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The Chop Shop.. (Is that kidney kosher ?)... blues.

The Chop Shop.. talkin' blues

I went to see my Rabbi, I’d been felling kind of sick.. Does he know a doctor who might cure me real quick?.. I met the good Doctor the very next day, He said my kidneys were shot, so how much could I pay?. I said plenty because, I’m selling ecstasy , So he told me of a place that would be just right for me.

The clinic door was open, this place must be Blessed.. I walked right in and sat on down in the chair next to the desk.

They had row of lungs, and corneas on ice, the donors wouldn’t need them in paradise.
I saw rows of freezer chests and cases; one of freezers was for transplanting faces.

Down at the Chop Chop down at the Chop Shop. down at the Chop Shop

I asked Sydney at the counter about where the kidney came from?.. Was it from someone healthy, or some old drunken bum?
He said it was from the Middle East, from a young girl who was healthy, And now, I’m told her parents are not very wealthy.

There was an accident in the clinic and the young girl had died. Her family didn’t like it and of coarse they all cried..

They didn’t know the medics ran off with her kidneys, and eyes. She won’t need them anymore.. She’s up in paradise.. So I went up close and looked a little closer, a question crossed my mind is that kidney Kosher?.

Down at the Chop Shop, the Chop Shop, down at the Chop Shop.

Now that its all over, the new kidney now inside me, I am thankful to my lucky stars that it wasn’t denied me.. My appetite has changed since when death seemed so much closer, But yet again I wonder is my kidney Kosher?

After my the transplant my thoughts somehow have been changed.. It’s almost like my thinking has now been re arranged.. I used to like bagels, and now I like falafels..
I used to be a racist, but now I think it’s awful

So I added up the value of all a persons parts. Then you round out the figures it doesn’t take much smarts.. If you work and save with all your heart, You will never be worth your body parts.

Down at the chop shop!

----Fade to black----.