Dec 05 07:31


Dec 04 10:27


Dec 04 06:59

Welcome to San Francisco

Nov 30 02:26

Kid Yells 'Shut the Fu*k Up at Jill Biden During Story Reading Session at White House? Dubious Video Goes Viral

A video of a child yelling "shut the f**k up" at Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, during a book reading session at the White House has gone viral on social media. While the video appears to be dubious, the same left many internet users in splits.

Nov 27 07:57

What the FDA is Like…

Nov 25 16:26

Have you seen this assh*le? Doctor recommends ‘routine surveillance’ after Biden’s colonoscopy

O’Connor pronounced the president to be “healthy” and “vigorous” after the physical. Biden, who at 79 is the oldest president in U.S. history, was also deemed “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

Nov 24 08:03

The Secret Speech of Jen Psaki

White House Press Secretary Offers Thanks for Biden Infrastructure Bill – to China.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reaffirmed Joe Biden’s stance that he was not an “old friend” of Xi Jinping before the summit between the two leaders last week. This was big news. And the media play it received was quite disturbing to Psaki, as it turns out.

Seeking to clarify matters, she wrote a statement to read to the press corps explaining her stance on China-US relations. She planned to read it to the press during Thanksgiving week. Presidential advisors, however, put the kabosh on the statement – and reportedly tried to put the kabosh on Psaki herself after they saw her draft. From reliable sources, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the situation, we have obtained portions of the statement which has come to be known among Washington insiders as the PPP, Psaki’s Psecret Pspeech.

Nov 23 08:44

Bill Engvall - Deer Hunting With My Wife

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A little humor to lighten up the day. Hunters will appreciate this!

Nov 22 16:52

Prosecutors Find Mail-In Jury Votes At 3AM, Rittenhouse Now Guilty

In a stunning reversal, Kyle Rittenhouse awoke this morning to discover that he had been found guilty after all.

Prosecutors explained that during the night, they had found dozens of mail-in jury votes declaring the defendant guilty on all counts. Apparently, boxes of these mail-in votes arrived in a truck at the courthouse around 3:00 am.

Attorneys for Mr. Rittenhouse were dumbfounded as to how such a thing could have happened, raising questions as to the validity of mail-in jury voting. They stated: “We’ve never heard of this. This isn’t part of the legal system. Where did these votes even come from?”

"How DARE you question the sanctity of our criminal justice system!" cried the prosecuting attorneys. "There is no justice until EVERY vote is counted!"

Nov 19 08:03


Nov 17 14:08

Hysterical Video: Just In Time For Christmas Season, A Holiday Themed 'Brandon' Song

"Let's Go Brandon Christmas" went viral in a day, gaining more than 32,600 YouTube views between only Sunday and Monday. The musician performing the holiday rap is Forgiato Blow, whose previous "Let's go Brandon"-themed music videos got hundreds of thousands of views.

"My wish came true — he's getting impeached," the lyrics go. "I told Santa we need Trump back. Four more years of 45 — I'm good with that."

Nov 15 11:03

If Authoritarians Taught Yoga

Nov 10 14:07

Buy Now: Anti-racist Chess!

In traditional chess, white gets to go first. A shocking and racist beginning to anything, but pretty much what you'd expect from a game invented by white people.*

Anti-racist Chess is an updated, more equitable version of this ancient but problematic pastime.

Nov 10 09:10

Now That He's Sold The Pfizer Vaccine, Here Are 10 More Upcoming Product Endorsements From Big Bird

The beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird is finally doing what he was born to do: sell pharmaceutical products to small children! After his resounding success in selling a Pfizer vaccine, here are 10 more exciting Big Bird product endorsements PBS is planning:

Nov 03 15:16

Why Two Classes of Citizens is a GREAT Idea! - AwakenWithJP

Why creating two classes of citizens is a GREAT idea! Mandates that create a lower class a citizen helps protect people from others who are worse than them.

Nov 03 12:50

US Army Announces It Now Identifies As Winner Of Afghan War

America’s most embarrassing military failure is no more. In fact, it never existed at all. Early Friday morning, the United States Department of Defense announced that henceforth, it identifies as the winner of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Nov 03 07:41

Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange

Nov 02 12:49

US Army Announces It Now Identifies As Winner Of Afghan War

America’s most embarrassing military failure is no more. In fact, it never existed at all. Early Friday morning, the United States Department of Defense announced that henceforth, it identifies as the winner of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

The change means that once again, America’s troops are undefeated in all wars stretching back to the nation’s founding. While America has won many cisvictories in its long military history, the new announcement makes Afghanistan the countries first transvictory. The Vietnam War, another prior defeat, came out of the closet as “more of a draw, really” in 1997.

“To be honest, we always knew we were the real winners, but after existing for more than 200 years in a transphobic society, we didn’t feel comfortable enough to come out with our true selves,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said in a press conference at the Pentagon.

Nov 02 09:51

Lets go Brandon Burger

Oct 29 10:24

Lets go Brandon They Live

Oct 29 05:03

Honest Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit

Oct 25 08:12

Coppola’s Third Sequel: The Godfather Downunder

Director Francis Ford Coppola has announced a remake of his classic film “The Godfather” but this time set in the Land Downunder. Here is the synopsis:

These are dark days in Melbourne City after mobster and drug pusher Dan Corleone, nicknamed “The Dan” becomes the Premier.

The Dan – or “Mr Big-Shot” as some call him- blackmails businesses in the city to force a dangerous drug on all their employees, called The Jab.

If they don’t get The Jab, they lose their job – or else the business has to pay Dan Corleone a cool 100 grand.

Warning: contains some disturbing scenes of extreme violence, including the Shrine of Remembrance Day Massacre, where the Mob disguised as police fire upon protestors, and the terrifying “Devil’s Playground Ban Scene”.

Starring Dan Andrews as Dan Corleone, and Scott Morrison as Al Capone (or maybe I’m confusing that with another movie…)

Oct 17 18:09

john bishop on covid 19 home testing

Oct 15 09:40


Oct 09 11:32

New National Anthem

Please RT far and wide the new college football stadium anthem ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ so all can learn the lyrics.

Oct 05 13:34

The Fauci Ouchie

Oct 05 09:44

Massage in a COVID world (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that the insidious, humorless YouTube felt the need to add to it a message directing you to the CDC, which, in turn, is urging you to pile on some more booster shots

Oct 05 08:21

Back to school(Video)

Oct 04 07:47

Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!

Oct 04 06:18

Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!

Sep 29 13:57

Repost - Progressive Couple Thrilled With Latest Mandates

Sep 28 11:19

Honest Government Ad | My Police State!

Sep 28 05:19

Progressive Couple Thrilled With Latest Mandates

Sep 27 09:09

Adults returning to work.

Sep 27 07:21

It's Probably the Clinton Jokes...

Sep 21 07:03

If the vaccine mandate was about tacos

Sep 19 22:49

Unvaxxed TikTokers Are Calling Themselves 'Purebloods'

It's happening!!!

"From now on, I refuse to be referred to as 'unvaccinated,'" one TikToker declared. "I want everyone to now call me Pureblood."

Sep 17 07:29

Good coffee (Cartoon)

Sep 16 11:46

Sign Me Up! Hilarious Snaps Reveal Attention-Grabbing Notices That Won't Fail To Make You Laugh

Signs are usually put in place to inform and instruct - but some creative types recognise that the best way to get the point across is to be entertaining too.

Sep 16 08:33



Sep 16 07:59

Bill Hicks - It's Just A Ride

Sep 14 13:06

17 Covid-Skeptic Memes to Get You Through the Day

What day is it? Monday!

Are we still experiencing weird totalitarian rollouts of medical apartheid and cultish mass brainwashing around the globe? You bet!

Then it must be time for more Monday Morning MemesTM!

Won’t it be nice when this listicle ceases to be relevant, and all these tropes can finally become yesterday’s news? For a while I’ve dared to hope this might happen. The feeling sort of crept up on me.

Perhaps I’m being silly, but I hope you’ve felt this creeping hope too. It might be the best (and only?) way to counteract all this creeping fear!


Sep 10 14:55

Man Disguises Self As Illegal Immigrant So Democrats Won't Care That He's Unvaccinated

SAN DIEGO, CA—According to sources, Democrats in Washington really want people to get vaccinated. When it comes to undocumented immigrants, however, Democrats don't really seem to care as much. This led local man Damien Cooper to pose as an illegal immigrant so politicians won't bother him about getting vaccinated all the time.

Sep 09 17:53

Is this Racist? The Tournament Fishing Kickstarter In Hot Water Story

An image was reported as racist, then blew up on twitter causing so much controversy. But was it a storm in a teacup or was it valid to report the image as they see it, racist. Get the full scoop here.

Sep 03 11:53

Monarchy Vs Democracy (Video)

Sep 02 11:06

Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World

Resentful and bitter after being criticised over her leadership during the latest lockdown, Gladys decides it's time to take things to the next level and declare herself the eternal leader of NSW.

Aug 30 07:28

Joe Biden - My Heart Will Go On 'Titanic'

Aug 25 11:08

Biden’s 17 GREATEST Achievements So Far!

Aug 25 10:56

Australian Tourism Ad in 2021

Aug 19 06:31

It's a Woke World After All

Aug 19 05:40

Horror as Kabul Falls to a Regime More Liberal Than Australia’s

Horror! Afghanistan has been overrun by a regime so barbarous and cruel that under its rule people are allowed to step outside without a passport, may even enter government offices, museums, and stores without said passport, and where — gasp (!) — men may walk outside without face coverings!

This is simply too barbaric to even contemplate! Why can’t the Taliban be more like us?? It’s time to enter the 21st century, fellas!

On the other hand, the Taliban do at least ban concerts, cinemas and night clubs so there is still hope they may yet join the civilized world and offer progressive governance, with more clampdowns on anything that makes life worth living, just as the West has done for the past year and a half. Fingers crossed!

Aug 18 09:45

Anti-vax transphobia! Never thought I'd see the day.

For allied nations of the US and the shills that enable them, the fall of Afghanistan is similar to the fall of Christopher Cantwell for fed-backed neo-Nazis and other shills.

When Cantwell went down, I told all of the neo-Nazis and Oath Keepers: “this is the fate that awaits you – the feds don’t care about you, they will not honor deals, and they will not protect you.”

Aug 18 07:11

Andrews bans people from removing masks to drink outdoors

An example of crazy from Gulag Australia. 12 Million people under home arrest. This guy's the dictator of the new nation of Victoria. around 20 cases of flu and no deaths. Last week he locked the entire state down over a positive covid test from a sewerage plant. When this turned out to be a false positive he still didn't lift the lockdown.

This is from the Sydney gulag. $5000 if you leave home. Random police checks to make sure you are home
'That time has gone': NSW Police to crack down on COVID rulebreakers

Aug 17 10:42

Taliban Enjoys Deep Belly Laugh Over Diversity Training Materials Left Behind By U.S. Military -

August 16th, 2021 -

KABUL—According to sources in Afghanistan, the Taliban was having a "deep belly laugh" over the diversity training materials left behind by the U.S. military previously stationed there. Taliban fighters captured books like Antiracist Baby, White Fragility, and The GayBCs and collectively cracked up over the ridiculousness of the gender ideology present in the works.

Aug 13 05:20

Genius Vaccine proposal…

Aug 09 06:06


These memes run more or less in the order I created them starting in 2020.

As somebody recently said, memes should be called “spoiler alerts.” I posted my first Bill Gates COVID meme on Twitter on January 24, 2020. This was it:

Aug 08 06:07

IMAGE: 9th Vaccination

Aug 08 05:11

Bad news first (Picture)

Aug 06 06:16

HolUp (Video)

Aug 05 07:12

Priorities. (Picture)

Aug 04 09:09

[Video] Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh At The Sheep

What a great tonic :)

Jul 31 05:28

Scientists Warn That Within 6 Months Humanity Will Run Out Of Things To Call Racist

Calling brand new things racist—that no one would ever have thought could be racist—is fun, and everyone loves it. But as each new day people breathlessly inform us of the racist history of things like crossword puzzles and punctuality, scientists are warning of an impending catastrophe.

Jul 30 12:39

Joe.I.Am's (aka Joe Biden) Town Hall REMIX (My Butt's Been Wiped) - The Remix Bros

Jul 30 07:41

Take This Mask And Shove It! - Steve Stewart

Jul 29 08:57

Calm down about the Delta variant

The great thing about COVID, I like to quip, is that has abolished death from old age. Also the flu. That malady typically claims 30,000 to 40,000 scalps per annum in the US, many more in a bad year. How many flu deaths were there last season? According to the Scientific American, 700.

Find yourself in a motorcycle accident suffering the inconvenience of losing your cerebellum and all that other gooey stuff spread like jam over the interstate? Don’t worry. The medics will find an intact nostril and will determine that you tested ‘positive for COVID’. What remains of you will be transported to a hospital where management will file a claim and get 15 percent more on their government reimbursement because you ‘died from’, or at least with COVID.

There are exceptions, of course. I am told that St George Floyd, for example, tested positive for COVID but too late — not too late because he had expired but too late because a racism, racism, racism narrative intervened and took priority.

Jul 28 09:40

Dangerous New Freedom Variant Causing People to Ignore Government and Live Their Lives

Experts are warning of yet another new problem facing the nation: They’ve spotted a new, more dangerous freedom variant spreading among the populace. This freedom is so virulent that people infected by it feel they can ignore government edicts about masks and lockdowns.

“Usually, the freedom we see in the wild is fairly mild,” explained CDC official Hubert Pratt. “It’s just freedom to passionately express one of the approved viewpoints on social media or freedom to pick one of the three Obamacare options. But now we see people acting like politicians aren’t in charge of them at all, and it’s dangerous.”

With the new freedom variant, there’s been an outbreak of people not wearing masks, teaching their children their own values, and expressing ideas the Biden Administration would rather they not. Moreover, this freedom is highly contagious, even sometimes breaking into blue states once thought to be immune.

Jul 26 06:56

A/CDC - Pfizer struck

Jul 26 03:02

The Sunday Memes v4 (You Laugh You Lose)

You laugh, you lose. Your punishment : You must like or share to a friend. Stupid simple and… GO! -- HAVE A GREAT WEEK! TRY NOT TO TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY!

Jul 23 04:25

VIDEO: Victims of Systemic Oppression Casually Loot TJ Maxx in LA

Look closely into these two men's eyes and you can see the fear, nay, mortal terror of white supremacy on full display.

They know that they could be shot for any moment by racist white police or white vigilante lynch mobs just for the "crime" of wearing a hoodie and having the "wrong" skin color.

Jul 22 08:24

They don't know..... (Video)