May 07 15:23

Jamming Strikes OSCE Drones Tracking Russian Forces

WASHINGTON: A drone operated by a group monitoring the war in eastern Ukraine conducted an emergency landing Thursday after its GPS was jammed, a problem that has increasingly plagued its drones since March.

The OSCE’s drones conduct surveillance of the line of contact between Ukrainian government troops and the Russian-backed separatists, while also mapping minefields and tracking the movement of weapons and troops on both sides.

The drone doesn’t appear to have been damaged after landing in a field near its base in Stepanivka, a town about 30 miles from the contested Donbass region, occupied by Russian-backed seperatist forces.

May 07 07:17

Russia Fires Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile in ‘Signal to NATO’

Russia’s Navy has test-fired a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile in the Black Sea in a show of force ahead of NATO military exercises in the region.
With tensions still simmering following Russia’s build-up of troops on its border with Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry tweeted on Friday footage of the Moskva guided missile cruiser from its Black Sea Fleet launching the Vulkan missile.

The P-1000 Vulkan missile, an improved version of the Soviet-era P-500 Bazalt missile with greater range, was fired via the Moskva warship’s Bazalt main missile system, the Defense Ministry said. It landed around 19 miles away, Naval Post reported.

The footage the Defense Ministry tweeted shows the launch from a number of angles and cuts to the crew of the vessel on the bridge.

May 07 06:33

White House edits transcript to nix support for Ukraine joining NATO

The White House on Thursday made a rare foreign policy pivot by simply crossing out the words in a transcript that had expressed support for Ukraine joining NATO.

The revision is likely to avoid upsetting Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it could fuel a perception of the Biden administration as fickle on Russia policy ahead of a summit next month between President Biden and Putin.

The White House published the unusual transcript edit about four hours after a gaggle on Air Force One between reporters and White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“The Biden administration is committed to ensuring that NATO’s door remains open to aspirants when they are ready and able to meet the commitments and obligations of membership and contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic area,” Jean-Pierre said.

May 07 06:31

Russian Submarines Armed with Cruise Missiles PROTECTS Iranian Ships.

May 07 06:21

US Secretary of State Assures Ukraine of Support for NATO Membership Plan

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Kiev today.

Afterward Kuleba announced the results in these words:

“I have had a very constructive meeting with Tony Blinken. There was a very frank – and this is the most important thing – confidential conversation between Tony Blinken and the President of Ukraine. He had a very good conversation with the Prime Minister of Ukraine. We have really agreed on several things that are important for Ukrainian security, important for Ukrainian reforms, and we will work on their implementation in the interests of Ukraine and the United States, and in general the Euro-Atlantic space as such.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia.... is sure to be delighted with this development...NOT!!

May 07 05:50

Lithuanian president plans to warn EU leaders about Belarusian nuclear plant by handing out copies of HBO’s Chernobyl – reports

Lithuania’s President Gitanas Nauseda plans to warn EU leaders about the dangers supposedly posed by Belarus’ recently built nuclear power plant by handing out copies of the hit HBO series ‘Chernobyl’.

“The president’s gesture is a simple, non-traditional way to [draw] the EU leaders’ attention to the danger posed by the Astravyets [nuclear power plant in Belarus] not only for Lithuania, but for the whole EU,” a presidential administration official said in a statement to Lithuania’s ELTA news agency.

Nauseda will apparently hand out the DVDs at an informal EU summit in Porto scheduled for May 7-8.

The five-part HBO miniseries, a dramatization of one of the worst nuclear accidents in history, has captivated audiences around the world, becoming one of the highest-rated TV shows on film database IMDB.

May 07 03:46

White House Says "We Support" Ukraine's Ambitions To Join NATO

While traveling aboard Air Force One for President Joe Biden's visit to Louisiana on Thursday, White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre bluntly stated that "we support" Ukraine's ambition to join NATO.

When she was asked by a press pool reporter if the White House "supports Ukraine joining NATO" - the deputy press secretary responded with "We supported it... yeah" - but then quickly sought to clarify that certain "commitments" have to be met. She explained, "The Biden administration remains committed to ensuring that NATO's door remains open to aspirants when they are ready and able to meet the commitments."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War... with Russia?!?

IS this administration so collectively and completely insane as to consider this a viable possibility?!?

Folks, the reality here is, we don't have the troop strength; we don't have the weaponry; we don't have the manufacturing, and we flat-out, with this tax-and-spend frenzy on the part of the Leftocrats, don't have the money.

May 06 11:20

Russian Troops Mass Near Ukraine, So The U.S. Military Lands An Army Brigade In Albania

This spring Russia massed 80,000 troops and thousands of vehicles near Ukraine.

Now NATO is mobilizing 28,000 of its own troops for a sprawling, months-long series of war games with its locus—you guessed it—near Ukraine.

While the alliance’s Defender Europe 21 exercise is just the latest iteration of an annual training event and long has been in the works, its geography is no accident.

NATO—and the United States in particular—is determined to match Russian deployments where Russia is most aggressive.

“The Defender Europe exercise is going to conclude in June,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “but not before demonstrating joint-force readiness, lethality and interoperability, reinforcing the U.S. commitment to our allies and partners and providing an outstanding opportunity to highlight the superb job our men and women are doing every day and in the region—the Balkan and Black Sea regions in particular, and throughout Europe and the Africa area of operations.”

May 06 10:24

Frustrated Israelis Says Russian Navy Protecting Iranian Tankers to Syria

Amid confused reports of a drone attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean on its way to Syria, Iran appears to have moved its weapons shipments to Syria and Lebanon from the land — where Israel has regularly tracked and destroyed them — to ships that may be receiving protection from Russian vessels in the Mediterranean.

At the same time, defense sources here say Israel has intensified its aerial attacks on targets in Syria once the weapons are delivered by sea. The last such attack was on April 22.

Israeli defense sources here say the Iranian ships sail from the Red Sea, transit the Suez Canal and arrive in the Mediterranean. The defense sources say the ships documents claim they carry only oil, but there are indications that “oil is not the only cargo.” [Israel would of course say that.]

Israel finds itself in a situation where little can be done to stop this new route from Iran to Syria.

May 06 05:35

Placido Domingo to perform in Verdi’s opera La Traviata at Bolshoi Theater

Russia’s world-renowned Bolshoi Theater is opening a series of performances with an all-star lineup of opera singers on Wednesday. The theater will be presenting Giuseppe Verdi's opera "La Traviata," which will star such singers as Placido Domingo, Irina Lungu, Arturo Chacon Cruz, Zuzana Markova, Dinara Alieva, Elchin Azizov, Matteo Lippi, Liparit Avetisyan, and Vasily Ladyuk. The performances are set to take place from May 5 to May 9, the theater’s spokesperson Katerina Novikova informed TASS.

"From May 5 to May 9, the Historic Stage of the Bolshoi Theater will show the La Traviata opera, one of Giuseppe Verdi’s most popular masterpieces. World opera stars will perform all the leading roles. The main event of the May showings will be the performance of distinguished opera singer Placido Domingo in the role of Giorgio Germont (on May 6 and 9)," Novikova said.

May 06 05:15

Story of Russia's Alleged Role in Czech Arms Depot Blast Smacks of UK-US Psyop, US Vet Says

Six years after the blast in Vrbetice, the Czech authorities are suddenly pointing the finger at Moscow, although the country's security services have never had any proof of Russia's involvement. What's behind the sudden change of heart and narrative, and who benefits from the Russo-Czech spat?

Czech government officials appear divided over the alleged reasons behind the 2014 Vrbetice explosions: speaking to on 29 April, Justice Minister Marie Benesova said that there are several versions of the incident, adding that her opinion is "very close to that" of President Milos Zeman.

Earlier, Zeman cast doubt on Prime Minister Andrej Babis' claims of Russia's secret services being behind the blasts. In last Sunday's televised address, President Zeman emphasised that the Czech Republic’s Security Information Service had never before mentioned Russia's involvement in the Vrbetice incident over the past six years.

May 06 05:13

West annoyed that truth about developments in Ukraine is reaching UN - Russian diplomat

Russia will continue to infuriate the West by telling the truth about the developments in Ukraine at the United Nations, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said on Wednesday after the UN Security Council’s Arria-formula informal meeting on Ukraine.

The meeting was convened at Russia’s initiative to hear witnesses of the May 2, 2014 developments in Odessa.

The Western colleagues "did not even bother to try to establish dialogue and ask those who knows more better than others about the details of what is going on in Ukraine," he wrote on his Telegram channel. "In response to sincere, fact-based stories about those hideous events that cannot leave any normal person indifferent, in response to personal recollections of what happened then, we heard the same old Western mantra about our destructive actions against Ukraine."

May 05 11:22

Iskander, Pantsir and Armata arrive in Alabino to participate in the Victory Parade

May 05 08:09

Russia announces three tests of Putin's 'invincible' new hypersonic 'Satan 2' super nuke capable of wiping out an area the size of England and Wales

Russia is to carry out three tests of its new deadly hypersonic 'Satan-2' intercontinental ballistic missile this year, it was announced today.

The 208-ton weapon, officially called RS-28 Sarmat, is the biggest beast in Vladimir Putin's modernised nuclear arsenal, and is due to go into service in 2022.

'Three launches of the Sarmat ICBM will be carried out as part of flight development tests in 2021,' a defence source told TASS state news agency.

The launches are expected to be from an underground silo at Plesetsk space centre in northwestern Russia hitting targets in Kamchatka on the country's Pacific coast.

May 05 06:59

Hundreds in Ukraine attend marches celebrating Nazi SS soldiers

Hundreds of Ukrainians attended marches celebrating Nazi SS soldiers, including the first such event in Kyiv.

The so-called Embroidery March took place in the capital on April 28, the 78th anniversary of the establishment of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician. It was a force set up under German occupation auspices comprised of ethnic Ukrainian and German volunteers and conscripts. The marchers held banners displaying the unit’s symbol.

The Kyiv march by about 300 people was an import from the western city of Lviv, which for several years has hosted such events. A day earlier, hundreds attended a larger Embroidery March there.

May 05 05:23

NATO summit to discuss Ukraine’s membership next month. Nuland accompanies Blinken to Kiev.

The president of Ukraine met with the presidents of NATO members Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in the latter’s capital, Warsaw, on May 3 to solidify cooperation against their common adversaries: Russia and Belarus. The five heads of state signed a joint declaration pledging multifaceted cooperation, including on security concerns.

Ukraine’s four partners in the meeting are to the north of it, are on the Baltic Sea and border Russia, its external territory of Kaliningrad and Belarus, Russia’s Union State partner. In fact two of them surround Kaliningrad on the land side, two border Russia proper and three border Belarus. All four nations host NATO Battlegroups and U.S. armed forces assigned to the Pentagon’s Operation Atlantic Resolve.

May 05 05:05

Russia says ready to leave SWIFT, plans to join Iran’s Sepam

Russia says it is preparing to leave US-dominated international payment system SWIFT and pairing with alternative systems, including Iran’s electronic financial messaging platform Sepam.

The decision announced by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova comes in the wake of a resolution passed recently by the European Parliament calling for Russia's expulsion from the SWIFT financial network.

In an interview with RT television network, Zakharova said while Russian authorities still assess the likelihood of being cut from the Western payment system, they are already working to reduce risks and possible damage.

“So, as an alternative to SWIFT, the system of transferring financial communications of the Bank of Russia is considered,” she said.

“We study the options for pairing with foreign systems, such as European SEPA, Iranian Sepam, Chinese Cup and CIPS,” Zakharova added.

May 04 06:29

EU Summons Russian Envoy to Condemn Travel Bans on Its Officials

The European Union summoned Russia's ambassador to the bloc on Monday to condemn Moscow's decision to bar eight officials from entering the country, which the Kremlin said was in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Russian citizens by the EU.

The protest is the latest in rising diplomatic tensions since the start of 2021, when Moscow expelled European diplomats during an official visit by the EU's high representative.

The EU has in turn angered Moscow by demanding that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny should be released from prison, while blacklisting more Russian officials for human rights abuses.

Russia's ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, was summoned "to condemn the decision of the Russian authorities from last Friday to ban eight European Union nationals from entering the territory of the Russian Federation", the EU Commission said in a statement.

May 04 05:57

Russia Poses "Existential Threat" From North To South Pole: US Intel Chief

Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, presented his agency’s annual World Threat Assessment before the Senate Armed Forces Committee late last week. The transcript of his testimony runs to fifty-seven pages and is broad in its scope and often detailed in its descriptions, so what follows is a précis and one that dwells on the overarching theme of his presentation, leaving aside, for example, his discussion of the threats posed by what were formerly termed terrorist organizations and are now called violent extremist organizations (VEOs).

His comments largely passed unnoticed as such generally are outside the American governing and military castes except for a CNN report of them that bears the title "Top US military intelligence official says Russian military poses an 'existential threat' to the US".

May 04 04:57

US Secretary of State again focuses on situation regarding Radio Liberty in Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken again paid attention to the situation regarding operations of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty radio station [recognized in Russia as mass medium - foreign agent - TASS] in Russia.

" In Russia, authorities continue to restrict independent reporting, including Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty," Blinken said in his statement.

"Unfortunately, the pandemic has provided a pretext for repressive governments to intensify pressure on independent media. It is exactly in that kind of hostile environment that the exercise of freedom of expression, especially by members of the press, becomes even more crucial in alerting the public to abuses and corruption and in countering dangerous misinformation and disinformation. We call on all governments to ensure media safety and protect journalists’ ability to do their jobs without fear of violence, threats, or unjust detention," he noted.

May 04 04:51

Foreign minister, military chief: Ukraine’s NATO-standard army to be integrated into global military force

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who was at NATO headquarters slightly more than a week ago to meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, spoke with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and confirmed that his nation’s entry into NATO and the European Union is a matter not of if but when.

For anyone not familiar with the fact, the eleven nations that have joined both NATO and the European Union in the post-Cold War era – Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia – all joined NATO first and the EU second. As though the first were the precondition for the second as it evidently is. That says a lot concerning power relations between NATO and the EU, and between the U.S. and the EU.

May 04 04:50

Ukrainian president to Baltic NATO allies: this is war in Europe

On May 3 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met in Warsaw with his counterparts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, NATO’s member states on the Baltic Sea. The five heads of state signed a joint declaration on cooperation, including on what was termed common security.

The statement includes the phrase “Mindful of the historical experiences,” which is certainly a reference to domination by Czarist Russia and the Soviet Union in the past. It’s that common history that has united the political leaders of the Baltic states and Poland in the post-Cold War period, many of them American and Canadian nationals or married to such. (E.g., the former President Valdas Adamkus in Lithuania, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in Estonia, President Vaira V??e-Freiberga in Latvia, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Rados?aw Sikorski’s wife Anne Applebaum in Poland as well as President Viktor Yushchenko’s’s wife Kateryna in Ukraine, etc., etc.)

May 04 04:47

Brussels Wants War!

As we all have been taught, at its creation what is today called the European Union was conceived as a “peace project.” True, its first iteration in a French-German understanding on managing trade in coal and iron was purely economic. True, a later iteration was the European Economic Community or Common Market, all of which call attention to the economic dimension. However, the framers of these institutional arrangements were motivated by the need to put an end to Europe’s century long civil war, to the cleavage between the biggest economies of the Continent, France and Germany.

Regrettably, that past is now being buried day after day as the European Institutions, in particular the Commission and the Parliament, turn the 27 into NATO by another name, that is, into a war-fighting alliance directed against….Russia under the micromanagement of Washington.

May 04 04:35

How Russian student's brutal attack on Virginia landlady led her to discover he was son of CIA's 'most valuable' asset - after finding cryptic letters and a bank statement listing $16m in assets

  • Lisa Sales recalled how she was attacked by Dmitry Mikhaylov, a Russian immigrant attending graduate school at George Washington University
  • She said Mikhaylov seemed friendly and sociable when they first met in 2011
  • He had inquired about renting a space in her home and eventually the two agreed on him taking the basement for $2,000 per month
  • Things went well for awhile until the September 2011 assault that Sales said began when a drunken Mikhaylov slammed her dog against a dresser
  • She says he then threw her to the ground and attempted to sexually assault her, leaving her with extensive injuries
  • After his arrest for sexual battery, Sales went through his belongings and came across a $16million assets report and a letter from his father Valeriy Mikhaylov
  • Sales did some digging on who exactly the men were and came to a conclusion that Valeriy Mikhaylov was a Russian spy working for the CIA

May 04 04:10

"The World's Biggest Problem" - Kissinger Warns Of "Colossal" Dangers In Growing US-China Tensions

Former US national security adviser Henry Kissinger has warned that strains between Washington and Beijing pose “the biggest problem” for the world, and a failure to improve them risks a “cold war” between the world’s two largest economies.

“It’s the biggest problem for America; it’s the biggest problem for the world. Because if we can’t solve that, then the risk is that all over the world a kind of cold war will develop between China and the United States,” Kissinger told the McCain Institute’s Sedona Forum on global issues.

The 97-year-old veteran diplomat warned rather ominously that while nuclear weapons were already large enough to damage the entire globe during the Cold War, advances in nuclear technology and artificial intelligence - where China and the United States are both leaders - have multiplied the doomsday threat.

"For the first time in human history, humanity has the capacity to extinguish itself in a finite period of time," Kissinger said.

May 03 15:26

Biden Executive Order Strips Americans Of Their Rights If They 'Directly or Indirectly' Aid Russia

Joe Biden last month quietly signed a ridiculously broad executive order to allow the government to "deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government," the American Thinker reports.

May 03 07:13

As Ukraine Simmers, Victoria Nuland Is Now Highest-Ranking Member of US Foreign Service

On April 29 the U.S. Senate confirmed Victoria Nuland as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, which has been described as the fourth most important position in the State Department. Though as the first three are filled by political appointees and the other by a career foreign service officer, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs is the highest-ranking member of the U.S. Foreign Service.

May 03 05:49

BlueAnon: Glenn Greenwald on why Russiagate disinformation never ends

May 03 05:48

US Ends Visa Services for Most Russians, Reduces Moscow Embassy Staff by 75%

On Friday, the US embassy in Moscow announced that it was cutting consular services and reducing its staff by 75 percent.

As part of the cutbacks, the embassy will no longer process non-immigrant visas for Russians. So any Russian citizens that want to travel to the US that aren’t seeking a green card would have to obtain a tourist visa through a third country.

The announcement came after Russia put limits on the amount of staff the US embassy could hire locally, a response to recent US sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Russia’s foreign ministry pointed out that the Russian embassy in the US was still issuing visas to American citizens within 10 days despite limits they have had to deal with.

May 02 07:37

NATO Will Never Match Russia's Military Strength, Ex-US Official Says

NATO will never equal the power of the Russian military because the alliance only serves a propagandistic function, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts told Sputnik.

"NATO will never match Russian military strength. NATO mainly serves as European approval of US foreign policy," Roberts said. "It has a propagandistic function."

Roberts pointed out that it is important to understand that the United States’ hegemonic policy "leaves no basis for agreement."

"What Washington demands is the surrender of Russian sovereignty. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s responsible, low-key, non-confrontational responses to Washington’s threats and insults will not benefit him or Russia," Roberts said. "The vicious facts are these: Putin and Russia are seen by Washington as obstacles to US hegemony, and the powerful and pervasive US military/security complex requires Russia as an enemy to justify its budget and power. This leaves no possibility for better relations."

Apr 30 10:23

China Backs Russia After Putin Warns West They'll Regret Crossing 'Red Line'

Amid growing tensions between the United States and Russia, China threw its support behind Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the two nations "comprehensive strategic partners of coordination in the new era."

In a recent state of the union address, Putin reminded Western leaders of the country's nuclear arsenal and warned the West not to cross a "red line." Any country that provoked threats to Russia's fundamental security would "regret their deeds more than they have regretted anything in a long time," according to Putin.

When asked about Putin's comment, foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China and Russia will "continue to understand and support each other in safeguarding our respective sovereignty, security and development interests."

Apr 30 10:19

Putin fires warning to the West: Russian warship launches supersonic cruise missile in the Black Sea during live fire exercise ahead of arrival of British frigate and destroyer following his climbdown in Crimea

  • Russian cruiser Moskva fired the Vulkan missile from its Basalt missile system
  • A surface target was hit at a distance of 19 miles after foreign ships were blocked
  • It comes before the arrival of two Royal Navy warships amid tension in Ukraine

Russia has launched a supersonic cruise missile in the Black Sea in a live fire exercise coinciding with the first visit by a US Legend-class national security cutter in 13 years.

The Vulkan firing comes shortly before the arrival of two Royal Navy warships amid deep tension in Ukraine over fears of a Russian invasion.

The Black Sea fleet said the Russian cruiser Moskva 'fired the Vulkan missile from the vessel's main Basalt missile system for the first time in modern history'.

Apr 30 09:28

Ukraine plans Black Sea bases as US steps up presence in region

Ukraine is moving forward with plans to build two new naval bases in the Black Sea region, an area of tension with Russia that may see greater U.S. military and NATO involvement this year.

One base will be built along the Black Sea and the other in the Sea of Azov, a linked waterway that has been a flashpoint between Russia and Ukraine, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday.

The United Kingdom is “helping us financially” and work on the projects will begin soon, Shmyhal said.

The comments came during a joint news conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who touted U.S. and alliance efforts in the region. The Black Sea is likely to be an area of focus when Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin takes part in his first NATO defense ministers’ meeting next week in Brussels.

Apr 30 08:13

Crisis in American expertise: Washington has a dangerous & destructive pattern of willful ignorance on Russia in post-Soviet era

The rejection of Matthew Rojansky’s candidacy as a Russia adviser to Joe Biden represents an escalation, and not a departure, from a pervasive bipartisan American pattern of dangerous ignorance about Russia in the post-Soviet era.

It was reported last week that Joe Biden’s government would not be hiring Rojansky, of the Kennan Institute think tank, to help form policy towards Russia. Though the analyst is known as a moderate realist regarding Russia issues – in other words, he is not a virulent anti-Moscow ideologue – he was considered too controversial to be allowed a hearing during White House deliberations on policy regarding the world’s largest country.

Rojansky’s sin? Unlike many of the current crop of foreign policy officials, he actually has some expertise and experience on the subject.

Apr 30 08:11

US Embassy in Moscow cuts visa services and warns Americans with expired visa to leave before June 15 deadline in further deterioration in relations with Russia

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has announced that it will cut consular services and staff after Russia imposed restrictions on foreign diplomatic missions.

The Embassy said in a statement that starting from May 12, it will reduce consular services offered to only include emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of immigrant visas such as life-or-death emergencies.

It noted that non-immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will cease and it will stop offering routine notarial services, consular reports of birth abroad or passport renewal services for the foreseeable future.

Apr 30 08:00

Secretary of State to visit Ukraine next week amid tensions with Russia

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that he will be visiting Ukraine next week amid tensions with Russia.

Blinken confirmed the trip to Ukraine during an interview with CBS News on 60 Minutes that will premiere Sunday.

The trip to Ukraine comes after Russia built up a large military presence near the border of Ukraine.

Apr 30 07:46

US Embassy in Moscow cuts visa services and warns Americans with expired visa to leave before June 15 deadline in further deterioration in relations with Russia

  • Last week, Russia imposed restrictions on foreign missions hiring local staff
  • As a result, the US Embassy in Moscow has been forced to cut consular services
  • From May 12, non-immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will stop
  • Embassy will only cover emergency U.S. citizen services and limited visas
  • The news comes as Russia-U.S. ties are at a post-Cold War low

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has announced that it will cut consular services and staff after Russia imposed restrictions on foreign diplomatic missions.

The Embassy said in a statement that starting from May 12, it will reduce consular services offered to only include emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of immigrant visas such as life-or-death emergencies.

Apr 30 07:24

Why Is Joe Biden Risking War With Russia Over Ukraine?

It is bad enough when the United States incurs grave risks to defend even indisputably democratic allies, if those countries lack sufficient importance to America’s economic and security interests. Too many U.S. allies, such as the Baltic republics, fail that crucial risk-benefit calculation. However, it is even worse when the United States incurs excessive risks on behalf of undemocratic allies or clients that have little intrinsic importance. And yet, Washington is making precisely that blunder with respect to Ukraine.

Apr 30 06:45

EU Parliament Passes Resolution Proposing Anti-Russia Sanctions in Case of ‘Ukraine Invasion’

The resolution, which recommends cutting Russia off from SWIFT, halting the purchase of Russian energy, and other tough measures, was tabled by a group of Eastern European lawmakers in the European Parliament. Along with claims that Russia may be preparing to "invade Ukraine," the resolution goes on to blame Moscow for a litany of other crimes.

The European Parliament in Brussels has passed a resolution threatening a series of tough anti-Russian measures in the event of a Russian "invasion" of Ukraine.

The measure, tabled by MEPs hailing from Poland, the Baltic states, and Romania, was passed on Thursday with 569 of the legislature's 705 members voting in favour, while 67 opposed, and 46 abstained.

Apr 30 05:34

Washington rejected Moscow’s offer of complete reset in Russia-US relations shortly after inauguration of Biden, FM Lavrov reveals

The Kremlin proposed a complete reset in the strained relationship between Moscow and Washington after the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, but it was turned down by the White House, Russia’s chief diplomat said on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalist Dmitry Kiselyov, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explained that Russia wants to get back on a sound footing in its relationship with the US.

“If it only depended on us, we would return to normal relations,” Lavrov explained, noting that the first step would be to cancel the expulsions of Russian diplomats from Washington, and US diplomats from Moscow.

Apr 30 05:33

Russia Expels Diplomats From Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia

The tit-for-tat response follows last week's decision by the three Baltic republics to expel several Russian diplomats from their respective embassies "in solidarity" with the Czech Republic amid the spat between Moscow and Prague over Russia's alleged involvement in ammunition depot explosions in 2014. Moscow has vocally denied the allegations.

Moscow made good on its promise to respond to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia's move to expel Russian diplomats on Wednesday, accusing the three countries of pursuing an "overtly hostile course" in relations vis-a-vis Russia.

The expulsions come in the wake of the summoning of diplomats from the three Baltic nations to the Foreign Ministry building, where the Russian side expressed its "resolute protest" to the respective heads of each country's diplomatic mission about their "provocative and groundless" decision to expel Russian diplomats last week.

Apr 30 05:32

Russian FM: US-Russia ties worse than during Cold War

Russia’s top diplomat said Wednesday that relations with the United States are now even worse than during the Cold War times because of a lack of mutual respect.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow stands ready to normalize ties with Washington, but warned that the U.S. should stop posturing like a “sovereign” rallying its allies against Russia and China.

He warned that if the U.S. shuns a mutually respectful dialogue on the basis of a balance of interests, “we would live in conditions of a ‘Cold War’ or worse.”

“During the Cold War, the tensions were flying high and risky crisis situations often emerged, but there was also a mutual respect,” Lavrov said in an interview with the Russian state television. “It seems to me there is a deficit of it now.”

Apr 30 05:32

Navy SEALs Shifting Focus Away From Counterterrorism to Face Russia and China

The US Navy SEALs are undergoing a major overhaul. The special operations forces are following the rest of the US military and shifting focus away from counterterrorism in the Middle East to face China and Russia.

As part of the transition, the SEALs are reducing the number of platoons it has by 30 percent so that the remaining teams will have more personnel. SEALs commanders are looking to focus on maritime operations since any conflict with China and Russia would involve naval battles.

Rear Adm. H. Wyman Howard III, the top commander of the SEALs, told The Associated Press that the special operations forces will expand cyber and electronic warfare capabilities. Howard said the SEALs could use skills they learned over the past 20 years in counterterrorism missions but that the focus must be shifted. “Many of these things are transferable, but now we need to put pressure on ourselves to operate against peer threats,” he said.

Apr 29 15:10

Bitcoin big shot just arrested for laundering $336 million

Roman Sterlingov has been arrested by U.S. authorities for allegedly laundering over 1.2 million Bitcoin, which is worth over $336 million. Sterlingov is believed to be the administrator of a “mixing” service called Bitcoin Fog, which was used to hide transactions to stop anyone being able to trace payments.

Stelringov is a resident of Russia and Sweden but was arrested on Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport. Sterlingov is thought to have personally taken commissions on the Bitcoin he laundered worth as much as $8 million, according to IRS estimates and according to Wired. He has been charged with money transmission without a licence, money laundering and unlicensed money transmission in the District of Columbia.

Apr 29 12:32

Ukraine Confirms Joe Biden Corruption With Bank Records, Witnesses, Says They Want Money Back

The Ukraine has released a one hour long video of a press conference confirming that Joe Biden committed tax-evasion in their country stating that they want their money back.

During the press conference, multiple witnesses were interviewed and bank records were released confirming the information. This bombshell report implicates Joe Biden as an international criminal and that Joe Biden had been under investigation in Ukraine on felony bribery charges. These allegations are now confirmed.

Apr 29 08:27

Frustrated Israelis Says Russian Navy Protecting Iranian Tankers to Syria

Amid confused reports of a drone attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean on its way to Syria, Iran appears to have moved its weapons shipments to Syria and Lebanon from the land — where Israel has regularly tracked and destroyed them — to ships that may be receiving protection from Russian vessels in the Mediterranean.

At the same time, defense sources here say Israel has intensified its aerial attacks on targets in Syria once the weapons are delivered by sea. The last such attack was on April 22.

Israeli defense sources here say the Iranian ships sail from the Red Sea, transit the Suez Canal and arrive in the Mediterranean. The defense sources say the ships documents claim they carry only oil, but there are indications that “oil is not the only cargo.” [Israel would of course say that.]

Israel finds itself in a situation where little can be done to stop this new route from Iran to Syria.

Apr 28 12:13

Putin confirms ‘successful’ test of new rocket ‘designed to blast space missiles to bits’

Apr 28 10:36

Russia Claims Its Struna-1 Radar Can ‘Kill’ the F-35 Fighter

Here's What You Need to Remember: In tandem with other modern “stealth-defeating” radar systems, the Struna-1 could provide critical information to an adversary on the position and movement of stealth aircraft.

Ever since the development of stealth technology for aircraft, many different systems have been advertised as “stealth killing.” One of the more innovative solutions is the Russian Struna-1/Barrier-E bistatic radar system developed by NNIIRT, a division of the Almaz-Antey Joint Stock Company. Almaz-Antey is the premier air-defense and radar manufacturer in Russia; they make the Tor, Buk and S-400 anti-aircraft systems, as well as their respective search radars. The Struna-1 was originally developed in 1999. A further evolution of Struna-1, the Barrier-E system was later showcased for export at MAKS 2007. While it is not part of Almaz-Antey’s online catalog, it was shown alongside other radars at MAKS 2017. The system is rumored to be deployed around Moscow.

Apr 28 10:21

Could Iran Shoot Down a U.S. F-22, F-35 or Stealth B-2 Bomber?

Doubts continue about the F-35 stealth fighter jet program. The questions go to more than the usual array of new system challenges of maintenance, sustainment, cost growth and program delays. In those areas the F-35 jet is no different from virtually every other defense procurement project, most far less complex than the F-35 fighter. The private sector has similar challenges, as seen by the travails of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The heart of the worries goes to the role of manned aviation in this age of breathtaking technical change.

For quite some time now it has been obvious that we collect far more data than we can analyze in any relevant decision-making time. This challenge becomes more daunting as new systems are brought online. Military and naval commanders, indeed anybody occupying a supervisory position, can suffer paralysis by analysis. The other danger is acting based on what we want to hear, our “gut.” We knew this back in 1995 when the F-35 fighter program began.

Apr 28 05:56

Lavrov Warns Reversing Minsk Agreements Could Lead to Massacre in Donbass

In an interview with Sputnik, the Russian Foreign Minister has touched upon a wide range of issues, including the recent escalation around Ukraine, the West's attempts to take advantage of it, as well as the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West.

Ukraine should not count on military assistance from the United States, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik, weighing in on the recent Donbass escalation.

"...there is no point in relying on military assistance from the US. Everyone always knew that. If someone had an illusion that such help would come, well, such 'advisers' would be worthless in any government, including the government of [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy".

Apr 28 05:53

Overwhelming majority of Russians believe Crimea is legally part of country, including those who don’t support Putin, poll reveals

The vast majority of Russians (86%) support Moscow’s reabsorption of Crimea, with most convinced that the country did not violate international obligations and agreements when it gained control of the Black Sea peninsula in 2014.

That’s according to a new poll from the Levada Center, which has revealed that the events of seven years ago enjoy support even from those who disapprove of President Vladimir Putin. The Levada Center is registered as a foreign agent by the country’s Ministry of Justice.

Crimea was re-absorbed into Russia in March 2014 following a referendum. The vote is not recognized by most of the world, which views it as an illegally occupied Ukrainian peninsula. Crimea had been part of Russia until 1954, when it was transferred to Kiev’s control by former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, himself a native of Ukraine’s Donbass region.

Apr 28 05:44

Russia Holds Live-Fire Naval Drills Just As US Coast Guard Vessel Enters Black Sea

At a time of still heightened tensions following this month's Russian military build-up near Ukraine and subsequent draw down last week, the Kremlin says it is tracking a US Coast Guard ship's movements after it entered the Black Sea on Tuesday.

The US Navy's Sixth Fleet confirmed the entrance, saying "The Legend-class national security cutter USCGC Hamilton (WMSL 753) transited into the Black Sea in support of NATO Allies and partners."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ummmmm .... just what part of the Black Sea constitutes the US coast?!?

Apr 28 05:37

Kremlin says Zelensky’s remarks about changes to Minsk Accords 'alarming sign'

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s remarks about amendments to the Minsk Accords and expanding the list of negotiators on the Normandy platform are an alarming sign, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said following the Ukrainian leader’s interview to The Financial Times.

"I take this opportunity to say that it makes sense to pay attention to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s interview to the Financial Times. In that interview the Ukrainian president said he would like to see changes made to the Minsk format, some other countries join in and so on and so forth," Peskov said. "This is an alarming sign. We have said more than once that it is a no easy situation. This is one more indication at the summit level of Ukraine’s wish to change the Minsk process, but there is no way of changing it without in fact terminating it."

Apr 28 05:19


The Russian Special Operations Forces (SOF) will be receiving an advanced infiltration capability in the form of futuristic mini subs.

According to a source from the Russian government, “the Main Directorate of Deep-Water Research of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed interest in the apparatus, and it considers these bathyscaphes [which is a manned submersible vehicle] as a means for conducting special underwater operations.” He added that the Russian Navy intends to allocate at least two mini subs to each of its three battle fleets (Black Sea, Northern, and Pacific).

Apr 28 00:55

Breaking News! US Ship Entered The Black Sea! Ukraine, US Still Here But Not Superior Without Turkey

Apr 27 11:43

Russia Puts U.S. Top of 'Unfriendly Countries' List

The U.S. has been placed on a list of countries Russia considers to be "unfriendly" despite optimism of a summit between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin taking place this summer.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced over the weekend that the U.S. would be on the list following a presidential decree on April 23.

In a graphic on Russia's Channel 1 headlined "List of countries unfriendly to Russia," the U.S. was at the top.

Apr 27 11:42

Breaking News! Russia Accuses Ukraine of Stealing S-300! Tried a Space Missile! Threatened the USA!

Apr 27 07:41

NATO Adds Ukraine and Georgia to Its Eastern Flank

Late last week Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba traveled to Bucharest, Romania to join a meeting of what he called NATO’s Eastern flank: Poland, Romania and Turkey.

The Ukrainian foreign minister posted this on his Facebook page: “Greetings from Bucharest. Today, for the first time, Ukraine is taking part in the negotiations of the Romania, Poland, and Turkey triangle – NATO’s Eastern flank.”

The trilateral format was created at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Chicago in 2012.

This year Georgia as well as Ukraine participated. In Kuleba’s words: “Today, for the first time, they invited guests – Ukraine and Georgia – to join their format. And this isn’t just an invitation. It’s a political signal and concrete action to support Ukraine in a difficult moment.”

Apr 27 07:12

Video: War Is Over before It Begins and Kiev Is Left to Play by Itself

On April 23rd, the US and NATO’s biggest concern in regard to Ukraine is dissolving.

The troops from the Russian Southern and Western military districts began returning to their permanent positions of deployment.

A day earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu arrived in Crimea, where a large-scale exercise was taking place.

It involved more than 10 thousand servicemen; 1,200 units of weapons and military equipment of the Southern Military District, the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla and Airborne Forces.

Shoigu said that every aspect of the defense of the region had been tested, including coastal and air defense systems.

He claimed that the purposes of his sudden inspections were satisfactory, and the concentration of forces needed no longer remain.

Apr 27 07:05

Putin, Macron express concern over escalation in southeastern Ukraine

The conflict in southeastern Ukraine was among the key topics of a telephone conversation between Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Emmanuel Macron of France. The leaders expressed concern over escalation in Donbass, the Kremlin press service said on Monday.

"Special attention was focused on the Ukrainian conflict. The leaders expressed concern over the escalation of tension in southeastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putin drew attention to Kiev’s provocative actions, saying that Kiev is deliberately seeking to aggravate the situation along the contact line and ignoring the Minsk agreements. It was stressed that the Kiev authorities must strictly obey by the existing agreements, first of all, concerning the establishment of dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk and incorporating Donbass’ special status in laws. Emmanuel Macron, in turn, informed Putin about his recent talks with the Ukrainian president in Paris," it said.

Apr 27 06:56

Is conflict between the US & its allies v Russia & China inevitable? (Ex-UK ambassador to Russia) E1006

On this episode of Going Underground, we first speak to Sir Tony Brenton, the former UK ambassador to Russia. He discusses Boris Johnson’s decision to send UK warships to the Black Sea, Russia’s recent military build-up near the Ukrainian border for military exercises which have since concluded, Alexey Navalny’s imprisonment in Russia and his history of racist comments in the past, whether conflict between the US, NATO and its allies v Russia and China can be avoided, and much more! Finally, we speak to Farah Nabulsi, director of the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Present’, which focusses on a Palestinian family’s struggle living near an IDF checkpoint.

Apr 27 06:07

Brazil rejects Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, citing ‘uncertain’ data – creator says decision is political & driven by US

The maker of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine believes the US has pressured Brazil into refusing approval of its formula for political reasons. Brazil’s health regulator says there are “inherent risks” and defects with the jab.

The South American country is in desperate need of Covid-19 vaccine doses, and has been one of the hardest-hit nations throughout the pandemic. However, despite requests from Brazilian politicians, regulator Anvisa believes there is a lack of documentation to guarantee its safety, and data about its efficacy is “uncertain.”

Apr 27 06:05

MI6 head reveals that Russophrenia-stricken UK defense chiefs think Russia is both a ‘declining power’ AND their number one rival

The head of Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence service has said that Russia is getting weaker and weaker as a country, while simultaneously warning that it poses a significant military threat to the UK’s allies in Eastern Europe.

Richard Moore, the chief of London’s top spy agency, world famous as the fictional home of James Bond, told an interview with the Sunday Times that “Russia is an objectively declining power economically and demographically.”

According to him, the world’s largest country is “an extremely challenged place,” arguing that recent protests in support of jailed opposition figure Alexey Navalny “show that there is a deal of disaffection with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.” Rallies held last week drew smaller crowds than organizers had anticipated, and were largely peaceful.

Apr 26 07:36

What Just Happened in the Ukraine?

Before we look into what just happened in the Ukraine, we need to first recall the sequence of events which lead to the current situation. I will try to make a short summary (skipping a lot of details) in the bullet-point style:

Apr 26 07:34

The "Russian Threat"

During 2016 CIA director John Brennan and FBI director James Comey, together with the corrupt Democrat party, began orchestrating Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from reducing the risk of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia. President Trump tried to nip a New Cold War in the bud, but that was not in the interest of the power and profit of the military/security complex which desperately needs the “Russian threat” as its raison d’etre.

Stephen Cohen, myself and a few others expressed concern that the tensions between the two nuclear powers were being driven to more dangerous highs than ever existed during the 20th century Cold War. Many websites joined in debunking the orchestrated Russiagate fabrication.

Apr 25 04:18

Breaking News! Is Russia Really Attracting Troops? Did They Come For Ukraine? Shelling Continues!

Apr 25 04:03

Escobar: Putin Rewrites The Law Of The Geopolitical Jungle

Putin’s address to the Russian Federal Assembly – a de facto State of the Nation – was a judo move that left Atlanticist sphere hawks particularly stunned...

The “West” was not even mentioned by name. Only indirectly, or via a delightful metaphor, Kipling’s Jungle Book. Foreign policy was addressed only at the end, almost as an afterthought.

For the best part of an hour and a half, Putin concentrated on domestic issues, detailing a series of policies that amount to the Russian state helping those in need – low income families, children, single mothers, young professionals, the underprivileged – with, for instance, free health checks all the way to the possibility of an universal income in the near future.

Of course he would also need to address the current, highly volatile state of international relations. The concise manner he chose to do it, counter-acting the prevailing Russophobia in the Atlanticist sphere, was quite striking.

Apr 24 06:53

Russian Military Reportedly Creates ‘Dead Zones’ for Enemy Drones and Cruise Missiles

The significance of cruise missiles and drone warfare has become all too apparent in the 21st century, with the United States and its allies in the Middle East regularly using state of the art weapons to launch attacks across Africa, the Middle East and West Asia over the past two decades, mostly against nations without developed air defences.

The Russian military is training to create ‘dead zones’ completely inaccessible to enemy drones, cruise missiles and other precision weapons, Russian media reports, citing military sources.

Sources indicate that the dead zone concept has already been worked out and adopted, and that Electronic Warfare Troops units in several military districts have been practising the concept’s employment through drills. Large-scale exercises at the national level are expected to begin next year.

Apr 24 06:45

Russian troops depart Crimea for home bases after exercises, potentially signaling end to border standoff with Ukraine

A number of Russian military units which were deployed near the tense Ukrainian frontier over recent weeks have now started to return to their regular deployments elsewhere in the country, Moscow’s army chiefs revealed on Friday.

Footage released by the Ministry of Defense showed tanks being loaded onto amphibious landing ships after taking part in exercises on the Crimean coast. Other shots featured soldiers loading armored vehicles for transport.

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that personnel deployed in the west and south of the country had passed a series of readiness checks after being deployed. According to him, “the goals of the sudden inspection have been fully achieved. The troops demonstrated their ability to ensure reliable defense of the country.”

Apr 24 05:59


Apr 23 10:29

Breaking News! Russia Jets Stopped US Air Force Plane! Distracting Ukraine? Hunted 2 Spy in Crimea!

Apr 23 08:39

CRAZE! Russian HYPERSONIC PRS-1M Is UNSTOPPABLE! It Reaches Mach 15 During Test Launch!

Apr 23 07:44

The Strategic Hour with Matt Ehret: Ukraine as Flashpoint of WW3 or Crossroads of Civilization?

This week, Matt Ehret, V and CJ discuss Ukraine as a flashpoint of WW3 or bridge in the New Silk Road with a focus on the role of Anglo American Intelligence in manufacturing a rise of Nazism and absorbing the leading Nazi intelligence officers in both Germany and Ukraine into post-war anti-Soviet operations. Other topics include Zelensky’s strange relationship to MI6, Putin’s recent State of the Nation, the strategic importance of space exploration and the delusional mindset of Cold Warriors incapable of accepting the reality that the rules of the New World Order have forever changed under the new dynamic created by the Greater Eurasian Partnership.

Apr 23 05:13

Hilarious: Czechia Issues an Ultimatum to the Russian Federation

The Czech government on Wednesday warned Moscow it might expel more Russian diplomats unless the 20 Czech nationals ejected from Russia were allowed to return to work with a day.

Moscow responded by saying the ultimatum was “unacceptable.”

On Saturday, Prague expelled 18 Russian embassy staff in a row over Russia’s alleged role in an explosion that killed two people in the Czech Republic in 2014. Moscow sent back the Czech diplomats in retaliation on Monday.

“The Russian Federation has until 12:00 tomorrow (10:00 GMT) to allow the return of all expelled diplomats back to the Czech embassy in Moscow,” Jakub Kulhanek, the new Czech foreign minister, told reporters.

“If they cannot return, I will cut the number of Russian embassy staff in Prague so it would correspond to the current situation at the Czech embassy in Moscow,” he added.

Apr 23 05:01

With Germany low on Covid-19 jabs, local politician reveals country negotiating with Russia for 30 million Sputnik V doses

The premier of Germany's Saxony region has revealed that the country wants to buy 30 million doses of the Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, assuming that the EU's European Medicines Agency approves the jab.

Following a meeting with Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Michael Kretschmer tweeted on Thursday that Germany is negotiating to receive three batches of 10 million doses in June, July and August. Kretschmer, a member of the ruling Christian Democratic Union, is currently in Moscow.

Apr 22 15:05

As America Focuses On Internal Strife, A War Between Israel And Iran Could Literally Start At Any MomentAs America Focuses On Internal Strife, A War Between Israel And Iran Could Literally Start At Any Moment

I don’t know why the warmongers in the Biden administration have decided that it is a good idea to provoke Russia and China simultaneously.  They are not intimidated by us, and they are not going to back down as a result of our threats. -- Foreign policy takes a great deal of finesse, but unfortunately the guy in the White House is a hothead in an advanced state of cognitive decline, and he is surrounded by an all-star team of warmongers.

Apr 22 13:38

The Endless War With Russia

Of course, there is the madness of it all. Why is the American empire trying to start a war with Russia? One reason is money, of course. The usual suspects would like to raid Russia for natural resources. The parasitic financial system of the West is running out of domestic capital to burn, so Russia is seen as a new opportunity for plunder. There is also the grudge they have with Putin, who put an end to the looting. No one holds a grudge like the people running the American financial system.

Apr 22 10:44

Russia to Withdraw Troops From Ukraine Border, Crimea

Russia will begin withdrawing its military forces from the Ukrainian border starting Friday, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Thursday, after the buildup had raised alarms in the West of renewed clashes.

Speaking during snap readiness exercises in annexed Crimea, Shoigu ordered the general staff of the armed forces, military chiefs and the airborne troops to begin returning to their home bases from the Russian-Ukrainian border and Crimea starting April 23.

“I believe that the goals of the snap inspection have been fully achieved,” Interfax quoted Shoigu as saying. “The troops demonstrated the ability to reliably defend the country.”

“In this regard, I have decided to complete the Southern and Western military district reviews,” he added.

Apr 22 10:40

Should Russian Banks Be Scared of SWIFT Disconnection?

Ukraine has joined the chorus of voices calling for Russia to be disconnected from SWIFT — the financial messaging network that underpins the global banking system.

In a meeting with EU foreign ministers, Ukraine’s top diplomat Dmytro Kuleba said he had called for a tough new package of sanctions, including the expulsion of Russian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) network, which currently links more than 11,000 banks operating in at least 200 countries and territories around the world.

The proposal — long popular among those who favor slapping hard-hitting sanctions on Russia — has picked up new supporters since last year’s poisoning of Alexei Navalny. Talk of a possible embargo reached fever pitch in Moscow in the days leading up to U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement of a new round of sanctions against Russia mid-April, with top Russian officials and banking figures talking up the dangers of being disconnected.

Apr 22 10:22

This Is Our First Ever Look At A Top Secret Soviet Space 'Missile'

The Russian Ministry of Defense's official television station, TV Zvezda, has given the world the first-ever public look at the Shchit-2, or at least a mockup thereof. This was a Soviet-era missile-like space weapon primarily intended to protect Almaz military space stations from incoming threats. The Shchit-2 was a follow-on project to the Shchit-1 self-defense system, which featured a 23mm cannon and is the only gun to have been fired in space, at least that we know about.

Apr 22 09:56

Three New York City men allegedly stole more than $30 million in cash and other valuables as part of an elaborate money-laundering scheme that involved using spy cameras to break into safe deposit boxes around the world. The Department of Justice on Tues

Three New York City men allegedly stole more than $30 million in cash and other valuables as part of an elaborate money-laundering scheme that involved using spy cameras to break into safe deposit boxes around the world.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday charged Val Cooper, 56, Alex Levin, 52, and Gari Smith, 49, with money laundering and conspiracy, as well as conspiracy to violate the Travel Act after they allegedly stole the massive sum from banks’ safe deposit boxes between March 2015 and October 2019. Some of the banks were in Ukraine, Russia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan—businesses that “appeared to lack security features, including video surveillance cameras in certain areas,” prosecutors said.

Apr 22 08:13

Russia thinks Joe Biden is 'too weak' to stop them

Apr 22 08:00

Russia Plans To Quit International Space Station By 2025

As tensions increase between Russia and the US, the Russian space agency has announced it will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) in 2025 and has already begun work on a space station of its own, according to BBC News.

The US and Russia jointly launched the ISS in 1998 and was hailed as significant steps to reconstruct souring relations between the cold war adversaries. But Russian officials have indicated they will pull out of the ISS by 2025.

The ISS is 23 years old and is rapidly aging, posing a danger for astronauts. ISS crew recently had to hunt for a mystery air leak.

"We can't risk the lives [of our cosmonauts]. The situation that today is connected to the structure and the metal getting old, it can lead to irreversible consequences - to catastrophe. We mustn't let that happen," Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told state television this week.

Apr 22 07:54

Russia's Foreign Ministry Summons Deputy Head of U.S. Embassy -RIA

Russia's foreign ministry on Wednesday summoned the deputy head of the U.S. embassy in Moscow, the RIA news agency reported.

On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan said he would travel to the United States this week for consultations, four days after the Kremlin suggested that Washington recall him amid a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

Apr 22 07:53

Ukraine Security Service Says It Has Detained 60 Pro-Russian Protesters

Ukraine's state security service said on Wednesday it had detained around 60 people that pro-Russian political forces had sent to stage protests in the eastern city of Kharkiv as a way to "justify possible acts of Russian aggression against Ukraine."

Ukraine, its Western allies and NATO have accused Russia of a provocative build-up of troops on Ukraine's eastern border and in Crimea, while Russia has accused the United States and NATO of provocative activity in the Black Sea region.

The SBU security service said those detained had been dispatched to stir up public anger in Kharkiv, one of the largest cities in Ukraine, located 300 km (186 miles) from territory seized by pro-Russian separatists in 2014. It did not elaborate or provide evidence.

Apr 22 07:45

US Strategic Command Chief Calls for Nuclear Upgrade Aimed at China and Russia

On April 20 Admiral Charles Richard, commander of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee alongside his colleague General James Dickinson, commander of U.S. Space Command SPACECOM), in both open and closed hearings.

Richard described his command, which consists of 150,000 service members from all branches of the armed forces, as a “global warfighting command.” The ultimate global warfighting command as it is in charge of all U.S. nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

His sales pitch to the Senate committee, as that of other top commanders appearing lately before the Senate and the House Armed Services Committees, is to secure funding for the expansion and upgrading of military programs and weapons. The weapons he’s promoting are capable of ending life on earth if employed broadly.

Apr 22 07:44

New US Ambassador to Belarus Meets With Exiled Opposition Leader

The new US ambassador to Belarus met with the country’s exiled opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on Wednesday in a provocative message to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

The meeting took place in Lithuania, where Tsikhanouskaya has been living since she fled Belarus after losing the controversial presidential election last August. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko won the vote by a wide margin according to official numbers, but fraud was alleged, and the US and EU have slapped sanctions on Belarusian officials since.

“Today’s action sends a clear signal that the US stands with the Belarusian people,” US Ambassador Julie Fisher said of her meeting with Tsikhanouskaya. “As US Ambassador to Belarus, my priority is to embody that support.”

Apr 22 07:39

Russia Threatens Ukraine? Biden Has Transformed Russia’s Border with Ukraine into A Dangerous Hot Spot

Throughout its 30 year history, the Russian Federation never attacked or threatened another country.

In sharp contrast to US-dominated NATO, Moscow prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with international law — a reality I’ve stressed many times before.

The same is true about China, Iran, and other nations free from the scourge of US imperial control.

What establishment media should explain, they suppress — instead featuring fabricated official narrative talking points.

Examples appear daily.

Citing and quoting EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s reinvention of reality, AP News reported the following:

On Monday, Borrell claimed that Russian forces in their own territory — conducting regularly scheduled military exercises and protecting the nation’s borders, their UN Charter right — risk confrontation with Ukraine, a falsified assessment.

Apr 22 07:03

Putin's warning to the West: Russia releases video of huge military drills in Crimea with 10,000 troops, 200 fighter jets and 40 warships amid soaring tensions with Ukraine

Russia staged huge military drills involving 10,000 troops, 40 warships, over 200 warplanes, and about 1,200 vehicles in Crimea today after Vladimir Putin warned the West not to 'dare cross any red lines' amid soaring tensions with Ukraine.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu personally travelled to the peninsula on Thursday to oversee the colossal war games involving Russia's southern military district and paratroopers close to Ukraine.

Shoigu flew by helicopter over the Opuk firing range, where troops and military equipment are deployed, and checked the readiness of the naval and ground forces.

Apr 22 06:43

Act of war? Ukraine asks EU to consider cutting off Russia from SWIFT payment system as Kiev seeks more sanctions against Moscow

Ukraine has requested that the European Union consider the possibility of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, the international system of transfers between banks, suggesting that the measure be added to a new package of sanctions.

Moscow has previously warned it would consider the move “a declaration of war.” Former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who now serves as the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, has also dubbed it a “punch in the gut.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told Reuters on Wednesday that he personally brought up the idea with his counterparts from the EU. Kuleba believes this measure could be used to deter Moscow in event of the situation in eastern Ukraine escalating.

“If Russia decides to launch another wave of its open military aggression against Ukraine, a new round of sectoral sanctions – including for example banning Russia from SWIFT and these kind of things – should be immediately imposed on it,” he told Reuters.

Apr 22 06:25

Why Was It OK for Ukraine to Break Away from the USSR, but Not for Crimea to Break Away from Ukraine?

All right, I admit it, it’s not that brief. I didn’t have time to shorten it. But what follows is a condensed history of the argument about who should control Crimea, one which still rages and which (as usual) is not as simple as politicians like to claim it is.

I’ll begin with a question:

What do you reckon is the date of the following Reuters News Agency dispatch? I’ve slightly doctored one or two things in it, but only to conceal the date.

‘Elected officials in the Crimea voted on Monday to hold a referendum to resolve heated debates on the future status of the region.

‘A Moscow news agency said the regional council voted to issue a declaration restoring the Crimea’s “statehood” and also to hold a vote to determine the future of the attractive peninsula on the shores of the Black Sea.

Apr 22 06:23

Putin Isn’t Bluffing on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stern warning earlier today not to cross what he called Russia’s "red line" needs to be taken seriously. The more so, as Russia builds up its military capability to respond to any provocations from hotheads in Ukraine and from those in Washington telling them they can give Russia a bloody nose and escape retaliation.

Putin prefaced his his unusually pointed remarks by saying Russia wants "good relations … including, by the way, those with whom we have not been getting along lately, to put it mildly. We really do not want to burn bridges." In a clear effort to caution provocateurs not only in Kiev, but also in Washington and other NATO capitals, Putin added this warning:

Apr 22 06:12

Senate Committee Passes Bill To Ramp Up Lethal Aid To Ukraine

Russia hawks in Congress just escalated already soaring tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border, on Wednesday passing a bill which boosts "lethal assistance" in the form of additional military hardware as well as training for Ukrainian troops.

The vote in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee was unanimous in support of authorization of $300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine. "The committee passed the Ukraine Security Partnership Act sponsored by a bipartisan group of senators including Democrat Bob Menendez and Republican Jim Risch," according to The National.

"The bill authorizes up to $300m per year of foreign military financing to Ukraine, subject to certifications, including the authority to provide it with lethal military assistance and $4m per year to train its military officers," the report notes.

Apr 22 06:09

Ukrainian President Says Nation Ready for War, Signs Bill To Call Up Reservists as US and Britain Boost Military Training and Assistance

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who recently donned combat gear to join his government’s troops on the battle line with the Donbass, today addressed the nation in a televised address in which he conjured up the specter of Russian troops on his nation’s eastern border. He asked and answered a number of rhetorical questions, among them: “Do Ukraine and its international partners demand that troops be withdrawn from our borders? Yes.” The international partners in question are the U.S. and its NATO allies and partners.

The keynote of his address was this: “Does Ukraine want a war? No. Is it ready for it? Yes. Will Ukraine stop fighting for peace through diplomacy? Never. Will Ukraine defend itself if it needs to? Always.”

Apr 22 05:50

Putin Isn’t Bluffing on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stern warning earlier today not to cross what he called Russia’s "red line" needs to be taken seriously. The more so, as Russia builds up its military capability to respond to any provocations from hotheads in Ukraine and from those in Washington telling them they can give Russia a bloody nose and escape retaliation.

Putin prefaced his his unusually pointed remarks by saying Russia wants "good relations … including, by the way, those with whom we have not been getting along lately, to put it mildly. We really do not want to burn bridges." In a clear effort to caution provocateurs not only in Kiev, but also in Washington and other NATO capitals, Putin added this warning:

Apr 22 05:43

'Red Lines,' Coup Attempts and Zircon Missiles: Highlights of Putin’s Address to Federal Assembly

On Foreign and Defence Policy

Commenting on the series of “unfriendly actions” he said have been taken against Russia, Putin said that while Russia has so far acted with “utter restraint." He added, however, that "if someone perceives our goodwill as indifference or weakness, and is prepared to completely burn, or even blow up…bridges, Russia’s response will be asymmetrical, speedy and tough,” he warned.

Without naming any country specifically, Putin denounced nations attempting to impose “unlawful, politically motivated economic sanctions” and making “crude attempts to enforce their will on others.”

Apr 22 05:41

Putin says Russia developing high-tech nuclear & laser weapons, warning ‘provocateurs’ will regret crossing country’s red lines

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the vast majority of the country’s Soviet-era atomic stockpile will soon be replaced by modern weapons, warning that Moscow is intent on defending itself against foreign aggression.

Speaking as part of his annual address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin said that his government “wants to have positive relationships with everyone on the international stage, including those with whom relations have broken down recently. We really don’t want to burn bridges.”

At the same time, however, he cautioned that “those who mistake this stance for weakness need to know that Russia’s response [to any aggression] will be asymmetrical, swift and harsh.” Those planning provocations, he said, “will regret their deeds in a way they have not regretted anything else for a long time.”

Apr 22 05:37

UK hosts head of Ukrainian armed forces as tensions mount on Russia-Ukraine border

As tensions continue to mount on the Russian-Ukrainian border, the UK has undertaken yet another escalatory step by hosting the head of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Ruslan Khomchak, arrived in the UK today (April 20) where he was met by Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir Nick Carter.

The Ministry of Defense tweeted that the UK remains “firmly committed” to Ukrainian "independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity"

Today Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter welcomed his Ukrainian counterpart to @DefenceHQ for the first time for discussions on our ongoing defence cooperation.

The UK remains firmly committed to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

— Ministry of Defence ???????? (@DefenceHQ) April 20, 2021

Apr 22 05:31

Brits Push Russia War

The United States backed off sending two warships to the Black Sea last week after Russia warned of a naval showdown. Days later, however, Britain is reportedly stepping in with plans to send warships.

Talk about “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, the proposed British military intervention is a reckless provocation in a situation that is already spiralling out of control.

Violence is exploding in Ukraine’s seven-year civil war between the NATO-backed Kiev regime and ethnic Russians in the eastern Donbas region; Russia has mobilized its army for defence drills, and the US and European Union are expelling Russian diplomats, and vice versa.

Then the British announce they are sending warships to the Black Sea in the coming weeks to “defend” Ukraine against alleged Russian aggression, according to media reports.