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China Chips Away at the US Chip Wall

China’s output of integrated circuits (IC) in May reached an all-time, single-month high as the country pulled out all stops to produce chips amid a severe global shortage of semiconductors, according to data released by the central government on Wednesday.

China’s IC output in May surged 37.6 per cent from a year ago to 29.9 billion units, the National Bureau of Statistics data showed.

Separately, the nation’s automobile output for last month slid by 5 per cent year on year, according to the bureau’s data. Carmakers have been particularly hard hit by the chip shortage.

May’s output of chips marked an increase from 28.7 billion units in April and 29.1 billion in March, showing that Chinese IC producers have been running at full capacity.

While China’s chip makers are not able to produce high volumes of advanced 14-nm node chips – the type needed to power the latest iPhone models – the country’s chip designers and manufacturers can produce mature technology ICs for home appliances and automobiles.