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hi you guys....

i've been inactive, i almost died a couple of times in this past year.. first of starvation and then they put me in a room at the convalescent center with a guy hacking of pneumonia.. i caught it and almost croaked again.

i'm going to do a bucket list kind of thing.. i've been a rock and roll clown since 1970.... played a bunch of places

i'm going to run with the clown party usa.. as president of the USA.

i figure the only person that can yell about the real truth..is a clown wearing a tinfoil hat.

i'm writing/researching the project.. it is a musical about the lies and corruption of our present "democracy".

i am asking for senior citizens.. who have watched the slow motion destruction of America.. to dawn the face-paint.. and run for office.

i expect the satanic grip that has taken over our institutions.. will do false flag operations.. to slow the momentum of the people rising against corporatism, and the secret societies within government that JFK warned us about.

only us old guys should rise up against this disguised tyranny.. they will order false flags of bad clowns.. and will kill us rather then have us spread the truth of what they have done to our once great nation.

young men should protect their families.