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The Fall Of Saigon

The Vietnam War was a complex and costly conflict between communist North Vietnam and western-backed South Vietnam, intended to determine the nation's future after Japan's withdrawal from World War II. However, it quickly escalated to a global scale as a proxy war between the Soviet Union and the anti-communist United States, which believed in the "domino theory", which suggested that a country falling under communist rule would prevent the entire region from falling. Communism will spread. . The Vietnam War became the second longest conflict in which the U.S. (the longest war in Afghanistan) and had its first coercive defeat, resulting in the deaths of more than three million Vietnamese and 58,220 Americans by the end of the war.

By 1973, the United States had officially ended its combat activities, as US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger negotiated a peace treaty and ceasefire between Vietnamese Congressman Nuyen Thi Bin and South Vietnamese President Nuyen Van Thieu Of. Over the next two years, there was a shortage of personnel and President Gerald Ford began evacuating vulnerable civilians, including thousands of orphans, during Operation Babylift, which resulted in the evacuation of thousands of children despite the horrific C-5A Galaxy accident that killed people. took his life. 138 people.