May 08 06:28

DeSantis Taking Care Of His Public Servants

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said he will soon pass funding that will include $1,000 bonuses for all police officers, firefighters, and first responders in the state, totaling about $208.4 million.

“Some want to defund the police. We’re funding the police and then some,” he said, reported the Daily Caller.

May 08 06:26

Biden's Order Opening Dorms, Showers to Opposite Sex a Violation of Religious Liberties, College Says

A Christian college in Missouri is challenging a Biden administration executive order that could opens gendered spaces—including dorms and showers—to transgender residents on campus.

The College of the Ozarks, represented by attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), on April 15 filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging a directive from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The directive was due to an order signed by President Joe Biden on his first day in office titled "Protecting and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation," which required a interpretation of the word "sex" in the Fair Housing Act that would not discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Subsequently, the new reinterpretation means that women's dormitories, including dorm rooms and shared shower spaces, are open to both cisgender and transgender women residents.

May 08 06:26

Trump can stay at Mar-a-Lago legally — as a ‘bona fide’ employee, Palm Beach town attorney says

The final word on whether former President Donald Trump can live at his Mar-a-Lago estate is out, and some of his neighbors in Palm Beach won’t like it.

Some of Trump’s neighbors alleged that the former president is in violation of a 1993 agreement with the town that limits how many days members of the Mar-a-Lago Club can stay in the estate’s guest suites. But he is free to live there — as a bona fide employee, according to Palm Beach town attorney John “Skip” Randolph.

Randolph reviewed the 1993 Declaration of Use Agreement, and determined the agreement doesn’t specifically prohibit Trump from living at Mar-a-Lago. He also advised that under the town’s zoning code, private clubs can provide living quarters for bona fide employees.

May 08 06:21

Hillary Clinton calls for a 'global reckoning' with disinformation as she joins Donald Trump in demanding an end to big tech's unprecedented power

Former first lady and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton demanded a 'global reckoning' with internet giants such as Facebook on Friday as she railed against the untrammeled power of social media platforms.

May 08 06:21

Former Kardashian bodyguard who fought off gunmen attacking his vehicle in South Africa is living under armed guard after crooks declared ‘his family have to pay’ - but his friends vow to ‘take them out first’

A hero praised as a real-life Rambo after taking on a gang of armed robbers and fighting them off has been forced into protective custody after evil death threats.

May 08 06:21

Facing threats from authorities, Pastor Artur takes church back to the street

Many have been trying to paint a picture of Pastor Artur Pawlowski as a perpetual instigator, a radical and a generally hostile man. If you were to believe everything you read about Artur in the mainstream media, as I am ashamed to confess I did for several years, you might assume the very worst about the man.

In the now numerous conversations and interviews I have shared with Pastor Art, I must admit that I should never have judged the man without meeting him. He is not a sound bite or a viral video, he is a human being, and I dare say a rather good one.

May 08 06:20

Their Plan is Working

“You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

Quote by Nikita Khrushchev, successor to Joseph Stalin as head of the Russian Government.

There is another chilling quote from this Communist leader that is shrouded in a bit of controversy of whether Khrushchev actually uttered the words.

“America, we will bury you without firing a shot!”

May 08 06:19

Half of Catholic high school's lacrosse team is suspended for hazing pledges and underage drinking at off-campus gathering

Half of the members of a lacrosse team at an an elite $20,000-a-year Cleveland Catholic high school has been suspended following an off-campus party that involving underage drinking and hazing.

May 08 06:19

'They might play their music too loud'; Michelle Obama admits she 'worries every time Sasha and Malia get in a car by themselves' as she talks of her fears as the mother of black children

Michelle Obama has opened up the fear she has in her heart as a mother to black children, saying she worries about the negative assumptions that might be made about her daughters Malia and Sasha every time they get into a car by themselves.

May 08 06:17

'Hitler Gang' TikTok video showing classmates 'goose-stepping' like Nazis at an Iowa school is probed by cops after being sent to a 14-year-old Jewish student

Police are investigating if any laws were broken after an anti-Semitic TikTok video was posted by a group of middle school students in Iowa.

May 08 06:17

Is Twitter the new OnlyFans? Users can now PAY their favorite accounts through new 'Tip Jar' feature with some critics saying it could lead to creators sharing nudes instead of tweets

Twitter is testing a new in-app payment feature that will allow users pay their favorite tweeters – but some critics are calling the social media platform the new 'Only Fans' and says it could lead to people sharing nudes instead of tweets.

May 08 06:16

'Your lifelong privilege is showing': Caitlyn Jenner SLAMMED by Patricia Arquette, Bradley Whitford and more for discussing homelessness crisis from her airplane hangar in Malibu

Republican candidate for California Governor Caitlyn Jenner was slammed by celebrities this week, when a clip of her talking about homelessness with Sean Hannity on Fox News went viral.

May 08 06:15

Horrifying moment knifeman stabs two elderly Asian women in San Francisco

Horrifying footage has revealed the moment that a man stabbed two elderly Asian women in broad daylight while they waited for the bus in San Francisco.

May 08 06:08

Black Privilege in Action: Black Lives Matter Terrorists Pull AR-15s and AK-47s on Motorists as They Block Road in Portland (Police Refuse to Confront This Lawlessness)

We move inevitably closer to the moment where the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement engages with the wrong citizen, and we find out if they truly represent the shock troops of establishment and operate with the total monopoly on violence the site has seemingly abdicated (since police have decided to cede over this role after the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis in May of 2020). :

Black Lives Matter militants took to the streets of North Portland on Thursday, in a march for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by police in 2018 after a gang shootout on the streets late at night.

May 08 06:06

The New York Times Loves Racism, and Hates White People

he New York Times has spent 50 paragraphs explaining why it’s wrong for a majority-white college to feature mostly white people in its homecoming video. Why? Because the mere sight of caucasians infuriates the Times.

The nonsensical furor kicked off in September, when the University of Wisconsin in Madison released a two-minute video depicting sunny scenes of campus life. Students cheered at a football game, cycled through UW’s picturesque lakeside grounds, and sang a cappella for the camera.

May 08 06:05

A String Of Lights

Heard yesterday’s Situation Report(5-6-21) and Mike was talking about fleets of drones hunting people down that do not take the jab. Well, what we saw tonight sure darn proves there is something going on. Here is the report you can share and ask if anyone else saw this tonight earlier.

Sitting outside in the evening sundown time sipping on some sweet green tea in stargazer mode and suddenly, wow! It was just about 9:45pm and looking up saw the craziest sight ever seen in the sky. It was a long string of lights that were coming from the south, headed to the north right overhead. At first, only saw just a few, like five, and thought that was strange. Then, after a bit they just kept on coming. All in a straight line making no noise at all. Only a small light was visible in the dusk of the early night.

May 08 05:57

Melinda Gates ‘warned’ husband Bill about meeting sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, divorce reportedly ‘not friendly’ – reports

Microsoft co-founder turned vaccine capitalist Bill Gates’ fraternizing with convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein outraged his soon-to-be ex-wife Melinda, according to a Daily Beast report.

The power couple met with Epstein at his Upper East Side home in September 2013, leaving Melinda Gates “furious” on the same day as the couple were awarded the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award at the nearby Pierre Hotel. There, they were photographed alongside ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself.

The meeting between Bill Gates and Epstein that so upset Melinda left her demanding she wanted nothing more to do with the convicted pedophile. While sources cited by the Daily Beast claimed the meeting would “prove a turning point for Gates’ relationship with Epstein,” there is scant proof of either outcome, according to the Beast. Nor has she commented publicly on either her issues with Epstein or their possible role in the divorce.

May 08 04:33

We DID start the fire! Humans first transformed the environment 92,000 years ago when inhabitants around an African lake burned forests to make room for a growing population

Settlements and tools were unearthed in Africa that date back 92,000 years
Experts also found a surge in charcoal deposits in sediments of a near by lake

May 08 04:33

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes FIFTH flight reaching record 33-foot altitude and traveling to new 'airfield' 423 feet away

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completed its fifth flight on the Red Planet on Friday
Set a new record of 33 feet in altitude and traveled 423 feet to a new airfield

May 08 04:27

Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Weaponizing SARS Coronaviruses In Document Obtained By U.S. Government: Australian Media

Scientists in the Chinese military discussed weaponizing SARS coronaviruses in a document obtained by the United States Government where they discussed their ideas about using biological weapons to win a third world war

May 08 04:27

Girl Who Posted Conversation With Matthew Perry Removed From Dating App ‘Raya’ For Breaking Privacy Guidelines

Raya, the exclusive dating app for VIPs and celebrities, has removed TikTok user Kate Haralson from its platform after she posted a private, consensual conversation between her and actor Matthew Perry.

May 08 04:26

Family kicked off plane over fears disabled 3-year-old might take off his mask, mom says

A Colorado mother says her family was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight due to a pilot's concern that her disabled 3-year-old son might not keep his mask on during the entire flight, despite her insistence that the boy had undergone training to keep his mask on at all times.

What are the details?

May 08 04:26

Man suspected of raping woman in Kroger bathroom chased down and held at gunpoint by marine veteran

A marine veteran is being hailed as a hero after he chased down a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at a Kroger bathroom.

The startling incident unfolded at the grocery store in Savannah, Georgia, on April 27.

May 08 04:25

Asian parent calls out Va. school board over wokeness in powerful speech — gets told to sit down

Former Wall Street Journal writer and Asian American immigrant Asra Nomani delivered a moving speech before the Virginia school board overseeing her son's education, lambasting officials for their "anti-racism" propaganda push before she was cut off and told: "Go to your seat."

May 08 04:22

Coronation Street fans broken as Seb Franklin dies after horror attack

CORONATION Street viewers are feeling broken after the shock death of Seb Franklin in tonight’s episode.

The builder - who was played by actor Harry Visinoni in the ITV soap - died after suffering catastrophic injuries from the brutal attack on him and girlfriend Nina Lucas.

May 08 04:21

Stuart Lubbock’s dying dad says he can ‘rest in peace’ after ‘doing best for son’ found dead in Barrymore’s pool

STUART Lubbock’s terminally ill father has said he can rest in peace knowing that he has done his best for his son.

Stuart, 31, died following a party at entertainer Michael Barrymore's then-home in Roydon, Essex, on March 31 2001.

May 08 04:08

No malaria, sun cream or funny tummy… you can’t beat Britain’s beauty

MANY of us are sad to think that for the second year running, we might not be letting it all hang out on a Greek beach this summer.

But we should turn our frowns upside down because if you peel away the goggles of familiarity, the UK is truly spectacular.

May 08 04:07

Boris Johnson spanks Sir Keir Starmer in ‘Super Thursday’s’ elections — seizing Hartlepool and demolishing Labour

BORIS Johnson spanked Sir Keir Starmer in “Super Thursday’s” elections — seizing the Red Wall jewel of Hartlepool and demolishing Labour across the country.

The humiliated leftie boss took “full responsibility” for the “bitterly disappointing” results as he desperately scrambled to save his leadership and party from extinction.

May 08 04:01

Saying One Obviously True Thing Doesn’t Make You A Conservative Hero

“This is a question of fairness,” Jenner told TMZ. “That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school.”“It just isn’t fair and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” Jenner continued.

May 08 03:57

The Who’s Roger Daltrey: Woke Generation Creating A ‘Miserable World … For Themselves’

“The Who” lead singer Roger Daltrey has joined the wave of rock musicians speaking out against woke culture and its effect on society.

May 08 02:11

Jerusalem Protests: The Mob ‘Breaking Faces’ Learned From Israel’s Establishment

Dragged out of bed

What Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups have been documenting is equally visible to the gangs roaming Jerusalem. Israel’s official actions share a common purpose, one that sends a clear message to these youngsters about what the state – and Israel’s national ideology of Zionism – aims to achieve.

They see Palestinian land reclassified as Jewish “state land” and the constant expansion of settlements that violate international law. They see Palestinians denied permits to build homes in their own villages. They see orders issued to demolish Palestinian homes, or even entire communities. And they see Palestinian families torn apart as couples, or their children, are refused the right to live together.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One would have thought.... that after the horror of being labeled "the other" in Germany before World War II,and became subject to horrific actions against them, that Jews who had experienced those kinds of degradation, frequently leading to death, would never, ever inflict such actions against any another human beings, when Israel was founded.

Unfortunately, the reality of 21st century Israel, is that it has become an apartheid theocracy, with nuclear weapons.

I have to wonder.... if this was really what the founders of this country actually wanted, because it has become, in the words of Casey Stengal, "deja vu, all over again."

May 07 18:32

Gov. DeSantis Tells Unemployed Floridians Collecting Benefits To Start Looking For A Job

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told unemployed Floridians on Wednesday that May will be the last month that they can collect unemployment benefits without proof that they are seeking employment.

May 07 18:32

BREAKING… AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password to Their Maricopa County Machines

Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett joined One America News to discuss the latest developments in the Maricopa County forensic audit.

May 07 14:59


May 07 14:52

Nebraska launches 'beef passport' program for meat eating

OMAHA - Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts ramped up his crusade for the meat industry on Wednesday by endorsing a new "beef passport" program to promote meat eating, a few weeks after he blasted Colorado's governor for a resolution encouraging its residents to eat less.

Ricketts, a Republican, cast meat as essential to his state's economy and the nation's food security. He criticized "radical environmentalists" and Bill Gates for prooting alternatives, such as synthetic, lab-grown meat, and for arguing that the current global meat production system isn't sustainable.

"If you do away with the beef industry, it's going to be devastating to Nebraska," Ricketts said at a downtown Lincoln steak house, where he issued his annual proclamation of May as "Beef Month." "It would have a huge impact on our small towns and rural communities."

May 07 14:45

The US Brainwashes the World

As George Orwell said, who controls the present controls the past. Who controls the past controls the future.  The US monopoly on news means the US controls explanations for the entire world with the exception of China, Iran, and North Korea. How wise Russia is to the US media is unclear. Russian English language news services have been forced to register as foreign agents (no other foreign news services have had this requirement except the Iranians), and are perhaps worried that they will be closed down if they depart too often from the official narratives.  Locating those news services in the US where they can be intimidated was a mistake.

May 07 14:44

The global chip shortage is starting to have major real-world consequences

  • As technology has advanced, semiconductor chips have spread from computers and cars to toothbrushes and tumble dryers — they now lurk beneath the hood of a surprising number of products.
  • But demand for chips is continuing to outstrip supply, and car makers are no longer the only companies feeling the pinch.
  • Many companies — particularly those in China who have been hit by sanctions — are boosting their stockpiles of in-demand chips to try to ride out the storm, but that's making chips even harder to get hold of for other firms.

The severity of the global chip shortage has gone up a notch over the last few weeks and it's now looking as though millions of people will be impacted.

As technology has advanced, semiconductor chips have spread from computers and cars to toothbrushes and tumble dryers — they now lurk beneath the hood of a surprising number of products.

May 07 14:39

California records first annual population decrease in state history

California's population declined last year, marking the first time the nation's largest state has registered a drop since it joined the Union in 1850.

The state's Department of Finance said in a report Friday that California's population stood at 39,466,855 as of Jan. 1, down 182,083 from the prior year, a growth rate of minus 0.46 percent.

More Californians died in 2020 than were born, even before factoring in the 51,000 Golden State residents who died from COVID-19.

May 07 14:18

The Warmongers Have Gone Woke

Why do they bother? Why have the warmongers gone woke? Partly it is a question of image. Of course, just as big companies like to align their corporate missions to Black Lives Matter because it is too gauche to say they are out to make a profit, the CIA and the defense establishment cannot simply say that they are out to dominate other countries or defend US commercial interests.

May 07 12:53

Ohio- forced vaccine or lose your job

May 07 12:19

The new Central Park Karen? Cyclist who found two black women's phone charger on the ground refuses to give it back and calls 911 to claim they're beating her

A woman has been dubbed the 'new Central Park Karen' after she was filmed claiming two black women had beaten her for refusing to return their phone charger.

May 07 12:18

China emitted more greenhouse gases in 2019 than all of the world's other developed nations put together

China released a greater volume of greenhouse gases into Earth's atmosphere in 2019 than all of the world's developed nations put together, a study has found.

May 07 12:16

George HW Bush's election victory guru Lee Atwater ran racist campaigns while schmoozing the Rev Al Sharpton and James Brown, his unpublished memoir reveals

Influential Republican political operative Lee Atwater learned the dirty tricks credited with winning multiple presidential elections by being a school bully, his unpublished memoir has revealed.

May 07 12:15

Humanity has no price (Video)

May 07 12:14

Derek Chauvin is indicted by federal court for violating George Floyd's civil rights AND case where he knelt on neck of boy, 14, for 17 minutes in 2017 as other Floyd cops also face civil rights charges

Derek Chauvin and the three other former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's death have been indicted on federal hate crimes charges.

May 07 12:13

2020 - today (Picture)

May 07 12:13

EXCLUSIVE: 'Your doggy chain necklace is waiting for you.' Flirty messages from Hunter Biden's Chinese-American secretary, 29, who worked for him when he partnered with the 'spy chief of China' are revealed

Hunter Biden's emails reveal his close relationship with the Chinese-American secretary who worked for him when he went into business with the man he called the 'spy chief of China.'