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According to RBN.....

Mike has 3 ulcers and has been told by his doctor to stay off the internet and the computer. All it would have taken is a short 1 paragraph statement to that effect to let people know what is going on.


Update from Mike on his condition via RBN on 1/10/20...


I heard this too live...

Tian Shan

when John Stadtmiller & Steve Elkins got together to offer alternatives for Mike. I just didn't know how to create a post like yours to keep others informed, especially from another RBN show.


Hope Mike can get better


Hope Mike can get better soon.



Hey Mike, I hope things are getting better for you. You and Claire are in my prayers,your well-being is so much more important than the website. Best, Thomas

Thank you Ethan for the information....


...and thank you for your recent posting to pick up the slack. It would have been a courtesy for Mike or Claire to post something so the Readers would know what was going on. As far as Mike's health, I wish him well and a speedy recovery but it is not his computer and the internet that is the cause of his ails, he has been doing this for over 20 years without health issues. It was the stress of his move that is the cause. Doctors! Don't get me started, they are not Gods. Get some medical cannabis Mike and stay away from the pharmaceutical drugs and the hard liquor. I would think it is more stressful for Mike to be away from the computer and clueless as to the current events unfolding.

Get well soon, Mike!


Praying for you and Claire!

Thanks for the info


My best wishes go to Mike and Claire.

Malter Witty Jr

Thanks Ethan Allen...

Tian Shan

for the update.

A lot of devoted listeners have been puzzled.

Best wishes and health to Mike and Claire.