Feb 23 08:10

US B-1 bombers arrive in Norway in historic first

U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas arrived in Norway on Monday as part of a training mission in Europe, marking the first time U.S. bombers have operated out of the Scandinavian country.

The U.S. Air Force said in a statement that since 2018, strategic bomber missions have involved "U.S. integration with NATO allies and regional partners."

Gen. Jeff Harrigian, the U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa commander said training with Norwegians "enables us to hone our deterrence and defense capabilities while also enhancing regional stability."

Feb 22 11:22

Neo-Ottoman Turkey signals sweeping regional ambitions

James Dorsey analyses the significance of a recent broadcast by a Turkish TV station with close ties to President Erdogan depicting Turkey's sphere of influence in 2050 as stretching from southeastern Europe, through Libya, the Gulf and the Levant, and to the Caucasus and Central Asia.>>

Feb 22 09:15

Psychotherapist appeals to European Court after UK university cancels his PhD on transgender regret

A researcher whose university cancelled his study of sex-change regret has taken his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

James Caspian, 61, a psychotherapist who had counselled transgender people for a decade, was prevented by England’s Bath Spa University from pursuing a project it had initially accepted: a study entitled “An examination of the experience of people who have undergone Reverse Gender Reassignment Surgery.” A former teacher training college, Bath Spa was not permitted to grant university degrees until 1992.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Caspian first challenged the Bath Spa University’s decision in the British courts. Now he is taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

“I have been faced with no alternative but to take this case to Europe,” Caspian stated in a press release.

Feb 22 07:50

Biden's Post-Trump NATO-Reset Points To Fading US Global Power In Multipolar World

A month after his inauguration, President Joe Biden’s administration formally engaged on the international stage this week to set out key foreign policies.

His Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin addressed a two-day NATO summit via video link in which he relayed the message from Biden that the US would re-engage with transatlantic European allies. Four years of Donald Trump’s abrasive America First policy was being jettisoned in place of a more smooth, consensual approach under Biden.

Feb 21 07:44

Pfizer-BioNTech tried to gouge the EU with 65-DOLLAR vaccine doses, German media report

Drugmakers Pfizer and BioNTech wanted to charge the EU Commission €54.08 per dose of their Coronavirus vaccine, according to German media reports. The jab would have cost more than 20 times that of a rival shot from AstraZeneca.

The prospective price tag was revealed on Thursday by German broadcasters NDR and WDR, and the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. The paper claims that Pfizer and BioNTech submitted a bid to the EU offering 500 million doses at €54.08 ($65.58) per dose, for a total cost of €27 billion ($32.74 billion).

Feb 20 19:57

Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID

Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for wearing masks, citing the Swedish public health agency.

Feb 19 11:40

Marines Will Stay, Train in Norway After Big Military Exercise Canceled

About 1,000 Marines who arrived in Norway last month -- only to have their military exercises canceled due to the pandemic -- will remain in the country for arctic training.

The Marines will be in Norway's high north region until spring, continuing "valuable arctic and mountain warfare training," Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa spokesman, said Thursday.

While a small number of Marines headed back to the U.S. after Norwegian officials canceled a pair of multinational exercises there last month, most of the members of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, who arrived in the country last month stayed put, he said.

Feb 19 09:09

BOOM! Poland Will Fine Big Tech $13.5 Million Per Case For Removing Ideological Content: “Poland spent 45 years under Communism…It taught us the value of free speech”

For several years, Big Tech censorship of non-mainstream, conservative, and libertarian views has been increasing. Recently, Facebook banned Australian News and health services–among others.

Feb 19 07:02

No Lockdown Sweden Sees COVID Deaths Plummet Quicker Than UK

While the media in the UK is asserting lockdown measures caused COVID-19 deaths and cases to plummet, Sweden saw an even greater drop off in deaths despite enforcing comparatively minor restrictions.

This morning, UK broadcaster Sky News declared “Lockdown is working! COVID-19 infection rate plummets in England.”

“One of the largest and most authoritative coronavirus surveys has found that infections are quickly falling in England, confirming that lockdown is working to suppress the virus,” states the report.

The report claims that vaccines aren’t a factor in the reduction in deaths and cases because they are observed across all age groups.

Feb 18 11:14

Draghi Says New Italian Gov’t to Be Pro-European, Atlanticist in International Relations

The new Italian government will be pro-European and Atlanticist in its foreign policy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said Wednesday.

"As for our international relations, this government will be firmly pro-European and Atlanticist, in line with historic ties of Italy: the European Union, Atlantic alliance (NATO), the United Nations. …Our commitment to efficient multilateralism is deep and based on indispensable role of the United Nations," Draghi said at the Senate where the vote of confidence in the new government would take place later in the day.

The prime minister added that Italy would continue to pay particular attention to the relations with the Balkans, greater Mediterranean region, Libya and Africa.

Feb 18 10:45

EU officials in Brussels will be vaccinated in separate centres

People working for international institutions based in Brussels, such as the European Commission and NATO, will be vaccinated against the coronavirus in separate vaccination centres, not the ones used for the rest of the city.

NATO and the European Commission and Parliament will vaccinate their own staff, around 31,000 people in total, in line with the timing put in place for the rest of the country.

The vaccination of EU officials is part of the region’s overall strategy, and will start at the same time as phase 1B, at the beginning of March, meaning they will not receive their jabs before other people in Belgium.

“For vaccinations, we treat them like we do a large hospital, where we deliver the vaccine quota, and people are vaccinated on the spot,” Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspectorate told BX1, adding that the decision has been made in agreement with the regional authorities.

Feb 18 08:34

EU gives $15 million in “creative” aid to Israel’s war industry

Let us never forget the miracles performed by the Donald Trump Dating Agency.

For a little while in 2020, we could stop worrying about a deadly virus and celebrate the peace agreements between Israel and countries with which it had never been at war. By arranging those accords, Trump could seek a second presidential term posing as part-Cupid part-Gandhi.

That election didn’t go as well as he would have hoped. But the beautiful love story that Trump scripted has now endured beyond Valentine’s Day.

Next week it will continue with a weapons fair in the United Arab Emirates.

Feb 17 09:08

Is a Revolutionary Movement Developing in Europe? Rejecting the Lockdown and the Mask

US media provides little news of Europe. What is provided is strictly “narrated.” Consequently, Americans are unaware of what seems to be a spontaneous, leaderless, popular uprising against mandated lockdowns and masks.

There are large demonstrations in Germany, and they have spread to Vienna and to Copenhagen. The people have more sense than the public authorities and reject the Covid mandates.

In The Netherlands, the Hague Court has ruled that the Covid curfew has no legal basis and “is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration.” See this.

Feb 17 08:48

EU Craves New 'Clearing House' Body to 'De-Escalate' Brexit Tensions Over Northern Ireland

The Democratic Unionist party is planning to get rid of the Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, as it believes the clause undermines the country’s position within the United Kingdom with custom checks and border controls in the Irish Sea.

Tensions in Northern Ireland have been on the rise since the end of the Brexit transition period, so the European commission has decided to establish a new committee, dubbed a “clearing house”, to evaluate solutions to issues arising from the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol, the EC’s Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi? told MPs in Ireland’s lower chamber.

Speaking in front of lawmakers at Dáil’s European affairs committee, the official noted that the protocol’s introduction has been “administratively extremely challenging” but said that many of the arising issues were anticipated by UK and EU partners.

Feb 17 08:46

France is Urgently Buying Russian Gas Amid Europe's Cold Weather Crisis

Europe has been hit by extreme amount of snow and cold temperatures this year, which have exhausted countries' own fuel reserves and prompted them to seek additional help elsewhere.

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom has increased its export of gas to France by almost 1.5 times since the start of the year, the company said on its Telegram channel, linking Europe’s surging demand for natural gas to the “cold, frosty winter..

France’s gas reserves in underground storage have declined below 30%, the gas producer added, citing data from Gas Infrastructure Europe. In Germany, the gas reserves reportedly dropped to 34.17% and to 45.28% in Austria.

Feb 17 08:32

NATO ready for peace with Moscow…or confrontation, Stoltenberg claims after ordering funding boost for troops on Russian border

Despite its growing military presence and war games in Eastern Europe, the question of whether NATO troops stationed in the region come as allies or enemies is really up to Russia, the head of the US-led bloc has insisted.

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of the organization told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on Tuesday that it was open for dialogue with Moscow, but also prepared for hostilities. In comments quoted in the Russian media, he insisted that “we need to send a clear signal to Russia… If they want clashes, we are ready. If they want to co-operate, we will be glad.”

According to the military chief, Russia “is our neighbor. They have interests – we need to avoid incidents, especially at the borders.”

Feb 17 07:00

Dutch court REINSTATES coronavirus curfew in break-neck reversal of earlier order to end ‘illegitimate’ policy

A Dutch appeals court has revived the country’s Covid-19 curfew just moments before it came into effect, overturning a ruling handed down hours earlier ordering the government to lift the “illegitimate” measure immediately.

A three-judge appellate panel granted an emergency injunction following a request from the Dutch government on Tuesday, agreeing to vacate the earlier order from a lower court to end the nightly curfew, DW reported. The decision came just moments before the 9pm curfew was set to take effect, with the judges scheduling a full hearing on its legality for Friday.

The appeals judges argued that they wanted to avoid what they called a “yo-yo effect,” referring to public confusion around whether the curfew was still in force, adding that “in this case, the state’s interests weigh more than that of Virus Truth’s,” the activist group that brought the initial complaint against the curfews to court – also known by its Dutch name, Viruswaarheid.

Feb 17 06:52

'Western Elites Want a World Without Religion and History': Publisher Slams Repurposing of Churches

While religious venues all over the Netherlands are often being "recycled" into apartments and bars, some Dutch observers see outside pressure – namely the anti-religious strategy of Western elites as the key driver behind this process.

Dutch churches are in a deep crisis. According to public broadcaster RTL News, some of them are unable to afford maintenance costs. Others suffer from a lack of attention by parishioners. In addition, almost all religious venues in the Netherlands recently fell victim to COVID restrictions, resulting in staggeringly low attendance and smaller contributions.

As a result, many venues placed "For Sale" signs on their premises, with some rural Dutch churches going for as low as 35,000 euros.

Feb 16 11:07

"Far-Reaching Violation": Dutch Govt Ordered To Lift 'Illegitimate' Pandemic Curfew By Hague Court

A top court in The Hague issued a "shock" ruling that curbs the power of civic authorities to impose sweeping coronavirus-related curfews which should have significant reverberations legally for similar scenarios in other countries.

"The curfew must be lifted immediately," the court said in a statement, underscoring that the Dutch government is abusing its powers by violating freedom of movement and assembly in particular. The pandemic curfew must be reversed immediately, the government has been told, which comes after weeks of fierce protests by an angry population which seems to have rejected it in unison.

Feb 16 07:32

EU has been breaking off relations with Moscow for years, says Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov amid growing tension with Brussels

Worsening ties between the EU and Russia are the fault of Brussels, Sergey Lavrov has claimed, saying that the bloc blames Moscow for its woes in Ukraine and has unilaterally torn up beneficial diplomatic agreements.

Speaking at a press conference in St. Petersburg on Monday and citing what he called Brussels’ failed political intervention in Ukraine during the country’s 2014 Maidan protests, Lavrov said that “it was then that the real humiliation of the EU took place.”

Since then, Lavrov said, its politicians have been “by and large indifferent at the attacks that the inhabitants of Crimea and eastern Ukraine were subjected to by the ultra-radicals and neo-Nazis who came to power.”

At the same time, he said, the EU “blamed the Russian Federation for everything that is happening” and “has consistently destroyed all mechanisms without exception that existed on the basis of an agreement on partnership and cooperation.”

Feb 16 07:05

China outpaces US as Europe’s largest trade partner in 2020

China has become the only country to boost both exports and imports to the European Union amid the pandemic, dethroning the US as the bloc’s top commercial partner last year.

According to the data published by the European Union’s statistics office, Eurostat, the 27-nation bloc’s imports from China hit €383.5 billion ($465.6 billion) in 2020, increasing by 5.6 percent year-on-year. Exports were up 2.2 percent to reach €202.5 billion ($245.9 billion).

Feb 15 18:55

Europe Begins to Stand Up Against SJWs

Feb 15 11:03

EU Solidarity Cracks as Merkel’s Germany Tightens Borders Against Neighbours

Germany on Sunday implemented tighter border controls on its frontiers with the Czech Republic and Austria’s Tyrol province in an effort to stem the spread of more contagious coronavirus variants.

The new restrictions that took effect at midnight limit entry from those areas to German citizens and residents, truck drivers, transport and health service staff and a few others, who have to register online and show a negative coronavirus test.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that the new checks may cause some delays at the border and German police “will not just wave traffic through.”

Infection rates in Germany have been declining steadily in recent weeks but officials are concerned about the possible impact of variants first discovered in Britain and South Africa. Both variants have been reported in Germany but so far appear to account for just a small proportion of cases.

Feb 15 08:20

White House Reportedly Holding Internal Talks on Nord Stream 2 as Russian Pipelayer Resumes Work

Washington has slapped two rounds of sanctions on the $10.5 billion Russian-European energy infrastructure project, and has threatened its Western European allies with secondary restrictions. Berlin has rejected the idea of extraterritorial sanctions, but has also reportedly agreed to negotiate with the Biden administration on possible concessions.

Germany and the United States have not yet start direct negotiations on Nord Stream 2, Handelsblatt reports, citing officials and sources in government circles.

The newspaper says the key reason that negotiations have yet to start is that key positions in Washington have yet to be filled, among them counterparts to the staff of Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier.

Feb 14 08:12

No Way Nord Stream 2 Won’t be Used as Russia’s Partners in EU Need Project, Official Says

The joint project by Russia’s Gazprom and European energy giants has faced harsh criticism and pressure from the US, who is demanding that the EU ditch the pipeline and buy American or other foreign LNG instead, threatening sanctions otherwise.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline doesn’t face the risk of being unused as EU countries are interested in it, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with the TV channel Rossiya 1. He stressed that the pipeline is in full compliance with European laws and that all of the issues it faces are related to competition with the US over gas markets.

"It is simply a competition on the part of American partners who want to sell their liquefied natural gas [LNG] to Europe. So, in essence, we're witnessing non-market methods of competition [on their part]", Novak said.

Feb 13 08:06

Soros-Funded NGO Demands Punishment for Hungary Migrant ‘Pushbacks’

Andras Lederer from the George Soros-backed Hungarian Helsinki Committee has called on the European Union to punish Hungary after accusing the country of engaging in migrant pushbacks in contradiction of a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling.

Mr Lederer criticised the European Commission for inaction over the alleged pushbacks along the Serbian border with Hungary, saying that the central European nation was acting in defiance of an ECJ ruling from December that stated that pushbacks were unlawful.

“It’s not very often in the legal field that things are crystal clear,” Leder told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and added: “But that is the case with ECJ rulings. They are binding, and Hungary must obey and implement them. But the Hungarian government is not doing it.”

Feb 13 07:39

More Than Five Million EU Migrants Have Applied to Stay in UK

More than five million migrants from the European Union have applied to live permanently in Britain under the EU settlement scheme, with applications still open until June 2021.

Of those, nearly 2.5 million (2,497,600) have already been granted permanent leave to remain, and more than two million (2,039,800) have been granted pre-settled status, meaning that they can apply in five years for full legal residency.

Another 38,900 had their applications refused, 50,600 were deemed invalid, and 51,400 were withdrawn or void, according to provisional Home Office figures reported by The Telegraph on Thursday.

Feb 11 10:36

"Show Of Force Unseen Since Cold War": US Military Flexes In Norway

Amid mounting tensions between Russia and the West and as the Kremlin has lately placed strategic emphasis on its military readiness in the far north Arctic Circle, AFP reports that "The United States is deploying long-range B-1 bombers to Norway to train in the strategically important High North in a new show of force unseen in the region since the Cold War."

As we described last week ahead of the deployment, the US Air Force announced that for the first time ever it will send multiple B-1 Lancer bombers along with 200 airmen to Norway, which comes amid greater NATO calls to "confront Russia".

Feb 11 09:18

Germany, Hungary back Israel in opposing ICC ruling on war crimes probe

The Foreign Ministries of Germany and Hungary on Tuesday denounced the International Criminal Court’s ruling last week that the court has jurisdiction to open an investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel and the Hamas terror group.

Israel has denounced the Friday ruling and the US objected to it, while the Palestinians supported the move. Israel and the US are not members of the ICC; the Palestinian Authority joined the court in 2015.

Heiko Maas, the German foreign minister, said “the court has no jurisdiction because of the absence of the element of Palestinian statehood required by international law.”

Feb 11 08:21

Youths hurl FIREBOMBS at riot police in Athens as Greece debates controversial education reforms (VIDEO)

Anger over proposed legislation that would ramp up security at Greek universities spilled over into the streets of Athens, as activists tossed Molotov cocktails during pitched battles with police.

Thousands of protesters faced off with law enforcement near the Hellenic Parliament building in Syntagma Square on Wednesday, as lawmakers debated a bill that would place uniformed, unarmed security personnel on university campuses. Currently, police are prohibited from entering the grounds of higher-education institutions, due to a law adopted after the country’s right-wing dictatorship violently crushed a student uprising at Athens Polytechnic in 1973.

Feb 10 15:12

Dangerously Cold Temperatures Pour Into Europe This Week

While the Arctic blast over the central US is set to worsen in the coming days (see: here & here), temperatures in northern Europe are set to dive as low as -20 degrees Celsius (-36 degrees Fahrenheit), data firm Maxar Technologies said in a report on Wednesday.

Feb 10 08:52

OBEY: Europeans will soon be eating bugs after mealworms get the green light from food regulators

Mealworms just got an inch closer to European dining tables after the European Union‘s (EU) food safety watchdog, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), found the insects safe for human consumption.

French company EAP Group Agronutris submitted the application for the approval of mealworms in 2018. Despite their name, mealworms are not actually worms – they are the larvae of the mealworm beetle.

Rich in fat and high-quality protein, mealworms offer a sustainable source of food with a lower carbon footprint. However, the bug may not be advisable for consumption among people with seafood and dust mite allergies.

EFSA experts are hopeful that the European Commission will soon approve mealworms as a food product fit for supermarket shelves, kitchen pantries and restaurant menus across the EU.

Feb 10 06:26

Sweden Moves toward COVID Vaccine Passport

Feb 09 08:33

Europe's Debt Cancellation Would Mean Recognition Of Insolvency

Economist Thomas Piketty, creator of some of the most absurd proposals embraced by the extreme left, has published an article in which he demands a cancellation of government debt in the hands of the European Central Bank “in exchange for greater public investment” ... which, by the way, would be paid with more issuance of public debt. Fascinating.

Luís de Guindos, vice president of the ECB, has settled the controversy with two pieces of evidence.

“Cancelling the debt (in the ECB balance sheet) is illegal and also does not make economic sense,” he explained to Reuters on February 4th, 2020.

The first part is obvious. It is prohibited by the bylaws of the European Central Bank. I will explain the lack of economic logic here.

Feb 09 07:16

Exclusive Interview: Hungary Scrapping Income Tax for Under-25s to Support Youth, Families

The Hungarian government is scrapping income tax for under-25s to help young people “to have a future in Hungary, to start a family, raise children, prosper, and live” the country’s families minister told Breitbart in an exclusive interview.

This is part one of two part-part interview with Katalin Novák, Hungary’s Minister for Family Affairs.

Katalin Novák, who has been helping to drive Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s pro-family agenda for seven years now, told Breitbart London that, according to preliminary calculations, the policy could help some 460,000 people in the country of roughly ten million, and estimated that “the income of youngsters will increase by 22 per cent” as a result.

Feb 08 14:18

'The EU is an unreliable partner' Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov:

Russia had recently said that it would take a more assertive stand against the sanctions and Navalny nonsense the 'west' is throwing at it.

Today the EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell visited Moscow. He had a talk with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

It was showtime:

Borrell said he had conveyed the EU’s unhappiness about the jailing of Navalny. “I have conveyed to Minister Lavrov our deep concern and reiterated our appeal for his release and the launch of an impartial investigation of his poisoning,” he said.

But his remarks were overshadowed by Lavrov’s forceful rebuke, in which he repeated his doubts about the West’s conclusion that Navalny was poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent — a conclusion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally announced in Berlin, where Navalny was treated. Laboratories in France and Sweden, as well as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, confirmed the German findings.

Feb 08 07:01

The UK-EU Clash Over Northern Ireland Will Have Grave Consequences

"Get your retaliation in first,” is a cynical old saying in Northern Irish politics that means you hit your opponent whenever you can without waiting for a provocation. It neatly captures the violent traditions of the province and explains why the political temperature there is always close to boiling over.

Imagine then the pleasure of those unionists who had always opposed the Northern Ireland Protocol, which places the new EU/UK commercial frontier between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, to find that they had been genuinely provoked by the European Commission. In a classic cock-up, but one with grave and lasting consequences, Brussels had briefly called for a “hard border” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, something it had repeatedly told Britain was an anathema because it would endanger the Good Friday Agreement and open the road to communal violence.

Feb 07 07:51

Fury at Gove as exports to EU slashed by 68% since Brexit

The volume of exports going through British ports to the EU fell by a staggering 68% last month compared with January last year, mostly as a result of problems caused by Brexit, the Observer can reveal.

The dramatic drop in the volume of traffic carried on ferries and through the Channel tunnel has been reported to Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove by the Road Haulage Association after a survey of its international members. In a letter to Gove dated 1 February, the RHA’s chief executive, Richard Burnett, also told the minister he and his officials had repeatedly warned over several months of problems and called for measures to lessen difficulties – but had been largely ignored.

Feb 07 07:33

EU chief von der Leyen compares fight for Covid vaccine supplies to the Cold War space race - hours after bloc turned to Russia for help with their inoculation disaster

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today compared vaccine nationalism to the Cold War space race.

The beleaguered Brussels chief said this 'old confrontational mindset' akin to US-Soviet tensions was not helping global efforts to beat coronavirus.

She told students at Warwick University: 'Some countries see the quest for a vaccine as a race amongst global powers, like the space race in the 1960s.'

Feb 05 11:42

Denmark May Soon Force Churches to Submit Their Sermons to Government

Christian leaders in Denmark say religious liberty and the freedoms of speech and expression have come under fire after a proposed law would require leaders of all faiths to translate their sermons into Danish and submit them to the government.

La Croix International reports the new measure is primarily aimed at radical Islamic groups, but it will also affect churches. It is scheduled to be reviewed this month at the Folketing, the Danish Parliament. The country has more a population of more than 270,000 Muslims, and most of the sermons in the mosques are preached in Arabic.

The government of Denmark has said the law is necessary to curb the growth of Islamic extremism. CBN News sources explain the measure is aimed at getting the preaching of jihad out of mosques, but because Europe is so politically correct they won’t just pinpoint mosques. They’re including churches and casting a broad, politically correct net.

Feb 05 08:03

Criminal Conspiracy Probe Launched After Greta Thunberg Accidentally Posts Her Marching Orders

[Link to the now deleted document is in this Web page ]
Environmental extremist Greta Thunberg sparked a criminal conspiracy probe after sharing the wrong document with her nearly 5 million Twitter followers.

The investigation began after the 18-year-old Thunberg accidentally tweeted apparent orders advising her on what to post and say about sensitive world issues.

The Wednesday post was quickly deleted, but not before being saved and shared by multiple accounts. Pictures of Thunberg’s document reveal one of the suggested posts included a manufactured response in support of Indian farmers violently protesting their government.

Screenshots of the tweet show the document was accidentally posted by Thunberg as she offered her supporters a “toolkit” to help support the protests.

After deleting her post, Thunberg tried to spin the marching orders as an “outdated” document in a follow-up.

Feb 04 00:17

Greta Thunberg exposed: Leaked toolkit for protests sparks row in India

The leaked document is adding fuel to the view that there is an international conspiracy afoot to defame India and the Modi government over the farmer protests.

By IBT News Desk February 4, 2021 04:16 IST

Swedish youth activist Greta Thunberg shared a toolkit on social media for the farmer protests in India which indicates that a widespread campaign may have been on much before January 26.

Twitter erupted in India after the toolkit surfaced which included a document on details of January 26 protests and online and street protests. The document was restricted thereafter and the tweet was deleted, as per reports.

This document is adding fuel to the view that there is an international conspiracy afoot to defame India and the Modi government over the farmer protests.

The document details how and where the protests should be done outside Indian missions abroad, media houses, government buildings and even Adani-Ambani offices.

Feb 03 10:37

EU’s Coercive Kulturkampf on Hungary and Poland Is Just Starting Up

The EU is talking tough on Hungary and Poland. Shortly after a fragile truce was reached in the bitter rule-of-law budget dispute, the European Court of Justice found both nations guilty of breaking EU law. In an interview with German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Vera Jourova, the European Commission’s vice president for values and transparency, confirmed that the EU plans to use its new rule-of-law mechanism against Hungary and Poland this year.

Hungary and Poland had vetoed the most recent EU budget over the rule-of-law mechanism. They then thought they had arrived at a compromise with the EU.

But opinion about the compromise remains divided. Some commentators characterise it as a defeat for the two rebellious member states. Others lament that it represents the complete undermining of the mechanism.

Feb 03 08:37


The day may have finally come for "Super Mario" to take the reins in his chaotic home-country of Italy and lead it back to the path of capitalism-driven prosperity before its banking system collapses. But what will the "whatever it takes" central banker ethos mean with Draghi now responsible for one of the most fiscally-frayed major powers in Europe?

After a series of earlier votes, Giuseppe Conte, who was brought in as an apolitical compromise PM just a couple of years ago by a tenuous coalition of the Five Star movement and The League, Italy's popular right-wing anti-migrant party. The League's leader, Matteo Salvini, was ousted in the summer of 2019 after attempting to force another election in which The League would (at least in theory) walk away with enough votes for Salvini to expel his pesky coalition partners.

But that's not how it went.

Feb 03 07:32

Criticism Pours in as Norway Confirms Historic Deployment of US Bombers

The first deployment of American bombers at a Norwegian air base has been met with criticism from several parties, who warned that an escalation of US activity on Norwegian soil is not in the country's interest amid a negative spiral of ever-increasing tensions between the US and Russia.

American bombers will be deployed to the Ørland Air Base during the course of February. Crews numbering some 200 airmen have already arrived at the base, the Norwegian Armed Forced stressed, finally confirming previous reports.

"The planes will arrive in February, depending on how long it will take to get through preparations for crews, among other things with regard to infection control and coronavirus", the head of 132th Air Wing at Ørland Air Base, Øivind Gunnerud, told national broadcaster NRK.

Feb 02 14:07

Lawsuit Filed Against Denmark PM For COVID-19 Restrictions & Killing 17 Million Minks

A major lawsuit has been filed against the PM of Denmark for strict COVID-19 restrictions and for killing almost 17 million minks. According to the lawsuit, authorities did not recommend a major shutdown, as the PM Mette Frederiksen claimed. It was herself and Barbara Bertelsen, the Prime Minister’s Head of Department, who would send alarm emails with attached articles from the media to the heads of department, creating the panic.

Danish PM accused of illegally killing 17 million minks

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has been accused by its citizens and advisory for strict COVID-19 restrictions which led to the killing of millions of minks related to the coronavirus mutation.

The strict lockdown measure which was implemented was also very unconstitutional and now she is under scanner for such tyrannical measures undertaken by her.

Advisory response to Epidemic Act

Feb 02 09:49

Numerous Small Businesses in Poland Have Reopened in a Mass Civil Disobedience Campaign

A map has been launched by anti-lockdown activists showing the growing number of businesses in Poland that are reopening in violation of the government’s restrictions.

While a number of struggling businesses have taken to open defiance of rules – and some have successfully challenged them in court – others have also sought creative workarounds, including an ice rink that declared itself a flower shop and nightclubs posing as political party headquarters.

According to the current restrictions, hotels, restaurants and bars, shopping centres, as well as most sporting facilities and cultural venues have been ordered to stay closed until at least the end of this month.

Many struggling business owners have, however, begun protesting against the lockdown. Some argue that the rules are not only unjustly strict, but are also an illegal encroachment on constitutional freedoms because the government has not introduced a state of emergency that would justify them.

Feb 02 09:39

Austria Anti Lockdown Rally

This is Epic, Police have taken off their helmets and marched with the people. This could be a major turning point. If things stay Peaceful and we unite with Police, literally nothing can stop what's coming. Long Live Freedom

Feb 02 09:33

Europe's Unforeseen Renewables Problem

Earlier this month, something happened in Europe.

It didn’t get as much media attention as the EU’s massive funding plans for its energy transition, but it was arguably as important, if not more.

A fault occurred at a substation in Croatia and caused an overload in parts of the grid, which spread beyond the country’s borders. This created a domino effect that caused a blackout and prompted electricity supply reductions as far as France and Italy. The problem was dealt with, but it’s only a matter of time before more problems like this occur—the reason: the rise of renewables in the energy mix.

Bloomberg reported on the incident citing several sources from Europe’s utility sector. While no one would directly blame the blackout and the increased risk of more blackouts on renewables, it is evident that Europe’s change in the energy mix is raising this risk.

Feb 02 09:03

Swedish capital sees 79% spike in shootings as govt laments ‘high levels’ of violence in the Scandinavian country

Sweden recorded a surge in gun-related violence last year, according to new figures released by the government amid accusations that authorities have turned a blind eye to rising crime in the country.

Interior Minister Mikael Damberg disclosed on Monday that 47 people were killed and 117 injured in 366 shooting incidents in 2020, marking a 10 percent increase in gun violence when compared to statistics from 2019.

Damberg noted that in nearly half of the shootings registered last year, someone was injured or killed. “We will neither accept nor get used to such high levels of violence,” he said.

The situation in Malmo, a city with a large migrant population that has struggled with gang violence, has improved, while crime is surging in Stockholm, the interior minister pointed out. According to Damberg, the Swedish capital saw a staggering 79 percent increase in shootings in 2020.

Feb 02 07:29

Authorities Respond to Lockdown Protest with 300 Preventative Arrests

Belgian police arrested more than 300 people in Brussels before two banned demonstrations against coronavirus lockdown measures were due to take place.

Police made the arrests outside the Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi railway stations on Sunday before protesters could take part in the demonstrations, with many of those detained reportedly football supporters.

According to a report from newspaper Le Soir, the police surrounded the train stations and arrested many of the football supporters as soon as they got off their trains.

In total, at least 400 people were arrested, either before or during the planned demos, and police said that all of those involved were subject to identification checks.

Brussels was not the only European capital to see anti-lockdown protests over the weekend. In Vienna, around 10,000 took to the streets, with an estimated 5,000 people gathering in a square in the centre of the city near the Hofburg Palace.

Feb 02 07:15

Riot police clear out anti-lockdown demo in Amsterdam

Feb 02 07:10

Austria to ease Covid-19 lockdown by opening schools and shops, while tightening borders to hinder arrival of new variants

Schools and non-essential shops in Austria will reopen next week as the country loosens its lockdown, though border measures will be tightened to stop Covid-19 variants coming in, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said.

From February 8, schoolkids will have to furnish negative coronavirus test results in order to attend their classes, while shoppers will have to wear the higher-grade FFP2 face masks, which are already mandatory on public transport and in essential shops.

Austria will also reopen museums, galleries, libraries and zoos, and will switch from its current 24-hour ban on movement to overnight curfews between 8pm and 6am.

Hairdressers, tattoo parlors and massage services will also be permitted, but only people who have presented a negative Covid-19 test from the last 48 hours will be allowed in.

Feb 01 18:49

7 die at Spanish care home after getting Pfizer Covid-19 jab as ALL residents test positive for virus, second doses still to come

All 78 residents at a nursing home in central Spain have tested positive for Covid-19 after being given their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and at least seven people have died, staff confirmed on Monday.

Most of those who succumbed to the virus had existing conditions, according to Spanish news agency EFE, while four residents are currently hospitalized, and 12 staff have also been infected.

The huge outbreak is at the Lagartera Residence for the Elderly in the Toledo area, southwest of the capital Madrid.


The Lagartera Residence for the Elderly insisted the current outbreak was its first of the pandemic, having remained virus-free during the first two waves of infections.

Feb 01 11:16

Anti-lockdown protesters stage torch-lit march in Denmark (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters have hit Denmark’s streets condemning the government’s coronavirus-induced restrictions during a fiery torch-lit march.

The fiery protest was staged overnight in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. The march was organized by a group, calling themselves the ‘Men in Black’, who oppose the country’s enduring anti-coronavirus measures.

Feb 01 10:17

[VIDEO] Part II of Steve Hilton’s Investigative Deep Dive on Fauci Has People Calling For an Arrest

Hilton said everything started with a study using "ferrets" -- that's how this pandemic was born and Fauci was at the center of it all

In an ironic twist, Obama created a “safety mechanism” that would halt research that had the potential to create a worldwide pandemic.

The research centered around a study involving ferrets of all things.

The study started some 10-years-ago at a lab in the Netherlands, but it quickly gained steam, and labs all over the world were studying how ferrets (who have a similar respiratory system to humans) reacted to viruses. They wanted to see specifically if they could “mutate” a virus and make it transmittable through the air.

(Yes, they could, apparently).

The important thing to note here is that researchers made the COVID virus highly contagious – it didn’t start out that way. They muted it, so they could study highly contagious viruses in ferrets

Feb 01 08:39

Denmark: Protesters with torches march against COVID restrictions in Copenhagen

Feb 01 07:31

[VIDEO] You’ve Never Seen a Lockdown Protest Like This…People Are Fed Up

As we all know, the lockdown measures here in the United States have not been met with much support.

But Denmark just took their anti-lockdown protests to a whole new level, complete with pitchforks and torches.

Of course, it’s not just Denmark who’s had enough of these lockdowns as protests are now erupting in the UK and Spain.

Jan 28 12:32

Woman is left with a fractured skull after police blast her in the head with a water cannon and send her flying into a wall during Dutch lockdown riots – even though ‘she was not protesting’

A woman needed 15 stitches after being blasted in the head with a water cannon during Dutch anti-lockdown protests.

Footage filmed on a street in Eindhoven showed the moment that Denisa Stastna took the full force of a jet of water that was fired from a police truck on Sunday.

The Czech national was left with a fractured skull, more than 15 stitches in her head and an injured lip after the blast of water flung her against the side of a building.

She and her boyfriend claim they had merely been filming and were not taking part in the protests - but authorities say they should have left the area under an emergency order to disperse the crowds.

Jan 28 06:12

Govt Minister Tells Breitbart Poland Will Regulate Big Tech to Protect Freedom of Speech

When other countries moved to regulate social media, it was to force networks to delete content. Poland is turning that concept on its head, legislating to protect freedom of speech on online platforms, government minister Sebastian Kaleta told Breitbart News.

The Polish deputy minister for Justice, Sebastian Kaleta, who has shepherded the nation’s new online freedom of speech bill through conception to a pending vote in the Sejm — national Parliament — joined Breitbart News Network editor in chief Alex Marlow on the Breitbart News Daily show on Tuesday to discuss the law and why it matters.

Jan 26 11:44

Netherlands Hit With Third Night Of Anti-Curfew Riots 

Dutch riots unfolded for the third consecutive night as anti-lockdown protesters defied the country's new curfew rules to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, according to RT News.

At least 150 people were arrested Monday night in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where stores were looted and vandalized.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb signed an emergency order last night giving law enforcement the powers to arrest protesters.

Jan 26 09:21

Video: Netherlands Engulfed in Second Night of Anti-Lockdown Riots Sparked by COVID Curfew

The first day of protests that followed the introduction of a curfew during the ongoing coronavirus-related lockdown in the Netherlands saw about 200 people detained by police, as some demonstrators reportedly threw firecrackers and clashed with officers.

Anti-lockdown protests in the Netherlands entered a second night after beginning on Sunday, with some demonstrations evolving into riots and looting.

Violent demonstrations occurred in several Dutch cities on Monday, particularly in Rotterdam, Haarlem, Den Bosch and Geleen. Protesters were caught on camera destroying public places, smashing cars and throwing bikes, while also throwing firecrackers and even attempting to explode vehicles on the streets.

Jan 26 09:16

European countries mandate medical-grade masks over homemade cloth face coverings

Confronting new, more transmissible variants of the coronavirus and a winter spike in infections, a number of European countries are beginning to make medical-grade face masks mandatory in the hope that they can slow the spread of the disease.

The French government has now mandated that citizens wear single-use surgical FFP1 masks, more protective FFP2 filtering facepiece respirators or fabric masks which meet the same "Category 1" specifications -- blocking more than 90% of particles -- in all public places. In layman's terms, homemade masks will no longer cut it.

Jan 26 08:49

EU Drops Recognition Of Juan Guaido As Venezuela's 'Interim President'

The European Union has now officially abandoned its Venezuela mythology which deemed Juan Guaido as 'Acting President' or 'Interim President' rather than the man who actually rules the country, Nicolás Maduro (like it or not). This reaffirms a prior January 7th EU decision.

On Monday the European Union issued a new statement which merely acknowledged Guaido as a "privileged interlocutor" despite having over the prior two years joined Washington in recognizing the opposition leader of parliament as 'actual winner' in the disputed re-election of President Nicolas Maduro at the end of 2018.

"The EU repeats its calls for... the freedom and safety of all political opponents, in particular representatives of the opposition parties elected to the National Assembly of 2015, and especially Juan Guaido," the statement said after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

Jan 26 08:42

Lockdown fury sparks a THIRD night of violence in Holland, with hundreds of protesters looting shops, torching cars and battling police

The port city of Rotterdam bore the brunt of the violence where police said up to 200 people threw rocks and fireworks at officers then tried to set a police station on fire, with a water cannon deployed to stop them.

One officer also fired a warning shot from his service weapon after a group of police were surrounded. At least 50 people have been arrested, commanders said.

In the city of Den Bosch, 40 miles to the east, police also confronted violent crowds who set off fireworks, broke shop windows, looted a supermarket and an electronics store, and overturned cars.

Jack Mikkers, mayor of Den Bosch, told public broadcaster NOL that such unrest was 'unheard of' and condemned the rioters for bringing 'fear, worry, harm and shame' to the city.

Jan 26 08:36

Norway Moves to Calm Vaccine Anxiety After Elderly Deaths

Health authorities in Norway sought to allay safety concerns raised by the death of some elderly patients after they were vaccinated against Covid-19, saying there’s no evidence of a direct link.

The initial reports from Norway raised alarm as the world looks for early signs of potential side effects from the vaccines. Although doctors say it’s possible that vaccine side-effects could aggravate underlying illnesses, they were expecting nursing-home residents to die shortly after being vaccinated because deaths are more common among the frailest and sickest elderly patients.

“Clearly, Covid-19 is far more dangerous to most patients than vaccination,” Steinar Madsen, medical director at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, said by phone on Monday, adding that a connection between the vac

Jan 26 08:25

Italian Premier To Resign As He Plots Latest Political Comeback

Soon, Italy will be leaded toward its its 132nd federal government in roughly 160 years as PM Mario Conte, who led Europe's third biggest economy through its most recent debt crisis, while also setting Italy on the path toward closer cooperation with China, appears to be finito - at least for now.

Despite barely surviving a handful of confidence votes, 56-year-old leader's time as premier and leader of Italy's council of ministers is coming to a close. According to a government statement, Conte will resign next week to avoid a damaging defeat in the Senate, as he maneuvers to try and return for another round of leadership, combating Italians who are maneuvering against him.

Jan 26 08:12

Brexit Red Tape: EU 'Punishing' Great Britain & Northern Ireland for Leaving the Bloc, Britons Say

British businesses are drowning in EU red tape after the UK left the bloc's single market and customs union. While Labour politicians are routinely lashing out at the PM and Tories for Brexit inconveniences, Britons say it's the EU that is taking its sweet revenge on them for withdrawing from the union.

Although Brussels and London struck a much anticipated trade deal on Christmas Eve, it has not liberated UK exporters from the necessity of filling out a bunch of paperwork, in order to comply with rules regarding origins, VATs and health checks so that they may deliver their products to the continent.

Thus, new post-Brexit rules may cost British exporters up to $34 billion in 2021 due to weak demand and excessive bureaucracy, according to the latest report by Euler Hermes Group SAS, a trade insurance company.

Jan 26 07:32

Turkey and Greece resume talks over eastern Mediterranean after five-year hiatus

Turkey and Greece resumed talks on Monday after a five-year hiatus, in an attempt to end a long-running dispute over maritime borders in the eastern Mediterranean.

Ankara and Athens are at odds over who owns energy rights in the region, airspace and status of some islands in the Aegean Sea.

But little progress has been made, despite 60 rounds of talks between 2002 and 2016.

Jan 26 07:05

Dutch Gov't Won't Bow to 'Scum' Rioters, Minister Says After 2nd Night of Anti-Lockdown Clashes

Police have said that almost 200 people were arrested on Sunday following violent protests, during which demonstrators set cars and bikes on fire, smashed windows in buildings and looted shops. In the municipality of Urk protesters set a coronavirus testing centre on fire.

The Dutch government will not bow to "scum" rioters, the country's Finance Minister Woepke Hoekstra has said as cited by Agence France-Presse.

"You don't capitulate to people who smash shop windows. That is not the case", Hoekstra was quoted as saying by Dutch news agency ANP.

Jan 25 16:25

Dutch mayor warns the country is heading for 'civil war' following violent anti-curfew protests as France and Italy admit they're facing ANOTHER Covid-19 lockdown

Europe's battle against coronavirus entered a dangerous new phase this week as politicians pushed to tighten lockdown measures across the continent even after a weekend of rioting brought scenes of chaos to the Netherlands and Denmark amid warnings of 'civil war'.

France is due to decide whether to bring in a third national lockdown this week as Prime Minister Jean Castex warned the situation there is 'worrying', with Italy's top medic also calling for a month-long national shutdown.

That is despite John Jorritsma, mayor of Eindhoven which was hit by its worst riots in almost four decades at the weekend, warning 'we're on our way to civil war' after new nationwide curfew measures sparked public outcry.

Jan 25 10:57

Switzerland To Hold Referendum To Strip Government Of Power To Impose Lockdowns

Taking advantage of a unique provision in their constitution, campaigners in Switzerland have garnered sufficient signatures to force a national referendum aimed at stripping the government of its powers to impose pandemic-related lockdown measures.

The group Friends of the Constitution solicited 86,000 signatures requiring a nation-wide vote on whether to repeal the government’s 2020 COVID-19 Act, which was passed in September, Business Insider reports.

Jan 25 09:29

Youths torch Dutch Covid testing centre and an effigy of Danish PM goes up in flames amid fiery anti-lockdown protests across Europe

Youths torched a Dutch Covid testing centre and an effigy of the Danish Prime Minister was set alight in fiery anti-lockdown protests sweeping across Europe.

The testing facility in the village of Urk in the Netherlands went up in flames on Saturday night with its burnt-out shell remaining cordoned off on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Copenhagen, Denmark, an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was set on fire in as anti-lockdown sentiment erupts across the continent.

Jan 25 09:25

Anti-lockdown protesters in Denmark burn effigy of PM, brawl with police (VIDEOS)

Crowds of black-clad protesters have taken to the streets, launching fireworks, torching an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, and clashing with cops.

Hundreds of black-clad protesters clashed with police on the streets of Copenhagen on Saturday night, shooting fireworks at the officers and getting batons in return. Violent demonstrations have become a weekly occurrence in the Danish capital, where lockdown measures were extended at the beginning of the year and where the government recently clamped down further on the size of gatherings permitted.

The group, calling themselves the ‘Men in Black’, torched an effigy of Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. By the end of the night, at least five people were arrested, Copenhagen police said on Twitter.

Jan 25 09:07

Eurostar Near Collapse, Begs For Bailout, Becomes Hot Potato

Eurostar, the company that operates the cross-Channel train service that connects the UK with France, Belgium and the Netherlands, is on the brink of collapse, the company’s management warned this week. With passenger numbers down 95% in the final quarter of 2020 and revenues down over 80% over the course of 2020, it is now “on a drip” and in desperate need of extra cash, says Christophe Fanichet, a senior executive of France’s state SNCF railways, which is the majority shareholder of Eurostar.

“I’m very worried about Eurostar. The company is in a critical state, I’d even say very critical,” he said.

Jan 25 09:07

Europe Remains In Lockdown Mode

In early 2021, COVID-19 restrictions remain in place across Europe. Yet, as Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes, reluctance to go into a full-fledged lockdown has some countries applying a hodgepodge of restrictions just short of the real deal.

Spain and France, where a second wave of infections spread from mid-July, led the way by imposing lockdowns as early as October. France has since come out of lockdown and switched to an early national curfew supplemented by restaurant closures - a tactic which is currently also applied in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Spain has stuck to its national curfew and localized lockdown system stubbornly despite case numbers rising swiftly again in what has been called a third wave of infections. Italy, where cases started rising quickly in October, is under the same regiment, while adding early restaurant closures at 6 p.m. into the mix.

Jan 25 07:46

China Catching Up to US in Artificial Intelligence, Brexit to Hit EU's AI Capabilities, Report Says

The study explored 30 individual metrics such as research activity, business development, investment and human talent and found that China was steadily rising against the United States in the emerging technology, adding Brexit would also impact Europe's AI capacity, a report from a leading think tank on technology based in Washington found.

China is catching up to the United States in the ongoing rivalry for the top spot as the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI), research from a top think tank on science and technology revealed on Monday.

Despite the US leading in the development and implementation of AI, China is quickly rising and the European Union is lagging behind the former two, the report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation found.

Jan 25 07:44

Clashes, arson & mass arrests as riot police struggle to contain anti-lockdown rage in the Netherlands (VIDEOS)

Some 240 people have been arrested as unrest spread to at least 10 municipalities across the Netherlands, with riot police using water cannons, batons, dogs and horses to break up unauthorized anti-lockdown gatherings and riots.

Police faced off with curfew-defying crowds in The Hague, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Enschede, Venlo, Stein, Roermond, Oosterhout, Breda and elsewhere across the nation for the second day in a row on Sunday.

READ MORE: Rowdy youth torch Covid-19 testing site in Netherlands as nighttime curfew triggers unrest (VIDEOS)

At least 190 people, including minors, were detained in Amsterdam alone, where some 1,500 protesters gathered at the central Museum Square, according to local media.

Jan 24 13:37

Czech restaurants & pubs open in defiance of Covid-19 rules, owners to launch ‘political movement’ to circumvent restrictions

Hundreds of restaurants and pubs have re-opened across the Czech Republic, defying the enduring coronavirus restrictions. The venues have been closed for months and owners say the restrictions have failed to improve the situation.

The protest kicked off on Saturday, with hundreds of restaurants and pubs re-opening on Sunday as they joined the drive launched by the Chcipl PES (Dog is dead) movement. The activist group was founded by several owners of entertainment venues, and the name refers to the Czech system, PES (‘dog’ in Czech), which regulates the restrictions.

“We have been disappointed with the government for a long time and we want to show that it had chosen the wrong way,” Chcipl PES co-founder Jiri Janecek, a manager at the Maly Janek brewery and restaurant located in the town of Jince, told AFP.

Jan 24 13:36

Anti-lockdown protesters in Denmark burn effigy of PM, brawl with police (VIDEOS)

Crowds of black-clad protesters have taken to the streets, launching fireworks, torching an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, and clashing with cops.

Hundreds of black-clad protesters clashed with police on the streets of Copenhagen on Saturday night, shooting fireworks at the officers and getting batons in return. Violent demonstrations have become a weekly occurrence in the Danish capital, where lockdown measures were extended at the beginning of the year and where the government recently clamped down further on the size of gatherings permitted.

Jan 24 11:12

EU to force pharmaceutical companies to fulfill Covid-19 vaccine contracts

Issued on: 24/01/2021 - 14:32

European Union will force companies to comply with contracts for rollout of vaccine across the continent.

The European Union will make pharmaceutical companies respect contracts they have signed for the supply of Covid-19 vaccines, European Council President Charles Michel said on Sunday.

Pfizer Inc last week said it was temporarily slowing supplies to Europe to make manufacturing changes that would boost output. On Friday, AstraZeneca also said that initial deliveries to the region will fall short because of a production glitch.

"We plan to make the pharmaceutical companies respect the contracts they have signed... by using the legal means at our disposal," Michel said on Europe 1 radio.

He did not mention possible sanctions but said that the EU would insist on transparency about the reasons for the delays.

Jan 23 08:12

I-CONSENT Fury at new app that gives men ’24-hour consent contract’ to have sex after Denmark passed controversial rape law

A NEW app that gives men a "24 hour consent contract" to have sex has sparked fury.

The launch comes in response to a new rape law, which criminalises sex without explicit consent in Denmark.

The app gives users a '24 hour consent contract' to have sex

Jan 22 08:55

Small EU Firms Hold Mountain Of Debt, Could Be Next Major Headache For Banks 

The European Union is doing the same as they did in 2008-09, extend and pretend, dishing out cheap loans to businesses and hoping for a recovery.

What's worrying today is that excessive optimism comes as European governments invest in the recovery by increasing public spending as the central bank keeps rates low and floods capital markets with liquidity.

The problem is that banks have high exposure to small business loans, which is the backbone of the continent's economy. If these businesses fail, another round of economic pain is dead ahead.

WSJ interviews Miguel Ríos, who operates four karaoke bars in Barcelona, said the pandemic and resulting government shutdown of his businesses forced him to borrow nearly $100k and put ten of his employees on a government wage-support program. He said his bars had been shuttered for almost one year as he is on the brink of financial disaster, with piles of insurmountable debt.

Jan 22 08:48

EU Set To Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

The European Union is set to recognize a standard for vaccine passports in a what is being pitched as a move to reignite travel within the bloc.

While admitting that the use of such passports at the moment would be “premature” due to low vaccination rates amongst total populations, the EU says that plans to implement a bloc wide standard will likely be picked up in the near future.

EU commission vice-president Margaritis Schinas told the Daily Mail it was “perfectly imaginable that this can open avenues for other use, including facilitating travel.”

Jan 22 08:02

Brexit Britain Refusing to Treat EU Like Sovereign State, Blocks Amb Diplomatic Status: Report

Brexit Britain is reportedly refusing to grant the European Union the rank of a sovereign state, by denying its ambassador to the UK full diplomatic rights and privileges.

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Barrell, had written a letter to Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab outlining the bloc’s frustration that the newly-independent United Kingdom would not offer statuses to its diplomats that “reflect the specific character of the EU”, which it claims it deserves because it has a currency, a court, and can make laws.

The UK, however, does not want to set a precedent by giving mission staff from the EU, considered simply another international body, the same status as diplomats from sovereign nations, according to the BBC’s report on Thursday.

Jan 22 07:46

'You Destroy the Whole of Europe': Sweden Democrat MEP Attacks EU's 'Headless' Immigration Policy

In recent years, the term "humiliation robbery" has been coined and entered Swedish media parlance to specifically denote crimes that also feature elements of moral, physical, or sexual torture. The overall spike in violent crime spurred the authorities to rethink its practice of omitting the ethnicity of the perpetrators for ethical reasons.

Sweden Democrats EU parliamentarian Charlie Weimers has unleashed a ruthless attack against what he called the EU's "headless" mass immigration policy and demanded that the bloc protect Europe's own people.

It was during a debate in the European Parliament concerning the humanitarian situation for immigrants on the EU's external borders that Charlie Weimers lashed out against the consequences of multiculturalism.

Jan 22 07:42

Britain moves towards Anglosphere federation

Jan 22 07:22

Europe 'Inevitably' Heading Towards Double-Dip Recession, PMI Survey Finds

The Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) reflects economic trends in the manufacturing and service sectors. A PMI below 50 points indicates a downturn of economic activity. The Eurozone's PMI for December sank to 49.1 amid new lockdown measures imposed to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

A double-dip recession in Europe seems an "increasingly inevitable" prospect, a PMI survey conducted by Markit Economics revealed on Friday.

According to preliminary estimates, the Eurozone's PMI tanked to 47.5 in January, down from 49.1 registered in December.

Jan 21 13:28

Former Head of Vatican Bank Guilty of Embezzlement, Money Laundering

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A court on Thursday convicted Angelo Caloia, a former head of the Vatican bank, on charges of embezzlement and money laundering, making him the highest ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime.

Caloia, 81, was president of the bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), between 1999 and 2009.

The Vatican court also convicted Gabriele Liuzzo, 97, and his son Lamberto Liuzzo, 55, both Italian lawyers who were consultants to the bank.

The three were charged with participating in a scheme in which they embezzled money while managing the sale of buildings in Italy owned by the bank and its real estate division between 2002-2007.

Jan 21 10:46

Joe Biden Has a Europe Problem

Joe Biden begins his first full day as the 46th president of the United States today with as daunting a list of foreign-policy challenges as almost any of his predecessors. After four years of Donald Trump, the new administration must overcome skepticism about America’s ability to deal with the great tests facing the world, including the rise of China as a 21st-century superpower, the spread of nuclear weapons, and the onslaught of man-made climate change. To this list can be added a new issue: patching up the transatlantic alliance.