Aug 13 09:45

Revolver One Ups New York Times With Accurate Jan 6th Reporting On George Tanios — He’s Now Out on Bond

Earlier this week an appeals court overturned the district court’s ruling that 1/6 defendant George Tanios be detained without bond, noting that the D.C. district court “clearly erred” in its assessment that Tanios posed a danger to the community.

A West Virginia man charged in the assault of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after defending the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, can be released on bond while he awaits trial, a federal appeals court ruled.

The district court erred in assessing the danger posed by George Tanios, according to the appellate ruling issued Monday.

“The record reflects that Tanios has no past felony convictions, no ties to any extremist organizations, and no post-January 6 criminal behavior that would otherwise show him to pose a danger to the community within the meaning of the Bail Reform Act,” the ruling said.

Aug 13 07:31

Belief in COVID “Vaccines” Now Reaching Religious Fervor: The Shot “Reduces Suffering” Before Death

Instead of considering the possibility that the vaccine might have contributed to her father’s death, or at the very least consider it was ineffective in stopping her parents’ deaths, she instead continued to believe in the vaccines, and stated:

“I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

Aug 13 06:45

US Media Goes FULL Pravda: NOT ONE SINGLE Mainstream Outlet Reports on President’s Naked Son with Hooker Complaining About Russians Stealing His Laptop for Blackmail

Earlier this week video was released of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden naked with a hooker complaining about Russians stealing his laptop for blackmail purposes.

Hunter Biden filmed the whole thing and kept the video on his laptop that he later abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

Aug 13 06:43

PayPal’s Unholy Alliance with ADL Opens The Door To a Massive Security Breach

For years, the debate over Big Tech and its threat to freedom has centered most prominently on free speech. At stake is whether or not conservatives, populists, or any free-thinking or independent-minded individual who objects to our Regime’s corrupt ruling class will be allowed to share their views on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and even whether they will be allowed to create alternatives without being hounded out of business.

This battle is extremely important. But an arguably even more important fight concerns the financial ecosystem of the Internet, and on that front the situation is no less dire. Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users:

Aug 13 05:59

Editor For ‘Unbiased’ Facebook Fact Checker Tried To Bankrupt Conservative News Sites.

The unearthed posts on Twitter from Lead Stories Copy Editor Leslie Lapides follow the outlet’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke repeatedly denying allegations of left-wing bias.

Contrary to Duke’s insistence, Lapides has tweeted at least four times in support of a Sleeping Giants campaign targeting advertisers listed on Breitbart News.

Sleeping Giants, which avows to “make bigotry and sexism less profitable,” is best known for seeking to bankrupt conservative news operations by bullying companies that purchased advertisements on their sites into dropping them. “The group does have a singular purpose, pursued as relentlessly as Ahab chasing a whale: It aims to drive advertisers away from Breitbart,” The Washington Post notes.

Aug 13 05:59

Double-Vaxxed Man Dies of Covid, Media Says His Condition 'Could Have Been Worse' If He Were Not Vaxxed

A fully vaccinated man died of covid on Tuesday but according to the media "doctors said" his condition "could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all."

Aug 13 05:44

Facebook Strikes Again: Tech Giant Censors Latest Hunter Biden Story Months After New York Post Saga

Earlier, social media giants Facebook and Twitter were blasted after it became clear both platforms were deliberately disabling the sharing of articles regarding a missing laptop and emails said to belong to US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. At the time, officials explained the move as part of an effort to limit the spread of misinformation.

Months after being blasted for having intentionally limited the sharing of articles tied to Hunter Biden, Facebook is at it once again, but this time the focus isn’t on reports from the New York Post. Now, it’s all about an exclusive report released by the UK’s Daily Mail.

The story at the center of this latest case was published on Wednesday and centers around newly surfaced video footage of a naked Hunter Biden in bed with an unidentified woman who is described as being a “prostitute.”

Aug 12 15:14

WashPo's Jennifer Rubin: White Population Falling And Becoming a Minority is 'Fabulous News'

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on Thursday celebrated the "fabulous news" that the 2020 Census showed whites in America were becoming a minority at a rapid pace and had their total population numbers decline for the first time in our nation's history.

"Now we need to prevent minority White rule," Rubin said.

Aug 12 10:56

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Says Trump ‘Inciting Violent Extremism’ By Meeting with Ashli Babbitt’s Family

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said that former President Donald Trump was “inciting violent extremism” by meeting with the family of Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by a police officer during the Capitol riot on January 6.

Wallace, a former spokesman for George W. Bush, made her comments on her show “Deadline.”

Aug 12 10:44

Secret Liberal Government Payments To Media Subvert Democracy

How can a country still be considered a democracy when our tax dollars are given – without our knowledge or consent – to media organizations that will then report on the election campaign and shape public perception?

It has been clear for some time that Canada is not really a fully democratic country, particularly within our political parties.

There is very little room for debate or disagreement within our centralized political institutions, where party leaders have the power to remove anyone they disagree with and basically end the careers of those who don’t ‘fall in line’ by refusing to sign nomination papers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to our world, Canada!

Aug 12 08:41

Andrew Cuomo isn’t the problem...

Aug 12 07:08


Here are some of the videos that YouTube – owned by Google – has age-restricted in its site.

You can see them, but they’ve been deemed too dangerous for young minds because “they violate community standards.”

The first video i about how US, European and Israeli chemical companies facilitate the heroin trade by exporting TONS of chemical precursors to Afghanistan for use in the illegal drug labs there.

Aug 12 06:09

18 Idiotic Media Figures Who Called Andrew Cuomo A Hero

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he would be resigning amid controversy surrounding the release of a state probe that found that the governor sexually harassed several women during his time in office.

“New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you,” Cuomo said, “I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing, and therefore, that’s what I’ll do.”

Combined with his nursing home scandal which led to thousands of avoidable deaths, the Democrat governor’s resignation is humiliating for the dozens of left-wing activists across legacy media that characterized Cuomo as a hero for his botched handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York.

Aug 12 05:33

Election officials under siege, some receive death threats

In preparation for a vote on local tax assessments last week in Houghton County, Mich., county clerk Jennifer Kelly took extraordinary precautions, asking election staff in this remote northern Michigan community to record the serial numbers of voting machines, document the unbroken seals on tabulators and document in writing that no one had tampered with the equipment.

In the southeastern part of the state, Michael Siegrist, clerk of Canton Township, followed similar steps, even organizing public seminars to explain how ballots are counted.

Despite their efforts, they said they could not fend off an ongoing torrent of false claims and suspicions about voting procedures that have ballooned since former president Donald Trump began his relentless attacks on the integrity of the 2020 election last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's all feel sorry for the election officials who helped steal the country.

Actually I do feel sorry for them because the next step in this propaganda will be for those behind the stolen election to kill an election official and blame it on those who dare question the official results of that election to demonize us!

Aug 12 05:28

Conflict of Interest: Reuters ‘Fact Checks’ COVID-Related Social Media Posts, But Fails to Disclose Ties to Pfizer, World Economic Forum

Last week, Reuters announced a new collaboration with Twitter to “more quickly provide credible information on the social networking site as part of an effort to fight the spread of misinformation.”

In February, Reuters announced a similar partnership with Facebook to “fact check” social media posts.

However, when announcing its fact-checking partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, Reuters made no mention of this fact: The news organization has ties to Pfizer, World Economic Forum (WEF) and Trusted News Initiative (TNI), an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organizations whose stated mission is to “combat spread of harmful vaccine disinformation.”

Aug 12 05:15

Brian Stelter DEMANDS Fredo Grilled Over His Brother

CNN host Brian Stelter has admitted the 'optics' of banning Chris Cuomo from talking about sexual harassment allegations made against his brother are a 'problem' and argues Chris's show could be canceled if viewers turn off over the scandal that resulted in the governor's resignation.

Speaking in a six minute monologue, Stelter confirmed that Chris is not allowed to discuss his brother on his nightly Prime Time show, and that CNN staff were divided over the scandal, which saw Chris advise Andrew on how to respond to claims made against him.

Aug 12 05:07

Facebook Disallows Reporting of Official Israeli COVID Vaccine Data — Anti-Empire Hit

It’s a reprint from Arutz Sheva, one of the biggest Israeli news portals (associated with the Zionist right).

The fact check claims this straightforward reporting of official data is “misleading” and “lacks content”. Anti-Empire has 1500 to 2000 other COVID-related articles. How is that for context? Does every single COVID-related article have to include every single bit of other COVID information?

What exactly is “misleading” about straight numbers? Actually, the fact check relies on straw-manning the article. It claims the article posits that natural immunity is “superior” which would be a matter of subjective judgment, but the only actual claim being made is that Israeli data indicates natural immunity is MORE PROTECTIVE against reinfection which is an indisputable fact. One is still perfectly free to pick the less protective option as “superior” on some different criteria or preference for less protection.

Aug 12 04:49

Revealed: the BBC guide for covering climate change

Climate change is once again dominating the news agenda. A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that even if emissions are cut rapidly, the effects of global warming will be felt across the world. The report – which Boris Johnson has declared sobering reading – leads the news today, with the BBC dedicating seven stories on its homepage today to climate change.

Aug 12 04:47

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg

In the matter of a few months, Greta Thunberg went from a lone girl protesting in front of the Swedish parliament to an international phenomenon. Although mass media is making it seem as if this meteoric rise to prominence happened organically, this is simply not true.

Behind Greta is a major machine, one that is controlled by major international actors and backed by major funds. This PR machine has allowed Greta to make the covers of magazines, become the subject of thousands of news articles while being photographed with world leaders and giving speeches at elite organizations such as the United Nations.

Although Greta might very well be genuinely concerned with the fate of the planet, her message is carefully crafted by those who control her to generate a specific response from the youth. In short, Greta is the face of a major marketing scheme – a tightly coordinated international effort to sell global warming through a specific lens: Fear, panic, and urgency.

Aug 11 09:14

Facebook Sets Its Sights On Religion. Should Americans Be Worried?

Facebook has been courting partnerships with religious groups in hopes of becoming their virtual home, the New York Times reported in late July. Experts and religious leaders told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the social media platform’s interest in shaping the future of religious experience should be closely monitored to protect religious freedom.

Though it is unlikely that a virtual religious experience will replace in-person religious services, the Times acknowledged, Facebook’s partnerships with religious groups expose Facebook’s plans to shape the future of the religious experience — as it has done with both political and social life.

Aug 11 09:14

Vegas Woman Facing Eviction Is Not The Mother Of 3 Girls Featured On CNN Used For $225K GoFundMe To Extend Eviction Moratorium 

Earlier today we published a blog about a questionable GoFundMe that CNN was promoting for an alleged single mother in Las Vegas named Dasha Kelly, who claims to have lost her job as a casino card dealer due to the pandemic, and as a result was facing imminent eviction. Not only has this promotion helped Dasha Kelly raise over $225K, her story was also shared with Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri, which got President Biden to extend the ban on evictions indefinitely. However, Dasha Kelly was never a card dealer, and appears to be a call girl who runs a failed modeling business based out of Arizona. Nevertheless CNN has continued to use her story to push their political agenda.

Aug 11 09:13

Defiant ‘Fraud Mama’ Is Keeping 210k in GoFundMe Donations, GoFundMe Lets Her

CNN’s Nick Watt mistakenly reported last week on the eviction moratorium and profiled Dasha Kelly of Las Vegas, Nevada who said that she and her three young kids were at risk of homelessness unless the eviction moratorium was kept in place. Extreme left Congresswoman Cori Bush then lauded Kelly, and a GoFundMe account was set up for Kelly’s benefit, raising over $211,000 in donations. Except it was all a lie, she wasn’t the mom and she didn’t even live there.

Aug 11 08:07

Sen. Rand Paul suspended from YouTube, forced to remove video

Sen. Rand Paul has been suspended from YouTube.

The Kentucky Republican also was forced to remove the offending video, which YouTube said broke its rules against what it deems medical misinformation.

The one-week suspension began Monday over a video in which Mr. Paul said that “cloth masks don’t work” and most over-the-counter masks “don’t prevent infection,” YouTube told reporters.

Mr. Paul took to Twitter to call the suspension “a badge of honor.”

Aug 11 06:49

Mossad Dossier on Iran's President Reportedly Portrayed Raisi as ‘Someone With Mental Disturbances’

US Central Intelligence Agency chief William Burns was expected in Israel on Tuesday, with Walla News website saying he would be focusing on Iran's nuclear programme and its activities in the region with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his Israeli counterpart David Barnea.

Visiting US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief William Burns was given a dossier describing Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, as an untrustworthy extremist who can’t be negotiated with, Channel 12 news reported.

The American diplomat serving as CIA director held talks in Israel on Wednesday with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, with Iran's nuclear programme and its activities in the region high on their agenda, an Israeli statement said.

Aug 11 06:17

How Media Fearmongering Led to ‘Unprecedented’ Censorship of Scientific Research

Experts who spoke out against the official narrative were attacked and accused of endangering lives by questioning lockdowns. Numerous research journals refused to publish the results of studies that featured data questioning lockdowns, masks and other COVID policies.

Certain states have stood out for their refusal to buy into the draconian public health measures that were adopted throughout much of the U.S. — Florida is chief among them and has a COVID mortality rate that’s lower than the national average.

The “crisis crisis,” or the ‘incessant state of alarm fomented by journalists and politicians,’ is one reason why so many government, academic and policy leaders could support rampant censorship and suppress scientific debate for so long, all while propagating panic.

Aug 10 13:43

No, the Unvaccinated Aren't Selfish or Ignorant. Here's Why I'm not Vaxxed | Opinion

I'm not vaccinated against COVID-19. The decision wasn't a drastic one; I thought of it as a personal decision that every person should make in consultation with a trusted health professional, which is what I did. It didn't occur to me that this decision merited justification to others. But that was before the current climate of social and political pressure, before the Delta surge, and before unvaccinated people like me started getting blamed for vaccine-resistant variants. Now I feel that explaining my decision has become necessary.

In explaining my decision, my hope is not to convince people to change their minds about whether to vaccinate but rather to help others understand why some may choose differently.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is in Newsweek. Is the tide turning?

Aug 10 10:21

JUNK JOURNALISM: WashPost Says Vaccine Skepticism is Fueling Violent Militias

If you hesitate on getting the vaccine, you’re basically Timothy McVeigh and likely to blow up federal buildings, according to the Washington Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 10 07:56

Sky News Australia deletes dozens of videos promoting unproven Covid treatments

Sky News Australia has quietly deleted at least 31 videos that question the public health response to Covid-19 or promote unproven treatments as the broadcaster prepares for its chief executive, Paul Whittaker, to appear at a Senate inquiry on Friday, Guardian Australia can reveal.

Sky News will face the media diversity inquiry after the broadcaster was suspended from YouTube for seven days for posting 21 videos that violated the platform’s Covid medical misinformation policies.

Whittaker, presenter Sharri Markson and the Sky News digital editor, Jack Houghton, have all criticised YouTube for deleting the videos but Sky has given no explanation for scrubbing its own website of what could be perceived as contentious content.

Aug 10 07:55

BBC studios STORMED by anti-Covid passport protesters, VIDEO shows clashes with police amid attempted break-in

BBC studios at Television Centre in West London were targeted by an agitated group of protesters opposing the government’s Covid-19 plans. The crowd attempted to break into the building, causing clashes with police.

The dramatic confrontation at the entrance of the BBC studios was filmed by witnesses at the scene. The footage showed a dozen or so Metropolitan Police officers rushing to stop the demonstrators, who appeared intent on forcing their way in.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 10 07:53

Greta Thunberg calls out fashion industry as ‘huge contributor’ to climate change… while gracing the cover of Vogue

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has set her sights on the fashion industry as a contributor to global warming and worker exploitation during an interview with Vogue Scandinavia, even gracing the front page of the mag.

For its first ever issue, Vogue Scandinavia features Thunberg on the cover, which was revealed to the world over the weekend in a thread by Thunberg herself, calling for major changes in the fashion industry.

“The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate and ecological emergency, not to mention its impact on the countless workers and communities who are being exploited around the world in order for some to enjoy fast fashion that many treat as disposables,” she tweeted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The irony alert just went off!

Aug 10 07:41

Blake Masters: Big Tech Is an ‘Extension of the Surveillance State’

Blake Masters, the tech leader running in the Republican senate primary in Arizona, blasted Apple for abandoning its previously robust commitment to user privacy with its announcement that it will scan users’ photo libraries for illegal imagery.

The candidate, who previously worked for conservative tech entrepreneur and early Trump supporter Peter Thiel, said users need a “new set of legal protections” to protect them from being “constantly spied on and exploited.”

Masters previously condemned PayPal for its plan to share Americans’ financial transaction data with the far-left Anti Defamation League, calling it an “obvious pretext to suppress any dissent.”

Aug 10 07:39


The new UN IPCC report on climate change dropped this morning, and guess what? The world is going to boil if we don’t end cheap energy right away. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

You can expect this message to be turned up to 11 by the media throughout the day. John Kerry will likely issue a strongly worded statement!

Aug 10 07:33

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for one week

Twitter (TWTR) has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for one week following another violation of the platform's rules, the company said Tuesday.

Greene tweeted on Monday that the Food and Drug Administration "should not approve the covid vaccines." She also claimed the vaccines were "failing" and that they were ineffective at reducing the virus's spread.

In response, Twitter labeled the tweet as misleading and prevented Greene from tweeting for one week.

Aug 10 07:20

CNN terminates 3 employees for coming to work unvaccinated

CNN has terminated three of its employees for coming to the office unvaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a memo sent to staff internally by the news media company on Thursday, Aug. 5, CNN President Jeff Zucker told employees that the company has a zero-tolerance policy on such instances and required its employees to be vaccinated to come to the office or to work on the field with other employees.

Aug 10 07:15

A Matter of Trust: Media Confidence Craters

It's no secret that most Americans don't hold the mainstream media in high regard, but the latest numbers show media among the least-trusted institutions in the country. The Gallup survey reveals just 16% of Americans trust television news, and just 21% trust newspapers, both down slightly from last year. At the same time, cable news ratings are down across-the-board this year, led by CNN's whopping 68% decline in prime time.

Aug 10 07:11

Editor For ‘Unbiased’ Facebook Fact Checker Tried To Bankrupt Conservative News Sites.

The unearthed posts on Twitter from Lead Stories Copy Editor Leslie Lapides follow the outlet’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke repeatedly denying allegations of left-wing bias.

Contrary to Duke’s insistence, Lapides has tweeted at least four times in support of a Sleeping Giants campaign targeting advertisers listed on Breitbart News.

Sleeping Giants, which avows to “make bigotry and sexism less profitable,” is best known for seeking to bankrupt conservative news operations by bullying companies that purchased advertisements on their sites into dropping them. “The group does have a singular purpose, pursued as relentlessly as Ahab chasing a whale: It aims to drive advertisers away from Breitbart,” The Washington Post notes.

Aug 10 07:09

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (August 9, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Aug 10 07:09

PayPal Co-Founder Warns: Get Ready for Big Tech ‘No Buy’ List

PayPal’s co-founder, David Sacks, recently warned that big tech companies and political operatives are on the verge of creating a “No-Buy” list for controversial creators, platforms, and firms. Cryptocurrency was invented in part to solve problems like this.

Sacks warned readers of Common Sense with Bari Weiss on Substack that large corporate payment processors, including PayPal, are hard at work to build what is, in essence, a “No-Buy” list, a play on “No Fly” lists. Sacks says the difference is that this financial censorship isn’t the work of the government. Instead, its activist organizations with an apparent political agenda coordinated together with a consortium of private companies.

Aug 10 07:08

CNN helps raise $230K for a single mom of three over eviction, and then they issue a major correction

CNN was forced to issue a major correction after airing a story that helped raise more than $230,000 for a woman who said she was a single mom of three children and was facing eviction.Dasha Kelly's story captivated CNN's audience when she recounted how she lost her job and would be evicted from her Las Vegas, Nevada, home after the federal eviction moratorium ended. Throughout the segment, three little children huddled closely with Kelly on her couch.

Aug 10 07:07

The Tim Pool Problem – why establishment media are waging a desperate war against YouTubers

The mainstream establishment media are having their dominance challenged by a new generation of independent journalists with massive followings on YouTube. Therefore, they must be destroyed.

On August 3 the leftist publication The Daily Beast published a scathing hit piece directed at one of YouTube’s most popular independent journalists, Tim Pool. The publication devoted over 11,000 words to attacking Pool, accusing him of everything from peddling misinformation to whitewashing the “far right.”

This type of salacious ‘journalism’ (though nothing The Daily Beast does could realistically fit the definition of that word) isn’t new, particularly when it comes to the targeting of alternative media personalities that are rising through the ranks of public consciousness, thanks to sites like YouTube. If anyone dares have an opinion outside that of the narrative CNN or MSNBC creates, then they are instantly targeted for character assassination and marked for cancellation.

Aug 10 06:00


This evening I received an email (shared below) from Davey Alba at the New York Times. Davey explained that “researchers” from two organizations with direct connections to and funding from Facebook were defaming both myself personally and Gab as a whole for spreading “misinformation.”

I’ll get into the baseless and defamatory claims, but first I’d like you to tell you a little more about these two organizations.

Stanford Internet Observatory is led by Alex Stamos who is the former Chief Security Officer for Facebook. The CTO of Stanford Internet Observatory, David Thiel, also worked at Facebook before starting at SIO. Stanford itself is of course widely known as the Ivy League snob school that the “best and brightest” in Silicon Valley all attended and have deep connections to.

Aug 09 21:43

Nike Ad: U.S. Women's Basketball Team Is A 'Dynasty' That Makes Alexander The Great Look Like 'Alexander The OK'

The US may have lost the war in Afghanistan but at least we have the US women's basketball team -- a dynasty greater than any dynasty ever!

Aug 09 06:00

Homosexual Predator Andrew Napolitano Leaves Fox News After Years Of Executives Allegedly Enabling His Behavior

Conservative celebrity Judge Andrew Napolitano has left Fox News after a new lawsuit alleges he sexually harassed a male producer at the news channel.

in a lawsuit filed by John Fawcett, it is alleged that high up officials at Fox knowingly allowed the 71-year-old Napolitano to make sexual advances at men while on the job. Napolitano is facing unrelated lawsuits for decades of using his power as a judge to get male criminal defendants to perform sex acts on him in exchange for more lenient sentences.

In Fawcett's case, the suit states that Napolitano ambushed him in an elevator. The legal analyst began stroking Fawcett's arm and asking him if he would like a better job. During the conversation, he looked at the plaintiff "suggestively" and said "You see these hands? They look clean, but they get really dirty," then asked him to visit his maple syrup farm in New Jersey or drop in on his Manhattan apartment during the week.

Aug 09 05:59

National Justice Investigates: Rising Republican Party Influencers Got Their Start At Talent Agency Run By Israeli Pornographer

They're prominent guests on Fox, they lead "grassroots" rallies, they write columns at The Blaze, they are keynote speakers at CPAC, a few were even used to blackmail perceived enemies of Israeli interests -- and they all got their start as actors and models at the same Israeli-owned talent agency.

These up and coming conservative superstars appear to have had or currently still have active profiles up at shadowy Israeli-born pornographer Ami Shafrir's Explore Talent, National Justice can report.

So far, National Justice has identified the following household names in the world of Republican Party politics as being actors or models featured for hire on the site in the last ten years:

Aug 09 05:37

‘Facebook has officially jumped the shark’: New tool allowing users to ‘REQUEST PRAYERS’ met with mockery

Facebook has introduced a new feature allowing users to request prayers – an update that has been roundly mocked and skewered by critics, who say Facebook has far larger issues to focus on.

Users can use the tool to request mass prayers for anything from a job interview to personal health. After a user creates their post, others can click a button reading, “I prayed.” The feature began being tested in the US in December.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen many faith and spirituality communities using our services to connect, so we’re starting to explore new tools to support them,” a statement from a Facebook spokesperson reads.

Facebook’s ‘prayer tool’ was met with skepticism and mockery on social media, where many critics blasted the company for focusing on the new feature over numerous other issues, such as concerns over misinformation and censorship.

Aug 09 04:54


This evening I received an email (shared below) from Davey Alba at the New York Times. Davey explained that “researchers” from two organizations with direct connections to and funding from Facebook were defaming both myself personally and Gab as a whole for spreading “misinformation.”

I’ll get into the baseless and defamatory claims, but first I’d like you to tell you a little more about these two organizations.

Stanford Internet Observatory is led by Alex Stamos who is the former Chief Security Officer for Facebook. The CTO of Stanford Internet Observatory, David Thiel, also worked at Facebook before starting at SIO. Stanford itself is of course widely known as the Ivy League snob school that the “best and brightest” in Silicon Valley all attended and have deep connections to.

Aug 09 02:52

Kansas City Hospital Counters Media's False Narrative That They're Overwhelmed With Child Covid Cases

Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City pushed back against the media's hysterical narrative that their hospital had "hit capacity" due to child covid cases by pointing out that most of their child patients have respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), not covid, and they have "plenty of capacity" to see kids in outpatient settings.

Aug 08 07:31

CNN stalks Dr. Joseph Mercola in his neighborhood…

CNN reporter does some on-air stalking.

Aug 08 06:20

The Media Yawns at the Israeli Army's Death Squads

Israeli terror is at it again. The Israel Defense Forces’ death squads chalked up another successful week: four bodies of innocent Palestinians piled up between the two Fridays. There doesn’t seem to be a connection between the four incidents in which four sons were killed, but the link cannot be broken.

In all these cases, soldiers chose shooting to kill as the preferred option. In all four cases another way could have been chosen: Arrest them, aim for the legs, don’t do anything or simply don’t be there at all. But the soldiers chose to kill. It’s probably easier for them that way.

They come from different branches of the army with different backgrounds, but they share the incredible ease with which they kill, whether they have to or not.

Aug 08 00:26

Ben Shapiro: Jan 6 Protesters Are 'Evil' And Will Rot In Prison 'As They Should'

The 1,000 or so protesters who entered the Capitol building on Jan 6th are "evil" and will "all end up rotting in prison, as they should," so says Ben Shapiro.

Aug 07 14:01

People who get fired for refusing covid “vaccines” can be denied unemployment benefits, media says

A WUSA9 report claims that employees of Disney, Walmart, Tyson and other behemoth companies who get terminated for refusing to take a Fauci Flu shot will not be eligible to receive unemployment benefits because a handful of lawyers have decided that worker protection laws no longer apply to the non-injected.

Aug 07 13:03

What Would Our Economy Look Like in the Shadow of Vaccine Passports?

Yes, it’s an official concern now. The mainstream media and the Biden Administration have gone from suggesting that Covid vaccinations would “not be mandated” to saying they “should be mandated.” This means several very uncomfortable consequences are on the way for our economy and the nation as a whole. Remember, the federal government already decided it’s legal for companies to require coronavirus vaccines. The most obvious next step: A mandatory “vaccine passport” certifying its holder has gotten the recommended injections.

Aug 07 06:08

Twitter will allow you to deny the genocide of Palestinians, but not a ‘Uighur genocide’, so I’ve been banned

Big Tech censors are shutting down voices like mine, because they don’t like me exposing the truth of what’s going on in Palestine. But they’re happy with tweets about killings in Xinjiang, even when there’s no evidence for it.

Twitter has a bizarre new policy of censoring political discourse around ‘violent events’. On the 21st of July, I woke up to find my account was locked for supposedly violating “rules against abuse and harassment”. I have had my account for 10 years and amassed a following of 150,000. I use it, or rather used to, to share my articles and interviews. The flagged tweet stated:

“There is a genocide against Palestinians. But there’s no Uighur genocide. There is evidence for one but not the other. We can see Palestinians being slaughtered. On top of which Israeli leaders have admitted they want to exterminate Palestinians. The truth shall set you free”.

Aug 06 20:54

2 CDC labs made Covid-19 tests contaminated with Covid + over-cycled ‘tests’ for false-positives + PCR test made from generic flu because no Covid-19 samples exist + Alberta Canada rescinds all Covid-19 ‘health orders’ after admitting no Covid-19 samples

“With PCR if you do it well (increased test cycles) you can find almost anything in anybody.”
~ Kary Mullis, Ph.D, inventor of PCR, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry (more here, here, here, here)

“Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, and he doesn’t know anything really about anything, and I’d say that to his face. Nothing.” ~ Kary Mullis, Ph.D, inventor of PCR, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

"If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it's still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who's listed as a COVID death doesn't mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.” ~ Dr. Ngozi Ezike, MD, Director, Illinois Department of Public Health (and here)

Aug 06 14:59

80-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (August 5, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Monique Lukens, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Aug 06 13:53

Apple to permanently scan users’ photos and messages for abusive content

Apple announced on Thursday plans to scan users’ iPhones for child sexual abuse content in an effort to “protect children from predators who use communication tools to recruit and exploit them,” in addition to limiting the spread of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

According to Apple’s announcement, new operating system technology will allow the company to identify known CSAM images, allowing Apple to report the incidents to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an agency that collaborates with law enforcement to combat child sexual abuse nationwide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I just put this on my iPhone.

Aug 06 13:42

At Home and in Your Car, by Day and by Night – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Aug 06 12:38

Marjorie Taylor Greene questions whether NYT is coordinating with Twitter on account suspension news stories

After receiving an ominous email from New York Times journalist that stated “Twitter is likely to take enforcement action on Ms. Greene’s account,” Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has questioned whether the tech giant and mainstream media outlet are coordinating on news stories about account suspensions.

In the email, the reported said that the New York Times is “looking at” one of Greene’s tweets and that the Greene’s account would likely face enforcement action for “coronavirus misinformation.”

They added that the New York Times had been totting up the total strikes on Greene’s Twitter account and informed her that she now has “one more strike to go before potentially being permanently suspended from the platform.”

Aug 06 12:34

Mike Lindell Drops Bombshell: ABC, NBC, CBS Are All Running The Ad FOX News Rejected

Last night, we spoke with My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, who pulled the plug on his massive advertising campaign with Fox News last week after they rejected his ad promoting his cyber symposium. Mike is hosting a cyber symposium where he will share the evidence he says will prove foreign entities interfered with our November 2020 election and actually changed the vote totals, which affected the outcome. In addition, the My Pillow CEO is offering a whopping $5 million to anyone who can prove the data his cybersecurity experts have obtained is not valid. The symposium is being held in Sioux Falls, Iowa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So is One American News!

Aug 06 11:47

Released Emails Completely Expose WaPo 'Fact-Checker' Glenn Kessler

This may be my favorite story in a while. Being a writer on the conservative side of things, we obviously deal with bias in media on a daily basis. If we aren’t writing about it, we are being targeted by it, especially in regard to social media. So when a story comes along that good and fully exposes how the sausage is made at major “news” organizations, it’s extremely satisfying to see.

Enter Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post. Emails have been released from someone the “fact-checker” contacted in the process of trying to orchestrate a hit piece against major CRT opponent Christopher Rufo. What they contain is a fascinating look into how the dishonest hacks at these supposed journalistic outfits operate.

Aug 06 10:28

Greg: Andrew Cuomo is no predator

Aug 06 10:28

Twitter Suspends Journalist Who Repeated CDC Fact on Vaccines

Greg Piper writers for the news site Just The News and recently decided to share a story from The College Fix, where he was previously an editor. The story included the line “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.” That line appears to have prompted Twitter to suspend his account despite the fact that some people have medical exemptions from the vaccine due to the high risk posed by preexisting medical conditions. Indeed, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that some people cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons. The latest censorship controversy is reminiscent of the suspension of writer Alex Berenson after he posted the public results of a Pfizer vaccine trial.

The CDC repeatedly has stressed that “All states provide medical exemptions.” CDC website also states that “all states and the District of Columbia allow a medical exemption. A medical exemption is allowed when a child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving a vaccine.”

Aug 06 05:25

CNN Woes Continue As One Week Viewership Failed to Reach 1 Million

Affectionately touted as the Communist News Network by some, CNN continues to experience new lows. We all know that CNN has continued its legacy of displaying low journalistic ethics while holding onto the award of the number one Fake News Network. One Fox report cited a Nielsen data report which showed that CNN went an entire week without reaching 1 million viewers from July 28 to August 3!

What was described as one of CNN’s highest viewership moments of the week, 930,000 viewers tuned in to see if Chris Cuomo would address the sexual harassment allegations agaisnt his brother, Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s no surprise that Cuomo avoided the topic altogether on his program. Despite being CNN’s highest rated show, Cuomo Prime Time averages a low 872,000 viewers.

Aug 06 05:22

Media and the Permanent War State: Top National Security Reporters Linked to US Government

Aug 06 05:20

CNN Fires Three Employees For Coming To Work Unvaccinated

CNN has fired three employees who violated company policy by coming to work unvaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

CNN chief Jeff Zucker told staff members of the firing in a memo sent Thursday that reminded them that vaccines were mandatory if they report to the office or out in the field where they come into contact with other employees.

"Let me be clear — we have a zero tolerance policy on this," wrote Zucker, chairman of news and sports for WarnerMedia.

The memo was obtained by The Associated Press after its contents were first tweeted by CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy. CNN offered no details on the firings, or where the employees were based.

Aug 05 11:04

Devin Nunes SUING Rachel Maddow & MSNBC, claim they hold ‘extreme bias’ and ‘ill will’ over Russian collusion narrative bust

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) has filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, claiming they harbor “institutional hostility” towards him.

Nunes’ lawyers argue in the suit, filed in Sherman, Texas, that Maddow’s bias against their client stems from him becoming “the most prominent skeptic in Congress of Maddow’s marquee news narrative from 2017 to 2019: that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to hack the 2016 presidential elections.”

Maddow was one of the most vocal media voices suggesting, while lacking any hard evidence, that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to somehow influence the 2016 presidential election.

Aug 05 10:48

Facebook exec orchestrated Cuomo's smear campaign against his accusers, AG's bombshell report claims

One of Facebook's top communications managers allegedly helped New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lead a smear campaign against sexual harassment accuser Lindsey Boylan while working for the tech giant.

Dani Lever is accused of helping Cuomo's staff distribute Boylan's personnel files in an effort to discredit her allegations against the governor. She is said to have done so even though she had already started working at Facebook, according to the investigative report released by Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday.

Lever worked on Cuomo's staff for six years before joining the social media platform's communications team in August 2020.

Aug 05 10:05

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: CNN suggested Chris Cuomo take a 'leave of absence' to advise brother Gov. Cuomo on sex pest probe in May, claims new report: Network faces calls to fire 'silent' and 'compromised' anchor for IGNORING the scandal on air

CNN host Chris Cuomo was reportedly offered a 'leave of absence' to formally advise his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo through his sex-pest scandal.

Executives with the network informally proposed the idea that the younger Cuomo could take an optional leave of absence to advise his brother and return to the network later, sources told The New York Times.

Chris Cuomo, 50, has faced a slurry of criticism for participating in strategy sessions during his brother’s political crisis while serving as CNN’s star journalist – all the while refusing to cover the scandal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reader comment: Sex Pests??? CNN is going to lose what little ground they have left in viewership. The Democrats have made a career going after Republican Sexual Predators for the past 10 years, and now they have one of their own. Look the other way. Label the Accusers "Sex Pests". Where are the Women's Rights Groups... The Libbers. ???? The groups that represent women who have been sexually attacked, or molested? Are they speaking up, and it's just that the LIBERAL MSM refuses to air their disgust? CNN. Drop the C for Cable, and add.... "Criminal" News Network. Covering up a crime is being an accessory to the crime.

Aug 05 09:38

Substack doubles down on uncensored ‘free speech’ with acquisition of Letter

“We could see that Letter, like Substack, was working in opposition to the ad-driven attention economy, attempting to change the rules of engagement for online discourse,” Substack wrote in its acquisition announcement.

But this acquisition may be cause for concern among those already troubled by the controversy Substack faced earlier this year, when news came out that the platform offered some writers up to six-figure advances as part of its Substack Pro program. The perceived problem wasn’t that Substack was incentivizing writers to join the platform, but rather, who Substack had hand-picked to pay an advance. Plus, Substack says that it’s up to the writer to disclose whether they’re part of Substack Pro, which creates a lack of editorial transparency, critics said.

Aug 05 09:19

Our Corporate Overlords and Their Politics

People maybe didn’t really understand the gravity of PayPal saying that it is going to begin sharing all of its records with the Anti-Defamation League. We’re so used to all of these tech companies asking “how high?” when the Jews say “jump” that we’ve become jaded. Too jaded to grasp the gravity of that announcement.

What they said was that all the records of PayPal’s users would be turned over to the ADL to help them “research” “hate.” That means that basically, records of the donations to any “far right” organization or outlet through PayPal will be an open book for the ADL. They will begin make lists of real names (PayPal uses real names), and tracking everyone who they identify as a supporter of “hate” – which basically includes anyone to the right of Chuck Schumer.

Eventually, people are going to be rounded up and put in camps, frankly. Though that will not happen until after they are starved out by being banned from everything.

Aug 05 07:56

FLASHBACK - CNN Journalist ‘Governments Pay Us To Fake News’, Shocking Exposé

According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events and make up fake news stories.

Furthermore, the Obama administration pay CNN for editorial control over some of their content.

Aug 05 07:37

Mainstream media ignores how Israel continues sabotaging the Iran nuclear deal

Once again, the danger of conflict between Israel and Iran is rising. Once again, the mainstream U.S. media is either ignoring or distorting the news.

A drone attacked an Israeli-linked oil tanker in the Arabian Sea last week, and after a few days the U.S., Britain and Israel all accused Iran. The Washington Post report briefly noted that the drone strike is the latest in “tit-for-tat attacks” by both Israel and Iran, but stopped there. The Post nowhere mentioned that Israel is credibly charged with sponsoring attacks inside Iran, including assassinating Iranian scientists. At least the Post carried a report: the New York Times so far has ignored the latest escalation.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken promised a “collective response” to the allegedly Iranian drone attack, but the new Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett warned that Israel could act against Iran on its own.

Aug 05 06:56

Facebook Blacklists Academics Researching Ad Transparency

Social media giant Facebook has reportedly banned the accounts of a number of NYU academics that were researching ad transparency and misinformation on the platform.

The Verge reports that Facebook recently banned the personal accounts of a number of researchers from the NYU Ad Observatory who were investigating the spread of misinformation and ad transparency on the platform. Facebook claims that the academics violated the site’s terms of service by scraping user data without permission; the academics allege that Facebook is simply silencing them for exposing issues with Facebook’s platform.

Aug 05 06:43

Sanitising Censorship: The Twitter-AP-Reuters News Partnership

This week, Twitter was keen to share the news about its new arrangement with The Associated Press and Reuters “to expand our efforts to identify and elevate credible information” on its platform. The company reiterates its commitment that people using its service are able to “easily find reliable information” hoping to “expand the scale and increase the speed of our efforts to provide timely, authoritative text across the wide range of global topics and conversations” taking place on the platform each day.

The global head of user-generated content at Reuters, Hazel Baker, was businesslike in describing a partnership that would “leverage our deep global and local expertise to serve the public conversation with reliable information.” Tom Januszewski, Vice President of Global Business Development at AP, was “particularly excited about leveraging AP’s scale and speed to add context to online conversations, which can benefit from easy access to the facts.”

Aug 04 21:40

The Atlantic: 'Unvaccinated People Belong On The No-Fly List'

The Atlantic editor-and-chief Jeffrey Goldberg on Tuesday published an article from former Obama Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem calling for unvaccinated people to be put on the No Fly List.

Odds are DHS is already actively working on it.

Aug 04 19:46

Journalists claim alternative Covid-19 news has been 'censored' to create 'one official narrative'

Almost 30 journalists have banded together to object to “censorship” and “fearmongering” about Covid-19 that they say has been put out by the media and tech giants since the pandemic began.

The group, who have called themselves Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship, have argued that attempts to share concerns counter to the “one official narrative” or “one ‘scientific truth’” have led to reporters being criticised by their managers, freelances being blacklisted, and the public receiving a “distorted view of the truth”.


“There’s only been one official narrative played out in the mainstream media and that has not changed over time.

“There’s only been one ‘scientific truth’ allowed to be discussed: the one endorsed by worldwide governmental regulatory bodies, even that has been very selective. This has given the public a distorted view of the truth which has been highly damaging.”

Aug 04 11:33

If You Tell the Truth Social Media Nazis Ban You

The New York Times and Washington Post also published it, and the illegitimate Biden White House Denounced the Washington Post and New York Times for Reporting Covid “Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theory.”White House punk Ben Wakana tried to contradict Pfizer’s own conclusions. Why is the White House so desperate to inoculate Americans with a toxic substance? Why do White House personnel lie every time they open their mouths?

The NYT and WaPo slipped up and reported Pfizer’s test conclusion that the “vaccine” does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death from Covid.

Many renowned experts say vaccination spreads the disease and increases the risk of death. These experts are canceled by nazi social media and Big Pharma hired shills.

Aug 04 11:29

Fight Social Media Censorship by Suing for Discrimination, Think Tank Head Urges

The best way to fight social media censorship is to promote model state legislation all across the country that gives users the right to sue when a tech platform engages in discrimination, John Hinderaker, president of Minnesota’s Center for the American Experiment, told The Epoch Times in an exclusive interview.

In a July 30 column at the Power Line blog, Hinderaker contends that creating a private cause of action allowing users to sue when a social media platform practices viewpoint discrimination, instead of diving deep into the minutiae of Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act (CDA) as many conservatives favor, could help restore free speech in social media.

Section 230 of the 1996 statute shields internet service providers and other online entities from being held liable for what others say and do, creating “a broad protection that has allowed innovation and free speech online to flourish,” according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Aug 04 07:08

Damning Republican report into Wuhan lab claims COVID LEAKED out in September 2019 shortly after it tried to improve air safety and waste treatment systems

Coronavirus first leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan in September 2019, shortly after the Chinese research facility tried to improve air safety and waste treatment systems, a damning report by Republicans has claimed.

The report also cited 'ample evidence' that scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology - aided by U.S. experts and Chinese and U.S. government funds - were working to modify coronaviruses to infect humans and such manipulation could be hidden.

Its authors cited a stream of open source information, including satellite imagery showing a surge in visitors to local hospitals, long before cases were reported emerging from a nearby market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So all that bovine excrement about bats and wet markets put out by ABCNNBBCBSFOX was a lie ... from the "trusted media."

Aug 04 05:32

Dr. Mercola- Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours

Aug 04 03:38

Why Americans No Longer Trust the Biden Administration

The US mainstream media has morphed into a de-facto arm of the Biden Administration, however, covering up for all of these lies and word-games and holding precisely no one in government accountable. So much for a free media acting as a check on government power.

Aug 03 17:19

'Influencers' Are Being Paid By The Government to Shill Covid Vaccines to Children, NYT Reveals

"Influencers" on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram are being paid $1,000 a month by state and local governments working together with the White House to shill Big Pharma's experimental injections to their child audiences.

Aug 03 13:51

Ruling Class Lies: “We Want To Avoid Lockdowns At All Costs”

Not enough slaves have been obedient to the state and rolled up their sleeves.  Now they want to muzzle our children and further psychologically and financially destroy what’s left of the slave’s resilience. Stay strong.  This is ramping up even more quickly.  Get your preps in order and stay out of any chaos they try to throw at us if you can. -- Continue to use critical thinking. It’s our best weapon against the mind control brainwashing propaganda we are being bombarded with. Read, research, look into everything. Use discernment and most of all, be prepared. There is no telling what these sociopaths will try next as more figure out they are slaves.

Aug 03 11:34

Durbin Nixes Second Hearing For Chipman As Dems Circle The Wagons

It’s only remarkable if you think the Washington Post’s editorial board wants to inform readers about why Chipman has yet to get the backing of all 50 Democrats in the Senate. If, on the other hand, you believe the Post’s editorial board exists to advance the Democrats’ agenda, then the fact that paper is ignoring these allegations is completely unsurprising. -- Of course, if the media won’t accurately and honestly report on Chipman’s troubles as a nominee, just imagine what they’d be willing to ignore if Chipman is actually confirmed as permanent director of the ATF. That’s yet another reason why Chipman’s nomination should be rejected by the full Senate, though I suspect that argument has more resonance among those already committed to his defeat and not the handful of red state Democrats who are still publicly on the fence.

Aug 03 11:25

Washington Post Defense Of Chipman Reinforces Need To Defeat His Nomination

Give this to the editorial board of the Washington Post: They made it clear what they think of those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights when trying to salvage the nomination of David Chipman. But by doing so, they did Chipman – and themselves – no favors. If anything, they justify the opposition to his confirmation. -- Let’s make it clear, the Washington Post, in pushing this avowed enemy of the Second Amendment, has made their animus – one Chipman shares – towards Second Amendment supporters clear. We’re “gun obsessives” with a “toxic obsession with firearms” who also suffer from a “pervasive denial of reality.”

Aug 03 11:08

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Will Not Face Discipline by Network for Advising Brother Andrew Cuomo on Escaping Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will not face discipline by the network for advising his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), on how to escape allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Washington Post reported:

Chris Cuomo “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor’s top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” to help “his brother to take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor’s office” by apparently using the phrase “cancel culture.”

CNN issued a statement to WaPo in which they wrote Chris Cuomo “will not be disciplined” for not upholding journalistic standards of integrity:

Aug 03 10:27

YouTube Pirate Streams - #SolutionsWatch

Remember when people used to set up pirate radio stations to broadcast forbidden or controversial media to the masses? Well this is the 21st century and increasingly people are looking for ways to punch through the social media censorship algorithms to broadcast forbidden truths to the duped masses on the Big Tech platforms. Today Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond to explain how he's doing just that, broadcasting on YouTube with his TLAV Pirate Streams despite being officially banned from the platform.

Aug 03 10:01

HUGE: Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence of the Secretive Long Fuse Report — Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion — As Momentous Discovery as Pentagon Papers

Previously we reported on Dr. Shiva Ayyarurai was able to uncover Twitter’s “partner support portal.”

Dr. Shiva discovered that Twitter built a special portal offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason, as part of what they call their “Twitter Partner Status.”

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the man who invented email, ran for US Senate in Massachusetts as a Republican and made allegations of voter fraud on Twitter. These tweets were then deleted by the far-left tech giant. Later it was discovered that they were deleted at the direction of government employees of the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office.

Discovering this, Dr. Ayyadurai filed a federal lawsuit by himself, alleging that his federal civil rights were violated when the government silenced his political speech in order to affect an election.