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For $2,700, You Too Can Have Your Very Own Robot Dog

You’re probably familiar with Spot, Boston Dynamics’ highly advanced, nightmare-inducing robot dog. And while it went on sale last year, few of us have an extra $74,500 lying around to buy one. However, Chinese firm Unitree Robotics has a similar quadruped bot that’s not only a fraction of the size, but it also starts at a mere $2,700. For an advanced robot dog, that’s actually pretty dang affordable.

Unitree’s Go1 is also technically impressive. In a video, you can see the bot walking alongside its “owner” while also automatically avoiding obstacles in its path. Unitree calls it an “Intelligent side-follow” system, and it supposedly utilizes “patented wireless vector positioning and control” tech. It’s also got what Unitree dubs a “super sensory system,” or five sets of fish-eye stereo depth cameras and three sets of hypersonic sensors. The company also says the Go1 features a new power joint with a heat pipe cooling system built-in. All-in-all, it looks impressive, considering it doesn’t break when doing a backflip off a tower of crates or when some fool yanks one up and swings it around by its rear leg.