Dec 03 13:22

Homeless man gets jail time for breaching ‘stay at home’ order

In a “cruel twist of irony,” a man was sentenced to seven weeks in jail by a Singapore court on Thursday for breaching a Covid-19 “stay at home” order despite being homeless.
Singapore national Rozman Abdul Rahman, 40, returned from Indonesia on March 20, 2020. After an immigration officer insisted he sign a stay-home notice (SHN), he listed his estranged stepsister’s house as a place for him to quarantine – but he was actually homeless.

During the period when he was supposed to self-isolate, he lived on the streets, sleeping in a car park, and later moved to a homeless shelter. He also kept working as a security guard at a grocery logistics company. His manager claimed he was not aware that Rahman was on an SHN.

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Dec 03 13:01

“Sudden Deaths” of Children Under the Age of 12 Start Surfacing After COVID-19 Shots Approved for This Age Group

The surge in “sudden deaths” now being reported on a daily basis has apparently begun in children under the age of 12, as children between the ages of 5 and 11 were recently approved for injections by the Pfizer COVID-19 shots.

Unless a grieving parent works up enough courage to admit they made a mistake in letting their child get one of these bioweapon shots, and is willing to face the backlash that will certainly come from those in the Vaccine Cult, which will probably include their own family members, do not expect the media to even mention the COVID-19 “vaccination status” of these sudden deaths.

Tragically, the two unexpected deaths of these children that we are reporting on today both happened on Thanksgiving Day last week.

Dec 03 11:06

Unvaccinated Sit-In Shuts Down Panera in NYC

Activist July Maury tells about discrimination against the disabled and the unvaccinated:

“I fought to get more access for people with disabilities in this city…this Panera is one of the few places I can get into (with my wheelchair)… I don’t have the vaccine card so now even the places I can get into I can’t get into. I’m thirsty, I’m hungry and I can’t participate, I can’t give them my money. I want to give them my money and I can’t. This doesn’t make sense. This is a civil rights issue, a human rights issue.”

By Michael Kane

Unvaccinated NYC activists forced a Panera Bread in Manhattan to shut down yesterday when they demanded the restaurant serve them and allow them to sit and eat in the establishment. At least 50 police officers descended on Panera but ultimately did nothing as the owners of the establishment made the decision to shut it down before 6pm when they regularly stay open till 10pm...

Dec 03 10:18

Nearly half of all covid “vaccine” deaths occur within first two weeks after vaccination: research

Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s leading pathologists, has warned that anywhere between 30-40 percent of all deaths from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” occur within the first two weeks after injection.

That number could actually be as high as 45 percent if a recent analysis by Albert Benavides, a friend of COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund founder Steve Kirsch, is correct.

Since no U.S.-based pathologist would ever dare to touch this issue, a team of German pathologists did it for them, confirming that nearly half of all covid jab deaths occur relatively quickly after the deed is done.

Conservative estimates that assume a 100 percent reporting rate in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) show a shocking level of acute death from Fauci Flu shots within the first 14 days post-injection.

Dec 03 10:09

Nika uses Esper Hand. By Esper Bionics

Dec 03 10:09

NASA is about to launch a laser demo that could revolutionize space communication

NASA's upcoming Laser Communications Relay Demonstration could revolutionize the way the agency communicates with future missions across the solar system.

These lasers could lead to more high-definition videos and photos from space than ever before, according to the agency.

The mission is set to launch as a payload aboard the US Department of Defense's Space Test Program Satellite 6 on December 5 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The launch window will remain open from 4:04 a.m. to 6:04 a.m. ET, and the agency will share live coverage of the launch on NASA TV and its website.

Since 1958, NASA has used radio waves to communicate with its astronauts and space missions. While radio waves have a proven track record, space missions are becoming more complex and collecting more data than before.

Dec 03 10:09

Top Democrats Are Finally Turning Against Biden’s Tyrannical Mandate: “Enough Is Enough!”

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has spoken out against Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ vaccine mandates, warning that the draconian rule will destroy private businesses.

Dec 03 09:59

Getting Serious

Some have accused me of not taking this MSM-Hyped-Hysteria/Mass Psychosis CoVid-1984 thing seriously enough (e.g., instead of wearing a muzzle I wear an organic heirloom garlic bulb around my neck, because I do Science). So I decided to get serious. Just how REALLY serious? Hey, I got out my HP-15C Reverse Polish Entry Notation Scientific Calculator1,2 that I used when working at Fermilab on the Anti-Proton Source Design.

So, for my age, 65, the CDC numbers3 say I have a 0.326% chance of dying WITH CoVid-1984, or a 99.674% chance of survival (for one year). Of course the CDC also says that only 6% of these deaths are FROM CoVid-1984, and the other 94% are WITH CoVid-1984 and with an average of 5 co-morbidities. So, my chances of dying FROM CoVid-1984 is probably about 0.0196%, or a 99.98% survival rate, assuming, I hope, that I don’t have an average of 5 co-morbidities.

Dec 03 09:52

Germany: Chief Medical Doctor of a Major Hospital Thomas Jendges “Falls” from the Roof of the Hospital. Suicide or Murder?

The chief medical doctor in Chemnitz’s main hospital – Chemnitz is the third largest city of Saxony – “talked” (see the 2-min video below) then “fell” from the roof of the hospital to his death. Suicide or murder?

The media, of course, talk about suicide. However, Dr. Thomas Jendges (55), left behind a wife and a son, and had no prior record of depression or suicidal tendencies. See video here.

Dr. Jengdes was appointed managing director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital in April 2021. He was the sole managing director since 1st October 2021. He said in a brief hastily recorded video, “There is no virus, it’s a dictatorship in disguise.”

He elaborated in his short video (German with English sub-titles) that what is happening in Germany and worldwide has nothing to do with a virus.

“It is the imposition of a worldwide dictatorship. It has to be said. Unfortunately, there is no way around it.”

Please listen to this brief, emotional testimony.

Dec 03 09:47

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems: Report

A report quietly released last week by Public Health Ontario (PHO ) tallies the number of people in the province who have presented to hospital with heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination, and it skews heavily towards young people.

As of Aug. 7, there were 106 incidents of myocarditis/pericarditis in Ontarians under the age of 25. That’s slightly more than half of the total of all such incidents.

Dec 03 09:46

It’s like watching a movie and saying ‘omg come on, that would never happen’

Dec 03 06:53

9,000 Haitians Expected to Reach Mexico in a Few Days on Their Way to US as Omicron Cases Continue to Surge in US

Over 9,000 Haitians are expected to reach Mexico in a few days. They are on their way to the US, of course.

They could be here in a couple weeks.

Dec 03 06:46

In Germany, Covid management is being militarized

A general with experience from operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan and the NATO Defender Europe major maneuvers will in future lead the Corona crisis team of the new German government. Breuer is called “General Corona” in the Bundeswehr.

The tasks of his command also include the operation of military training areas and practical measures in connection with host nation support, i.e. the stay of troops from allied states in Germany and their transit. In this context, Major General Breuer was tasked with assisting the advance of US troops towards the Russian border during the Defender Europe maneuvers.

He now runs the new Corona crisis team, a supposedly civil body, from an office in the Federal Chancellery. By assigning posts to a general, the new government, in which the Greens have a strong position, is pushing for the normalization of a military response to a health issue.

Dec 03 06:45

Austria: Prison for the unvaccinated

Various details have been leaked about the planned mandatory vaccination in the Alpine country. On Tuesday the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Constitution and the opposition will meet for a round table on the issue.

Experts from science, constitutional law, health, the constitutional service and the bioethics commission are expected to participate in the meeting. To everyone’s surprise, the rightwing FPÖ will not take part.

Time is of the essence however, because the draft law is to be examined in the week starting from December 6. The law is to apply for a limited period of three years from February 1, 2022.

There are still no concrete plans for fixed booster shots but these could be regulated by ordinances. The penalties that are currently on the table for violations are nevertheless frightening.

Dec 03 06:45

Vaccine-Enhanced Infection

A Lancet study indicates the vaccines are now increasing vulnerability to Covid rather than protecting from it.

In Israel a nosocomial outbreak was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.

Not just oops, VEI.

Vaccine Enhanced Infections.

This may be why people in Europe and the USA are now talking about mandatory vaccinations, because no one in their right mind is going to voluntarily submit to them once they realize that the protection they were promised has been inverted by VEI.

Dec 03 06:44

At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead

The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against.

Dec 03 06:44

Research "Game-changer": Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ?System

Question– Does the Covid-19 vaccine cause heart attacks?

Answer– It does, and researchers are closer to understanding the mechanism that triggers those events.

Question– How can I be sure you’re telling the truth?

Answer– Well, for starters, there’s a research paper that appeared recently in the prestigious Circulation magazine that draws the same conclusion. Here’s an excerpt from the paper:

Dec 03 06:41

UK health authorities now advise giving the booster every 3 months

Click to view the video. Things are clearly going off the rails. Next up will be forced jabs.

They will never figure out that early treatment protocols like the Fareed-Tyson protocol virtually eliminate death from COVID.

Dec 03 06:30

Twitter Slaps 'Unsafe' Label On American Heart Association mRNA Vaccine Warning

Twitter has slapped an "unsafe link" warning on a study from the American Heart Association which found that mRNA vaccines dramatically increase risk of developing heart diseases from 11% to 25%.

This warning, which ZeroHedge followers are no stranger to, pops up, requiring one to click "Ignore this warning and continue" before they can proceed to the American Heart Association's website:

Dec 03 06:24



Today, 2nd August, the first step in the legal action has begun. The letter before action has been sent to the MHRA and to Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. They have been asked to reply within 14 days, a time shorter than is usual in judicial review applications given the urgency.

The text of the letter can be seen by visiting the crowd funding page here.

Since launching this campaign, the JCVI have issued a statement providing further information and stating its view that the vaccine should not be recommended to children and young people, not just up to age 15, but to age 17. We are therefore able to challenge use of the vaccine up to the age of 17, not just 15. and we are doing so.

Dec 03 06:22

Most aggressive windstorm in living memory slams Turkey killing 6 and injuring dozens in Istanbul – Apocalyptic videos and pictures

At least six people were killed and 52 were injured after extreme wind storms swept through Turkey on Monday and continued to wreak havoc on parts of the country on Tuesday.

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Dec 03 06:15

Smoking gun Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS

Dec 03 06:14

Whistleblower Doctor MURDERED After Exposing Graphene Oxide in Bioweapon Shots!

Dec 03 06:12

WHO Scientist Says Vaxxed Must Be Quarantined To Protect Purebloods

Dec 03 06:05

New Stew Peters: Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!

The latest Covid-19 variant they’re using to justify permanent lockdowns is the omicron variant. Of course, after omicron will come some other variant, and then another, for as long as the government feels like controlling our lives. You know where this is leading:

They want universal vaccine mandates, for everyone, from infancy to the nursing home. They want forcible injections for toddlers, for grade-schoolers, for pregnant women, and mandatory boosters even for those who had severe reactions to the first shot. And they will keep at this no matter what the side effects are, because they simply deny that side effects even exist.

Dec 03 06:04

Remarkable ICU recovery story… Man left for dead was saved by Ivermectin…

An elderly, critically-ill COVID patient who was repeatedly denied ivermectin has made a full recovery after a court ordered the hospital to treat him with the potentially life-saving drug.

On Thanksgiving weekend, Sun Ng, a 71-year-old man who spent 22 days on a ventilator with COVID-19, was discharged from Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, following a successful treatment cycle of ivermectin. Despite the drug’s efficacy, the hospital had only agreed to the use of the drug after Ng’s daughter, Dr. Man Kwan Ng, obtained a court order mandating their compliance.

According to Mauck & Baker law firm in Chicago, the court-ordered ivermectin treatment was given to Ng for five days, November 8 through November 12, and he was discharged on November 27, having fully recovered.

Dec 03 06:03

FAUCI ALERT — Cardiac Surgeon issues ‘acute coronary’ warning on mRNA vaccines…

New study and warning from Dr. Steven Gundry: mRNA vaccines dramatically increase risk of developing heart disease — “The PLUS Cardiac Test score has been measured every 3-6 months in our patient population for 8 years. Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID 19 vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the PULS score became apparent in most patients.”

Dec 03 06:02

More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions

The great body of evidence (comparative research studies and high-quality pieces of evidence and reporting judged to be relevant to this analysis) shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.

Nearly all governments have attempted compulsory measures to control the virus, but no government can claim success. The research indicates that mask mandates, lockdowns, and school closures have had no discernible impact of virus trajectories.

Dec 03 05:49

How Migrant Surge At The Border Fuels Massive American OD's From Tiny Grains of This Killer Drug

On a September afternoon, Allyssia Solorio wondered why her energetic young brother hadn’t emerged from his bedroom in their Sacramento, Calif., home. When she opened his door, she saw 23-year-old Mikael leaning back on his bed with his legs dangling over the side. She rushed to her brother and shook him, but to no avail. He was dead. A counterfeit pharmaceutical pill laced with illicit fentanyl had killed him.

Mikael Tirado was one of an estimated 93,331 overdose fatalities in the United States last year – an all-time high. Nearly five times the murder rate, the deadly overdose toll was primarily caused by fentanyl, a highly lethal synthetic opioid. It’s manufactured mostly by Mexican cartels with ingredients imported from China, and then smuggled over the southwestern U.S. border. Fentanyl has been arriving in larger quantities each year since at least 2016.

Dec 03 05:45

Why Earthquakes in the East are so much more Dangerous

Dec 03 05:45

Major explosive event at Sangay volcano, ash to possibly 15.2 km (50 000 feet) a.s.l., Ecuador

A major explosive event was registered at Sangay volcano, Ecuador at 09:03 on December 2, 2021. The Washington VAAC is reporting volcanic ash rising up to possibly 15.2 km (50 000 feet) above sea level.

Consequently, there is a possibility of ashfall in the areas located to the west and southwest of the volcano, in the province of Chimborazo, IGEPN reports.1

It is recommended to take the pertinent measures and receive the information from official sources.

Satellite imagery acquired at 04:40 UTC show 2 ash clouds, the first reaches 10 km (32 800 feet) over the crater and the second 7 km (23 000 feet) over the crater, IGEPN said.2

NWP models suggest volcanic ash rising to possibly 15.2 km (50 000 feet) a.s.l., the Washington VAAC reported at 10:25 UTC. Volcanic ash is expected to dissipate over the next 12 hours as the event appears to be a single explosion although further emissions are possible.3

Dec 02 14:52

Peratt and Petroglyphs

Anthony Peratt discussing Petroglyphs and solar outbursts and plasma physics experiments in the lab.

Peratt's website:

NOTE: plasma is the dominant state of matter in the observable universe and yes Velikovsky was on to something!

Dec 02 13:00

Meta Removes Accounts in Belarus, China, Poland for 'Inauthentic Behavior' – Official

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, said on Wednesday that it has removed six adversarial networks from Palestine, China, Vietnam, Belarus, Poland and several other European countries for coordinated inauthentic behavior, brigading and mass reporting.

"We removed four networks from Palestine, Poland, Belarus, and China for violating our policy on Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB). Each of these networks targeted people in multiple countries at once," Nathan Gleicher, head of security policy, said.

Another deleted network of accounts originated in Italy and France and targeted medical professionals, journalists, and elected officials with mass harassment.

"Our investigation linked this activity to an anti-vaccination conspiracy movement called V_V, publicly reported to engage in violent online and offline behaviors," the company said.

Dec 02 12:58

Omicron Origins Blurred With New Evidence

The omicron variant of COVID-19 was discovered in the Netherlands a week before scientists identified it in South Africa, the Dutch National Institute of Public Health reported Tuesday.

Though the agency, RIVM, first thought the variant had appeared in the country with 14 passengers who tested positive for it while entering from South Africa on Nov. 26, retesting of samples used on Nov. 19 and Nov. 23 reported that the variant was already present in the Netherlands.

"It is not yet clear whether these people had also visited southern Africa," the agency said.

Dec 02 12:53

Most SURPRISING 9 ways people are dying during the pandemic besides from Covid

The mass media is warping nearly every death to be categorized as caused by Covid or a “Covid-related” death. If we did that with prescription drugs we could label every death from cancer, diabetes and dementia a “prescription-related” death. If you consider how many people have been killed by superbugs in hospitals, like MRSA, the hospitals could chalk up nearly every surgery death as MRSA-related, and those statistics would be mountains higher than they already are today. Yet, the data doesn’t lie, or exaggerate, or warp the numbers to fit a narrative; only people and fake news do.

Dec 02 12:38

NEW: Pfizer Lawsuit Details Stunning Accusations of COVID Vax and Monoclonal Antibodies Espionage

Sometimes, it is good to be Pfizer — especially when there is a pandemic they can leverage to their advantage to create a monopolistic market-share of a vaccine that government literally buys from them and markets to patients, or when they can manipulate the government into protecting their data for another half-century. Other times, it isn’t so good to be Pfizer, as was the case with Project Veritas’ story which showed Pfizer employees contradicting the government’s vaccine narrative.

And yet other times, Pfizer runs into a situation so dire, it could destroy their business for a decade to come. In pharmaceuticals, research and data regarding new drug candidates, including their COVID-19 vaccine formula, could potentially be worth billions. Should a competitor get their hands on certain research and data, they would be able to sidestep years of costly lab research allowing for an early and inexpensive release of a competitor drug.

Dec 02 12:36

Is our solar system a cosmic oddity? Evidence from exoplanets says yes

Once upon a time, there was a solar system. In it lived four small rocky planets called Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Four big gassy planets lived there too: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The four small planets lived close to the sun because it was very hot there, and everything else had been blasted away, leaving only rocks to make planets. But further out it was colder and there was lots of ice around, so the planets there grew into great big gassy giants.

This story wasn’t originally written as a fairy tale. Until relatively recently, it was our solidly sourced story of how our solar system formed – in fact, how any solar system would form. But in the past decade or so, it has started to look, well, just a little contrived.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Velikovsky was right!

Dec 02 12:25


Dec 02 12:04

SARS-CoV-2; the Contentious Bioweapon

By Julie Beal

Over the years, we’ve all been trained to believe that a bioweapon is a deadly pathogen, engineered to spread like wildfire and wipe out millions. We’ve been fed endless stories about dangerous viruses causing dreadful diseases; there’s been a stream of news about outbreaks of various kinds, warnings about terrorists creating something on a computer, and a movie industry peddling the idea of contagion.

These narratives have helped sustain the ronascam by fuelling the fear of covidians, but they’ve made anti-covidians dismiss the bioweapon theory because there’s been no evidence of a deadly pandemic.

The logic seems to be that if there’s no pandemic, there can’t be a bioweapon, and there’s probably no such thing as SARS-CoV-2. But what if mild disease was always the plan? What if it was designed to take out people who were already knocking on death’s door? Isn’t that just what the Reset needs?

Dec 02 07:44

The Omicron Deception; how long can they string out the mutation-stories?

Nothing mutates faster than a non-virus, except perhaps Tony Fauci’s pronouncements about the “pandemic.”

In early 2020, it all started with a “virus” no one had isolated. Meaning a phantom, a fake, a con, a non-entity. NO VIRUS TO THIS DAY.

Now we’ve had fake variants of the fakes. Delta; Omicron from Africa.

The Stupidity Index—how stupid a person has to be in order to believe the official COVID narrative—is expanding. The more variants, the dumber obedient people have to be, to go along with the show.

At some point, as the number of variants grows, even people who resemble sloths living their lives hanging upside down in trees, will wake up.

“What was that new mutation last week? And this one today? It really comes from Antarctica? And we have to stay indoors for another month? I just want to tailgate and sit in a stadium and scream and drink and watch football…”

Dec 02 07:43

17 Pharma Henchmen Who Voted to Experiment on Your Kids — and How to Shun Them

On Oct. 26, the membership of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) voted 17-0 in favor of lower-dose use of Pfizer’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 5 to 11.

The 17 individuals — including an “acting” committee chair and 11 voting members who were temporary rather than core VRBPAC members — formulaically stated the injections’ benefits outweigh the risks in that age group.

Three days later, Dr. Janet Woodcock — a 35-year FDA veteran serving “temporarily” as commissioner — evoked her personal credentials “as a mother and a physician” when she predictably extended Pfizer’s emergency use authorization (EUA) to the 5-11 age group, having previously granted EUAs for adolescents (ages 12-15) and those age 16 and up.

Dec 02 07:43

80 House Republicans Vote to Fund Federal Vaccine Database to Spy on Americans

80 House Republicans vote with Democrats on a new national immunization tracking system Wednesday.

The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021 will give the federal government information on your vaccination status for the next mandate they have planned.

This will make it easier for the government to target you and strip you of your rights and income.

80 Republicans see this as a good thing.

They don’t give a damn about their voters.

Dec 02 07:30

Fauci's Dead Babies and Mass Graves From the Past

Dec 02 07:28

FLASHBACK 2005 - Caution raised over SARS vaccine

A cautionary note has been sounded for those developing vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Some vaccines could prove useless against certain strains, or even worsen the infection, a preliminary study suggests.

SARS killed nearly 800 people when it emerged from China in 2002 and spread around the world in the first half of 2003. Only a handful of isolated outbreaks have been spotted since that initial epidemic.

Aware that the disease could re-emerge, several groups have been trying to make a vaccine against the virus. They are mainly trying to find ways to expose people to a protein on the virus's coat, called the spike protein, which helps it to enter cells. This should jolt the immune system into recognizing the virus during a future infection and making antibodies that attack it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Short version, vaccination against one variant increases the possibility of infection with a different variant.

Dec 02 07:21

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/1/21 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS December 1, 2021

Dec 02 07:20

Official Data shows huge increase in cases of Ovarian Cancer, and Deaths of New-Born Babies have hit Critical Levels; are the Covid-19 Vaccines to blame?

Data available from Public Health Scotland shows that cases of ovarian cancer in 2021 are much higher than the 2017-2019 average, and deaths of new-born babies have reached the upper warning threshold indicating factors beyond random variation may have contributed to the deaths.

With nearly 40,000 menstrual disorders being reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, scientists warning of potential issues with the formulation of the Covid-19 injections leading to infertility, real-world data showing the rate of miscarriage following Covid-19 vaccination is as high as 82%, and a confidential study showing the Covid-19 vaccine accumulates in the ovaries over time, could the rise in ovarian cancer and deaths of new-born babies have anything to do with the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines?

Dec 02 07:19

“YIKES”: Fresh Fauci e-mails show NIAID Chief & wife’s flippancy over vaccine deaths, more interested in “immortalizing” him.

Previously unseen e-mail correspondence between Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady show the couple celebrating how Fauci had been “immortalized” by an action figure, and reveal a callous reaction to vaccine-related deaths, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

(Article by Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam republished from

In an e-mail sent on January 15th 2021, Fauci flagged a New York Post article highlighting 23 people who died in Norway after being administered the Pfizer vaccine.

“Yikes,” Grady simply replies after being forwarded the article with a note that simply read “fyi”.

Dec 02 07:17

NASA Astronauts Perform Spacewalk Outside ISS

Earlier, NASA called off a spacewalk involving two astronauts outside the ISS, which had been planned for Tuesday, citing the threat of space debris. The space agency said that the postponement made it possible to assess the risks associated with reported space debris.

Members of the International Space Station Expedition 66 are set to perform a spacewalk. NASA astronauts Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron will venture outside the orbiting outpost to replace the Port 1 Truss S-Band Communications Antenna.

The expedition includes two Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov (the station's commander) and Pyotr Dubrov, American astronaut Mark Vande Hei and four members of the Crew-3 mission: Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn, Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer.

Dec 02 07:10

Israel authorizes spy agency to access private cell phone data to track Omicron variant

Israelis who have tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 will have their movements and personal contacts tracked by the country’s domestic spy agency at least until Friday, the New York Times reported.

The move comes after Israel launched a daylong “war-game” scenario earlier this month to come up with strategies for addressing “a new, lethal, COVID-19 variant,” in which they simulated the implementation of new lockdowns, curfews, and booster jab campaigns.

“We have indeed reached a point at which we do need a ‘Big Brother’ keeping track of where we go,” said criminology professor Limor Yehuda in a Monday piece published in Maariv, an Israeli newspaper.

According to the Times, Israel’s intelligence agency, Shin Bet, was temporarily given access to the private phone data of Israeli citizens when the nation’s cabinet voted Sunday to authorize the move under emergency legislation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Omicron is the excuse. Tracking everyone everywhere is the real goal.

Dec 02 07:09

Pope Francis embraces Emmanuel Macron as France liberalizes abortion law, increases COVID restrictions

President Emmanuel Macron of France paid?a highly publicized visit to Pope Francis last Friday?during which – to the surprise and shock of French observers – he used the familiar “tu” form when speaking to the head of the Catholic Church. Many considered this to be the sign of a profound fraternity if not complicity between the two men. If proof was needed that their political agendas have many points in common,?here it was.

The “fraternal” meeting took place at the time when France is increasing its dictatorial COVID restrictions.?It was at the beginning of last week that masking requirements — even in open air venues — even for the “vaccinated” — were implemented.?As of December 15, elderly people with only two doses of the?experimental jab will lose their sanitary pass, and the same rule will apply to people aged 18 to 64 from January 15.

Dec 02 07:08

EU chief: Time to ‘think about mandatory vaccination’

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has urged countries within the European Union to “think about” mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for citizens, as the bloc prepares a “common approach” against the pandemic.

Speaking at a news conference, the European Commission chief suggested that member states should move towards compulsory vaccination to help prevent the spread of cases and a further spike in infections due to the emergence of new variants, such as the Omicron strain.

“I think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now, how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination within the European Union,” von der Leyen stated, adding that fighting the pandemic requires a “common approach” across the bloc.

Greece reveals age groups to be fined monthly if unvaccinatedGreece reveals age groups to be fined monthly if unvaccinated

Dec 02 06:54

Brought to book – Fauci the great corrupter

PEOPLE sometimes wonder whether depopulation, or some similarly sinister agenda, lies behind the handling of the Covid virus, now widely recognised as having been enormously destructive socially and financially.

How could it be otherwise, they ask, when we see governments imposing fresh restrictions on us all on the basis of a virus variant about which little is known, except that it is appearing in those who have been fully vaccinated?

And rolling out globally a vaccine using an utterly novel and experimental technology, while insisting it is ‘safe and effective’ despite thousands of deaths and much scientific evidence of its toxicity?

A book by Robert Kennedy Jr, an American lawyer and environmental activist famed for successful prosecutions of corporate polluters, sheds light on this most urgent question of our times.

Dec 02 06:35

Vaxx Mandates BANNED Nationwide

President Joe Biden's nationwide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare employees will be demolished after a federal judge issued a preliminary order Tuesday evening, which will stop the law from going into effect next week.

On Monday, a federal judge in St. Louis momentarily prevented the rule in 10 states finding the government had overstepped its authority.

Dec 01 19:01

Austria Now Threatening PRISON To Anyone Who Refuses Vaccine

Unjabbed Austrians who refuse to comply with the government’s draconian mandates could face prison sentences and crippling fines for non-compliance.

Dec 01 14:40

'That's A Different Issue': Fauci Stumbles After Reporter Asks If New Covid Restrictions For 'All' Travelers Will Apply to Illegals

The Biden regime's insane new covid restrictions for "all" travelers will not apply to illegal aliens, White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci confirmed on Tuesday after being caught off guard by a Fox News reporter.

Dec 01 14:26

Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. and Ali Shultz, J.D. –

Upon admission to a once-trusted hospital, American patients with COVID-19 become virtual prisoners, subjected to a rigid treatment protocol with roots in Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” for rationing medical care in those over age 50. They have a shockingly high mortality rate. How and why is this happening, and what can be done about it?

Dec 01 14:13

Study Linking COVID Vaccines To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Is Being Totally Ignored

A leading cardiologist in the UK has warned that a colleague of his is finding it impossible to get research published because it definitively links COVID vaccines to a massive increase in heart attacks.

Appearing on GB News, Dr. Aseem Malhotra related how he was contacted by a researcher from a prestigious British Institution who said that he had found concrete links between inflammation of coronary arteries and the experimental mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Malhotra added that his colleague told him the institution decided it would be better not to publish the results, fearing it would lose its research funding.

Dec 01 14:10

First case of US covid Omicron is in someone who is fully vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the first case of the Omicron variant in the United States in a fully vaccinated individual.

Dec 01 12:31

La Palma EXPLOSION - Biggest In 500 Years - MULTIPLE 5.0 Earthquakes

Dec 01 12:30

EXCLUSIVE: Forgotten Monument to Dead Orphans from Fauci’s Torturous and Deadly AIDS Testing Is Located in New York State — HEART-BREAKING PHOTOS

In August Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story on Dr. Fauci’s use of taxpayer money to torture beagles in barbaric animal testing. Dr. Fauci funded a study in Tunisia where beagle dogs were eaten alive by parasite-infected flies.

Dr. Fauci also spent over $16 million in taxpayer funds on disturbing “toxic brain injection” experiments on monkeys in 2018.

Dr. Fauci more recently was caught funding gain-of-function research in a Wuhan, China laboratory blamed for the production and leak of the coronavirus.
Fauci lied about his funding of the lab under oath numerous times.

But Dr. Fauci’s sinister work does not stop there.
Fauci has a long history of mass death, barbarism and lies.

Dec 01 12:29

Pfizer whistleblower accused of lying fearlessly fires back

A whistleblower charging that a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trial last fall falsified data has responded to her former employer's accusation that she is lying.

Brook Jackson's company, Ventavia Research Group, released a statement of denial, claiming "no part of her job responsibilities concerned the clinical trials at issue," reported investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi.

But Jackson's lawyer has served Ventavia with a cease-and-desist letter, pointing out she has documentation showing she was hired as a regional director by Ventavia on Sept. 7, 2020, to oversee the operations, recruitment and quality assurance of the company's clinical trial sites. She came to the job with nearly two decades of experience in clinical trial co-ordination and management.

Dec 01 12:28

MIDDAY POSTER: Big Pharma Takes Aim At AARP

It turns out AARP isn’t just the country’s leading advocacy organization for older Americans with a hugely successful magazine. It’s also “grown into a marketing and sales firm” that’s deeply in the pocket of UnitedHealth Group, the country’s largest health insurer. That’s according to a recent report, “How AARP Puts Profits over Patients — And Principles,” put out by a dark money group called Commitment to Seniors. But while elderly patients are in fact being thrown under the bus for the sake of corporate interests, Commitment to Seniors itself has a big role in that process.

Dec 01 12:27

"Sad Little Man" by Five Times August (Official Music Video) 2021

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There was a report that YouTube had taken this video down. I don't know if this is that video or another posted copy.

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We have tolerated garbage in medical science for so long that they could literally sell the average person – and malevolent self-serving news media and political idiots – ANYTHING. And they have.

Thirty-six years ago, it was “HIV=AIDS.”

People were scared out of their minds, railroaded into taking garbage diagnostic tests and then told the only solution to a “positive test” was to take their experimental drugs.

Sound familiar?

“SARS-2 = CoVid” is the same scam.

Dec 01 11:52

The COVID Vaccine Failure

The CDC narrative on COVID is simply put: (1) the mask is your best defense, (2) COVID is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and (3) vaccines are our only exit strategy. However, whenever their narrative falls apart, the emphasis shifts, cover-up lies become bolder, and dissenting science is censored.

Dec 01 11:48

How Did Lara Logan Blow Up Social Media? By Speaking Her Truth About Fauci

Fox Nation host Lara Logan has ignited scrutiny by comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to the notorious Nazi, Josef Mengele, who conducted hideous experiments on innocent people at Auschwitz during World War II to earn his moniker as the 'Angel of Death.'

On Monday, Logan, appearing on Fox News Primetime, discussed the Biden Administration's response to the new super-mutated Omicron variant of COVID-19 when she launched into a tirade against the President's Chief Medical Adviser.

Dec 01 11:43

Sheriff Says His Department Won’t Use County Testing Provider

A Temple City-based COVID-19 testing firm that contracts with Los Angeles County vehemently denied allegations Tuesday by Sheriff Alex Villanueva that the company shares patient DNA data with the Chinese government, a concern that prompted the sheriff to announce his department will no longer use the county’s chosen testing provider.

“Fulgent is an American company, and its founder, board of directors and leadership team is made up of United States citizens,” Fulgent Genetics Chief Commercial Officer Brandon Perthuis said in a statement Tuesday. “Fulgent Genetics operates privately and independently in the People’s Republic of China and does not share personal data of any kind with the Chinese government.”

Dec 01 11:42

Omicron Variant Sends Vaccine Makers’ Stocks Soaring, as VAERS Data Show 913,000 Reported Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data late Monday showing a total of 913,268 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 19, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 19,249 reports of deaths — an increase of 396 over the previous week — and 143,395 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 4,269 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 664,745 adverse events, including 8,898 deaths and 56,297 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 19, 2021.

Dec 01 11:41

After Licensing Board Threatens Disciplinary Action, Maine Physician Asks Board to Define COVID ‘Misinformation’

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine this month issued a position statement in which it said: “Physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license.”

In the letter below, Dr. Meryl Nass, a practicing physician in Maine and member of the Children’s Health Defense scientific advisory board, asked the board to define what it means by “misinformation” and “disinformation,” and to clarify what statutory authority the board has to discipline physicians on the basis of undefined transgressions. The letter, which includes the Nov. 16 testimony Nass gave to the New Hampshire state legislature, has been edited slightly for clarity.

Dec 01 11:36

Nurse in Idaho explains that Covid patients are dying from the treatments, not Covid.

Dec 01 11:35

J.D. Vance: Shut Down Government Until Vaccine Mandates Stop

With government vaccine mandates threatening to shut down businesses and punish anyone bold enough to make their own healthcare decisions, best-selling author and Ohio U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance pitched a unique twist to the madness.

Republicans, Vance said, should shut down the government until President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate ends.

“Right now, we have the Biden administration forcing a vaccine mandate down people’s throats,” Vance said during an Ohio GOP Senate Forum, reported Breitbart.

“At the same time, we have a debt limit coming up,” Vance said. “Instead of giving them a bipartisan flag to wave, we should shut down the government until the vaccine mandate ends.”

Consider it giving despots a dose of their own medicine.

Dec 01 11:33

Omicron Is "Extremely Mild" Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain; Numerous Mutations "Destabilize" The Virus

With Fauci, big government fanatics, Democrat officials, and the biopharma lobby all turning the Omicron (not to be confused with Xi as the WHO explained earlier) variant fearmongering to max, a few holdouts are still trying to maintain a lack of panic (even if that means less revenue for makers of Pfizer and Moderna megayachts).

One, as we noted last night, is Goldman which said that the bank has a "reasonable degree of confidence that this mutation is unlikely to be more malicious and that the existing vaccines will most likely continue to be effective."

Then this morning, the Pretoria doctor who first sounded the alarm about the new strain and who is a Covid-19 adviser to the South Africa government said that symptoms linked to the omicron coronavirus variant have been mild so far.

Dec 01 11:32

Proof: Big Tech Shielding Fauci, Biden Admin From Criticism

YouTube censored a song denouncing Dr. Anthony Fauci and calling him out for his lies regarding COVID-19, his passion for public attention, and the cruel experiments his agency approved.

The song "Sad Little Man" describes Fauci's terrible track record on COVID-19 and mocks him for misleading the American people.

Dec 01 11:31

Video: Some Swedes Are Getting Vaccine Passports On IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS

Footage out of Sweden shows people willingly having COVID vaccine passports placed onto implantable microchips in their hands.

Yes, really.

The chips started out as a convenience fad. Those with an implant can open doors without keys, pay without cash, carry gym memberships and ID without cards and wallets.

And so naturally, why not have their precious COVID vaccination status applied to the implantable chip too, so they can participate in society.

One of Sweden’s most popular daily newspapers, Aftonbladet, reports “Get your Covid certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your Covid certificate in the chip.”

Dec 01 11:31

Austria's COVID-19 lockdown extended to Dec. 11

Austria's lockdown has officially been extended until Dec. 11 as planned amid signs that the measures are helping to bring down a sky-high coronavirus infection rate.

A parliamentary committee signed off Tuesday on the extension of the country's fourth national lockdown of the pandemic, which started on Nov. 22, the Austria Press Agency reported. That was necessary because some lockdown measures can only be ordered for 10 days at a time.

There is one significant change: essential shops that so far were allowed to open until 9 p.m. will have to close by 7 p.m. starting Thursday. And the rules now allow explicitly for the sale of Christmas trees.

Dec 01 11:15

FDA Advisory Committee Narrowly Votes To Approve Merck's COVID 'Miracle Drug'

During a week that has seen a new COVID variant emerge and suddenly throw the efficacy of American vaccines and remedies into question, the FDA's outside advisors have only narrowly approved of Merck's molnupiravir, opening the door for the agency to approve the drug for use among high-risk patients only.

The Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee, as the panel is known, voted 13 to 10 in support of the FDA approving the drug, which was first introduced to the public a couple of months ago with "blockbuster" experimental results from a very limited trial that, according to some critics, glossed over safety risks presented by the drug.

Dec 01 11:14

Vaccine Cult Exposed by Government’s Own Data: More than 50% of ALL Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reported for Past 30+ Years Have Occurred in Past 11 Months Following COVID-19 Shots

The latest data dump into the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) happened late yesterday afternoon (11/29/21) and covers data through 11/19/21.

The VAERS database was mandated by Congress over 30 years ago, beginning in 1990, and is maintained by the U.S. CDC and FDA.

As of yesterday’s update, there are now a total of 1,765,262 cases of adverse events following all vaccines for the past 30+ years, including the experimental COVID-19 shots that have been issued emergency use authorization and are not yet approved by the FDA (source).

(Note: The FDA did approve one of the Pfizer shots, but the one they approved is not in circulation within the U.S. at this time.)

Of those 1,765,262 cases of adverse events following all vaccines for the past 30+ years, 913,268 of them (52%) have been reported during the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots

Dec 01 11:06

The Dystopian Future of the Trojan Horse of Vaccine Passports

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and the problems are piling up, from perpetual lockdowns and restrictions on personal freedoms to the dystopian introduction of the “seemingly benign” vaccine passport.

Most people today aren’t aware of the repercussions that this loss of freedoms are causing. In this video, the narrator talks about how vaccine passports and the universal adoption of them is nothing but a Trojan horse, a “fundamental inversion” of what real freedom is.

In the future, vaccine passports, in essence, will eliminate freedom as you know it and replace it with the passports’ “social credit” definition of your freedoms.

Dec 01 11:01

The Biggest ‘Oh No’ Moment in the Solar System

You know that feeling when you’re playing Jenga, and the blocks are stacked remarkably high, and then someone bumps the table? And as the tower wobbles, everyone just watches in wide-eyed panic, willing it to stabilize with a desperate, silent prayer: Please don’t fall, please don’t fall.

I can only assume that’s how it felt last month, when technicians were working on NASA’s new space telescope and a very important clamp suddenly unclamped, sending vibrations coursing through the entire instrument. Officials didn’t provide details about the mood in the room at that moment, but it must have been something along the lines of Oh no, oh no, oh no. This particular Jenga tower is a $10 billion telescope, and NASA has been playing the game for 25 years, carefully arranging piece after piece to produce one of the most sophisticated scientific instruments in human history.

Dec 01 11:00

YouTube Gold: A Great Show Is Just About To Erupt In The Heavens Above

Sometimes after a loss it’s nice to focus on something else so we thought for today’s YouTube Gold, let’s look up.

Like way up.

As it turns out, and quite soon too, you may be able to see a comet passing through.

This one is called Comet Leonard and it has a chance of being quite bright indeed. You can see a comet with the naked eye at an apparent magnitude of +6. Leonard is projected at an apparent magnitude of+4. And this video says that while it’s difficult to be sure how bright a comet will be, there’s a chance that Leonard could hit +1 which could be absolutely spectacular.

Dec 01 10:59

See 6 planets in the night sky this Christmas

Six planets of the Solar System are going to be visible in throughout December 2021, with a beautiful planetary parade occurring over the Christmas holidays.

This will be a great astronomical event for beginners, for young astronomers and children, as well as seasoned astronomers and astrophotographers who love a bit of planetary observing and imaging.

You can catch Jupiter, Saturn and Venus during the first week of December, but the best time to see the 6-planet parade will be from 28 December to 3 January, 30 minutes after sunset.

Dec 01 10:58

Pinatubo Volcano (Philippines): Large Phreatic Explosive Eruption Reported, Ash & Steam To 44,000 ft

Dec 01 10:57



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An Impolite Message To Those Who Got The Covid "Vaccine"

Wake up, you idiots! If you willingly got the genetic-modification treatment known as the COVID-19 “vaccine” (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, etc.), you were tricked into injecting a harmful, dangerous, unapproved, and often lethal product into your body. A wholly unnecessary product that does not protect you, does not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the virus—but does wreck your immune system, damages your organs, causes blood clots and internal inflammation, and renders you more susceptible to many diseases, including cancer.

Dec 01 10:39

Oklahoma Guard Paychecks Under Threat as Vaccine Battle with Pentagon Escalates

Oklahoma National Guard members who refuse mandatory COVID-19 vaccination will eventually lose pay because they won't be able to train or drill, the Pentagon said this week as its dispute with the state's governor continued to escalate.

Those individual troops will shoulder the repercussions -- not getting paid -- after Gov. Kevin Stitt and his state adjutant general challenged Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's order that all members of the active-duty, Guard and reserve force get the shot, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday.

But the governor's office shot back on Tuesday, questioning the Pentagon's ability to cut pay to individual service members. It was unclear how the federal pay for unvaccinated members could be flagged and withheld, and the Pentagon did not provide further details.

Dec 01 08:06

Biden Is Furious After Trump-Appointed Judge Gives His Unconstitutional Vax Mandate A Death Blow

A Trump-appointed judge issued a nationwide order Tuesday blocking President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for health care workers.

Dec 01 07:52


Dec 01 07:46

GOP Fights For Vaxx Mandate Victim Benefits

A few major GOP lawmakers are making alterations and amendments to state rules for unemployment payments, allowing people who have resigned or lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates to collect unemployment insurance. This is not available for people who leave the employment of their own choice or those who are fired by a reasonable cause.

Such revisions have already been made in Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, and Florida. In addition, some states also enacted laws mandating exemption cases on religious or philosophical bases for the federal vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees or simply banning vaccine mandates altogether.

Dec 01 07:17

Introduction to The Real Anthony Fauci

We are very grateful that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Skyhorse Publishing have authorized us to republish the introduction to his Amazon #1 bestseller, which has now attracted more than 1,100 reviews, 96% of them five-star.

“The first step is to give up the illusion that the primary purpose of modern medical research is to improve Americans’ health most effectively and efficiently. In our opinion, the primary purpose of commercially funded clinical research is to maximize financial return on investment, not health.”

—John Abramson, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Dec 01 07:11

Video: Finally! Medical Proof the COVID Jab Is “Murder”: Dr. Vernon Coleman

It’s the 22nd November 2021 and this is the moment when the jabbing has to stop.

A couple of hours ago Darren Smith, the editor of the excellent The Light Paper, sent me a paper from the medical journal Circulation which proves that the covid-19 jabbing experiment has to stop today.

I believe that any doctor or nurse who gives one of the mRNA covid jabs after today will in due course be struck off the appropriate register and arrested.

The journal Circulation is a well-respected publication. It’s 71-years-old, its articles are peer reviewed and in one survey it was rated the world’s no 1 journal in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category.

I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article. This is all I, you – or anyone else – needs to know.

Dec 01 07:08

31,014 Deaths 2,890,600 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions as Young, Previously Healthy People Continue to Die

The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 31,014 fatalities, and 2,890,600 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

A Health Impact News subscriber from Europe reminded us that this database maintained at EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe who are part of the European Union (EU), which comprises 27 countries.

The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50. (There are some differences of opinion as to which countries are technically part of Europe.)

So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured following COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

The EudraVigilance database reports that through November 20, 2021 there are 31,014 deaths and 2,890,600 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

Dec 01 07:00

Biden administration considers forcing all travelers returning to the US to quarantine for SEVEN DAYS to curb spread of super-mutant Omicron variant - and may FINE people who flout it

The Biden administration is considering whether to force all travelers returning to the U.S. to quarantine for seven days to curb the spread of the potentially dangerous omicron variant – and may fine those who refuse, three federal health officials told the Washington Post.

Travelers would not be able to forgo the potential quarantine mandate, even with a negative Covid test or full vaccination and booster shot. It comes as Biden deliberates his winter Covid strategy, which he plans to announce Thursday. Any imposition of financial penalties for refusing to comply would mark the first time federal fines are linked to quarantine and testing measures for U.S. travelers.

Biden's tentative plan would also require everyone entering the country to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country from which they're leaving. Another requirement could force all travelers to get tested again within three to five days of arrival.

Dec 01 06:57

Russia threatens criminal charges against married NASA astronaut, 45, over baseless claims she drilled HOLE in their spacecraft while it was docked in ISS 'because she'd broken up with crew member and wanted to go home'

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has threatened to press charges against a NASA astronaut who it claims drilled a two millimeter hole in a Soyuz MS-09 vehicle that was docked with the International Space Station (ISS) in 2018.

The agency recently completed its investigation into what it deems was a sabotage, citing Serena Auñón-Chancellor, a crew member of the ISS at the time of the incident, as the culprit.

The allegations have been handed over to Russian law enforcement, allowing Roscosmos to announce the possibility of criminal charges.

Dec 01 06:53

BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate Nationwide – Protects Health Care Workers Across America

Louisiana U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty blocked a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers Tuesday. The ruling has nationwide implications.

The ruling by Judge Doughty follows Missouri US District Judge Matthew Schelp’s ruling on Monday that blocked mandates in 10 states.

Judge Doughty was appointed by President Donald Trump.

Life News reported:

A federal court has issued a nationwide injunction protecting health care workers across the country from Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Yesterday, in response to a multi-state lawsuit led by Missouri, a federal court barred the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states who are employed at federally-funded health care clinics. That means they doctors and nurses can’t be fired for refusing the COVID vaccine despite Biden’s federal mandate requiring them to get it.

Dec 01 06:47

Health Boss Tells Brits Not To Socialise Over Christmas

Fears that bureaucrats are once again scheming to cancel Christmas arose again after a top health boss told Brits to avoid socialising with their friends and family over the festive period.

“Dr Jenny Harries, the current head of NHS Test and Trace, has told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that people can do their bit to reduce the spread of the new omicron variant by reducing the number of social contacts they have,” reports the Telegraph.

Harries said that if “the (Omicron) variant is more highly transmissible…(it) could still be a significant impact on our hospitals,” despite top doctors in South Africa saying the symptoms are “mild” and haven’t placed added strain on hospitals.

“And of course, our behaviours in winter and particularly around Christmas we tend to socialise more so I think all of those will need to be taken into account,” she added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 01 06:44

Vaccination Causes Covid Variants

These “mutant strains” or variants are produced in response to the Covid vaccine. In other words, Fauci, Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and dumbshit politicians have unleashed an ever changing virus upon the world. The only hope is to immediately stop all Covid vaccination.

The Covid vaccinated are a grave threat to the unvaccinated, not only because the vaccinated “shed” the virus, thus spreading the virus to others, but also because the vaccine enables the virus to mutate in order to escape an immune response. The immunity the mutated variant of the virus achieves from the vaccine also gives the virus protection against the innate human immune system. In other words, people who have not damaged their innate immune system by taking the vaccine could now be confronted with a variant that their immune system is less able to repel.