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1904: The Worst Olympics Ever

Not every Olympics is a hit, but the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri actually won gold when it came to the worst Games ever. To be fair, the Olympics as we know them today were brand new, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was not established until 1896, and the 1904 Games were only the third since the end of the ancient Olympics in the fourth century. . Still, the hilarious devastation of the sporting event seems like it could have been easily avoided with basic planning and some plain old common sense.

Off To A Bad Start
Originally, the 1904 Games were to be held in Chicago, but organizers of the World's Fair in St. Louis were concerned that the sporting event would steal attendance from their exhibitions. The World's Fair was a much more popular attraction at the time, but insecurities bested the Gateway of the West, and soon, St. Louis hosted its own sports championship, the Amateur Athletics Union, to lure sports enthusiasts. decided to do. from Chicago. IOC Tossed in the towel too quickly and gave the Olympics to St. Louis for fear of no one showing up. A lesser 12 countries also bothered to send athletes to the event, so most of the contestants were from the United States or Canada, and there was a lack of spectators. The competitions lasted five months due to location and organization failures.