Jun 14 13:52

Indefinitely-Detained Jan 6 Capitol Protesters 'Put On Lockdown In Retaliation For Fox News Show' Exposing Their Torture And Political Persecution

Jan 6 protesters being held in indefinite pre-trial detention in DC for as little as "trespassing" into the Capitol building have reportedly been placed on lockdown in retaliation for a Fox News show on Sunday where Mark Levin, Julie Kelly and Senator Ron Johnson exposed how they're being tortured, beaten, racially abused and locked in solitary confinement.

"Now getting reports the Deplorable Jail will be on lockdown as punishment for Mark Levin show last night," American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly said Monday on Twitter. "I've heard this from a few sources already this morning."

"We just found out that are locking us down for an entire week in retaliation for that Levin special on us last night," a statement Kelly included said. "No phone calls, no rec time, 5 min shower, 24 hrs in our cells."

"They are trying to silence us for getting the truth out."

Jun 14 13:29

RED ALERT: Biden regime makes boldest move in history of America to ban, register firearms using federal bureaucracy

So what’s the issue? Well, the issue is the Biden regime sees stabilizing braces as a way to get the camel’s nose under the tent of broader regulation and eventually registration and banning of all “assault weapon” types of rifles, and against the people’s will. Always remember, Democrats will never be ‘finished’ taking away guns until they can take away all of them, the Second Amendment be damned.

Jun 14 13:24

'Shut the f*** up!': Actor, comedian Kevin Hart has had it with cancel culture

"[T]he bigger that you get the more people poke at you," he told the paper. "I don't know why. The road to success is amazing. Then you get there and opinions about you grow."

Jun 14 13:24

Former Fox host Juan Williams claims GOP is trying to ‘steal’ future elections

In the piece, Williams argued that Republicans — many of whom alleged that the previous election was stolen by Democrats — are ironically attempting to steal the next presidential election by dismissing concerns over the Capitol riot and implementing election security laws in GOP-led state legislatures around the country.

Their three-step process goes as follows:

Step One — Don't mention Jan. 6, 2021. If i

Jun 14 13:23

'Caucasian' should be canceled as term for 'white person,' med college says; cites author who claims 'Caucasian' prioritizes 'comfort of white people'

A Columbia University medical college has set up "Guidelines for Promoting an Anti-Bias and Inclusive Curriculum" — and one of the tenants is ditching the term "Caucasian" to describe white people.

Jun 14 13:16

G7 Summit Woke Agenda: Boris Johnson Wants World More ‘Feminine’ And ‘Gender Neutral’

The summit comprises seven of the world’s most powerful government leaders: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States. The nations combine for about half of the global economy.The Post highlighted that Johnson was borrowing language from President Joe Biden, repeatedly talking about “building back better” — and that the remarks from Johnson were ridiculed by some as “comically woke”:

Jun 14 13:16

Disgraced BLM Co-Founder Delivered UCLA Grad Ceremony Speech

June 11, disgraced Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors delivered a University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA) virtual graduation speech.

Jun 14 13:15

For The Seventh Month In A Row, American Households Say They Expect Higher Inflation

The New York Fed’s monthly Survey of Consumer Expectations found that households’ “expectations about year-ahead inflation, home price and rent price changes, earnings, income, and spending growth all increased in May.” According to a New York Fed press release:

Jun 14 13:14

Superintendent Leaked Private Student Information To A Union, Activists Tried To ‘Bury’ And ‘Distract’ Using Racism Claims

local federation of unions accessed the names and addresses of students in Rhode Island and used the personal info to send mailers to residents encouraging them to vote for a proposal that could put money in union members’ pockets.

Jun 14 13:09

Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations

As we all know, Barack Obama has made it clear he hates white people—including the grandmother that brought him up and his mother—both white. But, Obama is half white. So under the terms of reparations, white people have t pay black people money—he needs to pay himself—and apologize to himself for being half white.

Question: Does he have to pay reparations to Michelle—and do his kids-who are ¼ white, need to pay reparations to their Mother? Do black Americans have to pay reparations to Japanese Americans for their World War 2 forced incarceration? Should Planned Parenthood pay reparations to the families of the 117,000 black babies they killed in 2019? If you must pay for slavery, why not pay for killing?

Jun 14 13:06


Former Pfizer VP and Virologist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, is one of the most credentialed medical professionals speaking out about the dangers of the #Covid19 vaccines, yet it has fallen on deaf ears. With great honor, The HighWire gives Dr. Yeadon the floor to break down his “list of lies” that keeps him up at night, when it comes to lockdowns, masks, PCR testing, natural immunity, and why he thinks our health leaders have abandoned science and reason.

Jun 14 13:01

The curious case of the United States

Internationally, the United States has punished sovereign governments that have attempted to liberate themselves from the yoke of the petro/nuclear-backed dollar, by committing some of the most heinous war crimes the world has ever seen. From commandeering the U.S. military to murder at least a million Iraqi civilians following an effort led by Suddam Hussein to ditch the dollar for the Euro, to brutally murdering the head of state of Libya following his promises to help create an African currency (with the U.S. Secretary of State openly cackling about it on national television), to playing a pivotal role in an effort led by Saudi Arabia to starve millions of Yemenis in order to advance Saudi Arabian interests in the region, the U.S. government has enforced an empire abroad, maintaining more than a thousand (known) military bases in dozens, if not hundreds of countries.

Jun 14 12:51

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have their love lives left 'in tatters' because NHS doctors are banned from prescribing the latest drugs

Daily medication may even bring about long-lasting physical improvementsMen who suffer problems between the sheets are seeing their sex lives left 'in tatters' because NHS doctors are barred from prescribing the latest drugs that target erectile dysfunction, experts warn.

Jun 14 12:35

How an Army of Outraged Moms Is Destroying the Left’s Marxist Plot

The reality is that CRT is creating a generation of radicalized political zombies. -- And this is why American mothers are mad as hell and fighting back — and thankfully, this army of pissed-off Mama bears are winning the war against this demonic left-wing ideology that’s being used as a weapon of mass destruction against their children.

Jun 14 12:19

One Shocking Chart That Has Farmers Trembling With Fear

Readers know by now that the Western US is facing one of the most severe droughts in years. We've documented (read here & here) this spring of a "megadrought" sweeping across states like California and Nevada as risks of a second Dust Bowl increase by the day.

But in this note, let's dive deeper into the drought and how it's impacting farmers and the potential consequences it could have on crops. Meteorologists at BAMWX have published data on surface soil moisture over 20 years. Surface soil moisture is the water that is in the upper 4 inches and available for various types of plants. They found that the 2021 moisture deficit for early June is the worst it has ever been in two decades.

Jun 14 11:54

Meet the 'River Boss': Huge prehistoric crocodile the length of a London BUS roamed south-east Queensland's waterways up to five million years ago

Giant prehistoric crocodile nicknamed the 'River Boss' identified by scientists
Researchers say it grew to 23ft long and may be largest to have lived in Australia

Jun 14 11:53

Gunmen Ambush Ammo Caravan Headed to Texas, 7 Million Rounds Destined for America Now in Hands of Violent Criminals

A convoy loaded down with more than seven million rounds of ammunition has been hijacked while on route from Mexico to Texas.

While the trucks were found abandoned only a few miles from the ambush site on the southern side of the border, every piece of ammo is now missing.

Officials do not know who was behind the ambush on Wednesday, but in a country awash with cartel violence the list of suspects is seemingly limited to those involved with the narco networks.

Jun 14 11:52

Xbox is launching a MINI FRIDGE as it joins in on jibes that its Xbox Series X console resembles the kitchen appliance

Series X was lampooned on social media when its design was unveiled in 2019
Fans said its long rectangular shape reminded them of the kitchen appliance

Jun 14 11:52

One step closer to the moon! NASA finishes assembling its $18.6BILLION Space Launch System 'megarocket' ahead of its maiden voyage this November

Space Launch System (SLS) will launch for the first time in November this year with the Artemis-1 mission

Jun 14 11:49

Bernie Sanders says the Biden campaign made him feel welcome while Hillary Clinton's 'tolerated' him

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chatted with CNN’s Gloria Borger on Sunday, providing a key insight into why one of the Senate’s most progressive members has been able to work so well with the more centrist President Joe Biden.

Jun 14 11:41

Killing the Dream (Cartoon)

Jun 14 11:41

Condo developer plans to buy $1-billion worth of single-family houses in Canada with a plan of renting them and profiting on the housing crisis ripping across the country

A Toronto condo developer is buying hundreds of detached houses in Ontario, with the plan of renting them and profiting on the housing crisis ripping across the country.

Jun 14 11:40

Frail Rider (Cartoon)

Jun 14 11:39

Millennials are about to get screwed yet again if Biden doesn't cancel student-loan debt

Millions of Americans have enjoyed a reprieve from the squeeze of student debt during the pandemic. But, come fall, the student-debt crisis could pick up where it left off - or snowball into an even bigger problem.

Jun 14 11:38

McFlation (Cartoon)

Jun 14 11:37

Microsoft employees slept in data centers during pandemic lockdown, exec says

Microsoft employees slept in the software company’s data centers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, an executive said on Wednesday.

Jun 14 11:36

School Choice-O-Phobe (Cartoon)

Jun 14 11:36

Teachers Across the Country Are Protesting Laws That Stop Them From Talking About Systemic Racism | “We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events—regardless of the law.”

This weekend, teachers in more than 30 cities protested against new laws that would limit what they can say in the classroom about racism in the United States.

Jun 14 11:32

Boris Johnson hints at 'Freedom Day' delay as he says UK must not repeat pandemic 'errors' as Covid R rate hits highest level since October when second wave spiralled and SAGE warns figure may now be 1.4 after Indian variant cases TRIPLE in a week

Variant now makes up nine in 10 Covid cases in England but most in young people and in North West
Public Health England confirms it appears to have a 64 per cent transmission advantage over Kent
MP Layla Moran said the update 'should set alarm bells ringing in Government as we approach June 21'

Jun 14 11:31

One step closer to the moon! NASA finishes assembling its $18.6BILLION Space Launch System 'megarocket' ahead of its maiden voyage this November

Space Launch System (SLS) will launch for the first time in November this year with the Artemis-1 mission

Jun 14 11:21

Don't worry guyz (Picture)

Jun 14 11:21

The horror of Japan's death railway captured by cartoon: British captain's secret satirical sketches that were hidden from guards depict plight of PoWs forced to build line in Burma

Cartoons, drawings and photographs documenting life in a brutal Japanese prisoner of war camp have been found in an archive belonging to a former soldier.

Jun 14 11:19

'Trans youth absolutely deserve to play sports': Trans activists stage Brooklyn rally to protest legislation banning biological boys competing against girls in schools

Thousands gathered in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon in a march for trans lives as a wave of legislation that targets transgender students in schools, sports, locker rooms, bathrooms, and healthcare appears to be sweeping the country.

Jun 14 11:16

Chicago cop 'took part in US Capitol riot wearing hoodie emblazoned with PD logo while on sick leave - and texted friend to share his shock that "so many blacks" were there,' investigators say

A Chicago cop wore a hoodie emblazoned with his department's logo to riot in the US Capitol while on sick leave, and shared his shock at how many black people were there, investigators say.

Jun 14 11:15

My whole life was a lie (Video)

Jun 14 11:14

Ford IT worker, 25, dies in agony a day after he was gunned down during mass shooting that left 13 others wounded in Austin as brother reveals he 'suffered from the time of the injury until the time of death'

A 25 year-old IT worker has died in agonizing pain after he was one of 14 people shot at random while enjoying themselves on a bustling Austin street.

Jun 14 10:51

Dementia Joe Forgets Where He Is Again June 13,

Like a little boy that is lost, Jill Biden had to rope in her husband Joe who was walking aimlessly lost in a crowd at the G-7 with world leaders. Everybody noticed it. The American President needed his wife to guide him, her new nickname is Edith Wilson”, named for the wife of Woodrow Wilson who had a stroke and for two years Edith was the President.

At the G-7 summit in the UK, Doctor Jill Biden slipped ahead of Joe to jawbone with some dignitaries.

It appears Joe stepped away from a table and, for a brief moment, forgot where he was supposed to be going. He stopped and looked around, failing to see Jill Biden nearby.

Jun 14 10:34

Pride month mf (Picture)

Jun 14 10:34

Radical leftwing NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley who warned about a 'New York City built by and for billionaires' received $500,000 from hedge-fund billionaire George Soros

Civil rights attorney, Maya Wiley, who is running as a candidate to be the next mayor of New York City, has been backed by Democrats who regularly speak out against special interests and big money in politics, yet she has worked for organizations that have been bankrolled by hedge-fund billionaire George Soros for decades.

Jun 14 10:32

Joe Biden's royal protocol breach: US President broke rules by revealing Queen asked him about Putin and Xi Jinping and by not taking off his sunglasses when he met monarch

Joe Biden was today accused of breaching royal protocol by revealing the Queen asked him about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during their talks at Windsor Castle - and for not removing his sunglasses.

Jun 14 10:30

'Shut the f*** up!' Kevin Hart SLAMS cancel culture but admits he cringes when he thinks about past homophobic tweets and says he has grown as a person since writing them

Kevin Hart slammed celebrity cancel culture after reflecting on his decision to stand down as presenter of the 2019 Oscars in a candid new interview.

Jun 14 10:29

Deaths in US nursing homes increased 17% in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the year before, study finds

Deaths in assisted living facilities in the U.S. increased by nearly one-fifth amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a ne study suggests.

Jun 14 10:13

Black Lives Matter Infighting Grows, Members Demand ‘Accountability’ From Co-founder

Infighting among different Black Lives Matter groups appears to be increasing after a coalition of Black Lives Matter chapters demanded transparency from the group’s global network amid reports that co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent millions of dollars on homes and real estate.

Cullors, a self-described “trained Marxist,” stepped down from the group last month, but denied allegations that she misused any donations and said those claims—along with reports about her real estate holdings—were part of a right-wing misinformation campaign meant to discredit her and Black Lives Matter.

But a group calling itself BLM 10 Plus, the name of the 10 original Black Lives Matter signatories, said that it wants answers from the BLM Global Network, Cullors, and others about how donations were spent, alleging the leftist organization’s leadership hasn’t been transparent with the other groups.

Jun 14 10:07

Donald Trump Addresses Mike Lindell's Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin

President Trump made a special video appearance live at the Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin today. He discussed the fraudulent 2020 election, of course, and rallied the crowd behind the MAGA message and ongoing movement.

Jun 14 10:04

30's (Picture)

Jun 14 10:03

Will dangerous Delta variant wreak havoc in the US? CDC STILL hasn't classified Indian mutant as a 'variant of concern' as the former FDA commissioner warns of a 'new epidemic' in the fall

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still has not classified the Delta coronavirus strain as a 'variant of concern' even as it spreads across the U.S.

Jun 14 09:43

Pilot Asks 'All Strong Males' to Subdue 'Problem Passenger' Who Turns Out to Be (an off-duty) Flight Attendant

A Delta Airlines pilot asked strong males to help subdue a "problem passenger" who turned out to be an off-duty flight attendant during a chaotic flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta on Friday.

A Delta spokesperson reportedly said the unnamed off-duty flight attendant hijacked the plane's public address system to speak to passengers about their oxygen masks during Flight 1730, which prompted a dramatic tussle with passengers.

"This is the captain speaking. We'd like all strong males to come to the front of the aircraft to handle a problem passenger," the pilot told passengers mid-air, according to NBC Los Angeles.

A 38-second video shared to Twitter shows several male passengers wrestling with the man at the front of the plane. "Help, help," one person can be heard yelling in the clip

Jun 14 09:35

Pedos deserve a beat down. (Picture)

Jun 14 09:35

BREAKING NEWS: DOJ's top national security official RESIGNS over bombshell revelations the department secretly seized cell phone data from Democrats and reporters

The Justice Department's top national security official is resigning from his position after revelations that the department secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media.

Jun 14 09:33

'Where is the proof?' Putin furiously DENIES 'farcical' claims Russia was behind cyberattacks in the US and says he's 'surprised' he hasn't been blamed for Black Lives Matter along with the list of 'unfounded accusations'

Russian President Vladimir Putin continued to try to pick apart U.S. claims on a media tour in advance of his summit with President Biden – denying in an interview airing Monday that Russia engaged in cyber attacks and saying there was no proof it interfered in U.S. elections.

Jun 14 09:31

Awkward moment Biden gives Turkey's Erdogan a mistimed fist bump at NATO summit and is rewarded with a VERY lingering arm stroke in their first meeting since the US officially recognized the Armenian genocide

President Joe Biden gave Turkish President Recep Erdogan an awkward fist bump on Monday ahead of their private sit down amid tense relations between the two nations.

Jun 14 09:29

Panama Papers (Picture)

Jun 14 09:29

Bitcoin surge 9% after Elon Musk says Tesla will accept crypto payment for cars again once it confirms there is 'reasonable clean energy usage' by miners

The price of bitcoin hit a two-week peak just shy of $40,000 on Monday after Elon Musk said Tesla may resume accepting the cryptocurrency for its cars.

Jun 14 09:10

8 Maine Residents Die After Receiving Two Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine

Eight Maine residents have died after being fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The eight fatalities included people who were vaccinated while receiving end-of-life care.

Individuals who catch coronavirus 14 days post-final vaccination are considered “breakthrough cases.” As of June 4th, the state of Maine had reported 387 such cases, and the CDC has stated that they have expected a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who will get sick, be hospitalised, or die from Covid-19, and the eight Mainers joined this figure.

A spokesperson from Maine’s CDC said that the eight people’s deaths “met the criteria to be Covid-19 related after fully vaccinated”, but noted that these individuals “died with Covid-19, not ‘of Covid-19.'”

Jun 14 09:09

Entitled Mom Gets A Present (Picture)

Jun 14 09:09

'Leaking' Chinese Nuclear Power Plant 'Could Spark Disaster': American Intelligence Warns Reactor Has Been Pumping Out Radioactive Gas For Two Weeks... But Beijing Insists Everything Is Normal

A Chinese nuclear power station is leaking radioactive gas and could become a major disaster, according to secret US intelligence reports.

Jun 14 09:05

Jennifer Lawrence accuses 'radical' Republicans of 'cheating' by working to pass stricter voting restrictions

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence has accused a 'radical wing' of the Republican Party' of 'cheating' by working to pass stricter voting rules, in a YouTube PSA for the non-profit RepresentUs.

Jun 14 09:04

Ibuprofen kills pain BETTER than codeine with fewer side effects, study finds

Ibuprofen provides better pain relief than the more widely-prescribed codeine, a new study has suggested.

Jun 14 08:53

Oop (Picture)

Jun 14 08:45

Assange & the Collapse of the Rule of Law

A society that prohibits the capacity to speak in truth extinguishes the capacity to live in justice.

This why we are here tonight. Yes, all of us who know and admire Julian decry his prolonged suffering and the suffering of his family. Yes, we demand that the many wrongs and injustices that have been visited upon him be ended. Yes, we honor him up for his courage and his integrity. But the battle for Julian’s liberty has always been much more than the persecution of a publisher. It is the most important battle for press freedom of our era. And if we lose this battle, it will be devastating, not only for Julian and his family, but for us.

Jun 14 08:41

These won't be winning any awards! Amateur photographers share VERY funny snaps of animals not looking their best - from a swan losing its balance to a squirrel hanging off a bird feeder

Keen wannabe wildlife photographers have shared their worst shots online
Images have ended up on a Facebook group that celebrates bad wildlife photos

Jun 14 08:40

FBI raids Hollywood home of NCIS and S.W.A.T. actor who was inside US Capitol during MAGA riot on January 6

Some 20 armed agents in tactical gear raided LA-area home of Siaka Massaquoi
Address also lists another man, Brian Burks, 42, who was briefly detained

Jun 14 08:40

Space Force launches a top secret 'space domain awareness' satellite into orbit from the bottom of a jet in first project by mystery 'Space Safari' unit

The U.S. Space Force launched a military satellite, called Odyssey, into space on Sunday as part of its new, secret special projects unit

Jun 14 08:39

B***S of Steel (Video)

Jun 14 08:39

School board member encourages high schoolers to remember 'jihad' as they 'enter a world of white supremacy and capitalism' during graduation speech - 14 years after her father was fired for using the word

A school board member called on graduating high school students to remember 'jihad' at their commencement as she warned they were entering a world of, 'racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, [and] white supremacy.'

Jun 14 08:38

Who's top dog? Pampered pooches vie for best in show at the Westminster Dog Show finals - held outside of New York City for the first time in 145 years and without spectators

A Pekingese named Wasabi was named the Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday and a whippet named Bourbon was named the runner-up

Jun 14 08:37

True tho (Picture)

Jun 14 08:34

Biden regime caught bribing hospital staff to supply positive reviews for covid vaccines

A social media “influencer” hired by the White House has been caught trying to bribe hospital systems into procuring fake positive reviews about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” in order to encourage more uptake.

Eben Vorster, a “digital relational organizer” at Main Street One, reportedly sent a private message to one institution offering a “paid Instagram partnership for one post” pushing Chinese Virus injections as the solution to the plandemic.

Jun 14 08:32

Top secret US mission to scatter Pearl Harbour mastermind Hideki Tojo's ashes at sea is revealed 73 years after he was hanged for consigning millions of people to their deaths in WW2

Until recently, the location of executed wartime Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo's remains was one of World War II's biggest mysteries in the nation he once led.

Jun 14 08:32

‘Right Out of the Nazi Playbook’: Chabad Rabbi Defends Marjorie Greene’s Comparison of Vaccine Mandates to Yellow Stars in Germany

Chabad Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live to back up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she was recently pilloried by the fake news media.

Greene was hammered because she compared creeping vaccine mandates to yellow stars in Nazi Germany. She refused to back down, even after craven GOP leaders threw her under the bus. Green believes the lawmaker said nothing wrong and her message will help prevent the same evils that led to the Holocaust.

“A policy excluding people for not complying to any sort of medical policy is definitely right out of the Nazi playbook,” Rabbi Green explained.

Rabbi Green, who had family members that died in the Holocaust, believes that liberal Jews are doing a great disservice to their ancestors by complying with tyranny such as COVID-19 mandates.

Jun 14 08:31

The French live better (Picture)

Jun 14 08:30

Clocks ticking (Picture)

Jun 14 08:30

UK Charity Teaches Staff 'White Women Reporting Rape By Black Men Support White Supremacy'

In the wake of sex scandals that have rocked the British charity, an Oxfam staff training document says “privileged white women” are supporting the root causes of sexual violence by wanting "bad men" imprisoned.

The Telegraph reports that the four-week 'learning journey' states that: “Mainstream feminism centres on privileged white women and demands that ‘bad men’ be fired or imprisoned”. Accompanied by a cartoon of a crying white woman, it adds that this “legitimises criminal punishment, harming black and other marginalised people”.

The PowerPoint recommends staff read Me Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism, a book by Alison Phipps, a professor of gender studies at Sussex University.

It then links to the academic's Twitter account, including a thread which summarises the main themes of the book, including: "White feminist tears deploy white woundedness, and the sympathy it generates, to hide the harms we perpetuate through white supremacy."

Jun 14 08:29

Nobody's Gonna Question Any of This??