Aug 04 11:04

Covid: Jabs for 16 and 17-year-olds to start within weeks

They will not need parental consent and will receive the Pfizer-BioNTech jab, the Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation said on Wednesday.

Aug 04 06:18

Child Rape Gang Police Whistleblower: Child Sex Abuse is ‘Going on Everywhere’ in the UK

Former detective turned grooming gang whistleblower Maggie Oliver said that the apologies offered in the lastest review to child rape victims in Bradford are “pointless” and that the scourge of rape gangs persists “everywhere” in the UK.

An independent review into five child grooming cases in Bradford, West Yorkshire since 2001 found that “children suffered abuse no child should have to experience”.

The review repeated the oft-heard refrain from such findings that the Bradford Partnership “fully accepts more needs to be done”.

“We want to apologise to the young people identified in this report and any others where the actions of agencies in Bradford has failed to protect them from child sexual exploitation.”

One of the victims highlighted in the report, referred to as Anna, was placed into the care of foster parents whose son was her abuser.

Aug 04 06:10

Clarkson: "Communist" Government Advisors Want To Lock Us Down Forever

British broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson has blasted “communist” government advisors who want to keep the population under lockdown forever.

Clarkson made the comments during an interview with the Radio Times.

“I think the politicians should sometimes tell those communists at Sage to get back in their box,” he said.

“Let’s just all go through life with our fingers crossed and a smile on our face. I can see Boris doesn’t want to open it up and shut us back down again. But if it’s going to be four years … and who knows, it could be 40 years.”

The former Top Gear presenter then made clear that the cost of freedom is the inevitable risk of death.

“Well, if it’s going to be for ever, let’s open it up and if you die, you die,” he said.

Aug 03 09:01

NHS urged to redistribute near-expiry vaccines as take-up slows in young

The NHS is facing pressure to redistribute tens of thousands of vaccine doses nearing expiry as demand from younger adults drops.

An internal email seen by the Guardian warned of 170,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine at risk of expiry within the next fortnight, as doctors across England have raised alarm at the unpredictability of vaccine take-up among young people meaning more doses will go to waste.

Aug 03 07:18

NHS lets trans sex offenders on female wards: Convicts who were born male but identify as female can be placed on women-only wards, according to hospital trust guidance

Sex offenders who were born male but identify as female can be placed on women-only NHS wards, according to guidance issued by hospital trusts.

Hospitals in Devon, Oxford and Nottinghamshire tell their staff that a criminal history should be part of a risk assessment when placing a person who was born male on a female-only ward.

But they do not say it prevents the patients from being admitted.

Aug 03 07:16

The Saga Continues: Venezuela’s 31 tonnes of seized gold at the Bank of England

In what’s becoming one of the longest running legal dramas in the global gold market, the saga of Venezuela’s ‘frozen’ gold in London continues to roll on, most recently reaching the UK Supreme Court in a 4 day court hearing between 19 – 22 July.

At the core of the legal drama is the question of who has the authority to withdraw Venezuela’s gold reserves which are stored in custody at the Bank of England. Is it the Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) under the direction of de facto president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, or is it a team directed by self-styled interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó, who is backed by the US and UK governments. Given the multiple developments in this saga over the last few years and the complexity of the matter, a recap is in order.

Aug 03 07:15

UK Tabloids Raise Alarm Over Russian Nuclear Subs Conducting ‘Sinister’ Deep Dive Ops in Atlantic

The Borei-class submarine is a nuclear-powered ballistic missile-carrying boat with up to 16 Bulava nuclear missiles onboard. Russia currently has four of these subs in its arsenal, with a fifth expected to be commissioned in October and at least five more to be completed after that.

British tabloid outlets The Mirror and The Sun have expressed hyperbole-filled concerns about the significance of Russian Borei-class subs’ alleged deep-dive operations in the far north.

In a piece about the “mysterious ‘deep penetration’ missions” on Sunday, The Mirror reported that “large numbers of Borei-class subs were diving to depths greater than 500 metres in the Norwegian Sea in a possible “bid to enter the Atlantic undetected.”
The Sun was even more alarmist in its reporting, calling the alleged missions “sinister.”

Aug 03 06:56

WSJ: 'Almost Half of Recent UK Covid Deaths Are of People Who Have Been Vaccinated'

"Almost half" of the United Kingdom's "recent Covid-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated" but there's no need to worry because that means it's working, so says the Wall Street Journal.

Aug 02 11:44

WSJ: 'Almost Half of Recent UK Covid Deaths Are of People Who Have Been Vaccinated'

"Almost half" of the United Kingdom's "recent Covid-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated" but there's no need to worry because that means it's working, so says the Wall Street Journal.

Aug 02 10:27

'Woke' RNLI 'is turning down calls from stricken boaters because it is too busy carrying migrants ashore': Supporters CANCEL donations after it emerged charity was also sending burkinis to Africa and funding creches in Bangladesh

Britain's lifeboat service has been accused of becoming a 'taxi service for people traffickers’ after it was revealed teams were going into French waters to pick up refugees in dinghies.

One lifeboat expert working regularly in the Channel told MailOnline today: 'I’ve had a few RNLI crew tell me about them refusing to help boaters as they are too busy carrying people ashore'.

Aug 02 05:14

Thousands of anti-vaxxer protestors including children throw plastic balls at the gates of Downing Street on march through London to oppose jabbing under-18s

Hundreds of anti-vaxxers have marched through the streets of London today accompanied by their children as they campaign against the Covid jab.

Pictures from the scene show crowds armed with placards bearing slogans including 'leave our children alone' and 'hands off our children' as they made their way through the capital.

The protestors marched along the banks of the River Thames, past the London Eye before arriving at Downing Street where they chanted 'save our children'.

Aug 01 10:45

Murder in the Care Home – The pandemic response 4 years in the planning

Official documents that were meant to be kept secret have been released under the Freedom of Information Act, and they reveal that the forced euthanasia of the elderly and vulnerable in response to a pandemic had been years in the planning.

As soon as lockdown was declared in the United Kingdom on March 23rd 2020 deaths occurring in care homes in the weeks that followed skyrocketed compared to what had occurred in the previous five years. You were led to believe this was because of Covid-19, but the evidence shows otherwise.

ONS figures show that throughout the entirety of 2020, 24,895 excess deaths occurred in care homes in England and Wales, with the total number of deaths standing at 141,390. But March and April alone saw 20,000 excess deaths in care homes, and they were not just alleged Covid-19 deaths, there was also a huge increase in deaths due to all causes.

Aug 01 10:43

Calls for an Ambulance due to Cardiac Arrest and Unconsciousness have skyrocketed since young adults started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

Data published by Public Health England shows that calls to the ambulance service due to people suffering cardiac arrest or being unconscious have increased week on week by huge numbers compared to expected levels ever since young adults started to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Jul 31 23:32

Covid vaccine will not be compulsory for university lectures

Ministers are no longer considering making it compulsory for university students to be fully vaccinated against Covid to attend lectures in England, the BBC has been told.

...because classes would probably be empty...

Jul 31 23:30

Taxi and food discounts offer to boost youth jabs

Young people will be offered discounted takeaways and taxi rides to get their Covid jabs in a bid to boost vaccine uptake, the government has said.

Food delivery and taxi-hailing firms including Uber, Bolt, Deliveroo and Pizza Pilgrims will offer incentives to people to get vaccinated.

The Department of Health and Social Care said details on more partnerships would be released "in due course".

It said about 67% of 18 to 29-year-olds in England have had a first jab.

67%? I doubt it...

REVEALED!! SO 10,000 UNVACCINATED WERE INVITED TO GET THE JAB, GUESS HOW MANY CAME IN? strikes me desperation is setting in.

Jul 31 07:31

Britain is 'a bi*ch asking for a beating' with its South China Sea warship challenge, Beijing warns

China has warned Britain is 'a bi*ch... asking for a beating' if British warships challenge Beijing's claim to the South China Sea.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth and her carrier group arrived in the disputed waters on Thursday and are set to sail through Beijing's backyard alongside eight other vessels in a show of strength to Chinese President Xi Jingping.

But Chinese state media has warned any move seen as a challenge to islands which Beijing lays claim to would mean Britain 'is being a bi*ch' and 'asking for a beating'.

Jul 31 07:08

UK government panel claims Covid mutation with 35% death rate a ‘realistic possibility,’ suggests new strains may ‘evade’ vaccines

A British government science panel has claimed that a coronavirus variant with a 35% fatality rate – akin to that seen in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – could emerge, and that vaccine booster doses may be needed.

A report issued on Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) looked at a series of hypothetical scenarios related to Covid-19 variants, finding it a “realistic possibility” that a mutation could appear with a case fatality rate comparable to SARS (10%) or MERS (35%), both of which belong to the coronavirus family.

While the body said that existing vaccines would remain effective against “serious disease” from such a variant except in the case of “significant drift” in the virus’ spike proteins, it nonetheless added that “an increase in morbidity and mortality would be expected even in the face of vaccination,” as inoculation does not “fully prevent infection in most individuals.”

Jul 30 11:07

‘Craving a vegan sausage roll now!’: Anti-vaxxers go plant-based as law firm says it could be illegal to force Covid jab on vegans

Anti-vaxxers have vowed, perhaps jokingly in some cases, to go plant-based after a British law firm said vegans could be exempt if companies decide to implement compulsory Covid-19 vaccination rules.

Jul 30 09:42

China tells UK to ‘obey the rules’ as Royal Navy enters South China Sea

hina has threatened stern action against the Royal Navy’s carrier strike group (CSG) if it does not “remain restrained and obey the rules” as it sails through the South China Sea.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace set the scene earlier this month for a confrontation with Beijing when he said the deployment led by the flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth would sail on any route defined as legitimate under international law.

China claims the South China Sea despite an international court ruling in 2016 that it did not belong to the nation, which has grown increasingly assertive as it builds military bases and airport runways on constructed islands in the disputed waters.

Jul 30 08:05

South China Sea row erupts as Beijing threatens to 'expel' UK warships in retaliatory move

The South China Sea is a highly contested region and faces claims from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Diplomatic relations between the nations are already extremely strained. Over recent months, Beijing has asserted its dominance in the region and has built several military bases on some of the atolls.

In a show of strength to Beijing, HSM Queen Elizabeth and her carrier group are set to sail through the contested region.

But Chinese state media has warned any vessels which stray too close to islands it lays claims to will be "expelled".

A Beijing academic told state media that "China welcomes friends with wine but deals with wolves with a shotgun".

The UK carrier strike group is currently on a round-the-world tour as part of her maiden voyage.

Jul 30 07:42

More than FIFTY Tory MPs are ready to vote against 'misguided' Covid passports after Government is accused of introducing them 'by stealth' by quietly updating NHS app - as Dominic Raab says they 'make sense' for returning to the office

More than 50 Tory MPs are prepared to vote against the government's ''misguided' vaccine passport plan and said they are 'horrified' by the possible curbs on individual freedoms.

Boris Johnson had announced that certificates proving double vaccinations will be needed to enter nightclubs and potentially other venues and universities from the end of September.

But many Conservatives are prepared to rebel against the 'completely unnecessary, bureaucratic and unworkable' proposals, with as many as 50 MPs threatening to vote against them if they go to a vote.

Jul 30 05:44

Britain inks $200 million contract with Team Tempest for future fighter jet

The British Defence Ministry has signed a £250 million (U.S. $199 million) deal with Team Tempest, a group of companies working on the country’s future combat jet, to provide digital and physical infrastructure to develop the aircraft.

The ministry said the latest contract is part of the government’s investment of more than £2 billion on the project, which will be spread out over the next four years.

With the contract signed between the government and BAE Systems — one of the four founding members of Team Tempest that also includes Leonardo UK, Rolls-Royce and MBDA UK — the Future Combat Air System program has entered its concept and assessment phase.

Jul 29 18:57

UK scientists back Covid boosters as study finds post-jab falls in antibodies

Scientists have backed proposals for Covid boosters in the autumn after blood tests on hundreds of people revealed that protective antibodies can wane substantially within weeks of second vaccine shots being given.

Falls in antibodies after vaccination are expected and do not necessarily mean people are more vulnerable to disease, but the researchers are concerned that if the declines persist the effectiveness of the vaccines may diminish.

The UCL Virus Watch study found that antibodies generated by two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines started to wane as early as six weeks after the second shot, in some cases falling more than 50% over 10 weeks.

Jul 29 12:29

Your vaccine passport also includes!

Jul 29 11:54

Mass obedience to “contact tracing” app and fraudulent covid PCR testing is destroying the UK economy, decimating supply chains

Healthy people are being removed from the labor force for two weeks at a time, with no evidence to prove these individuals are sick and with no legal justification to detain them. Even worse, hundreds of thousands of healthy individuals are listening to their phone and complying with a false authority and a fraudulent covid-19 testing program that produces false positives up to 97 percent of the time. Not only do government and public health authorities lack the legal capacity to deprive individuals of their liberty, they are using medical fraud to force compliance to unlawful quarantines that are in no way evidence-based.

Jul 29 11:37

NHS Covid-19 app pings rise by over 70,000 to new record

The number of self-isolation alerts sent by the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales has risen to a new record of 689,313 in the week up to 21 July.

The figures represent an increase of over 70,000 compared with the previous week.

But the rate of increase was lower than the previous week, rising by 11% compared to 17%.

If you are "pinged" by the app you are advised - but not legally obliged - to self-isolate for 10 days.

Jul 29 06:13

Secretive black vigilante group Forever Family are now patrolling London’s streets in stab vests. Who exactly are they?

Racial tensions in the UK are unlikely to be eased by the sight of the Forever Family Force patrolling the streets of the capital in military formation. What do we know about this sinister, confrontational group?

One of the most jarring images as the Black Lives Matter movement swept the UK last summer was that of Forever Family.

To the general public, the group appeared from nowhere. They came to prominence on Afrikan Emancipation Day (August 1) as they marched in military-style uniforms in formation through Brixton, south London.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More importantly, who is funding them?

Jul 29 05:45

Britain's slow transformation into a biosecurity state may be more cock-up than conspiracy, but it's still dangerous

As a result of attempts to control the pandemic, British citizens have found themselves slipping into a hideous form of incompetent, electronic tyranny where the use of ineffective government apps is a condition of our ‘freedom’.

One of the recurrent fears about the endless government intervention into our lives around Covid is that we end up in a ‘biosecurity state’. Instead of ‘papers please’, we'll have to produce our smartphones to prove we deserve the privilege of going about our daily lives. It seems everyday activities such as going to the pub, attending lectures or watching a football match will be dependent on demonstrating our health status.

Jul 29 04:47

UK to issue ‘vaccine passports’ to people in the PLACEBO group

Britain’s “vaccine minister” (yes I’m serious) said that they would consider EVERYONE who participated in COVID-19 vaccine trials as being fully vaccinated.

And in his own words, that specifically includes people who received the PLACEBO.

Yes, that’s right. Even if you literally did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, they will still treat you as if you had received the vaccine, and issue you a ‘vaccine passport’, simply because you participated in the clinical trial.

This really proves the idiocy of these passports. It’s not about whether or not you have natural antibodies from a prior infection.

And now it doesn’t even matter whether or not you received the actual vaccine.

The only thing that matters is whether you have subordinated yourself to their authority and received an injection— regardless of what was in it.

Jul 29 00:43

Pingdemic: Bar staff being told to delete NHS app

More than 600,000 people using the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales were sent self-isolation alerts in the week between 8 and 15 July.

And about one in five hospitality workers are isolating.

It's caused staff shortages in lots of industries, including the hospitality sector which employs over three million people.

With whole teams being "pinged" at once, pubs, restaurants and hotels have been forced to temporarily shut, pushing some hospitality staff to delete the app.

Jul 28 13:06

Majority of Covid patients in hospital may have been admitted for OTHER ailments before testing positive, leaked NHS data suggests

Over 50% of Covid patients in England tested positive only after being hospitalised – likely for other reasons – leaked NHS data has suggested, raising questions about the true impact the virus is having on the healthcare system.

The previously hidden figures, covering all NHS trusts in England, showed that as of last week, only 44% of those classified as Covid patients had tested positive for the virus by the time they were admitted to hospital. Despite broad public testing for the disease, an incredible 56% of Covid hospitalisations involve already-admitted patients who were administered routine Covid tests, the Telegraph reported. Forty-three percent of Covid-positive patients were identified within two days of admission, while 13% were flagged in the following days and weeks.

Jul 28 13:05

NHS Nurses tell expectant mother that they “will PCR test her baby once it’s born as it is no longer her property” when not in her abdomen

A video recorded by the partner of an expectant mother waiting to give birth in hospital has been released showing NHS nurses harassing the mother to consent to allowing them to perform a Covid-19 PCR test once the baby is born.

The expectant mother, who is clearly distressed at the request is told by the NHS nurses that they will perform the PCR test on the baby as it is no longer the mother’s property when not in her abdomen.

The intrusive PCR test involves sticking a swab as far up the nose as humanly possible and is an extremely uncomfortable procedure for adults, let alone new born babies.

You can see the video in full below…

Jul 28 11:42


Jul 28 09:25

Lifting Covid-19 restrictions could create new vaccine-resistant strains, researchers warn

Researchers from the University of East Anglia and Earlham Institute have warned that easing Covid-19 restrictions early could lead to vaccine-resistant virus strains and new variants forming due to low global inoculation rates.

Jul 28 06:12

'I wasn't responsible for blood products as Health Secretary, Lord Ken Clarke tells Infected Blood Inquiry saying there wasn't much for the DoH to do because 'the blood transfusion service ran itself'

Ken Clarke has said he was 'not responsible' for blood products during his time as health minister in the early days of the infected blood scandal, an inquiry has heard.

Lord Clarke said the emerging controversy surrounding the blood products was something that 'hardly ever came across my desk' as he was dealing with policies such as closing 'old Victorian asylums' or getting rid of 'old geriatric hospitals'.

The inquiry was told that when he arrived as a health minister, blood products was 'a very specialist, usually quiet, harmless, subject' and that 'the blood transfusion service ran itself'.

Jul 28 06:01

Hundreds of children sexually abused over several decades in London council's care on a scale ‘hard to comprehend’ – inquiry

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has found that more than 700 children in the care of London's Lambeth Council were abused for several decades as part of a “toxic power game.”

In a Tuesday report, the inquiry alleged that children in the care of Lambeth Council “were subjected to levels of cruelty and sexual abuse that are hard to comprehend” at three care homes – Shirley Oaks, South Vale, and Angell Road – “where violence and sexual assault were allowed to flourish.”

Since the 1960s, Lambeth Council allegedly received complaints of sexual abuse from 705 former residents of the care homes, however only “one senior employee” was ever disciplined by the council.

Jul 28 06:01

Right-wingers pitching in to help flood victims after a slow government response dispels myth of German efficiency, says AfD MEP

Mainstream media attacks against right-wing activists’ efforts to help German flood victims, slow government action, 200 lost lives and billions of euros in damage reveal a powerhouse in decline, says a leading Euro MP.

Attempts to demonise the German right wing for volunteering to help with clearing up in the aftermath of devastating floods purely for the political kudos that effort might return may have an element of truth but mein Gott, they really do take the bratwurst for hypocrisy.

The country’s leading left-leaning weekly magazine, Der Spiegel, claimed that social media channels run by political activists, including members of the country’s largest opposition party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), and others from the so-called Querdenker (lateral thinker) organisation, which includes anti-vaxxers and preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events), have put out calls for helpers to travel to Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate, one of the worst-hit areas.

Jul 28 05:58

PLA Military On Alert As British Warships Enter South China Sea

The UK’s new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and its strike group are making their way into the South China Sea as the British are using the warship’s maiden voyage to stoke tensions with Beijing.

The South China Sea Probing Initiative spotted the Queen Elizabeth sailing through the Strait of Malacca on its way to the South China Sea on Sunday morning.

Some British warships have already entered the South China Sea, including the HMS Defender. According to USNI News, the Defender was docked in Brunei on Sunday morning.

Before stoking tensions with Beijing, the Defender was in the Black Sea and carried out a reckless provocation against Russia by sailing 12 miles off the coast of Crimea. Moscow responded by firing warning shots on the vessel.

Jul 28 05:33

UK Plans To Remove Chinese State-Owned Firm From Nuclear Energy Projects In Latest Sign Of Growing Mistrust

When President Trump was in office, the White House and the Pentagon aggressively lobbied No. 10 to ban components made by Chinese telecom giant Huawei from the UK's 5G network. In the end, while Great Britain agreed to some restrictions, it didn't deliver on what the White House had pushed for.

In another indication of the growing mistrust between China and the US, the UK is looking for a way to remove state-owned Chinese firms from several civilian nuclear-energy projects.

The news comes as Hong Kong's kangaroo courts (no longer subject to the rigid strictures of British Common Law) hand down the first of what's bound to be many convictions under the new national security law imposed by Beijing, the FT reports that the UK is seeking to remove all Chinese firms from its heavily regulated nuclear power industry.

Jul 28 05:31

Government Adviser Who Warned Of 200,000 COVID Cases A Day Faces Scrutiny After Dramatic Fall In UK Infections

Professor Neil Ferguson, the controversial epidemiologist who predicted there would be as many as 200,000 COVID cases a day in the UK if restrictions were lifted, is facing scrutiny after infections continued to drop for the 6th day in a row.

The day before so-called ‘freedom day’ in England, where most mask mandates and social distancing restrictions were lifted, Ferguson was asked by the BBC’s Andrew Marr where the country was heading as a result.

“It’s very difficult to say for certain, but I think 100,000 cases a day is almost inevitable,” said Ferguson, adding, “The real question is do we get to double that or higher? We could get to 200,000 cases a day.”

Jul 27 19:10

NHS Framework Agreement for the supply of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) for the NHS in England


NHS Framework Agreement for the supply of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) for the NHS in England. Also known as Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs).

Period of Framework: 01/11/2021 - 31/04/2024 with an option to extend (at the Authority's discretion) for a further period (or periods) up to a total of 12 months (i.e. total possible framework duration of 41 months)

Jul 27 09:02

Boris Johnson vows to bring back ‘chain gangs’

Boris Johnson has promised to bring back “chain gangs” as a deterrent for antisocial behaviour.

The prime minister said there was “no reason” why offenders should not be forced to wear high-vis jackets while carrying out unpaid work. It would ensure they were “visibly paying their debt to society,” he said.

He referred to them as “fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs” in a move that is likely to cause controversy due to their historical use in the southern US states and the convict era of Australia. Johnson was speaking during a visit to Surrey police headquarters with Priti Patel, the home secretary, to mark the government’s new “Beating Crime Plan”.

Jul 27 07:23

Fury over 'misleading' Covid hospital figures as it's revealed half of patients only test positive AFTER admission for another illness — but NHS bosses say trusts feel 'just as busy now as they did in January'

The NHS England data suggests the pressure of the third wave on hospitals may be even less severe than the daily numbers let on.

There were 827 patients admitted for Covid in England last Thursday, according to the Government's coronavirus dashboard.

But 56 per cent of these were only diagnosed with the virus after being in hospital for a different illness, with some patients only testing positive weeks later, according to data seen by The Telegraph.

Jul 27 05:44

Simon Walker: 42-year-old British soccer coach develops blood clots, permanently heart damage after first AstraZeneca injection

A 42-year-old husband, father and active soccer coach thought he was doing something for the greater good. He is now preparing for a completely different lifestyle, including unemployment.

Mr. Simon Walker received his first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector DNA on May 2, according to the North Wales Pioneer. By May 9, he was in a local hospital with a resting heart rate of 188 beats per minute (bpm). A normal adult resting heart rate is between 60 and 100 bpm. Doctors found a “huge blood clot” in his heart that damaged normal functions.

Mr. Walker spent 17 days in the critical care unit of the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital. He was unable to move at all, as it could have increased his heart rate further and caused a stroke or cardiac arrest. Doctors cleared part of the blood clot, but were unable to remove it completely.

Jul 27 05:42

Over 15,000 UK daily infections in vaccinated

Jul 27 05:37


Jul 27 05:36

UK Man Jailed For 'Hate Speech' Gets Lectured On 'White Privilege' After Release, Threatened With Jail Again

Louis Duxbury was convicted of "inciting religious hatred" and sentenced to 18 months in jail in late 2019 for going on an "anti-Muslim rant" to a few Facebook followers in the wake of a series of deadly Muslim terrorist attacks against his country in 2017.

Jul 27 05:17


In 1956 the psychologist Albert Biderman made a detailed study of the torture methods used in foreign (communist) countries, to break the will of captured prisoners and persuade them to agree to virtually anything. Biderman's research into torture/coercion took in evidence from Korean and Chinese sources. His formal report settled on a number of techniques which are shown below. Bear in mind, Biderman was not recommending these as useful methods for any given purpose, he was simply exposing them, in a dispassionate attempt to understand the forms of abuse being used in totalitarian countries.

Jul 27 05:15

Days After ‘Absolutely’ Opposing Vaccine Passports, Labour Could Back Measures

Just days after Labour said it would “absolutely” oppose proof of vaccination to enter large venues like nightclubs, party leader Keir Starmer has suggested he could back vaccine passports and proof of a negative coronavirus test result for entry to sports stadiums.

When last week Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that from September, he will be demanding that those entering nightclubs “and other venues where large crowds gather” show proof of vaccination, Labour’s Khalid Mahmood said on Thursday that his party would “absolutely” be voting against vaccine passports.

“That is a clear position. It’s not changing today or tomorrow,” Mr Mahmood had said. While a Labour spokesman had said that day before the party opposed the “use of Covid vaccination status for everyday access to venues and services”, voicing a preference for testing, instead.

Jul 27 05:03

Majority Of Hospitalized Covid Patients In UK Only Tested Positive After Admission: Leaked NHS Data

Over half of those hospitalized with Covid-19 in the UK only tested positive after admission - suggesting that "vast numbers are being classed as hospitalised by Covid when they were admitted with other ailments, with the virus picked up by routine testing," according to The Telegraph, citing leaked government figures.

The takeaway? Oft-cited statistics published daily may far overstate Covid hospitalizations - and consequently, pressures on the National Health Service (NHS).

Jul 27 04:58

Unvaccinated Students Will Not Be Able To Attend Lectures Under UK Government Plans

The UK Government is considering banning students who have not been fully vaccinated with two shots from attending lectures in person, effectively denying them their education for not taking the vaccine, according to reports.

The London Times reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is reportedly “raging” at the fact that young people are not taking the vaccine en mass, is preparing to force students to get the shots in return for unfettered access to their lectures.

Students would also face compulsory vaccinations if they want to live in halls of residence, according to the report.

Jul 27 04:31

British Warships Enter South China Sea

The UK’s new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and its strike group are making their way into the South China Sea as the British are using the warship’s maiden voyage to stoke tensions with Beijing.

The South China Sea Probing Initiative spotted the Queen Elizabeth sailing through the Strait of Malacca on its way to the South China Sea on Sunday morning.

Jul 26 15:14


A U.K. member of Parliament has come forward writing a blistering op-ed for the Daily Mail. Part whistleblower, part human rights activist, Graham Brady is calling out his own government’s ill-advised Covid mitigation policies, originating from fear, rather than sound public health science.

Jul 26 13:14

Prostitutes selling sex for price of a meal deal in UK city with highest concentration of sex workers outside London

Prostitutes are reportedly selling sex for as little as £4 in a city with the second highest concentration of sex workers in the country.

Men are seen queuing up Liverpool's notorious red light district - where one worker was murdered then dumped in a wheelie bin and another had her teeth smashed out with a baseball bat.

Liverpool’s long-serving sex workers blame an influx of eastern European competitors for pushing down their prices - with many fearing girls are being trafficked into the area.

Jul 26 10:32

5 Times More UK Children Died From Suicide Than COVID During Lockdowns

A new study by UK researchers found the fatality rate for youth and children under the age of 18 from COVID-19 was five times lower than from suicide and ten times lower than from trauma.

Jul 26 07:05

FLASHBACK - Secret Documents Expose British Cloak and Dagger Activities in Lebanon

lassified UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) documents released by hacktivist collective Anonymous raise serious questions about London’s cloak-and-dagger activities in Lebanon, and whether they may have led to the ouster of the country’s government.

Due to Lebanon’s position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and Arabia, and borders with Israel and Syria, it has long been of enormous geopolitical significance to Western powers.

Jul 26 06:46

Katie Hopkins joins conspiracy theorist David Icke as thousands pack Trafalgar Square for 'Freedom Rally'... after she was kicked-out of Australia for mocking its hotel quarantine ahead of Celebrity Big Brother appearance

Katie Hopkins was among thousands of campaigners on the streets of London today for a protest against vaccine passports, wearing masks and further lockdowns.

The Worldwide Rally For Freedom demonstration is taking place in a number of major cities across the globe and drew a substantial crowd in the English capital this afternoon.

Posing with fellow supporters in Trafalgar Square was far-right commentator Hopkins, who landed back in the UK earlier this week following her deportation from Australia.

Jul 26 06:21

London hit with FLASH FLOODS as torrential rain turns roads into rivers in UK capital (VIDEOS)

Londoners have seen streets flooded by torrential streams and a tube station being submerged under water as a heatwave in the UK capital was replaced by heavy rains. Some people even had to abandon cars stranded in flooded roads.

Earlier this week, the British capital saw some of the hottest days of the year as the temperatures rose over 30 degrees Celsius. Now, the heat seems to be the least of the Londoners’ problems as some parts of the city were submerged in water and resembled the alarming images from the massive flooding which hit Germany and Belgium earlier this month.

Jul 26 06:18

UK Taxpayers To Face COVID Bill For Decades To Come, MPs Warn

Two reports from the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) released on Sunday slammed the Government’s spending on unusable personal protective equipment (PPE) and said a public inquiry expected next year was not soon enough to fix some issues.

The PAC said the taxpayer would be exposed to “significant financial risks for decades to come,” and already the estimated cost of the government measures had reached £372 billion ($511 billion).

The committee also “remains concerned that despite spending over £10 billion ($14 billion) on supplies, the PPE stockpile is not fit for purpose.”

The PAC said that as of May this year, out of 32 billion items of PPE ordered by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), some 11 billion had been distributed, while 12.6 billion are stored in the UK as central stock.

Some 8.4 billion on order from other parts of the world have still not arrived in the UK.

Jul 24 11:24

Fury as care homes lock the elderly in their rooms alone for two weeks after overnight hospital stay meaning they are 'punished for seeking medical treatment'

Care home residents are being ‘falsely imprisoned’ as the rest of Britain regains freedom, campaigners warn.

Government guidance states that residents must be locked alone in their rooms for two weeks after an overnight stay in hospital.

This means elderly patients are ‘punished for seeking medical treatment’, with some refusing to attend vital hospital check-ups to avoid isolation.

People in care who spend a night in an NHS hospital must quarantine for longer than a traveller flying back from a red-list country.

Campaigners say it is ‘discriminatory and unlawful’ to treat care home residents differently to every other member of society.

Jul 24 09:27

[Video] The gasps of horror as MP Dianne Butler calls boris Johnson a Liar

The gasps of horror as MP Dianne Butler calls boris Johnson a Liar.. SHE HAS NOW BEEN BANNED FROM THE HOUSE...

Jul 23 23:38

Omagh bombing 'could have been prevented': Belfast Judge says lives of 29 people could have been saved had MI5 and police on both sides of border shared vital intelligence and warnings before 1998 Real IRA atrocity

A headline you won't hear from the corporate media: Tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries could have been prevented if we had truthfully reported on vaccine injuries.

Jul 23 08:32

U-turn hint over threat of 14-year jail terms for journalists who use leaked Government documents in revamp of Official Secrets Act as No 10 says 'freedom of the press is an integral part of the UK's democratic process'

Critics suggested that if the rules were in place now it could have led to a prosecution of the journalists who revealed this month that Matt Hancock was breaking Covid rules by having an affair with his married aide, because it relied on leaked CCTV footage.

Jul 23 08:27

Covid was only the 26th leading cause of death in England in June and made up fewer than 1% of all fatalities, official data shows

Just 0.9 per cent of fatalities were down to the virus last month — the equivalent of 11 per day, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed.

For comparison, heart disease — the country's leading killer — claimed 139 lives per day, 12 times more than the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the rate of coronavirus deaths was so low in Wales they couldn’t even work out where Covid ranked compared to other diseases.

Jul 23 06:41

UK's Sending 2 Warships To Japan Infuriates China - Warns Against "Flexing Muscles"

China is urgently warning Britain against "flexing muscles" in and around its claimed territorial waters after the UK confirmed it is sending two warships to be permanently stationed off Japan to patrol Asian waters.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in the wake of the announcement earlier this week that Beijing "firmly opposes the practice of flexing muscles at China." His Wednesday comments to reporters further described that any 'permanent' UK military presence "undermines China's sovereignty and security, and harms regional peace and stability."

As we described previously, Britain's Defense Minister Ben Wallace this week unveiled that the UK will keep two warships in the region while in Tokyo meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi. "Following on from the strike group’s inaugural deployment, the United Kingdom will permanently assign two ships in the region from later this year," he had said.

Jul 23 05:46

Lawmakers Who Refused Anti-Harassment Training Banned from UK Parliament Facilities

Two members of the House of Lords in their eighties have been banned from parliament’s bars, restaurants, and the library for refusing to undertake reeducation on sexual harassment and bullying.

On Tuesday, members of the upper house voted by 315 to 86 to ban hereditary Peer Lord Willoughby de Broke, 82, and Lord Kalms, 89, formerly the chairman of Dixons Retail, from the facilities because they had refused the much-criticised “Valuing Everyone” training.

A House of Lords spokesman told The Times that the very senior public servants would “have their access to services of the House restricted to minimise their contact with staff following their refusal to take part in Valuing Everyone training”.

Jul 22 20:57

MSM: UK food chain about to break...

Jul 22 10:49

Fury at plans that could jail reporters for up to 14 years for stories that embarrass the government by treating them like spies under the Official Secrets Act

Journalists could be hit with lengthy prison sentences if their stories upset the Government under ‘sweeping reforms’ to the Official Secrets Act, the newspaper industry warned yesterday.

Reporters given leaked documents would be treated similarly to spies and face jail sentences of up to 14 years under planned changes to the Official Secrets Act.

Jul 22 06:23

Will it be austerity again for the UK?

Jul 22 05:19

Boris Johnson has ditched his journalistic roots with proposals that could see his fellow hacks jailed for 14 years like spies

Under a revamp of the UK’s Official Secrets Act, journalists could be treated like spies for reporting on matters of public interest, and face lengthy prison sentences. That’s a bit rich given BoJo's history of dodgy journalism...

Boris Johnson was a posh-boy floppy-haired joke to many of his fellow journalists when he was ‘on the road’ for The Times and The Daily Telegraph a quarter-century-or-so ago.

Many senior editors in London and their proprietors, though, rather enjoyed Boris’s bumptious bonhomie and his pithy turn of phrase, and promoted him accordingly. Mostly in a direction where writing a pithy phrase was what was required, where opinion is what counted. Not, necessarily, fact.

Jul 21 19:38

[Video] The Awake Undertaker - Vaccine Deaths vs Covid Deaths

John O’Looney is a funeral director with 15 years industry experience who's been running his own family business in Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire, England) for the last 5 years. "We began vaccinating on January 6, 2021 locally and the death rate went through the roof almost immediately — within the same week, and for three months. I've never known a death rate like it in 15 years as an undertaker."

Jul 21 18:18


In other words no shot necessary for members of parliament? Only for the plebs?

Jul 21 12:52

UK Labour Party to vote against ‘Freedom of Speech’ bill, claiming it will embolden ‘hate speech’

The British Labour Party will oppose a Tory-sponsored bill that would allow “deplatformed” political speakers to sue universities. Labour leader Keir Starmer claims the bill will enable “Holocaust deniers” and “anti-vaxxers.”

The bill, proposed by the Conservative government and headed for a second reading in the House of Commons this week, would amend existing laws safeguarding free speech on university campuses by allowing guest speakers to sue the universities if they are denied a platform over political views. It would also mandate the appointment of a “Director for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom” within the government’s Office for Students, and allow university staff to take legal action if they felt they had been passed over for a job due to their views.

Jul 21 07:34

Medical police state: British government to require covid vaccines everywhere, and for any job

The British government is rolling out vaccine passports for clubs, pubs and restaurants now, while demanding vaccine requirements for all workers across all industries. Great Britain’s Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) wants vaccine requirements for everyday workplaces, requiring office workers to use the NHS app to verify their compliance with the new world vaccine order. In order to have a job, the British will have to return to the office showing proof they have been “fully vaccinated.” The app will also be used to enforce all future booster shots required by the Big Pharma-Big Tech-Big Government dictatorship.

Jul 21 06:45

UK RAF Considers Reviving Cold War Drills to Tackle Alleged Russian Missile Threat

Earlier this year, the UK's new foreign policy review called Russia the "most acute threat" to Britain's security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded by stressing that Russia "has never been anyone's enemy, and it does not pose a threat to anyone".

Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) plans to reinstate Cold War-era drills due to the threat over a potential deployment of cruise missiles in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Mike Wigston told The Telegraph.

"We'll be re-learning how to disperse", he said, adding that if "the arsenal [of advanced cruise missiles Russian President Vladimir] Putin has been bragging about" was moved to Kaliningrad "we'd be in range".

Jul 21 05:29

The Greatest Threat to Britain Isn’t China or Russia, It’s Boris Johnson

The lifeblood of intelligence agencies is threat inflation: exaggerating the gravity of the dangers menacing the public, and calling for harsher laws to cope with them. MI5 director general Ken McCallum did his best to follow this tradition in his annual speech this week, in which he explained the security risks facing Britain.

He spoke of threats from states such as Russia, China and Iran; from far-right activists, Islamic terrorists, and the resurgence of violence in Northern Ireland. Alongside these were the more amorphous threats posed by encrypted messaging, online spying, and cyber attacks.