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You Ca'nt Fight a Lie With a Hoax

The phony interview Charlie Sheen did with Obama and Alex Jone's hyping it as the greatest most important story he has ever covered seems to have blown up in his face!
Comments at Infowars are still closed down. Unfriendly blogs are using the hoax as a hammer to beat 911 truth. It would appear that this was a dvd promotion and nothing else.
The first posting of the interview contained no disclaimer.Hundreds of posters believed Charlie Sheen actually interviewed Obama. When posters started getting wise to the hoax,comments at Infowars were shut down and as I type this they are still shut down.
You cannot fight a lie with a hoax! I fear this little episode has damaged Alex and the whole 911 truth movement. This episode may poison the well just as the "no plane hit the pentagon", story did!
Alex's giant ego and quest for greater profits seems to have got the best of him!