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Atmospheric river to wallop Pacific Northwest

Another round of heavy, potentially flooding rain is forecast across portions of the Pacific Northwest on Thursday and into Friday thanks to an atmospheric river that's forecast to hit the region.

The heavy rain will create areas of flash flooding, and urban areas, roads and small streams will be the most vulnerable, primarily in Washington and Oregon, the National Weather Service said.

The storm could drop nearly a month’s worth of rain in some areas.

AccuWeather chief broadcast meteorologist Bernie Rayno said the moisture from the incoming storm could be traced all the way to the tropical Pacific.

"This is going to be a potentially very wet system and a very warm system," Rayno said. Widespread rainfall totals of 1-3 inches are expected across the low-lying valleys of the Pacific Northwest from this storm, AccuWeather said. At higher elevations, rainfall amounts could ramp up significantly, perhaps to over a half of a foot along the western-facing slopes.

The firehose of moisture is expected to wobble northward into Washington through the day on Thursday, potentially expanding the flooding threat into places like Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle, AccuWeather said.