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October 21, 2020

Oct 21 05:39

Morgan Shreds Media, Tech Companies Over Biden Scandal: ‘There Is A Conspiracy Happening Right In Front Of Our Eyes’

British media personality Piers Morgan slammed mainstream journalists and tech companies during an appearance on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, saying that if the Hunter Biden laptop story were about the Trump family, they would be acting in a completely different manner.

Oct 21 05:35

Joe Biden Accidentally Calls for Jihad against America

Oct 21 05:34

I looked through the Biden hard drive | Bernard Kerik

Oct 21 05:33

Are USA Bishops Funding Joe Biden's Election Campaign? with Michael Hichborn

Oct 21 05:33

California's crazy new COVID Christmas rules

Oct 21 05:32

What the MSM was afraid to tell you

Oct 21 05:32

Farage on London Church Attack: ‘We Are a Christian Country and Our Culture Is Under Assault’

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has weighed in on the viral video of a man ripping down the cross on a London church in broad daylight, warning Britain’s Christian culture is “under assault”.

The video shows the cross on the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in east London being hauled down by a young man making no attempt to conceal his identity, despite the widespread acceptance of people wearing masks in public and the presence of several witnesses.

The Metropolitan Police say the fallen cross has been recovered and a male was arrested at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage. No mention was made of pursuing religiously-aggravated hate crime charges.

“We are a Christian country and our culture is under assault,” commented Farage, sharing the video on social media.

Oct 21 05:29

Donald Trump says he wants AG Barr to 'appoint someone' to prosecute Joe Biden over Hunter's laptop in move which would break DOJ rules on not interfering in elections

President Donald Trump demanded that attorney general Bill Barr 'act fast' and appoint a special counsel to probe his political rival Joe Biden before Election Day, which is just two weeks away.

Oct 21 05:29

President Trump cuts short '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl, threatens to release footage himself

President Donald Trump reportedly cut short a sit-down interview with CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl on Tuesday, arguing afterward on Twitter that the interview for the show "60 Minutes" was "fake" and "biased."

Oct 21 05:29

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tells judge that when Trump tweeted demand to declassify Russia investigation documents he did NOT mean it

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told a judge that President Donald Trump didn't mean it when he tweeted a demand to have everything from the 'Russia Hoax' unredacted.

Oct 21 05:29

DHS announces new center 'to combat and dismantle all forms of human trafficking' but MSM fails to pay attention

The Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday the opening of its new Center for Countering Human Trafficking based in Washington, D.C., which has been operational since last month and is led by officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Oct 21 05:28

WATCH: Police Standby as Hundreds of BLM Protesters Gather in London, While Cracking Down on Anti-Lockdown Demos

Police in London were seen standing by and watching as hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in apparent violation of the city’s China virus restrictions, despite forcibly cracking down on other protests over the weekend.

On Sunday, hundreds of BLM activists took to the streets of London to denounce police brutality and to stand in ‘solidarity’ with the #EndSars movement in Nigeria.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video, police were filmed standing by as the crowds gathered in the British capital. Police presence was also very light in comparison to what was witnessed at an anti-lockdown march held the day before, on Saturday.

Oct 21 05:28

Ingraham: Pre-election intimidation squads are hard at work

Oct 21 05:27

Exclusive: The ‘Commission on Presidential Debates’ Has Secret Donors Providing Millions in Dark Money and a New 3rd Board Member Who Pushes Socialism Around the World

The clearly-corrupt and rigged Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is a private and secretive charitable nonprofit (NFP) corporation which has had a monopoly upon the presentation of Presidential debates to the American public for 32 years, since the 1988 debates. A February 19, 1987 New York Times article, citing Paul G. Kirk Jr., the Democratic national chairman, and Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., the Republican national chairman, tells the history of the founding of this Commission:

The two major political parties today announced the creation of a bipartisan commission to sponsor Presidential debates in the 1988 general election campaign … Turning over the sponsorship of Presidential debates to the two major parties was the main recommendation of the National Commission on Elections, a bipartisan group that studied the election process in 1985.”

Oct 21 05:26

Oh Boy: Hunter Biden’s Computer Camera Roll Turned Over to Bannon and Giuliani Contains 25,000 Images With Sexually Explicit Selfies and Porn

Earlier this week The New York Post released shocking emails that prove Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at the Burisma Ukrainian energy firm. This was a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

Hunter Biden left his laptop at a computer shop and then neglected to pick it up after several calls. The owner of the computer repair company handed over Hunter’s laptop to the FBI last December. The FBI hid this evidence from congress and the executive branch during the Pelosi impeachment hearings. But before the computer store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, turned over the computer to the FBI he first downloaded much of its contents. He later gave this information to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney who then worked with Steve Bannon to deliver the information to the New York Post.

Oct 21 05:25

BREAKING NEWS: Here’s Why the Mayor of Moscow’s Wife Paid Hunter Biden $3.5 Million… And Likely More!

According to US treasury documents provided by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees, Hunter Biden was paid $3.5 million from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife.

The report by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees was released last month and it was devastating.

Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Yelena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

Until today we didn’t know why Yelena Baturina paid Hunter millions of dollars.

Oct 21 05:24

Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017

As we’ve shown in previous exposes, the whole Covidiocracy is a masquerade and a simulation long prepared by The World Bank / IMF / The Rothschilds / World Economic Forum (basically the world’s “elite”, the 0.1%) and their lemmings, with Rockefeller partnership.

(Article by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu republished from HumansAreFree.com)

Our newest discoveries further these previous revelations.

Oct 21 05:24

'This isn't the dial up 90s': Condescending Google hits back at DoJ antitrust lawsuit with snarky demo on how 'trivially easy' it is to change your internet browser and say Americans use their platform because they want to and aren't forced

Google responded to the Department of Justice's bombshell antitrust lawsuit on Tuesday with a condescending memo showing people how 'trivially easy' it is to change their browsers and claiming Americans choose to use their platform instead of being forced to.

Oct 21 05:23

The Avengers cast assembles for Kamala Harris' birthday fundraiser where she and husband Doug compare Donald Trump to bad guy Thanos - and Robert Downey Jr. is a surprise guest

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris marked her 56th birthday by joining a Zoom fundraiser with the cast of Marvel's Avengers movies, with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., making a surprise appearance.

Oct 21 05:23

Hunter Biden Witness Moved From Prison Cell After Exposing Influence-Peddling Operation

Hunter Biden's former business associate Bevan Cooney, who flipped on the Bidens and exposed an influence-peddling operation, has been moved out of his prison cell, according to Breitbart News.

Days after Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer and journalist Matthew Tyrmand published emails provided by Cooney, federal agents moved him from his cell in an Oregon prison around 11:00 a.m. local time on Tuesday to protect him, according to Tyrmand.

"Bevan could sense that things had changed with the rise in visibility of his story," said Tyrmand.

Cooney’s family stressed to Tyrmand they are “extremely concerned given the nervousness gleaned from Bevan’s reaction this morning and they would appreciate a sign from the powers that be that Bevan is in protective custody.” It is unclear where Cooney has been moved to, and in whose custody he currently is. -Breitbart

Oct 21 05:22

Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter's Hard Drive To Delaware Police

Things just took a very dark turn in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

While the alleged crack, cronyism, corruption was enough to spark the biggest media suppression in history, and no denials whatsoever from the Biden camp, the bombshell that Rudy Giuliani just dropped, if true, is egregious to say the least (not just with regard Hunter Biden but the law enforcement authorities who have allegedly had this information since before Trump's impeachment but done nothing about it).

In an interview this evening with Newsmax TV, former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani announces he has turned over Hunter Biden's laptop hard-drive to Delaware State Police due to pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.

In one of the texts, Hunter Biden allegedly says to his sister-in-law (also his lover) that he face-timed a 14-year-old girl while naked and doing crack - "she told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate."

Oct 21 05:21

Google Mobility Data Suggests Sweden "Socially Distanced" Less Than Other Countries

As is often pointed out by prolockdown publications like the New York Times, Sweden has experienced covid-19 deaths at a rate above that of some of its neighbors that imposed relatively strict lockdowns, such as Denmark.

What is rarely mentioned, however, is that Sweden's deaths per million are also similar to or lower than many countries that did impose harsh lockdowns. For example, as of October 18, the deaths per million in the United Kingdom were 643 in the UK for only 585 in Sweden. Meanwhile, Belgium's death rate was 897 per million, and Italy's rate was 606.

Moreover, while cases and deaths are increasing in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, deaths are apparently flatlining in Sweden. Sweden has reported fewer than ten deaths in the past week.

Oct 21 05:20

Poland Strikes $18 Billion Nuclear Power Deal With US

The United States and Poland closed a nuclear power deal potentially worth $18 billion as the Central European country seeks to reduce its reliance on coal and Russian natural gas.

While the deal is not yet final, there is a pretty good chance that Warsaw will pick the U.S. over its main competitors on the international nuclear energy scene, namely China and Russia.

“We are hopeful that the ultimate decisions that are made by Poland ... over a period of time will result in them choosing U.S. technology,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette told reporters as quoted by Reuters.

Oct 21 05:20

Armenian Forces Use Their Last Chance To Turn Tide Of War With Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been developing their advance on Armenian positions in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. On October 19, they captured 13 more villages in the Jabrayil district. The capturing of Soltanli, Amirvarli, Mashanli, Hasanli, Alikeykhanli, Gumlag, Hajili, Goyarchinveysalli, Niyazgullar, Kechal Mammadli, Shahvalli, Haji Ismayilli and Isagli was personally announced by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Early on October 20, Azerbaijani forces also reached the town of Tumas and engaged Armenian units deployed there. Pro-Azerbaijani sources insist that the town already fell into the hands of Baku.

Oct 21 05:19

How Bad Is Biden's Tax Plan? It's Getting Rappers To Back Four More Trump Years

The 45-year-old hip-hop personage, born Curtis James Jackson III, took to Instagram on Monday to offer his support for President Trump after seeing figures related to former Vice President Joe Biden's proposed tax plan.

The hip hop star shared an image from what appeared to be a news broadcast, representing the "top tax rates by state under [the] Biden tax plan."

Among the states mentioned was New York, which the broadcast said would be taxed at a rate of 58% while New York City would be taxed at 62%.

Oct 21 05:19

'That ain't happening with a Kamala-Biden ticket': NFL commentators Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are caught on hot mic mocking 'wasteful' military flyovers

Fox Sports commentators Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have found themselves in hot water after a hot-mic captured them mocking a military flyover during an NFL broadcast.

Oct 21 05:18

Joe Biden will appeal to the center by 'appointing anti-Trump Republicans John Kasich and Jeff Flake to his cabinet if he wins'

Joe Biden is reportedly considering several Republicans for cabinet positions if he wins the presidential election including Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake.

Oct 21 05:11

Miami cop faces disciplinary for wearing Trump face mask at polling station while in full uniform

A Miami police officer faces discipline after wearing a face covering supporting President Donald Trump at a polling site.

Oct 21 05:11

Dodgers strike first in World Series as Kershaw leads Los Angeles to a game one win over Tampa in front of just 11,400 socially distanced fans - the smallest crowd to watch a Fall Classic game in more than a century

Clayton Kershaw pitched six dominant innings, Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts homered and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-3 to open a surreal World Series played amid the pandemic.

Oct 21 05:08

Former Mexican defense minister - dubbed 'The Godfather' - is DENIED bail by a US judge amid allegations he used his office to protect drug cartel linked to El Chapo and helped to smuggle drugs to the US

Mexico's former defense minister, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, has been denied bail following his arrest on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Oct 21 05:08

The NYPD is training every day and deploying hundreds of extra cops as it braces for Election Day and its aftermath, amid fears riots and protests could break out after the results are announced.

Bill Cosby has been pictured behind bars in his suburban Philadelphia prison for the first time in two years.

Oct 21 05:06

Senate will hold confirmation vote on Amy Coney Barrett on Monday - setting her up to be on the Supreme Court before the election

The Senate is on track to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court by next Monday, ensuring she is on the high court by Election Day.

Oct 21 05:03

Wisconsin man who is among 14 charged with plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer is released on just $10,000 bail

A man charged in a plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been released from jail after posting a $10,000 cash bail.

Oct 21 05:00

People with kidney disease face THREE-FOLD higher risks of dying from COVID-19 compared to healthy patients - and having heart disease or high blood pressure DOUBLES mortality risk

Some pre-existing conditions may severely increase the risk of dying from the novel coronavirus, a new study suggests.

Oct 21 04:59

Santa Monica Police Chief is forced out after more than 60,000 people sign petition over her 'lack of strong leadership' during the riots and looting

Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud has announced her retirement after more than 60,000 people signed a petition calling for her to be fired in response to her handling of recent unrest.

Oct 21 04:58

WATCH: Warren Attacks Trump: ‘Donald Trump Threatens The Existence Of Human Life, Of All Life, On This Planet’

Speaking to roughly 100 college students at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Sunday, failed presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ranted, “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.”

Oct 21 04:55

Biden supporter installing political sign outside home reportedly shoots at Trump supporters driving past

Authorities arrested 50-year-old Douglas Kuhn for allegedly shooting at Neal Houk and his son, Bradley Lang, as they drove past his home in Kingsville, Maryland, on Saturday.

Kuhn was in the process of installing a Biden 2020 sign on his property when Houk and Lang drove past him and honked their horn. Other outlets reported that Kuhn, instead, was installing a Black Lives Matter sign at the time.

Oct 21 04:52

Boris Johnson plunges Greater Manchester into Tier Three lockdown: PM says he has 'no choice' but to impose new rules on area amid surge in cases after Andy Burnham refused his 'generous and extensive offer' of £60m bailout

Ministers gave Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham until noon today to agree to enter Tier Three lockdown
Last-ditch haggling between PM and Mr Burnham on money failed with tough restrictions now being imposed

Oct 21 04:51

Britain records 241 more Covid-19 deaths in darkest day since June as health chiefs post 21,331 cases and hospital admissions exceed 1,000 mark for first time since May... but data shows outbreak may FINALLY be slowing

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this afternoon forced Greater Manchester into Tier Three lockdown rules
He said the infections data presented by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam 'shows you clearly why we must act'

Oct 21 04:51

Charges dropped against Michgan barber who defied Whitmer's lockdown

Charges against a Michigan barber who gained national attention by defying Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's coronavirus lockdown orders and opening his shop have been dropped, a lawyer said Monday.

"Our client's thrilled and pleased that he's been vindicated," said David Kallman, an attorney for barber Karl Manke.

Oct 21 04:39

'This was like the topping on the cake': 93-year-old woman receives her high school diploma on her birthday - 75 years after she was forced to drop out of school and start working

A 93-year-old woman has received her high school diploma 75 years after she was forced to drop out of school.

Oct 21 00:14

DEA Has Seized Hundreds Of Pounds Of Heroin, Fentanyl, Thousands Of Firearms Since August

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has arrested over 1,500 people after launching a new initiative in August.

Since the project was launched, the DEA has seized 2,135 firearms, according to an article published Tuesday by the Associated Press. The organization has also seized 162 kilograms of heroin and 158 kilograms of fentanyl, along with about $24 million in assets, the outlet reported.

Oct 21 00:06

Silicon Valley's biggest billionaires have reportedly poured millions into a super PAC-run series of anti-Trump TV ads ahead of Election Day

Some of Silicon Valley's biggest tech leaders have poured millions of dollars into a secretive Democratic super PAC that has booked a series of television ads speaking out against President Donald Trump in the lead-up to the election, according to a Tuesday report from Recode's Teddy Schleifer.

Per the outlet, Dustin Moskovitz, a cofounder of both Facebook and Asana, has donated at least $22 million, Twilio founder Jeff Lawson and his wife have donated $6 million, and ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave $750,000 to the super PAC Future Forward since September. The funds raised equal to $66 million in the 45-day period between Sept 1 and Oct 15, a sum that Future Forward plans to report to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday, according to Recode.

Oct 21 00:00

Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Bill Striking at Governor's Power

Republican Louisiana lawmakers voted Tuesday to give themselves more authority to curb Gov. John Bel Edwards' coronavirus restrictions and emergency powers, under a deal brokered between House and Senate GOP leaders that ended a stalemate on the major issue of the special session.

October 20, 2020

Oct 20 23:47

Trump ends ’60 Minutes’ interview, attacks Lesley Stahl on Twitter

At the White House on Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump ended a fiery interview taping with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” proceeded to launch an attack against the interviewer on Twitter for not wearing a mask, and threatened to post the interview before it aired.

The drama unfolded after Trump was frustrated with the line of questioning and how the interview was being conducted, said one person familiar with the episode, while another in the room described the president as “pissed.”

The president spent more than 40 minutes with CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl, and did not proceed to shoot a second portion of the interview that included Vice President Mike Pence. Following a short break, the president decided he had spent enough time in the interview, one White House official said. Pence went on to spend 15 minutes with Stahl and the “60 Minutes” crew.

Oct 20 23:33

The Justice Department just slapped Google with a landmark antitrust lawsuit. That could be bad news for Amazon, Facebook, and Apple

The US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google Tuesday morning, kicking off a potentially yearslong battle to more heavily regulate the tech giant.

The lawsuit accuses the company of unlawfully maintaining monopolies in search and search advertising. It alleges that Google has used unfair practices to stymie competition, such as paying Apple billions of dollars a year to be the dominant search engine on its devices.

Google is the first tech giant to see major antitrust action since the US government went to battle with Microsoft in the late '90s. It's also not the only company being probed over antitrust concerns. Earlier this month, House Democrats concluded a yearslong investigation, accusing four of the biggest tech companies — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google's parent company, Alphabet — of monopoly power.Advertisement

Oct 20 18:32

Fox News: Federal Law Enforcement Official Says Hunter Biden's Emails Are 'Authentic,' FBI Has Possession Of Laptop

Fox News reported Tuesday night that a senior law enforcement official told them Hunter Biden's emails are "authentic," the FBI has possession of his laptop and the FBI and DOJ concur with DNI head John Ratcliffe the emails are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign as Democrats have claimed.

Oct 20 18:19

Project Veritas Strikes Again: Google Ad Manager Caught on Camera Admitting They Can Offer FREE Advertising Credits to Democrats, Censor Republicans

Project Veritas has dropped another explosive video, this time featuring a Google Ad manager admitting to various ways they could potentially interfere with a free and fair election.

Oct 20 18:16

BREAKING: Giuliani Gives Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive to Delaware State Police Over Photos of Underage Girls, Inappropriate Texts

Rudy Giuliani has announced that he has turned over Hunter Biden’s hard drive to Delaware State Police due to pornographic photos of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.

Oct 20 15:04

Red Alert: A Revolution in Progress in the USA

The breakdown of law and order is exactly what the revolutionaries seek, because this is the state of affairs in which they can seize control. In some jurisdictions they have already succeeded. Our institutions are now starting to prosecute citizens who are trying to protect themselves and their communities. We have seen this with Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and others. Until recently, it was considered perfectly acceptable in this country to defend one’s life and property against criminal predators. Today those who try to exercise this right are themselves treated as criminals while the actual criminals are allowed to roam free.

Oct 20 14:51

Trudeau - just watch me

Oct 20 14:42

YouTube confirms it will immediately ban all videos that question the “official” vaccine narrative promoted by the corrupt WHO and vaccine companies

YouTube is already working with the WHO to remove videos that dispute the “supreme authority” guidance provided by public health authorities. Since February, YouTube has removed over 200,000 videos questioning the covid-19 status quo. No one can post content that tells the truth about junky, non-specific coronavirus tests. No one can post videos about the absurdities of contact tracing of healthy people and the constant shutting down of society over virus fears. No one can question the worthlessness of social distancing and the mass mental illness of expecting people to follow arrows on the floor. No one can dispute mandatory masking, or speak out about the negative psychological effects that these mass medical edicts have on everyone. To make matters worse, no one can question vaccines at all, even though they are being rushed into existence, with numerous accounts of vaccine recipients suffering from adverse events, both mild and severe.

Oct 20 14:36

ATF Threatens to Prosecute Out-Of-Business Gun Dealers Who Comply with the Law

ATF’s continued threats to prosecute former dealers who simply follow the law not only is egregious and unlawful but also it represents another situation where the agency seems determined to undermine President Trump as the nation nears an election, by reverting to Obama-era policies to threaten and intimidate law-abiding gun owners.

Oct 20 13:27

China Ambassador: Is White Birth Rate Collapse The Result of 'The Genocide Policy Pursued By Their Leaders?'

China's Ambassador to Grenada, Dr Zhao Yongchen, on Tuesday pushed back against claims his country is "committing genocide" against the exploding Uyghur population by accusing US and European leaders of pursuing a "genocide policy" against their own populations.

Oct 20 13:20

‘It was a lie from the very beginning’…

It was a lie from the very beginning. We had treatment from Day one!!!

Oct 20 13:01

Why did they nominate Hunter Biden's pop?

There are no secrets in Washington. Democrats knew in July 2019 that Ukraine finally was investigating the company that bribed Hunter Biden. Democrats knew that Rudy Giuliani was investigating. As a federal prosecutor under Reagan, Giuliani succeeded in shutting down the Five Families in New York -- mafiosos who had plundered the city for decades.

Surely Democrats knew that President Donald John Trump was not playing around. And now he has delivered the Mother of All October Surprises.

His opponent's 50-year-old son collected bribes for his father, snorted cocaine, and abused underage girls provided by Red China.

Oct 20 12:37

'He's Got To Act': President Trump Calls On AG Barr To Investigate Biden Laptop Scandal

President Trump on Tuesday urged Attorney General William Barr to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and release his findings before Election Day.

"This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election," said Trump in an interview on "Fox & Friends." "We have got to get the attorney general to act. He’s got to act and he’s got to act fast, he's got to appoint somebody" the president added.

When asked how his campaign is going, he replied "It's just going very well," adding of Biden: "I think he’s imploding, you look at all that corruption in his family, tremendous corruption."

Oct 20 12:36

GM to invest more than $2 billion in U.S. manufacturing to increase electric vehicle production

General Motors is investing about $2.2 billion in its U.S. manufacturing operations, largely to increase production of electric vehicles, the company announced Tuesday.

The investment is the latest for the Detroit automaker as it pivots toward EVs under GM CEO Mary Barra's "triple zero" vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion -- an overarching goal for the company

Oct 20 11:57

US election 2020: Deadline looms for crucial US coronavirus relief

White House officials and Democrats in Congress are entering last-ditch talks over a stimulus bill that could inject cash into the battered US economy.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has set a Tuesday deadline for any agreement to be reached.

Earlier this month, Mr Trump cancelled the budget negotiations, before later directing his team to resume them.

Each side has said they want a deal passed before the 3 November election, but experts say this is unlikely.

A statement from Mrs Pelosi's office on Monday evening said she and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had made progress during a phone call earlier that day.

The negotiators "continued to narrow their differences," her spokesman said, adding that Mrs Pelosi "continues to hope that, by the end of the day Tuesday, we will have clarity on whether we will be able to pass a bill before the election".

Oct 20 11:51

Gold Is the Only Way Out for Central Banks

Oct 20 11:44

Justice Dept. files landmark antitrust case against Google

The lawsuit marks the government’s most significant attempt to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. It could be an opening salvo ahead of other major government antitrust actions, given ongoing investigations of major tech companies including Apple, Amazon and Facebook at both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.

“Google is the gateway to the internet and a search advertising behemoth," U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen told reporters. “It has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to competition.”

Antitrust cases in the technology industry have to move quickly, he said. Otherwise “we could lose the next wave of innovation.”

Oct 20 11:40

Hunters Signature On Receipt Adds Credibility To Laptop Emails, Media Still Banning

Documents have surfaced, appearing to show Hunter Biden's signature on a receipt for $85 at the Delaware computer shop where he dropped off laptops that included details of his international business deals.

Last week a New York Post report claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was abandoned at the computer shop in April 2019 for months and was found to contain e-mails that purportedly implicate Joe Biden in his son's international business dealings during his time as Vice President.

Oct 20 11:32

Container Slots Sell Out, Risking Holiday "Shipageddon"

"The ships are 100% full. The containers are 100% full. You can’t get a container built. You can’t pick up a ship from the spot market. The whole container-shipping cycle is at absolutely full pulse,” exclaimed Jeremy Nixon, CEO of Ocean Network Express (ONE), the world’s sixth-largest container line.

October’s ocean container market is “unbelievable,” said Nixon during an International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) virtual event last week. “We are sold out,” he revealed.

“Our job now is to keep the network going from an operational standpoint,” Nixon continued.

“The ports are getting jammed up now. We’re starting to see bottlenecks in the supply chain. That’s another challenge going into this winter.”

Oct 20 11:06

Justice Department Sues 'Monopolist Google' For Violating Antitrust Laws

The Department of Justice on Tuesday announced they filed a much-needed antitrust lawsuit against "monopolist Google" for dominating the search and search advertising markets online.

Oct 20 10:54

Nasty Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Displays ‘Kill Trump’ Symbolism in Background During Sunday Interview

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in an interview on national TV yesterday portrayed symbols in the background that can be interpreted as ‘Kill Trump’.

Oct 20 10:53

Debate Commission Scraps Foreign Policy Focus in Third Debate After Trump Is Nominated Four Times for Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump signs historic peace deal with Israel, Bahrain and the UAE at the White House.

Oct 20 10:52

Journalist Glenn Greenwald blasts the media’s ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden’s email scandal and calls out the ‘blatant rank-closing’ from news outlets

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, the founder of The Intercept, has lambasted his fellow reporters and the media for 'cone of silence' regarding a report that allegedly detailed Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings.

Oct 20 10:51

Police officer who received a bravery award after Manchester Arena attack took a two-hour lunch break to buy a kebab, missed suicide bomber - and admits she would 'probably' have asked what was in his rucksack

A police officer patrolling Manchester Arena went on an 'unacceptable' two-hour break to buy a kebab on the day of suicide bomber Salman Abedi's attack, an inquiry has heard.

Oct 20 10:49

Heard ANY Biden jokes recently? Biased late-night shows told 97 percent of their gags about Trump in September and almost NONE about Democrat candidate

A survey of late-night shows has found that in September two of the main U.S. hosts cracked jokes almost exclusively at the expense of Donald Trump.

Oct 20 10:43

Is that true? (Picture)

Oct 20 10:42

Furious Trump objects to 'unfair' MUTE button during final debate with Biden but says he will take part as he pledges to grill Democrat candidate on Hunter Biden emails even if 'totally biased' moderator does not

President Trump's campaign has vehemently objected to news that his final debate against Democratic rival Joe Biden will feature a mute button, which will turn off candidates' microphones to prevent them talking over each other.

Oct 20 10:39

Biden supporter installing political sign outside home reportedly shoots at Trump supporters driving past

Authorities arrested 50-year-old Douglas Kuhn for allegedly shooting at Neal Houk and his son, Bradley Lang, as they drove past his home in Kingsville, Maryland, on Saturday.

Kuhn was in the process of installing a Biden 2020 sign on his property when Houk and Lang drove past him and honked their horn. Other outlets reported that Kuhn, instead, was installing a Black Lives Matter sign at the time.

Oct 20 10:29

WATCH: Warren Attacks Trump: ‘Donald Trump Threatens The Existence Of Human Life, Of All Life, On This Planet’

Speaking to roughly 100 college students at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Sunday, failed presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ranted, “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.”

Oct 20 10:28

Trump Urges Attorney General Barr To Order Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Before Election

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Attorney General William Barr has to “act fast” to probe allegations about Joe Biden’s son, urging an investigation “before the election.”

Oct 20 10:24

Kim Kardashian says people warned her not to step foot in the White House because her reputation would be ruined - as she stands by working with Trump on prison reform and refuses to say who she'll vote for

Kim Kardashian says people warned her not to step foot in the White House because she would ruin her reputation, but she stands by working with President Donald Trump on prison reform.

Oct 20 10:20

'I don't care Trump doesn't like black people': 50 Cent endorses president after rejecting Joe Biden's 60 percent-plus tax plans for anyone earning over $400K in some states

Rapper 50 Cent has endorsed Donald Trump for president because of his favorable tax policies for the rich - and said he doesn't care if the Republican 'doesn’t like black people'.