May 08 06:29

‘Israel is not a country, but a terrorist camp,’ Iran’s leader Khamenei says

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has blasted Israel as nothing more than a “terrorist camp” and urged the Palestinians to unite their efforts in fighting Tel Aviv.

Israel has “turned occupied Palestine into a base for terrorism,” Khamenei tweeted.

“Israel isn’t a county; it’s a #TerroristCamp against Palestinians & other Muslim nations,” he wrote, adding that it was “everyone’s responsibility” to fight against it.

May 08 06:29

Who Wags the Dog? Israel’s Friends in Washington Mean Constant War in the Middle East

Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States in 2016, may have won due to voters attracted by his pledge to end many of the “stupid” wars that the American military was involved in worldwide. In the event, however, he ended no wars in spite of several attempts to withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria, and almost started new conflicts with cruise missile attacks and the assassination of an Iranian general. Trump was consistently outmaneuvered by his “experts” on the National Security Council and at the Pentagon, who insisted that it was too early to disengage from the Middle East and Central Asia, that America’s own national security would be threatened.

May 08 05:55

Violent clashes break out at Temple Mount, hundreds injured

Violent clashes broke out at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Friday, the last day of Ramadan.

Clashes broke out between worshipers and security forces on the scene of the Temple Mount, where tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers gathered to mark the last Friday prayers of the Ramadan month of fasting.

May 08 02:11

Jerusalem Protests: The Mob ‘Breaking Faces’ Learned From Israel’s Establishment

Dragged out of bed

What Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups have been documenting is equally visible to the gangs roaming Jerusalem. Israel’s official actions share a common purpose, one that sends a clear message to these youngsters about what the state – and Israel’s national ideology of Zionism – aims to achieve.

They see Palestinian land reclassified as Jewish “state land” and the constant expansion of settlements that violate international law. They see Palestinians denied permits to build homes in their own villages. They see orders issued to demolish Palestinian homes, or even entire communities. And they see Palestinian families torn apart as couples, or their children, are refused the right to live together.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One would have thought.... that after the horror of being labeled "the other" in Germany before World War II,and became subject to horrific actions against them, that Jews who had experienced those kinds of degradation, frequently leading to death, would never, ever inflict such actions against any another human beings, when Israel was founded.

Unfortunately, the reality of 21st century Israel, is that it has become an apartheid theocracy, with nuclear weapons.

I have to wonder.... if this was really what the founders of this country actually wanted, because it has become, in the words of Casey Stengal, "deja vu, all over again."

May 07 06:41

Israel cast its fate–‘Apartheid’ –with Nation-State law and dismissal of Palestinian state, says Human Rights Watch

For many years anyone going into the occupied territories came out saying they’d seen apartheid– separate roads for Jews and Palestinians, crippling checkpoints for Palestinians, township areas to which Palestinians were confined and moved. “Apartheid on steroids,” the former chancellor of Brown University said in 2011. “Worse” than apartheid South Africa, a South African told me in 2006.

Now Human Rights Watch has joined the chorus with a bombshell 213-page deeply-documented report alleging the crimes of “apartheid and persecution” that has excited the rage of the rightwing Israel lobby and of course no substantive rebuttal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel had the chance of creating a thriving, secular, multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation... and blew it, big-time.

That a people who knew, historically, what the true costs of religious and ethnic discrimiation were, in both money and blood, should choose Palestinians as "the other" on whom to inflict this ancient, horrific curse, absolutely blows me away.

As a Christian, I would love to go to the Holy Land, and see, and explore; unfortunately, because I have been very vocal on this site about my concern regarding what Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians, I most likely would get beaten up by a couple of Israel-supporters to the point of never walking again.

Depressing thought, that.

May 07 06:28

Israel Attacks Syria for Second Straight Night

Israel went nearly two weeks between attacking Syria, and is now hitting for a second night in a row, with an attack helicopter raid into the Syrian Golan Heights. As with Wednesday night, Israel refused to comment on the attacks.

This makes it tough to determine what happened, as Israeli media tends to exaggerate and Syrian state media tends to downplay what happened. Officially, there are no confirmed casualties of the Thursday attack, and only one civilian killed Wednesday.

The attacks were on opposite sides of the country, with Wednesday’s hit near Latakia in the northwest, and Thursday’s in Quneitra, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. In neither case was it clear what was being attacked, though Wednesday’s missiles hit a plastic factory.

May 07 06:19

US Accuses Iran of Making ‘Unrealistic Demands’ for Sanctions Relief

Indirect negotiations between the US and Iran that have been ongoing in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal are dragging out due to the fact that the Biden administration refuses to lift all Trump-era sanctions. On Thursday, a State Department official blamed the lack of progress on the Iranian side and said Tehran was making “unrealistic demands” for sanctions relief.

The unnamed official told reporters that a deal could be reached quickly if Iran has the political will. “If Iran makes the political decision that it genuinely wants to return to the JCPOA as the JCPOA was negotiated, then it could be done relatively quickly and implementation could be relatively swift,” the official said.

Iran has been very clear that if the US lifts sanctions imposed since the Trump administration withdrew from the JCPOA in 2018, Tehran would quickly return to the nuclear limits set by the agreement. But President Biden refuses to do so, complicating the negotiations

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Unrealistic demands", MY ASTROLABE!!

More and more, all of this appears to be a huge "rope-a-dope" scheme, to make Iran look bad and wrong, so that when the US gets "suckered" into a war with Iran, courtesy of Israel, of course,that some Americans will believe that such an action is "justified."

In my world; war of any kind signals that there has been a catastrophic failure of imagination.

And, there is the following to consider:

The question the US government should be asking is, if it is ready to confront BOTH China and Iran, should things go "south" concerning the resumption of JCPOA?!? That is one heck of an important question right now!!!

May 07 06:17

Rampaging Israeli Settlers - Call for "Death to Arabs" in Jerusalem

Last week there were some interesting stories that were very definitely underreported partly due to the fact that the mainstream media was heavily into the distraction provided by its beatification of George Floyd. For example, the tale of how a mob consisting of hundreds of Israeli Jews, composed mostly of settlers and the extremist so-called Kahanists, rampaging through Jerusalem and calling for “Death to Arabs,” was largely ignored. Right-wing Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir sent a message to the settlers, encouraging participants to “hang Arabs.” One member responded to the advice to bring their firearms with them with “We’re burning Arabs today, the Molotov cocktails are already in the trunk.”

May 07 06:17

Jerusalem protests: The mob 'breaking faces' learned from Israel's establishment

Inside the Israeli parliament and out on the streets of Jerusalem, the forces of unapologetic Jewish supremacism are stirring, as a growing section of Israel’s youth tire of the two-faced Jewish nationalism that has held sway in Israel for decades.

Last week, Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the far-right Religious Zionism faction, a vital partner if caretaker Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands any hope of forming a new government, issued a barely veiled threat to Israel’s large Palestinian minority.

May 07 06:05


Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 07 05:42

Israelis Cry Out to the World to Stop Mandatory COVID Injections as Lawsuit is Filed in International Criminal Court Over Nuremberg Code Violation

The entire world is watching in horror as death rates have skyrocketed in Israel since the Israeli government brokered a secret deal with Pfizer to inject the entire population with their experimental COVID shots, which are now being mandated as a condition to participate in society. See:

Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”

The National File reported this past week that a group of Israeli doctors, lawyers, campaigners and concerned citizens have hired the services of Tel Aviv-based firm A. Suchovolsky & Co. Law to file a criminal complaint in the International Criminal Court, stating that the mandatory vaccine laws are a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Israel became one of the first nations in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, and to introduce a COVID passport system that would only allow individuals to participate in society – including commerce – after they received the vaccine and were approved to join the system.

May 07 03:53

NATO's Southeastern Spearhead: Turkey's Military Aggression In Iraq, Syria, Yemen, & Caucasus Signals Proxy Conflict With Iran

Authored by Rick Rozoff via Anti-Bellum,

The past week has witnessed reports of increased Turkish military activity in Iraq and Syria as well as its intruding itself deeper into the war in Yemen. In all three cases Ankara has pitted itself against forces that are or can be seen to be pro-Iranian: Shiite parties in northern Iraq, the government of Syria and the Houthi-led government in Yemen.

Direct tensions between Turkey and Iran have been increasing since last year over the above three nations as well as the Turkish-directed attack on Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan (Turkey and Azerbaijan identify themselves as “one nation, two states’) and its aftermath.

May 06 10:24

Frustrated Israelis Says Russian Navy Protecting Iranian Tankers to Syria

Amid confused reports of a drone attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean on its way to Syria, Iran appears to have moved its weapons shipments to Syria and Lebanon from the land — where Israel has regularly tracked and destroyed them — to ships that may be receiving protection from Russian vessels in the Mediterranean.

At the same time, defense sources here say Israel has intensified its aerial attacks on targets in Syria once the weapons are delivered by sea. The last such attack was on April 22.

Israeli defense sources here say the Iranian ships sail from the Red Sea, transit the Suez Canal and arrive in the Mediterranean. The defense sources say the ships documents claim they carry only oil, but there are indications that “oil is not the only cargo.” [Israel would of course say that.]

Israel finds itself in a situation where little can be done to stop this new route from Iran to Syria.

May 06 06:56

Another Yamina MK claims Netanyahu tried to entice her to defect with jobs, spot in Likud

Another Yamina lawmaker claims she was offered official posts and a reserved spot in the ruling Likud party by numerous envoys dispatched by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“Thanks, but no,” MK Idit Silman writes on Facebook. “I’m not interested in that but in preventing fifth elections and stopping the chaos that you [Netanyahu] led the country to.”

She also says she is sticking with Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and backs his efforts to form a “good government in Israel” as soon as possible.

“I believe in Bennett’s path, the Yamina party and the ability of our wonderful nation to cooperate at this time,” Silman says.

May 06 06:17

Regavim: The Israeli Faux Environmental Org Converting US Donations into Palestinian Evictions

OCCUPIED WEST BANK — In the village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank, dozens of Bedouin families are at risk of losing their homes and becoming refugees again by July. While it is the Israeli government and military that are enacting the demolitions and evacuations, their efforts are largely driven by a pro-settler nonprofit supported by American charities.

May 06 05:33

Video shows Israeli settler trying to take over Palestinian house

“If I don’t steal your home, someone else will steal it,” was the answer given by an Israeli settler to Mona al-Kurd, a young Palestinian woman who accused him of stealing her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the occupied East Jerusalem.

The dialogue, captured on video by Palestinian activist Tamer Maqalda on Saturday, shows 22-year-old al-Kurd confronting the settler in the garden of her family home.

May 06 05:33

Biden to UAE crown prince: Israel normalization of ‘strategic importance’

US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed al Nahyan on Tuesday, in his first call with the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates since entering the White House in January.

During the call, Biden hailed the Trump-era normalization of ties between Israel and the United Aarab Emirates, according to a White House statement.

“They discussed regional and global challenges, including Afghanistan, the nuclear and regional dimensions of the threat posed by Iran, as well as the common quest for de-escalation and peace in the Middle Peace,” the statement said.

May 06 05:32

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian lands in northern West Bank

Bashir Hmeid was at home with his family on Tuesday night when he found out his lands were burning through social media.

At first, he did not realise it was his olive trees that had been set alight by Israeli settlers near his village of Burin, in the occupied West Bank.

But a few moments after his children mentioned seeing the information on Facebook, the 65-year-old Palestinian received a call from one of his neighbours.

“[He] told me that the Israeli settlers were on our land and burning everything,” Hmeid recounted to Middle East Eye. “I ran up to the rooftop of my house to look at the fire, and saw there were multiple fires scattered across the land everywhere.”

According to the official Palestinian Authority (PA) news agency Wafa, residents of the settlement of Bracha torched swathes of farmland east of Burin overnight while under Israeli army protection and attacked three Palestinian homes in the village.

May 06 05:27

Israeli Man Trying To Take Over Palestinian Home Says ‘If I Don’t Steal It, Someone Else’ Will

In what Palestinian observers and advocates call a glaring example of settler colonialism in action, a video circulating on social media this week shows a Palestinian woman confronting an Israeli man who admits he is trying to steal her family’s home in occupied East Jerusalem.

According toAl Jazeera, Palestinian activist Tamer Maqalda recorded the footage of the exchange between Mona al-Kurd and a man with a North American accent named Jacob, whom al-Kurd knows because his family has already stolen half of her home.

“Jacob, you know that this is not your house,” al-Kurd tells the man in her backyard, who replies: “What’s the problem? Why are you yelling at me?”

“I didn’t do this,” the man insists. “It’s easy to yell at me, but I didn’t do this.”

Al-Kurd then pleads, “You are stealing my house!”

Jacob replies: “And if I don’t steal it, someone else is going to steal it.”

May 06 05:27

Israel, a settler colonialist project, craves recognition as a real state

We look back on seven decades of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation and the international support, or lack thereof, for the Palestinian cause as violence from Zionist mobs unfolds against Palestinians in the heart of the capital of Palestine, the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian cause has always been a core pillar of the Arab and Muslim homeland, the ummah, as well as an important religious issue.

The capitol of Palestine, Jerusalem, is home to the three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

And of course, the Palestinian issue is also an issue of anti imperialism.

Israel was created in the wake of a mandate under the British Empire. And the Zionist ideology consists of dispossessing Palestinians of their homes and giving them to Jewish settlers from Europe and elsewhere.

Let's take a look at 73 years of Israeli occupation and Palestine, and international support for the Palestinian struggle.

May 06 05:25

A first blow to Israel can also be the last: IRGC commander

The senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the recent string of monumental security disasters right inside the occupied territories shows the Israeli regime’s sheer vulnerability.

“Israel’s security bubble has burst,” Major General Hossein Salami told a televised interview on Wednesday night.

He said the image that the regime had portrayed of itself through psychological operation has been destroyed, adding, “Today, you can see the [real] face of the Zionist regime in its actual proportions.”

‘Israel’s security, political, social disintegration’

The commander cited the back-to-back security incidents that the regime has been suffering over the past one to two months as cases in point that reflect its utter susceptibility.

The maritime incidents that have involved Israeli vessels, Salami said, showed how its trade, 90 percent of which goes through international waters, “can easily suffer serious obstruction.”

May 05 07:20

Rouhani censures Israel as enemy of Palestine, entire region

As supporters of the Palestinian cause prepare to mark the International Quds Day worldwide, Iran’s president has denounced Israel as the enemy of Palestinians and other nations in the region, but said the Zionist regime’s occupation of Palestine will not last forever.

“The Zionists are the enemies of the region, of security, of Palestinian people and of their neighbors, and they are the executioners and tyrants of [contemporary] history, who have displaced millions of people from their homes,” President Hassan Rouhani said at a weekly cabinet session on Wednesday.

Referring to International Quds Day, which falls on May 7 this year, Rouhani said the occasion would be a “mourning day for the Zionists” this year.

He said Quds Day, which was named by the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini to champion the Palestinian cause, is a source of pride for the Islamic Republic of Iran and a legacy of the late Imam.

May 05 06:48

Israeli apartheid in Palestine devastatingly exposed by senior Palestinian

May 05 06:48

Tech companies block another Leila Khaled event

Silicon Valley tech companies have once again blocked a live-streamed event featuring anti-apartheid activists, including Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled and South Africa’s former ANC military leader Ronnie Kasrils.

The University of California at Merced event, “Whose Narratives? What Free Speech for Palestine?,” was organized to discuss ongoing attacks on critics of Israel in academia and the dangers of censorship.

May 05 06:45

Palestinians 'beaten, arrested' by Israeli police as Sheikh Jarrah protests continue

Five Palestinians were arrested on Monday after a protest against the planned eviction of families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood was suppressed by Israeli police, AlQastal has reported.

Twenty people were injured in the crackdown on the demonstration against the evictions with AlQastal media group releasing a video showing one man with a bloodied face being taken away by police.

The man was released on a 10,000 shekel bail and ordered to stay away from Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days, the website added.

Activists are protesting the planned eviction of Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem suburb of Sheikh Jarrah, to make way for Israeli settlers.

May 05 06:04

After Netanyahu Fails, Lapid Gathers 51 Reccommendations to Form Next Government

President Reuven Rivlin is consulting with party leaders to decide which candidate to task with forming a government after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's mandate expired on Tuesday at midnight with no breakthrough in coalition talks, prolonging Israel's unprecedented political stalemate that has seen voters return to the polls four times in less than two years.

May 04 07:13

Israel’s ‘shadow war’ and plans to scupper Iran’s nuclear deal

US President Joe Biden is pushing to reinstate Iran’s nuclear deal and weeks of talks in Austria appear to be bearing fruit.

Israel, however, continues to see its security jeopardised by a potentially nuclear Iran and is trying to thwart negotiations any way possible.

May 04 06:56

University students back lecturer under attack from 'proud Zionists'

Students at the University of Bristol have spoken out in defence of prominent British Professor David Miller who is under attack for criticising the Zionist state of Israel. Other university students have joined them in their defence of the renowned lecturer. Pro-Israel groups describing themselves as "proud Zionists" have been leading a vicious campaign to have the sociology professor sacked from his post at Bristol.

Concerns have also been raised about the way in which the highly controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism is being used to stifle free speech. "Judaism is different from Zionism," explained one student. "Any definition that the University and the IHRA wish to adopt must not infringe on freedom of speech, which is exactly what Kenneth S. Stern, one of the original drafters of the definition, is strongly opposing."

May 04 06:06

Israel’s Netanyahu has hours to form a new government and no clear path to do it

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a Tuesday deadline to form a new government amid signs that he has no path to a parliamentary majority, which would prolong the country's unprecedented political stalemate and threaten to end the record run of Israel's longest-serving leader.

Netanyahu’s 28-day window to build a government after failing to win an outright majority in March elections will expire at midnight. If the prime minister fails to reach a deal with potential partners, President Reuven Rivlin will turn to one of his rival lawmakers, who are already trying to negotiate the first coalition to exclude Netanyahu in 12 years.

Not even a frenzy of last-minute proposals — including an offer Monday that he would let one of his rivals take the top job for one year — have managed to attract the support Netanyahu needs in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

May 04 05:26

Hawks okay with Israeli attacks on Iran leading to all-out war

A former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israeli actions against Iran may lead to a war that endangers civilian life, but supported that strategy over the Biden administration’s current diplomacy with Iran.

Speaking at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, retired major general Yaakov Amidror found a receptive audience of American hawks who believed the Biden administration needed to be saved from its own policy choices.

Amidror, who served as Israel’s national security adviser from 2011 to 2013 and is now a distinguished fellow at JINSA, spoke about the Israeli-Iranian “shadow war,” which has involved alleged Israeli sabotage attacks on Iran.

“At the end, we might face Iranians who decide to retaliate,” he said. “Might it lead to a war? I think that the decision makers understand that the answer might be yes.”

May 04 04:54

Israel police disperse Palestinian protest over mass eviction in East Jerusalem

Israeli forces dispersed a protest against the eviction of Palestinian residents of the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem and arrested one activist on Sunday evening after an Israeli court set a deadline for the mass eviction of Palestinian families to Thursday.

Israeli forces used tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd protesting in solidarity with Palestinian families facing Israeli eviction orders in Sheikh Jarrah, an area less than a kilometre away from the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

May 03 07:30

Israel and Iran Tensions Spiraling into a Direct Confrontation

Against the background of a possible return of the United States to a “nuclear deal” with Iran, Tel Aviv has recently demonstrably intensified the actions of its intelligence services to undermine Tehran’s nuclear program and damage not only this industry, but the Islamic Republic as a whole. And at the same time, Israeli officials make no secret of their displeasure with US President Biden’s desire to revive the nuclear agreement that his predecessor abandoned in 2018. On April 11, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the fight against Iran and its “satellites” as well as against Iran’s arms buildup is the “enormous task” of the Jewish state.

Considering Iran its main adversary, Israel has previously sabotaged Tehran’s nuclear facilities and developments in a variety of methods, from cyber attacks to direct assassinations, including eliminating a number of Iranian nuclear scientists and ambushing a key developer of its nuclear program last November.

May 03 07:15

Hamas warns Israel against forceful eviction of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned Israel against evicting Palestinians in East Jerusalem al-Quds, as the Tel Aviv regime continues with its home demolition and land expropriation policies in the occupied territories.

In a statement on Sunday, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, held the Israeli regime responsible for harming the inhabitants of Sheikh Jarrah district of Jerusalem al-Quds, where Palestinian homes and structures are being demolished for the construction of a new settlement outpost in the area.

“The mass displacement of our people in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the seizure of their homes is an obvious targeting of the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem and the Palestinian presence in the city,” Barhoum said.

May 03 07:15

Huge blaze near Israel's Ben Gurion Airport prompts settler evacuation: Reports

A huge fire has broken out near Ben Gurion Airport, the Israeli regime’s main international airport, in the occupied Palestinian territories, reports say.

The Israeli media said the incident took place on Sunday near the airport, which is commonly known by its Hebrew acronym Natbag -- located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod, some 45 kilometers northwest of the occupied city of Jerusalem al-Quds and around 20 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv.

May 03 06:33

Lobby for foreign government continues to bully state legislatures

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has been pushing politicians to block the international boycott against Israel, BDS , over Israel’s massive human rights abuses. Two more states have just passed legislation against BDS – Idaho & West Virginia – even though boycotting has long been considered a right for all Americans and is protected by the First Amendment… 33 states have passed the legislation… The government of Israel has been leading the effort against BDS; in 2017 it approved $72 million to combat the human rights campaign…
By Gabe Friedman, reposted from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Idaho and West Virginia have joined the growing list of states that over the past several years have passed anti-Israel boycott legislation aimed at outlawing businesses that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

The bills passed this week bring the number of states with similar laws to 33.

May 03 06:03

Israeli Authorities Ban West Bank Palestinians from Al-Aqsa Mosque (VIDEO)

Israeli police have prevented West Bank Palestinians from entering Jerusalem for Ramadan’s third Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Anadolu Agency reported.

Israel recently set a requirement that those wishing to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque must be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Amid a vaccine shortage in the West Bank, jabs are currently limited to those with pre-existing chronic illnesses and the elderly, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

May 03 05:50

‘Abraham Accords’ Discredit the US

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) continues to lobby Congress for more support for the so-called "Abraham Accords." This Trump administration initiative sought to transcend the spectacular failure of the "Deal of the Century" initiative that called for Palestinian acquiescence to annexation and renunciation of sovereignty rights in exchange for vague and uncertain economic development projects. After Palestinians rejected the deal, the Trump administration pivoted to forging a string of spectacularly corrupt deals with Arab dictatorships. The so-called Abraham Accords attempt to fracture their formerly unified but tepid and inconsistent opposition to recognizing Israel until there was just solution to the violent settler colonization and expulsion of Palestinians that brought Israel into being.

May 02 05:57

Israeli-made robots are powering the e-commerce revolution

One of the first things that strike you when you enter eGold’s fulfillment center in the port city of Ashdod, is how quiet things are. The 20,000 square meter facility, that handles thousands of items a day, taking them from the container ship they arrived on and prepping them for delivery to customers’ homes is eerily silent. Where you would expect to hear the grumbling of engines, the whizzing and burring of conveyor belts, the shouting of instructions between workers, and the shrill warning of forklifts backing up, all you can hear is the hum of electric motors working in perfect sync.

May 02 05:56

Huge fire breaks out at Israel’s oil refinery in Haifa

A huge fire has broken out at an oil refinery in the port city of Haifa in the occupied territories, with initial media reports citing a cyberattack.

The Israeli media said the incident took place in one of the facilities at the BAZAN refinery in Haifa late Friday.

The factory's emergency team immediately began working to extinguish the blaze and rescue forces were called to the site to gain control of the flames.

Israel's English-language daily newspaper Jerusalem Post, citing environment protection ministry, claimed that the fire at the BAZAN refinery had erupted as a result of a “damaged pipe in the CCR system,” and a report by Israel's Channel 12 television network said the control valve of one of the installation pipes had broken.

The Israeli paper said the fire has been put out and the plant has currently stopped supplying fuel to the oil facility in Haifa.

May 01 06:52

Large swarms of locusts fly into southern Israel

Large swarms of locusts flew into southern Israel over the past weekend, April 24 and 25, 2021. Yellow insects flew into the areas surrounding Eilat, with some even coming from the sea.

Their yellow color is an indication of their age as these bugs are mature and skilled fliers.

Throughout history, locusts have been symbolic of major devastation as depicted in legends and ancient texts all over the world.

According to ILTV Israel News, Israeli nature experts are saying there is nothing to worry about:

Apr 30 08:17

Israel probing cases of HEART INFLAMMATION in people who received the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Israel is now investigating a number of adverse reactions in some of its citizens who got the Pfizer/BioNTech Wuhan coronavirus vaccine.

Authorities in the Middle Eastern country said they identified more than 60 cases of heart lining and heart muscle inflammation in vaccinated Israelis. Israel administered the two-dose mRNA vaccine to a large portion of its population.

News outlet Channel 12 reported that the Israeli government identified 62 incidents of myocarditis or pericarditis, based on a study by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The condition reportedly developed in one out of 100,000 vaccinated Israelis. Two people died of the adverse reaction, while the rest recovered.

Apr 30 08:02


Apr 30 07:52

Zarif Had No Knowledge of Israeli Strikes Until Kerry Told Him, Translation Reveals

Leaked audiotape of Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif indicates he had no knowledge of covert Israeli military strikes before former secretary of state John Kerry provided him with the information, new details that contradict the State Department's recent defense of Kerry.

These details are likely to further fuel calls from leading Republicans for Kerry's firing or resignation. The New York Times reported that Zarif said on the tape that Kerry told him Israel launched 200 airstrikes against Iranian interests in Syria. The Times did not provide further details on that issue. But an independent translation of the audiotape commissioned by the Washington Free Beacon shows that Zarif went on to clarify that he had no prior knowledge of these Israeli strikes before Kerry told him.

"Kerry told me that Israel had launched 200 airstrikes against you [Iran]," said Zarif. "You didn't know?" asked his interviewer. "No, no," he replied.

Apr 30 07:23

Israel’s Iron Dome causing cancer among soldiers, report claims

A group of Israeli soldiers have claimed that their military service at the anti-missile Iron Dome defence system has given them cancer, according to an investigative report by Yedioth Ahronoth.

At least 10 Israeli soldiers, in their 20s and 30s, said at the end of their military service or after they were discharged that they had developed cancer after their stint with the Iron Dome unit.

They called the Iron Dome, which intercepts short-range missiles, the "Toaster."

"When you're near a radar you're literally feeling your body boiling from the inside out… if you try to imagine what happens to food when it is in the microwave, it is like that. You feel the heat

Apr 30 07:22

Missing Palestinian Found In Israeli Prison

On Thursday, a Palestinian man, who went missing several days ago, was found to be imprisoned in an Israeli detention center.

The family of Malek Wafiq No’eirat, 23, said that several days ago, he went to the al-Jalama Israeli military roadblock, north of Jenin in northern West Bank, to receive a shipment of supplies for his store.

They added that Malek never returned home and that they contacted a human rights center, which in turn contacted the Israeli authorities who told them that he was taken prisoner and will have a hearing at the Salem military court, today.

In related news, Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at night and Thursday morning, three Palestinians from Jenin and Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted a Palestinian political prisoner from occupied Jerusalem, instantly after his release from prison after he spent nearly seven years in prison.

Apr 30 07:22

Why can’t the EU say the word apartheid?

Earlier this week, Human Rights Watch issued a landmark report concluding that Israel commits the crimes of apartheid and persecution against the Palestinian people.

Israel has “pursued an intent to maintain the domination of Jewish Israelis over Palestinians throughout the territory it controls,” the group states.

The crime of apartheid is one of the crimes against humanity enumerated in the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court – putting it in the same category as enslavement and extermination.

With its report, Human Rights Watch joins growing calls for an approach based on rights and accountability, rather than the long dead “peace process” that has for decades provided an alibi for international inaction as Israel entrenches its colonial grip on the Palestinian people and their land.

Apr 30 06:46

'In Jerusalem as in Ramallah': Abbas Delays Palestinian Elections After Israel Blocks City's Votes

Israel's separation wall cordoning off large portions of the West Bank from Israel has divided East Jerusalem's suburbs from its central city. As a result, about 150,000 of its 314,000 Palestinian residents live outside the walls under Palestinian Authority governance, while the rest are under the city's Israeli administration.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said early Friday morning that the anticipated Palestinian elections will be postponed "until the participation of our people in Jerusalem is guaranteed."

Apr 30 06:41

Israel’s Intelligence Minister Warns Iran That IDF Warplanes ‘Can Reach Everywhere in Middle East’

Earlier, current and former US officials told a major news agency that Washington was considering a ‘near wholesale rollback’ of sanctions against Tehran to end the months-long standoff about which side makes the first move to restore the functioning of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear agreement.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen has called the JCPOA a “bad deal” and warned that Israel is willing to take military action to stop Tehran in its alleged quest to obtain a nuclear weapon.

“A bad deal will send the region spiraling into war,” Cohen said, speaking to Reuters on Thursday. “Anyone seeking short-term benefits should be mindful of the longer-term.”

“Israel will not allow Iran to attain nuclear arms. Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our planes can reach everywhere in the Middle East – and certainly Iran,” he added.

Apr 30 05:54

Blinken, US Security Aides Meet With Israel Spy Chief to Discuss Iran - Reports

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and several senior Biden administration national security aides in the Biden administration met with Israel’s intelligence chief Yossi Cohen, the Associated Press reported.

When asked about the meeting with Israel's spy chief, a US State Department spokesperson told Sputnik the department did not have a comment on the story.

"The two-hour meeting was the second this week in Washington involving senior officials from the two countries and underscored Israel’s unease with ongoing indirect nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States in Vienna and Iran more broadly, the officials said. Although other issues were discussed, Israel used Thursday’s meeting to ‘express strong concerns’ about Iran," the report said on Thursday.

Apr 30 05:43

Israel: At least 38 killed, dozens injured in stampede during religious festival

Apr 29 12:30

Israel has no choice but to act on its own to stop Iran.

Apr 29 08:27

Frustrated Israelis Says Russian Navy Protecting Iranian Tankers to Syria

Amid confused reports of a drone attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean on its way to Syria, Iran appears to have moved its weapons shipments to Syria and Lebanon from the land — where Israel has regularly tracked and destroyed them — to ships that may be receiving protection from Russian vessels in the Mediterranean.

At the same time, defense sources here say Israel has intensified its aerial attacks on targets in Syria once the weapons are delivered by sea. The last such attack was on April 22.

Israeli defense sources here say the Iranian ships sail from the Red Sea, transit the Suez Canal and arrive in the Mediterranean. The defense sources say the ships documents claim they carry only oil, but there are indications that “oil is not the only cargo.” [Israel would of course say that.]

Israel finds itself in a situation where little can be done to stop this new route from Iran to Syria.

Apr 29 06:58

Israel deploys drones to drop tear gas on Gaza protesters

Israel on Friday used new technology to counter violent protests along the Gaza border, with Border Police using small drones to drop tear gas on Palestinian protesters.

An AFP correspondent saw a drone release around 10 gas canisters as protesters on the border with Israel cursed the small craft. People quickly scattered when they saw the drones approaching.

A police spokesman acknowledged operational deployment of the new technology.

Apr 29 06:52

Thomas Nides emerges as frontrunner to become US envoy to Israel – report

Former State Department official Thomas Nides has emerged as the likely nominee for the next US ambassador to Israel, the Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing several people familiar with White House plans on the matter.

The report also named other likely picks as top diplomats by US President Joe Biden’s administration.

Born in 1961 to a Jewish family in Duluth, Minnesota, Nides is a banking executive and if indeed picked, would bring both government and private-sector experience to the post.

Apr 29 06:51

Iran’s Rouhani claims Israel ‘directed’ US killing of top general Soleimani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed Wednesday that Israel “directed” the assassination of former top general Qassem Soleimani, who was killed last year in a US airstrike after arriving in Baghdad.

“The martyrdom of General Soleimani was directed by the Zionists, even though Trump was the commander and killer,” Rouhani said, without providing any evidence for the claim.

Iran’s president also called former US president Donald Trump “a mercenary of the Zionist regime” and said “all his actions were provoked by the Zionists.”

Apr 29 06:20

The Israel Lobby: What Everyone Needs to Know - Walter L. Hixson

Apr 29 06:04

FLASHBACK - Surviving Sailors Break Their Silence 40 Years After Israeli Attack on US Navy Ship

June 8, 1967 — the fourth day of the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan — was a beautiful day in the Mediterranean. The USS Liberty was in international waters off the coast of Egypt. Israeli aircraft had flown over the USS Liberty in the morning and had reported that the ship was American. The crew, in close proximity to the war zone, was reassured by the presence of Israeli aircraft. But at 2:00 p.m. sailors sunbathing on the deck saw fighter jets coming at them in attack formation. Red flashes from the wings of the fighters were followed by explosions, blood and death. A beautiful afternoon suddenly became a nightmare. Who was attacking the USS Liberty and why? The attack on the Liberty was an attack on America.

Apr 29 06:00

The Israeli People Committee’s April Report on the Lethal Impact of Vaccinations

The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects.* The findings are catastrophic on every possible level.

Their verdict is that “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.” The report is long and detailed. I will outline just some of the most devastating findings presented in the report.

Apr 29 05:59

Pfizer CEO hails ‘obsessive’ Netanyahu for calling 30 times to seal vaccine deal

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Thursday praised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “obsessive” efforts to secure a coronavirus vaccine deal for Israel and predicted that children younger than 16 will soon begin receiving his company’s vaccine. “He called me 30 times,” Bouria said of Netanyahu.

Speaking with Israel’s Channel 12 news, Bourla said he believed it was “a question of weeks” until kids aged 12-16 could start receiving the vaccine, but stressed that it depended on FDA approval.

He also said he believes elementary school students will be eligible for the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine by year’s end.

Apr 28 13:16

U.S. and Israel Team Up To Battle Iran's Drone Dynasty

Apr 28 10:30

Here Are Some U.S. Weapons That Israel Wants (But Isn't Allowed to Have)

This article first appeared in 2016 and is being reprinted due to reader interest.

Israel can’t have quite everything that it would like, despite the continued good relationship with the United States and its arms industry.

With only a few notable exceptions, Israel can buy whatever it wants from the United States, generally on very generous terms associated with U.S. aid packages. Notwithstanding the availability of weapons, however, Israel must still make careful decisions regarding how to spend money. Consequently, Israel can’t have quite everything that it would like, despite the continued good relationship with the United States and its arms industry. Here are a few US military systems that the Israelis could use:

Littoral Combat Ship

Apr 27 13:21

Israel to deport 100 Black Hebrews to the US within 2 months - report

There is no such creature as an average Israeli. There are just too many differences between us. However, it would be reasonably safe to say that the random Israeli is not a racist. Nation-State Law notwithstanding, non-Jews and people of color are not made to sit at the back of the bus, nor are they treated as inferiors by most of their fellow human beings. It’s very much a live and let live situation, unless one or more hotheads from any sector of the population do something that will provoke a violent response from another sector.

Unfortunately, according to a report in Yediot Aharonot, some 100 members of the Black Hebrews, most of them born in Israel, and knowing no other environment, are to be deported to the United States within the next two months.

Apr 27 11:53

Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”

We have previously reported how Israel rapidly vaccinated the highest percentage of their population with experimental COVID vaccines after the Israeli government struck a bargain with Pfizer to secure millions of doses of their mRNA COVID vaccines.

Vera Sharav wrote:

It is astonishing that the government of Israel entrusted the health of the people to Pfizer; by entering into a secret contract that enrolled the Israeli population to become research subjects, without their knowledge or consent.

Apr 27 11:51

Republicans Pressure John Kerry To Resign After NYT Leaked Iran Audio – What We Know So Far

John Kerry, the special envoy for climate change under President Biden, is facing multiple calls to resign following reports alleging that he provided intelligence to Iran’s foreign minister.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif claimed, in a leaked recording obtained by the New York Times, that Kerry informed him about over 200 covert Israeli attacks on Iranian interests in Syria.

“Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said,” according to the Times.

The Democrat, who has a seat on the National Security Council, vehemently denied the allegations and called the story “unequivocally false.”

“This never happened,” he tweeted, “either when I was Secretary of State or since.”

Apr 27 09:57

Israel condemns 'preposterous' report accusing it of 'crimes against humanity' and 'apartheid' towards Palestinians

Israel has condemned a report by an international rights watchdog that accused the country of pursuing policies of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians and its own Arab minority that amount to crimes against humanity.

Israel's foreign ministry said claims made in Human Rights Watch's report were 'both preposterous and false' and accused the New York-based organisation of harbouring an 'anti-Israeli agenda,' saying it had sought 'for years to promote boycotts against Israel'.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the 213-page report, published on Tuesday.

Apr 27 07:45

Iran Foreign Minister claims John Kerry told him about Israeli attacks in Syria

Apr 27 07:40

Israel's national security adviser to meet US counterpart amid 'campaign' against Iran nuclear deal: report

Israel’s national security adviser will travel to Washington for a meeting with his US counterpart amid a push by Tel Aviv to pressure Washington not to return to the Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, Israel Hayom reported on Monday.

The meeting between Israel's Meir Ben-Shabbat and America's Jake Sullivan will take place at the Israeli Embassy and will last "a few hours", according to the news website. The report said the meeting appears to be aimed at sharing "physical information" that cannot be relayed online.

Ben Shabbat's trip will reportedly be separate to the one to be undertaken by the head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, who will convene with CIA chief William Burns and other senior officials in the US intelligence community.

Apr 27 07:40


On April 27th, Human Rights Watch released a report concluding that Israel is carrying out apartheid in the West Bank against the Palestinians.

It said that after decades of warnings that an entrenched hold over Palestinian life could lead to apartheid, it had found that the “threshold” had been crossed.

“This is the starkest finding Human Rights Watch has reached on Israeli conduct in the 30 years we’ve been documenting abuses on the ground there,” said Omar Shakir, the group’s Israel and Palestine director. Shakir said his organisation had never before directly accused Israeli officials of crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch’s executive director, Kenneth Roth, said this was not simply “an abusive occupation”. “These policies, which grant Jewish Israelis the same rights and privileges wherever they live and discriminate against Palestinians to varying degrees wherever they live, reflect a policy to privilege one people at the expense of another,” Roth said.

Apr 27 07:08

Iran-Israel Tensions: The Threat of Nuclear Disaster Looms Large

Israel had a near-miss of potentially catastrophic proportions on Thursday. As it has done hundreds of times in the past decade, the Israeli air force attacked Iranian bases inside Syria. In response, Syrian forces fired anti-aircraft missiles of a rather primitive Soviet model, one of which overflew its target and landed some 30 kilometres from Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor. Israel said recently that it was bolstering its defences around Dimona for just such an eventuality.

Although an Iranian general taunted Israel, implying that Iran had some responsibility for the attack, that doesn’t appear to be the case. But the missile landing inside Israel does show that if Iran wanted to attack Dimona, it has the capacity. And despite Israel’s best efforts, an Iranian missile could hit its target.

Apr 27 06:49

Rampaging Israeli Settlers

Last week there were some interesting stories that were very definitely underreported partly due to the fact that the mainstream media was heavily into the distraction provided by its beatification of George Floyd. For example, the tale of how a mob consisting of hundreds of Israeli Jews, composed mostly of settlers and the extremist so-called Kahanists, rampaging through Jerusalem and calling for “Death to Arabs,” was largely ignored. Right-wing Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir sent a message to the settlers, encouraging participants to “hang Arabs.” One member responded to the advice to bring their firearms with them with “We’re burning Arabs today, the Molotov cocktails are already in the trunk.”

Apr 27 06:19

White House Refuses Comment on Tapes Exposing John Kerry Leaks to Iran About Israel

The White House refused to comment on a report exposing Climate Czar John Kerry leaking information about Israel military operations to Iran.

“We’re not going to comment on leaked tapes,” Psaki replied shortly, when asked about the report.

The New York Times reported details of a leaked recording of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who told him that Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times.

Psaki spoke about the leaked tapes at the White House press briefing but refused to comment.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh criticized the leaked recording as “a crime” and said the views expressed by Zarif were his “personal opinions.”

Kerry currently serves as Biden’s “climate envoy” at the State Department, a position created for the former Secretary of State, who served under former President Barack Obama.

Apr 27 06:08

Human Rights Watch hurts ‘Israel’s right to exist’ with report accusing it of crime of apartheid, minister claims

A Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, which said Israel has crossed the threshold and is committing the crimes of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians, was angrily rejected by Israeli officials.

“The purpose of this spurious report is in no way related to human rights, but to an ongoing attempt by HRW to undermine the State of Israel’s right to exist as the nation state of the Jewish people,” Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Michael Biton said.

The Israeli Foreign Minister branded the claims in the 213-page document “preposterous and false,” and accused the rights group of maintaining “a long-standing anti-Israel agenda.”

Apr 27 05:58

Palestinians hold Israel responsible for al-Quds tensions

The Palestinian Authority, along with different political factions held Israel fully responsible for the serious deterioration in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds over the past few days and called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli regime to stop its provocations.

Israeli police and settler violence erupted in the area on Thursday night and continued through Friday, leaving over 100 Palestinians wounded and scores more arrested.

But the issue is not only between the Israeli police and the Palestinians. Since the start of the holy month of Ramadan, every night, hundreds of Israeli settlers rush to the streets of the holy city and assault Palestinians under the protection of the Israeli forces.

The extremist settlers chant “death to Arabs” during their marches. hundreds of ultra-nationalist Israelis marched through central Jerusalem al-Quds towards the Damascus Gate, which police had barricaded as a precaution.

Apr 27 05:57

Report: Israel’s Netanyahu and Gantz Tried to Order Military Operation Without Cabinet Approval

According to a report from Israeli TV, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz tried to order a military operation without consulting Israel’s security cabinet.

Under Israeli law, Netanyahu and Gantz can order military operations but must gain the approval of the security cabinet if the mission could spark a war. The report from Israel’s Kan public broadcaster said Netanyahu sought to bypass the cabinet but ultimately decided to consult with some ministers due to the complexity of the mission, and the operation was approved and carried out.

The report offered no details of what the military operation consisted of and only said it was approved to “send a message to the other side.” In recent weeks, Israel has bombed Syria and Gaza and has carried covert attacks against Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility and Iranian ships in the region.

Apr 27 05:56

Israeli Authorities Ban Palestinian Fishermen from Going to Sea until Further Notice

The Israeli government has banned Palestinian fishermen from working off the coast of Gaza, Wafa news agency has reported. Already prevented from fishing in the full 12 nautical miles of occupied Palestine’s own territorial waters, the Israeli occupation authorities have now set a zero limit until further notice.

According to the Office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the [Palestinian] Territories (COGAT), the measure has been imposed “due to the continuation of the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip towards the State of Israel during the night.”

Apr 27 05:55

Hamas warns Israel will ‘bear the consequences’ of closing Gaza fishing zone

The Hamas terror group reacted furiously Monday to Israel’s full closure of the Gaza fishing zone in response to continuing rocket fire from the Strip, saying it would not accept the restrictions and that the policy would have serious repercussions.

Meanwhile, Israel’s security cabinet was set to convene at 3 p.m. to discuss steps in response to the escalation on the Gaza front as well as in East Jerusalem, where daily clashes have been taking place for the past week.

“Israel will bear the consequences,” Hamas said, according to the Ynet news site. “The closure of the Gaza Strip to fishermen is a blatant violation of their rights and constitutes a form of ongoing aggression against our people. Israel’s aggressive policy toward the Palestinian people will not break its steadfast spirit or weaken its fist or limit its determination.

Apr 27 05:53

Israel's national security adviser to meet US counterpart amid 'campaign' against Iran nuclear deal: report

Israel’s national security adviser will travel to Washington for a meeting with his US counterpart amid a push by Tel Aviv to pressure Washington not to return to the Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, Israel Hayom reported on Monday.

The meeting between Israel's Meir Ben-Shabbat and America's Jake Sullivan will take place at the Israeli Embassy and will last "a few hours", according to the news website. The report said the meeting appears to be aimed at sharing "physical information" that cannot be relayed online.

Ben Shabbat's trip will reportedly be separate to the one to be undertaken by the head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, who will convene with CIA chief William Burns and other senior officials in the US intelligence community.

Apr 27 05:53

Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

Israel keeps attacking and sabotaging Iran; Iran keeps showing restraint. Israel is running out of patience to stop the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal; Iran keeps showing patience.

In the summer of 2020, Israel sabotaged Iran’s Natanz civilian nuclear enrichment facility. They have bombed Iran’s allies in Lebanon, and they have bombed their allies in Syria. Earlier, at the beginning of 2020, Israel and the U.S. assassinated General Qassem Suleimani, Iran’s top military official. Later, at the end of 2020, General Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of Iran’s civilian nuclear program, was assassinated.

Each time Israel provoked, Iran showed patience and restraint. “The Iranian nation is smarter than falling into the trap," President Hassan Rouhani calmy stated. "They are thinking to create chaos."

Apr 27 05:31

Explosive balloons launched from Gaza amid riots along border - report

Explosive balloons were sent from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory late Monday night, according to a Telegram channel reportedly associated with the Palestinian balloon units in Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at the photo, those balloons don't look very dangerous at all!

Apr 27 05:29

Jerusalem escalation could be how Israel's next war starts - analysis

The recent string of events leading to greater clashes in Jerusalem and rocket fire from Gaza is part of the cycle that has led to conflicts in the past.

The recent Jerusalem escalation coincided with Ramadan and TikTok videos of Orthodox Jews being attacked. Numerous arrests were made, but that didn’t calm tensions. A massive far-right rally this past Thursday then led to further tensions, including early-Saturday morning rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Apr 27 05:28

Mossad’s Cohen’s spring trip to US worse than axed winter trip - analysis

Mossad director Yossi Cohen was supposed to visit with the new Biden administration in February as leader of an Israeli delegation relating to the Iran issue.

The hope was to attempt to influence US policy on Iran before Washington started offering concessions to Tehran relating to returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

At the time, Israeli election polls indicated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might remain in office for the foreseeable future. If so, the trip might have been the beginning of transitioning Cohen from Mossad director to Israel’s Iran project manager.

Cohen is expected to retire around June 6 after five-and-a-half years at the helm of the spy agency.

Apr 27 05:28

Report: Gaza preparing for escalation with Israel

Gaza is preparing for a continued war with Israel, Al Akhbar newspaper reported.

The Lebanon-based newspaper quoted a Gaza source who said that Gazans are preparing to renew the "balloon terror," in which Gaza terrorists send explosive and incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.

According to the source, this move is intended to pressure Israel. At the same time, the "night units" which operate on the Gaza-Israel border are preparing to increase their activities and have "completed their preparations all along the borders."

On Monday, Israel reduced Gaza's fishing zone in response to the continued rocket attacks from Gaza.

In response, Hamas spokesperson Abad al-Latif al-Qano said that "the closure of the fishing zone by the Zionist occupation is a gross violation of human rights and constitutes another form of aggression against our nation. It will not break our steadfastness."

Apr 26 10:53

Lest we forget: Israel’s armed aggression against the Christian Church

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of the gratuitous brutality visited upon the Church of the Nativity – the most famous of Christian churches — by the Israeli occupation army and the wanton, murderous brutality inflicted by the Israelis on the church's occupants.>>

Apr 26 07:15

Dimona explosion: Israel looks weak regardless of what actually happened

Days after the massive explosion which took place near Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Facility, the Israeli regime has fallen silent on the incident in an attempt to eradicate the situation's embarrassing feats from the collective memories of their population.

Thursday morning panic amongst Israelis quickly spread as a massive explosion was reported near Dimona, in the Naqab (Negev), close to where Israel’s secret nuclear facility is located.

Apr 26 07:13

Three Killed in Attack on Iranian Tanker Off Syria’s Coast

On Saturday, an Iranian fuel tanker was attacked off the coast of Syria, the first such attack in years. Three Iranians, including two crew members, were reported slain.

Details are still emerging, but suspicion immediately shot to Israel, who attacks Iranian targets in and around Syria all the time. A previous report had suggested that the Israelis had targeted a few vessels carrying Iranian fuel in the past.

This fuel tanker was close to port, and it is believed to have been attacked by a drone or a missile fired from Lebanese airspace. This again points to an Israeli attack, as Israel tends to use Lebanese airspace with impunity.

Before the war, Syria was self-sufficient on oil and fuel, but production and transport has struggled, and now they are heavily reliant on imports to run the economy. With the US trying to keep Syria from buying anything, and trying to keep Iran from selling anything, it’s only natural this would be a key trading partner for them.

Apr 25 13:05

Campaign to Oppose Israeli Military Recruitment in Canada Receives Boost

The campaign to oppose illegal Israeli military recruitment in Canada has received a significant boost. A parliamentary petition calling for an investigation into IDF recruitment has quickly surpassed the number of signatures required to be presented in the House of Commons.

Submitted by Rabbi David Mivasair and sponsored by NDP MP Matthew Green, the petition “calls upon the Minister of Justice to undertake a thorough investigation of those who have recruited or facilitated recruiting for the Israel Defense Forces, and if warranted lay charges against those involved in recruiting and encouraging recruiting for the IDF.”

In 48 hours over 1,000 individuals have signed the petition, which is twice what’s required for it to be read in Parliament. The government then has to respond.

Apr 25 04:20

Israel strikes Gaza targets after rockets fly

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired some three dozen rockets into Israel overnight Saturday, while the Israeli military struck back at targets operated by the ruling Hamas group. The exchange tookplace as tensions in Jerusalem spilled over into the worst round of cross-border violence in months.

The barrage of rocket fire occurred as hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli police in east Jerusalem. The clashes, in which at least four police and six protesters were injured, have become a nightly occurrence throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and show no signs of stopping.

Apr 25 04:19

36 rockets fired at Israel overnight.

Apr 25 03:58


You won’t hear the corporate media say very much about the “shadow war” that Israel and Iran are currently engaged in, because the corporate media is absolutely obsessed with covering the internal strife that is tearing the U.S. apart right now. But if they were doing their jobs correctly, corporate media outlets would be focusing on the Middle East, because the conflict between Israel and Iran could literally spark a major global war at any moment.

As Israeli military aircraft pounded Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria on Thursday morning, there were reports coming in from central Israel of massive explosions that were so large they “shook the houses”…

Alarms sounded in Abu Qrenat near Dimona in southern Israel early Thursday morning, the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit reported.

Residents from across the country, including central Israel and Jerusalem, reported hearing “loud explosions” that “shook the houses.”

Apr 24 07:30

'Death to Arabs': Chaos erupts in Jerusalem after far-right march

Hundreds of far-right and anti-Palestinian activists took to the streets in Jerusalem's Old City on Thursday chanting "Death to Arabs" as they protested through the city centre.

The march, led by Lehava, a far-right Israeli group, was organised as a call to "restore Jewish dignity" in Jerusalem.

It came after a week of increased violent assaults against Palestinian citizens of Israel in the Old City.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the uptick in anti-Palestinian violence began after a video was posted to TikTok of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man being slapped - seemingly at random - on Jerusalem's light rail train.

Two 17-year-old Palestinians were subsequently arrested in relation to the incident.

Apr 24 07:29

IDF chief to make first US visit next week to discuss Iran, Hezbollah

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi will travel to the United States on Sunday to discuss the threat of Iran’s nuclear program and its entrenchment throughout the region, the military said Friday.

Kohavi’s trip — his first since entering his position — comes amid considerable tensions between the United States and Israel over the Iran nuclear issue. US President Joe Biden’s administration intends to return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, a move that Israeli officials, including Kohavi, staunchly and publicly oppose.

Shortly after Biden’s inauguration in January, Kohavi made waves with a particularly blunt, overt speech arguing against the US rejoining the deal, saying it was a “bad thing.”

Apr 24 07:25

Over 100 Palestinians Injured after Israeli Extremists March through Jerusalem

Over 100 Palestinians were injured and 50 others were detained in nightly violent clashes with Israeli police and Jewish settlers amid simmering tensions surrounding the holy month of Ramadan in the occupied city of East Jerusalem.

Violent clashes broke out between extremist Jewish settlers and Palestinians after some 300 extremist Jewish settlers marched towards Damascus Gate outside the Old City of Jerusalem, shouting “Death to the Arabs” and “Arabs get out” late on Thursday.

Apr 24 07:23

'President Netanyahu': Israel's prime minister is exploring every way to remain in power

In the movies, fugitives from the law will use any trick in the book to escape justice: dirty deals, unexpected alliances, bare-faced lies.

If a film is eventually made of this last week of Israeli politics, which could quite possibly be Benjamin Netanyahu’s denouement - the prime minister’s tactics would certainly fit the mould.

A short reminder: Netanyahu is on trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He has also been tasked with forming a government, which would allow him in the near future to somehow set the trial aside or at least secure him some kind of immunity.

But, after two years and four elections, he still cannot cobble together the right-wing coalition that would gift him this opportunity.

Apr 24 07:05

Sirens in Israel throughout night as multiple rocket salvos launched from Gaza

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired at least 18 rockets toward Israel in multiple salvos Friday night, the worst attack from the Strip in long months, after days of clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank that involved Palestinian and Israeli civilians as well as Israeli security forces.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage in the attacks.

Around 11 p.m. Friday the IDF said three rockets were launched from Gaza, with the Iron Dome system intercepting one of the projectiles. Two other rockets fell in an open area and there were no reports of injuries or damage. Iron Dome is programmed to not deploy at rockets that are projected to hit non-populated areas.

Apr 24 07:03

The Prospect of a Major False-Flag Operation in the Middle-East Grows by the Day: Remembering June 8th, 1967 the Day Israel Attacked the USS Liberty

June 8th, 1967 is a date in history that the world should recognize because it was the day that Israel attacked the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship during the Six-Day War. So why would a supposedly staunch US ally do such a thing against one of its most loyal servants? Was it an accident or was it a failed false-flag operation?

In this time of uncertainty, the Israelis have been planning numerous ways to stop Iran’s nuclear program but the question is how would they accomplish such a task? Israeli officials including its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is perhaps, the most vocal of the crowd would do almost anything at this point to prevent Washington from re-entering the Joint Comprehension Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement with Iran since the Trump administration abruptly pulled out from the deal in 2017.

Apr 23 07:11

Latest Skirmish with Syria Shows Israel Is Much Weaker Than It Looks

For years Israel’s Arab neighbors have grown accustomed to routine unprovoked attacks on their infrastructure, soldiers and civilians by the Jewish state.

While Syria’s air defense has been increasing its success rate in quashing Israeli raids, the latest exchange between the two countries has opened up the possibility to strike back.

Yesterday, a missile bypassed Israel’s Patriot, Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and landed close to the delicate Dimona nuclear reactor in its Southern desert, triggering panic in the city when its alarm went off. The Dimona nuclear facility is highly secretive as it is used to produce the Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons.

Apr 23 06:12

(video) Ask An Israeli: Do you believe that gentiles (non Jews) will be slaves for the Jews?

We will not be bought!
We will not be sold!
I am not your slave!

Quoting sanitized Wikipedia "Jewish Views on Slavery"

The Torah and the Talmud contain various rules about how to treat slaves. Biblical rules for treatment of Jewish slaves were more lenient than for non-Jewish slaves and the Talmud insisted that Jewish slaves should be granted similar food, drink, lodging, and bedding, to that which their master would grant to himself.

Apr 23 05:49


On April 20 a large explosion took place in central Israel, at the facility of Tomer, a government-owned defense contractor.

As per the contractor, there were neither damages nor casualties, and the massive mushroom cloud that was seen was a “controlled test.”

The company, Tomer, produces a variety of propulsion systems for various missiles used by Israel.

Videos of the blast were widely shared on social media, prompting speculation that it was the result of a malfunction or sabotage, especially in light of ongoing tension between Israel and Iran. And Tehran’s state media had reports focused on the facility, which led to speculation that it was some form retaliatory attack after the blast in the Natanz facility.

The contractor still maintained that it was all planned, but there were none of the customary warnings in advance of the explosion and no confirmation by either the Ministry of Defense or the company after the fact.