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todays thoughts.. THE PATH..

From a very early age I had a feeling that I was different somehow..
I could see the lies we were taught. At 12 years old I was reading the works of Charles Forte.. something was going on that was very mysterious.

His "book of Lies".. gives you the idea that the history books are full of outright lies.. and they are, when it comes to matters of the reasons for wars.. or global conflict.

I was fascinated by the occult, as a teenager.. I learned of "The Path", what it is, and how to walk it.
To walk the path is the human way out of the cycle of rebirths...

I believe I was spiritually enlightened in 1967.. so I did what my inner Lord told me.. listening for instructions.. while wandering around seemingly aimless..
Just because a man wanders .. doesn't mean he is lost.

On the path you won't want to own anything.. because the things you "own" will slow you down..
You don't need money.. Your Lord will provide everything you need.. Yep... you have to trust in your Lord..

You can't own anything like a car.. you will have to hitchhike, and depend on Your Lord.. and trust that you are protected from harm.

It will take great courage.. but you have the Lord in back of you...
I think everybody should walk The Path ... it is good for your soul..

And Hey..Guys and Gals.

Most people don't understand.. The Way.. is the only way to free humanity from the extraterrestrial Demi-God.. SATAN..
who now channels the Rothschild bloodline after creating great wealth for them over the centuries. Face it Satan is at the very center of the USA Inc. but not America..(the people)

First of all we must face the fact that Judaism/ Zionism/Corporatism and their "Talmud" ..have completely taken over all of our major institutions.. And I Mean All of Them
Media, Education, Banking , A.M.A.. Library System.. And Keys to our Hydrogen bomb collection... are stuffed and controlled by dual citizens.

Don't believe me ..Look at the names of the board of directors.. At the Fed.. At the FCC.. the AMA.. Legal System, All of them made up of very Jewish sounding names.

My bass player.. Spencer Chilk. was Jewish and also was on The Path.. His father was a Rabbi..
He gave me the idea that the Jewish consider the Rothschilds to be their Royal Family, and Satan to be their God...
The Sentence "All Men Are Created Equal"
is a slap in the face of Judaism and the Rothschilds.. saying there is no special persons.

The problem with the, and Russian relations.. is the USA is run by Jewish Satan Worshippers.. And Russia is run by a Christian Spirit.. After chasing out the Jewish Communists who killed almost 50 million Russians in concentration camps.

The same evil of great magnitude has captured our Congressmen and Senators.. who must join Secret Societies.. Dedicated to Satan.. And practice ritual child murder together to prove fealty to their Satanic Majesty.

Judaism hates the American Constitution..
If the American People only knew of the Enemy within.

Has anybody asked Putin what he thinks of the American Constitution?
I suspect he would love to have it for Russia..