May 30 06:28

Video: Trump Condemns Police Violence in 2016

On July 8, 2016 Donald Trump posted 'MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!' He posted a two minute video to Facebook in response to the deaths of the police officers in Dallas and also the deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota

May 30 06:04

Biblical Shrine In Israel Found To Have Hosted Rituals Involving Cannabis In The 8th Century B.C.

The oldest known instance of ritualistic cannabis burning has been discovered on a limestone altar in Israel’s Tel Arad shrine. According to Science News, the cannabis was mixed with animal dung to burn at lower temperatures, while the frankincense found on another altar helped with the stench.

May 30 05:37

More Human Remains Found In Civil War Confederate Submarine

The details behind the sinking of a historic vessel have eluded archaeologists and historians alike for years, but new findings may help hack away at some of the boat’s mystery.

May 30 04:51

Nazi Gold Found On Sunken Ship Could Be Worth $130 Million

You could never accuse the Nazis of having hearts of gold — but a new discovery shows that when it comes to Nazi vessels, it’s a different story.

Indeed, British treasure hunters have uncovered up to $130 million-worth of gold within the wreckage of the SS Minden, a Nazi cargo ship.

May 30 03:20

Nazi Gold Found On Sunken Ship Could Be Worth $130 Million

You could never accuse the Nazis of having hearts of gold — but a new discovery shows that when it comes to Nazi vessels, it’s a different story.

Indeed, British treasure hunters have uncovered up to $130 million-worth of gold within the wreckage of the SS Minden, a Nazi cargo ship.

May 30 02:34

75-Year-Old Diary Of SS Officer May Reveal 28 Tons Of Stolen Nazi Gold

The hunt continues for a massive stash of gold treasure that belonged to the Nazis. A newly-discovered diary that belonged to an SS officer points to one of the possible hidden locations of the Nazi gold: an old castle in Poland.

May 29 11:39

King Henry VIII's Mary Rose gets a £25,000 cash injection from Historic England to stop the iconic warship from falling into disrepair as income from visitors dries up during lockdown

Money will allow employees to continue maintaining systems protecting ship
CEO of Mary Rose Trust warned it may not survive 'this financial year'
It has received no income from visitors since March 18 due to the pandemic

May 29 10:36

George Floyd, fired officer overlapped security shifts at south Minneapolis club

A former club owner in south Minneapolis says the now-fired police officer and the black man who died in his custody this week both worked security for her club up to the end of last year.

May 29 06:28

JAMA Bombshell: "universal masking may lead to more transmission of Covid-19"

A new article published in The New England Journal of Medicine points out that the main benefit of masks is that it eases anxiety of some people, which JAMA points out "may not be strictly logical." Here are some key excerpts from the New JAMA article: "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures...fear and anxiety are better countered with data and education than with a marginally beneficial mask, particularly in light of the worldwide mask shortage, but it is difficult to get clinicians to hear this message in the heat of the current crisis.

May 29 05:46

JAMA Bombshell: "Universal masking may lead to more transmission of Covid-19

A new article published in The New England Journal of Medicine points out that the main benefit of masks is that it eases anxiety of some people, which JAMA points out "may not be strictly logical." Here are some key excerpts from the JAMA article: "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures...fear and anxiety are better countered with data and education than with a marginally beneficial mask, particularly in light of the worldwide mask shortage, but it is difficult to get clinicians to hear this message in the heat of the current crisis

May 28 15:05

Ventura County CA Health Officer Explains Why He Won't Issue A Facemask Order (Video)

1. There is no incontrovertible, compelling or even a preponderance of evidence to support an Order to wear a cloth mask in the community setting at this time. 2. I am supportive of cashiers and customers wearing cloth masks inside a grocery store or any essential business where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Supporting evidence is not strong enough to issue an Order to mandate the use of cloth masks at this time;

May 28 08:55

Emily Dickinson: Things You Didn't Know About The Famous Writer, Horticulturist

Whether you're a fan of poetry or prefer HBO, you know Emily Dickinson, the poet from Amherst, Massachusetts who spent the 1800s writing private pieces and sharing very little of her life. While she was alive, only 10 of her poems were published, her work gaining prominence only after her death in 1886. Before then, she was known to her neighbors in New England primarily as a horticulturalist and baker, but her love of gardening and baking are all but forgotten today.

May 28 08:39

The Story Behind the Picturesque Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau Park, Germany

Devil’s bridges are numerous throughout Europe. In France alone, there are about 49 Devil’s Bridges and these can also be found also in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and throughout the world. Several of these bridges have been built years ago, between 1000 and 1600 AD, and each has a corresponding Devil-related folktale or legend.

May 28 07:51

Sanford and son clip: "TAKE OFF THAT STUPID MASK! Ridiculous."

Isn't this exactly what we've all been feeling lately?

May 28 07:18

When The Mona Lisa Was Stolen: 1911's Art Theft That Made The Painting World Famous

Even if you are not an art lover, you have seen reproductions of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo de Vinci’s famous 16th century portrait that has been hailed as a masterpiece. Today, we see the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile on t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, and mousepads. She is so popular and recognizable that it is hard for us to believe that the painting hung in relative obscurity in Paris’ Louvre museum until it was stolen in 1911. The theft and the ensuing search for the painting brought world-wide attention to the Mona Lisa and made it the most-recognized painting in the world.

May 28 06:26

15 Largest Things / Living Things on Earth

From dinosaurs to large flying birds, the world was once ruled by large creatures. Luckily, some of them are still with us today, and their sheer size never fail to captivate us.

May 28 05:48

Sgt. Murphy's Laws of Combat

Some military humor...

May 28 05:30

A Brief History of Magic Wands

Magicians, wizards, witches, sorcerers, and fairies all know that to give their magical powers a boost, they need a magic wand. These thin, hand-held devices were said to be the source of magic or, at the very least, served as a distraction away from a sleight-of-hand. It may be tempting to credit JK Rowling for the invention of the magic wand, but in fact, this power stick has a long and diverse background. Let’s look at the brief history of magic wands.

May 28 03:56

Golden Gate Bridge Opens In 1937: 200,000 People Celebrate By Walking Across It

Today, it's hard to imagine San Francisco without the iconic, bright orange Golden Gate Bridge serving as the city's centerpiece, but that was reality for its citizens prior to May 27, 1937. On that official opening day, the bridge was only open to foot traffic to give residents of the city and visiting dignitaries the opportunity to see the City by the Bay from a whole new perspective and marvel at the modern engineering of the structure.

May 28 03:16

Dewey Readmore Books: The Celebrity Library Cat Of The 1980s

In the 1980s, America fell in love with Dewey Readmore Books, a convolutedly named cat who lived in the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa. Throughout Dewey's 19 years, he touched hearts and inspired his librarian mom to write about his life story in books like There's a Cat in the Library and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. Dewey may be an early meme, but he was also a pretty cool cat.

May 27 13:01

US carried out 70 regime-changing operations during Cold War — Russian envoy

The diplomat mentioned this data, citing western analysts, against a backdrop of incessant barrage of US accusations of Russia’s alleged election interference

May 27 06:58

Candid Camera Classic: Germ Masks Anyone?

The customers' reactions to waitresses wearing face masks pre-covid are hilarious.

May 27 06:35

USSC 1905 Ruling On Mandatory Vaccines: Jacobson Vs. Massachusetts

Most everyone has seen the recent video in which Alan Dershowitz Says If You Refuse Vaccination, The State Can Plunge A Needle In Your Arm. In the video, Dershowitz, who is purportedly a constitutional expert, claims that no one has a right to refuse vaccination or to refuse to wear a mask during a public health crisis. He invokes the U.S. Supreme Court case of Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, which was decided in 1905.
The Court in a nutshell ruled that despite the fact that Jacobson could certainly find medical experts who agree with his claims opposing vaccines, the vast majority of respected doctors across the world accept vaccination to protect the public health in a pandemic, so a vaccine mandate does not violate his liberty.

May 26 19:06

Bill Clinton was seen with Jeffrey Epstein on the convicted sex offenders' Caribbean island where young girls were allegedly abused and trafficked, claims an explosive new Netflix documentary

Bill Clinton was seen sitting with Jeffrey Epstein on the convicted sex offenders' Caribbean island where young girls were allegedly taken and assaulted by the pedophile and his high-profile friends, a new Netflix documentary has claimed.

Steve Scully, a 70-year-old former worker on Epstein's private Caribbean island of Little Saint James, said he saw the former president sitting with the pedophile in the porch of the island's villa.

May 26 18:54

Vaccine Expert Testifies to Congress That Coronavirus Vaccine Killed 2 Children

Dr. Peter Hotez Addressing House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Hearing on Coronavirus, March 5, 2020 : "When I say scientific challenge, one of the things we are not hearing a lot about is potential safety problems of coronavirus vaccines. This was first found in the 1960s with respiratory interstitial virus vaccines done in Washington with the NIH and Children's National Medical Center. Some of those kids who got the vaccine did worse and I believe there were two deaths. What happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccine, to get immunized and when you are exposed to the virus you get this paradoxical enhancement phenomenon. We don't entirely understand the basis of it, that we recognize there's a real problem with certain respiratory virus vaccines. That killed the program for decades and now the Gates foundation is taking it up again, but then we start developing coronavirus vaccines.

May 26 12:18

Samuel Morse: Inventor Of The Telegraph, Failed Painter, Photographer

You may only know Samuel Morse for that code he invented, but there was much more to the man than dots and dashes. He was also a mediocre student who dreamed (much to his parents' chagrin) of being an artist, a pro-slavery and anti-Catholic intellectual, and a widower whose infamous moment of inspiration stemmed from his wife's tragic death.

May 26 08:48

1618 Defenestration Of Prague: Two Catholic Lords, Secretary Survive 70-Ft. Fall

On May 23, 1618, a divine miracle took place in Prague. That, or three guys just caught a lucky—albeit stinky—break. What began as a political protest ended with the spark that triggered the Thirty Years' War, perhaps the only war in history to start with people getting thrown out a window.

May 26 07:42

The Invention Of Kryptonite: The Real Reason The Man Of Steel Needed A Weakness

There are a few things that everyone knows about Superman: He's faster than a speeding bullet, he can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and his only weakness is Kryptonite. The glowing green rock—remnants of the crust of his home planet, Krypton—has no effect on humans but renders Superman completely powerless. This weakness hasn't always been a part of Superman's legacy; in fact, Kryptonite didn't even originally appear in the comic books. Still, it's become entrenched in the character's mythology.

May 25 11:21

The First Bicycle Is Introduced In New York City, 1819: History Of The Velocipede

In 1819, the bicycle rolled across the Atlantic into the Big Apple all the way from Europe. Known as "velocipedes" or "swift walkers," these strange contraptions created by Baron Karl von Drais were a sign of coming change and a new way of getting from place to place.

May 25 06:16

Catholic Priest on COVID: "Our republic has become a phobiocracy - ruled by fear."

"No virus is worse than an out-of-control government!
Far worse than losing the life of an individual in society is losing the life of society itself...No virus is worse than an out-of-control government
..I don't believe the state has our best interests in mind..This country will become a living hell."

May 24 19:56

Meet Bill Gates

There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates' rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

May 23 14:17

Unsentimental Journey: Timeline Details Fading Freedoms and the Pandemic Speeding Up the Process

By B.N. Frank

It’s only natural that many theories have been floating around since the “facts” and the “stats” keep changing. Additionally, much of what is being reported doesn’t always make sense. Because of this, people are becoming more skeptical. Why wouldn’t they?

Although some of the “powers that be” continue to compare this current pandemic to the “Spanish Flu” of 100+ years ago – there seem to be many eerie similarities with the “Swine Flu” shenanigans of the 1970s.

Thanks to Children’s Health Defense for creating this timeline which provides some very unsavory details of what brought us to where we are today...

May 21 13:37

Churches Worldwide Come Together To Sing 'The Blessing' To A World In Pandemic

This is absolutely beautiful, a real tear-jerker. There are versions from nearly every country & every language in this collaborative musical celebration of faith.

May 20 10:10

The Story of the Mysterious 19th Century ‘Princess' Who Fooled a Town

On April 3, 1817 --- out of nowhere, a confused young lady suddenly showed up in Almondsbury, a small village few miles north of Bristol in England.
She was dressed in a shabby gown and shawl and with a turban donned around her head, and looks utterly exhausted like she was just from a long journey. The lady was carrying only a small bundle of her belongings, along with a bar of soap and basic toiletries. What puzzles the villagers is that, she spoke a language no one could understand.

May 20 09:13

Potemkin Villages: The History Of Fake Buildings For Tricking Outsiders

What do you see in the photo above? Just a beautiful upscale residential street, basking in the rays of an unusually sunny London afternoon, right? There's nothing particularly interesting on the surface of it, but what if someone told you that's all it is? That if you turned a doorknob, it wouldn't open, and if you peeked through the window, you'd find nothing but a dark wall?

May 20 08:34

Heroin Use During The Vietnam War: How The Drug Was Taken Secretly By Soldiers

For nearly 20 years, from 1955 to the mid-'70s, the American military was thrust into the jungles of Vietnam. The war took an emotional toll on American troops that, in many ways, outweighed the physical strains of battle, and soldiers coped through drug use, primarily heroin. Not only did it blur the hell around them to a manageable haze, it was something to do that didn't involve death and destruction, at least not initially. Many of the men who returned home were hooked for life, unable to cope with the world around them without a veneer of smack.

May 20 07:42

Agnodice: The First Female Doctor Who Disguises As A Man And Became A Medical Legend

Today, roughly equal numbers of men and women study medicine, but for centuries, women were prohibited from the practice. That didn't stop Agnodice, a Greek woman who supposedly lived in the 4th century B.C. and allegedly the first known female doctor in history. Although many historians now think Agnodice was a fictional character, she is often credited with paving the way for female doctors.

May 19 08:48

Prince Andrew and ANOTHER sex slave: MoS uncovers evidence the Duke of York was in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion at the same time as a victim of the horrifying abuse

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered compelling evidence that the woman – who was in her 20s at the time of the Duke of York's visit – was groomed by Epstein as a teenager, sexually assaulted and forced into a sham lesbian marriage.

Court papers seen by this newspaper say the abuse she suffered, which continued after Andrew's infamous 2010 visit to Epstein's £60million home, was so 'perverted' that lawyers considered it too graphic to be included in official public legal documents.

The revelation that the Prince is believed to have been under Epstein's roof at the same time as a victim who endured such an appalling ordeal will raise further questions about what Andrew knew about his financier friend's criminal activities.

May 19 06:51

Joe Biden Bragged About Nearly Being Arrested for Following ‘Lovely’ Women

Former Vice President Joe Biden once bragged about nearly being arrested for chasing a “lovely group of women” into an all-female dormitory in his youth.
Biden, who is now under scrutiny after facing sexual misconduct allegations from a former Senate staffer, regaled voters during a campaign swing through Athens, Ohio, in October 2008, with a story about what occurred during his last visit to their city. At the time, Biden, who was the Democrat vice presidential nominee, claimed he had journeyed to the city for a football game between his alma mater, the University of Delaware, and the local, Athens-based Ohio University sometime in 1963.

May 18 10:22

Trump: "Not everybody's gonna want to get" COVID19 Vaccine (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump made an astounding and very pleasantly surprising admission last week during his COVID-19 Press conference. While many people are concerned about the upcoming possibility of alleged mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, Trump told a reporter that "We're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it! Not everybody's gonna want to get it.

May 18 05:29

The Order Of The Dragon: An Ancient Society Dracula's Father Belonged To

Medieval Europe was lousy with chivalric orders, bands of knights, and noblemen who lived by a set of self-imposed, righteous rules. The members of these orders sought to conduct themselves in a morally superior manner while acting as bodyguards for Christianity. One such order was the Order of the Dragon, a group that, on the surface, looked like every other chivalric order, but upon closer inspection, it may not have been as upstanding as it appeared.

May 17 14:39

Elizabeth Báthory: The West's Most Legendary Serial Killer

One of the most prolific alleged serial killers who's ever lived, Elizabeth Báthory, had the perks of timing and aristocracy on her side. This Hungarian noblewoman is believed to have used her position of power to cull so many victims from the countryside without repercussions that even though her horrific crimes (she is said to have used skewers, hot pokers, and bugs to torture her victims) are well known, we still don't know exactly how many people she killed.

May 17 09:44

Hawaii Blesses The World In Pandemic With Beautiful Mega-Hit "The Blessing"

25 churches in Hawaii got together to record a stunning beautiful song called "The Blessing." It is quite impressive .

May 17 06:33

How Huxley's X-Club Created Nature Magazine & Sabotaged Science For 150 Years

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

What is Nature Magazine exactly? Is it truly an “objective” platform for pure scientific research untainted by the filth of political agendas? Is this standard-bearer of “proper method”, which can make or break the career of any scientist, truly the scientific journal it claims to be or is there something darker to be discovered?

Darwin, Malthus and the Political Use of a ‘Science of Limits’

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Of course not; but in order to understand the elite monied, you have to understand how they think; and this is, truly, how they think.

May 16 22:44

Tales of the Holohoax – Rollercoasters, Electric Floors, Fighting Bears and Eagles in Cages, Oy Vey!

"The truth of the Holocaust is that the conditions in German concentration camps were actually better than those of American concentration camps and certainly much better than Soviet gulags. Amenities in German concentration camps included swimming pools, brothels, theaters and soccer fields."

May 15 10:30

Hunter Erickson Speaks at Orange County Board of Supervisors, 5/13/2020

A very well-spoken young man delivered a powerful 2-minute message to Orange County, CA Board of Supervisors. (He is related to the heroic Dr. Dan Erickson.) "Counties around California and the nation need to take a stand against scientifically unfounded and tyrannical policies that will ultimately result in collateral damage that we cannot yet comprehend."

May 14 23:53

San Francisco's 1904 Black Plague Scare (And How It Was Covered Up)

The bubonic plague is one of the most catastrophic diseases to ever befall mankind, claiming hundreds of millions of lives throughout the centuries. During the mid-1300s, the bacterium known formally as yersinia pestis was responsible for wiping out over half of Europe's population, an episode commonly referred to as the Black Death. It's an ugly and painful way to go.

May 13 20:28

H.R.748 - CARES Act --- More proof this plandemic was planned [ts]

More proof this plandemic was planned.
Or, search for HR748 on website: https://www.congress.gov

"Introduced 01/24/2019". 369 Cosponsors.
"This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses".

May 13 13:13

Hundreds of Children Brain Damaged by the Swine Flu Vaccine to Receive $90 Million in Financial Compensation from UK Government

First published in April 2015. The H1N1 vaccine fiasco ordered by the (corrupt) WHO Director General is of relevance to the current debate on a COVID-19 vaccine.


The 2009 swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.

This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever. From the quack science section of the Washington Post to the big pharma sellout pages of the New York Times, every U.S. mainstream media outlet exists in a state of total vaccine injury denialism, pushing toxic vaccines that provably harm children.

“Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine,” reports the International Business Times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a cautionary tale, and one of which thinking Americans, particularly if they have kids, should be considering if the US government is going to mandate Covid-19 immunizations.

And if there is an insert you can get from the Manufacturer, when the Covid-19 vaccine does come out, please check, and see if the above-referenced adjuvants are listed as included.

May 13 10:16

Why Is It Called The Roaring '20s?

From provocative jazz music and scandalous flappers to snazzy bootleggers and felonious gangsters, the 1920s certainly roared with unconventional attitudes and activities. It was a time of great change as the country moved away from the vestiges of the Victorian era toward a modern, liberated, youthful society. Let's look at the ways the 1920s roared with change.

May 13 10:14

History Of The Hot Dog: Why Do We Call Them Dogs? Where Do They Come From?

There's nothing more America than a hot dog. You can find them being sold at street corners, baseball stadiums, and amusement parks or served at backyard cookouts, graduation parties, and holiday celebrations across the nation. They can be topped with cheese, chili, onions, jalapenos, pickle relish, and the traditional ketchup and mustard combination.

May 12 06:45

World-renowned epidemiologist says to open up the entire United States

Dr. Daniel Erickson interviews world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski, who says schools should re-open immediately and to open up the entire United States. YouTube has already removed this video, this copy was re-posted just yesterday but probably won't last long. Save it while you can.

May 11 17:54

Ventura County CA Health Officer Explains Why He Won't Issue A Facemask Order (Video

Dr. Robert Levin explains why he will not issue a facemask order: "There is no incontrovertible, compelling or even a preponderance of evidence to support an Order to wear a cloth mask in the community setting at this time..."

May 11 12:33

The Fascinating Conspiracy Theory About Bob Marley's Death

On May 11, 1981, reggae's spiritual savior and biggest hit-maker, Bob Marley, passed away at what is now the University of Miami Hospital at the too-young age of 36. His cause of death was listed as metastatic melanoma, but according to the more conspiracy-minded members of the music community, there was more to Marley's cancer than meets the eye. These people believe that the CIA wanted Marley dead, so they did the only thing that made sense: They gave him cancer through his shoes. The strange, multi-tentacled theory has long been debunked, but that hasn't stopped musicians and fans from spreading it like wildfire.

May 11 12:28

The Crimes Of Warren Jeffs: "President/Prophet" Of The Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

In 2002, polygamous priest and former member of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List Warren Jeffs rose to top of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he used his power to warp his followers and treat them like his own personal cult. Viewed as a prophet by many of his followers, Jeffs had more than 70 wives, many of them underage, and traveled across North America in disguise to evade capture. Like many cult leaders, Jeffs is known to be an equally charismatic and horrifying figure. He remains in federal custody and will for the rest of his life. But how did he get there?

May 11 06:37

Riverside County, CA RESCINDS Face-Mask & Social-Distancing Orders

The County of Riverside, California rescinded it's tough face covering and social distancing orders on Friday May 8, 2020. Riverside County was one of the first in the state to issue a mandatory face-mask order, with violators facing potential $1,000 fine and 3 months in jail. The official order stated, in part, "With 30 million national unemployment claims filed as of this writing, it is imperative that our residents get back to work."

May 11 06:00

Largest County In California REPEALS face-mask & social distancing orders

NoMask.info: San Bernardino County , the largest geographical county in California, encompassing 20,105 square miles with a population of 2,035,210, repealed their widely-derided facemask order on May 8, 2020, a few days after neighboring Riverside County did the same.

May 09 13:04

The Invention Of Oreo: How America's Best-Selling Cookie Got Its Name

Creamy, chocolatey, and impossible to limit to the recommended serving size, the Oreo is a timeless cookie that no household is complete without. Even though they've become America's number-one cookie, they got their start as a doppelgänger of the Hydrox, which paired bitter chocolate shortbread with sweet vanilla fondant.

May 06 12:40

Orson Welles: Actor, Director, Writer, Legend, And Eventual Magician

Reaching the zenith of your career in your twenties has to be maddening. Orson Welles directed Citizen Kane when he was only 25 years old, and even though he never won an Academy Award, he created what's still known as modern filmmaking. We think of him as a legendary filmmaker today, but while Welles was alive, he was regarded as a joke and a has-been. War of the Worlds and Citizen Kane were monumental achievements that he never really topped, not in the eyes of critics at the time, but Welles never stopped dreaming.

May 05 16:35

Redfield and Birx: Can they be trusted with COVID?

U.S. military documents show that, in 1992, the CDC’s current Director Robert Redfield and his then-assistant, Deborah Birx—both Army medical officers—knowingly falsified scientific data published in the New England Journal of Medicine fraudulently claiming that an HIV vaccine they helped develop was effective. They knew the vaccine was worthless.

May 05 13:20

1891: What It Was Like When Carnegie Hall Opened In New York For The First Time

If it weren't for a chance encounter on a cruise ship, New York City's famed Carnegie Hall may have never been built. Today, Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world, but while it was being built, many people believed that the concert hall was doomed to fail...

May 05 13:03

Freedom Riders: The Men And Women Who Fought Segregation On Buses

In 1961, a group of brave people decided to catch a bus. Their actions didn't require courage (just) because of the germs and filth that cover every surface of most public transportation vehicles; they did it specifically to defy the Jim Crow laws of the Deep South....

May 05 11:44

Trump Appointed Federal Judge Dismisses COVID-19 Pandemic Facemask Lawsuit - (But NOT Because The orders are Constitutional)

Stillwater Oklahoma City manager Norman McNickle decried alleged threats of violence by those unhappy with the face mask order. He claimed ""Many of those with objections cite the mistaken belief the requirement is unconstitutional, and under their theory, one cannot be forced to wear a mask. No law or court supports this view. In fact, a recent Federal lawsuit against Guthrie's face covering order was fully dismissed by the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma." However, federal judge Judge Scott L. Palk dismissed the case not on lack of merit of constututional grounds, but because the plaintiffs did not have standing to sue. In other words, because the plaintiffs had not been arrested, prosecuted or threatened with prosecution for not obeying the face mask or lockdown orders in Guthrie OK.

May 04 10:52

Another History Dump(18 Pics)

May 04 09:26

US Funded Wuhan Lab’s Virus Research

"In the face of a moratorium in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci – the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and currently the leading doctor in the US Coronavirus Task Force – outsourced in 2015 the GOF research to China’s Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving US government funding."

May 04 07:17


On this day in 1970, students were randomly shot to death on the campus of Kent State University by members of the Ohio National Guard.

Obama’s super-progressive administration refused to re-open the investigation in the government murders of students carried out on the campuses of Kent State and Jackson State.

The evidence is crystal clear that the shooting were not “accidental.” The order to shoot was given on the scene and given that the commanders were never investigated or charged, the only possible assumption is their orders came from higher up.

May 03 10:33

Most Eccentric Last Will and Testament Requests By Famous People

From crazy cremation requests to creepy memorial guidelines, here are some weird and eccentric wills left by famous people in history.

May 03 10:18

How George H.W. Bush Handled Losing the 1992 Election To Bill Clinton

Clinton had just defeated Bush in his 1992 re-election bid, yet Bush expressed his wish for the next president to succeed, and offered him advice about dealing with critics.

Apr 30 05:38

Dr. Dan Erickson Interviewed On L.A. Drive Time Radio 4/29/20 (Audio)

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi co-own a chain of seven Accelerated Urgent Care centers, from Bakersfield to Temecula. On Wednesday April 29 Dr. Erickson was a guest on KFI AM 640's John and Ken show.
You can listen here. The interview is 17 minutes.

Apr 28 18:33

W.H.O. Director Has Strong Ties to Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation, Dr. Fauci, China and Genocide

The WHO Director is a former member of a terrorist organization.
The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)

It is therefore rather astonishing to discover that Ghebreyesus’ political career began at the politburo of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPFL), a terrorist organization of the Tigray minority ethnic group (6% of the Ethiopian population), listed in the U.S. Homeland Security Global Terrorism Database for a series of kidnappings, bombings and armed robberies.[3]

Apr 28 18:29

BREAKING: RFK Jr. Asks if Dr. Shiva Owning a Vaccine Company & Partnering with Microsoft is Why He’s Splintering the Movement

Interesting. All roads lead back to The Clinton's, Gates and Obama. After the election in 2016 it was said the the dems would try to impeach Trump if that failed they would destroy the economy. Well........?

Dr. Birx’s husband is former Bill Clinton advance man Paige Reffe. This relationship with Democrats and the Clinton’s is something that the good doctor is unable to separate from.

If Dr. Fauci is one of the Clinton favorites, its quite possible that he would be more than willing to take advantage of his time in front of the television cameras during his 15 minutes of fame in the crisis by sabotaging the biggest threat the deep state swamp dwellers have ever faced.

Apr 28 12:26

How Will History Treat The Coronavirus Lockdown? With Prof. Denis Rancourt - RonPaulLibertyReport

You won't want to miss this very special Liberty Report! Former University of Ottawa physics professor Denis Rancourt joins today's program to examine the science behind government and media claims about the coronavirus outbreak. Does a national lockdown make any sense? Why did the scientists that governments listen to seem to get the numbers all wrong? And why have other scientists who challenged the accepted wisdom been silenced and ignored? What are the numbers? Why is the media only interested in bolstering government rhetoric, no matter how incorrect it proves to be? And, very importantly, why did state and local authorities take measures that almost guaranteed that senior care facilities would see more widespread suffering and death than necessary?

Apr 28 12:19

The Truth About Vaccines 2020, Episode-7. (Starting tonight for 24 hours viewing)

The Truth About Vaccines 2020, Episode-7, will air starting tonight (Tu 4/28/20, 9pm EST), thereafter for 24 hours.
Topic: "Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice"
Basically: Alternatives to vaccines who don't want to vaccinate.

Apr 28 05:57

The Vaccine that Killed 50,000,000

VERY FEW PEOPLE realize that the worst epidemic ever to hit America, the Spanish Influenza of 1918 was the after effect of the massive nation-wide vaccine campaign. Viruses were not known at that time so the doctors told the people that the disease was caused by germs. Germs, bacteria and viruses, along with bacilli and a few other invisible organisms are the scapegoats, which the doctors like to blame for the things they do not understand.

If we check back in history to that 1918 flu period, we will see that it suddenly struck just after the end of World War I when American soldiers were returning home from overseas, although there was a suggestion that the virus strain originated at Fort Riley, Kansas, in viruses in poultry and pigs which the fort bred for food; the soldiers were then sent from Fort Riley around the world, where they spread the disease. WWI was the first war in which multiple vaccines were forced on all U.S. servicemen.

Apr 27 17:54

The Truth About Fauci by Dr Judy Mikovits (April-2020)

Dr. Judy Mikovits - vaccines are driving these epidemics

Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about COVID-19

Apr 27 06:06

Did a Vaccine Experiment on U.S. Soldiers Cause the “Spanish Flu”?

The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true?

What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin?

Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry.