Jan 07 08:09

Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned? Analysis by Ernst Wolff

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said “Nothing happens accidentally in politics. And when something happens, you can bet on it that it was exactly planned that way.”

When one looks at what has happened in the last year and a half, these words are especially alarming.

After studying this topic in detail for 18 months, I must say that there is an impressive number of signs and indications, pointing in exactly in that direction. It’s this, and the consequences thereof that I want to talk about today.

The current situation we find ourselves in is unique in the history of mankind. Never before has the whole world been thrown under the rule of this type of coercive regime as we are experiencing now. And never have so many measures been taken which at first glance appears so unintelligible, partly so nonsensical, and in many cases, so contradictory.

Jan 07 08:00

The Vaccine Is A Dud, But That Won't Stop Push For Digital IDs

As time goes on, we are learning more and more about Covid 19 and the Covid 19 vaccines. To date, the most important and surprising information about the vaccines is that they do not prevent the vaccinated from contracting or transmitting the virus. The irony is that the CDC, a government agency, readily admits this[i] but other sectors of the government are carrying on as if this vitally important new information did not exist at all.

Jan 07 07:54

Now it’s personal…Several of my loved ones have suffered seriously from the so-called ‘vaccines’

My son took the first dose of the Moderna vaccine without incident. Following the second, however, he developed chest pains. Fortunately, the pain subsided after a few days and as time passed he put his reaction to the vaccine out of his mind.

In early 2021 we did not yet know that myocarditis and pericarditis were among the adverse medical consequences caused by the vaccine. Soccer players had not yet started dropping dead in the middle of play.

We also didn’t know that the effects of the jabs are cumulative, that is, that you are more likely to experience problems after the second jab than the first, and even more likely if you are so imprudent as to accept a so-called “booster.”

Then, following graduation, my son had to have a medical exam for a new assignment. The EKG came back abnormal, showing that he had recently suffered “possible inferior myocardial or pericardial damage.” We are now in the process of finding a specialist to have him evaluated further.

Jan 07 07:35

Govt. Data Reveals Over 946K People Suffered Injuries Or Death From COVID-19 Vaccinations

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are reporting strange and troubling side effects after getting injected with COVID-19 vaccines. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Jan 07 07:25

Military Families File Lawsuit over Water Contamination in Hawaii

Residents of military housing on Oahu have filed a potential class-action lawsuit against their property management companies after fuel was found in their tap water, driving them from their homes.

The lawsuit, filed Dec. 31 in Hawaii's First Circuit Court, alleges that the companies failed to honor their residential leases, guaranteeing their tenants potable water and habitable housing.

The plaintiffs also say the companies -- Ohana Military Communities and Hunt HM Property Management, as well as Island Palm Communities and Hickam Communities operated by Lendlease -- failed to warn tenants of the risks a fuel storage facility posed to their homes' water supply, exposing them to "adverse health risks and other adverse health outcomes without their knowledge and against their will," according to court documents.

Jan 07 07:25

The Navy told this military family they were safe from toxic water. Then both their children ended up in the ER

On Dec. 13, Army Maj. Amanda Feindt’s 4-year-old daughter woke up before dawn with uncontrollable vomiting, severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Within a few hours, Amanda’s husband Patrick was taking their little girl to the emergency room at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Feindts, like thousands of other military families, had learned that their water was likely contaminated with jet fuel that leaked from a Navy fuel storage facility weeks before. Amanda and Patrick suspected that their daughter’s illness could be attributed to the water contamination, though they weren’t sure how; they’d been told by the Navy that the water for their Ford Island neighborhood was fine.

Jan 07 07:19

Monsanto Agrees to Plead Guilty to Illegally Using Pesticide at Corn Growing Fields in Hawaii and to Pay Additional $12 Million

In court documents filed today in Hawaii, Monsanto Company agreed to plead guilty to 30 environmental crimes related to the use of a pesticide on corn fields in Hawaii, and the company further agreed to plead guilty to two other charges related to the storage of a banned pesticide that were the subject of a 2019 Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA).

Monsanto admitted in a plea agreement filed today that it committed 30 misdemeanor crimes related to the use of a glufosinate ammonium-based product sold under the brand name Forfeit 280. After using the product in 2020 on corn fields on Oahu, Monsanto allowed workers to enter the fields during a six-day “restricted-entry interval” (REI) after the product was applied.

The plea agreement calls for Monsanto to serve three years of probation, pay a total of $12 million and continue for another three years a comprehensive environmental compliance program that includes third-party auditor.

Jan 07 07:16

FAA Warned by Doctors in Letter Describing Vaccine Hazard, Health, FAA Violations

A group of doctors and others have penned a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration, explaining a problem that they’ve identified with the Covid-19 vaccine: Pilots are flying with unapproved medications in their bodies, in violation of FAA rules.

According to the letter signers, which include attorneys and medical doctors, the airline industry is operating in violation of Title 14 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and related federal rules, which prohibit pilots from flying with non-FDA approved agents in their bodies, such as the Covid-10 vaccines, if those substances put the general public at risk for serious injury or death. The writers distinguish between FDA-approved vaccines and those that are actually being used to reduce the danger of Covid-19.

Jan 07 07:16

The Pharma Cartel: America’s COVID-19 Vaccine Market Remains Closed Off to Outside Competition

Are government regulators minimizing the availability of COVID vaccine options in the United States in order to protect our health, or are there many other factors in play — that are completely unrelated to our health — being considered behind the curtain?

The U.S. COVID-19 vaccine market has been shut out to outside competition for almost a year. Despite these shots being marketed and sold as akin to a cure to a coronavirus, they have catastrophically failed to achieve that result. Despite COVID-19 being declared the pandemic of the century, American regulatory agencies remain adamantly opposed to opening the market to more participants.

On December 11th, 2020, the FDA issued emergency use authorization (EUA) to Pfizer and BioNTech for their COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. government has since spent billions of taxpayer dollars on hundreds of millions of Pfizer shots.

Jan 07 07:02

“Everyone Who Died With Covid Should Be Considered Murdered”: Nurse Promoting Early Treatment Exposes Scamdemic in Epic School Board Rant

A former ICU nurse laid waste to the Covid narrative at her local county school board meeting this week, exposing how the medical authorities are responsible for coronavirus deaths by not promoting early treatment protocols.

Speaking at a New Hanover County school board meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Tuesday, registered nurse Morgan Wallace – who says she quit her job over vaccine mandates – slammed vaccines for failing to protect people from contracting Covid, and blamed government incompetence for leading to thousands of deaths.

Jan 07 07:01

British Medical Journal Exposes the Facebook ‘Fact Check’ Scam

Instead of going after the Pfizer fraudsters in light of the above revelations, Facebook and the corporate media instead sicced their “fact check” attack dogs on the medical journal that outed the fraud.

(This is the highly ineffective “hammer the whistleblower, bury the crime” model of building public trust in institutions. It harkens back to the Bush-era targeting of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange for blowing the whistle on US government war crimes while prosecuting none of the actors who perpetrated the crimes they exposed.)

Jan 07 06:59

Moderna CEO warns Americans they may need ANOTHER COVID booster in the fall because the shot's effectiveness won't 'hold great' after a few months

A fourth injection to protect against COVID-19 could be necessary, the CEO of Moderna warned on Thursday, adding that he expected the data from booster shots administered this fall was 'not going to hold great'.

Stephane Bancel told a conference of healthcare professionals on Thursday that he believed getting jabbed regularly would become a way of life.

Bancel said the company is working on a vaccine candidate tailored to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, but it is unlikely to be available in the next two months.

'I still believe we're going to need boosters in the fall of '22 and forward,' Bancel said.

Jan 07 06:58

Dystopia Down Under: Amid Omicron Hysteria, Australia’s Northern Territory Announces New China-Esque Lockdown of All Unvaccinated Citizens – Going to Work and Outdoor Exercise Are No Longer Considered Essential For the Unvaxxed

Australia’s Northern Territory has officially imposed a new authoritarian lockdown on citizens who have not been ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid-19 for the next few days as officials scramble amid fears of the highly-mild Omicron variant.

Any individual who is 16 or older and is not fully vaccinated will not be able to leave their homes until the middle of next week, even if it’s to go to work or to get exercise outdoors.

Jan 07 06:42

Dr. Marty Makary: NIH Funded 257 Grants on Social Disparities with COVID, Only 4 on How It Spreads

Dr. Marty Makary, a medical doctor and researcher at Johns Hopkins, said the NIH funded “257 grants on social disparities” related to COVID-19 “but only four” on the coronavirus’s spread.

Makary joined Drs. Peter Attia and Zubin Damania on the former’s podcast, The Drive, published on Monday, in which he said:

We just did this study of NIH research funding last year. Less than five percent went to COVID research. Three months into the pandemic, 0.05 percent of the NIH’s budget went to COVID research. The average time for them to give a grant was five months to fund a research team to then start the research.

He added, “Two-fifty-seven grants on social disparities with COVID — an important topic — but only four on how it spreads, and one on masks which hasn’t even read out yet. So the most basic questions doctors needed evidence for, that was not being conducted.”

Jan 07 06:36

San Francisco Teachers to ‘Shut the Whole System Down’ in Omicron ‘Sickout’

Teachers in the San Francisco Unified Schools District (SFUSD) are planning a “sickout” on Thursday to protest what they say is the district’s failure to protect them from the omicron strain of the coronavirus, which is now surging in the state.

Hundreds of teachers are planning to call in sick, potentially disrupting schools — echoing the Chicago Teachers Union’s (CTU) vote to refuse to work this week, which resulted in classes being canceled for the second day in a row Thursday.

The informal strike action by members of United Educators San Francisco (UESF) comes as the union is engaging in collective bargaining with the SFUSD over coronavirus measures, the San Francisco Chronicle notes.

The state is currently experiencing a coronavirus surge that has seen hundreds of Bay Area students test positive before returning to school.

Jan 07 06:36

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 45: January 6: Historic Media Fail? Guest: Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller on Military Wokification

It is the anniversary of the January the 6 Capitol riot, the single worst day in American history – or at least that’s what the establishment media insists. Sadly, the rhetoric from some Republicans rhetoric isn’t much more responsible. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called it “terrorism,” and Bush World’s Karl Rove is trying to capitalize on the opportunity to diminish the political clout of President Trump and his supporters. What is the real story of January 6? Alex suggests it might actually be the suspension of due process and the bastardization of our Constitution. The reverse psychology the Left is using to make sure MAGA country doesn’t get the coronavirus injections is in full flight. Also, an unvaxxed rising Republican star in her mid-40s and apparently in otherwise good health is now dead. And with new cases near record levels, schools are shutting down again; but some on the Left aren’t happy about it this time. There is a simple explanation why, which Alex explains.

Jan 07 06:34

Rhode Island Uses COVID-Positive Healthcare Workers After Firing Unvaccinated Staff

Rather than calling back hundreds of healthcare workers who were fired or placed on unpaid leave for foregoing the coronavirus vaccine, Rhode Island updated its quarantine and isolation guidance to allow COVID-positive employees to continue working if their facility is “facing a staffing crisis,” Fox News reported.

“Also, facility administrators should be using their clinical judgment in making staffing decisions. For example, a facility may opt for a COVID-19 positive worker to only care for COVID-19 positive patients,” Department of Health (DOH) spokesman Joseph Wendelken told the Providence Journal this weekend.

Eleanor Slater Hospital employees received a memo on Friday saying, “Those who are exposed or have a positive Covid test but are asymptomatic” can go to work in a crisis staffing situation if they wear N95 masks.

Jan 07 06:23

The Population Is Being Killed Off with Covid MRNA "Vaccines"

A scientific study recently released by British researchers found that for men under forty the risk of myocarditis almost doubled after the first Pfizer jab. The risk doubled again after the second jab, and doubled again after the third jab to eight times the baseline risk. For the Moderna version, the risks were 16 times the baseline risk after the second jab.

Why then are there vaccine mandates? Is this stupidity or a depopulation program? This is a legitimate question.

The adverse effects, or side-effects, of the mRNA “vaccines” that are under-reported to VAERS are not side effects in the traditional sense, such as an allergic response to a vaccine or the effect of a substance in a vaccine on a person sensitive to that substance.

Jan 07 06:22

Biden Accused of Using Coronavirus Funds to Bankroll Secret Flights of Border Crossers into U.S.

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), who sent a letter to the Biden administration requesting information on the secret migrant flights, told Fox Business Channel Biden was actually siphoning funds allocated for coronavirus testing and using it to fly border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S.

“The idea that they would do this, attempt to do it secretly, clandestinely in the middle of the night. There were two flights that came in on Christmas night, in the evening, at nine o’clock at night,” Meuser said:

Jan 07 06:19

Former GlaxoSmithKline Scientist Pleads Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets for Chinese Pharma

Another Chinese national has been linked to the theft of scientific information or technology developments to benefit a Chinese firm or government.

A former GlaxoSmithKline Plc scientist pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiring to steal trade secrets from the British drug manufacturer to benefit a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Lucy Xi, 44, entered her plea in Philadelphia federal court, becoming the fourth person to admit to wrongdoing in connection with a scheme to misuse GSK’s trade secrets to benefit Renopharma, which received financial support from the Chinese government.

According to the Department of Justice, Xi and her co-defendants (Yu Xue, Tao Li, and Yan Mei) created Renopharma in Nanjing, China, to research and develop anti-cancer drugs. The stolen information was focused on monoclonal antibody treatments.

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Jan 07 06:08

Watch: The 'French Variant' Being Kept Under The Radar For Now

France in November was drastically downplayed by global health officials, who insist they were watching it closely on Tuesday.

The variant, referred to as IHU for the research hospital it was discovered in, “probably” originated in Cameroon, scientists said last week. Officials said it was identified in 12 patients in the Southern Alps around the same time the highly transmissible Omicron variant was surging in South Africa.

Jan 07 06:06

A COVID Patient Wakes Up After Weeks Due To This Drug

A nurse who was in a Covid coma for 28 days and was struggling for her life was saved after doctors gave her Viagra as part of an experimental treatment plan. Asthmatic mother of two with two jabs After testing positive for coronavirus on October 31, Monica Almeida, 37, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, was brought to the hospital on November 9.

Jan 06 16:22

Stay Pureblood!

Jan 06 15:58


A case report, published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Medicine, has found that the researchers’ observations suggest vaccination with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine might “induce rapid progression of AITL”, a rare cancer.

However, researchers have cautioned that this is one case, and that further studies are required, saying “dedicated studies are needed to determine whether this case can be extrapolated to populations of patients with AITL” or other peripheral T cell lymphomas. Health authorities, including the HSE, have described the Pfizer vaccine as safe, and recommend that cancer patients receive a Covid-19 vaccine unless contra-indicated.

Jan 06 14:30

Lockdown Australia Forced To Send Covid Positive Nurses To Work In Hospitals Due To Staff Shortages

Nurses have reportedly been asked to work in hospitals across New South Wales amid staff shortages, despite being positive for Covid-19

Jan 06 14:22

UK Parliament group reveals assisted suicide horror stories

Parliamentarians have uncovered a number of assisted suicide horror stories and huge problems with the assisted suicide Bill being debated in the House of Lords.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Dying Well, chaired by Danny Kruger MP, has compiled a dossier on the assisted suicide legislation currently being debated in the House of Lords.

Among a number of cases that the dossier highlights, Kurt Huschle’s death particularly stands out.

It took him more than 8 hours to die

Jan 06 14:07

Biden Falsely Claims COVID Spreading Because Of Unvaxxed

Joe Biden’s latest message to America on COVID did not inspire optimism Tuesday as the milder Omicron variant continues to spread. One America’s Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion has more.

Jan 06 13:22

UK Government Admits Evidence For Face Masks Stopping Virus Spread in Schools “Not Conclusive”

The UK government had admitted that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “not conclusive.”

Schools were ordered once again to instruct pupils to wear face masks in classrooms to stop the spread of Omicron, despite warnings that the face coverings are damaging learning.

Now authorities have been forced to acknowledge that proof face masks prevent the spread of the virus is statistically insignificant.

“The government’s own study in the autumn did not provide proof of a statistically significant impact,” reports BBC News.

“Schools where face coverings were used in October 2021 saw a reduction two to three weeks later in Covid absences from 5.3% to 3% – a drop of 2.3 percentage points.”

Jan 06 13:13

Commercial pilot says his colleagues are “dropping like flies with crushing chest pains” following covid vaccinations

American pilot Greg Pearson is speaking out about a wave of post-injection illness that he says is spreading rapidly throughout the aviation industry.

In a recent interview with “Real America’s Voice,” Pearson revealed that many of his pilot colleagues are “dropping like flies” with what he describes as severe chest pains.

Pearson himself actually had to be rushed to the hospital shortly after getting his “vaccination” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because the injection(s) caused him to develop serious heart problems.

“I went to the ER where they quickly hooked me up to EKG IVs, did blood work quickly and determined that I was in atrial fibrillation,” Pearson said during a segment of the show. “It’s the major cause of stroke.”

Jan 06 13:07


Jan 06 13:06

5 more vaccinated soccer players DIE of heart attack

Five vaccinated soccer players from different countries died after suffering sudden heart attacks, triggering speculations that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines may be connected to their deaths.

Three passed away during training, one died while warming up before a game and another died in the middle of a match. All four were under 30 years of age at the time of their death. (Related: ‘Puzzling’ surge in heart disease among soccer players is a ‘coincidence,’ media reports.)

Jan 06 13:01

India Won't Add Merck's COVID-19 Pill To National Treatment Protocol, Citing Safety Concerns

India’s top health research body announced on Wednesday that it won’t be adding Merck’s COVID-19 antiviral pill molnupiravir to its national treatment protocol, citing concerns over its safety.

The state-run Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said it had become aware of “major safety concerns” that prompted the decision, despite India’s drug regulator in December approving the drug for emergency use.

It comes after France in December also canceled its order for the drug, developed by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, following disappointing trial data suggesting its drug was markedly less effective than previously thought.

“Molnupiravir has major safety concerns including teratogenicity, mutagenicity, muscle and bone damage. If this drug is given, contraception must be done for three months as the child may have problems,” ICMR Director-General Balram Bhargava told local media on Wednesday.

Jan 06 12:58

Quercetin: A flavonoid that fights COVID like hydroxychloroquine

Quercetin is a flavonoid, a naturally occurring pigment found in many plants and foods like onions, green tea, apples, red leaf lettuce and berries. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce swelling, regulate blood sugar and lower the risk of heart disease.

Modern Discontent, an independent publisher of scientific papers on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), posted a review of quercetin and its benefits in relation to the disease. It gave a summary on how quercetin helps shuttle zinc, which has antiviral activity, into the cell of a human body. It has also shown that it can inhibit ACE2 receptor docking, which aids in preventing viral attachment and eventually viral entry into the cell.

People can get quercetin through their diet.

Jan 06 12:57

Physicists Observe Incredible 'Quantum Tornados' Formed From Ultra-Cold Atoms

Scientists have observed a stunning demonstration of classic physics giving way to quantum behavior, manipulating a fluid of ultra-cold sodium atoms into a distinct tornado-like formation.

Particles behave differently on the quantum level, in part because at this point their interactions with each other hold more power over them than the energy from their movement.

Then, of course, there's the mind-boggling fact that quantum particles don't exactly have a certain fixed location like you or I, which influences how they interact.

By cooling particles down to as close to absolute zero as possible and eliminating other interference, physicists can observe what happens when these strange interactions take hold, as a team from MIT has just done.

Jan 06 12:46

ICYMI: CDC just published a paper that admits that VAERS is underreported by at least 6.5X

Now look carefully at the second paragraph in the “Review of V-Safe data” section:

Approximately 5.1% of parents reported that their child was unable to perform normal daily activities on the day after receipt of dose 1, and 7.4% after receipt of dose 2. Approximately 1% of parents reported seeking medical care in the week after vaccination; most medical care was received via a clinic appointment (441; 0.6%). Fourteen (0.02%) children reportedly received care at a hospital; information regarding reason for hospitalization was available for five children and included appendicitis (two), vomiting and dehydration (one), respiratory infection (one), and retropharyngeal cellulitis (one). Parents and guardians of all hospitalized children were contacted; two parents completed VAERS reports, and one revealed hospitalization was reported in error.

In short, 13 child hospitalizations (since one of the 14 was a mistake), yet only 2 VAERS reports were filed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The headline is misleading. The math does not work out. I think they meant to say the VAERS is only catching 6.5% of the adverse effects.

Jan 06 11:53

Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for the jabbed because covid vaccines are “medical experiments”

“Some insurers are delaying applications if you are currently testing positive for coronavirus and need to provide medical evidence, but this does not mean you cannot apply again in the future,” reports indicate. -- Some insurers are still covering their existing clients who got jabbed while others are “delaying” applications for new clients who got their shots before applying.

Jan 06 10:49

Biden Is Trying To Sell Americans A Bridge That Data Proves Does Not Even Exist

Considering that many of those who are being infected with the Omicron variant are Triple Vaccinated, Joe Biden is losing his argument that the virus is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

He just needs to look at Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who wears two masks, a face shield and has been vaccinated three times to realize what he is trying to sell to the American people is crap, Austin contracted Covid two days ago but no one in the White House actually wants to discuss that fact.

Jan 06 10:16

CDC facing credibility crisis after mixed messaging creates confusion

Mt. Sinai Hospital Icahn School of Medicine Dr. Joel Zinburg discusses the CDC's mixed messaging on COVID guidelines and testing, the omicron variant and NYC considering race when distributing life-saving COVID treatments.

Jan 06 10:07

Growing number of doctors, scientists reporting face masks ineffective at preventing China virus

Jan 06 10:04

They Are Hypocrites That Preach ‘Tolerance’ For Everyone – Except For The Groups That They Really, Really Hate

And as Yoda once astutely observed, fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate. -- We have gotten to a point where prominent leaders all over the planet are openly spewing their hatred for the unvaccinated everywhere they go, and the mainstream media is totally letting them get away with it. -- That makes this a very dangerous time for the unvaccinated, because history has shown where this sort of unbridled hatred can ultimately take us.

Jan 06 09:52

French parliament approves Macron’s new ‘vaccine pass’

France’s parliament has approved President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for a “vaccine pass” to help curb the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus after three days of tumultuous debates, which were sparked by Macron’s comment that he wants to “annoy” the unvaccinated.

The bill passed on Thursday in the parliament with 214 votes against 93, and 27 abstentions, after an all-night session. It still needs to pass the Senate, which is due to review it early next week. Macron’s government wants the new measures to take effect on January 15, but implementation will likely be delayed as the debate was held up in the Assembly.

Jan 06 09:19

Why are COVID cases still going up in Michigan despite vaccine availability?

It's been nearly two years since the first case of the coronavirus was detected here in Michigan.

And even though medical experts say we are in a better place now thanks to options like the availability of vaccines, people still have questions about why the infection rate is climbing or why the vaccine is not eradicating the virus. And most importantly asking, when are we going to start living our lives normally?

COVID-19 driving uncertainty to an all-time high.

"We are about 2 years into the pandemic, it seems like we are still where we at, you know we are still getting sick," said one local resident.

The infection rate is climbing as COVID-19 mutates, and people want answers.

"Why are people still getting sick? After all, these breakthrough cases being fully vaccinated, even some people having boosters," said another local resident.

Jan 06 09:14

Columbia University study reports over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

In other words, these researchers found numbers similar to what we found, within a factor of 2. They agree that over 150,000 people have been killed by the vaccines so far. This is more than 3 times the number killed in combat in the Vietnam war; a war which lasted for nearly 20 years.

Meanwhile, critics like my good “friend” Jeffrey Morris admit they haven’t got a clue as to how many people have died and can’t figure out even a single way to estimate it. Stunning. He still thinks there is no proof of causality.

Jan 06 09:12

Vaccine DAMAGE now ubiquitous in Denmark as “Omicron” hospitalizations occur primarily in “fully vaccinated”

Mandatory masks, quarantines and covid-19 vaccines are becoming a pariah in Denmark, as the “fully vaccinated” make up over 90% of the current “omicron” covid-19 caseload. The “Omicron” hospitalization rate in Denmark is beginning to exceed the “Delta” hospitalization rate, as vaccine damage becomes ubiquitous in the population. As the “fully vaccinated” make up the vast majority of these new “omicron” cases, there is growing concern that the they are experiencing antibody dependent enhancement and immune depletion, as they rapidly spread new variants.

The “fully vaccinated” and the “boosted” make up the vast majority of covid cases now

Jan 06 08:40

WATCH: Medical Ethics ‘Expert’ Tells CNN ‘We Must Name, Shame and PENALIZE The Unvaccinated’

Professor of bioethics Arthur Caplan has called for some extreme action to be taken against those who have not had their covid jabs.

Jan 06 08:15

Was Omicron engineered by WHITE HATS as a self-spreading ANTIDOTE to end the covid pandemic?

Jan 06 08:01

EU: Number of Infections and COVID Deaths Hugely Manipulated

Mathematician and statistician Pavlos Kolias of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece has checked EU data on Corona for anomalies. He did so on the basis of Benford’s laws, which expose anomalies in the distribution of the figures.

Kolias noted that the number of “infections” and deaths has been largely misrepresented throughout the EU.

Deviations from Benford’s distribution are a preliminary step for obtaining evidence for data manipulation. Interestingly, Kolias’ study did not receive any funding.

Dutch health sciences professor Sam Brokken spoke of a “statistical bomb”. Notably Belgium, the Netherlands and France scored poorly with a significant and highly significant probability value in terms of “infections” and a very high probability of deviation in the number of registered deaths.

Jan 06 08:00

Pfizer 6 Month Data Shows COVID Shots May “Cause More Illness than They Prevent”: Canadian Doctors and Scientists

An alliance of more than 500 independent Canadian doctors, professors, scientists and health care practitioners have come together to form the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. Throughout this pandemic they’ve been committed to providing an evidence-based approach with regards to informing the Canadian public about all things COVID.

Their list of representatives include PhDs in Immunogenetics, Immunology, Molecular Virology, Viral Immunology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Research, Biochemistry, Bioanalytics, practicing family doctors, MDs and more.

The alliance recently released a PDF showing that, according to them, the Pfizer 6 month data shows that their COVID inoculations “cause more illness than they prevent.” The PDF is called “The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19: More Harm Than Good”

They also released a video summarizing the PDF, which is embedded at the end of this article if you’d like to scroll down and watch.

Jan 06 07:59

Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine. “All Vaccinations Must be Stopped”

OneAmerica is a large life insurance company in Indianapolis. The chief executive officer, Scott Davison just announced that judging by policy claims Americans of working age are suddenly dying in unprecedented numbers.

He reports that all life insurance companies are experiencing a 40% rise in the death rate. “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic. So 40% is just unheard of.” These are not Covid deaths. They are deaths from conditions caused by the vaccine.

Brian Tabor, president of the Indiana Hospital Association, reports a corresponding huge increase in hospital caseloads, not from Covid but from all sorts of things, things known to be risks of the vaccine.

In other words, the extraordinary increase in deaths and hospitalizations is associated with the Covid vaccines.

Jan 06 07:43

Denmark: No-vax is PROTECTIVE; Vax INVITES Omicron

According to the latest Denmark reports, being UNvaccinated makes one much LESS likely to get Omicron, than being vaccinated. (!) The “no-vax” is protective, and “vax” invites disease. In fact, the “un-vaccine protection” of being unvaxxed is about 50%! What an amazing treatment no-vax is now.

Hospitalization rate from Omicron is slightly higher than hospitalization rate for Delta, adjusting for time lag between positive test and hospitalization.

Delta is not even starting to slow down in Denmark, judged by absolute number of cases

Greater affinity of Omikron to the vaccinated, going beyond just no protection compared to the unvaxxed, raises concern that vaccination causes ADE (Antibody dependent enhancement)

Jan 06 07:42

Milestone: Over 1M adverse event reports in VAERS from the COVID vaccine

On the Dec 24, 2021 release of the VAERS data, we passed an important milestone: over 1M adverse events reported in VAERS.

Oddly, the mainstream media didn’t cover this at all. I just can’t figure out why.

In short, these vaccines have more adverse reactions than all vaccines combined in the 30 year history of VAERS (over 70 vaccines). They are the most deadly vaccines ever created and have likely killed over 150,000 Americans.

Jan 06 07:41

CDC muddles message on rapid tests while defending controversial guidance

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday offered mixed messages on the use of at-home rapid tests as the agency continued to defend its controversial recommendation that people with COVID-19 can leave isolation early without testing.

The CDC updated its guidance on isolation and quarantine periods last week. It shortened isolation periods for infected people from 10 days down to only five if their symptoms have cleared or are resolving by then and if they wear a mask for five days afterward. Notably, the agency did not hinge the recommendation on people getting tested after five days and only ending their isolation early if they receive a negative result.

The omission drew swift criticism from experts who argue that testing is vital to shortening isolation periods safely. Harvard epidemiologist and rapid-test advocate Dr. Michael Mina called the move "reckless," and virology expert Angela Rasmussen called the agency's reasoning "bullshit."

Jan 06 07:39

Schools Use Omicron To Take A Longer Winter Break

Over 450,000 students returned to remote learning in the first week of January after coming back from the holiday break, the New York Times reported on Monday.

Districts in cities including Newark, N.J., Atlanta, Ga., and Cleveland, Ohio, have decided to start the learning remotely amid a nationwide surge in COVID cases prompted by the Omicron variant. Newark schools will be closed until January 14.

Jan 06 07:39

Propaganda In The Era Of COVID Mania

America is awash with harmful and dangerous propaganda, but few people understand what it is, how it works and what can be done to overcome it. This article examines the nature, structure and intent of propaganda so readers can increase awareness and discernment.

Jan 06 07:21

China's "Zero COVID" Policy Failure Is A Top Risk Of 2022

As millions of Chinese brace for another weeks-long lockdown, this time in Xi'an, the analysts over at the Eurasia Group believe that the "failure" of President Xi's "COVID Zero" policy is one of the biggest policy blunders to look out for in 2022.

As the firm does every year, Eurasia Group on Monday announced its breakdown of the biggest risks for 2022, and coming in at the No. 4 spot is China's refusal to abandon its "COVID Zero" policies.

Jan 06 07:16

Thousands Of Cops Deployed To Quell Public Anger In China's Locked Down Xi'an Amid Widespread Food Shortages

Tens of thousands of police officers were deployed to China's Xi'an where public anger has exploded among the city's 13 million residents who were left bargaining and bartering for essential foodstuffs amid ongoing food shortages, as the city entered its 13th day of lockdown amid a wave of COVID-19 cases.

As some people took to social media to appeal for assistance as their food supplies ran low, or they were unable to access medical care, others started local trading networks in residential compounds to try to meet each other's needs through bartering.

"Everything is getting bartered in Xi'an," a resident of the city told RFA. "People are swapping stuff with others in the same building, because they no longer have enough food to eat." Another resident said in a video clip that some people were trading cigarettes and iPhones for bags of rice.

Jan 06 07:07


Researchers from the COVID-19-linked Wuhan Institute of Virology and disgraced researcher Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance have carried out new research on “recombinant” coronaviruses in rodents, a recently published paper reveals. The paper lists the Chinese regime as well as Joe Biden’s International Development department as funders and supporters of the dangerous work.

The October document – “A Novel Potentially Recombinant Rodent Coronavirus with a Polybasic Cleavage Site in the Spike Protein” – describes how researchers sampled rodents and shrews collected from the wild for coronavirus prevalence. In the years preceding COVID-19, the Wuhan Institute of Virology carried out similar expeditions to gather data on bats.

Using the samples collected, researchers from the Wuhan lab in collaboration with the American non-profit EcoHealth Alliance discovered “killer” viruses that they bragged were capable of “direct human infection.”

Jan 06 07:01

"YOU CREATED THE V!RUS" Irritated Rand Paul SHREDS Dr. Fauci In Congress *NEW*

Jan 06 06:55

Stigmatizing the Unvaxxed and Unboosted. “Mass Formation Psychosis”. “You’re a Criminal Because You’re Unvaccinated”

In a horrifying altercation, a German police officer denounced the humanity of the unvaccinated. This is but one sign that mass formation psychosis is at work

“Mass formation psychosis” is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the dehumanization of the unvaccinated now

The stigmatization of the unvaxxed is all the more irrational when you consider that the COVID shot doesn’t prevent infection or spread of the virus. “Fully vaxxed” individuals are just as infectious and “dangerous” as the unjabbed

Jan 06 06:52

Rusty pilots are making basic errors after months of inaction due to Covid, with captains even trying to take-off with brakes on, Qantas airline admits

Qantas pilots returning to work after months away from the job due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been making errors and need more time for 'routine' procedures, according to a memo from the airline.

Some have reportedly commenced take-off with the parking brake still on while there has also been 'misidentification of altitude as airspeed'.

The details were outlined in a Qantas memo and come after thousands of employees returned to work last month when state and international borders were finally lifted.

Jan 06 06:42

Rand Paul: We Need to Get Rid of Fauci's Hysteria

Jan 06 06:32

3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine

A three-year-old girl in Argentina died of a heart attack the day after receiving a COVID vaccine required for her to enter kindergarten, her mother said.

Speaking with Telefe Tucumán, Miryam Suárez said the vaccine and government mandate killed her daughter, Ámbar, who had been healthy and “full of life.”

Jan 06 06:31

German City Bans Unboosted, Untested Patrons from Restaurants

The German city of Hamburg is to ban unboosted people who lack proof of a negative COVID test from restaurants as part of its rollout of new 2G-Plus rules.

Unboosted individuals will no longer be able to eat in a restaurant without a negative COVID test from Monday as part of its rollout of so-called “2G-plus” rules aimed at curbing the spread of the disease.

Those who have received a booster jab will however be permitted to dine test free, while those who are entirely unvaccinated remain unable to access restaurants at all, regardless of whether or not they have proof of a negative test.

According to a report by Bild, the new measures will also be applied to culture and indoor sports settings, alongside the “gastronomy” sector, which includes restaurants.

However, restrictions regarding retail remain unchanged, and those who are vaccinated but not boosted will remain able to gain access to shops without the need of a negative test.

Jan 06 06:24

Trump’s vaccine support may cost him victory in 2024

Trump’s most ardent supporters are turning against him, publicly ripping into him since he voiced his wholehearted approval of Covid vaccines.

During an appearance at a Bill O’Reilly ‘History Tour’ event in Dallas, the former president claimed success in expediting the creation of Covid vaccines through Operation Warp Speed, a program he created that provided billions of dollars in government funding and cut the drug’s approval time down from the usual six or seven years to one.

“We did something that was historic,” Trump boasted before the crowd. “We got a vaccine done.” When he later admitted he had not only been vaccinated twice, but had got a booster, he was booed by some of his erstwhile supporters.

While Trump tried to play down the booing as representing only a “very tiny number,” O’Reilly reported that the former president called him after the event, and needed consoling.

Jan 06 06:24

CDC Admits COVID Tests are Invalid

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is finally withdrawing the PCR test for COVID for it is seriously flawed and is incapable of distinguishing between the COVID and influenza viruses. I have stated that I was tested 5 times in 2020 and all were negative only to have two doctors, including the head of pulmonary at the hospital, inform me that they believed I had COVID despite the tests because they were “invalid” and that was back then. Social Media was blocking any discussion about that calling it conspiracy theory and misinformation. This agenda to terrorize the public for political gain has been at the heart of the abuse of politics and media intruding into the medical field. Doctors who have gone along with this terror campaign are a disgrace to their field.

Jan 06 06:23

The American experiment is dead if this happens: Stephen Miller

Jan 06 06:21

Winter storm to impact areas from Mid-South to New England with heavy snow and freezing rain, U.S.

Another winter storm is expected to impact areas from the Mid-South to the central and southern Appalachians on Thursday into Thursday night, January 6, 2022, before tracking along the Northeast coast on Friday.

Several inches of heavy snow and a zone of mixed precipitation, including freezing rain, is likely to cause travel disruptions and hazardous to potentially dangerous road conditions from the Mid-South to the southern and central Appalachians on Thursday and Thursday night, NWS Weather Prediction Center warns.

Accumulating snow, heavy in places, is likely as the system moves through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Thursday night into Friday, January 7.

There remains uncertainty in the track and potential snow amounts, particularly for the Northeast and New England.

A wave of low pressure is forecast to develop along an arctic front draped across the Deep South by Thursday, January 6, NWS forecaster Santorelli noted.1

Jan 06 06:20

mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone announces major DC protest against COVID vaccine mandates

On January 23, Americans fed up with COVID-19 mandates will descend on Washington, D.C., to protest mandatory COVID vaccination and the stigmatization of those who refuse the new and controversial shots.

Outspoken COVID-19 response dissident and mRNA technology pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, who was recently banned from Twitter for criticizing the Pfizer COVID vaccine, announced the Defeat the Mandates rally during an interview with podcast host Joe Rogan.

“This is not about being anti-vaccines; it’s about being anti-mandates, and our hope is that we bring people together,” Malone explained. “People from every walk of life, every party, every religion, every ethnic background … The thing that we can agree on is personal liberty and the right of people to make their own choice.”

Jan 06 06:18

The Defenestration Of Dr. Robert Malone

In fact, Malone is the father of mRNA vaccines. He has served as an adjunct associate professor of biotechnology at Kennesaw State University, and he co-founded Atheric Pharmaceutical, a company that was contracted by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in 2016.

As you can see, Malone is no ordinary man. In fact, he’s a rather extraordinary man. Before embarking on a distinguished career in science, Malone worked as a carpenter and as a farmhand. Becoming a doctor was a lofty aspiration, but through hard work and determination, his dream became a reality. Over the course of three decades, Malone has established himself as one of the most competent people in the fields of virology and immunology.

Why, then, is he considered “a pariah” (in his own words) by so many of his peers? Why did Twitter recently suspend his account?

Jan 06 06:14

"Get Ready" For Another Snowstorm To Blast Northeast

Following a major snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic Monday, AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring another storm that could bring snowfall to Washington, D.C. to Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York City to Boston late this week.

"Get ready! We have another storm on the way Thursday night into Friday," AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said. He added the storm will affect a large swath of the Northeast and could even impact Interstate-95 in Northern Virginia, the scene on Monday where snow paralyzed a strip of highway that left hundreds of motorists stranded in their vehicles for up to 24 hours.

Jan 06 06:11

Amid Hospital Bed Scare, Why Has Pritzker Admin Let Supply Of Illinois ICU Beds Collapse?

Since the start of the pandemic, the risk of overrun hospitals has been one of the key reasons given for why Illinoisans should put up with what have been some of the most oppressive COVID policies in the nation. Lockdowns, school closures, remote learning, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and more have been part of the Pritzker administration’s many remedies for, among other goals, ensuring sufficient bed capacity.

But if protecting hospital capacity was a real goal, then one of the big questions today for the governor has to be this one: Why has he let the supply of ICU beds collapse by nearly 1,000 beds since July of 2020?

Jan 05 19:43

Obese NYU Bioethics Prof Arthur Caplan: 'Penalize' The Unvaxxed, Deny Them Insurance For Being 'Financial Burdens'

Obese New York University bioethics professor Arthur Caplan took to CNN on Wednesday to call for the unvaccinated to be penalized, forced to pay higher hospital bills and denied various forms of insurance for being "financial burdens" on the system.

Jan 05 19:41

Urban Gardens are a Dependable Food Source for Pollinators Through the Year, Study Suggests

University of Bristol

Despite huge garden-to-garden variation in both the quantity and timing of nectar production, pollinators are guaranteed a reliable food supply if they visit multiple gardens. This contrasts with previous studies on farmland, where pollinators are exposed to boom-and-bust cycles of nectar production with clear seasonal gaps.

This means the actions of many independent gardeners result in the emergent property of a stable and diverse provision of food for city pollinators...

Jan 05 18:06

NY Gov Questions If Car Crash Victims Are Being Counted As Covid Patients: 'We Don't Have Clear Data'

New York Governor Kathy Hochul let the cat out of the bag earlier this week by revealing the state has no idea how many "covid" patients are actually being hospitalized because they're sick with covid.

Jan 05 17:45

Australian Govt Cancels Novak Djokovic's Visa After Holding Him 'Hostage' For Hours

The Australian government announced Wednesday that they're going to deport pureblood rank one tennis champion Novak "No-Vax" Djokovic, just one day after granting him permission to enter and compete in the Australian Open.

Jan 05 15:31

Austro Ivermectin 6 mg

Ivermectin is prescribed for treating parasitic infections. The medicine effectively treats intestinal strongyloidiasis (gut infection), microfilaremia (blood infection), and skin mites.

Ivermectin will not stop the worm infection from entering your body; instead, it paralyses and kills the parasites entering your body. The medicine belongs to a class of drugs known as anti-parasitic medicine. Ivermectin works by binding to parasites parts and stopping them from making other larvae. This medicine also comes in cream and lotion form to apply on the skin for treating skin infection.

Jan 05 14:04

From Espionage to Tax Evasion — A Deep Dive On Charles Lieber AKA The NanoTech King

By Maryam Henein

“Digital electronics are so powerful that they dominate our daily lives. When scaled down, the difference between digital & living systems blurs, so that you have an opportunity to do things that sound science fiction–things that people have only dreamed about.” Charles M. Lieber

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s show trial winded down, there was scant coverage of Charles Lieber’s trial despite the fact the former chairman of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department is the defining influence in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Thomson Reuters even ranked Lieber as #1 in the world’s top 100 chemists for an entire decade from 2000-2010.

I call him the NanoTech King. The court case, which unfolded a year and a half after his arrest, began with jury selection Tuesday, December 14, and concluded after only six days.

Jan 05 13:55

CDC sued for hiding COVID vaccine safety data

Nonprofit organization Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), an advocate for full transparency of the medical products’ safety and efficacy, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its parent entity, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), for their refusal to make public the post-licensure safety data of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

The lawsuit was filed after the agency turned down three Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to publish reports, submitted through the CDC’s “V-Safe” system.

Jan 05 13:54

CDC Admits No Unvaccinated Spread Covid After Recovery

The CDC admitted it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid after recovering from Covid in response to an attorney’s FOIA request.

A response from the federal government to a lawyer’s FOIA request indicates the CDC has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid-19 after recovering from the disease, making a strong case for natural immunity.

The response to Siri & Glimstad attorney Elizabeth Brehm, the CDC’s chief FOIA officer notified her the agency could find no records of cases in which unvaccinated people who previously had Covid-19 and recovered, only to be re-infected, spread the disease to others.

The New York attorney filed a FOIA request in September asking for “documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who (1) never received a Covid-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with Covid-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

Jan 05 12:52

Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine

For the past year and perhaps longer I have reported the findings and predictions of top medical scientists who are not on Big Pharma or Fauci’s payrolls. The findings of these scientists have been suppressed by Fauci and the presstitutes. In a nutshell, the vaccine undermines the human immune system and turns it into a weapon against your own body. The result is heart attacks and the range of adverse effects now associated with the vaccine. An exasperated and angry Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains the process here:

Jan 05 12:51

Russia’s new S-550 air-defense system rolled out – TASS

Russia’s new S-550 air defense system, said to be capable of hitting high-altitude spacecraft and missiles, including hypersonic types, has passed trials and is already in service, TASS has reported.

The Moscow news agency quoted a source, which it said is close to the Defense Ministry, who described the S-550 as “an absolutely new mobile strategic missile defense system, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world and capable of striking spacecraft, warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets.”

Jan 05 12:41

Austria now a giant PRISON CAMP for the unvaccinated as “lockdown” extended another 10 days

Just in time for Christmas, the Austrian government surprised its citizens with an extended lockdown for the unvaccinated.

For another 10 days, Austrians who have not gotten injected with an Operation Warp Speed needle will be required to stay at home, or else. The news came just days before the country’s new jab requirements come into effect in 2022.

Up until New Year’s Eve, unvaccinated Austrians will be limited from shopping and forced to stay home from work without a “negative” Fauci Flu test result. The unvaccinated in Austria are also being restricted from attending certain indoor events as additional punishment for refusing to get injected.

Jan 05 12:34

Liberals Pounce on Snowstorm Traffic Disaster in Virginia to Blame Glenn Youngkin, Who Hasn’t Been Sworn in Yet

Hundreds of drivers were stranded on I-95 in Virginia this week due to a snowstorm and an ensuing traffic jam. Liberals on social media used the opportunity to bash Glenn Youngkin, but there’s one little problem. Youngkin isn’t the governor yet.

This was Ralph Northam’s problem.

And make no mistake, this was a big problem.

Jan 05 12:06

Yale Tells Students They Cannot “eat at local restaurants,” Citing COVID Fears

By Logan Dubil

The Ivy League school is implementing new COVID restrictions and delaying in-person instruction until Feb. 7.

The new restaurant policy garnered several negative reactions on social media.

Yale University students cannot eat at restaurants near campus and must comply with “a campus-wide quarantine until Feb. 7.”...

Jan 05 12:02

BREAKING: Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation!

Doctor Jane Ruby joins us for her first segment of the year. She says she has the receipts to show that vaccine toxicity varies by batch, and it’s possible to find out if the vaccine you’re being pressured to take is from one of the tainted batches.

Jan 05 12:01

EXCLUSIVE: Are we on the brink of OVER-vaccinating in the fight against Covid? Experts warn dishing out fourth jabs in spring may be unnecessary - and Omicron may be world's 'natural' vaccine that finally ends pandemic

The US, the UK and other major economies could be on the brink of over-vaccinating people in the fight against Covid, experts say.

Israeli officials have already announced their intentions to embark on dishing out another round of booster jabs, meaning both the US and UK will eventually face pressure to follow suit even though both nations have insisted there are no plans to administer fourth doses yet.

But scientists argue that rolling out vaccines every three-to-four months simply isn't 'doable' and may not even be necessary because of Omicron, which some believe will speed up the process of endemicity and consign days of sky-high hospitalization and death figures to history.

Jan 05 11:48


Jan 05 11:47

GLOBAL ALERT: An estimated 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to vaccine death that could exterminate BILLIONS if not stopped in the next year

This is a red alert for humanity. We have less time remaining than you might think.

I’ve done some rough math, and it’s beyond alarming. It spells the end of human civilization if we don’t stop the vaccine holocaust in the next 365 days.

As estimates and projections show below, as long as “clot shot” covid vaccines are being administered around the world, about ten million people each day are being put on an irreversible countdown to vaccine death. For each day that these vaccine shots continue, in other words, roughly ten million people will likely die over the next decade, based on these projections. (See the math below.)

This explains why Biden and other world leaders don’t care about legal challenges and the rule of law. They know that if they can bully these vaccines into people for just one more year, they will murder over 3.5 billion more human beings from vaccine-induced deaths that kick in over the next decade.

Jan 05 11:27

Up-to-Date Shots Encouraged Over ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ Fauci Says

The language around what constitutes fully vaccinated against Covid-19 is being replaced, in the strongest indication by White House chief medical adviser Anthony S. Fauci that two shots of a messenger RNA vaccine fall short of protection amid the highly transmissible omicron variant.

“We’re using the terminology now ‘keeping your vaccinations up to date,’ rather than what ‘fully vaccinated’ means,” Fauci said during a National Institutes of Health lecture Tuesday. “Right now, optimal protection is with a third shot of an mRNA or a second shot of a J&J.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called Tuesday for third shots of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine to be administered within five months of the initial two-shot series, shortening the time frame before a booster by a month. A CDC advisory panel is expected to recommend boosters for teenagers in a meeting Wednesday.

Jan 05 11:26

14 of 15 post-COVID shot deaths studied by researchers found to be vaccine related

An examination of the bodies of 15 people who died after getting at least one COVID-19 injection found that the jabs were implicated in 14 of the fatalities, or 93% of the deaths.

The finding, paired with the fact that the injections had not been initially recorded as a cause of death in any of the cases, raises concerns about the safety of the drugs and the accuracy of post-vaccination death statistics.

The results of the study were presented by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Arne Burkhardt at the Doctors for COVID Ethics symposium that was livestreamed by UKColumn on December 10.

Jan 05 11:26

Supreme Court: All nine justices got COVID-19 booster

All nine members of the Supreme Court have received a COVID-19 booster shot, the court said Tuesday, days before the justices hear arguments over President Biden’s vaccine requirements at workplaces.

CNN reported in March that all of the justices had been fully vaccinated, though scientists say a booster is needed to provide robust protection against the omicron variant that is driving a surge in coronavirus cases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bad sign regarding the upcoming hearing on Biden's vaccine mandate.

Jan 05 11:24

Delete. Delete. Delete.

The Hawaii Department of Health posted this video then quickly deleted it after the mocking.

Don’t eat better, screw working out, just get the mRNA injection.

Jan 05 11:19

Analysis of Batch-Specific Toxicity of COVID-19 Vaccine Products Using VAERS Data

he question of potential batch-specific toxicity of COVID-19 vaccine products is an important one that merits careful investigation. Indeed, history shows that dangerous “hot lots” have existed for past vaccine products. However, researchers investigating this topic should be wary of important artifacts that are present in the publicly-available VAERS data, which can skew analyses and lead to incorrect conclusions.

Several exploratory reports of potential batch-specific toxicity of COVID-19 vaccine products have been posted on the Internet (see here, here, and here) using data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database maintained by the US Department of Health & Human Services.

OCLA is researching the VAERS database, and wants to alert the research community to the following issues in the data:

Jan 05 11:15

Mega-Vaxxed Israel Sees Record Cases: What Went Wrong?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more vaccination, the more Covid. That is inescapable!

Jan 05 11:04

Celeste Expose: OPERATION ADAM-The Dark Plan to Remake Humanity

ADAM is a chemical substance that can rewrite genetic material, allowing the user to alter their bodies, their genetic makeup and their natural abilities without any direct limits whatsoever aside from their imagination. ADAM does this by supporting the formation of potent stem cells that can differentiate into any cell type, including a variety of unnatural ones. This type of cell formation, however, is also often compared to a benign form of cancer, as the chemical slowly destroys native tissue cells and replaces them with unstable stem versions. A gamer....

A plasmid is the circular double-stranded DNA that replicates within a cell independent of chromosomal DNA. Plasmids are found in bacteria or protozoa that are used for genetic modification using recombinant DNA to transfer genes between cells and species.

Beyond coincidence, the operation to make ADAM 3.0, a transhumanoid, is underway to phase out God's human population via depopulation.

Jan 05 10:57

Remember when implantable tracking microchips were just a conspiracy theory? Thanks to covid, they’re now a reality

Stockholm-based startup Epicenter has “successfully” tested a rice-sized implantable microchip that is now being used to track people’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status. -- For years, many mocked this concept as just another wild conspiracy theory. Now it has become a reality, and will likely soon be expanded outside the borders of Sweden to the entire world.

Jan 05 10:43

Australian Govt Holding Djokovic in Limbo Upon Landing After Granting Him Vax Exemption

The Australian government, which signed off on Tuesday to allowing Novak "No-Vax" Djokovic to play in the Australian Open despite being unvaxxed, is now wasting his time by holding him at the border and refusing him entry.

Jan 05 10:04

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Will Try To Implement Universal Digital Covid Passports

2022 is going to be an improvement over the last two years. We can say that with confidence. How do we know? It's simple. The COVID lunacy is finally going to end and not by the way, because of anything that's happening in the world of medicine. The pandemic itself may burn out thanks to this weakened new variant. We may also find highly effective medicines to treat it. In fact, we already have.

But as a practical matter, scientific developments are usually irrelevant to COVID policy. They always have been. So the reason things are going to improve has nothing to do with medicine. It's that the current rules and superstitions are just too stupid and crazy to continue. At some point, probably soon, even the Democratic Party's own voters are going to stop putting up with it. You can bet on that.

Jan 05 10:01

Compilation Video Of Athletes Collapsing After Covid Vaccine