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The hatred comes from the iron fist.

It is the iron fist of Zion in our faces. Get rid of all dual citizens in the U.S. government. We don't need or want foreign traitors at the highest levers of U.S. Power.

We need to have all of our public servants renew their sworn oaths to America and our Constitution. They should be forced to relinquish and denounce any other foreign national citizenship, quit government service, or be relieved of their U.S. citizenship.

We don't like foreign enemies within our government. and the only way to prevent that is to ban anybody with dual citizenship from politics or government jobs.

If you hold dual Swedish-American citizenship, you would have to denounce and get rid of your Swedish citizenship.

Then we would all be Happy to have you in a government position in our country.... : )

Oh..Yeah.. Homeland Security stinks of these traitors.
find out how many of their honchos have duel citizenship, and get rid of them all.

The same goes for our Generals, our Congressmen, and Senators. Also the persons who lease our airwaves for TV/Radio News programs. And also those who control internet/cable access, and content..

Have them all renew their allegiance to America... Or Else!
Or Else What?.. Get The Fuck Out Of Here.. TRAITORS!
That's What!