Oct 18 12:10

Biden Vaccine Mandate (Picture)

Oct 18 12:10

Sen. Bernie Sanders Backs John Deere Strike, Citing CEO Salary up 160% During Pandemic

Senator Bernie Sanders, the unofficial leader of the progressive movement, has released a statement of support for 10,000 union workers at John Deere now on strike. Union members are demanding higher pay after the company reported a jump in profits, and executive salaries increased during the pandemic. Supporters say workers on the factories deserve a slice of the profit after staying on the job during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Oct 18 11:55

In a first, Saudi Arabia allows beach parties with women wearing bikinis as the Kingdom continues a liberalization drive

Now, the 32-year-old is dancing with her partner on white sands fringing the Red Sea, to music thumping from loudspeakers.

Oct 18 11:55

SC teacher fired after student pulls 'Stoney Patch Kids' marijuana gummies from prize box

A South Carolina teacher is off the job, after a student earned an illegal and unsafe prize in class.

Oct 18 11:53

Trust the FDA (Picture)

Oct 18 11:53

South Korea commits to 'challenging goal' of cutting emissions to 40% of 2018 levels by 2030

South Korea on Monday (Oct 18) officially committed to reducing national carbon emissions by 40 per cent of 2018 levels by 2030 ahead of the upcoming United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, a "very challenging target" compared to an initial 26.3 per cent goal.

Oct 18 11:52

Wild gunfight erupts on the streets of Brooklyn as police arrest suspect in killing of taxi driver

A suspect wanted in connection with the murder of a cabbie engaged cops in a gunbattle in Brooklyn on Sunday before being arrested.

Oct 18 11:40

Horrifying moment GrubHub deliveryman is stabbed to death for his e-bike on Manhattan bench as NYC's 7-day murder rate doubles

New York has been hit by another weekend crime wave, which saw a GrubHub cyclist knifed to death while resting at the end of his shift, and two other men slashed by a separate attacker.

Oct 18 11:40

Microsoft president Brad Smith reportedly told Bill Gates to stop emailing female employees 'more than a decade ago'

Two top executives at Microsoft told the company's billionaire founder Bill Gates to stop emailing female employees "more than a decade ago," according to The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources.

Oct 18 11:36

Fans are banned from one England match as UEFA get tough after 5,000 thugs stormed the barriers at Wembley before Euro 2020 final while terrified spectators, police and stewards fled

England have been ordered to play at least one match behind closed doors after the Football Association were hit with a stadium ban for the violence that marred the Euro 2020 final

Oct 18 11:30

Gang leader 'Death Without Days' will demand $1million ransom for each of the 17 American and Canadian missionaries - including five children - his group abducted in Haiti, experts warn

A gang behind the kidnapping of 17 American and Canadian missionaries in Haiti will demand a ransom of up to $1 million per head, experts have warned.

Oct 18 11:29

The Pentagon powerhouse: How the first black Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, went from a Jamaican immigrant family in the Bronx, to a solider in Vietnam and rose rapidly in ranks to lead the U.S. into the Gulf War and Iraq

Colin Powell, the Harlem-born son of Jamaican immigrants who was awarded military honors for saving fellow soldiers from a burning helicopter crash and went on to become the first black Secretary of State, has died at age 84.

Oct 18 11:29

"However, it's complicated because experts suggest giving three doses."

The pair were arrested in the bar of the Hilton Hotel in Basel, Switzerland, after trying to sell the sky disc to the German state archaeologist for 700,000 DM (£217,391).

Experts believe the sky disc was used as a calculator to help its Bronze Age owners predict the best times for sowing and harvesting in the spring and autumn.

Oct 18 11:28

Cocaine king Pablo Escobar's herd of hippos are sterilised to end their existence in Colombia over fears they are harming ecosystem

The infamous ‘cocaine hippos’ bought for Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar are being sterilised to end their presence in the country.

Oct 18 11:28

Disabled 'astronauts-in-training' complete a zero-gravity flight 32,000ft above Earth to understand how spacesuits and space vessels can be made more accessible

Twelve disability ambassadors have completed a zero-gravity flight 32,000ft above Earth as part of an initiative to advance disability inclusion in space.

The crew, who have mobility, vision and hearing disabilities, experienced weightlessness and carried out a series of tests in an effort to better understand how spacesuits and space vessels can be made more accessible.

Oct 18 11:18

Nike CEO PRAISES Black Exec After Confessing To Violently Murdering a Teenager

Nike’s CEO praised one of the company’s black executives for confessing to brutally murdering a young boy in 1965.

Larry Miller, a Nike executive, revealed on Wednesday that he stabbed a youngster to death in a fit of rage.

“Miller’s story is an example of the human spirit’s resilience, perseverance, and strength,” according to CEO John Donahoe.

Oct 18 11:16

Republican Senator and physician Bill Cassidy says senility tests should be mandated for ALL federal government leaders including Biden, 78, and Supreme Court justices before the 'rapid decline' in your 80s

Bill Cassidy, a U.S. senator and physician, said all leaders in the federal executive, legislative and judiciary should be subject to cognitive tests as they age, claiming they should undergo this evaluation before the 'rapid decline' in their 80s.

Oct 18 11:16

The Taliban will help America get US citizens and Afghans at risk out of Kabul as evacuation flights are set to resume before the end of the year

The Taliban will help Washington to evacuate US citizens and Afghans on flights out of Kabul before the end of the year, according to a senior source at the State Department.

Oct 18 11:15

Bill and his friends (Video)

Oct 18 11:15

The Capitol rioters who represented themselves in court: Yoga teacher who doesn't trust probe, defendant who tried to smear judge's wife and woman who believes court has no power

At least five people charged with storming the U.S. Capitol have refused defense lawyers and are electing to represent themselves, undeterred by their lack of legal training or repeated warnings from judges.

Oct 18 11:12

Trump to give a deposition TODAY in lawsuit from Mexican protesters who claim they were beaten by his security detail during a 2015 march outside Trump Tower

Former President Trump will appear in a videotaped deposition today as part of a law suit related to a demonstration outside his New York City building during his campaign in 2015, according to a Bronx judge order.

Oct 18 11:11

'We will lose the new Cold War with Communist China within the decade': Stark warning to the US after Chinese launches 'hypersonic missile that orbits the Earth at 3,800mph' but Beijing claims it is just a routine test for the 'PEACEFUL use of space'

America will lose a new Cold War arms race with China within a decade unless it takes a tougher stance with Beijing, a Republican congressman has warned after the Chinese tested what is thought to be a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile.

Oct 18 11:07

REVEALED: The 165,000 ton cargo ship that is thought to have snagged California oil pipeline with its anchor and caused huge leak

Investigators probing an oil pipeline leakage in California have shared the name of a container ship whose anchor may have snagged the pipe nine months earlier, as they probe whether that impact may have triggered the ensuing leak.

Oct 18 11:06

Chicago restricts cops from taking time off as department threatens to ax up to HALF of its 13,000 officers who are yet to declare their vaccination status

Chicago is restricting cops from taking time off as the city prepares to ax up to half of its 13,000 officers who are yet to declare their Covid-19 vaccination status.

Oct 18 11:03

Relax and let nature unwind you: for a truly tranquil experience take time out in a woodland Mongolian yurt nestled on the banks of a Gloucestershire lake

The moment you open the wooden gate to enter the magical Into The Woods Retreat life's everyday tensions begin to melt away.

Arranged around a beautifully tranquil lake are six yurts and a shepherd's hut, each surrounded by trees making you feel immersed in nature with the added advantage of ensuring privacy from your neighbours.

Oct 18 11:03

Man Sues Canon For $5M, Claiming Printers Won't Scan When Ink Cartridges Are Low

A Queens, New York man has filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Canon U.S.A. Inc., claiming the company's all-in-one printers are unable to scan documents if the ink cartridges are low.

Oct 18 11:02

That's one 'ballsy' real estate agent! Los Angeles realtor wins the internet with full-frontal photo shoot inside $1.29million Monterey Hills home

A ‘ballsy’ Los Angeles area realtor will stop at nothing to sell a $1.29million property - even if it means letting it all hang out on social media. A ‘ballsy’ Los Angeles area realtor will stop at nothing to sell a $1.29million property - even if it means letting it all hang out on social media.

Oct 18 11:02

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the US is 'closely watching' China's hypersonic missile development during visit to Georgia to 'reassure' allies after the botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Monday that the US is closely monitoring China's development of advanced weapons systems after the Chinese tested what is thought to be a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile.

Oct 18 11:02

Bizarre footage captures the moment a man wearing only his underpants arms himself with a broom and PELLET gun to fend off a huntsman spider

A man wearing only his underpants has taken an interesting approach to getting rid of a huntsman spider lurking around his bathroom - shooting at it with a pellet gun.

Oct 18 11:02

America is ALREADY in a recession that could be as bad as 2008: Dartmouth College professor warns that real state of the economy has been skewed by Biden's huge unemployment payments

America has already slipped into a recession that could be as bad as the 2008 financial meltdown according to key consumer data, a Dartmouth College professor has warned.

Oct 18 10:55

Democrats return to the Capitol with just 13 days to save Biden's agenda as Manchin vows he will only support child tax credits if program includes work requirement and $60,000 cap - $90k lower than current limit

Democrats return to Capitol Hill this week with 13 days until Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Halloween deadline to pass President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill and his budget package of social programs.

Oct 18 10:55

LSU fires coach Ed Orgeron after string of humiliating losses and claims he IGNORED harassment claims made by security worker, 74, who says running back told her he wanted to have sex

Louisiana State University football coach Ed Orgeron has been fired after a string of humiliating losses for the Tigers and a scandal which saw him accused of ignoring a sexual harassment claim.

Oct 18 10:50

Boston bomber: Barrett asks DOJ lawyer why Biden admin wants to reinstate death sentence amid execution pause

Justice Amy Coney Barrett pressed a Biden administration lawyer on why it is trying to reinstate the death sentence for Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev even though the attorney general ordered a moratorium on federal executions earlier this year.

"What's the government's end game here?" Barrett asked Justice Department lawyer Eric Feigin during a Supreme Court oral argument Wednesday.

Barrett said that if the Biden administration gets its way, Tsarnaev would be "relegated to living under threat of a death sentence that the government doesn't plan to carry out."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 18 10:49

William Shatner Trolls George Takei for Remarks Mocking 90-Year-Old’s ‘Unfit Guinea Pig’ Space Flight

Webmaster addition: I have no idea why Takei has such a feud with Shatner. I remember hearing about it while working on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but nobody had any idea how it started!

Oct 18 10:48

Grieving friends and family of cancer nurse killed by mugger in Times Square attend open-casket viewing as it's revealed NYC murders DOUBLED the week she died

Maria Ambrocio, 58, was visited by grieving relatives at the S. Fryczynski & Son Funeral Home funeral home in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Sunday, nine days after she was killed October 9.

Oct 18 10:48

Woke Loudoun County prosecutor is blasted for helping jail dad whose daughter 'was raped by boy in skirt in girl's bathroom' and DEFENDS decision to send 'attacker' to another school 'where he struck again'

A Virginia prosecutor who ran on ending mass-incarceration in jails pushed to have a father who was dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting jailed on two misdemeanor charges despite him claiming his daughter had been raped.

Oct 18 10:48

Joe and Jill are filmed breaking DC's mask mandate by walking through upmarket Italian restaurant without masks on

Joe and Jill Biden dined out in Washington DC on Saturday night for the first time since moving to the White House - and promptly broke the city's mask mandate.

Oct 18 10:42

Bristol the latest UK university humiliated by agents of “a hostile foreign state”: What Prof David Miller did so wrong to justify being sacked remains a mystery

Stuart Littlewood explains how a concerted smear campaign by the UK's Zionist terror networks, coupled with rank cowardice by Bristol University, led to the sacking of Israel critic Professor David Miller.>>

Oct 18 10:31

What does YOUR dandruff say about your health? Expert decodes the clues your hair is giving you - from large waxy flakes caused by scalp fungus to discharge that points to vitamin deficiency

While we may dismiss dandruff as a minor annoyance, or more of a cosmetic problem, but in fact paying closer attention could give you valuable insights into your overall health.

Oct 18 10:30

Smirking Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot brazenly breaks her own COVID rules by going bare-faced in masked crowd at basketball game - then sharing it on her Twitter account

Controversial Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot hit the headlines again after breaking her city's own mask rules to pose for a photo bare-faced at a basketball game.

Oct 18 10:25

Woman, 65, with end-stage liver disease is denied life-saving transplant because she refuses to have COVID vaccine due to religious beliefs and medical fears

An Ohio woman who refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine for religious and medical reasons was denied a life-saving transplant because she refuses to get the shot, but the hospital says she needs it as the transplant would weaken her immune system.

Oct 18 10:25

Chuck Schumer says TSA should use sniffer DOGS to keep airport security lines moving if there is a worker shortage after COVID vaccination mandates kick in

Chuck Schumer has suggested using sniffer dogs to replace people at airports if the fast-approaching deadline for COVID vaccinations for all staff causes a shortage of workers.

Oct 18 10:24

Outrageous! Woke Leaders Denied Ashli Babbitt's Military Funeral

The recently deceased Ashli Babbit loved America so much that she would die for it, but her mother mourns that neither the country nor her beloved Air Force, is joined in showing their love back to her.

Some anti-Trump leftists even spread contempt and rage at someone who is a "hero" to many, especially her mother Micki Witthoeft. Still, she told Newsmax it is the Air Force turning its back on her that is bad as itself.

"I think the military disrespected her," Witthoeft told John Tabacco on Saturday night's "Wise Guys." "We had some proud patriots who did a flag service for her and play taps, and it was a beautiful service, but to be told by the Air Force that she didn't qualify for participating on Jan. 6, that was a slap in the face.

Oct 18 10:14

Convicted killer is charged with stabbing a single mother, 33, to death with a SCREWDRIVER and throwing her body into a canal just one year after he was released from prison for 1993 murder

A convicted Florida murderer who was released from prison on parole last year has been arrested and charged with fatally stabbing a single mother with a screwdriver and dumping her body in a canal after her disappearance three weeks ago.

Oct 18 09:59

'I will not put paycheck over principle': ESPN reporter Allison Williams 'separates' from the company after it denies her request to accommodate her refusal to get COVID-19 vaccine because she is trying for her second baby

ESPN reporter Allison Williams will be leaving the company after it refused to accommodate her decision not to get the COVID-19 because she is trying to get pregnant.

Oct 18 09:59

One person is killed and seven are injured after shooting at Louisiana university in the second deadly gunfire incident to hit the campus in four days

One person died and seven others were injured in a shooting at Grambling State University in Louisiana early on Sunday, the second such deadly incident on campus in four days.

Oct 18 09:56

Crime Riddled Chicago Soon May Lose Half Of Its Police Force

Up to 6,500 Chicago cops could be put on unpaid leave for thumbing their noses at the city's recently expired deadline to get the COVID vaccine.

It happens after the police union president suggested to mayor Lori Lightfoot of a possible strike, resulting in a judge issuing a temporary restraining order against the cop late Friday night.