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i am a racist..because i celebrate diversity

if a jubalee were held cancelling all debts world wide.the rothschilds banking scams would end.and the world would live happily after.

in the new world we will ban the mining of uranium and retool the reactors for thorium.. producing no plutonium that means a halt to the production world wide of uranium and a gold rush for thorium mining claims.

as president for america i will deed the entire country back to the original owners.. american indians and a international agreement to deed them as owners will be signed. a Jubilee will be called world wide and all world's life won't wither from radioactivity.

all life will be wiped out on earth if we don't stop this madness.. the madness is created by the rothies and the spiritual beings they contact thru seances..a satanic spirit.

the rothies themselves are racists too. they have been inbreeding for centuries..and have perfected their genotype to be able to use their unique d.n.a. as a transceiver to communicate with extraterrestrial spirits.. the new world order wants all the races to mix together.. except them..

the different races have unique dna signature.. allowing different spirits to inhabit different geological locations..and also allowing different alien spirits to set up in each tribe of mankind. some people call these things angels...in scripture there are 23 angels there are also 23 chromosomes..I suspect they are the same thing..one is looking at it from the outside and the other is looking at it from the intside.


poorrichard you are an enemy of the state


(*you are GUILTY of not adhering to the RNC ,
I Mean The Trump ,