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Jan 25 11:37

Coronavirus - Another Illuminati Psy Op?

More than 200 viruses cause cold symptoms. They are the most common infectious diseases in humans and are mainly caused by coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. These cold viruses mutate constantly and therefore there is no way to formulate vaccines. Google " WHAT CAUSES COLDS" and you'll find many articles saying CORONAVIRUSES are just common cold viruses.

But mass media again wants TO PANIC EVERYONE. This is the annual panic party to promote social control through fear, anger and distraction. For perspective, I repost this 2014 article about the Ebola panic. (Thanks Andrew for the suggestion.)

Jan 25 11:31

Virginia House advances gun control measures -- just days after gun-rights rally

RICHMOND, Va. — Democrats in the Virginia House are advancing a package of gun-control measures less than a week after tens of thousands of pro-gun advocates from around the country rallied at the state Capitol.

Jan 25 10:20

Israel prevents gas from entering Gaza and begins selling it to Egypt

The severity of Gaza’s humanitarian crisis is currently growing in magnitude, as a result of Israel tightening its 15-year long, illegal siege of the poverty-stricken Palestinian territory. Due to Israel’s restriction of gas, prevented from entering the besieged coastal enclave, the people of Gaza are facing a lack of sufficient heating, lighting, and the ability to properly deal with sewage, all this and more whilst their Arab neighbor, Egypt, is purchasing stolen Israeli gas.

Jan 25 10:17

China Welcomes in “Year of the Rat” as Deadly Coronavirus Ravages Hubei Province and Financial Stress Grips Country

China was touted as the world’s future economy. Since President Trump’s election the China economy is struggling and it certainly can’t afford a deadly virus that will further hinder economic growth.

Jan 25 10:16

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Must “Sequester All” Information Related to Fraudulent Carter Page FISA Warrant Indicating Related Indictments May Be Voided

It’s about time. The FISA Court’s communication yesterday indicates that the Deep State’s Carter Page FISA warrants were illegal and the related indictments may be voided.

Jan 25 09:56

EX-CIA Lawyer: The Soleimani Hit Was a Homicide Under U.S. Criminal Law

This is a high crime an an impeachable offence. Like I have said many times the opposition to Trump is a psyop.

In bragging that he ordered a successful hit on Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, President Trump has admitted to killing a senior government official of a sovereign state, Iran, while he was traveling in another sovereign state, Iraq. On its face, his conduct and intent satisfy the elements of premeditated murder under Section 1116 of Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, "Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons."
18 U.S. Code §?1116. Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons

U.S. Code

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(a) Whoever kills or attempts to kill a foreign official, official guest, or internationally protected person shall be punished as provided under sections 1111, 1112, and 1113 of this title.

Jan 25 09:48

'Murkowski is PISSED': Schiff angers GOP Senators in closing remarks, gets vocal condemnation from chamber

House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) angered Republican senators in his closing argument urging the ouster of President Donald Trump on Friday, drawing vocal condemnation during his speech in the upper chamber.

Jan 25 09:45

CAN’T HIDE THIS: Times Square Billboard Runs Joe Biden Clip Threatening Ukraine (VIDEO)

The Committee to Defend the President—one of America’s largest pro-Trump super PACs—is running a new billboard in New York City, criticizing Democrat candidate Joe Biden over the Ukraine scandal.

Jan 25 09:45

Three Al-Qaeda Terrorists from Venezuela Arrested in Colombia on Way to US — As Juan Guaidó Meets with US Leaders at Davos

This week Guaidó participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he requested the support of current leaders to rescue Venezuela’s democracy and seek real solutions to the country’s crisis. The Acting President held an important meeting with Ivanka Trump, who thanked him for his interest in Venezuelan refugees and with the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin as part of the 2020 international agenda.

Jan 25 09:18

Watch: Sen. Mike Lee scooters from March for Life to 'jury duty' and gives a surprise interview along the way

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) made a lot of traction in Washington, D.C., on Friday, using multiple forms of transportation to shuttle himself from the March for Life rally back to the Senate to serve as a "juror" in the impeachment trial House Democrats are waging against President Donald Trump.

Jan 25 09:17

California banned state travel to Oklahoma over abortion, adoption laws—so Oklahoma issued its own ban

California has banned state travel to multiple states due to its opposition of conservative abortion or adoption laws. On Thursday, Oklahoma reciprocated with a travel ban of its own, according to the Associated Press.

Jan 25 09:16

Rudy Giuliani on Sham Impeachment: Democrats Should Be Sued for for Conspiracy to Defraud the United States – Should Pay for that Hearing (VIDEO)

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb Thursday morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Jan 25 09:14

Al Gore’s Latest Line on Global Warming: “This is 9-11”

On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

Jan 25 08:54

WATCH: Cops Follow Unarmed Man into Bathroom for Jaywalking and Kill Him—Taxpayers Held Liable

Eagle Point, OR — In October of 2018, a family was devastated and heartbroken after learning that the officers who took their son’s life would not be charged and were ruled justified in his killing—over improperly crossing the street. Matthew Graves, 33, was shot in the back twice by police last month after they followed him into a Carl’s Jr. bathroom because they suspected him of jaywalking. Now, after the cops who murdered him got off Scot free, the taxpayers are being held liable to the tune of $4.5 million.

Jan 25 08:47

“The Eye of Moscow”: Russia’s new RDR equipment tracks NATO’s “stealth” vehicles

You know these secret USA satellites, those that still haven’t presented the west with a single image of the moskal hordes in the Donbass? What do you mean you don’t know about the secret satellites and the total dominance of the advanced Pentagon over backward Russia? You are probably just cursed vatniks that do not pay due attention to the filtered newsfeed of American propaganda.

There is no place where the might of the West is felt stronger than Zuckerbook, democratically moderated by euro-ukros, and sumerian websites like Whoever wants to immerse themselves in the wondrous fantasy world e.g. the War of the Rifle Against the Laser, can ask the forelocked ones and their imaginary colleagues like the fake Pentagon analyst David Jewberg.

All other people living in the real world, instead of their personalized newsfeed world, are kinda aware of the fact that the generally technical or specifically military superiority of the West over Russia is no more.

Jan 25 08:45

Dad who paid for daughter's education confronts Warren over student loan forgiveness: 'Can I have my money back?'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has a plan to cancel some or all student loan debt for nearly all borrowers in America. That might sound good to those who can't pay the bill, but one father who worked and saved to pay for his daughter's college education wants a refund.

Jan 25 08:45

WATCH: Ted Cruz Says Democrats Should Have Impeached President Obama Over Ukraine

Republican Senator Ted Cruz slammed the Democrats for their argument that President Trump committed an impeachable offense when he briefly withheld military aid from Ukraine.

Jan 25 08:42

Julian Assange Moved Out of Solitary Confinement After Fellow Prisoners Revolt Against His Mistreatment

Imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has reportedly been moved out of solitary confinement in the medical wing of Belmarsh Prison, thanks to a revolt by fellow inmates who petitioned the prison and demanded he receive fair treatment.

Jan 25 08:42

CNN’s Cuomo Blasts ‘Trumpers’ For Attacking ‘Kid’ Greta Thunberg. Critics Mock Him Over Network’s Coverage Of Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a few choice words for climate alarmist Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede who’s traveling the world demanding action from world leaders.

Jan 25 08:41

Twitter Attaches Warning to President Donald Trump’s Beautiful Pro-Life Video

President Trump made history again on Friday being the first sitting president ever to address the annual March for Life rally in Washington DC.

Jan 25 08:41

REPORT: Impeachment Is Driving 1,000 Republican Candidates To Run For House Seats This Year

Hundreds of Americans have been inspired to run for Congress as Republicans this year.
Mostly because they are outraged by what the Democrats are doing with impeachment.
Taking control of the House will be a numbers game and with this many people running, the odds are very good.

Jan 25 08:40

TERRIFIC! Alabama Senate Candidate Tuberville Blasts Snake Jeff Sessions for Turning on President Trump

President Trump retweeted an Alabama Senate Poll on Thursday night.

Jan 25 08:35

VFW demands apology after Trump claims traumatic brain injuries are not 'very serious'

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has demanded an apology from President Trump over recent comments in which he downplayed the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries suffered by American troops in an Iranian missile attack.

"The Veterans of Foreign Wars cannot stand idle on this matter," William "Doc" Schmitz, VFW National Commander, said in a statement Friday, noting TBI is a serious injury known to cause depression, memory loss, severe headaches and other symptoms in the short and long-term.