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the bible is a work of fiction.

it was wrtten for the purpose of by six jewish guys for the purpose of putting the jews ahead of all religions' as having god in back of them and are god"s chosen people.. the adopted jews of kazaria wrote this stuff..not hebrews


that nailed how an Israel lobby worked


(*when Caiaphas awoke a random part of the population , in the middle of the night , like today put a quickly assembled angry mob together , like fake news does today , and despite not being fully awake and aware , like , apparently most Americans are today , he was able to get them to start hollering for justice , which in hindsight seems the same way some, today , have no real comprehension , of how it should work , either , for the death of a man , that at that hour of the morning it would be a safe assumption that a large precentage of the fictitious crowd hasn't had a caffeinated beverage yet, and probably didnt know the man's name , or crime yet . The cock hadn't crowed yet , for cryin'outloud! , they were sure to include that little detail . Great stuff!
While Caiaphas was bellowing his charges and allogations , they most likely couldnt hear jack , anyway . But once they heard Liberal Son of a B**ch , and Crucified so close to gether , they regained conciousness quick , and let it be known they wanted blood , by rallying , hard behind Caiaphas' successful lobbying effort . DISCLAIMER: if the facts as alleged are true)

probably didnt know the man's name , or crime yet


(*Amazingly , many Christians dont know what His crime was , today !
He turned the tables on the money lenders .
Today , it would look like a domestic terrorist , so , most likely a Democrat with the JFK gene , machine gun , ammo vest , grenades , busting into the Federal Reserve on Wall Street , LIVE feeds , all networks , local TV , Emergency alert all over the radio , Limbaugh bellowing crap about the Liberal so&so , A declaration of war on Venezuaiala , etc.
Meanwhile the perp , inside the fed building , causing as much destruction , and carnage as possible , before being taken down by the Manhattan authorities , and National Guard
You'll get a full rundown from Hannity to Mayer , none of them will tell you the guy was just hoping he could get us off the very same type of currency the guy in the bible story was trying to give holy hell to , to get back to the fair and real currency of his own time and territory , which , oddly enough , The J.R.R. Tolkien , of his time chose to be the region , formerly known as Palestine , today .
Odder still; he demonstrated a similar , to today's right & left journalistic traits, the calling it Israel )

The J.R.R. Tolkien , of his time


it was wrtten for the purpose of by six jewish guys for the purpose of putting the jews ahead of all religions'

(*Oddly Enough! The Tolkien of biblical times wrote the bible , which had fragments in it's first book titled The Old Testament , that were related to his far greater work The Torah which would be comparable to Lord of the rings , the Bible being more The Hobbit , by it's single volume virtue.)

Todays Current Events Shall Also Be A Work Of Fiction


(*200 hundred years after The US & Israel have eliminated the percentage of humanity they have deemed unsuitable to coexist with , the finger pointing will start , and the needing to correct history will begin .
ISRAEL: "The US is responsible for all the carnage"
THE US: "Yeah , but we only did it to serve you master , my life for you ."
ISRAEL: "I have an idea , maybe neither of us have to get screwd . We blame the s**t on Gee -Oh-Dee !" , and they both agree , and make it a sacrilegious blasphemy to question the new religious dogma . New Israel was Gods gift to the Israelis , and the US will be allowed to continue as a service agent to their masters in Israel , as it never asked for much more then the Service economy Reagan delivered , or the free hat Trump's supporters got for backing the plot , as Republicans began trickling down on everybody else , once NAFTA made its huge sucking sound , Praise the Lord .
In 2000 years people will ask;"if God could get rid of all the blacks , spanish , Asian , muslim , indian , Venezuelans , Syrians , Africans , mexicans , aborigines , canadians , and eskimos , back in Biblical times , why don't we see it today ?"
"Because in the 21st century , when God supposedly did all that , all the news was bulls**t , along with this horses**t new-age bible" . The one that chronicled the present day world wide genocide , but sterilized into fictitious dogma . In 2000 years what we're living with today , will be a fictitious bible school story , that will have our ashes turning , wherever we had them scattered , and will have been debunked as being bulls**t correctly , but they'll be 100% clueless about what was being covered-up 1,800 years prior