Oct 19 08:25

Hollywood Finally Grants a Day Off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hey, welcome to the 1980s, Hollywood! Buried in the coverage of the settlement of a dispute between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), a largely blue-collar union to which grips and stagehands belong, and the studios, represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), was that IATSE has finally won the right to take a paid holiday on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Oct 19 08:24

Biden Administration Quietly Flies Illegal Immigrants to New York in Middle of Night: Report

The Biden administration has been quietly flying underage illegal immigrants from Texas to New York late at night for more than two months in an effort to resettle the tens of thousands of migrants taken into custody at the border in recent weeks, according to a new report.

Oct 19 08:11

FANTASTIC: CNN’s Brian Stelter Left Stunned When Former NYT Reporter Calls Out Fake News CNN On-Air [Video]

The news these days is more about what we’re NOT allowed to talk about. Censorship and propaganda rule over truth. This is why the video below is so fantastic. When truth is spoken by a former NYT reporter who called out the fake news, it’s a good day. We need more of this!

Oct 19 08:11

Northrup Grumman rises up!

Oct 19 08:02

Tesla’s Latest Debacle Shatters Conservative Myth of “Get Woke, Go Broke”

There are a few paths to intergenerational wealth in America. You could build a business from the ground up, spend decades battling to the top of a major corporate hierarchy, or train for years on end to become a world-class talent in music, sports, or entertainment.

Or, you could just point a finger and scream about racism.

That’s the lesson demonstrated this week by Owen Diaz, now a member of America’s plutocrat class because he says somebody called him a mean word a few years ago.

Tesla has been ordered by a federal court in California to pay almost $137m in damages to a Black former employee who said he endured racial abuse while working at a factory in Fremont.

Oct 19 07:59

Confused Joe Biden Rescued by ‘Nurse’ Jill After He Tries and Fails to Awkwardly Talk into Mic Over Blasting Music [Video]

Joe Biden is a gaffe a minute these days, and Jill Biden knows it. Watch the video below where during a ceremony at the White House for teachers of the year, ‘Nurse’ Jill suddenly appears on the left side of the screen to tell Joe to stop trying to talk into the mic. He awkwardly looks up and then turns and walks away.

Oct 19 07:54

Sayonara, Thomas Jefferson…

Oct 19 07:54

Amen ... (Picture)

Oct 19 07:54

OUCH: This is Why Kamala’s Husband Doesn’t Speak Much [Video]

VP Kamala Harris and many other Democrats are showing up to help Terry McAuliffe win the race for governor in Virginia. One person who pitched in is Kamala’s husband, who released a video in support of McAuliffe.

Oct 19 07:52

“You have to lead by example”...Terry McAuliffe Busted by AMTRAK Passenger Flaunting Not Wearing a Mask

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in a tight race for governor and isn’t doing himself any favors by showing up all over the place without wearing a mask. He just recently called a reporter “dangerous” for not wearing a mask but can’t bring himself to obey the mandates he’s forcing on everyone else.

Oct 19 07:52

Nice one-liner, DeSantis…

Oct 19 07:51

Black Actor Who Tried To Frame “Trump Supporters” In Fake Hate Crime Faces 6 NEW Charges For Lying To Chicago Police

In January 2019, Jussie Smollett called Chicago Police to tell them he had been physically assaulted by two males wearing MAGA (Trump’s signature Make America Great Again) hats who put a rope around his neck and hurled homophobic slurs. Upon further investigation, Smollett’s story turned out to be an acting job orchestrated by the gay, black actor, allegedly to paint Trump supporters as racist homophobes.

Oct 19 07:45

Instagram censors scientist for posting study showing men are physically stronger than women

Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright has been censored by Instagram after posting a chart from a respected scientific journal illustrating how men are biologically stronger than women at a variety of sports – and that even applies to men who have received gender transitioning treatment.

Sadly, we live in a world where discussing scientific facts – whether you’re referring to the reality that people are born either male or female from a biological standpoint or you’re discussing someone’s documented COVID-19 vaccine-related blood clots – is enough to get you censored on social media.

Oct 19 07:44

James O’Keefe strikes again…

Oct 19 07:43

I have no words for this…

Oct 19 07:38

NBA Hawks’ team managers tell player Brandon Goodwin to keep his MOUTH SHUT about blood clots from Covid-19 vaccine that ended his season and maybe his career

Just recently, NBA star Brandon Goodwin described the aftermath of the Covid-19 clot shot that he received, saying, “I got sick and never quite recovered from it.” He also says after the jab he always had back pain and suffered lethargy, even during the basketball games. Goodwin’s entire vascular system is flooded with sticky spike prions, clogging his blood and draining all of his energy. Goodwin has played in over 100 NBA games, but his career could be coming to a close already due to the Covid vaccine. The doctor said he has blood clots, and this is all within a span of one month from inoculation. He swears he was fine up until then. Here’s his testimonial, “Yes, the vaccine ended my season … one thousand percent.”

Oct 19 07:37

DELUSIONAL: Pfizer CEO thinks his company has done more “good to humanity” than any other company in history

Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla claims that his company has “done so much good to humanity” that no other in the history of the world compares. Bourla makes this statement during an interview with liberal commentator and television host George Stephanopoulos in “This Week” on ABC.

During the interview, Bourla stands by his company’s so-called achievements during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We are very proud of what we have done. We are very proud. We have saved millions of lives with the vaccine,” he says. “There is no other company that can claim to have done so much good to humanity as we have done.”

Oct 19 07:34

FULLY VACCINATED Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dead at 84 Due to COVID ‘Complications’

While Americans are being forced to get the COVID vaccine, one high-profile American who was fully vaccinated just died from COVID complications. It’s being reported that Powell was in the high-risk category due to his age and had multiple comorbidities.

Oct 19 07:32

Loudoun County Prosecutor Defends Sending ‘Gender Fluid Attacker’ to A Different School ‘Where He Struck Again’...Tried to Jail Dad of Girl Raped by Same ‘Attacker’

Loudoun County Attorney Buta Biberaj (pictured below) has a track record of pushing for less incarceration of criminals. Still, when it comes to one dad, she wanted him jailed for his outbursts at a school board meeting. Scot Smith’s daughter was raped at a Loudoun County school by a gender fluid student wearing a skirt last May 28th. His daughter is only 14-years-old and was raped, sodomized, and forced to perform fellatio in the girl’s bathroom by the ‘gender fluid’ student. Fast forward to a school board meeting about transgender bathroom policies this June 22nd.

Oct 19 07:23

10 cops to arrest one woman…

Oct 19 07:10

Biden is big mad…