Dec 24 07:22

Brexit: they say a deal is still possible!

Dec 22 09:26

25 Years Later: What the Euro Has Become

Dec 22 08:15

Europe's Machiavellian Moment

It is still too early to say, but perhaps the U.S. election is the beginning of a new ‘Turning’ (in the sense of the ‘Fourth Turning’). Of course, what happens in the U.S. is most people’s primary focus now; but even as that plays out over the coming year – perhaps chaotically – the seeds sown on 3 November, and in its aftermath, take us to a pivot: Does the centralising project of progressive ‘wokedom’ in Blue America, and in Merkel’s Europe, have the ‘grit’ to persevere – or will its leaders fold in the face of the approaching crises – and concomitant public anger?

Dec 22 08:01

80,000 People Sign “Stop Clinical Trials of Corona Vaccines” Petition –European Medicines Agency (EMA) Silent

Dr. Wolfgang Wordarg, pulmonologist and former head of a public health department, and Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-Pfizer research director for respiratory diseases, petitioned the EMA, the European Medicines Agency, on December 1, 2020, to immediately stop clinical trials of the Corona vaccines.

The petition has been supported by at least 80,000 people and can be further supported.

The flood of emails from concerned supporters was so high so that during the peaks the EMA’s server was temporarily unavailable. Nevertheless, as of December 11, 2020, there has been no response, no comment from the EMA on the petitioners’ submission.

In response to the petitioner’s email, Ms. Irene Bachmann (, acting as Mr. Enzmann’s absentee deputy, responded, stating in substance that it was assumed that the EMA would get back to the petitioners on this matter.

Dec 21 06:38

‘Are we the baddies?’ Brits not amused as Ireland & France join EU states in locking out travel from UK over mutant Covid strain

Dublin and Paris have imposed restrictions on travel from Britain for at least 48 hours. It comes as a slew of European countries mull travel bans over the new coronavirus strain the UK government has warned Brits about.

The Irish government says the measures, banning private travel between the UK and Ireland, will take effect on Sunday night and initially stay in place for at least two days. Cargo planes and freight vessels, as well as some essential supply-chain workers, will still be allowed to cross the border.

“General travel between here and Britain is going to be restricted, and we will review it on Tuesday morning,” Transport Minister Eamon Ryan told Virgin Media News.

Dec 21 06:35

Brexit: EU fish catches to be slashed!

Dec 21 06:34

Strong explosive eruption at Etna volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Italy

A new paroxysmal eruptive episode started at Etna volcano, Italy on the morning of December 21, 2020. The Aviation Color Code has been raised to Red at 09:34 UTC.

According to the Etna Volcano Observatory, a strong intensification of strombolian activity started at Etna's Southeast Crater at 09:08 UTC.

The weather conditions don't allow continuous observation of the current phenomenon.

From a seismic perspective, the average amplitude of volcanic tremor in the Southeast Crater has high values.

Dec 20 06:35

EU humiliated as Barack Obama pinpoints 'unresolved contradictions' at heart of bloc

The EU is going through arguably its greatest crisis of confidence. Regardless of the current state of Brexit talks, Britain’s move to leave the bloc manifests itself as an unprecedentedly poor indictment of the Brussels project. Throw in the fallout regarding the EU’s coronavirus recovery fund, and subsequent in-fighting between member states, the future looks bleak at best. To make matters worse, Mr Obama ? still one of the most influential voices in global politics ? has twisted the knife with a damning assessment.

Dec 18 15:46

'A bit too transparent'? Pfizer fumes as Belgian official leaks all VACCINE PRICES for EU in 'unintended' Twitter post

The shroud of secrecy over the Covid-19 vaccines' prices was suddenly lifted, when Belgian MP Eva De Bleeker published a tweet detailing how much the EU is paying to six pharma companies for each shot.

Brussels has for months been insisting it is legally restricted from revealing any details on the price of the coronavirus vaccines, but that didn't stop the senior official from blowing the lid late on Thursday.

De Bleeker, who is Belgium's State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Protection, quickly realized her blunder and deleted the post with the price list, but it was too late, as local media outlets had already made screenshots of it.

The post listed the prices per dose of vaccines purchased by the European Union as follows: Oxford/AstraZeneca: €1.78; Johnson & Johnson: $8.50; Sanofi/GSK: €7.56; BioNTech/Pfizer: €12; CureVac: €10; and Moderna: $18.

Dec 18 08:24

Spain officially ends FORCED sterilization of people with mental disabilities – a practice still LEGAL in many US states

The Spanish government will no longer sterilize disabled people against their will. Despite the fact that eugenics is generally considered a thing of the past, forced sterilization is still permitted in multiple US states.

The Spanish government officially ended the forced sterilization of disabled people on Thursday, publishing new legislation in an official newsletter. According to the newsletter, “In the last decade, more than a thousand forced sterilizations have been practiced in Spain, most of them on women.”

“The end to this practice...brings an end to one of the most detrimental human rights violations allowed under Spanish law,” the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI) in a statement on Thursday.

Dec 17 13:25

US Hits Chinese, UAE-Based Companies With Iran-Related Sanctions

On Wednesday, the US sanctioned companies based in China and the UAE, accusing them of helping Iran export petrochemicals, as the Trump administration continues to ramp up the pressure on Tehran.

The Treasury Department said in a statement that it blacklisted four companies for facilitating the export of petrochemicals produced by an entity in Iran that is already under US sanctions.

The US also hit a Vietnam-based company with sanctions over its alleged connection with “significant transactions for the transport of petroleum products from Iran.” The sanctions seize any US assets the companies may have and block US citizens from doing business with them.

Dec 17 13:15

Israel destroys and steals $2 million worth of EU aid

Imagine that you had neighbors who were constantly stealing your belongings or damaging your property.

How would you respond? By inviting those neighbors to a party? By celebrating how they have the same “values” as you?

Israel is an abusive neighbor for the European Union.

Through a freedom of information request, I learned that Israel has caused destruction worth more than $2 million to EU aid projects in the occupied West Bank over the past five years.

Yet rather than taking any action against Israel, EU representatives regularly sip champagne with and shower gifts on their abusive neighbor.

Dec 17 13:01

Emmanuel Macron: Positive test prompts European leaders to self-isolate

A host of European leaders are self-isolating after the French President, Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for Covid-19.

Mr Macron, 42, will self-isolate for seven days while working remotely, the Elysée Palace said in a statement.

The French president attended a number of high-profile events in recent days, including an EU summit.

Following his diagnosis several other European leaders, including the Spanish PM, said they would self-isolate.

"The President of the Republic has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19 today," the Elysée said on Thursday morning. The diagnosis was made following a "test performed at the onset of the first symptoms", the statement added.

The French president's wife Brigitte Macron, who is 67, is self-isolating but has no symptoms.

Dec 17 11:34

The Political Theology of White Guilt: Trump as a Threat to the EU’s Post-WWII Narrative

The presidential postelection period unfolding now in the US is having a big impact on the political class in Europe. Historically speaking this is nothing new. Every politician in Europe knows that any major political change in the US is bound to have, the day after, an effect on his own decision-making policy and likely determine the time span of his career. This mode of mandatory pro-American mimicry among European politicians has been playing out in full force since 1945.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the mainstream media in Europe, seconded by EU high officials, with a very timid exception of Poland, Hungary and Slovenia, are piggybacking on US media outlets in a joint effort to unseat Trump and his legacy. The German political class, with Chancellor Merkel at the top of the EU System, is at the forefront of this anti-Trump pro-Biden mimicry.

Dec 16 14:38

The U.S. Treasury Department has branded Vietnam and Switzerland as currency manipulators while putting China and nine other countries on a watch list

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Treasury Department has branded Vietnam and Switzerland as currency manipulators while putting China and nine other countries on a watch list in an annual report designed to halt countries from manipulating their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages.

It marked the first time that the United States has labeled another country as a currency manipulator since August 2019 when it called out China at a time when the world's two largest economies were locked in tense trade negotiations.

“The Treasury Department has taken a strong step today to safeguard economic growth and opportunity for American workers and businesses” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. “Treasury will follow up on its findings with respect to Vietnam and Switzerland to work toward eliminating practices tat create unfair advantages for foreign countries.”

Dec 15 16:50

Hungary bans same-sex couples from adopting children Published4 hours ago

The Hungarian parliament has passed a law effectively banning same-sex couples from adopting children.

The legislation put forward by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's right-wing government says only married couples can adopt, with some exceptions for single relatives of the child.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Hungary, but adoption has been possible if one partner applies on their own.

One rights group called the new laws "a dark day for human rights".

What are the new rules?
Mr Orban has made sweeping changes to the Hungarian constitution since coming to power in 2010.

An amendment also approved on Tuesday defines family as "based on marriage and the parent-child relation. The mother is a woman, the father a man".

Same-sex couples will now be unable to adopt, even if one of them applies as a single person.

Dec 15 07:48

Europe’s Anti-Russia Sanctions Result in Extensive Economic Losses and Growing Tensions with Russia

New data out this week indicates that the European Union has suffered aggregate economic losses amounting to over €120 billion due to its policy of imposing sanctions against Russia. That’s according to figures released by the Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Yet European leaders at an EU summit this week again called for the extension of sanctions on Russia, which will roll on into the middle of next year and probably beyond that date. This lockstep action by the bloc is only leading to more tensions with Russia and taking a political direction to nowhere except more conflict. Those EU sanctions were first imposed in July 2014 over dubious allegations of Russia’s malign involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. Moscow has rightfully reciprocated with counter-sanctions on European exports of agriculture and other goods.

Dec 15 07:33

As Brexit Talks Enter Final 48 Hours UK Threatens to Deploy No-deal Gun Boats

The UK has fired a warning shot to Brussels over no-deal after readying Royal Navy boats to patrol its fishing waters as negotiations enter their final 48 hours.

Four 80-metre armed vessels have been placed on standby to guard British waters from EU trawlers in the event that there is no new agreement on fishing rights after December 31 when transitional arrangements end.

The confirmation of the move by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) comes as Boris Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen warned on both sides of the Channel that a no-deal outcome looked more likely than an agreement in the trade negotiations.

Dec 15 05:46

Sweden Seeing "Unprecedented" Resignations In Healthcare Amid Second Wave Surge

Swedish healthcare workers are resigning at alarming rates.

The exodus from the industry has been so stark that the chairwoman of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals, Sineva Ribeiro, has called the situation "terrible", according to Bloomberg.

Prior to the pandemic, the country was already facing a shortage of specialists and nurses, the report notes. Now, nearly a year into the Covid crisis and with Stockholm’s intensive care capacity hitting 99%, there are fewer qualified people available to work in healthcare than there were in the Spring.

Dec 14 11:42

Anti-Semitism claims mask a reign of political and cultural terror across Europe

Jonathan Cook says Zionists and their supporters in the West are weaponising "anti-Semitism" to damage the reputation of Israel’s critics and deprive Muslims of the right to take offence at gratuitous insults of Islam while giving Jews every right to take offence at criticism of Israel.>>

Dec 14 07:59

Brexit: UK poised to lose access to security databases in event of no-deal, Raab admits

The UK is poised to lose the ability to share vital security data if there is a no-deal Brexit, Dominic Raab has admitted – but he denied that meant Britons will be “less safe”.

“There are certainly instruments that we may not have access to,” the Foreign Secretary said – ahead of a crunch decision whether to abandon the negotiations today.

Among the databases the UK could be shut out of are SIS II, recording suspected terrorists and major criminals, live passenger records and DNA, fingerprint and vehicle registration details.

Dec 14 06:10

Danish Pension Funds Caught Funneling Millions Into Foreign Arms Manufacturers

Danish pensioners' savings are indirectly involved in the supply of weapons to the UAE and Saudi Arabia – two countries heavily involved in the conflict in Yemen that the UN has designated as the worst current humanitarian crisis in the world.

Fifteen of Denmark's 16 largest pension funds have invested almost DKK 3 billion ($500 million) kroner in foreign weapons manufacturers supplying countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, a new report from Oxfam IBIS has revealed, accusing the pension funds of profiteering.

One of the 21 companies where Oxfam IBIS found Danish pension money is the US missile manufacturer Raytheon.

Dec 11 11:21

Europe Bares Her Teeth: Threat to Cut Britain off Unless London Agrees to Terms

The European Commission followed up an unproductive “11th-hour” dinner meeting between their president and Britain’s Boris Johnson with threats to refuse British air, road, and rail traffic unless the country agrees to submit to EU ‘contingency’ rules.

British air lines would be prevented from landing in European airports, British road hauled fright would be prevented from crossing borders, and the Eurotunnel railway that links Great Britain and France would be closed by the European Union if the UK government fails to meet Europe’s demands by January 1st 2021.

While the document presenting the no-deal scenario — characterised as a list of threats even by pro-Remain outlets in Britain — promises a way out of these penalties, it is at a cost to Britain. In order to get a six-month reprieve from Europe’s wrath, Britain has to agree to 12 months of surrendering its fishing waters and, much worse, agree to accept the EU’s competition and ‘level playing field’ demand.

Dec 11 10:01

Chinese and European Media Carry Out Multilateral Cooperation to Achieve Win-Win Results

A statement on strengthening media cooperation issued by China Media Group (CMG) and its European media partners, calling on the Chinese and European media to fulfill their responsibilities as public information disseminators and jointly help the international community to gather a strong force to overcome the pandemic.

The statement was made during the "2020 European Media Partners Cooperation Online Forum" on December 10, hosted by CMG with the theme of "Mutual Trust Dialogue for Win-Win Cooperation".

Twenty-eight delegates from 25 organizations in 16 European countries and China had in-depth discussions on how to strengthen coordination, deepen ties, unite to fight the pandemic, and bring greater confidence to the world through in-depth exchanges.

Dec 11 06:15

The end of Ostpolitik: Dream of Europe ‘whole & free’ over as Russian-German friendship fades & Moscow pivots to Asia

This Monday marked 50 years since one of the 20th century’s most iconic moments, when German Chancellor Willy Brandt fell to his knees in Warsaw, emotionally apologizing for the horrors the Nazis had unleashed on Eastern Europe.

It was one of the milestones of the Neue Ostpolitik – Bonn’s policy aimed at normalizing relations with the USSR and its East European satellites. On the day of this anniversary, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote the following: “Unlike Brandt, we no longer have to go via Moscow to talk to our eastern neighbors nowadays. Many partners in Eastern and Central Europe now view Russia very critically – and German foreign policy must take our neighbors’ concerns seriously. In addition to offers of dialogue, clear German positions vis-à-vis Moscow are therefore important for maintaining trust in Eastern Europe.”

Dec 10 12:19

The UK Is Enlisting an "ELITE ARMY UNIT" to Monitor Vaccine "Disinformation"

Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine itself, how do you feel about the military deciding what information you're allowed to see, and monitoring those who are skeptical?

That's exactly what they're doing with an "elite Army unit" according to some leaked documents in the UK.

Dec 10 11:02

Why is the EU helping Israel treat its waste in the West Bank?

Three European firms are bidding for a role in a new more environmentally-friendly waste-to-energy plant in the Israeli settlement of Maaleh Adumim.

The location of the plant – in occupied territory, and therefore illegal under international law – has also not deterred the European Union, which supports the implementation of a 2030 Israeli strategic waste management plan that includes the Maaleh Adumim plant with $1.8 million.

The plant is slated to be built at the “Good Samaritan” recycling park east (and deep into occupied territory) of Maaleh Adumim and only a few hundred meters away from small Palestinian shepherd communities.

Neither the EU, nor European companies, can claim ignorance about this. The tender for the project was issued in October last year, leaving plenty of time for due diligence.

Dec 10 10:01

Britons to Face Ban From Travelling to EU Countries Starting 1 January

The ban will come into force since the pandemic safety rules that allow free travel within the bloc will stop applying to the UK following the end of the Brexit transition period.

British citizens will no longer be able to freely travel in Europe due to the bloc's COVID-19 safety rules after the UK exits the bloc on 1 January, The Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

Hungary and Croatia are not included in the list, the European Commission said, and eight non-EU countries, including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, have been placed on the list of "safe" third nations.

Dec 10 06:51

EU split on Greece’s calls for arms embargo on Turkey. Apparently principles aren’t so important when there are PROFITS to lose

It would seem to be a straightforward proposition: two member states of the European Union – Greece and Cyprus – are protesting breaches of territorial waters by Turkey. So how about some EU solidarity?

One idea being put forward by Greece is for the 27-member bloc to impose an arms embargo on Turkey. However, as EU leaders gather for a summit this week, foreign affairs commissioner Joseph Borrell is playing down such a move for collective sanctions against Ankara.

Greece has censured Germany – which currently holds the rotating EU presidency seat – for failing to show leadership. Athens complains that the bloc has a common defense commitment and that European nations should not be supplying weapons to a country which could use those munitions against EU members.

Dec 08 07:51

Avalanche warnings, power cuts after snowfall in Austria

BERLIN -- Authorities in Austria issued avalanche warnings Tuesday for the east of the country as 4,000 homes there were without electricity and one man was injured while on a back-country skiing tour.

After several days of heavy snowfall in East Tyrol and other parts in the Austrian Alps, several roads were still closed in Tyrol and some valleys were cut off from the rest of the country. Electricity provider Tinetz said several electrical lines were snapped either by snow or by fallen trees, public broadcaster ORF reported.

A 23-year-old German man was injured Monday in the Hahnenkamm skiing region in Tyrol when he went skiing on a closed slope. He was taken by rescue plane to a hospital in Kempten in Bavaria, ORF reported.

Neighboring Switzerland and northern Italy saw massive snowfall over the weekend and snow also hit parts of Germany and Spain as well

Dec 07 12:06

Denmark abandons forced vaccination law after public protests

The Danish government abandoned a proposed “epidemic law” that would have given it broad powers to enact measures against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), including forced vaccinations, after nine days of public protests.

Had it been passed, the law would have allowed the government to conduct forced physical exams and mandate isolation. It was, however, the part about police-directed forced vaccinations that caused the biggest uproar resulting in the protests that eventually saw the law being dropped.

Dec 06 07:59

At the UN, NATO and EU Members Abstains on Nazism

The United Nations Third Committee - in charge of social, humanitarian and cultural issues - approved on November 18 the Resolution "Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”.

The Resolution, recalling that "The victory over Nazism in World War II contributed to the creation of the United Nations in order to save future generations from the scourge of war" raised alarm for the spread of neo-Nazi, racist, and xenophobic movements in many parts of the world.

Dec 06 07:48

Top Polish Bishop Slams European Parliament Resolution on Abortion

The president of the Polish Bishops’ Conference has denounced a recent European Parliament resolution attacking Poland over a Court ruling banning eugenic abortions.

In a strongly worded statement, Archbishop Stanis?aw G?decki slammed the “European Parliament resolution of 26 November 2020 on the de facto ban on the right to abortion in Poland,” starting with its very title, which he declared is “misleading.”

In the light of ethics and under international law, there is no such thing as “the right to abortion,” Archbishop G?decki said. “There can be no right to kill an innocent person in any democratic legal order.”

Dec 06 07:31

Montenegro approves new coalition, overturning three decades of socialist role

Montenegro’s parliament on Friday endorsed a new coalition government with a wafer-thin majority that needs to steer the country through the coronavirus crisis and an economic downturn after ending three decades of socialist rule.

The coalition, which has the support of only 41 deputies in the 81-seat parliament, was put together with conservative pro-Serb, centre-right and green parties after the Aug. 30 election.

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic has pledged his cabinet will tackle the downturn, fight the coronavirus, and root-out corruption and organised crime, a key condition for Montenegro’s long-term goal of joining the European Union.

Dec 05 06:26

Banks Are Bust: EU Banking System Imploding

Dec 04 09:28

China overtakes the US to become EU's biggest trade partner as Beijing's economy continues to boom post-Covid while the rest of the world slides into the red

China has overtaken the U.S. to become the EU's biggest trade partner while the rest of the world slides into the red due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The country pushed past the United States in the third quarter to become the European Union's top trade partner, as the pandemic disrupted the US while Chinese activity rebounded.

Over the first nine months of 2020, trade between the EU and China totalled 425.5 billion euros ($514 billion), while trade between the EU and the United States came in at 412.5 billion euros, according to Eurostat data.

Dec 04 09:00

Northern Italian Region Rebels Against Government and Reopens for Business

The northern Italian region of Valle d’Aosta has defied coronavirus restrictions imposed by the central government, declaring itself a “yellow zone” and reopening restaurants, bars, shops, and businesses.

In a November 3 decree, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed national restrictions covering the entire territory as well as regional restrictions based on a three-tiered ranking system — yellow, orange, and red — depending on how great he believes the coronavirus risk to be in each.

The ranking of the regions is regularly updated and currently seven are considered “yellow” (lowest risk), nine are ranked “orange,” and the remaining five are “red” zones (locked down). Among the five red regions is Valle d’Aosta, which has rebelled against the system by declaring itself a yellow zone.

Dec 04 08:59

EU’s Coronavirus Christmas Rules: No Communal Singing, Televised Church Only

The European Commission has released a set of Christmas Wuhan coronavirus guidelines including a proposal to ban communal singing.

The Commission guidelines were released on Wednesday and included lists of “recommended actions for member states” which instruct countries to look after vulnerable people such as the disabled, the mentally ill, or homeless, as well as set criteria for small social gatherings.

The guidelines also state that EU nations should “consider not allowing any mass gatherings” and said that anyone engaged in social events during the Christmas season should be forced to self-quarantine before and after the event for a recommended seven days.

Dec 04 08:50

Belgian ‘Health’ Ministry Says Shut Down Shops as a “Psychological Shock Tactic”

Shutting shops at the end of October was a “psychological shock” tactic to bring home the need for restrictions to arrest the spread of the virus, the country’s health minister has admitted.

Non-essential retailers were forced to close at the end of October as infection rates reached the highest level in Europe and hospital admissions threatened to overwhelm intensive care units. Shops will reopen today after a decline in infections.

Frank Vandenbroucke told the broadcaster VRT that, with masks and social distancing, “shopping does not really involve any risk”.

Dec 04 08:32

EU Budget Crunch: George Soros Changes Mind on European Perpetual Bonds, Doubts Bloc's Future

The Hungarian-American investor has stressed that lenders will eagerly buy bonds from entities whose long-term existence and prosperity are certain, which is not currently the case with the EU. However, such a goal "is worth striving for", Soros acknowledged.

George Soros has apparently had a change of heart over the European Union's financial portfolio and how the bloc should cover the costs of the raging coronavirus pandemic, suggesting in an op-ed for The Guardian, that in the wake of the latest budget-related developments, investors have strong doubts that the political bloc will ever pay off the bonds.

The Hungarian-born billionaire previously argued that the EU should opt for "perpetual bonds", with the practice largely meaning that the lion's share of borrowed sums would never be repaid, only the annual interest rates would.

Dec 04 08:29

Portuguese court rules PCR tests are unreliable, unlawful

A Portuguese court has ruled that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for COVID-19 are unreliable with subsequent quarantine orders based on these tests unlawful. A Nov. 11 decision by Portuguese Court of Appeal judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés stated that the PCR process is not a reliable method to determine if someone has contracted SARS-CoV-2. The ruling also said that one positive PCR test cannot be used to effectively diagnose if someone was indeed infected.

Furthermore, the ruling by Ramos de Almeida and Paramés suggested that healthy people forced to quarantine themselves could violate their fundamental right to liberty. Thus, any enforced quarantine orders based on positive PCR test results were unlawful.

Dec 03 13:09

The Nuclear Bomb Is Ready: In Italy Soon. The B61-12 has a Nuclear Warhead with 4 “Selectable Power Options”

video was released on November 23 by Sandia National Laboratories that shows a US F-35A fighter flying at supersonic speed 3000 meters above sea level, launching a B61-12 nuclear bomb (non-nuclear warhead equipped). The bomb did not fall vertically but glided until the tail section rocket ignition gave a rotational motion and the B61-12 (satellite-guided system) headed for the target and hit 42 seconds after launch. The test was carried out on August 25 at the Tonopah shooting range in the Nevada desert.

An official statement confirmed its full success: it was a real nuclear attack, proof that the fighter carried out at supersonic speed and in stealth attitude (with nuclear bombs placed in its internal hold) has the capability to penetrate through enemy defenses.

Dec 03 08:40

Orban lashes out at Hungarian MEP’s ‘gay gang bang’ in Brussels, calling it ‘indefensible’ & ‘incompatible with values’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has described the conduct of MEP Jozsef Szajer – caught in an apparent gay orgy in Brussels – as “incompatible with our values,” after Szajer resigned from Orban’s conservative Fidesz party.

Szajer resigned from his post on Sunday, two days after police in Brussels raided a male-only orgy for breaking lockdown rules and found the MEP shimmying down a drainpipe away from the 25-man party. He issued an apology on Tuesday, calling his “misstep”“strictly personal.”

Dec 02 08:43

By tearing down our statues, Albanians stopped learning from the past

Almost 30 years ago, I sat with my parents in front of the television and watched one of the last mass actions that marked the end of state socialism in Europe: the toppling of the statue of Enver Hoxha, the historic leader of the Albanian Communist party. Transfixed by the live images of tens of thousands of people taking turns to pull ropes, I saw the gigantic bronze figure of a man whose portrait still adorned my school walls tilt slightly left and then right, before losing its balance and collapsing to the ground. The statue was dragged into the main square of the capital Tirana, followed by chants of “Freedom”, “Democracy”, and “The police are with us”.

Dec 02 07:38

New Iron Curtain: EU’s proposed sanctions on Russian/Chinese ‘disinformation’ seek to strangle democratic debate, not protect it

Years of Russiagate hysteria stoked by the Atlantic establishment have reached their logical endpoint, with unelected bureaucrats in Brussels now reportedly seeking to sanction ‘disinformation’ in the name of protecting democracy.

According to something called the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP), the EU “needs to use more systematically the full range of tools in its toolbox for countering foreign interference and influence operations, and further develop them, including by imposing costs on the perpetrators.”

“Possible ways of doing so range from publicly identifying commonly used techniques (so as to render them operationally unusable) to imposing sanctions following repeated offenses,” according to a draft document leaked to, oh irony of ironies, the US government-funded propaganda outlet, RFE/RL.

Dec 02 02:42

US and Turkey target each other in NATO meeting

Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed Turkey during a virtual meeting of NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday, accusing Ankara of stoking tensions with fellow allies in the Mediterranean and of giving a gift to the Kremlin by purchasing a Russian-made anti-aircraft system.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu fired back, accusing Pompeo of phoning European allies and urging them to gang up on Turkey, of siding blindly with Greece in regional conflicts, and of refusing to sell Ankara U.S.-made Patriot anti-aircraft weapons.

Çavu?o?lu also accused the U.S. of backing Kurdish “terrorist organizations” in Syria, while Turkey fought the Islamic State, and insisted that the U.S. and France had worsened a conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh by backing Armenia in a war that Azerbaijan won with Turkish military support.

Dec 01 09:04

EU covers up for Israel after Iran scientist’s slaying

The brazen slaying of senior Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh near Tehran on Friday is a crucial test of whether the European Union can stand up to the extremist forces of chaos and war in Israel and the United States and rescue the 2015 nuclear deal.

So far, the EU is failing.

Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif quickly pointed to “serious indications of [an] Israeli role” in Fakhrizadeh’s slaying.

“Iran calls on [the] international community – and especially [the] EU – to end their shameful double standards and condemn this act of state terror,” Zarif tweeted on Friday.

Dec 01 06:35

'We Want Out of This Cage': Italexit Campaigner Claims Rome Set to Break Up With EU in 'Two Years'

Data from a Euronews-comissioned poll conducted in summer suggested that Italy would be the most likely EU member state to consider exiting the bloc if Brexit proved to be beneficial for Britain, with France and Spain both showing moderate support for changing its relationship with the bloc.

Italexit Party spokesman Sergio Montanaro has revealed plans to take Rome out of the European Union in "less than two years", reports The Express.

In an exclusive interview with the outlet, he was cited as saying: “Our goal is to leave the EU because it is possible. It is about political will. The Italian people, just like the British, want to get out of this cage."

Dec 01 06:30

Far-right anti-EU Estonian finance minister named country’s ‘most influential person’ by major daily newspaper

The leader of a popular far-right party has been named Estonia’s most influential person. The award was bestowed on controversial politician Martin Helme by daily newspaper Eesti Paevaleht and web portal Delfi.

Helme, who leads the country’s Conservative People’s Party and sits on the cabinet as minister for finance, has been described by some as a eurosceptic and is critical of Estonia’s membership of the EU. The party, which was founded by Helme’s father Mart Helme, has been accused of being xenophobic and racist, with “fascist neo-Nazi sympathies.”

According to Eesti Paevaleht, Helme is the “bringer of a new political reality and style,” and has “united his supporters and irritated enemies” in the style of US President Donald Trump.

Dec 01 06:29

Emerging sanctions-driven EU alliance with Navalny reeks of Western neo-colonial moves which helped destroy Russia in 1990s

The West's favorite Russian opposition figure has called for the EU to sanction pro-Kremlin ‘oligarchs’. Alexey Navalny doesn't appear to be against all ‘oligarchs’ though, just those he feels are supportive of Vladimir Putin.
In a European Parliament hearing last week, the activist argued that the Russian people would welcome punishing the ‘kleptocracy’ that he says has thrived under Putin.

The anti-corruption campaigner was speaking to members of the EU's Committee of Foreign Affairs during an “exchange of views with representatives of the Russian political opposition.” Despite the title, no members of Russia's largest opposition parties – the nationalist LDPR, communist KPRF or leftist Fair Russia – were present at the virtual discussion. Instead only pro-Western figures, with almost uniformly similar liberal views, were involved in the event.

Nov 30 12:22

Italy fines Apple €10m over iPhone water-resistance claims

November 30,2020 12:15pm EST
Italy has fined Apple €10m (£9m) for misleading claims about the iPhone's water resistance.

The national competition authority, AGCM, found Apple's claims did not hold up under real-world conditions.

Instead, the water resistance claims were valid only with pure water in laboratory conditions.

AGCM also said Apple not covering water damage under warranty, despite claims of water resistance, was an "aggressive" practice.

The advertising at issue promised iPhones were water resistant at a depth of up to 4m (13ft) for 30 minutes.

The claim was made for a range of phones across several years, from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 and their variations.

  • Apple settles iPhone slowdown case for $500m
  • Apple hit with record €1.1bn fine in France

and it was not made clear this was true under tightly controlled conditions only, the authority found.

Nov 30 08:54

EU proposes new post-Trump alliance with U.S. in face of China threat: Financial Times

The European Union is seeking to forge a new alliance with the United States to bury the tensions of the Trump era and meet the challenges posed by China, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing a draft plan.

The plan proposes rebuilding ties with common fronts on issues from digital regulation to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, the FT said.

Relations between the United States and Europe have been strained under President Donald Trump. The EU and most of the bloc’s states have congratulated President-elect Joe Biden.

“As open democratic societies and market economies, the EU and the US agree on the strategic challenge presented by China’s growing international assertiveness, even if we do not always agree on the best way to address this,” the FT cited the draft plan as saying.

Nov 30 08:00

Hungarian cultural commissioner lights powder keg of controversy after describing Europe as ‘George Soros’ gas chamber’

Szilard Demeter, a ministerial commissioner and head of the Petofi Literary Museum in Budapest, used highly provocative language to describe Hungarian-American financier George Soros and his purported influence over EU policy.

“Europe is George Soros’ gas chamber,” the government-appointed cultural commissioner wrote in an op-ed. “Poison gas flows from the capsule of a multicultural open society, which is deadly to the European way of life.”

He went on to characterize Soros as “the liberal Fuhrer,” insisting that the businessman’s “liber-aryan army deifies him more than did Hitler’s own.”

Nov 30 07:12

US 'Must Realise' It Cannot Stop Nord Stream 2 Construction, Oxford Analyst Says

Multi-billion-euro gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2 was put on pause last year after the United States imposed sanctions against firms involved in its construction. The project’s operator said on Saturday that it was planning to resume “the pipe-laying work” this year.

American sanctions will not stop the Nord Stream 2 project from being completed, which could happen by the middle of next year as planned, Bloomberg revealed citing analysts and executives from the industry.

“All in all, it is still possible for Nord Stream 2 to be built by summer 2021 and get all the necessary certification to flow gas the next winter,” Oxford Institute for Energy Studies’ senior research fellow Katja Yafimava told Bloomberg.

According to the distinguished expert on energy politics, the United States must come to the realisation that “it cannot stop” Nord Stream 2.

Nov 29 15:16

Avian Influenza, H5N8, Spreading Rapidly In Europe, What To Do About The Bird Flu

According to a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) report, since October 16, multiple European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, have already reported outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses. For example, as Patrick Barkham described for The Guardian, swans in Great Britain have been “spinning in circles and discharging blood from their nostrils” and dying. It’s typically a bad sign to see anyone spinning in circles and discharging something from their nose besides scone fragments from laughing

Nov 29 07:56

EU Demands Italy Pay for Migrant Dependents Living Outside EU

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has determined that Italy must pay for the dependents of migrants even if they do not live in the European Union.

EU judges stated that Italian legislation which allows Italians to claim benefits for dependents living abroad but which bars non-EU migrants from doing so was contrary to EU law. The court, therefore, ruled that non-EU citizens with residency permits or who are long-term residents are entitled to allowances for their families living outside of the bloc.

The decision was a result of a challenge between the National Social Security Institute and two non-European Union citizens, one from Sri Lanka and another from Pakistan, who lived and worked legally in Italy and have families living in their home countries, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Nov 28 01:15

Denmark Wants To Exhume ‘Zombie Mink’ Rising From Mass Graves While Scientists Warn Of Permanent Covid-19 Pandemic Risk

After illegally ordering the cull of the country’s 17 million mink to prevent the spread of Covid-19, lawmakers now say they want to exhume their mass graves and incinerate them over concerns that they could contaminate nearby waters, while veterinary officials warn that mink escaping from farms could establish a permanent Covid-19 reservoir in the country’s wild animals that could allow the virus to re-enter humans and precipitate future pandemics.

Nov 27 06:34

Hungary Sticking to Anti-EU/Soros Ads Amid EPP Threats to Exclude Orban’s Party

A campaign against EU migration policies was launched in February, three months before the bloc’s elections, and has prompted fury in Brussels. The EU Commission President who landed on the posters has branded them “lies” and demanded that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party be excluded from the centre-right European People's Party.

Hungarian pro-government outlets and state television have continued the campaign with posters, featuring a grinning EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker alongside George Soros that has infuriated EU officials, Reuters reports.

The move, which hints at Juncker-Soros’ closeness accuses them of promoting illegal immigration by imposing compulsory refugee quotas and disregarding EU member states’ right to border security, as well allegedly planning easier visa process or payments to immigrants.

Nov 27 06:33

Hungarian Government Slams George Clooney as Soros' 'Political' Mouthpiece Over Criticism of Orban

The actor's left-field suggestion that people like the Hungarian PM might bring about the end of days didn't go unnoticed by the nation's government, who likened it to something from George Soros. The latter has been Budapest's prime enemy in recent years over alleged attempts by his foundation to meddle in the country's domestic affairs.

Hungarian government officials and members of the ruling party Fidesz have criticised famous actor George Clooney over his controversial statements about Prime Minister Viktor Orban. One of them, spokesman for the Government Information Centre, Farkas Örs, alleged that the actor might be promoting the agenda of Hungarian-born billionaire investor George Soros.

"Soros uses every opportunity to attack the Hungarian government. It is rather frustrating that there are actors, even non-political actors, who carry out such political intent for Soros", Örs stated.

Nov 27 03:49

The Prince of Sweden and his wife Princess Sophia both tested positive for COVID-19, as their country struggles under a brutal second wave of infections

Prince Carl Philip and his wife, Princess Sophia, have both tested positive for COVID-19 after showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The pair attended a funeral with the reigning King of Sweden and other members of the royal family on Friday, and they showed negative test results then. The king, queen, crown princess and her husband have all been tested for the virus since the two infections were discovered. So far, their tests results remain negative.

The coronavirus has hit Swedish royalty amid a rapid surge in cases across Sweden.

Nov 25 07:34

Nuclear Euromissiles are Back

Over five years ago we titled "Are missiles returning to Comiso? (Sicily)." [1] This hypothesis was ignored by the entire political spectrum and dismissed by some self-styled expert as "alarmist." The alarm, unfortunately, was well founded.

Nov 24 06:49

V Corps takes up position at new Poland headquarters

The Army’s V Corps officially returned to Europe Friday with a ceremony at the unit's new forward headquarters in Poznan, Poland, from where it will command missions along NATO’s eastern flank.

The first soldiers attached to the Poznan headquarters began arriving last month after the Army reactivated the unit at Fort Knox, Ky. About 200 troops will eventually be assigned to the forward element in Poland while an additional 400 will work from Kentucky.

The activation of the Poznan mission came after Polish President Andrzej Duda on Nov. 9 signed off on a security cooperation pact that paved the way for the unit to officially launch.

U.S. Army Europe said in a statement this week that they expect the new headquarters to be fully operational by November 2021.

Nov 24 06:48

Army merges Europe, Africa commands under a single 4-star headquarters

The Army has merged its component commands responsible for operations in Europe and Africa under one four-star general in a new organization that will be headquartered in Germany, the service announced Friday.

The Army’s new U.S. Army Europe and Africa, or USAREUR-AF, will combine the former U.S. Army Europe and former U.S. Army Africa into one organization, the service said. But soldiers will not move from their current locations under the reorganization, an Army spokeswoman said Friday.

USAREUR-AF will be headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, where U.S. Army Europe had been posted. Meanwhile, soldiers assigned to the former U.S. Army Africa will remain at Vicenza, Italy, where that command had been posted. The former U.S. Africa has been redesignated the Southern European Task Force-Africa, or SETAF-AF, under the command of USAREUR-AF.

Nov 23 12:55

Masks Work. Get Over It

Nov 23, 2020,07:30am EST

Social media has been abuzz this week over a new study out of Denmark about the effectiveness of masks on the risk of getting Covid-19. Depending on what news source you looked at, you might have heard that masks might not protect the people wearing them, or that wearing masks doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. You might also have read the near-immediate backlash in which scientists pointed out all the evidence that masks really do work.

I read the study. It doesn’t prove anything, as even its own authors admit.

Let’s dig into the actual results just a bit to see what all the fuss is about.

The study was conducted in Denmark in April and May of this year, and what it tried to do (not very effectively) was to measure the effect of a recommendation to wear masks. That’s right, they weren’t really measuring the benefits of masks directly at all!

Nov 23 11:07

Coronavirus pandemic in Sweden: Govt bans public gatherings of more than 8 people

In the fall as the virus resurged, Sweden saw a rapid increase in new cases and strains put on medical services pushed the government to take stricter measures, including a nationwide ban on the sale of alcohol after 10 p.m. in bars and restaurants. Sweden also banned public gatherings of more than eight people. The country has reported more than 201,000 cases and 6,340 deaths.

Nov 23 08:49

Eurozone economy plunges back into severe decline after new coronavirus lockdowns

The euro area is on a path for another economic contraction, as key indicators for the eurozone economy plunged to a six-month low in November, amid renewed government efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19.

According to the latest survey by the research firm IHS Markit, both the flash eurozone composite output and services activity purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs) hit their lowest levels since May. The former sank to 45.1 in November from 50.0 seen in October, while the latter plunged to 41.3 from 46.9.

Any reading on the index below 50 signals a contraction, while a reading above this level marks growth.

Nov 23 07:41

EU's sinister masterplan laid out in Tony Benn speech: 'They're building an empire!'

THE EU has a sinister masterplan to "build an empire" and Britain should not be a part of it, the late Labour veteran Tony Benn claimed in a throwback speech.

Mr Benn spent much of his political life campaigning against Britain’s membership of the EU and its precursor, the EEC. It is a tragic irony that his life’s calling was not achieved until after his death in 2014 ? but that is not to say his views are irrelevant today. As the Brexit debate rumbles on, Leavers and Remainers alike would be wise to take note of Mr Benn’s claim that unelected Brussels bureaucrats are on an “empire-building” mission.

Nov 22 09:27

A Rude Awakening Coming To Europe

The European ruling class is salivating over the prospects of a Harris/Biden presidency. The bureaucrats who run the European Union and the globalists behind them are cocksure that with Donald Trump gone, things will return to the comfortable pre-Trump days. Daddy Yankee will again uncomplainingly throw a protective blanket of security over Europe and in his benevolence turn a blind eye to the unfair trade arrangements that benefit Europe so.

Nov 22 09:27


A law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power to forcibly inject people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after nine days of public protests.

The ‘epidemic law’ would have handed the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against anyone infected with a dangerous disease, but it was the part about vaccinations that caused the biggest uproar.

Nov 20 08:20


A law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power to forcibly inject people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after nine days of public protests.

The ‘epidemic law’ would have handed the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against anyone infected with a dangerous disease, but it was the part about vaccinations that caused the biggest uproar.

Nov 20 07:56

As Israel Destroys EU Projects in Palestine, European Foreign Policy Remains Impotent

Belgium is furious. On November 6, the Belgian government condemned Israel’s destruction of Belgian-funded homes in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank. Understandably, Brussels wants the Israeli government to pay compensation for the unwarranted destruction. The Israeli response was swift: a resounding "no."

The diplomatic row is likely to fizzle out soon; neither will Israel cease its illegal demolitions of Palestinian homes and structures in the West Bank nor will Belgium, or any other EU country, receive a dime from Tel Aviv.

Welcome to the bizarre world of European foreign policy in Palestine and Israel.

Nov 20 07:42

Dutch police beg “pedophile hunters” to stop exposing pedophiles

Sex crimes against children are easily some of the most horrific crimes of all, and the idea that these unconscionable acts occur every day is extremely disheartening. In many places, citizens are taking matters into their own hands as they try to expose pedophiles and turn them in to face the consequences.

However, the Netherlands wants to put an end to so-called “pedophile hunters,” with the Dutch police begging these people to stop exposing pedophiles after an elderly man was killed by a teen mob attack.

There are hundreds of such groups operating in Europe and the United States. In many cases, they pose as underage young people on websites and bait the trap. Once a potential pedophile expresses interest in meeting up with a victim, they set up a meeting. Typically, they will then confront the person with a video camera and give the evidence over to police.

Nov 20 07:34

Scotland Total Lockdown

Nov 20 07:26

France defies European court ruling upholding right to boycott Israel

The government of President Emmanuel Macron is defying a landmark judgment from the European Court of Human Rights that protects the right of people to call for a boycott of Israeli products.

This comes amid a mounting human rights crisis in France, where the government is waging a violent crackdown on dissent and protest, and escalating its repression of the country’s Muslim population.

The European court’s unanimous decision in June struck a major blow against Israel’s efforts to silence its critics when it overturned the criminal convictions against 11 Palestinian rights activists in France.

The court found that the convictions against the activists for calling on shoppers to boycott Israeli goods violated the European Convention on Human Rights’ guarantee of freedom of expression.

It ordered the French government to pay each of the activists about $8,000 in damages and awarded them their legal costs.

Nov 19 13:26

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.

The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court concludes that

“if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown.

Nov 19 08:45


Nov 18 09:29

Hungary sticks to veto of EU budget over rule-of-law issue

November 18, 2020, 12:35 PM:
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Hungary's prime minister on Wednesday called the European Union's proposed mechanism to link the rule of law to budget disbursements for EU nations a “political and ideological weapon,” claiming it was designed to blackmail and punish countries that reject immigration.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Poland are currently using their EU vetos to stop a 1.8 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) EU budget and coronavirus recovery package from taking effect. They say they will continue doing so as long as other EU nations maintain their commitment to including the rule of law mechanism in the budget.

Nov 18 08:44

Viktor Orbán makes good on his threat and throws EU’s €1.8 trillion budget and its coronavirus rescue fund into chaos

Brussels’ plot to withhold budget and recovery funds from countries it deems as not playing by the rules has blown up in its face as the Hungarian PM vetoes schemes, putting EU projects in doubt and economies on the brink.

After failing to take him seriously, the Bullies of Brussels have been brutally humiliated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday, after he followed through on his threat to veto the EU’s €1.8 trillion budget and coronavirus recovery fund.

In letters to the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel, Orbán wrote that Hungary would veto all elements of the legal package for the budget and the Next Generation EU recovery and resilience facility, on the grounds that, “there is agreement on nothing as long as there is not agreement on everything.”

Nov 18 06:55

EU on the brink: Dutch PM Rutte sends huge crisis warning as rebellion continues

THE future of the European Union has once again been plunged into doubt after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned Brussels may not be able to survive in the long-term as a row over the huge EU budget and crucial coronavirus recovery fund threaten to boil over.

Nov 17 19:25

Forced Vaccination Law ABANDONED in Denmark After Mass Protests

A law in Denmark that would have given the government the power to forcibly vaccinated people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after mass public protests for nine days.

The ‘epidemic law’ would have granted the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against any person infected with Covid-19, but it was the part about forced vaccines that caused the biggest uproar.

“The Danish Health Authority would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease,” reports the Local.

“People who refuse the above can – in some situations – be coerced through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist.” reports: However, after nine straight days of protests against the new law, it has now been scrapped.

Nov 17 10:32

Coronavirus pandemic: Sweden limits public gatherings as second wave swells

The Swedish government on Monday moved to cut the size of public gatherings sharply as it sought to come to grips with a second wave of the pandemic that has seen record daily numbers of new cases and growing pressure on hospitals.

Nov 17 10:28

Thousands Of Officers, Tear Gas Used To Disperse Large Gatherings And Protests In Greece

November 17,2020 9:26am EST
Protesters in Greece were sprayed with tear gas while others were detained during scuffles Tuesday in Athens as hundreds took to the streets to defy a ban on large gatherings and commemorate the anniversary of the crushing of the 1973 student uprising against the military leaders then ruling Greece.

Typically Nov. 17 is commemorated with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Athens Polytechnic to remember those who died there, according to the Associated Press (AP). Marchers then head to the U.S. Embassy because the U.S. backed the dictators that ruled Greece.

Nov 17 08:36

European Vega Rocket Suffers 'Major Failure', $400 Million In Satellites Destroyed 

A European Vega rocket suffered a cataphoric failure shortly after launch on Monday evening, leading to the loss of $400 million in satellites for Spain and France, reported Space News.

Around 2053 ET Monday, the Vega rocket blasted off from the spaceport at Kourou, French Guiana. The rocket's initial phases appeared to go well, but something went wrong eight minutes into the flight.

Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël said the rocket appeared to diverge from its planned trajectory during the first burn of its Avum upper stage.

Nov 17 07:40

European police in coordinated raids against online hate speech

European police launched coordinated raids in seven countries on Tuesday as part of a clampdown on online hatred and incitement to violence, the European Union law enforcement agency Europol and German prosecutors said.

In Germany, police searched 83 apartments and other buildings to seize evidence like smart phones and laptops. Prosecutors said 96 suspects are being questioned about hateful posts they made online.

One of the suspects is accused of making anti-Semitic comments while another insulted a female politician online, prosecutors in the German region of Rheinland Palatinate said in a statement.

Nov 17 07:13

'Impossible to Prove Crime': Swedish Prosecution Decides Quran Burning Not Illegal

Earlier this year, a video of a smouldering Quran set afire in Malmö, Sweden, by Danish Hard Line party members sparked violent Islamic riots, which led to dozens of arrests and several convictions. This act was followed by several similar torchings.

Setting a copy of the Quran on fire in August didn't constitute incitement against an ethnic group, the Swedish prosecution has ruled, deciding to drop a preliminary investigation into the matter.

"It is not possible to prove that a crime has been committed, burning a Quran in itself is not illegal", chamber prosecutor Sofia Syrén told national broadcaster SVT.

Nov 17 06:56

Izvestia: Russia retaliates against EU restrictions with new sanctions

Moscow has imposed new sanctions in response to the EU’s punitive measures over the alleged Navalny poisoning, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference. These sanctions are aimed at members of the French and German administrations. The Russian-imposed sanctions in response to Europe’s restrictions is a logical step, the Federation Council told Izvestia.

The upper house said the story might not end here. New measures from the European Union could be expected. At the same time, Russia is making claims about the role that the OPCW has been playing in the Navalny case. Moscow has long accused the organization of being biased.

Nov 17 06:54

Populist Govts of Hungary, Poland Veto EU’s Globalist Power Grab Budget

EU member states Hungary and Poland have followed through on their threat to block the continental power bloc’s seven-year budget, after Brussels attempted to push it through with conditions the populist nations said were akin to “political enslavement”.

European Union rules mean that many significant decisions — including whether to approve the bloc’s seven-yearly funding programmes — must be taken unanimously, with any single member state able to veto decisions. This safeguard was triggered on Monday by conservative-led Hungary and Poland, who blocked the progress of the €1.8 trillion (£1.6 trillion, $2.1 trillion) ‘Multiannual Financial Framework’ (MFF) as an attack on national sovereignty.

Nov 16 05:40

Austria's New Hate Speech Law

The Austrian government has presented a draft online hate speech law, the Communication Platforms Act, which, if passed, will limit free speech in the country. The Austrian government writes in the introduction to its proposed law:

"The main reason for the development of this draft Act is the worrying development that the Internet and social media, in addition to the advantages that these new technologies and communication channels provide, have also established a new form of violence, and hate on the Internet is increasing in the form of insults, humiliation, false information and even threats of violence and death. The attacks are predominantly based on racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic motives. A comprehensive strategy and a set of measures are required that range from prevention to sanctions. This strategy is based on the two pillars of platform responsibility and victim protection, with the present draft Act relating to ensuring platform responsibility".

Nov 14 07:31

‘Second Soviet Union’ – Hungary’s Orban rips into EU’s plans to make access to Brussels funds conditional

Hungary’s prime minister has labeled the EU’s plan to make access to funding conditional on the maintenance of the rule of law as “blackmail.” He then likened Brussels to the Soviet Union.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian PM, told state radio on Friday that his country cannot accept EU plans to link access to European funds with the rule of law criteria.

On November 5, European leaders agreed that the next seven-year budget cycle would be conditional on the rule of law. Meaning that if the budget as a whole is accepted by a member state, the EU will be able to cut funding to governments that don’t respect the rule of law.