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Even love is forbidden under Israeli apartheid

Israel's apartheid system directed at the Palestinians is well documented. Within Israel's officially-recognised borders — which the state has never actually declared — as well as across the occupied Palestinian territories, the people of occupied Palestine have long faced systematic discrimination which denies them the same rights afforded to Jewish Israelis and foreigners.

Separate roads, discriminatory laws, the "Separation Wall" and hundreds of military checkpoints combine to subject Palestinians to having daily life complicated beyond comprehension. All of this has been described by human rights organisations as "apartheid". That, in a nutshell, is the system imposed by Israel on the Palestinians, even those who are Israeli citizens.

Israeli apartheid not only affects Palestinians, however but also their spouses from different countries. In a recent article published in Haaretz, Israeli journalist Amira Hass outlined this phenomenon by citing letters and requests that she received from German women who are married to Palestinian men living in the occupied West Bank. Every time that the three women Hass mentioned leave their homes in the West Bank to visit their home country, for example, they face the very real possibility that they will not be allowed to return.