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Banned from the (Un)Democratic Underground

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Last week, someone on Democratic Underground posted a link to my pictures and blog entry about seeing the oil slick over the Keys. Normally, I do not jump into the comment sections of community forums. After 18 years online (and a heavy usenet poster throughout the 1990s) I have developed a thick skin and I don't really care what people have to say about what I write or photograph. To each their own. However, one poster at DU called me a racist and I had to step in and say something. My great-grandfather was Black and my grandmother a full-blooded Cherokee. My family is related to the Kennedy's (distant, distant cousins) and the Kennedy's were good friends of both my father and grandfather, enough so that JFK was invited to my parents' wedding. I am hardly anti-Democrat, Just anti-stupid.

Now all of my comments have been deleted by the moderator, even though there was nothing racist, vulgar, libelous or defamatory in the content. The Democratic Underground is hardly a democratic bastion of the free exchange of ideas and very much opposed to any real truth that might reveal the agenda behind the party.

My "sin" was that in the linked post, I mentioned the obvious - that Obama was selected by the PTB that rule the world because he was Black and most likely blackmailable. He has no qualifications that would make him a worthy President and his tenure as a Constitutional Law professor would be laughable if it were not so tragic. I stated that any time someone criticized Obama, the race card would be played. (And during the election, many people stated they voted for him because he was black, which I find to be racist, but that's another thread.) I mentioned that this was an important social engineering tool and that the citizenry would be less likely to rebel against martial law-type scenarios if a black Democrat made the decision as opposed to a Republican like John McCain. Millions of Americas protested the Bush presidency, but Obama is an even worse President and the people who elected him have remained silent. To criticize Obama, one is called racist. Two of the posters proved my point.

My responses were fair, accurate, and also mentioned Bill Clinton's connection to Mean, Arkansas, and how a governor from a poor state with nothing going on was forced upon us. Bill Clinton is intelligent, articulate, and affable, yes, but despite his traits, he was the only candidate who could be trusted to not open a treason investigation against the former Director of Intelligence and former President George H.W. Bush for his lies that he was not "in the loop". (These comments got me banned from the Howard Dean 2004 forum, too.)

One person asked why I was so angry about the subject of the oil disaster. I was accused of being an alarmist because I am in Florida helping my family leave the state because of the health effects associated with the disaster. No sense in waiting around for those fine folks who managed the Katrina evacuation to manage the mass evacuation of the Gulf states when the oil hits the fan, I said. I mentioned there wasn't a plan, that the government could not deal with this disaster and that likely they would use it to put forth their own agenda a la Rahm Emanual. I stated that that government and corporate media are trying to hide the true extent of the disaster and that readers should go to Florida Oil Spill and the Gulf Oil Disaster index at What Really Happened to see the true extent of the problem. I also mentioned another sensitive subject: that if this disaster had happened in California or New York, the public response would have been different. That it is only redneck bubbas and poor Southern folks affected (in the short term) , it is not as important. (And almost everyone I have spoken to in the South agrees with this.) It seems that most of the "intellectuals" care more about the dead dolphins than they do about dead humans. The truth hit a nerve. I listed several points to prove my assertions. In the end, the accuracy of my comments was too much for "intellectuals" to deal with, so only my comments were deleted. This is the third time in the past seven years that the DU has purged my comments. It says a lot about them - and their founders.

My final comment was that the powers that be want to keep us fighting against each other with stupid hot button issues so we are too busy to pay attention to the master manipulators. By deleting my comments yetagain, they proved my point.

The Democratic Underground is the most undemocratic forum in which I have ever encountered. I have been flamed by a lot of people (dog forbid you tell somebody the freaking obvious that 9-11 was an inside job), but I find it to be the ultimate hypocrisy for people who pretend to care about the freedom of ideas to ban the exchange of thoughts and ideas. DU is just another private clique congratulating each other for ideological homogeneity.

I wish that I had cached my comments. It doesn't really matter, though. The DU has been exposed yet again as a propaganda tool and the regular posters prefer to use it as a social networking tool as opposed to the free flow of information and ideas. The regular posters have little clue as to how the world works or they would not waste their time posting to such an obviously controlled forum. It's like the Daily Koz or Wonkette - totally irrelevant crap designed to make posters feel they are somehow intellectually superior to the rest of the population. What a social engineering tool!