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unincorporate America now

i'm convinced that corporate zionism has swallowed America whole. in inprder to express my disgust of what we have been beAcome, i am writing in all lower case to protest against corporate/capitalism. our American republic has turned into a killing machine for merica's largest oil corporations. the real owners of America are the native American indians..

the united state of America inc. is purposely being driven into bankruptcy.. when this happens the share holders of u.s.a.stock will will put the nations assets at auction. they will now own all the land and infrastructure that we built.. i would rather give the entire country back to the American indians now... to whom it all belongs anyways.

treasonous senators and congressmen took bribe money from english and european bankers and voted to incorporate Aamerica.. creating.. the united states of America inc... in 1871 making the european bankers the owners of the corporation's stock. these are the same people that we fought the revolutionary war against.. now they own America again.

as president for America i would repeal the law. returning to a representative government and rid ourselves of this top down corporate dictatorship, becoming a real republic once more.


the letter A in America is the exception.



corporations stink