

Nonetheless, Muslims, especially Arabs and Palestinians, should not be carried away by the false euphoria accompanying the speech although arguably balanced — by the American standard — and ostensibly friendly it may be.

Jun 11 12:57

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the latest attempt to justify a war by wagging the dead guy.

Jun 11 12:55

CIA chief says bin Laden in Pakistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Can we invade now? Can we? Huh? Huh? Can we?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 11 12:46

Complete silence from the Anti-Defamation League on racist Obama hate video

I noticed that as of June 6, 2009, the Anti-Defamation League had not yet issued a statement condemning the Zionist hate video that surfaced on June 3, 2009 and since created a firestorm on the internet. I created a response video to note that there was a complete non-response on the issue by the ADL, and to offer some commentary to the video in general. Mondoweiss, the group that made the original video, has some very interesting commentary on the ongoing controvery this has caused, as well as Gawker, who broke the story about Huffington Post censoring the video .


Jun 11 12:08

Napolitano : ADL trains DHS personnel on "hate and terrorism" groups

Thu, 04/23/2009
Napolitano on DHS partnering with ADL....
1. The ADL has been "training" DHS personnel about "hate" groups and others, which is more than a bit worrisome because the ADL's definition of "hate" isn't trustworthy
[1] From adl.org/PresRele/TerrorismIntl_93/5033_93.htm
The Department of Homeland Security has contracted with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to provide its specialized training and expertise on extremism, hate groups, domestic and international terrorism, and civil liberties to high-level agency personnel.

Jun 11 11:42

U.S. Mortgage Market Remains Solidly Frozen

Two days ago Michael Becker, a Mortgage Consultant at Green Pastures Mortgage & Finance wrote: So in a little over 2 weeks rates have jumped 1%. That is a huge jump. When you add in the effect of the new Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) appraisal process, many loans originations will never close. This is because it is taking 15-25 days to get an appraisal back, and often those appraisals are coming 10-25% low. So locks expire or appraisals kill the deal, the latter possibly on purpose. You are going to see the recovery in housing come to a complete halt. Trade up buying is already dead.

Jun 11 11:37

Generals Petraeus and Odierno Testify, Release of Pix Will Kill Americans

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, Bush, Cheney, Rice, the other war criminals...

Jun 11 11:33

Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)

A particularly relevant parallel to the Nazi holocaust is the Ukrainian holodomor of 1932-33, a state-created famine—not a crop failure—that killed an estimated five million people in the Ukraine, one million in the Caucasus, and one million elsewhere after the Soviet state confiscated the harvest at gunpoint. Throughout the famine, the state continued to export grain to pay for industrialization. See Robert Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (Oxford University Press, 1987). Norman Davies gives the following description in Europe: A History, p. 965 (Oxford University Press, 1996).

Jun 11 11:32

Glenn Beck, Shit Golem for Zombie Nation.

Yeah… the guy is almost 90. What that means is that it’s now okay to strip search anyone, anytime, anyplace; grandmothers and even people in wheel chairs. Of course that doesn’t mean much because they are already tazering great grandmothers and people on street corners who don’t have their sweaters zipped. We are moving into the realm of Tazer Tots and electrified cribs.

Jun 11 11:19

Americans' wealth drops $1.3 trillion

Americans saw $1.3 trillion of wealth vaporize in the first quarter of 2009, as the stock market and home values continued to decline, according to a government report released Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is five trillion per year.

Jun 11 11:15

Is there a Life On Mars Conspiracy?

“Phil Abelson, editor of Science magazine, was sitting next to Dean Cowie, a nuclear physicist,” Levin told me. “He grabbed Dean by the arm and audibly said, “Dean, let’s get out of here. The Bible says there can be no life on Mars.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was on the Viking Flight Team, and I can confirm that there was immense pressure from religious wackos for NASA to declare that there was no life on Mars. We did not get kicked around the way Galileo and Bruno did, of course, but the pressure was definitely there.

The bottom line is that NASA had one positive result and one negative result, and like the botched Hubble telescope in which NASA simply ignored the one test result saying the system was not focusing correctly because of political pressure ( not to mention bad decision making on both Challenger and Columbia), NASA allowed public pressure from the bible-bangers to steer it away from the results which indicated life on Mars. After the drubbing we had taken from the White House for "failing" to set down Viking 1 on July 4th, 1976, NASA management was probably feeling a bit bruised and unready for another controversy.

But those of us working on the project were for the most part convinced that we had indeed found traces of life. and it is nice to see a small vindication after all these years.

NASA needs to remember that it is supposed to be first and foremost a scientific endeavor, and science is not supposed to be swayed by public outcry.

Jun 11 11:00

Lawmakers Invested in Bailed-Out Firms

Top House lawmakers had considerable holdings in major financial institutions that took billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts at the end of last year, according to annual financial disclosure reports released yesterday.

From stock holdings to retirement funds to mortgages, more than 20 House leaders and members of the House Financial Services Committee had large personal stakes in the Wall Street powerhouses whose collapse last year led to an unprecedented government intervention in the marketplace. In some instances those lawmakers, like millions of other investors, sold their holdings at steep losses while others retained the stocks at greatly diminished value.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Last September I warned you this was what was going on.

Remember that photo of the House members laughing after they passed that first bailout?

They are laughing to YOU!

Because even though the taxpayers were more than 90% opposed to giving public money to these failing financial dinosaurs, Congress voted their own wallets and looted YOU to save their stock portfolios.

When do you say enough is enough?

When do you get angry?

Jun 11 10:58

Where's the Anger as the Wheels Come Off Obama's and the Democrats' Recovery Program?

So far, most Americans remain unaware of the scale of this crisis. The news media continue to tout shamelessly whatever signs of recovery they can detect, leaving all those whose personal finances are falling apart to feel like it’s just their problem. Astonishingly, given the extent of the joblessness, there has been no national jobs march on Washington, no mass protests over the inadequacy of unemployment benefits, which reach only a minority of workers and are at levels far below what they were in prior recessions, no sit-down strikes at companies that are laying workers off or cutting salaries.

Jun 11 10:47

Audit of Federal Reserve nearing critical mass

Officials with Paul's office have confirmed there now are 208 cosponsors signed onto H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 that demands an audit of the organization.

When the bill has garnered the support of 218 members of the 435-member U.S. House, it technically has the support of the majority even though the process of holding hearings and having committee review still provides for open doors for failure.

When Paul introduced his latest proposal to audit the organization there were 11 co-sponsors, which grew quickly to 124 just a few weeks ago. It jumped quickly then to 179. The bill calls for the comptroller general of the United States to audit the private Federal Reserve and report to Congress before the end of 2010.

Jun 11 09:58

Is My Prophecy Coming True?

Jun 11 09:35

Peled proposes Israeli sanctions on US

Israeli Minister without a Portfolio Yossi Peled is advocating for a new approach to the U.S. in Israel until President Barack Obama changes policies on Jewish Settlements and Iran. Amongst his suggestions is a sanctioning of U.S. military equipment, selling sensitive technology to America’s enemies and put domestic political pressure on Democratic candidates by asking American Jews not to donate to them.

Jun 11 09:27

Climate laws add to police workload

FRONTLINE police will be forced to become "carbon cops" under the Government's blueprint to cut greenhouse emissions.

The Herald Sun can reveal Australian Federal Police agents will have to prosecute a new range of climate offences.

But they are yet to be offered extra resources, stretching the thin blue line to breaking point.

"The Government is effectively saying to us, 'Ignore other crime types'," Australian Federal Police Association chief Jim Torr said.

Jun 11 09:25

Rabbi: Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews

Our new president did not tell a virulent anti-Semite to travel to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to kill Jews, but he is most certainly creating a climate of hate against us.

It is no coincidence that we are witnessing this level of hatred toward Jews as President Barack Obama positions America against the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel claims to be America's only friend in the middle east, but apparently that friendship only exists so long as the USA gives Israel everything Israel wants. The friendship is only as good as the last check.

Jun 11 09:21

Reflections & Warnings: Aaron Russo's Final Interview

A legacy of freedom that will live on in an historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller family. Russo was told-- prior to 9/11-- of plans to stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, and kickstart a high-tech police state control grid.

This information-packed presentation is filled with never-before seen footage. Throughout the film, Alex Jones breaks down the latest activities of the New World Order and how it ties into what Russo predicted.

Jun 11 09:13

Top French court rips heart out of Sarkozy internet law

The Constitutional Council declared access to the internet to be a basic human right, directly opposing the key points of Mr Sarkozy's law, passed in April, which created the first internet police agency in the democratic world.

The strongly-worded decision means that Mr Sarkozy's scheme has backfired and inadvertently boosted those who defend the free-for-all culture of the web.

Jun 11 09:12

Benny Begin: Why Palestinian State is Unacceptable

Cabinet Minister Benny Begin says the PA Arabs want a 2-state solution simply in order to end up with just one state – Palestine instead of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Obama; if a Palestinian state is "unacceptable" to Israel, then so should their receiving of any monetary or military aid from the US.

Jun 11 08:55


Jun 11 08:47

WHO declares first 21st century flu pandemic

The World Health Organization declared the first flu pandemic of the 21st century on Thursday, Sweden's health ministry said.

The health ministry said the United Nations agency was raising its pandemic flu alert to the top phase 6 on a six-point scale, indicating the first influenza pandemic since 1968 is under way.

Jun 11 08:47

Obama moves aggressively against North Korea

One of Obama?s chief strategists told the New York Times that the US president had no intention of offering North Korea further incentives to adhere to previous deals to dismantle its nuclear facilities.

The 2007 agreement broke down last December. North Korea had kept its side of the bargain, by shutting down and beginning to dismantle its nuclear reactor and reprocessing plant at Yongbyon. The Bush administration, however, only reluctantly took the first step of taking North Korea off the US State Department?s list of state sponsors of terrorism and continued to insist on new verification measures before further steps were taken.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US did not keep its word to North Korea in former negotiations.

North Korea is a client state of China, which holds all the cards toward getting a reluctant government back to the table for talks; and this time, if the US actually keeps its word, the world may actually see a drop in rhetoric, and a movement toward a true peace and security treaty, including trade, which North Korea so desperately wants and needs.

Anything other approach than that is an absolute recipe for disaster.

Owl 1
Jun 11 08:42

If you thought Boeing could schmooze, take a look at Nike

If you thought Boeing could schmooze, take a look at Nike

Do you ever wonder about the extent of schmoozing that happens before big deals are signed?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just the tip of the corruption.

Jun 11 08:41

Jefferson prosecutors won’t use key witness

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that they do not intend to call their key witness, the woman who launched their public corruption case against former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson.

The witness, northern Virginia businesswoman Lori Mody, went to the FBI four years ago after she said she was defrauded of $3 million in a business deal Jefferson promoted. It was Mody who wore a wire that taped a conversation with Jefferson before she gave him $100,000 in cash.

FBI agents raided Jefferson’s Washington home and found $90,000 of the money in his freezer.

Jun 11 08:40

UK Lords reject secret evidence on terrorism suspects

Britain's highest court, the House of Lords, ruled against the government on Wednesday in a sensitive case involving the use of secret evidence to justify imposing home curfews on terrorism suspects.

Jun 11 08:37

West coast oil discovery is first in 30 years

OIL has been found off the west coast [of Ireland] for the first time in over 30 years, a discovery which could spark a new rush of exploration drilling.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Invade! Invade! They have oil, I mean, terrorists, Yeah, that's it. Irish terrorists! We MUST invade!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 11 08:37

Iraq Pact Referendum Delayed Until 2010 Delay Renders Vote Virtually Meaningless

The only way the Iraqi government was able to ratify the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States in November was with the promise that the deal would be put before the Iraqi populace as a referendum to be held on July 30 of this year.

With less than two months before the promised vote and with no preparations made, it was hardly surprising today when the government announced that it would push back the referendum and hold it concurrently with the already-delayed parliamentary elections on January 30, 2010. The delay was ostensibly to "save time and money."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No surprises here. As each deadline slips, the more thoroughly entrenched the US military becomes.

Jun 11 08:35

Why We NEED Torture To Keep Us Safe

You’ve heard people say that we should end all torture.

But do you want to hear why all of those naive and pampered idiots are wrong when they say we don’t need torture? And why - in the real world in which we live - Dick Cheney is right?

Do you want to know the cold, hard facts about why we need torture?

There are none. None of the top military or defense experts think we need to torture. See for yourself …

Jun 11 08:34

The CIA's secret history of psychological torture

Jun 11 08:32

Bush's Shocking Biblical Prophecy Emerges: God Wants to "Erase" Mid-East Enemies "Before a New Age Begins"

"This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people's enemies before a New Age begins".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Kill them all, let God sort them out" -- Various Attributions, including Dominic Guzman (Saint Dominic) and Pope Innocent III.

Jun 11 08:30

Fear Rules

When I tell these people that they will die of old age without ever seeing a terrorist, they think I am insane. Don't I know that terrorists are everywhere in America? That's why we have airport security and homeland security. That's why the government is justified in breaking the law to spy on citizens without warrants. That's why the government is justified to torture people in violation of US law and the Geneva Conventions. If we don't torture them, American cities will go up in mushroom clouds. Dick Cheney tells us this every week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The selling of fear, courtesy of the corporate media, is definitely keeping many Americans from thinking straight.

Because if they were thinking straight, they could recognise the continuous polyphony of lies spewed on a constant basis to keep them fearful, and suddenly have the clarity to evaluate the truth in a calm, rational manner.

And the truth? We are being taxed to death for wars without end to enrich the purveyors of war.

These wars were premised on a confession, obtained by torture, and the person who made that confession recently - very conveniently - "committed suicide."

These wars, and the blood and money sacrificed to pursue them, were based on a pack of lies.

These wars have been the justification for eviscerating the Constitution and Bill of Rights at home, and have made us infinitely less safe abroad.

We, as a nation, have now legitimized torture as a normal procedure, effectively and practically removing us from every human rights treaty to which we have ever been signatory.

Our use of torture now makes it perfectly acceptable for foreign countries holding American civilian or military personnel to do torture them.

If and when the citizens of this country regain their mental and emotional clarity, and look at this, the question becomes: how will the pure rage they feel wind up getting channeled or vented?

Newton's third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction: the same can be said of geopolitics.

Jun 11 08:25

Investigators say Fed threatened bank CEO

The Federal Reserve threatened to force the ouster of Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis if he didn't follow through with plans to buy Merrill Lynch & Co., Republicans said Wednesday after reviewing internal documents.

Republicans also said there was evidence that the government tried to restrict information related to the merger from being publicly released.

Jun 11 08:20

10th June 2009 Video Free Gaza News

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A video for the Free Gaza project, edited around the Song for Gaza which Micheal Heart has graciously allowed so many peace activists to use.


Jun 11 08:16

Okay, this whole story is starting to smell kinda funny.

A. They sure got the name of the guy damned quick. Reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks, where they knew within what seemed like seconds who the perps were.

B. The guy was 100% expendable. The U.S. media is publishing pictures from years ago, where he looks all young and healthy, for some weird reason, while the foreign media is showing him as an old man:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason the US media is showing a young photo of Brunnm is that as he looks today he is just not that credible as the face of a new domestic terror threat.

Jun 11 08:13

Holocaust Museum shooting suspect had Idaho ties

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bad, bad, BAD, Idahoans!!!! NO COOKIES BEFORE BED TONIGHT!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 11 08:04

Moves, Rhetoric Reveal Massive US Commitment to Afghanistan War

Visiting the Netherlands today, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates sought to use a visit to World War II era graves as a chance to press the nation’s NATO allies to observe World War II style unity in the conflict. Much of NATO has refused to commit additional troops to the seemingly endless war, despite administration pressures.

But the most telling aspect is the enormous collection of officers being picked by new US commander Lieutenant General McChrystal for the conflict. The 400-strong team will be committed to the war in Afghanistan for at least three more years, which is probably time for the administration to have to unveil at least two new major strategy changes given the war’s recent history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to SecDef Gates, who appears to like to invoke history, but has absolutely no understanding of it: this military invasion and subsequent occupation of Afghanistan has absolutely no relationship to the events of World War II. Invoking this is a really gross error in judgment.

The US and NATO are attempting, with a far smaller contingent than the Old Soviet Union used (around 500,000 pairs of boots on the ground), to conquer this country militarily. The old USSR failed catastrophically in this endeavor: the US will, unfortunately, probably do the same.

We are not in Afghanistan to bring it's people "freedom and democracy"; we are in Afghanistan for the reasons reported in:


Which ran a story on 17 May , 2009, from which the following excerpts are taken:

"The Afghan War is about energy, heroin and military bases.

The USA would like to control the energy-rich former Soviet republics.

The USA wants to split Russia and China.

Afghanistan occupies a strategically important position.

Afghanistan is believed to be rich in natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chrome, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, and iron ore.

The heroin trade in Afghanistan uses U.S. dollars."

So, there you have it.

Jun 11 08:00

LAPD Detective Charged in 1986 Love-Triangle Murder

Los Angeles police Detective Stephanie Lazarus, 49, is being held without bail on charges that she killed Sherri Rasmussen in 1986 after Rasmussen married Lazarus' ex-boyfriend, John Ruetten.

Jun 11 07:59

Civilian complaints of NYPD excessive force up 50% over last 2 years

The number of NYPD cops under review for racking up too many civilian complaints is up 50% in the last two years, department figures show.

Some 315 of the department's roughly 35,000 officers are enrolled in the NYPD's monitoring program this year because of excessive force complaints.


Jun 11 07:58

Max Keiser- The greater fool Theory, worse to come.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Money is pouring into the stock market, so everything is all right.






Jun 11 07:56

Minn. court orders Coleman to pay $95K to Franken

Republican Norm Coleman must pay Democrat Al Franken $94,783 to cover court costs for his appeal of Minnesota Senate election results.

A Ramsey County court administrator entered the judgment Wednesday. It results from the two-month trial that ended with Coleman 312 votes short of Franken.

Jun 11 07:55

SWINDLER'S LIST - Former soldier shot himself in head after losing life savings in Madoff fraud, inquest told

A former soldier shot himself dead after losing his life savings in the Bernard Madoff investment scandal, an inquest heard today.

William Foxton committed suicide because he could not face the shame of going bankrupt after becoming a victim of the multibillion-dollar fraud.

Mr Foxton, 65, who had been awarded the OBE by the Queen, was found with gunshot wounds to his head in a small park next to the magistrates' court in Southampton, Hampshire, on February 10.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bernie should be proud!

Jun 11 07:54

Current U.S. Dollar Currency Controls

National fiat currencies represent the common stock of nations. Because of the large amounts of capital involved they usually move slowly according to trend. As their share price sinks, despots implement doomed currency controls, enforced by violence in a vain attempt to artificially increase price.

Jun 11 07:52

Gaza's hospitals short of surgeons and supplies

One of the most densely populated places on earth only has two cardiac surgeons to serve its entire population. According to Dr. Nasser Tatter, head of Shifa hospital's cardiology unit, that only explains part of the medical crisis that exists in the Gaza Strip today.

"We are in bad need for cardiac surgeons," said Dr. Tatter, further explaining that one of the two surgeons is ill and unable to perform surgeries. The second, Tatter added, isn't able to work independently, rendering Gaza devoid of specialists able to perform open heart surgery.

Jun 11 07:51

Glenn Beck’s Outrageous Lie: Racist Von Brunn is “Hero of 9/11 Truthers”

Jun 11 07:50

Class of 2009: up to 40,000 graduates will join jobless roll

Up to 40,000 of this year's graduates will still be struggling to find work in six months' time, according to figures compiled for the Guardian that reveal the scale of the recession's impact on the class of 2009.

Jun 11 07:45

Democrats close in on war funding agreement; House vote possible this week

Capitol Hill Democrats are closing in on agreement on a war funding bill that's now likely to cost taxpayers well over $100 billion with the late addition of more flu-fighting funds and money to subsidize new car purchases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With people just fighting and struggling, exhausted, just to stay alive in this economy, these taxes for wars without end, coupled with huge amounts of pork, may well be the very final straw.

Younger people with skills who can immigrate to countries which believe that negotiating to get what resources a country needs, rather than dropping bombs to do it, will probably do just that, leading to an unimaginable brain drain, and further financial loss.

It appears that this country no longer has (if they, in fact, ever did) principled Democrats or Republicans: the only party we have now in Washington is the "War Party", and that doesn't bode well for any kind of return to prosperity here, or any prospects for global peace and stability.

Jun 11 07:44

Why We NEED Torture To Keep Us Safe

Do you want to know the cold, hard facts about why we need torture?

There are none. None of the top military or defense experts think we need to torture. See for yourself …

Jun 11 07:43

Chihuahua is shot by police

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good shot, but not a good cop.

Jun 11 07:35

Brazil joins Russia, China in eyeing IMF bonds

Brazil is looking to buy $10 billion in IMF bonds, Finance Minister Guido Mantega said on Wednesday, joining China and Russia in seeking to use the new instruments to diversify dollar-heavy currency reserves.

"This support is important to help end the international financial crisis," Mantega said, adding that a trade surplus and $204 billion in reserves has positioned Brazil to help the International Monetary Fund boost lending to other emerging economies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at the current state of the US dollar and the US economy, who can blame these countries for wanting to diversify away from dollar-heavy financial portfolios??

Jun 11 07:33

Freedom Watch with Ron Paul, Dan Hannan, John Stossel, Nick Gillespie & More 06/10/09

Jun 11 07:30

Netanyahu's speech: Yes to road map, no to settlement freeze

Netanyahu will present a few conditions for the implementation of the road map, above all a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. He will also demand that the future Palestinian state be demilitarized.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This speech will be a non-starter for the Palestinians on several accounts, and Netanyahu knows this.

First, he will not state that Israel will clearly, once and for all, define its borders.

The illegal settlements, encroaching on Palestinian land, will not be stopped.

That demand that a future Palestinian state be de-militarized, after the horrendous, continual attacks against Gaza, will not be allowed to stand, unless Israel guarantees peace and security.

There does not appear to be any evidence of any coming accommodation to "the right of return" for Palestinians.

Short version; President Obama, it appears that Netanyahu is just about to spit on you very publicly, and tell you it's raining.

Jun 11 07:18

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Top 300,000 as Bank Seizures Loom

U.S. foreclosure filings surpassed 300,000 for the third straight month in May and may hit a record 1.8 million by the first half of the year, RealtyTrac Inc. said.

A total of 321,480 properties received a default or auction notice or were repossessed last month, up 18 percent from a year earlier, the Irvine, California-based seller of default data said today in a statement. One in 398 U.S. households received a filing last month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These figures do not represent an economy on the mend; they represent an economy which is still in meltdown, and we haven't seen anywhere close to the bottom.

Jun 11 07:13

Obama May Allow Even More Arms Exports Than Bush

Experts and military contractors say that the Obama Administration’s quest to build more and more coalitions across the world is going to mean boom times for the arms export industry, even as the world’s economy faces a crippling recession.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just about the only things other countries seem to want to buy from the US these days are our weapons systems.

Jun 11 06:43

Industrialized Farming Endangers World Food Supply

Multi-national food corporations are increasingly using global food insecurity as a tool for political control. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) reports that “land grabbing” by foreign investors in developing countries has resulted in a new form of colonialism. Spanish NGO, GRAIN reports that rich countries are buying poor countries’ fertile soil, water and sun to ship food and fuel back home. IFPRI researcher Joachim von Braun states, “About one-quarter of these investments are for biofuel plantations.”

Jun 11 06:36

Paul Craig Roberts:Fear is eroding American rights

It is all very simple if you are an American. America is pure, but other countries, except for our allies, are barbaric.

The same goes for our wars. Everyone we kill, whether they are passengers on Serbian commuter trains or attending weddings, funerals, or children playing soccer in Iraq, is a terrorist, or we would not have killed them. So was the little girl who was raped by our terrorist-fighting troops and then murdered, brutally, along with her family.

America only kills terrorists. If we kill you, you are a terrorist.

Jun 11 06:31

Inflating a Bull Market

Much has been made over the recent stock market rally. The advance from the bottom has, indeed, been historic and has caught many of us by surprise. Though the market was extremely oversold and due for an upward correction, we continue to be amazed at its strength and longevity. A closer examination, however, reveals that the stock market advance has been artificial. Much like the “Bull Market” years of 2002-2007, stocks have been advancing as the US dollar declines.

Jun 11 06:05

CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID "Death Chips." Coming Soon to a Product Near You!

The dehumanizing rhetoric of RMA with its endless array of acronyms and "warfighting tools" that reduce waging aggressive imperialist wars of conquest to the "geek speak" of a video game, must be unmasked for what it actually represents: state killing on a massive scale.
Perhaps then, the victims of America's "war on terror," at home as well as abroad, will cease to be "targets" to be annihilated by automated weapons systems or ground down by panoptic surveillance networks fueled by the deranged fantasies of militarists and the corporations for whom product development is just another deadly (and very profitable) blood sport.

Jun 11 03:23

Now Playing at the Holocaust Museum - The Lone Nut

Our masters govern by methods that overrule all documentation and silence all arguments: assassination, stealth, treachery, the doublecross and most of all, the inculcation of the doublemind. Their guarantee of last resort comes courtesy of a bullet fired by a "lone nut" who emerges from obscurity to rescue the Cryptocracy's chestnuts from an impending fire, or secure it victory where it would otherwise experience eclipse. What a "coincidence"!

Jun 11 03:08

The Financial Meltdown: "We will never know the true inside story of what really went on"

President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed budget rules that would allow Congress to borrow tens of billions of dollars and put the nation deeper in debt to jump-start the administration's emerging health care overhaul. The "pay-as-you-go" budget formula plan is significantly weaker than a proposal Obama issued with little fanfare last month.

It would carve out about $2.5 trillion worth of exemptions for Obama's priorities over the next decade. His health care reform plan also would get a green light to run big deficits in its early years. But over a decade, Congress would have to come up with money to cover those early year deficits.

Jun 11 02:07

Peled proposes Israeli sanctions on US

In a sign of growing concern in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government over US President Barack Obama's Middle East policies, Minister-without-Portfolio Yossi Peled proposed Israeli sanctions on the US in a letter to cabinet ministers on Sunday.

In the 11-page letter, obtained by The Jerusalem Post from a minister on Monday, Peled recommends steps Israel can take to compensate for the shift in American policy, which he believes has become hostile to Israel.

Jun 11 00:32

Russia May Swap Some U.S. Treasuries for IMF Debt

Russia may switch some of its reserves from U.S. Treasuries to International Monetary Fund bonds, the central bank said today. The comment drove Treasuries and the dollar lower.

Alexei Ulyukayev, first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank, said some reserves may be moved from Treasuries into IMF debt, reiterating comments made last month by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. Ulyukayev’s remarks were confirmed by a Bank Rossii official who declined to be named, citing bank policy.

Treasuries fell, pushing 10-year yields toward the highest level in seven months, in response to Ulyukayev’s statement. The dollar fell against the euro on speculation that Russia will reduce its holdings of U.S. debt.

June 10, 2009

Jun 10 20:54

Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited

The Federal Reserve's balance sheet is so out of whack that the central bank would be shut down if subjected to a conventional audit, Jim Grant, editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, told CNBC.

With $45 billion in capital and $2.1 trillion in assets, the central bank would not withstand the scrutiny normally afforded other institutions, Grant said in a live interview.

"If the Fed examiners were set upon the Fed's own documents—unlabeled documents—to pass judgment on the Fed's capacity to survive the difficulties it faces in credit, it would shut this institution down," he said.

Jun 10 20:45

Virgin says sorry for 5p bill pursuit

Virgin Media has apologised after pursuing a grieving daughter for a 5p telephone bill owed to the provider by her deceased mother, according to reports.

Margaret Jewell contacted Virgin to inform the service provider that her mother Joan Purnell, 86, had passed away from lung and liver cancer.

This involved the Bristol-based woman paying an existing debt of £3.19, but this was closely followed by a further bill calling for 5p more to be paid, which would rise to 35p if payment was not forthcoming.

Jun 10 20:42

Police hold 10 after claiming to crack online music fraud

An international fraud in which a gang allegedly made thousands of pounds downloading its own songs from online music stores with stolen credit cards has been cracked by the Metropolitan police and the FBI, the Met claimed yesterday.

The gang are alleged to have made several songs which they gave to an online US company, which then uploaded them to be sold on iTunes and Amazon.

Over five months they bought the songs thousands of times, spending around $750,000 (£468,750) on 1,500 stolen US and UK credit cards, according to the Met. The criminal network then also allegedly reaped the royalties from the tracks, pulling in an estimated $300,000, paid by the two sites, which were unaware of the fraud being committed against them.

Jun 10 20:38

Military spending sets new record

Global military spending rose 4% in 2008 to a record $1,464bn (£914bn) - up 45% since 1999, according to the Stockholm-based peace institute Sipri.

In contrast with civilian aerospace and airlines, the defence industry remains healthy.

"The global financial crisis has yet to have an impact on major arms companies' revenues, profits and order backlogs," Sipri said.

Jun 10 20:32

Call to scrap control orders after terror suspects win appeal

CIVIL liberties groups have called on the government to reform its controversial system of control orders after three terror suspects held under virtual house arrest won their appeals at the House of Lords.

The Home Office uses control orders against terror suspects who cannot be tried because of secret intelligence.

But a panel of nine law lords ruled the use of secret evidence at control order hearings did not amount to a fair trial and contravened the European Convention on Human Rights.

They did not quash the men's orders, but one of the law lords warned the ruling could lead to the end of the whole system.

Jun 10 20:19

Russia pledges to destroy chemical weapons

The Russian government said Friday it will destroy 45 percent of the country's chemical weapons stockpile by the end of the year.

Russian Industry Minister Viktor Khristenko said during Friday's opening ceremony of a new chemical weapons destruction facility in the Kurgan region that before the end of 2009, an estimated 19,840 tons of chemical agents will have been destroyed.

Jun 10 20:18

Putin: Russia might abandon nukes if others do

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is willing to abandon nuclear weapons, if the United States and all other countries that have them do the same.

"If those who made the atomic bomb and used it are ready to abandon it — like, I hope, other nuclear powers officially and unofficially owning them — of course we will welcome and facilitate this process in all ways," Putin said, according to state-owned RIA Novosti news agency.

Putin spoke at a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who said earlier that the idea of scrapping nuclear arms altogether rather than limiting their proliferation was a real prospect.

Owl 3
Jun 10 20:16

Excuse Me, You’ve Dropped A Tenner... That’ll Be A £50 Fine

A SHOPPER who dropped a £10 note in the street by accident has been fined – for littering.

Arthritis sufferer Stewart Smith was leaving a charity shop when the banknote fell from his hand, without him realising.

Stewart, 36, at first expressed his gratitude to the two officers who approached him to point out that the note had fallen to the ground.

But moments later, after recovering the note, he was stunned to be accused of littering and slapped with a £50 fixed-penalty notice.

Jun 10 19:01

White supremacist James W Von Brunn kills guard at Holocaust museum

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The above is the photo of Brunn being shown in Europe, and obviously is the photo of an 88 year old man.

So why is the US media showing THIS photo?

Jun 10 18:46

West blamed as aid agencies threaten to desert Pakistan's Swat valley

Cash shortages and bottlenecks in delivering supplies to people uprooted by fighting in Pakistan's Swat valley have triggered the biggest humanitarian funding crisis in a decade, relief organisations warn today.

Out of the 52 organisations requesting UN appeal funds, 30 have received no funds at all. Worse, most of the funds the UN appeal has received came before the exodus from the Swat valley that swelled the number of displaced people from 500,000 to 2.5 million in early May, the largest displacement in Pakistan's history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder whether this destabilization, and the ensuing brutal conditions for refugees were simply unintended consequences... or deliberate, courtesy of the US and NATO bludgeoning of Pakistan to take severe military action against its own people.

The answers to radicalism are rarely solely military: they have to be primarily political, economic, and social answers which give people the hope that they actually have a shot at a better future, both for themselves and their families.

But unless and until this happens, Pakistan is destined to continue its thoroughly greased downward spiral, with the US and NATO then having the excuse to "save Pakistan from itself".

Jun 10 18:46

Holocaust museum security guard shot and killed in Washington

Eyewitnesses standing outside the police cordon reported hearing about four to six gunshots just inside the entryway to the museum, near the x-ray machine and magnetometer visitors must walk through to enter.

Jun 10 18:13

US long-term interest rates hit high

Concerns about the growth of government borrowing forced the US Treasury to give investors in an auction of $19bn in 10-year notes a yield of 3.99 per cent – 4 basis points higher than the yield available before the auction. That constituted the biggest yield markup since a 10-year auction in May 2003, said Morgan Stanley. Yields on the 10-year note, the benchmark rate for US mortgages, hit a high of 4 per cent during the day, up from 3.6 per cent a week ago.

Jun 10 18:10

Shariah Banking: The Islamification of Wales UK

The new programme, called the Islamic Banking Finance Centre UK (IBFC-UK), has been established in partnership with Islamic Banking & Finance Institute in Malaysia (IBFIM) and Cardiff University’s Business School and Centre of Islam.

Akmal Hanuk, chief executive of IBFC-UK was quoted in the media as saying that “The Islamic finance sector is expanding at an exponential rate and is now estimated to be worth $1.2 trillion globally and growing faster than any of the conventional banks, between 15-20 percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the (uncredited) author of this article: what, precisely are you referring to when you use the word "colonization", and why is the establishment of an Islamic banking system such a perceived threat to Wales??

Is it possible (although never mentioned) that because the Islamic system of loaning money is done on a fixed fee basis, not compound interest, as it is done here in the West, some Western banks are getting very nervous?

What we have here is not a "clash of civilizations"; we have a clash of financial systems.

Jun 10 17:53

Fed lost $5.3B on Bear Stearns, AIG holdings in 1Q

The Federal Reserve lost $5.25 billion in the first quarter on the securities it acquired with last year's bailouts of Bear Stearns and insurer American International Group Inc., according to a report issued Wednesday.

The loss on the holdings, which include mortgage-backed securities, reflected a decline in their value as the recession stretched into the first three months of this year. The cumulative loss on the Bear and AIG holdings comes to $16.46 billion since they were taken over last year. Of that total, a loss of $9.18 billion went to the New York Fed.

Jun 10 17:45

ACLU seeks records on ’suspicionless’ laptop searches

The American Civil Liberties Union is attempting to discover the degree to which Constitutional protections are being violated by a US government policy allowing border officials to search the laptops and other electronic devices of travelers even in the absence of any reason for suspicion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who in their right mind would want to travel to and within the US, having the sure and certain knowledge that they will be treated like a criminal, even though they have done absolutely nothing wrong?!?

Jun 10 17:37

Pentagon won’t name 60 percent of detainees it says returned to terrorism

According to an analysis by a New Jersey law professor, the Pentagon’s recent survey alleging that one in seven Guantanamo Bay prisoners return to terrorism is deeply flawed.

His analysis also reveals the Pentagon has refused to identify 60 percent of the men they claim have returned to terrorism, saying the information is classified.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the Pentagon is playing fast and loose with their numbers, to make it seem that the only options for the rest of the detainees in Gitmo should either be indefinite detention or execution (preferably without trial), allowing some of them to achieve their desperately desired "martyrdom"

Jun 10 16:59

Fox News Shep Smith has SPLC on his show-connects dots to DHS report 'the right went bonkers over'

Jun 10 16:49


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Glen tries to link the 9-11 truth movement with the museum shooter.

Jun 10 16:46

Glen Beck connects 9/11 Truthers with Shooting today

Jun 10 14:32

Programming error explains Mint's missing gold

Something as banal as a possible programming glitch in a new computer system could explain how the Royal Canadian Mint lost track of gold stockpiles, the institution's chairman says.

Mint officials are asking whether any of the programming "which tracks all this stuff was out of whack," James Love said Wednesday in an interview.

"It's still possible that it is some sort of a programming error in that system."

Reports of missing gold at the mint conjure up images of thieves sliding pallets of gleaming ingots out the back door.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note they are not saying that is what happened. The headline implies it, but the text merely suggests it, without proof.

Jun 10 14:27

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and freerepublic.com

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and EVERYBODY the entrenched powers do not like.

That's why this looks like a staged incident.

Jun 10 14:14

Unemployment at 10% to Depress Consumer Spending, Survey Shows

Webmaster's Commentary: 

High Unemployment Will Dampen Consumer Spending. Did someone actually get paid for this brilliant grasp of the obvious?

Jun 10 14:12

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Hits 207 Co-Sponsors

Jun 10 13:42

Real <s>Nazis</s> White Supremacists, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a long history of politicians creating the enemies they claim to need your obedience and support to oppose.

Jun 10 13:33

"Racist" website linked to alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter not registered to him!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is claiming that James W. Von Brunn, the accused Holocaust Museum shooter, "has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site called http://www.holywesternempire.org"

But the whois record shows that it is actually registered to a Steve Reimink in Michigan!

Jun 10 13:23

James W. von Brunn - artist?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is portraying James W. Von Brunn as a white supremacist and Alex Jones "groupie", but a little digging past the obvious propaganda start to pull up a very different person.

Jun 10 13:17

U.S. gunman, 88, has white supremacist links: TV

But in a hastily convened press conference at the scene, neither Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty nor the city's police chief Cathy Lanier would confirm the gunman's identity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so if they cannot confirm his identity, why is ABCNNBBCBS already blaring about white supremacist links, etc.?

Jun 10 11:40

Weekly curry 'may fight dementia'

But the theory, presented at the Royal College of Psychiatrists' annual meeting, has been given a lukewarm reception by UK experts.

Jun 10 11:33

Report: At least two shot inside National Holocaust Museum in DC

Fox News spent considerable time Wednesday afternoon speculating whether the shooter was of Muslim descent, but stopped soon after MSNBC reported the shooter was white.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!" -- ABCNNBBCBS

Jun 10 11:33

UK cop accuses colleagues of waterboarding pot suspects

“Police said they found a large amount of cannabis and the suspects were charged with importation of a class C drug. The case was abandoned four months later when the Crown Prosecution Service said ‘it would not have been in the public interest to proceed.’ It is understood that the trial, by revealing the torture claims, would have compromised the criminal investigation into the six officers.”