Nov 30 08:42

Vaccine mandate in Austria...

Nov 30 08:28

California city approves motion to reject any state or federal COVID mandates

The city of Oroville in Northern California voted to declare itself a “Constitutional Republic City” to protect its citizens against tyrannical state and federal COVID mandates.

In a 6-1 vote by Oroville’s city council on November 6, members approved the motion with the power to opt out of enforcing “any executive orders issued by the state of California or by the United States federal government that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.”

The city or Oroville has a population of over 15,000.

“What we are doing is protecting our citizens’ rights as much as we can on the local level,” Oroville Vice Mayor Scott Thomson told Fox News Digital.

Nov 30 08:26

9th child discharged from hospital one week after Waukesha Christmas massacre

A ninth child was discharged from Children’s Wisconsin hospital after being treated for injuries suffered in the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy Sunday.

A total of seven children are still recovering in the hospital one week after a crazed driver plowed through revelers at an annual Christmas celebration in the Milwaukee suburb, killing six people and injuring more than 60 others.

Three of the children are in serious condition, three in fair condition, and one is in good condition, the hospital announced.

Nov 30 08:12

San Francisco Homeless Insider Tells All

In my new book, San Fransicko, I describe why progressives create and defend what European researchers call “open drug scenes,” which are places in cities where drug dealers and buyers meet, and many addicts live in tents. Progressives call these scenes “homeless encampments,” and not only defend them but have encouraged their growth, which is why the homeless population in California grew 31 percent since 2000. This was mostly a West Coast phenomenon until recently. But now, the newly elected progressive mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, has decided to keep open a drug scene at Mass and Cass avenues, even though it has resulted in several deaths from drug overdoses and homicides.

Nov 30 08:11

Teacher Unions, Parents Gird For 2022 Battles

Over the last year, school board meetings have become ground zero for the country’s culture wars as irate parents have showed up in droves to decry school COVID closures, mask mandates, and critical race theory, as well as transgender policies.

After political analysts credited a parental uprising with helping Republican political newcomer Glenn Youngkin capture the Virginia governorship this month, these fights show no sign of easing. Both major political parties are already gearing up for next year’s midterm elections with Republicans sensing an advantage and Democrats digging in to defend beleaguered school boards, teacher unions, and the progressive policies they hold dear.

Nov 30 08:05

Professors Protest New California State University Chancellor for Not Being Anti-Racist Enough

In North Korea, people are targeted for not clapping hard enough for the dear leader. How is this any different?

Campus Reform reports:

CA professors protest new chancellor for not being ‘anti-racist’ enough

Faculty at Sacramento State University protested the new California State University chancellor over his purported inaction on anti-racism practices.

According to a report in The State Hornet, a student newspaper at Sacramento State University, California State University Chancellor Joseph Castro and Sac State President Robert Nelsen were confronted by members of the California Faculty Association on November 3 during his first visit to the university.

Nov 30 08:04

Prof in Canada Loses Job After Being Outed for Faking ‘Indigenous’ Status

Maybe she should hire former law professor Elizabeth Warren to represent her.

The College Fix reports:

Canadian ‘indigenous’ professor outed as a fake; loses university, government gigs

Remember the University of Saskatchewan professor whose alleged indigenous background was being questioned?

After initially supporting Carrie Bourassa, both the university and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have now suspended her after it was revealed she is actually “entirely European.”

Bourassa had claimed she belonged to the Métis, Anishnaabe and Tlingit communities, but after an investigation by the CBC, the professor could not back up any of that. She also said she had hired a genealogist two years ago to examine her background, and that work “is ongoing.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do you want phonies like this teaching your kids?

Nov 30 08:03

Leftist Student Orgs at Arizona State Demand School ‘Withdraw’ Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse Derangement Syndrome is a thing. I laughed while I wrote the post.

Four student groups at Arizona State University want the school to withdraw Rittenhouse.

Guys, Rittenhouse enrolled as an online student.

I wonder how these students lean:

The Arizona State University Students for Socialism
Social Justice in Palestine
Multicultural Solidarity Coalition

The groups call him “Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.” The groups follow the typical leftist narrative with a list of demands littered with the phrase “white supremacy” and objects not associated with Rittenhouse.

Nov 30 08:03

Flash Mob Thefts Spread through California and Hit Minnesota

Last week, I noted that organized masked thieves bands pillaged San Francisco area stores.

This weekend, there are more reports throughout California over flash mob thefts. For example, in the Los Angeles area, hardware and home improvement equipment was the target.

At least two such robberies were reported on Saturday by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A local television station, KCAL-TV, counted a total of six smash-and-grab heists on the city’s west side alone on Friday.

In one incident, a group of eight men entered a Home Depot outlet at a shopping mall in Lakewood, south of downtown Los Angeles, walked directly to the tool aisle and snatched a bunch of hammers, sledgehammers and crowbars valued at about $400 before making their getaway, the sheriff’s office said.

Nov 30 08:02

Salvation Army Issues Sorry, Not Sorry Statement, Withdraws Racist Guide “For Appropriate Review”

The Salvation Army has come under fire for its vile, un-American, and racist “antiracist” materials. In response, the organization issued a confusing mix of a defiant non-apology coupled with acknowledgment that the criticism is warranted in that the most offensive material has been “withdrawn for appropriate review.”

Nov 30 08:00

Meanwhile in Switzerland…

Nov 30 07:59

Going, going… GONE! Footage shows the farcical moment £100m F-35 fighter jet toppled off the end of HMS Queen Elizabeth's runway and sank into the Mediterranean - as furious Navy chiefs launch mole hunt for whoever leaked it

Furious Royal Navy bosses were last night hunting for a sailor who leaked film of a £100million British warplane crashing into the sea on take-off from an aircraft carrier.

Nov 30 07:59

ISIS fanatic who chained up five-year-old Yazidi girl in the sun and let her die of thirst collapses in German court as he becomes first to be convicted for genocide against the minority

He was also found guilty of crimes against humanity resulting in death, war crimes, aiding and abetting war crimes and bodily harm resulting in death.

The 29-year-old Iraqi, who joined ISIS in 2013, and his now ex-wife, a German woman named Jennifer Wenisch, 'purchased' a Yazidi woman and child as household 'slaves' while living in then ISIS-occupied Mosul in 2015.

They later moved to Fallujah, wh

Nov 30 07:48

Canada's Elizabeth Warren? A Top Indigenous Official Up North Leaves Her Job Because of This

Say what you will about Carrie Bourassa: She didn’t blame it on high cheekbones.

Nov 30 07:32

Bizarre video from Colombia…