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trump loves israel..

if trump doesn't know that israel helped 9/11.. or that israel threatened to blow up hundreds of American cities.. if the homeland security act wasn't passed..

if he is so far out of the loop to not know these things..he has the wrong information sources.. or is being deceptive just like all the rest of the politicians.

the truth is that hundreds of top level generals , politicians , air traffic controllers.. and thousands of other people knew that 9/11 was coming..

all these people are guilty in my mind of treason against america and our constitution.. i'll give everybody a link to my new tune.."waterboard dick cheney"
in the next few days.

i really like this WRH blog thing. i like to think that this is where people put their creative writing and original thoughts.

comments are also wide open as long as they are kinda on topic.

p.s. patriotic things and people get a capital letter

I am running for president of the USA,, my constituency is the old, the sick and the poor.. i will not except money from corporations, or non profits..

my goal as potus.. is to unite the world against the satanic bank of england and the fiat currency, fractional banking system.. that the rothschild financial dynasty has used to take over the world for the satanic reptilian extraterrestrials.

I am a clown that wears a tin-foil hat.. I am RRR a one man rockband clown act with tap shoes

some of you might think.. what kind of experience has this clown had as a politician.. answer.. none.. I am still honest and tell the truth always..

politicians always lie because they are working for their satanic masters whose head quarters are the vatician, the city of london and washington d.c.

these are the reptillian's control points..

America has been taken over by the new world order.. all of our politicians bow down to zionism and building a temple to their god satan.. the race of reptillians has suckered us into tera forming our earth for them..

they plan on killing all life on earth.. they inspired six jewish askenazis to invent the atomic bomb.. instein was one of them.

the reptillians must have a radioactive atmosphere.

so the politicians who love netenyahoo, and israel, and zionism so much are not only traitors to America but also to all life on earth..

as president i will with Putin ..unite the entire world against the rothschilds/satanic zionist death grip.

i'll put the tune about cheny and waterboard in the comments section.

i am that conspiracy clown with the tinfoil hat... RRR vote for me.