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The Perfect Shitstorm

The wind from the West sucks like a tornado.. Obama is an usurper the evidence is devastating, Obama is not an American citizen, all laws he has signed are Poop.

The wind from the North blows, and declares a swine flue pandemic.. A disease created in test tubes, but the main reason for the vaccine is to destroy the immune systems of the World’s population.. The WHO likes the idea of reducing the population by plagues created by themselves.. In order the satisfy the Club of Rome.

The wind from the East is howling about war with Iran, and Russia/China. This wind is created by Zionists hiding in “our press”, and “our government”. They pretend to represent us.

The wind from the South is whistling that the American economy is dead. Twenty three trillion in debt to the Gnomes of Davos. The IBS. (the real problem is the quadrillion dollar figure) of derivative exposure.. to God know who?

Obama has never presented a legal birth certificate, or any college transcripts.. He was born in Kenya, and should be in prison for impersonating a U.S. citizen in his lying to become a U.S. Senator.

The swine flue pandemic is/was created by giant corporations that are above any laws because; they are closely affiliated with the FED… They are immune from lawsuits against them for shoddy products that could kill millions. This is because of their association with the foreign corporate ownership of the FED.

We the American people are being tricked into a war to advance Israel’s takeover of the M.E. Iran being their next target for American blood, and lost fortune. What are Russia, and China going to do when Israel, and the U.S. does something stupid?

The American economy is being sucked dry by Goldman Sachs, and the other fiat money fractional reserve vampire/cheats that have taken over America.

These four forces will create a motive for the imposition of a police state inside America. Probably in late September. Marshal Law will visit us with soldiers from other countries patrolling our streets, confiscating our rifles, pistols, and ammunition. The only answer is to shoot to kill anybody that attempts to take away your firearms. 'Don't think twice, it's alright'.

I have tried to associate these events with the four winds, but perhaps they are more related to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. As if I believe in the vision of St John, or any Big Black Book.

This is my first original at WRH.. originals are the future.