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Biden Has Fallen And He Can't Get Up, New Poll Shows

Iowa is not the swing state it once was. In the time since the Obama-Biden ticket carried it by six points in 2012, Iowa has developed to be in a sharply Republican direction.

Trump won it twice. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst replaced longtime liberal Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin, then won reelection by a remarkable margin in 2020. Democrats lost their toe-hold in government with a continuous collapse in the state Senate last decade, therefore turning Iowa into a Republican trifecta state. They failed to overcome the governor's mansion in the Democratic wave year of 2018, and no Democrat has been elected governor since one-termer Chet Culver won in 2006.

Although three out of the seven elected statewide line officers are still Democrats, two of those (the 77-year-old attorney general and the treasurer, who turns 70 later this year) have held office since the Carter and Reagan administrations each. They are remainders, not the party's future.