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Election Uncertainty Prompts Surge in Gun Sales

Fear of a Biden-Harris administration drove Americans to purchase a record number of guns and ammunition in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. And with the election results still uncertain, gun purchases will continue to soar, the Daily Wire reports.

The presidential election is just the latest factor to contribute to a spike in gun sales this year. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated government lockdowns and shortages resulted in an unprecedented growth in firearms ownership in the United States, Ammo.com reports, with two million guns sold in the month of March 2020 alone. An additional three million were sold between March and July.

Data shows the election has also had a significant impact on gun sales. FBI figures reveal more than 3.3 million background checks for gun sales were conducted in October. This marks a 14-percent increase from the prior month, and a 38-percent increase from one year ago.

The Democratic presidential ticket is radically anti-Second Amendment, and when polls falsely indicated Biden was going to handily win the presidency, Americans responded accordingly.

“They’re buying anything they can get their hands on. High capacity magazines, guns, ammo anything that they’re calling assault weapons,” said Chris Harding, owner of H&H Tactical in Exeter, Pennsylvania. “A year ago, before all this started, we would roughly sell 2,000 rounds a month. Now we’re selling between 50 to 70 thousand rounds a week.”