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Apr 18 20:31

Ongoing Effort to Free Ross Supported by 100 Eminent Organizations and Individuals

By Jamie Redman

Ross Ulbricht’s clemency petition is closing in on 160,000 signatures stemming from individuals asking U.S. President Donald Trump to pardon Ulbricht. In addition to the vast number of signatures, roughly 100 eminent organizations and well-known figures have supported Ulbricht’s effort, many of whom have written a statement on Ulbricht’s behalf in order to speak out against his draconian double-life prison sentence for creating a website...

Apr 18 18:25

Starbucks customer complains that police mixed her up with 'erratically' behaving woman: 'Is she Latina like me?'

On Wednesday, the San Pablo Police Department in California released body-camera footage on Facebook in response to a claim filed by the falsely accused woman. In the footage, from the afternoon of March 18, a man, and a woman named Guadalupe Tamayo, were sitting at Starbucks in the neighborhood of Princeton Plaza when officers appeared and told Tamayo to leave the store.

Apr 18 18:24

'I been killing his kind': Man arrested for racist rant caught on video towards 'Arab' AT&T employee

A customer inside an AT&T store in Texas went on a racist rant on Tuesday against an employee, calling him “a f***ing Arab” and bragging about “killing his kind” — all while a fellow customer filmed the scene, called the police and had the man arrested.

Apr 18 15:52


Apr 18 15:15

Global Synchronized Slowdown Continues...